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Say Hello to Australopithecus deyiremeda, A Newly Discovered 3.4 Million Year Old Hominid

A study published in Nature today announces the 2011 discovery of Australopithecus deyiremeda a hominid that lived between 3.3 and 3.5 … Continue reading ?

Building better disciplines: An Interview with Black Feminist Philosopher Cato Taylor

As promised, I have an interview to share with you. This is a conversation between my friend and colleague Catherine Clune-Taylor, a doctoral candidate in Philosophy at the University of Alberta. Catherine, who also goes by the nameShow More Summary

Open access: What Cultural Anthropology gets right, and American Anthropologist gets wrong

Two different editorials about the future of open access appeared recently. The first, Michael Chibnik’s editorial in American Anthropologist, was gloomy about the prospects of the journal’s going open access in the future. A response...Show More Summary

Welcome to the Anthropozine

Back in the late twentieth century, when cut and paste still meant scissors and glue, desktop publishing opened many doors for a creative person with something to say. We dubbed  these homebrewed screeds “zines” and reproduced them by photocopier. Show More Summary

Around the Web Digest: Week of May 17

  And we’re back for the shift into the summer blogging season! Thank you for your submissions… send anything of interest to me at Bioarchaeologist Kristina Killgrove is blogging at Forbes. Several recent...Show More Summary

Female gorilla dies after 'unprecedented' attack by young male at Australian zoo

A female gorilla at Melbourne zoo has died from injuries caused by one of the zoo’s young male gorillas in an unexpected display of aggression.Julia, a 33-year-old gorilla, died on Sunday after suffering extensive trauma from the attack...Show More Summary

Newborn Baby Gorilla Enjoys A Nap While Its Mother Keeps Watch

A newborn baby Western lowland gorilla naps in the arms of Frala, its mother at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. It is … Continue reading ?

Birth of a word

Memorial service for Walter Rathenau (Wikicommons - German Federal Archives). His assassination introduced a new word into French and, shortly after, into English. A reader has written me about my last post: It is extremely unlikely that "racism" is an attempt at translating something like Völkismus. Show More Summary

Indigenous scholar resists language hegemony

Just a quick update to share an example of a PhD student directly challenging the ways in which we evaluate thinking within the academy–enacting Indigenous pedagogy, language and legal orders in a tangible way within his discipline.Show More Summary

anthropologies #21: climate change (call for contributors)

The next issue of anthropologies focuses broadly on anthropology and climate change. We’re seeking contributions from cultural anthropologists, archaeologists, linguistic anthropologists–the more the better. We already have some contributors lined up, but there’s room for more! Also, I’m looking for a guest editor for this issue. Show More Summary

More Y-chromosome super-fathers

The time estimates are based on a mutation rate of 1x10-9 mutations/bp/year which is ~1/3 higher than mutation rate of Karmin et al. So the values on the table may be a little lower.There may be additional founders with recent time depths...Show More Summary

Octopuses can see in the dark: Theme and variation

The original: New York Times: For an Octopus, Seeing the Light Doesn’t Require Eyes Which in other formats would be: Scientific American: Octopuses Don’t Require Eyes To See American Ethnologist: Visibility of Surface and Surface of Visibility:...Show More Summary

3.3 Million Year Old Stone Tools Predate Homo By 500,000 Years

149 stone flakes, hammers and anvils, found off at the Lomekwi 3 site on the shores of Lake Turkana, appears … Continue reading ?

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