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How New Orleans Became Mardi Gras Central

Mardi Gras' roots can be traced back to a time before New Orleans even existed, so how did the Big Easy become home to America's biggest party?

Shona People: History & Culture

The Shona's ancestors built great stone cities in southern Africa over a thousand years ago. Their artists are well known for their finely carved wooden headrests and stone sculptures.

'Seven Good Men' literature museum

Daily Sabah reports that 'Seven Good Men' literature museum to be opened in Anatolia, as the Yedi Güzel Adam Edebiyat Müzesi is to open in the old American College-building in Kahramanmara?; see also the municipality's project page. Always...Show More Summary

'100 African Writers of SFF'

A promising venture at Strange Horizons: they've announced Geoff Ryman's '100 African Writers of SFF' I look forward to seeing this unfold.

Penicillin: Discovery, Benefits and Resistance

Penicillin is a drug used to fight bacterial infection. After its accidental discovery, it was hailed as a "miracle drug." However, over the years, some bacteria have become resistant to penicillin, making some infections difficult to treat.

where are the institutionalists? answer: not sociology

Neo-institutionalism was and remains a major strand of organizational theory. However, it seems as if it has receded from sociology programs. Some of the esteemed senior scholars in this tradition, such as Art Stinchcombe and Lynn Zucker, are emeritus faculty. A number of key figures such as Woody Powell, Brian Rowan, and John Meyer work […]

Chemoselective acetalization by a bifuncional cerium phosphate catalyst

(Tokyo Institute of Technology) Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology have developed a bifunctional cerium phosphate catalyst for the chemoselective acetalization of biomass-derived 5-hydroxymethylfurfural with alcohols. This research...Show More Summary

“Justice Dept. Drops a Key Objection to a Texas Voter ID Law”

Manny Fernandez and Eric Licthblau in the NYT: The Justice Department remains a party in the case. But it is pulling back at a crucial phase. If a judge finds the state acted with discriminatory intent, as the Justice Department … Continue reading ?

“Justice Department changes its position in high-profile Texas voter-ID case”

Sari Horwitz for WaPo: The practical effect of the Justice Department’s decision is that civil rights groups will continue, without the backing of the federal government, to contest the purpose of the Texas law. “DOJ’s reversal in position defies rationality … Continue reading ?

Magnetite Spheres Remove Uranium

Sulfur-doped high-capacity adsorbents for water purification

SpaceX to Fly Passengers On Private Trip Around the Moon in 2018

SpaceX, the private spaceflight company founded by billionaire Elon Musk, will launch two paying customers on a week-long trip around the moon and back to Earth in 2018.

The Sir James Knott Anti-aircraft flats

The “Sir James Knott Memorial Flats” in Tynemouth, commonly known as Knott’s Flats (although they have also been known locally as Colditz), were built when war clouds were gathering over Europe in the 1930s, ironically enough. They had...Show More Summary

Do the Koreas Speak the Same Language?

Deborah Smith, who translated a manuscript smuggled out of North Korea, discusses an interesting issue: One question I’ve often been asked since I started learning Korean is: do the two halves of the peninsula speak the same language? The answer is yes and not quite. Yes, because division happened only in the previous century, which […]

Internet Really Ready for Arrival of 150-Pound Baby

After 15 months gestation, giraffes are born hooves first, weighing about 150 pounds. And the internet is really, really ready for April's baby to be born. Harpursville, New York's Animal Adventure Park's giraffe live stream has picked up steam on YouTube —minus a brief incident in which it was removed...

Big Difference in Ohio Non-Citizen Voting Case

Earlier I quoted a story on Ohio SOS Husted’s finding of potential non-citizen voting in Ohio: “Husted added that one of the cases where a non-citizen cast a ballot occurred in jurisdictions where an election was decided by one vote or … Continue reading ?

An Australian Children’s-Book Author’s U.S. Customs Ordeal

On the morning of February 6th, the seventy-one-year-old Australian children’s-book author Mem Fox arrived on a United Airlines flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles. She was en route to a conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on the theme of diversity, where she was scheduled to deliver a keynote speech on teaching children to read. Show More Summary

Exploring a Car’s CAN Bus Data

See how a car's data logs can be accessed via a CAN bus connector and the sorts of things you can learn from it. Read more on MAKE The post Exploring a Car’s CAN Bus Data appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

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