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Students' reporting of weapons at school: Factors that influence decision to 'tell'

As a result of outbreaks of violence in the nation's schools, concerns have grown about school safety and the overall well-being of students. Now, criminology researchers discovered that academic achievement and knowledge of security measures increased the likelihood that high school students would report a knife or gun at school.

Multigenerational exposure to ocean acidification during food limitation reveals consequences for copepod scope for growth and vital rates

The copepod Calanus finmarchicus is a key component of northern Atlantic food webs, linking energy-transfer from phytoplankton to higher trophic levels. We examined the effect of different ocean acidification (OA) scenarios (i.e. ambient, 1080, 2080 and 3080 ?atm CO2) over two subsequent generations under limited food availability. Show More Summary

Fighting parents hurt children's ability to recognize and regulate emotions

Exposure to verbal and physical aggression between parents may hurt a child's ability to identify and control emotions, according to a longitudinal study. Exposure to conflict and violence in the home can shape children's neurobiological, cognitive, and behavioral responses.

Medullary Bone-like Tissue in Found in Satonian Cretaceous Pterosaur Bakonydraco

Medullary bone-like tissue in the mandibular symphyses of a pterosaur suggests non-reproductive significanceAuthors:Prondvai et alAbstract:Medullary bone is a special bone tissue forming on the endosteal surface of the medullary cavity...Show More Summary

Zakaria Goneim excavating in Egypt

Here is some archive footage of Zakaria Goneim excavating in Egypt.

Viking Blacksmith’s Grave Uncovered in Norway

The weapons and tools from the grave The spectacular remains of what appears to be a Viking grave, most likely belonging to a blacksmith, has been uncovered in Sogndalsdalen, Norway (as reported by NRK ). The grave was found by Mr Leif Arne Norberg, under a series of stone slabs in his back garden. Show More Summary

Aga Khan Collections on Display in Toronto

Tomorrow, the Aga Khan Museum will open in Toronto, offering "unique insights and new perspectives into Islamic civilizations and the cultural threads that weave through history binding us all together [...] The Museum will also be a...Show More Summary

NASA Kicks Off a Private Space Race Between Boeing and SpaceX

Boeing and SpaceX have won multi-billion dollar contracts to ferry astronauts to the International Space Station.

Good home care by nurses prevents hospital, nursing home admissions

In the largest study of its kind, an investigation shows that home health agencies providing organizational support to their nurses get better outcomes. The best outcomes for patients, including fewest hospitalizations and transfers to nursing homes, are achieved by home health agencies that provide supportive work environments, enabling nurses to focus on patient care.

Car hacking: The security threat facing our vehicles

The car of the future will be safer, smarter and offer greater high-tech gadgets, but be warned without improved security the risk of car hacking is real, according to a QUT road safety expert. Professor Andry Rakotonirainy will speak...Show More Summary

More cheese, please! New study shows dairy is good for your metabolic health

This news release is available in French. Dairy is considered part of a healthy diet and dietary guidelines recommend the daily consumption of 2-4 portions of milk-based products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, cream and butter. read ...

Scientists twist radio beams to send data

Building on previous research that twisted light to send data at unheard-of speeds, scientists at USC have developed a similar technique with radiowaves, reaching high speeds without some of the hassles that can go with optical systems. The...Show More Summary

And so they beat on, flagella against the cantilever

WASHINGTON D.C., September 16, 2014 – A team of researchers at Boston University and Stanford University School of Medicine has developed a new model to study the motion patterns of bacteria in real time and to determine how these motions relate to communication within a bacterial colony. read more

Adaptation of a globally important coccolithophore to ocean warming and acidification

Although ocean warming and acidification are recognized as two major anthropogenic perturbations of today’s oceans we know very little about how marine phytoplankton may respond via evolutionary change. We tested for adaptation to ocean warming in combination with ocean acidification in the globally important phytoplankton species Emiliania huxleyi. Show More Summary

Young women involve parent in abortion when anticipating support

Pregnant teens will turn to parents and adults who are engaged in their lives and who will offer support, regardless of her pregnancy decision. Young women will avoid talking with parents who are less involved or may try to prevent them from seeking care, a study concludes.

A Robopocalyptic Flying Car: Israeli AirMule VTOL UAV is Entering Flight Tests

An Israeli company that spent a decade developing an autonomous, unmanned vertical takeoff and landing craft utilizing internal lift rotors says its first prototype is now going through flight tests and it’s at work on a second prototype.Called...Show More Summary

Cooling of dialysis fluids protects against brain damage

Washington, DC (September 18, 2014) — While dialysis can cause blood pressure changes that damage the brain, cooling dialysis fluids can protect against such effects. The findings come from a study appearing in an upcoming issue of the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN). Show More Summary

Researchers develop unique waste cleanup for rural areas

PULLMAN, Wash. - Washington State University researchers have developed a unique method to use microbes buried in pond sediment to power waste cleanup in rural areas. The first microbe-powered, self-sustaining wastewater treatment system...Show More Summary

Video games could dramatically streamline educational research

PULLMAN, Wash. – "Seeking educational curriculum researchers. Humans need not apply." A Washington State University professor has figured out a dramatically easier and more cost-effective way to do research on science curriculum in the classroom – and it could include playing video games. read more

An Overview of Russian, Chinese Strategic Bomber Development

While the U.S. Air Force pursues development of the Long-Range Strike Bomber project, striving to launch full-scale development next year, both Russia and China are also proceeding with bomber plans. In the case of Russia, the PAK-DA...Show More Summary

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