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The Answer Should be Revealing

There are probably (my figures) 16 000 artefact hunters using metal detectors to enlarge their personal collections in the UK. ?@HeritageCrime 8 godz.8 godzin temu HE Heritage Crime poda?/a dalej Rural Crime Suffolk We work closely with...Show More Summary

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s the time of year when weekends go from being filled with reading and writing to being filled with course preparation and grading for the upcoming week. Fortunately, I’m moderately excited about the classes I’m teaching this fall, so this won’t be too much of a sacrifice (although I’ll likely sneak in some research when… Read More ?

Concerned about the Heritage? You're a Fraud According to Collector FSA!

A Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and collector John Hooker FSA ('The "cultural heritage" group neurosis 15: Inauthentic') accuses us all of being not only 'neurotic' but also frauds: It is not only that a number of antiquities are inauthentic, pretty well all anti- collecting "cultural heritage" disciples are too. Show More Summary

All Unconserved Finds Must Die Die Die?

Several colleagues have told me this bizarre rumour that I hope is unfounded. Contract archaeologists at two sites on Öland and in Småland have found more Medieval coins than their conservation budget can cover. So they have to prioritise which coins to conserve. So far so good, and congrats on the lovely finds. But. According to this…

Beer: Is there anything it can’t do?

Craft Beer Made With Prehistoric Yeast Is T-Rex Approved They’re a bit off with the T-Rex reference though.

Here comes Peter Cottontail. . . .

...all dressed up in onions, tomatoes, coriander and other delicious spices. The proto-Aztec bunny farmers of ancient Mexico A group of anthropologists describe their discovery in PLoS One, filling in details of what appears to be a rabbit farm and butcher shop in a Teotihuacan neighborhood called Oztoyahualco. From roughly the 4th through 6th centuries, [...]

Teaching Thursday: Technology, Narrative, and Practice

My first classes were this week, and as per usual, I left with a head full of ideas and challenges. I want to get back to doing a little blogging about teaching so I’ve put up a few of my thoughts after my first week back in the classroom. 1. Technology. I teach History 101… Read More ?

Battlefield Recovery: Rise of the Nazi-Grave Robbers

The legacy of the televised TV exploits of three British metal detectorists continues to damage: Thomas Rogers, 'Rise of the Nazi-Grave Robbers' Bloomberg Business Week August 23, 2016 Inspired by shows like Battlefield Recovery, profiteers are digging up World War II grave sites in search of memorabilia. Preservationists want to stop them. hat tip Andy Brockman

Well, Somebody takes my point. A Pity the British Museum Can't Understand

With regard to the British Museum conference which poses the question "Can Detectorists Be Archaeologist [sic]?", I repeat the question in the context of my own twitter feed on antiquities collecting and the commerce in artefacts: Paul...Show More Summary

The Big Business Of Looted Antiquities

The trade in looted antiquities is big business – and some fear it’s growing due to instability in the Middle East and North Africa. While the U.S. has passed laws restricting imports from Syria and Iraq, many argue little will change until the market for these stolen antiquities is eliminated. Show More Summary

More on "Citizen Archaeologists"

Portable Antiquities ? @ findsorguk 3 godz. 3 godziny temu Book now for the 2016 @ findsorguk conference - 'Can Detectorists Be Archaeologists?': Answer: It depends what you mean when you use that singularly vague term "detectorists". Show More Summary

Conflict Fake Antiquities Now?

I've been saying this for almost all the time the US Department of State started stirring up the fuss about Syria's Conflict antiquities (so has Dorothy King and a few others): Tim Cornwell, 'Almost 70% of smuggled objects seized in Syria and Lebanon are fakes, antiquities chief says', The Art Newspaper 24 August 2016. Show More Summary

Dynamic Photographs (with poop)

After reading Y. Hamilakis’s and F. Ifantidis’s Camera Kalaureia (2016), I got to thinking how I could be a bit more vivid and dynamic with the photographs that I use to document, illustrate, and analyze my work. This is particularly significant for our work in the Bakken oil patch where we relied heavily on photographic documentation. As… Read More ?

Wessex Archaeology Work Experience Week

Monday 15 August In the morning I was given a tour around Wessex Archaeology where I discovered all the various departments to the place, I was surprised by the size of the company. It was interesting to learn about how the modern technology is used to help the people working here. Show More Summary

“Balls,” said the Queen. . . .

Tool or weapon? “Our study suggests that the throwing of stones played a key role in the evolution of hunting,” said Bingham, a professor in the IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences and an author on the study. “We don’t think that throwing is the sole, or even primary, [...]

It’s all in the teeth

Kristina K has a nice little summary of some neat research: Irish Teeth Reveal the Chemical Signature of the Great Famine Even as carbon isotopes increased, the nitrogen isotopes decreased. Archaeologists use nitrogen isotopes to understand the amount of protein in a diet. If you are a carnivore and eat food high on the food [...]

George Starcher and The Future of the University

It’s the first day of classes here at University of North Dakota and the first semester for our new President Hon. Mark Kennedy. It could be an exciting new era here or it might not matter at all. The important thing is the we should all believe that it matters and look ahead to a… Read More ?

Shorelines Literature Festival

Wessex Archaeology’s Graham Scott will be ‘in conversation’ with Jerwood Prize winning artist Adam Dant on the theme of Shipwrecks of the Estuary at the Shorelines Literature Festival at Tilbury on 17th September 2016, part of the Estuary 2016 Festival. Show More Summary

Naff of naff in Yorkshire

Just when you thought the discussion of metal detected artefacts could not hit a lower level... York does it again: 'The pot of anciet [sic] coins which may shed new light on York’s Roman past'... Yorkshire Post 20th August.But the photo.. Show More Summary

ACCG Exposed

Collectors, do you really want to have the 'freedom of access' on your market to dirty coins of types at risk of looting? New litigation sponsored by a deceptively-named coin dealer's organization aims to erode customs regulations on import of such objects. Show More Summary

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