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Shared resources and NSF funding strategy

Eos has an article about NSF funding strategies for ocean sciences: “A Transformational Path Forward for the Ocean Sciences Community”. Ocean research requires some expensive investments in infrastructure projects, including a fleet of research ships, offshore drilling projects, and research centers. Show More Summary

Lewontin on Gould

David Sloan Wilson recently interviewed Richard Lewontin for the website, This View of Life: “The Spandrels Of San Marco Revisited: An Interview With Richard C. Lewontin”. Lewontin is an evolutionary biologist and geneticist who spent a long career at Harvard University until his retirement in 1998. Show More Summary

Fast Writing: Ethnography in the Digital Age

[Savage Minds is pleased to run this essay by guest author Yarimar Bonilla as part of our Writer’s Workshop Series. Yarimar is Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Caribbean Studies at Rutgers University. She is the author of Non-Sovereign...Show More Summary

Ice age Europeans on the brink of extinction

Ice-age Europeans roamed in small bands of fewer than 30, on brink of extinctionIn some cases, small bands of potentially as few as 20 to 30 people could have been moving over very large areas, over the whole of Europe as a single territory, according to Professor Ron Pinhasi, principal investigator on the EU-funded ADNABIOARC project. Show More Summary

My Life as an Honored Potted Plant

But there are many more places where such potted plants exist—decoration at a meeting where pre-prepared decisions are served up. Academic Senate meetings come to mind; but so do political conventions, Congress, and annual meetings at churches.

Around the Web Digest: Week of March 22

This week I’m trying to spread the love to some blogs I haven’t featured in the past. Please, if you know of any good blogs, particularly physical/biological anthropology blogs, send them my way at DigVentures...Show More Summary

Afanasievo, Okunev, Andronovo, Sintashta DNA?

A reader alerts me to this article in Russian, but you can use Google Translate to get the gist of it. Some interesting bits (note that "pit"=Yamna): I can not ignore the question I now have is particularly exciting - the origin of the Indo-Europeans. Show More Summary

In the wrong place at the wrong time?

Dick Turpin was convicted of robbery but had also been guilty of a string of murders (Wikicommons) In each generation from 1500 to 1750, between 1 and 2% of all English men were executed either by court order or extra-judicially (at the scene of the crime or while in prison). Show More Summary

A Place for Poor People? Peri-Urban Land & “Development” in Lesotho

This post was contributed by Charles Fogelman, and is part of a series on ‘Rending land investible‘, guest edited by Jenny E Goldstein and Julian S Yates. Charles Fogelman is a Research Fellow with the Cultures of Law in Global Contexts Project and a Ph.D. Show More Summary

Coming home

Photo by Shawn Dear readers, I have returned to my old website, after being expelled from The Unz Review. The immediate cause was my decision to close commenting on my last column. A catfight was developing between myself and Ron Unz in the comments, and I wanted to give the two of us time to cool off. Show More Summary

Link: 'Ancestral' microbiomes

Ed Yong covers a new preprint quantifying the microbiome diversity of hunter-gatherer people in Cameroon, in comparison to local agricultural people: “Surprises Emerge As More Hunter-Gatherer Microbiomes Come In”. The main finding is...Show More Summary

Icelanders galore

A set of four papers in Nature Genetics today. All open access. Of interest from the Y-chromosome paper:When this rate was applied to estimate the TMRCA between two Y chromosomes that encompass the oldest known patrilineal bifurcation...Show More Summary

Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford: Open Access and Relevant

This week’s open access spotlight falls on the Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford. A while ago I gave mad shouts out to Cambridge Anthropology when it was resurrected and published by Berghahn.  So it seems only fair to...Show More Summary

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