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Ask A Mind: Is Studying Witchcraft `Useful’ for Development?

Can anthropologists combine research on witchcraft with research on development? Why are some topics considered more relevant to understanding development issues than others? This post is a response to a question from a reader considering doing a research project in anthropology. Show More Summary

Imagining the future, imagining death

On Star Trek, African Americans were underrepresented among guest actors, who were just as likely to be part-Asian actresses like France Nuyen (Wikicommons) Only six years separate the production of Logan's Run (1976) from that of Blade Runner(1982), yet those intervening years form a watershed in how science fiction imagined the future. Show More Summary

Writing Good Anthropology in a Time of Crisis: Lessons from the Nepal Earthquake

[Savage Minds is pleased to publish this essay by guest author Heather Hindman. Heather is Associate Professor of Asian Studies and Anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin. Her book Mediating the Global: Expatria’s Forms and...Show More Summary

Chimpanzees have mental skills to cook, study finds

Chimpanzees have the mental abilities to cook, researchers say, and would choose to cook their food if given the opportunity.Though chimps can’t heat up raw foods on their own—they can’t quite produce fire—scientists found that whenShow More Summary

Anthropology and the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions: Part 1

Savage Minds welcomes guest blogger Anthropologists for the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions. We are pleased to present the following two reflections by Mick Taussig and J. Lorand Matory as part of a two-week guest blog series entitled Anthropology and the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions. Show More Summary

‘academia has its own set of rules': Jenny Davis on language revitalization and Indigenous gender and sexuality in North America

Today is a tough day for many Indigenous people in Canada. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission released its findings from its years of work collecting testimony from survivors of the Indian Residential School system in Canada. In...Show More Summary

The work of Kyle Mays Wabinaw: bringing history to young people

This post is the second last in my series as a guest blogger for Savage Minds. Tomorrow I will post the final interview and wrap up my time here. Below is a conversation between Kyle Mays Wabinaw (@mays_kyle) and I about his work asShow More Summary

Anthropology and open access book reviews: new and old projects

The AAA recently unveiled its new open access book review forum  the ‘Anthropology Book Forum’ (ABF) today. It’s an interesting project that has lots of positive things going for it: It’s open access, and the goal is to get book reviews out quickly. Show More Summary

Around the Web Digest: Week of May 24

Happy Sunday! Did you know the Spanish word for “pansy,” pensamiento, also means “thought,” just as in the French? I bet you did; you’re all so clever. If there’s anything I need to share with our readers, share the link with me at Show More Summary

Out of Egypt or Out of Ethiopia?

I am skeptical that once you remove non-African ancestry from Egyptians (even if you were able to do so perfectly), what you are left with is indigenous Northeastern Africans, the direct descendants of people who left Africa tens ofShow More Summary

The monster in the mirror

Cyborg She, a love story about a female android and a shy young man (credit: Gaga Communications, for use in critical commentary) Can humans and robots get along together? Actually, they already do in a wide range of applications from surgery to assembly lines. Show More Summary

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