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A brief non-archaeological(?) digression

When Did We Get So Old? Yes, my generation, born between 1946 and 1964, has physical concerns: Friends are dying, joints are aching, and memories are failing. There are financial issues, with forced retirement and unemployment, children needing money and possibly a bed, and dependent parents. But for many of us, it is a psychological quandary [...]

A Guide to Industrial Tourism in the Bakken

During my free moments, I continue to work on my tour guide of the Bakken. I have an idea that I’ll publish in Tom Isern’s Center for Heritage Renewal Circular Series at North Dakota State or failing that at the Digital Press at the University of North Dakota.  I posted a rough version of the […]

Focus on UKL Metal Detecting: I know, Let's...

In a comment on Dave Crisp's The joy of metal detecting – it’s not just about the treasure (29 August 2014, Guardian Opinion is Free), the editor of Culture Crime News comments:Thoughts from a metal detectorist in the UK. Worth reading...Show More Summary

Pointing out Propagandist Fallacy 'Negativity, or the Only Realistic Basis for Discussing an Issue?

There are two types of material about artefact hunting and antiquities collecting on the Internet:1) There is a large number of websites and blogs presenting the hobbies and commerce in the best light possible. Dealers deny that anything...Show More Summary

One Archaeologist Stands up.

Hollingbury Head (photo by 'Gray') I promise that I am not writing comments on the Guardian under a pseudonym. What a pleasant surprise it was to find that, while others avoid the topic, one lady archaeologist wrote the truth about UK policies on metal detecting (ChelseaSweeney, 31 August 2014 10:25pm). Show More Summary

PAS Begins its Eighteenth Year

The histories of the PAS all begin with pilot schemes that commenced "in September 1997", but no firm date is quoted, so 1st September is a conventional one. The online PAS database contains no records of finds at all for those early...Show More Summary

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: From Folkstone Beach to Apamea

The reaction of the Portable Antiquities Scheme to Dave Crisp's exhortation to 'take up yer metal detector and loot' (and show the stuff to the PAS) was swift. Based on previous experience of discussing the issues with members of the...Show More Summary


My comment replying to the sock-puppet "Diggerdoc's" remarks on the Guardian (Re the Crisp text). It could have been phrased more fluidly, but these are not Daily Mail readers:"Diggerdoc" how is collection-driven exploitation of theShow More Summary

Roundhouse Psychosis

In the previous post I explained why the large Wessex style “roundhouse” as illustrated and rebuilt is a fiction which is not supported by the evidence. To be fair to all concerned, it never was a “peer reviewed” idea, but like the artists...Show More Summary

Sex Discrimination in ACCG

Reconstructed group photograph of the current lineup of the ACCG board, the one they apparently don't want members to see. The ACCG seems to be discriminating against Doris Sayles, one of its officers, representing US ancient coin collectors,...Show More Summary

Intelligently weighing facts and circumstances

"my repeated calls for genuine dialogue have been ignored or met with scorn" Wayne Sayles June 24, 2014, 3:30 pm Wayne Sayles appears to be seeking dialogue, just not on his blog. I queried the name calling and admonition to go and "get...Show More Summary

False Prophets in Washington Antiquities Lobby

A lobbyist for the no-questions-asked antiquities market was crowing back in December 26, 2012 that "SAFE No More?": A reliable source indicates that Saving Antiquities for Everyone (SAFE) is effectively dead. While SAFE's website remains online, it has not really been updated for some time [...]Show More Summary

Another Archaeologist Pussy-footing Around the Issues

In the comments to PAS-partner Dave Crisp's awful Guardian opinion piece "Joy of metal detecting – it’s not just about the treasure", you can see British archaeology at its best (worst). Now bear in mind that Crisp writes: "We are very...Show More Summary

Why not get involved in Real Archaeology instead?

The Glasgow Trafficking Culture Project folk tend not to get involved with the debate on UK metal detecting, especially now Suzie Thomas has left for other climes. Donna Yates however, despite a recent tangle with one of the 'ambassadors...Show More Summary

Focus on Metal Detecting: Welcome to Hoik Wiltshire Too

Dave Crisp and heap of coins PAS poster-boy metal detectorist Dave Crisp (photogenic Frome Hoard finder) now writes for the Guardian ('The joy of metal detecting – it’s not just about the treasure', Friday 29 August 2014). Yesterday,...Show More Summary

Coins For Sale, where from? "Get Stuffed"

Hans Memling, Portrait of a man with a coin of the Emperor Nero WGS the "Get Stuffed antiquarian" has quite a few ancient dugup "Coins for Sale" which certainly do not come from the soil of Missouri. Look how he promotes them: CoinsShow More Summary

Collectors and Syria: "get Stuffed"

Over on Wayne Sayles' Ancient Coin Collecting blog, he has published a comment on the passage of enabling legislation by the UK government [The Export Control, Syria Sanctions Amendment Order 2014 SI 2014 1896] to enforce trade sanctions...Show More Summary

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Welcome to Loot, but only in Bonkers Britain

HA put the looting of French archaeological sites by 'empowered and entitled' British artefact hunters in context:Last month the nation was informed by Country Life magazine (briefed by the Portable Antiquities Scheme?) that criticsShow More Summary

Egypt Tourism Revenue for Sites Falls 95% After Political Upheavals

Revenues from ancient Egyptian monuments such as the pyramids have fallen by 95% since Egypt's 2011 revolution, the country's antiquities minister has said. Revenues fell from 3bn Egyptian pounds (£250m) in 2010 to just 125m (£10.5m) in 2014, Mamdouh el-Damaty told al-Mehwar, a private Egyptian television channel. Show More Summary

Friday Retrospect: Vandalism of Ka Nefer Nefer Mask - Who is Responsible and Why Did They do it?

In her discussion of the Ka Nefer Nefer case, K.M.Johnston ('Now You See It, Now You Don’t: A Hieratic Scrawl on the Ka Nefer Nefer Mask', Posted on August 7, 2012) discusses further "something that I’ve seen mentioned once in the literature, though I can’t remember where". Show More Summary

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