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Temporal changes in surface partial pressure of carbon dioxide and carbonate saturation state in the eastern equatorial Indian Ocean during the 1962–2012 period (update)

Information on changes in the oceanic carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration and air–sea CO2 flux as well as on ocean acidification in the Indian Ocean is very limited. In this study, temporal changes of the inorganic carbon system in the eastern equatorial Indian Ocean (EIO, 5° N–5° S, 90–95° E) are examined using partial pressure of […]

Palmyra Portableisiing Funerary Sculptures

The destructive legacy of the no-questions-asked antiquities market The Syrian Ministry of Culture (Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums DGAM) has published two striking photos of the destruction caused to the subterraneanShow More Summary

Ausstellung "Kriminalarchäologie" and the discussion on ISIL-funding

According to Christian Frey introducing the temporary exhibition "Kriminalarchäologie", in Frankfurt airport, the trade in Middle Eastern antiquities "gehört zu den wichtigsten Einnahmequellen der IS-Milizen" ('Westliche Antiken-Käufer finanzieren Messer des IS', Die Welt, 18 Nov 2014). Show More Summary

Theater arts research offers insight for designers, builders of robots

As an actress, producer, director and theatre arts lecturer at The University of Texas at Arlington, Julienne Greer knows the techniques that help draw people's deepest emotions to the surface. Now, she's building on her experience and...Show More Summary

Iran's Economy, With and Without a P5+1 Agreement

Steve H. Hanke and Dr. Garbis Iradian The haggling between Iran and the so-called P5+1—the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, plus Germany—is scheduled to come to a close on Monday, November 24 th. The two parties each want different things. Show More Summary

The Lancet: Universal health coverage for US military veterans within reach, but many still lack coverage

Over a million US military veterans lacked healthcare coverage in 2012, according to new estimates published in The Lancet. While many people believe that all veterans are covered by the Veterans Affairs health care system, less than...Show More Summary

A NeoArchean to PaleoProterozoic Marine Basin Found in India

Geochemical and Sm-Nd isotopic characteristics of the Late Archaean-Palaeoproterozoic Dhanjori and Chaibasa metasedimentary rocks, Singhbhum craton, E. India: Implications for provenance, and contemporary basin tectonicsAuthors:De et...Show More Summary

The Peripheral by William Gibson [Library of Babel]

Spent the weekend in Florida getting together with some friends from college, which was a much-needed recharge for me at the end of a brutal term. It’s probably fitting to ease back into routine with a return to my blogging roots, and talk a bit about a book. Specifically, the new William Gibson novel, The…

Looking Narrowly at Broadcloth with Hallie Larkin

22 minutes agoHistory / US History : Boston 1775

This fall the Readex Report, published to highlight research that folks can do with that company’s digitsal databeases, included costume expert Hallie Larkin’s article, “‘Suitable to the Season’: Using Historical Newspapers to Help Reproduce...Show More Summary

What do Rick Santorum and Andrew Cuomo have in common?

Besides family values, that is? Both these politicians seem to have a problem with the National Weather Service: The Senator: Santorum also accused the weather service’s National Hurricane Center of flubbing its forecasts for Hurricane...Show More Summary

Princeton Abandons Grade Deflation Plan . . .

... and Kaiser Fung is unhappy. In a post entitled, “Princeton’s loss of nerve,” Kaiser writes: This development is highly regrettable, and a failure of leadership. (The new policy leaves it to individual departments to do whatever they...Show More Summary

inequality in the skies

I’m on a plane right now, flying from Sacramento back to Albany. And sitting here I’m reminded of how air travel itself reflects the growing inequality of society in a trivial, but suggestive, way. Planes have always had first-class and passenger cabins, at least as far as I know. If the Titanic had this distinction, […]

Declining loneliness among American teenagers

There has been a growing concern that modern society is increasingly lonely. In 2006, a New York Times article "The Lonely American Just Got a Bit Lonelier" highlighted research that shows a decline in social engagement--people are less likely to join clubs, have fewer close friends, and are less likely to perceive others as trustworthy. Show More Summary

Queues and lines

Q: I am given to understand that what is referred to as a “line” of people in the US is called a “queue” in the UK, though both Americans and British use “queue” the same way in its computer sense. How did all this come about? A: Broadly speaking, you’re right—people ranked in an orderly... ? Read More: Queues and lines

More Dust Devils

I often have occasion to see dust devils while traveling through Nevada, especially in the dryer months, but any time of year can afford the right conditions: a dry playa or dirt road (and other surfaces, read more here) and thermally unstable air. Show More Summary

Meditation is Hard

Thoughts don't like to subside. One leads to another, and another. You would experience the thinker behind the thoughts, but instead you have thoughts about this thinker while knowing full well that the thinker is not just another thought. Or...

Silly Headline of the Day – NYT: Climate Change Threatens to Strip the Identity of Glacier National Park

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale And the opening of the NewYorkTimes article reads: GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, Mont. — What will they call this place once the glaciers are gone? My suggestions are at the end of the post. There is a redeeming paragraph in the NYT article. It reads (my boldface): The retreat is not…

RepiTitiationes ~ 11/23/14

#clsblgs Tibullus, Elegies Book 1, 10: 33-44: Life is Short Enough, War is Fing Crazy | Sententiae Antiquae — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) November 23, 2014 #clsblgs Bestiaria Latina Blog: Latin ProverbsShow More Summary

Can the Internet Count Coins as Well as a Bank Machine?

Is the wisdom of the crowd as good as the bank's coin counter? Guess how much money is in this huge jar of coins to help us find out. The post Can the Internet Count Coins as Well as a Bank Machine? appeared first on WIRED.

Published This Day (1859): The Origin of The Species

My Greatest Adventure #68 From Today In Science History:In 1859, The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection was published in England to great acclaim. In this groundbreaking book by British naturalist Charles Darwin, he argued...Show More Summary

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