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That time the Mafia almost fixed the Democratic National Convention

After a dramatic Republican National Convention in Cleveland which saw Donald Trump finally become the party’s official nominee, Hillary Clinton will this week accept the formal nomination of the Democratic Party. read more

Stroke Care: Randomized penumbra 3-D trial of next generation stent retriever meets primary endpoints

The Penumbra 3D Trial successfully met the primary trial endpoints, demonstrating non-inferiority in both safety and efficacy of the company's next-generation stent retriever, Penumbra 3D Revascularization Device, when used with Penumbra System aspiration devices compared to Penumbra System aspiration devices alone.

The Future is Amasia...for the Next Supercontinent in 250 Million Years

Formation of a future supercontinent through plate motion–driven flow coupled with mantle downwelling flow Author: Yoshida Abstract: Series of high-resolution numerical simulations of three-dimensional mantle convection were performed...Show More Summary

Transformations to granular zircon revealed: Meteor Crater, Arizona

Having been reported in lunar samples returned by Apollo astronauts, meteorites, impact glass, and at a number of meteorite craters on Earth, granular zircon is the most unusual and enigmatic type of zircon known. The mechanisms andShow More Summary

Spiky new ant species is named after Game of Thrones dragons

Two newly named species of ant from New Guinea have big spines behind their necks that are full of muscle, which could help supporting their giant heads

Red wolf may lose endangered status because it’s just a hybrid

Not being a recognisable species could lose the red wolf its conservation status, despite being the only carrier of genes from extinct southern grey wolves

Jupiter's great red spot heats planet's upper atmosphere

Researchers have discovered that Jupiter's Great Red Spot may provide the mysterious source of energy required to heat the planet's upper atmosphere to the unusually high values observed.

How to Shift from Work Stress to Calm in 3 Seconds Flat

When you’re on the treadmill of workplace stress, it’s hard to exit the cycle of escalation. With deadlines to meet and bad bosses to appease, nothing you do seems good enough. It would be better if you didn’t work in that toxic job, but there’s […]

Scientists simulated a nuclear explosion of an asteroid

Scientists are developing measures to protect the Earth from potentially dangerous celestial bodies. With the help of supercomputer SKIF Cyberia, the scientists simulated the nuclear explosion of an asteroid 200 meters in diameter in such a way that its irradiated fragments do not fall to the Earth.

White dwarf lashes red dwarf with mystery ray

Astronomers have discovered a new type of exotic binary star: in the system AR Scorpii a rapidly spinning white dwarf star is powering electrons up to almost the speed of light. These high energy particles release blasts of radiation...Show More Summary

Water resilience that flows

Researchers developed an affordable way to monitor rivers and stream flow, 24/7, using open source products.

When targeting cancer genes, home in on the one percent

Drugs that stop the overproduction of proteins by cancer cells may shut them down, but it also shuts down production of essential proteins in healthy cells. Researchers have found a protein with an active site that opens and initiates...Show More Summary

Ketone drink gives competitive cyclists a boost by altering their metabolism

A drink developed for soldiers to generate energy from ketones allowed highly trained cyclists to add up to 400 meters of distance to their workouts, a new study reports. The supplement, which will be commercially available within the...Show More Summary

Tuned gels reveal molecules that drive stem cell differentiation

By monitoring stem cell differentiation on gels that mimic the stiffness of biological tissue, researchers have identified the metabolites that stem cells use when selecting bone and cartilage fates. When fed to standard stem cell cultures, these molecules were then found to guide stem cells to generate desired cell types. Show More Summary

Studies in mice provide insights into antibody-Zika virus interactions

In research that could inform prophylactic treatment approaches for pregnant women at risk of Zika virus infection, investigators conducted experiments in mice and identified six Zika virus antibodies, including four that neutralize African, Asian and American strains of the mosquito-borne virus. Show More Summary

Mix up plant species to keep soil healthy

Across the globe, soils are under threat. Due changing land use to feed a growing population, climate change, and contamination of land with toxic chemicals, this precious resource is deteriorating, posing a serious threat to our future food security. When it comes to keeping our soil healthy, maintaining plant species diversity is key, according to new research.

Revolutionary web browser lets you lead a smarter life when you get a HAT

RUMPEL, a ground-breaking hyperdata web browser that makes it simpler for people to access and use online data about themselves, is being rolled out to the public this month.

Finding the loneliest young star

Alone on the cosmic road, far from any known celestial object, a young, independent star is going through a tremendous growth spurt. When a team of scientists examined infrared images of the same area, they realized this object has a lot of warm dust around it, which must have been heated by an outburst. Show More Summary

Stroke patients heading directly to endovascular centers could get treatment faster

Time is critical when it comes to ischemic stroke treatment: Patients need to receive certain treatments within six hours to maximize their chances of the best possible outcome. A new study assessed the real world delivery to care, specific causes of treatment delays and time lost due to interhospital transfers.

The DNC email hack didn’t tell us much. Here’s why cyber attacks have limited punch.

The alleged, but likely, hack by Russian operatives into the Democratic National Committee’s emails is just the latest in a string of cyberspace abuses. At its recent annual meeting in Warsaw, NATO declared the cyber front a new domain of warfare. But is cyberspace really a war zone? While the hack was timed to influence […]

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