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Garbled stories of London Antiquity Sale

According to Nevine El-Aref ("Egypt recovers Stolen relief of King Seti I from London'' Al-Ahram Sunday 4 Oct 2015), a limestone block, 43 cm × 67 cm bearing a sunken New Kingdom limestone relief was recovered on Sunday from an unnamed auction house in London. Show More Summary

National Geographical Fluff on ISIL Destruction

"The militant group ISIL keeps bombing and bulldozing important archaeological sites" says Andrew Curry ('Demolition of Famous Arch Adds to List of Ancient Sites Destroyed by ISIS', National Geographic October 05, 2015). I suppose if...Show More Summary

Nicaragua MOU extended by US

State Department extends cultural property MoU with Nicaragua (despite AAMD opposition). When is the US going to abandon its selective and discriminatory selective policy of heritage protection, of the nearly 200 countries in the world,...Show More Summary

Cost-Cutting Ersatz Archaeology in Buckingham

BM profile picture of Ros Tyrrell, carrier bag recycler (© MMIII - MMXV CC-BY The British Museum ), Trying further to laugh off as unimportant criticism of the manner in which the Portable Antiquities Scheme botched the recovery of the...Show More Summary

An Elegant Open Notebook

I’ve been looking for an open notebook solution for some time. Tonight, I think I’ve hit a combination of tools that are sufficiently powerful and straightforward enough that I can integrate them into my undergraduate teaching. But first:...Show More Summary

Conflict Antiquities: Forging aPublic/Private Response to Save Iraq and Syria's Endangered Cultural Heritage

On 6th October 2015 the Department of State posted a some of the documents relating to the conference Conflict Antiquities: Forging aPublic/Private Response to Save Iraq and Syria's Endangered Cultural Heritage, held at the Metropolitan Museum, New York, September 29 2015.

UK LIDAR Map Under Construction

You can see a zoomable map (by oz Mon Oct 05, 2015 2:38 pm) of 17 years worth of LIDAR scans from the Environment Agency, coverage is patchy at the moment, which is a combination of areas not processed yet (square gaps) and areas there's no data for (jagged gaps). There are lots of 'lumps and bumps' visible which I am sure artefact hunters will soon be targeting.

German Petition Philistinism Reaches Limit

Now the draft of the proposed heritage protection law has been published and the non knee-jerkers can see what the text says, numbers of opponents seem to have dropped... Fifteen days to the end, 25640 signaturies, 17,958 in Germany. They were expecting 120000. Fur die enhalt...

Russian jets hit ISIL-Held Palmyra

Russian SU-24M jet fighter armed with laser guided bombs takes off from a runaway The Americans have not taken any decisive action here, but 'Russian jets hit Islamic State targets in Palmyra, Aleppo', Reuters Tue Oct 6, 2015. Russian jets hit Islamic State targets in the Syrian city of Palmyra [...]Show More Summary

Season 2, Episode: 2: Domestic Space and a Very Special Guest

In the second episode of Season 2, Bill and Richard violate the spirit of Labor Day and get to work on recording a podcast.  It’s okay, because our special guest is Bev, Bill’s mother-in-law.  Since she’s from Australia, we can celebrate Labor Day in late winter, like they do in the southern hemisphere.  Our topic… Read More ?

"Damage to Heritage Assets" is now a category in new sentencing guidelines

In the UK, thieves who loot historic sites are likely to face tougher penalties under new sentencing guidelines."Damage to Heritage Assets" is now a category in new sentencing guidelines for Theft offences. Mark Harrison, the national...Show More Summary

Laws of #DH

From a conversation on Twitter, the Laws of DH; there are likely more: @jaheppler @electricarchaeo But remember Mullen's law®™©: "the best tool is the one you are already using." — Lincoln Mullen (@lincolnmullen) October 5, 2015 @Ted_Underwood @lincolnmullen @jaheppler @electricarchaeo I thought Mullen's Law was "80% of the work of analyzing data is cleaning data." […]

Improbable Journey of Controversial Papyrus

Owen Jarus, 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife': Records Hint at Improbable Journey of Controversial PapyrusOctober 05, 2015

Protecting Syria's Antiquities from ISIS

Protecting Syria's Antiquities from ISIS by ABC News Videos 7:03 mins A 2,500-person team has spent the past three years evacuating pieces from the country's national museums. ABC's Alex Marquart reports.,...Show More Summary

Hmmmmmm. . . . .

Ancient Romans ‘had perfect teeth’ thanks to healthy low-sugar diet They may have lived in an era when dental care was rudimentary at best, but the ancient Romans had better teeth than people today, new research has revealed. Scientists used CAT scans to examine the remains of 30 men, women and children who were killed in Pompeii [...]

Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 31)

As Zachary Cofran pointed out when I shared this Nature news piece on archaeologists' return to Shanidar, the Iraqi National Museum needs an osteologist: Credit: Hadi Mizban/AP/Press Association ImagesThe skeleton of a Neandertal found at Shanidar Cave, displayed at the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad. Show More Summary

Sherford Archaeological Open Day

On Saturday 3rd October 2015 Wessex Archaeology held an open day at the Sherford New Community site in Devon. The day was a real success with over 860 people attending. The event provided the opportunity for the local community to come and see the progress of the archaeological work and to speak to those involved in the excavation. Show More Summary

An Open Access Archive for North Dakota Quarterly

I’m very happy to announce that we’ve worked with the HathiTrust to release the first 74 volumes of North Dakota Quarterly to the Open Access University under a CC-BY-ND license. The ND for all you open access crusaders who saw that and immediately started to sharpen blades is an unfortunate necessity because for much of… Read More ?


I’m reading some stuff right now on branding. When we started our family cider mill years ago, we eventually stopped …

ISIL Antiquities Dealer Killed

"Not one looter, smuggler, middleman, money launderer, or buyer connected with ISIS anywhere has been prosecuted by US." [or anywhere else] (Christopher Dickey,'Christopher Dickey, 'ISIS Raid Netted Stolen Treasure Trove of Ancient Artifacts', Daily Beast 30th Sept 2015). The Americans claim to have killed one though.

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