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Finding My Muse While Mourning

[Savage Minds  is pleased to publish this essay by Chelsi West part of our Writers’ Workshop series. Chelsi is a PhD candidate at the University of Texas at Austin. She holds a BA from Millsaps College and an MA from UT. Her research in Albania was funded by J. Show More Summary

Otters Eat Rare Monkey In Freak Accident At British Zoo

A British zoo says an endangered monkey that accidentally fell into a pond was eaten by otters.Bristol Zoo Gardens say the rare golden lion tamarin monkey, a squirrel-sized species native to Brazil, was climbing on a branch when it fell and became trapped in the otter enclosure last month. Show More Summary

Chimpanzees Change Accent To Fit In With Friends

Most people will find that their accents change subtly if they spend enough time in a different area or country.But it seems the same is true of chimpanzees.Scientists have discovered that when groups of chimps merge, they alter their...Show More Summary

Race is a Technology (and so is Gender)

I think there are two very different ways of talking about race and racism which frequently get conflated, and I think this confusion is responsible for a lot of wasted energy in various online debates. The same goes for discussions about gender and sexism. On the one hand we have a moralistic view of racism/sexism. … Continue reading Race is a Technology (and so is Gender) ?

Chimpanzees Changing The Food Calls To Match Their Counterparts

Katie Slocombe from the University of York observed that before integrating the two different groups of chimpanzees, each produced different … Continue reading ?

Legality, race, and inequality: An interview with Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz (Part II)

This is Part II of an interview with Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz, who is an assistant professor of anthropology at Loyola University Chicago. Her 2011 book, Labor and Legality, explores the work and social lives of undocumented busboys in Chicago. Show More Summary

Monkey Mustaches And Beards Reveal Evolution of Facial Hair

Colorful monkeys called guenons sport moustaches, nose spots and ear tufts that make it easy to distinguish between different species of guenons. But to the average passers-by, monkeys of the same species might look strikingly similar.But in a new study, researchers uploaded 541 photographs of 110 monkeys of 12 different guenon species. Show More Summary

Strong (?) linguistic and archaeological evidence for steppe Indo-Europeans

In a new paper in Annual Review of Linguistics, David Anthony and Don Ringe make the archaeological and linguistic case for the steppe IE homeland hypothesis. It is very useful to see the evidence presented concisely in this way. OfShow More Summary

Savage Minds Native Anthropologist Biographies (SMNAB)

Here was a field in which I could read about Indians all the time and teach, and further Indian opportunity. – Alfonso Ortiz

Read More, Write Less

[Savage Minds is pleased to publish this essay by Ruth Behar as part of our Writers’ Workshop series. Ruth is the Victor Haim Perera Collegiate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Michigan. She is the author of numerous articles...Show More Summary

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