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Cremated human bones in pot found in Crossrail dig suggest gruesome ritual

A Roman shackle – one of the mass of Roman and medieval objects found during excavations at the Crossrail site near Liverpool Street station. Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian Almost 2,000 years ago somebody neatly packed cremated...Show More Summary

Focus on Metal Detectying, "Responsible Detecting" an Empty Term in UK

In the thread "Re: Few bits of Gold from recent trip to Spain" a pseudonymous member who has the so-called "Responsible Detectorist" blog in his signature reckons (Mon Apr 27, 2015 11:31 am) that the fellow forum member which had "never...Show More Summary

Some really, Really BIG news from Powered by Osteons!

Those who know me in person know just how very, very bad I am at keeping secrets of the awesome-news variety. So it's particularly surprising that I have kept these announcements under wraps for as long as I have. But now that the contracts...Show More Summary

Summer Reading List

My summer reading list is a catastrophe this year. It’s too long, too diverse, and too saddled with obligations to be fun. Plus, I have work to do for most of the summer so no clear down time set aside to enjoy reading. Oh well.  Here’s my summer 2014, 2013, and 2011 reading lists. Archaeological… Read More ?

Coastal & Marine Get Set For Summer

Last week our southern archaeological dive team joined up with Stew from our Bristol office for a day of diving at an inland dive site in Somerset. Training days like these are crucial to trial new equipment, test existing gear and make...Show More Summary

Nighthawking and Hertfordshire

I note that Hertfordshire Constabulary have issued some guidance over 'nighthawking'. Over the county boundary in Essex a 'Heritage Watch' scheme has been launched.

Middle East Conflict Antiquities: The Dealers' Approach

US and European dealers are cynically making much of the ISIL videos showing them provocatively smashing monuments and sites. The newly-formed ADCAEA is an egregious example, militant iconoclasm is the main focus of their social media activity. Show More Summary

“This site also demonstrates one of the great dangers of archaeology; not to life and limb, although that does sometimes take place. . .”

British archeologist ‘terrified’ after narrowly escaping death in Nepalese earthquake A 32-year-old doctor who specialises in Himalayan archaeology was said to be “absolutely terrified” and incredibly shaken after narrowly avoiding death...Show More Summary


Liquid Mercury Found in Mexican Pyramid Could Hold Secrets of Teotihuacan Archaeologists may be a step closer to discovering the secrets of the ancient city of Teotihuacan: They have unearthed liquid mercury deep beneath the Mexican Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent. The “large quantities” of the toxic liquid metal leads researchers to believe that an undiscovered [...]


8 arrested for stealing 50 artifacts from Alexandria Roman Museum Security authorities arrested eight men involved in a Sunday theft of more than 50 artifacts from a store that belongs to the Graeco-Roman Museum in Alexandria, Youm7 reported Monday. The artifacts were temporary placed in the store until the re-inauguration of the museum after restoration work is [...]

Where I’ve been

At the ARCE Annual Meeting in Houston. Great. Time. I was a speaker again this year (Saturday morning at 10), and all went well. You may be surprised to learn that Greco-Roman Egypt isn’t all that popular; our session had less than 20 people in it. I say you may be surprised since Greek and Roman [...]

Metal-detecting at Castlerigg Stone Circle

Video shot taken inside the circle. Posted April 2015. The Castlerigg stone circle is located near Keswick in Cumbria. Aurbrey Burl describes is as 'one of the earliest circles in Europe' (Burl, no. 18). The site is under the guardianship of English Heritage and is managed by the National Trust. Show More Summary

Bones - Season 10, Episode 15 (Review)

The Eye in the Sky Episode Summary Let's just get this out of the way right here: on this Very Special Episode of Bones, Booth and Brennan find out they're going to have another baby, and Booth relapses and starts gambling again. There. Show More Summary

France's prehistoric Chauvet cave opens

A stunning replica of the 36,000 year-old Grotte Chauvet, home to the oldest figurative cave drawings in the world and an Unesco Heritage site, opened to the public at the weekend. Here's a look inside the country's latest tourist attraction. Show More Summary

Caesar did not suffer from epilepsy: scientists

Scientists from Imperial College London have released new research arguing that Roman general Julius Caesar suffered from mini-strokes, going against previous diagnoses of epilepsy. More than 2,000 years since Caesar died - assassinated...Show More Summary

Viking voyages began earlier than thought

Forget about the Viking Age beginning with the brutal sacking of Lindisfarne Priory in 793. According to new research, Norwegian Vikings began long sea voyages at least 70 years earlier, but they came looking for trade not plunder. Archeologists...Show More Summary

Nepal Earthquake

“Our history is gone,” a Nepali said of the centuries-old landmarks toppled in the quake. As the full scale of yesterday's earthquake becomes clear, we think of those whose lives have been devastated. The destruction of historical buildings...Show More Summary

In Praise of Parking

Over the last few years, parking problems have plagued my home town of Grand Forks. The most recent uproar has focused on demolishing a blighted building and a few homes to provide additional parking for the local high school, but the problem with parking is larger than this one case. Any discussion of the new… Read More ?

Essex FLO post to go to artefact hunter and dealer?

According to forum member 'beaubrummell' (Wed Apr 22, 2015 8:43 pm ) the PAS vacancy at Colchester is about to be filled ('Essex FLO situation soon to be resolved')Had a chat today with guy called Ben Paites who is a Finds Liaison Assistant at Colchester Museum. Show More Summary

Archaeological looting in Spain

Ignacio Rodríguez Temiño and Antonio Roma Valdés have written an important study "Fighting against the archaeological looting and the illicit trade of antiquities in Spain" for International Journal of Cultural Property 22,1 (2015) 111-30. Show More Summary

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