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Vindictive Obama Sticks it to the Nation Once More on the Way Out the Door

Krauthammer: Commuting the sentence of Chelsea Manning, one of the great traitors of our time, is finger-in-the-eye willfulness. Obama took 28 years off the sentence of a soldier who stole and then released through WikiLeaks almost half a million military...

Can Donald Trump and the Republicans repeal Obamacare? Here’s what hundreds of forecasters predict.

No item on Donald Trump’s agenda seems to have received as much publicity as his desire to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with “something terrific.” Since his election, the prospects for repeal have taken many a twist and turn. Two weeks ago, repeal suddenly appeared doubtful — as key Senate Republicans balked […]

It Begins: DOJ Asks for Extra Time in Texas Voter ID Case Because of Likely Change of Positions in Case

DOJ has filed this request for a one month extension of a hearing in the trial court hearing the latest round in the Texas voter id case. The motion, which is opposed by the private plaintiffs in the case but … Continue reading ?

4 Tips to Finding Inspiration

“Become the sky. Take an axe to the prison wall. Escape.” – Rumi It’s safe to say that everyone can use a little inspiration now and then. Correction, make that everyone can use a little inspiration daily. To be inspired is such a positive emotional experience […]

Trump's Inaugural Address, and the Words That Were Missing

Donald Trump, in his inaugural address today: “The oath I take today is an oath of allegiance to all Americans.” A harmless rhetorical flourish, no doubt, and one that Trump is by no means the first to make. And yet… Note that the President’s actual oath of office says nothing about allegiance. Show More Summary

The False Promise of "Buy American"

If patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels, where will President Trump turn when his “America First” policies lay waste to the very people he professes to be helping? The ideas conjured by “Buy American” may appeal to many of President...Show More Summary

Cleveland submits new police crisis intervention policy

City police officers with specialized training will be able to refer anyone having a mental health or substance abuse crisis to a hospital or treatment facility rather than arrest them for minor crimes, according to federal court documents filed late Thursday.

Our youngest penguin, Amigo, just turned one year old!...

Our youngest penguin, Amigo, just turned one year old! Here’s his inspiring hatch day story.

Trump Presidency: How US Leaders Stack Up

What makes a great U.S. president? Anything from a peanut farmer to a former male model.

1-19-17 Seattle Seahawks and Remembering Granny J-2

The Seattle Seahawks Remember Granny (J-2), The Killer Whale Oh, so special a tribute to her.

Nat Hentoff, Defender of Human Life (1925-2017)

I have been a fan of Nat Hentoff ever since I first read him in the pages of Down Beat magazine way back in the '60s. He died at 91 on January 7th. My tribute to him is a repost...

Beyond Fermi's Paradox--Where Did All the Aliens Go?" --Today's "Galaxy" Stream (VIDEO)

The Fermi paradox is the apparent contradiction between high estimates of the probability of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and the lack of evidence for, or contact with, such civilizations. As Enrico Fermi asked if the Universe is conducive to...        

President Trump's 'Mysteries of Space' Joins Inaugural Speech Tradition

President Donald Trump took the oath of office in Washington D.C. today (Jan. 20) and mentioned space exploration — if for one fleeting moment — as one of the paths forward to make America great again.

'Station Obama' in Antarctica Will Continue Monitoring Climate Changes

Eight years ago on Friday, scientists named a climate monitoring location in a desolate bay off the Antarctic Peninsula after the 44th president to mark his inauguration.

In Opinion by #SCOTUS Shortlister J. Pryor, Court Strikes 12 Alabama Districts as Racial Gerrymanders, Partial Dissent by Judge Thompson

In a 457 page opinion (including appendices) by Trump #SCOTUS shortlister William Pryor, a three-judge federal district court in the Alabama racial gerrymandering case has struck down 12 challenged Alabama districts as unconstitutional. Judge Myron Thompson, in a separate 120-page … Continue reading ?

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