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Greedy Collectors and their Cultural Victims

A thing of beauty, or something else? With regard to the fuss the US is kicking up about a coming sale of Native American artefacts in France, and given their own attitudes to appropriating as 'global heritage' the artefacts of other...Show More Summary

Plymouth Herald and the Pig

As if the story about the lead pig could not get worse, the Plymouth Herald decided to do its best to try just that ( Herald_NTapp, ' Plymouth detectorist causes a "frenzy" with rare Roman find', May 25, 2016). The photos of the self-employed...Show More Summary

Red paint found at Roman Baths during excavations

Wall plaster with a red-painted finish has been found on an external wall The building housing some of Britain's most famous Roman baths may have been painted red, archaeologists have said. A dig at the site, in Bath, uncovered remnants of red paint on the outside wall - contradicting a widely-held assumption they were white in colour. Show More Summary

How London became Britain's capital has been revealed for the first time

A Roman fort suggests the Romans chose London as their new British political headquarters after Boadicea's revolt in the mid 1st century AD A brutal blood-soaked bid to wipe London off the map was a key factor that led to the city first emerging as Britain's capital. Show More Summary

New Lead in the Search for Elusive Norse Settlements

Wayne MacIsaac stands near what he believes may be the remnants of a Norse fortification wall. (Tara MacIsaac/Epoch Times) CODROY VALLEY, Canada–A story passed down in my family for generations may be the clue to finding a lost Norse settlement. Show More Summary

Experts stunned to discover early Shakespearian theatre was rectangular

The Curtain Theatre – one of the three earliest purpose-built playhouses in England – was 30 metres long and 22 metres wide, and not round like as expected Archaeologists undertaking the initial excavation work at The Curtain Theatre AP Remarkable new archaeological discoveries in London are shedding fresh light on the birth of the English theatre. Show More Summary

Archaeology must open up to become more diverse

Archaeology classrooms are becoming more representative, but we need practitioners with more varied backgrounds and perspectives An archaeologist at work on the Bedlam burial ground in London. Photograph: Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA As a British...Show More Summary

'Eye-watering' scale of Black Death's impact on England revealed

Thousands of volunteers have helped to uncover the full and devastating extent of the population collapse caused by the epidemic Praying for relief from the bubonic plague or Black Death Hulton hh3748.jpg Photograph: Hulton Getty Scraps...Show More Summary


L'In rap mène, depuis le 11 janvier 2016, une fouille préventive aux portes de Brest, sur le site de Lavallot Nord à Guipavas. Prescrite par la Drac Bretagne (service régional de l’Archéologie), elle permet la sauvegarde par l’étude des vestiges du sous-sol, préalablement à un projet d’aménagement porté par Brest Métropole Aménagement. Show More Summary

Neanderthals Were Stocky From Birth

If a Neanderthal were to sit down next to us on the underground, we would probably first notice his receding forehead, prominent brow ridges and projecting, chinless face. Reconstruction of a Neanderthal child from the Musee National...Show More Summary

Neanderthal stone ring structures found in French cave

The structures were found deep inside the cave, so the builders would have needed fire to see Researchers investigating a cave in France have identified mysterious stone rings that were probably built by Neanderthals. The discovery provides yet more evidence that we may have underestimated the capabilities of our evolutionary cousins. Show More Summary

The Reasons for the "Need" to Acquire an Object Without Inhibition

I had a brief twittersation with a collector a few hours ago and stumbled across this in the 'unposted texts' section of my blog's dashboard and decided to post it after all, as it may be of interest.Shirley M. Mueller, author of “The...Show More Summary

EU licences plan ‘could hit London art market’

Britain's Portable Antiquities heritage in all its crass antipreservationist glory (Nicholas Cecil, 'EU licences plan ‘could hit London art market’...', Evening Standard Friday 27 May 2016) Arts chiefs today raised fears that London’s market in high-value works could be hit by a “damaging” new EU import licence system. Show More Summary

Israel Antiquities Authority Plan To Excavate Judean Desert Caves

The Israel Antiquities Authority, in cooperation with the Heritage Project in the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs, and together with the Minister of Culture and Sport Miri Regev, is promoting a national plan for comprehensive archaeological...Show More Summary

How to Spot a Looter in Utah

In Utah citizens can win a reward for reporting illegal artefact hunting (some of us do it for free). Here's how to spot one (Jim Mimiaga, 'Artifact looting, vandalism surge in southeastern Utah:Public, private partnership aims to foil...Show More Summary

Looting of antiquities is as much a problem in US as it is overseas

Looting of antiquities is as much a problem in some areas of the US as it is overseas (Jim Mimiaga, 'Artifact looting, vandalism surge in southeastern Utah:Public, private partnership aims to foil thieves' The Journal Wednesday, May 18, 2016). Show More Summary

"Finds Frenzy", Money to be Made

Somerset pig BBC 'Roman lead pig unearthed on Somerset farm in 'find frenzy'...' 27 May 2016An ingot of Roman lead weighing six stone (38kg) has been unearthed on a farm in Somerset. Jason Baker discovered the "very rare" find - known as a pig - on an organised rally near Wells at the weekend [...]Show More Summary

Read the Comments to CPACommittee on the proposed Greece Cultural Property MOU Extension

Have you read the comments to the CPAC on the proposed Greece Cultural Property MOU extension ? They certainly give an insight into the mindset of the average US collector of portable antiquities. Can these people be any form of 'partners' in protecting the archaeological heritage, or are their mentalities and ingrained attitudes a stumbling block to such initiatives?

The Trail of the UK's Lost History

The Heritage Action Artefact Erosion Counter indicates that half a million artefacts have been dug up in just 21 months (Heritage Action: 'British artefact hunting: “the envy of the world”!' 21/05/2016):We’ve always said 70% of them don’t get reported but the Portable Antiquities Scheme disagrees, saying only 66% aren’t reported. Show More Summary

More American Moaning about Artefact Sales

Paris auction house turns deaf ear to Native American appeals PRI May 27, 2016The EVE auction house in Paris is getting ready to sell off a collection of historical and highly controversial objects. The collection notably includes aShow More Summary

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