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Whipped Cream, Wurst, Spaghetti, and Other Delights

Thought I would take a slight detour from all the seriousness of late (most of which I haven’t been posting about here, but will at some point) and examine a bit of pop cultural evolution and other delights. I speak (again, as it turns out) of one of the most famous album covers of all [...]

Detecting trouble: The Treasure Hunters Digging up our Heritage

Artefact hunters with metal detectors trespassing on historic sites or across farmers’ fields are once again causing a headache for landowners. But now police are cracking down and the heritage crime programme has handled more than 130 cases since 2011. Show More Summary

Like in Swaziland

I was amused to see that about the same time as I pressed "send" on my "Metal Detectorists Get Confused", a new post appeared on The Heritage Journal ('Metal detecting: all’s well that’s Orwell?', 28th March 2015, where both mention detectorist-blogger John Winter's comments on the Lammy gaffe: fiction relentlessly presented as fact [...]Show More Summary

Mosaic glass: from Antinoupolis to London

Bonhams online catalogue showing lot 65 Dr Roberta Mazza has published an important discussion of a piece of Roman mosaic glass apparently from Antinoupolis in Egypt ("From Egypt to London: looting in Antinoupolis (el Sheikh ‘Abadah)", Faces and Voices, March 27, 2015). Show More Summary

Mithras seized in Italy

Mithraic group seized in Italy. Source MiBAC. Italian authorities have seized a statue of Mithras ("I CARABINIERI DEL COMANDO TPC RECUPERANO TRE OPERE DI STRAORDINARIO VALORE ARTISTICO", 27 March 2015, press release). The group seems to have been removed from a site in the vicinity of Tarquinia. Show More Summary

The SAA Archaeological Record on "Archaeological Practice on Reality Television"

Many in the North American and global archaeological community are undoubtedly awaiting the upcoming Society for American Archaeology conference, to be held this year in San Francisco in three weeks time. If blessed with the proximity,...Show More Summary

UK Metal Detectorists Confused

Thinking comes hard to many metal detectorists. They cannot really work out what the issues are with their hobby ("it's legal innit?"). Attempts to explain it go in one ear and out the other, as what they say and write proves time and time again. Show More Summary

Checking of Sources of Antiquities on the London Market?

Roberta Mazza [From Egypt to London: looting in Antinoupolis (el Sheikh ‘Abadah)March 27, 2015] reports the content of an Analecta Papyrologica article by Rosario Pintaudi et al (Pintaudi, Rosario ; Silvano, Flora ; Del Corso, LucioShow More Summary

"Italy Should Sell Recovered Antiquities" Eh?

Anna Somers Cocks opines "Why Italy should sell the 5,000 antiquities recovered by the police" ("Improperly excavated artefacts could be auctioned to help cash-strapped museums"). There has been a lot of discussion of this idea. The Italians are not impressed with her logic: "La fondatrice di The art newspaper lancia una provocazione". Show More Summary

Text of HR 1493, Protect and Preserve International Cultural Property Act

In the USA a fresh attempt is being made to get some legislation to supplement the creaky old CCPIA. This is HR 1493, Protect and Preserve International Cultural Property Act, "To protect and preserve international cultural propertyShow More Summary

Returning the Loot in the 21st Century

Kwame Opoku, 'Man with a conscience Returned his Grandfather's Looted Benin Bronzes' 27th March 2015. [...] there are not many persons in the Western world who, plagued by their conscience for holding looted art of other peoples, are in a hurry to return the objects to the legitimate owners. Show More Summary

DNA map of UK migration history shows Vikings drew the line at pillaging

Analysis shows less Viking DNA than expected, and no single group of Celts. A fine-grained genetic analysis has created a detailed map of genetic variation across the UK. It gives us a clearer picture of the waves of migration that populated the UK and could also contribute to research on genetic diseases. Show More Summary

The Bayeux Tapestry and the Norman Conquest

The Bayeux Tapestry and the Norman Conquest: A Commemoration of 1066 5 - 7 Feb 2016 2016 is the 950 th anniversary of the momentous year 1066, which climaxed with the Battle of Hastings and the Norman Conquest of England. The BayeuxShow More Summary

Sell, don't Sell

While over in America, many dealers and collectors are supporting the smugglers and others are suggesting Italian museums should sell off some of their holdings to collectors, a call to sanity is coming from Britain:A UK-wide group of...Show More Summary

FLO's Contactid Evryone for me...

Over on a metal detecting forum near you we find a text which shows that the Portable Antiquities Scheme sometimes goes the extra mile for their artefact grabbing partners. Member "The Mole" ("Dig Everything, Miss Nothing") has got a...Show More Summary

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

We’re in that delightful time between winter and spring when its still below freezing in the morning but warms over the course of the day. There are enough clouds in the sky to give us beautiful sunrises and sunsets, but not so many to keep the strengthening sun from providing that little extra warmth on… Read More ?

London’s Oldest Prehistoric Structure?

Michael recording wood Waterlogged wood expert Michael Bamforth is here recording and subsampling various timbers lifted during fieldwork on foreshore sites in London for the Thames Tideway Tunnel project. The timbers include one which...Show More Summary

Ethical Metal Detecting Association

There is a more succinct version of the principles of the 'Ethical Metal Detecting Association' which no doubt has been much discussed by the Portable Antiquities Scheme on their hidden forum in recent months, this was first published on 13th December 2010 and has now been republished in shorter form, 26 March 2015. Show More Summary

Acropolis of Athens built to withstand earthquakes

“This is an incredible construction, using ingenious solutions to insurmountable engineering and construction problems,” said Professor of Civil Engineering Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Kyriazis Pitilakis describing the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Show More Summary

Row over plans to use ancient Spanish amphitheatre as tennis court

Critics say padel tennis tournament will damage monument in Mérida while official insists plans pose no risk to roman structure In Mérida’s roman amphitheatre, built about 8BC, one cannot smoke or wear a rucksack larger than 40cm. But...Show More Summary

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