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Archaeologists find ancient storage jar under Roman road

IPPLEPEN, England, July 27 (UPI) -- The excavation of an ancient Roman road that once ran through the British Isles has yielded a unique archeological find. Researchers with the University of Exeter has uncovered fragments of an ancient storage jar. Show More Summary

Antiquities Smuggling is ....

Scott Semans makes a rather amazing announcement on a forum connected with fake ancient coins ( Re: Petition vs new German legislation restricting collecting of cultural artefacts incl coins Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:30 am PDT). I signed the petition, citing the numerous core principles of western law which this would violate. Show More Summary

Aboutaam on the seized sarcophagi

Ali Aboutaam of Phoenix Ancient Art has commented on the lifting of sequestration of a Phoenician sarcophagus (Laure Lugon Zugravu, "Levée du séquestre pour le sarcophage phénicien", Le Temps July 22, 2015). Aboutaam is reported to have...Show More Summary

Volcanoes linked to cultural upheaval since early Roman times

Large volcanic eruptions have cooled the global climate many times in the last 2,500 years and coincided with devastating famine across Europe, new research shows. New research presents the most precise record yet of volcanic activity during the last 2,500 years. Show More Summary

This week at Forbes: Tarim mummies, Synagogue mosaics, 'Diggers' returns, Philip II Part II, Roman medical ideas, DNA of Magna Graecia, and Napoleonic mass grave

Whew, it was a busy week! Here's what I wrote: DNA Reveals These Red-Haired Chinese Mummies Come from Europe and Asia. I was a bit surprised how well this article did, since the Tarim mummies are not exactly a new find, but I forget sometimes that not everyone knows about interesting skeletons from around the world. Show More Summary

The Real Threat to Collecting: Collectors' Attitudes

Focusing on reactions to the proposed German regulations: "in a world where public image is so vital, the blinkered, arrogant, hideously uninformed, rabidly anti-academic and recklessly intransigent attitudes of that lobby group pose...Show More Summary

Online paper alert

The Burial of Nefertiti? (2015) Downloadable paper. I drank a lot of beer with Reeves once. No, twice.

Can’t pass up the chicken post

The Ancient City Where People Decided To Eat Chickens An ancient, abandoned city in Israel has revealed part of the story of how the chicken turned into one of the pillars of the modern Western diet. The city, now an archaeological site, is called Maresha. It flourished in the Hellenistic period from 400 to 200 BCE. “The site [...]

Duh, beer.

ASU archaeologist uses new methods to explore how humans became farmers One of the enduring mysteries of the human experience is how and why humans moved from hunting and gathering to farming. From their beginnings, humans – like other mammals – depended on wild resources for sustenance. Then, between 8,000 and 12,000 years ago, in a transitional [...]

Mass medieval grave found at Aberdeen school

A mass grave with more than 20 medieval skeletons has been hailed a “major discovery”. The remains, thought to date back to the 13th century, were discovered during installation works at a top private school in Scotland. The bones were...Show More Summary

Neolithic house discovery at Avebury stone circle dig

Archaeologists believe they may have found the remains of a house where people who built Avebury stone circle may have lived. The three-week Between the Monuments project is researching the daily lives of Neolithic and Bronze Age residents at the Wiltshire site. Show More Summary

Working out the kinks in a VisualSFM via Docker workflow

VSFM, for those who’ve tried it, is a right huge pain in the arse to install. Ryan Bauman has done us all a huge favour by dockerizing it. His explanation of this is here – and once you’ve figured out some of the kinks, this is much easier way of working with it. Ah yes, the […]

UK Metal Detectorists and the Heritage Debate

Money 'out of a taxpayer' Reminder, this was an academic seminar in March 2013, when the UK had a proper PAS. It seems metal detectorists cannot get over the fact that somebody talked about their hobby in less than glowing terms. Pathetic and puerile. Show More Summary

The Antiquities Trade: The Virus of Denial

For the first time I can remember ACCG dealer Wayne Sayles writes (here RE: New German Legislation) more pompously than ex-ACCG Dealer Dave (Welsh). Most of what he wrote can be ignored as the usual hot air, but let us just highlight...Show More Summary

German Draft Legislation: Where's the Scan?

While US and German dealers, faced with the prospect of actually doing the due diligence they all claim to do if they sell dugup artefacts in the heart of Old Europe, are managing to get kneejerk reactions from a lot of unthinking Disneybred US coin collectors, not all are following the Pied Piper under the mountain. Show More Summary

Egyptian Artefact Smuggling and Transnational Organized Crime

Antiquities dealers buying ancient Egyptian artefacts without ascertaining that they are of legal origins are putting money into the pockets of participants of transnational organized crime warned Interpol: 'Egyptian authorities seize...Show More Summary

Jackboot-fantasists in the Mall

This is a threat to collectors everywhere: "Today Germany, tomorrow the world". Dealer Dave Nazis on Dave Welsh's mind Over on Moneta-L there is of course a lively discussion of Germany's proposed due diligence regulations. You know, that thing every coin dealer cheerfully tells you they 'did already' when they bought something for their stock. Show More Summary

News from The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota

I have this idea that people out there are wondering about The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota. Our first two books, Punk Archaeology (for free) and Visions of Substance (for free), were pretty successful, and we’d maybe be justified resting on our laurels.  But, we’re not.  I spent the last week or… Read More ?

Meonstoke School Saxon Day

It’s that time of year again! For one day a year our Finds Supervisor, Sue Nelson, clambers into her time machine along with the pupils and staff from Meonstoke School in Hampshire’s Meon Valley and travels back to Saxon times. The intrepid...Show More Summary

Busily finding flights. . . .

So hectic around here. Actually, hectic anyway, I have three days of Global Health work to finish, then head to Portland for my talk. Plus fieldwork next week. Plus trying to arrange a v-a-c-a-tion (in the summer sun) in three weeks’ time. Yeesh. Anyway, the faaaaaaabulous Kristina over at PoweredByOsteons posted this link: Gruesome Find: 100 Bodies [...]

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