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Shining the Light On…

… Osteoarchaeology Wessex Archaeology’s human bone specialists – osteoarchaeologists Jacqueline McKinley and Kirsten Egging Dinwiddy – are hard at work this week putting together a new display for the head office in Salisbury. The display introduces staff, volunteers, clients and other visitors to the scientific analysis of human remains. Show More Summary

A Tourist Guide to the Bakken Oil Patch

This morning I posted a draft of the introduction and conclusion to my Tourist Guide to the Bakken Oil Patch to the online publishing site Medium. I’m just a bit excited about the experiment and will almost certainly publish drafts of the rest of the Guide to Medium over the next few days I used […]

More Careless Syrian Coin Listings in America

At an MOU hearing in Washington not long ago, Wayne Sayles clearly told the CPAC that he was not a dealer - as he had retired at the end of 2011 ( PACHI Wednesday, 21 March 2012, 'Sayles Suspends Sales'). Then he came back, without Mr Lavenderand started a new website. Show More Summary

US Brigadier General Urges Proper Antiquities Market Transparency

"The antiquities market has always been difficult to regulate, even in peaceful times, but with no effective law enforcement presence on the ground to discourage looting, this activity is sure to continue to rob the world of some of its richest cultural history—while funding one of the world’s most abhorrent terrorist organizations". Show More Summary

Giza men arrested after digging up ancient temple under house

Seven residents of a Giza district have been arrested after they illegally excavated the area beneath their home and found the remains of an ancient Egyptian temple. The huge limestone blocks, engraved with hieroglyphic texts, date from the reign of the New Kingdom's King Tuthmose III, and were found in the Hod Zeleikha area of Al-Badrasheen district. [...]Show More Summary

Amelia Earhardt. . . . .found. Again.

Amelia Earhart Plane Fragment Identified A fragment of Amelia Earhart’s lost aircraft has been identified to a high degree of certainty for the first time ever since her plane vanished over the Pacific Ocean on July 2, 1937, in a record attempt to fly around the world at the equator. New research strongly suggests that a piece [...]

Russian Journalism and Syrian Artefacts Truth

I tweeted Maria Finoshina (, fresh from reporting separatists in eastern Ukraine and now in Syria, about those two rough fakes of Syracuse dekas that were shown prominently in her video report of antiquities allegedly been sold in Lebanon after having been dug-up near Damascus. Show More Summary

"They Blow up Shrines, don't They?"

Another article on conflict antiquities from the Near East discussing the complex interrelationships between destruction and supplying objects for greedy collectors and dealers (Mary Chastain, 'ISIS Cashes in on Antiques from Shrines Destroyed in Iraq and Syria', Breitbart, 28 Oct 2014 ). Show More Summary

Metal Detectorist Arrested Near Tarquinia for Looting

A man, 47, was arrested in Tarquinia for possession of stolen goods of archaeological interest. The man was stopped at a road check, and in his car were found a metal detector, a tool used for digging and 2 Roman coins. The man would...Show More Summary

On Books and Blogs

This is the 1000th post on the New Archaeology of the Mediterranean World. About 950 of them, I’ve authored and the other 50 or so were penned by my remarkable colleagues and contributors. My average post length is about 300 words, which puts the entire endeavor at around 280,000 words or so. That’s a lot […]

Bonkers Britain: Please sign the "Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site" petition.

As has been said: "If we can’t save the monuments and settings of the Stonehenge World Heritage Site for future generations, then we can't hope that we or the future can protect anything!" Please sign the "Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site" petition.

'Conflict Antiquities' in Syria and Iraq: How Much for it to be "OK" for dealers?

"Significant questions remain, and continue to be raised on Portable Antiquity Collecting and Heritage Issues, but they query conf using evidence of a complicated problem, not the existence of a problem". Over the past few years several...Show More Summary

Archaeologists Selling Finds: Archaeological Society in St. Louis Places MORE Ancient Artefacts on the Auction Block

The AIA regional branch in St. Louis again places ancient artefacts from its collection in trust on the auction block to raise funds ('Archaeological Society in St. Louis Places Ancient Artifacts on the Auction Block', Popular Archaeology Oct 28, 2014). Show More Summary

Not my project

Archaeologists discover shell material, halt Bertha pit excavation Excavation was halted Thursday when archaeologists monitoring the digging of an access pit came across shell material. The access pit will be used to repair ‘Bertha,’...Show More Summary

Egyptological Headers - 6 months in!

To celebrate 6 months of the Egyptological Facebook page. Click to see a bigger image. Egyptology News Blog, Andie Byrnes

Autumn 2014 update from Amarna (received by email)

The latest from Barry Kemp and Anna Stevens: Amarna, Autumn 2014 We are happy to report that the expedition has resumed its work at Amarna, at the start of what is planned to be a particularly busy and varied schedule which we hope will run almost continuously into June of next year. Show More Summary

Sayles: "Archaeologists and Museums may be Involved in Syrian and Iraqi Artefact Smuggling"

Dugup antiquities dealer Wayne Sayles of the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild seems to support the idea that looted artefacts from Syria and Iraq are reaching western markets. He has published without comment on his "Ancient Coins" blog...Show More Summary

Curationism and Academia

This week, I read David Balzar’s Curationism which was an entry in Kostis Kourelis’s expertly curated reading list. I’ve been vaguely interested in the concept of curation since UND’s 2013 Arts and Cultural conference titled Cultures of Curation. Anyone who reads the interwebs in even a superficial way comes across the language of curation applied […]

How to STOP the flow of Illicit Antiquities

Sam Hardy in his piece in Reuters blog ('How the West buys ‘conflict antiquities’ from Iraq and Syria (and funds terror)', October 27, 2014) discusses how we can try to curb the looting and smuggling of archaeological artefacts fromShow More Summary

How the West buys ‘conflict antiquities’ from Iraq and Syria (and funds terror)

Sam Hardy has a very important piece in Reuters blog ('How the West buys ‘conflict antiquities’ from Iraq and Syria (and funds terror)', October 27, 2014) building on comments in the Das Erste report a few days ago. Smuggling is booming...Show More Summary

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