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Winter Depression – New Discoveries in Treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Within the mysterious depths of our brains and bodies remain the ancient systems that adjust our sleep, energy, mood and behaviors in alignment with the ebb and flow of nature’s seasons. Many moons ago, especially in temperate latitudes, we evolved a genetic makeup that promoted the “winter blues”: eating a lot, sleeping a lot and […]

Record for fastest data rate set

A new record for the fastest ever data rate for digital information has been set by UCL researchers in the Optical Networks Group. They achieved a rate of 1.125 Tb/s as part of research on the capacity limits of optical transmission systems, designed to address the growing demand for fast data rates. read more

Remains of monumental Roman arcade discovered in Colchester

The remains of a monumental Roman column arcade 120 meters (394 feet) long have been unearthed in the old town center of Colchester in Essex, England. The Colchester Archaeological Trust has been excavating the site on 97 High Street in advance of construction of a new apartment building. The site was known to be inside [...]

Gravitational waves announcement from LIGO expected

As the rumor noise level has increased over the last few weeks, and LIGO has a press conference scheduled for tomorrow morning, everyone in the gravity community is expecting that LIGO will announce the first detection of gravitational waves.   A roundup of rumors can be found here and here and here and here. Preprints with postdictions that sound […]

Investigating ocean acidification

Ocean acidification – caused by increases in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – is having detrimental effects on marine life globally. This feature investigates the causes of ocean acidification, its effect on New Zealand’s oceans and New Zealand’s efforts to monitor this complex issue. The world’s oceans are acidifying as a result of the carbon […]


52 minutes agoAcademics / Linguistics : Wordmall

“Twere is a contraction of a form of the verb to be. In full, it is written as it were, a subjunctive form. I bring it up because it is used in a scene in the Coen Brothers’ movie, Hail, Caesar. In that scene, a movie director becomes...Show More Summary

Psychologists have looked at whether that initial pre-interview chitchat actually matters or not

As a fan of fair job assessment, I’m bugged by the freeform chatter that kicks off most interviews – it allows influential first impressions to be formed in a yak about the traffic or some other trivial topic that has nothing to with the job. Show More Summary

HE Heritage Crime Confuse the Issue

HE feelgood heritage tweet of today: # OperationChronos help us identify the # criminal minority using # metaldetecting equipment to steal from our past If it is a "minority", when are we going to deal with the incomparably larger number...Show More Summary

Tell the truth!

It was a linguistic maneuver that had possibly never been tried before in the history of real estate: tell the straight truth about the property, no varnishing, no slathering with adjectives like "stunning". Just tell it like it is. One brave firm of real estate agents, Scott & Stapleton in England, tried it as a […]

New milestone for device that can 'smell' prostate cancer

A research team from the University of Liverpool has reached an important milestone towards creating a urine diagnostic test for prostate cancer that could mean that invasive diagnostic procedures that men currently undergo eventually...Show More Summary

Coralline algae weakened by ocean acidification

The pH levels in the world’s oceans are lowering–becoming more acidic–as a result of the high concentrations of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels. This side effect of global warming is known to cause corals to bleach and become sick, but new evidence shows that it is weakening the skeletal structure […]

Claims about Woolly Mammoths

In a working paper released in December 2015, the economists Naima Farah and John R. Boyce find that the discovery and exchange of mammoth tusks is having a serious effect on the market for living elephant tusks. Since the collapse of...Show More Summary

The American Slave Coast

I very much liked this lengthy but highly readable book by Ned and Constance Sublette, subtitled A History of the Slave-Breeding Industry, and that subtitle does indeed reflect the emphasis.  Here are a few of the things I learned from it: 1. Show More Summary

Long-term benefits of 'senolytic' drugs on vascular health in mice

ROCHESTER, Minn. -- Building on previous studies, Mayo Clinic researchers have demonstrated significant health improvements in the vascular system of mice following repeated treatments to remove senescent cells. They say this is theShow More Summary

Internet searches reflect vaping's surge

The Oxford Dictionaries selected "vape"--as in, to smoke from an electronic cigarette--as word of the year in 2014. It turns out that Internet users' search behavior tells a similar story. Between 2009 and 2015, the number of peopleShow More Summary

Britain's Migrant Artefact Hunters Want to Make Detecting History

Oh, I think there are quite a few people Mr Howard and mates who'll be interested in what you plan to do. There are not very many of those frontier shifts in the former "Friedensgrenze"....

Dawn on Jefferson (aside): Mail Run

jump I've always wondered why they didn't just automate the mail runs. Jump ships don't do anything terribly difficult, nor are the systems all that packed. Sense and avoid has been a technology around for over a century now. Basic bots are more than capable of handling this. Show More Summary

“She’s 86. She can’t get a photo ID. Look at the voter fraud we’ve prevented”

Peter St. Onge, in Charlotte Observer: Reba Bowser seems like the kind of person North Carolina Republicans might want on their side this November. She’s 86 years old. She’s a staunch Republican. She’s been a faithful voter since the Eisenhower … Continue reading ?

“How Bernie built a fundraising juggernaut”

Vogel: Indeed, Sanders’ campaign has melded its fundraising into its core mission in a way that is without precedent in American political history. It’s more than a means to an end. It is the purpose of his campaign ? the … Continue reading ?

The Profiteers of climate doom

Ten killer questions that expose how wrong and ideologically driven they are by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, Willie Soon and David R. Legates A century or so from now, based on current trends, today’s concentration of carbon dioxide in the air will have doubled. How much warming will that cause? The official prediction, 1.5-4.5 degrees…

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