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Population history with physically phased genomes

bioRxiv doi: Modeling human population separation history using physically phased genomes Shiya Song, Elzbieta Sliwerska, Sarah Emery, Jeffrey M Kidd Phased haplotype sequences are a key component inShow More Summary

The Anthro/Zine strikes back!

Anthro/Zine, a venue for undergraduate publication from the team behind Anthropology Now, has entered its second year of publication. The premise behind the project is to provide a space for college students to reflect on how anthropology, in all its myriad forms, has touched their lives. Show More Summary

Vale Edith Turner

Edith Turner — Edie as she was universally known — passed away on 18 June 2016. Perhaps the quickest and least accurate way to describe Edie is “Victor Turner’s wife”. But her importance in anthropology is pretty much totally erased by that description. Edie was a tremendous influence on Vic, and all of his work should be … Continue reading Vale Edith Turner ?

Participant Observation and PTSD

One of an ethnographer’s most important instruments is his or her body. What has been called an “affective turn” in the social sciences has entailed thinking of the body as more than a set of significations in the performance of an identity. Show More Summary

Ramadan Diaries: Week Two

Ramadan Diaries takes you into the Ramadan experience of two students of anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis, Oguz Alyanak and Dick Powis. They will be fasting amongst Muslims in two Francophone contexts, Strasbourg, France and Dakar, Senegal, respectively. Show More Summary

Panorama of African admixture

I remember how in the early days of online discussions of anthropology a constant topic of contention was whether African variation was the result of admixture, some of it within Africa, some of it from Caucasoids, or whether it wasShow More Summary

Around the Web Digest- June 12

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying the first days of summer, I am sweating in the Chicago humidity as I type this. Anyways, here are some readings for this week! Join Vincent Crapanzano and an autoethnographic exploration of the meaning of ritual through the daily routine of animal slaughter. If you do not like … Continue reading Around the Web Digest- June 12 ?

Decolonizing Anthropology Textbook Covers

This entry is part 8 of 8 in the Decolonizing Anthropology series.By: Elizabeth (Dori) Tunstall and Jennifer Esperanza   As young anthropology students in the 90s we heard Dr. Faye Harrison call: decolonizing anthropology is about “working...Show More Summary

With ‘Cold War Anthropology’ David Price brings his trilogy on anthropology and American power to a powerful conclusion

Price, David H. 2016. Cold War Anthropology: The CIA, the Pentagon, and the Growth of Dual Use Anthropology. Duke University Press.  A few years ago, I had a chance to have lunch with David Price and some other people at the AAA meetings. Show More Summary

An interview on gorilla emotions

The Pacific Standard is running a nice interview with anthropologist Barbara King, by Francie Diep: “How Do Gorillas Grieve?”. It touches on the recent killing of the gorilla, Harambe, at the Cincinnati Zoo, but broadens to considerShow More Summary

A synopsis of our Homo naledi symposium

American Scientist kindly invited me to write up a synopsis of our session on the biology of Homo naledi at the AAPA meetings in April. The article is now online: “The Latest on Homo naledi”. The article is in the printed July-August issue as well. The H. Show More Summary

Antique Archaeology: “Angle Rods”

I like to read early writings on archaeology, comparing and contrasting what they did with what we do now. Antiquarians methods of the 19th century and even early archaeological methods of the 20th century are often fascinating, sometimes incredible, occasionally appalling. Show More Summary

Deliberate deposition and Homo naledi

Earlier this spring, the Journal of Human Evolution published a commentary questioning our team’s interpretation of taphonomic evidence from the Dinaledi Chamber. In the commentary, Aurore Val suggested that the evidence does not rule...Show More Summary

Jamala, Eurovision, and Human Rights

[Savage Minds welcomes guest blogger Greta Uehling] Many Savage Minds readers will be aware of the victory of Jamala at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. As part of my current project, I have been following the work of this Crimean Tatar singer, composer, and actor closely, and was among those who greeted her at the … Continue reading Jamala, Eurovision, and Human Rights ?

Ramadan Diaries: Week One

Ramadan Diaries takes you into the Ramadan experience of two students of anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis, Oguz Alyanak and Dick Powis. They will be fasting amongst Muslims in two Francophone contexts, Strasbourg, France and Dakar, Senegal, respectively. Show More Summary

Tools for Dismantling the Master’s House

This entry is part 7 of 7 in the Decolonizing Anthropology series.By Daniel M. Goldstein “The master’s tools,” Audre Lorde (1984) famously said, “will never dismantle the master’s house.” Her statement was a provocation to Western feminists...Show More Summary

Jobs in Archaeology

Somebody asked me recently about jobs in archaeology, so I thought I’d list a few links and tips. To find jobs, check these sources: Shovelbums Archaeology Fieldwork These aren’t the only places to look, just the most used. Obviously, USA Jobs will be for agency or government work, but the other two will have a … Continue reading Jobs in Archaeology ?

WOW Archaeology: an actual profession in World of Warcraft

I’ve never played World of Warcraft, but with the movie coming out soon (and staring an actor I like), I found myself looking at Google links, one of which mentioned the archaeologist profession. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed suchShow More Summary

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Looking for a specific topic of archaeological information? Wondering what archaeologists around the world are saying about Kanye West? (yeah, me neither.) Curious about what archaeologists have to say about something in the news? Try the search bar in the upper left of this page. Show More Summary

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