About Us

Regator is a family of products focused on high-quality, topical online content. Founded in November 2007 and launched publicly in August 2008, Regator is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Its products are:

  • Regator.com: Curated by human editors, this popular blog directory features well-written blogs on over 500 topics as well as trends, monitoring, and more.
  • Regator Platform: This API gives developers access to Regator's semantic algorithms, trends data, and automated data-enrichment services.
  • Regator Breaking News: This service for journalists and bloggers provides the latest breaking stories in real-time.
  • Regator Lite and Regator Premium for iPhone: These apps provide tools for reading, finding, and sharing quality blog content on the go.
  • Regator Widgets: These free widgets allow bloggers to display Regator trends, searches, or posts on their websites.

Regator is committed to providing value to the bloggers in its directory. In addition to the endorsement they receive as a result of being selected by Regator's editors (Regator has roughly an 85% rejection rate for nominated blogs), they receive referral traffic and increased exposure with no strings attached. Regator uses RSS feeds to provide content that is well within Fair Use guidelines and always requires that users visit the source blog to read the full text of any post. Regator's goal is to connect quality blogs with people who want to read them.

Its cofounders are:

Scott Lockhart

Cofounder & CEO

Scott is a former large enterprise technology executive and consultant with experience building successful online businesses for large companies. His previous roles have included Chief Technology Officer at one of the U.S.'s largest real estate companies, technology consultant for Wells Fargo, firefighter, EMT, and cofounder of Sydney, Australia-based hardware company HardwareOne. He has been starting and managing companies since age 18. Contact him at scott @ regator [dot] com or via twitter @scott_regator.

Kimberly Turner

Cofounder & Editorial Director

Kimberly is an award-winning magazine editor and journalist with more than a decade of print media experience. Her work has appeared in American and Australian magazines, including Atlanta, Business to Business, Outdoor, Massive, ADB, and Roost, among others. Currently, she is a regular contributor to ProBlogger.net. She holds a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of New South Wales (very helpful when it comes to developing Regator's semantic algorithms). Contact her at kimberly @ regator [dot] com or via twitter @kimber_regator.

Chris Turner

Cofounder & Lead Developer

Chris is a self-taught programmer with experience in web, mobile, and video game development. Since his early days programming online text games and recreating classic Atari games, Chris has had an obsession with the act of creation, digital or otherwise. He obtained a B.F.A. in Studio Art from Truman State University and has been active in the independent video game development community as both an artist and a programmer. This background gives him an appreciation for the cost of every byte and pixel, and a passion for optimization. Contact him at chris @ regator [dot] com or via twitter @chris_regator.

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