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Tintagel Arthurian Theme Park

Dumbdown hits English Heritage: "Merlin's face (sic) revealed at Tintagel Castle". "Merlin's face" has been carved into the rock face of Tintagel island in Cornwall, as part of ongoing re-interpretation and investment at the site. "The...Show More Summary

Collector's Approach to "Understanding the ancient Celts and their art"

Antiquarian fellow and collector of decontextualised dugups John Hooker takes on the archaeologists. In a series of posts on his "Past Times and Present tensions" blog which began on 18th December 2015 and finished today he promises to help his readers "Understand the ancient Celts and their art". Show More Summary

A Museum Closes

Bede's World museum is closing due to lack of funds. A tragic loss to the UK heritage sector http://www.

US Sickos Support Smuggled Coins

Donna Yates ? @ DrDonnaYates 4 godz. 4 godziny temu US once again bars the import of looted & stolen Italian coins; usual suspects pout about it http://www. le.jsp?ad=article&ArticleId=28215 …

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

Wind chill warnings in effect and snow tomorrow evening make this a perfect weekend for putting the finishing touches on a book and making some maps for the Tourist Guide to the Bakken. It’s also a nice weekend for watching some cricket from New Zealand and sitting by the fire while imagining a sun-drenched, late-summer… Read More ?

Tourist Guide Maps

I started to make the first round of maps for the Tourist Guide to the Bakken Oil Patch. Here’s the map for Route 1: Here’s the map for Route 2: As always comments and mockery are appreciated in equal measure!

Cumwhitton goes on Display

Cumbrian Viking burial excavation goes on display "In 2004, a Cumbrian metal detecting enthusiast found a brooch on farmland just to the west of Cumwhitton, Cumbria....". Readers will remember the archaeologists being incredibly reluctant to admit "how deep he dug" to protect artefact hunters from criticism. Pathetic.

My new article, "All Roads Lead to Rome," and the media coverage of it

After more years than I care to admit, my last proper article based on my dissertation research is out (although there are a couple book chapters yet to come that include data from it as case studies). This one, though, represents the meat of my dissertation. Show More Summary

Imperial College Sports Ground and RMC Land, Harlington

Our latest book Imperial College Sports Ground and RMC Land, Harlington. The Development of Prehistoric and Later Communities in the Colne Valley and on the Heathrow Terrace by Andrew B. Powell, Alistair J. Barclay, Lorraine Mepham and Chris J. Show More Summary

Speed, Professionalism, and the New Media in Archaeology

Michael Smith’s blog, Publishing Archaeology, is usually pretty good. He can be a bit curmudgeonly and particular in his views, but that’s largely what makes Publishing Archaeology a worthwhile read.  Over the past few days, he got himself in a bit of hot water by offering a frank and honest critique of a lecture he… Read More ?

February Pieces Of My Mind #1

I wonder what kind of event lead to entire 20-metre dinosaurs becoming fossilised as articulated skeletons. There’s been a lot of psychological research into the mental differences between conservatives and lefties. Chris Mooney’s The Republican Brain summarises it well up to 2012. And the refugee situation has really brought this out to me. I follow some…

HE Heritage Crime Confuse the Issue

HE feelgood heritage tweet of today: # OperationChronos help us identify the # criminal minority using # metaldetecting equipment to steal from our past If it is a "minority", when are we going to deal with the incomparably larger number...Show More Summary

Britain's Migrant Artefact Hunters Want to Make Detecting History

Oh, I think there are quite a few people Mr Howard and mates who'll be interested in what you plan to do. There are not very many of those frontier shifts in the former "Friedensgrenze"....

Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 36)

This time on "Who needs an osteologist?" we find that our own umbrella organization, the American Anthropological Association, needs to learn what physical biological anthropologists do. In case you can't see the image, "Physical Anthropology...Show More Summary

An Outrage Summit

This past week, I probably made a mistake in agreeing to help coordinate the North Dakota University System’s Arts and Humanities Summit here on the beautiful campus of the University of North Dakota. Of course, the funds might suddenly evaporate as the state and the NDUS braces for budget cuts, but that’s not something I… Read More ?

The Challenges for Archaeology

The set of responses reflecting on the main challenges to archaeology today has appeared. They make a great read. Several address the issue of looting.

The Alex Bliss Collection in February 2016

Alex G. Bliss is a metal detector using artefact collector from Sussex, and has been seldf-recording some of the artefacts in his collection onto the PAS database under the name ("obfuscated for security"): PAS4E2FEF1C001969. There are 117 records here. Show More Summary

"Sussex Detectorist" Hides

Alex G. Bliss a PAS partner from Sussex boasts about his self-recording on Twitter. I guess he's looking for a pat on the head. I expect he gets loads from FLOs and archaeologists who don't give a tinkers about or a moment's thoughtShow More Summary

"once again the hobbyist bails out the government"

Generous to a fault, those heritage-takers, on a British metal detecting forum near you:"once again the hobbyist bails out the government"Everybody should be registering with these forums to see what artefact hunters themselves say about their activities. Show More Summary

Tautology and Missing the Point

The Sussex Detectorist Twitter feed redundantly announces "The ordinary artefacts I record are just as important as the special ones. Here's a sword-belt mount from E Sussex". A sword belt mount is hardly an ordinary artefact like aShow More Summary

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