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Dennis Prager on the Smearing of Dr. Ben Carson

Here is what Dr. Ben Carson said about guns and the Holocaust: "The likelihood of Hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed." For this and other observations Carson is....

2015 Nobel Prize in Economics

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel for 2015 to Angus Deaton Princeton University "for his analysis of consumption, poverty, and welfare."

China has had a telescope on the moon for the past two years

The robotic telescope, mounted on the Chang'e 3 lander, is the first of its kind and provides unique views of the night sky that aren't possible from Earth

Dell playing big, planning one of the biggest tech takeovers

Dell could become the largest corporate IT service provider. Enterprise dell emc vmware takeover merger

“Justice Kennedy’s Political Casino”

Frank Wilkinson writes for Bloomberg View: The 2016 presidential campaign is unfolding in Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s world. Kennedy’s majority opinion in Citizens United, the court’s 2010 ruling on campaign finance, gave corporations, unions and billionaires more leeway in … Continue reading ?

Stopping to smell the Hopkins roses

Perhaps not literally—they smell rather salty and wet in the wild… Nudibranchs—sea slugs with exposed, “naked” gills—are renowned for their expansive and flashy wardrobes. And few are more ostentatious than the hot-pink Hopkins rose (Okenia rosacea). Show More Summary

Why Your Income Changes How You See the Weather

Low income individuals are more likely to perceive extreme weather

043/366: Morning Walk

I’m helping coach SteelyKid’s soccer practice tonight, but that’s no problem for the photo-of-the-day blog, as I got that out of the way early: This is what it looks like when Emmy and I go for our morning stroll these days, a little after 6am. Which is sort of pretty, maybe, but it’s a little…

And Mercury Makes Four. Beautiful Gathering in the Morning Sky

There is still a beautiful show in the sky in the early morning this month. When I realized I missed Mercury in my Friday morning picture, I went out again this morning for another try, and caught it between the trees on the eastern horizon. Show More Summary

Finding a Thesis: Into the Palmetto Mountains

Looking southeast from Goldfield Summit. Stonewall Mountain is barely peeking through the gap. South from Goldfield, the country drops off fairly abruptly, as if preparing the traveler for their eventual departure from the Great Basin,...Show More Summary

New study has important implications for the design of a protective HIV vaccine

A study describes how the changing viral swarm in an HIV infected person can drive the generation of antibodies able to neutralize HIV strains from across the world. This work has important implications for the design of a protective HIV vaccine, say the researchers.

Sitting for long periods not bad for health, suggest researchers

New research has challenged claims that sitting for long periods increases the risk of an early death even if you are otherwise physically active. The study followed more than 5000 participants for 16 years (making it one of the longest...Show More Summary

Malaria vaccine provides hope for a general cure for cancer

The hunt for a vaccine against malaria in pregnant women has provided an unexpected side benefit for researchers, namely what appears to be an effective weapon against cancer. The scientists behind the vaccine aim for tests on humans within four years.

Noninvasive imaging method looks deeper inside the body to study living brain

Researchers have demonstrated a noninvasive light-based imaging technology enabling study of the living brain and providing a new tool to study how diseases like dementia, Alzheimer's, and brain tumors change brain tissue over time.

Sun-warmed dinosaurs may have been surprisingly good sprinters

Were dinosaurs really fast, aggressive hunters like the ones depicted in the movie 'Jurassic World'? Or did they have lower metabolic rates that made them move more like today's alligators and crocodiles? New research indicates that some dinosaurs, at least, had the capacity to elevate their body temperature using heat sources in the environment, such as the sun.

Sudan, South Africa and the future of the International Criminal Court in Africa

Many believe Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir is the person most responsible for the alleged genocide in Darfur. As such, he isn’t supposed to travel freely around the world. But this past June, Bashir visited South Africa for an African Union summit. His trip flew in the face of the International Criminal Court (ICC), which has issued orders […]

Itty-Bitty Satellites Could Carry Your Experiments to Space

ThumbSat aims to get your kid's class project into space. The post Itty-Bitty Satellites Could Carry Your Experiments to Space appeared first on WIRED.

Evidence of Giant, Explosive Volcanic Eruptions During the Aptian Cretaceous

Aptian giant explosive volcanic eruptions in the Songliao Basin and northeast Asia: A possible cause for global climate change and OAE-1aAuthors:Wang et alAbstract:Volcanism is a natural climate force that causes variations in temperatures. Show More Summary

Obesity surgery normalizes brain opioids

Researchers have revealed how obesity surgery recovers opioid neurotransmission in the brain. Obesity surgery provides an effective means for rapid weight loss, and the research also shows that obesity surgery also normalizes brain circuits triggering pleasurable sensations when eating.

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