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Fragments of new female figurine found at Hohle Fels

Archaeologists, Prof. Nicholas Conard and his team member Maria Malina, present the discovery of two fragments of a new female figurine in today's edition of the journal: Archäologische Ausgrabungen Baden-Württemberg. The figurine shows similarities with the well-known Venus from Hohle Fels that Prof. Show More Summary

“GOP criticizes ‘offensive’ posts of NC elections appointee”

AP: “North Carolina Republican Party officials say they were unaware of racially tinged social media posts by a man appointed to a county elections board.” … Continue reading ?

Toward an Ottoman Archaeology

I really enjoyed Benjamin Anderson’s recent article in the new and more frequent Journal of Field Archaeology. Anderson considers Ottoman attitudes toward antiquities and challenges the long-held view that Ottoman society did not have...Show More Summary

Petition to Extradite Cecil the Lion’s Killer Signed By 100,000

Petition to White House urges Obama administration to send Walter Palmer to Zimbabwe to face justice

Experts: Cecil's Death Could Doom 10 Lion Cubs

The death of Zimbabwe's beloved lion Cecil, killed by Minnesota dentist Dr. Walter Palmer, could spark a "cascade of effects" that ultimately result in the deaths of 10 cubs in Cecil's pride. So say University of Oxford conservation experts who've been tracking one of the continent's most photographed lions for...

Russia Commits to International Space Station Through 2024, bad Sign for Independent Russian Space Station

Russia has formally notified its International Space Station partners that it will continue in the partnership at least to 2024, ending several months of doubts that were fueled by the current poor state of Russia’s relations with the...Show More Summary

Here’s one important way Bernie Sanders is like Sarah Palin

A new Huffington Post/Pollster poll of Democratic activists has good news and bad news for Bernie Sanders.  The good news?  These activists like him even more than Hillary Rodham Clinton: 65 percent have a “very favorable” view of Sanders, while 50 percent have a very favorable view of Clinton.  The bad news? Only 36 percent believe he can win the […]

“Judge dismisses Shirley Abrahamson suit to regain chief justice role”

Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel: A federal judge on Friday dismissed Shirley Abrahamson’s lawsuit aimed at regaining her position as chief justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Abrahamson and five people who voted for her at her last election as chief justice sued … Continue reading ?

"A Universe of Planets" --A Short History of NASA's Search for Life Beyond Our Solar System

Geoff Marcy remembers the hair standing up on the back of his neck. Paul Butler remembers being dead tired. The two men had just made history: the first confirmation of a planet orbiting another star. The groundbreaking discovery had been...

The Hera Saturn Entry Probe Mission

The hera saturn entry probe missionAuthors:Mousis et alAbstract:The Hera Saturn entry probe mission is proposed as an M–class mission led by ESA with a contribution from NASA. It consists of one atmospheric probe to be sent into the atmosphere of Saturn, and a Carrier–Relay spacecraft. Show More Summary

The Stratigraphy of Mass Extinctions

The stratigraphy of mass extinctionAuthors:Holland et alAbstract:Patterns of last occurrences of fossil species are often used to infer the tempo and timing of mass extinction, even though last occurrences generally precede the time of extinction. Show More Summary

The Latest Crash Course Astronomy Will Be Delayed

My apologies, everyone: After we put up this week’s episode of Crash Course Astronomy (about exoplanets), we found an error in one of the animations that got past us. In some cases where a mistake is found we can simply annotate the video and move on. Show More Summary

On the language front, still tracking the GOP “clown car” and the intensifier “deadass.” Both have legs.

On the language front, still tracking the GOP “clown car” and the intensifier “deadass.” Both have legs. On the language front, still tracking the GOP "clown car" and the intensifier "deadass." Both have legs. — Grant Barrett (@GrantBarrett) August 1, 2015

Guess who first came to America?

Semang from the Malayan Peninsula, Wikicommons Before the Europeans came, the Americas were settled by three waves of people from northeast Asia: the oldest wave beginning some 12,000 to 15,000 years ago, which gave rise to most Amerindians,...Show More Summary

Cooking up altered states

Churning raw milk sufficiently creates butter. Squirting lemon juice coagulates it into curd. These two phenomena are not as straightforward as they sound on the molecular level. When milk is churned, the fat molecules in it come closer to form aggregates. Show More Summary

Claim of new efficiency milstone in a new solar battery

From the OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY New design brings world’s first solar battery to performance milestone Sunlight makes the new ‘aqueous solar flow’ battery 20 percent more efficient than today’s lithium-iodine batteries COLUMBUS, Ohio–After debuting the world’s first solar air battery last fall, researchers at The Ohio State University have now reached a new milestone. In…

Giant old galaxies, not Milky Ways, are best for life to thrive

Looking at how quickly stars form can nail down the galaxies that should be best for life – and our own doesn't come out on top

Space Photos of the Week: This Nebula Doesn’t Come in Peace

Space photos of the week, July 26 – August 1. The post Space Photos of the Week: This Nebula Doesn’t Come in Peace appeared first on WIRED.

New Laws Explain Why Fast-Growing Networks Break

Researchers are uncovering the hidden laws that reveal how the Internet grows, how viruses spread, and how financial bubbles burst. The post New Laws Explain Why Fast-Growing Networks Break appeared first on WIRED.

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