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Another Defeat For the Virginia Flaggers

With each perceived heritage violation the Virginia Flaggers somehow manage to place themselves further from the mainstream when it comes to the display of the Confederate flag. Their assumed stance that they alone ought to dictate what it means to commemorate and remember the Confederate past has won them very few, if any, allies in […]

Chemists develop novel catalyst with two functions

Chemists have made a decisive step towards more cost-efficient regenerative fuel cells and rechargeable metal-air batteries. They developed a new type of catalyst on the basis of carbon, which can facilitate two opposite reactions: electrolysis of water and combustion of hydrogen with oxygen. Show More Summary

Miranda July, Part 1

I’m calling this post “Miranda July, Part 1” because I want to promise (to myself, anyway) that I’ll continue to think about the writer-filmmaker-performing artist in the weeks to come. I finished July’s story collection, No one belongs here more… Continue reading ?

Dutch archaeologists find 1,300 year old silver bowl

On an excavation site in Oegstgeest, in the western Netherlands, Leiden University archaeologists discovered a very rare silver bowl from the first half of the seventh century. The bowl is decorated with gold-plated representations of animals and plants and inlaid with semi-precious stones. Show More Summary

Marijuana sentences to ponder: new data from the Colorado experiment

“This study finds total marijuana demand to be much larger than previously estimated,” Colorado’s study concluded. And this, which I think suggests the laws in other states are binding for many consumers: Colorado concluded that visitors account for 44 percent of recreational marijuana retail sales in the Denver area. In the mountains and other vacation […]

New York Caps Uber “Surge” Pricing

Peter Van Doren Yesterday the New York attorney general reached a deal with the company Uber to cap its “surge” pricing during emergencies. The company, which uses an app to summon cars via a user’s smartphone, uses an algorithm that...Show More Summary

Ocean News: Japan Confirms Plans for 2015 Whale Hunt, Judge Says Seismic Research off New Jersey Can Continue, and More

A minke whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata), one of the species caught during Japan’s whale hunt. (Photo: Tom Benson / Flickr Creative Commons) - Despite a ruling by the UN’s International Court of Justice to halt whaling practices, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe confirmed this week that its annual whale hunt will continue in 2015. Show More Summary

Integrated proteomic and metabolomic characterization of a novel two-component response regulator Slr1909 involved in acid tolerance in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803

Low pH is recognized as a major environmental stress to cyanobacteria that play a pivotal role in the global carbon cycling. Although several cellular mechanisms in response to acid stress were proposed, the regulatory mechanism related to acid stress has not been fully elucidated. By screening gene knockout mutants for all 44 putative response regulator […]

First Figs!

5 minutes agoAcademics / Physics : Asymptotia

Sorry for being a bit quiet the last week. I've ben working hard on a project and a lot of other things, and got snowed under. One of the things that has kept me busy has been the garden, and I am getting good rewards for my efforts. More later. The fig trees have begun their production of fruit, even after being [...] Click to continue reading this post ?

Where were you? Where are you and what are you thinking?

Sarah Parcak ?(@indyfromspace) writes: Hundreds protest against the sale of #Sekhemka, yet where were all your voices during 3.5 years+ of Egypt looting? I suppose the question is what use are "voices" alone in either scenario? Sixty...Show More Summary

Ukraine: Patterns of Loss and Preparation for Triumph

The major events for today were relatively small, unless you happened to be in Zelenopillya. A motorized brigade was hit with rockets from a Grad MLRS launcher. The Ukrainian army suffered 23 immediately dead, 93 seriously injured. The Ukrainians continued to move more troops up to Donetsk and Lugansk. Show More Summary

Pressure cell for reproducing deep-Earth chemistry

A new pressure cell makes it possible to simulate chemical reactions deep in the Earth's crust. The device could allow insights into deep-Earth chemistry and carbon cycling, 'fracking' and nuclear waste disposal.

Contributing factors to groundwater table declines identified

It’s no secret groundwater levels have declined across the state of Texas over the past eight decades, and that the primary reason was the onset of irrigation in agriculture and population growth. But a recent study has identified other factors having an impact.

Drone lighting: Autonomous vehicles could automatically assume the right positions for photographic lighting

Lighting is crucial to the art of photography. But lights are cumbersome and time-consuming to set up, and outside the studio, it can be prohibitively difficult to position them where, ideally, they ought to go.

Hydroxyethyl starch has direct harmful effects on kidney cells, lab study finds

The increased risk of kidney injury related to the use of hydroxyethyl starch in resuscitation fluids reflects the mass of HES molecules, according to a report. Hydroxyethyl starch is a starch derivative that has been widely used for fluid resuscitation with volume expansion for critically ill or injured patients in shock. Show More Summary

New simple setup for X-ray phase contrast

X-ray phase-contrast imaging can provide high-quality images of objects with lower radiation dose. But until now these images have been hard to obtain and required special X-ray sources whose properties are only found at particle accelerator facilities. Show More Summary

NASA’s high-flying laser altimeter to check out summer sea ice and more

Sea ice in summer looks dramatically different than sea ice in winter, even in the polar Arctic. Summer snowmelt, pools of water on thinning ice and exposed ocean replace vast winter expanses of white snow-covered ice -- and this weekend NASA's high-flying laser altimeter begins a campaign to investigate these features.

Obesity alone does not cause arthritis in animals

The link between obesity and osteoarthritis may be more than just the wear and tear on the skeleton caused by added weight. A new study has found that the absence of the appetite hormone leptin can determine whether obese mice experience arthritis, no matter how heavy they are.

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