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What I Need In Order To Dig My Sites

I’ve headed my own research excavations since 1996. Now I’m preparing for four weeks of fieldwork during the upcoming season. I operate as an independent scholar in this context, and none of my excavations have been prompted by land development. Here’s what I need to get hold of before I can break the turf or…

The Man Camp Dialogues

Last year the inestimable Bret Weber and the local icon Tom Isern co-wrote a North Dakota Humanities Council grant to support a series of conversations in communities across western North Dakota about workforce housing.  The first stop will be Killdeer, ND where I’ll be joined by Emily Guerin, Richard Rothaus, and Tom Isern in our… Read More ?

Archaeological Diving Unit Archive Now Available

A new resource for researchers and designated wreck licensees has just been made available through English Heritage Archives. The Archaeological Diving Unit’s collection regarding British shipwrecks has been catalogued and can now be searched through the English Heritage Archives online catalogue and viewed at the Archive Services in Swindon. Show More Summary

They’re just getting to this?

Scientist ‘killed Amazon indians to test race theory’ Actually, a friend of mine posted this just recently and I was wondering if there was something new coming out. I finally got around to seeing the date of the article: September 2000. Most of it was later debunked.

They did that

More on the violent death of Pharaoh Senebkay Pharaoh Woseribre Senebkay, who lived during the later part of Egypt’s Second Intermediate Period (ca. 1650–1550 BCE), is now the earliest Egyptian pharaoh whose remains show he died in battle. Detailed analysis by Dr. Maria Rosado and Dr. Jane Hill of Rowan University has documented an extensive [...]

Cleanup in the burial aisle?

This has been all over the place: 200 skeletons found in medieval mass grave beneath Paris supermarket They had expected to find some bodies. The site, after all, had once been a medieval hospital and cemetery. But they never expected to find anything like this. Underneath a supermarket in the middle of Paris, littered among scraps of [...]

I didn’t feel it

The rocking, that is: Rare Roman tombstone found in Cirencester makes archaeological history The world of archaeology was rocked yesterday after an incredibly rare Roman grave stone was uncovered in Cirencester. The 1,800-year-old inscribed...Show More Summary

Well, okay then.

Great Gouda! World’s oldest cheese found – on mummies Vintage Gouda may be aged for five years, some cheddar for a decade. They’re both under-ripe youngsters compared with yellowish clumps – found on the necks and chests of Chinese mummies – now revealed to be the world’s oldest cheese. The Chinese cheese dates back as early as [...]

Mobilizing the Past Workshop Review, Part 2

Yesterday, I posted a review of the Mobilizing the Past for a Digital Future Conference held last weekend in Boston. This review focused on things that I really liked about the event. To be clear and fair, the event was great, and it left me with tremendously positive feelings about the digital future of our… Read More ?

Hadrian’s Wall Monuments – 3D Scan No.5

Easter Egg! This is our fifth and final blog on the 3D scans of Roman monuments associated with Hadrian’s Wall. Today’s blog is on the 3D scans of Roman monuments associated with Hadrian’s Wall, products of our recent collaboration with University of Newcastle as part the NU Digital Heritage project ( Show More Summary

Mosul Museum: Three Men Identified

Al Arabiya News is claiming 'ISIS museum vandals in Iraq video identified' (1 March 2015). Mosul's governor Atheel al-Nujaifi said on Sunday that three men visible in the videos of detruction in the Mosul Museum have been identified and if apprehended would face prosecution they are all citizens of Mosul. Show More Summary

Unfortunately, not Kom El-Hisn

Busts of the lioness goddess unearthed in Luxor The European-Egyptian archaeological mission headed by famed Egyptologist Horig Sourouzian unearthed two busts of the lioness goddess Sekhmet at the north-eastern side of the pillar halls of King Amenhotep III’s temple at Kom El-Hitan on Luxor’s west bank. Sourouzian told Ahram Online that the temple’s pillars hall is now [...]

Bodies, bodies, everywhere!

Including next to Richard: Mystery Woman Buried Near Richard III Archaeologists found a lead coffin buried in the ruins of an English medieval church, just feet from the grave of British King Richard III. When they opened the tomb, they expected to find the skeleton of a knight or a friar. But instead, they found the [...]

Tomb fragment from Paestum returned to Italy.

Paestum FragmentSource: ICE Italian authorities have returned a tomb painting apparently removed from Paestum. The statement from ICS gives a little detail:In 2009, HSI New York special agents received information indicating that a New York-based antiquity collector allegedly dealt in the sale of illicit cultural property. Show More Summary

The Horiuchi sarcophagus returns to Italy

The Horiuchi Sarcophagus The US authorities have returned the Horiuchi Sarcophagus to Italy [press release].HSI New York returned six objects Wednesday including “sleeping beauty,” an ancient Roman marble sarcophagus lid of Sleeping Ariadne, which was smuggled out of Italy. Show More Summary

Walter M. Banko Enterprises Ltd. and the returns to Italy

Source: ICE The US authorities have returned a number of items to Italy. They include objects handled by Walter M. Banko Enterprises Ltd.In July 2011, Walter M. Banko Enterprises Ltd., attempted to import four pieces of antique Greek pottery through the point of entry at Rouses Point, N.Y. Show More Summary

Pompeii fragments returned to Italy

The objects returned to Italy, 2015Source: ICE The US authorities have returned a number of objects to Italy ("19 cultural treasures returned to the government of Italy", 25 February 2015). They include a seizure from the Alan E. Paulson...Show More Summary

Mobilizing the Past Workshop Review, Part 1

This weekend’s Mobilizing the Past for a Digital Future: The Potential of Digital Archaeology conference was great in every way. It was well-organized, collegial, and very useful. Videos of the various papers will be (or maybe are already) available on the web and I hope the organizers consider some kind of publication of proceedings. Having… Read More ?

Adventures in Podcasting 3

Richard and I have released our third podcast this morning. If you’ve missed the first two go here and enjoy and check out the show notes here. This one was edited by Richard and is probably our best so far. We talk about abandonment in the Bakken, the speed of modern society, and whether academia funding… Read More ?

Roman School Session

This month, Wessex Archaeology North based in Sheffield, was invited to Rainbow Forge Primary School to help them out with their topic on the Romans. Armed with a box full of various Roman finds, including pottery, roof tile and painted...Show More Summary

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