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No, The Evenwel Case Does Not Put the Apportionment of Congressional Districts to the States in Play

Richard Winger helpfully points out some confusion about the effects of Evenwel on reapportionment. So let’s make this clear. 1. At issue in Evenwel, is whether drawing district for state legislatures and other state purposes must be done on total (eligible or … Continue reading ?

First death, now taxes!

Archaeologists discover ‘earliest tax exiles in history’ – in Hereford Experts examined the remains of thousands of bodies around the 12th century cathedral as part of an extensive two-year-old project to restore the area. A study of teeth belonging to its oldest residents showed the majority of men were immigrants from Normandy or North Wales, while all [...]

You’ve Graduated! Now What?

By Peter Kaufman In the beginning of the spring semester, I asked students in my senior seminar class to write down one word that describes how they are feeling about graduating and then to share those words with the class....

Spiraling laser pulses could change the nature of graphene

A new study predicts that researchers could use spiraling pulses of laser light to change the nature of graphene, turning it from a metal into an insulator and giving it other peculiar properties that might be used to encode information.

No, Planets Aligning Won't Cause a 9.8 Quake

On the off chance you're given to believing every sky-is-falling theory you run across on Facebook, the one about a planetary alignment triggering a massive earthquake this week is absolute nonsense. Gizmodo traces the latest to a video from a guy named Frank in the Netherlands—under the name of...

Is a Public Memory of Reconstruction Possible?

The New York Times has a feature up today in which they ask a group of historians to reflect on how Reconstruction ought to be…

Why can’t Mitch McConnell keep his promises?

The Senate majority leader, Republican Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, took the reins of the Senate this year vowing to restore “regular order” to the upper chamber. McConnell promised to empower committees, to open up the the floor to amendments from both parties, and to avoid last-minute legislative brinkmanship. Show More Summary

The "Quantum" Sleeping Beauty --Why Einstein's Paper Took Half a Century to Make an Impact

Why do some discoveries fade into obscurity while others blaze a new trail the moment they are published? More mysteriously, why do some research papers remain dormant for years and then suddenly explode with great impact upon the scientific community?...

Microbes collected by citizen scientists, grown on the International Space Station

Do microbes grow differently on the International Space Station than they do on Earth? Results from the growth of microbes collected by citizen scientists in Project MERCCURI indicate that most behave similarly in both places. "While...Show More Summary

Losing One’s Antipathies.

I’m getting towards the end of the English translation of Annenkov’s «????????????? ???????????. 1838–1848», and I was struck by this passage from Chapter XXXV: It is understandable, however, that, with his new attitude of mind, the perturbations and squabbles of the Russian literary circles, in which Belinsky had quite recently taken so lively a part, […]

Changing activity in the aging brain

Normal aging affects our ability to carry out complex cognitive tasks. But exactly how our brain functions change during this process is largely unknown. Now, researchers have demonstrated that aging changes the activity patterns in specific brain regions involved in memory and cognition.

Managing the Internet of Things

Researchers have developed a software platform designed to manage and control devices for “Internet of Things” (IoT) systems. The platform can be tailored for everything from city management sensors and devices to controlling home appliances.

Trial creates six percent weight loss after breast cancer treatment

Obesity is a risk factor for breast cancer. A new study shows that female breast cancer survivors are able to lose weight through modest lifestyle changes.

Ruberodon roychowdhurii: a new Carnian Triassic Traversodontid Cynodont From India

A new Late Triassic traversodontid cynodont (Therapsida, Eucynodontia) from IndiaAuthor:RayAbstract:A large traversodontid cynodont Ruberodon roychowdhurii, gen et. sp. nov., is described from the Late Triassic Tiki Formation of the Rewa Gondwana Basin, India, based on an ontogenetic series of five partial lower jaws. Show More Summary

Hubble sees shock collision inside black hole jet

When you're blasting though space at more than 98 percent of the speed of light, you may need driver's insurance. Astronomers have discovered for the first time a rear-end collision between two high-speed knots of ejected matter. This...Show More Summary

Large but unexplained variations in paracetamol-induced liver failure among European countries

A 50-fold between-country difference in rates of paracetamol-induced acute liver failure that leads to liver transplant has been revealed by a study that compared patient data from seven countries at the request of the European Medicines Agency: France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and the UK.

3 Eye-Opening Lessons for Rethinking Rejection

Think about the last time you were rejected. Maybe it was by your boss or partner or even a stranger. Either way, it was probably painful. In fact, for many of us rejection is downright terrifying — so much so that we try to avoid [...

Innovative components pave way for cheaper wind energy

Wind turbines began cropping up across the landscapes of Spain and Germany in the 1990s'. These two countries have the highest wind energy production in the EU. But according to the Global Wind Energy Council, the global installed power capacity in Europe -- which is 134,007 MW -- has been surpassed by Asia with 141,964 MW, at the end of 2014. Show More Summary

Underwater robot swarms use collective cognition to perform tasks

Scientists have created underwater robot swarms that function like schools of fish, exchanging information to monitor the environment, searching, maintaining, exploring and harvesting resources in underwater habitats. The project developed autonomous robots that interact with each other and exchange information, resulting in a cognitive system that is aware of its environment.

A Pattern of Problems in American Cities

Last December the federal Department of Justice concluded an investigation of the Cleveland Police Department.  That investigation found a pattern of excessive force in violation of the Constitution.  On Monday, Cleveland Mayor Frank...Show More Summary

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