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Wayne Clodfelter has Designs on the Common Heritage

Interesting thread on the Dankowski Detectors 'If the US Gov shuts down, grab your detectors... It seems Mr Clodfelter is a devotee of the argument that goes, 'if something belongs to everybody, it belongs to me, so I am entitled to take what is mine'.

The role of cranial modification in identity formation

(University of Chicago Press Journals) It has long been recognized that the Inka incorporated diverse peoples into their empire, but how these ethnic groups developed historically during the political upheaval of the preceding Late Intermediate Period (LIP; AD 1100-1450) is only now receiving commensurate attention.

January Pieces Of My Mind #2

I love how fast the staff of the National Archives go through boxes of tea bags in the break room. The 1920s New York that H.P. Lovecraft detested was the same 1920s New York that Damon Runyon loved. I’ve said in talks that Thor Heyerdahl was no Nazi: for one thing he was friends with […]

Objects and Conviviality

This weekend I finally got to read Michael Given’s latest article in the Cambridge Archaeological Journal titled “Conviviality and Life of the Soil.” In this article, Given applies the Ivan Illich’s idea of conviviality (which I’ve blogged about before) to the life of the soil and the delicate balance between caring for the soil and agriculture… Read More ?

US Government Shuts Down Artefact Looting Begins

Artefact looters with metal detectorists a problem in Trump's America too. US Antiquities Trade lobbyists should be demanding that sites be guarded 24/7 there too.

Ancient human remains found in Mayo date back over 5,000 years

Ben Gorm Mountain, Mayo Image: T Kahlert via Department of Culture THE DEPARTMENT OF CULTURE, Heritage and the Gaeltacht has revealed that ancient human remains, which were discovered by a local hillwalker on a Mayo mountainside in 2016, date back as early as 3,600 BC. Show More Summary

Unusually sophisticated prehistoric monuments and technology in the heart of the Aegean

Excavations underway on Dhaskalio, off Keros [Credit: Cambridge Keros Project] New work at the settlement of Dhaskalio, the site adjoining the prehistoric sanctuary on the Cycladic island of Keros, has shown this to be a more imposing...Show More Summary

Bronze Age Arrows and a Viking Sword – The 2017 Fieldwork Was Awesome!

The Storfonne ice patch, photographed in September 2014 during a major melt. Notice the light grey lichen-free zone surrounding the ice. This area was exposed by ice melt in the last 15-20 years. Photo: Lars Pilø, Secrets of the Ice/Oppland County Council. Show More Summary


Les fouilles préventives du site des « Hauts de Lattes » s’inscrivent dans la poursuite de l’aménagement de la « Zac Ode Acte 2 », dans le cadre du projet urbain Ode à la Mer qui s’étend depuis la Lironde jusqu’au Parc des Expositions, sur les communes de Lattes et de Pérols. Show More Summary

Menschheitsgeschichte muss nicht neu geschrieben werden

Der »Fall Untermaßfeld« In einer kürzlich im Fachjournal »Journal of Paleolithic Archaeology« veröffentlichten Studie widerlegt der Senckenberg-Wissenschaftler Prof. Dr. Ralf-Dietrich Kahlke gemeinsam mit einem internationalen Team renommierter Steinzeitexperten eine kürzlich erschienene Veröffentlichung zur Ausbreitung des Menschen in Europa. Show More Summary

The Uses of Heritage

“And I said to her, if you give the EU £40 billion, I will let you borrow an embroidered cloth that depicts the French beating the English. And she said yes!”

Quaint UKDFD Supporters, Gotta Love Them

Traer Scott It's sort of like looking at little puppies, they look so cute, innocent and tumble around in the basket like they have no brains, awwwww.... but enough of that, now it's time for substantive comment on the pay-to-view UKDFD...Show More Summary

Responsibility" in words, and "Then the Sad Reality About Literacy.

Incendiary found, advice pls (Post by 'panzer'', Sat Jan 20, 2018 2:29 pm) I was digging a belting signal in an open field, relatively remote, and started to come across blueish clumps of crytallised gunk, bit more clearance showed it to be a 1kg WW2 incendiary with a heavily damaged aluminium casing with a rather nice bronze tailfin still attached. Show More Summary

Nur Fur Detectorists: The red Pill about Artefact Hunters' "Contribution" to our Knowledge of the PASt

If we look at the pricing details for the use of the data entered in the past and currently on the UKFD we see that grabby detectorists with their smug feeling of entitlement think it s perfectly 'fair' to charge a member of the general public who's interested in seeing what a crotal bell looks like fifteen quid for the 'privilege'. Show More Summary

Detectorist Supports Preventing Stakeholders Seeing what Collectiors Take Behind a Paywall

John Winter replies to my comment underneath the Gary Brun announcement on the pay-t-view-the-heritage-taken-from-you UK Detectorists Pocketed Finds Database: John 20 January 2018 at 12:43 pm Yes. I wholeheartedly support this initiative...Show More Summary

Is this Really a 'Way Forward'?

I have on more than one occasion given an account of my concerns about the privately-owned UK Detector Finds database run since 1st September 2005 by a group of renegade tekkies in protest against the discussions then going on about the original official Code of Practice for Responsible metal Detecting in England and Wales. Show More Summary

Give the Dog a Biscuit

Cultural Property Observer tries hard to make an impression by showing he 'knows things' Washington DC coiney tries to tell the Old World how to rediscover the wheel. Duh.

Headless body is not C18th Scottish clan chief, say experts

Tests show remains were those of woman and not Bonnie Prince Charlie supporter Simon Fraser Human remains thought to belong to a notorious 18th-century Jacobite-supporting Scottish clan chief have been found to be those of an unknown...Show More Summary

Portland State study shows pitfalls of using the term middle class

(Portland State University) Middle class describes an economic tier between rich and poor. It implies upward mobility and a break from poverty. But a recent article co-authored by Portland State University anthropologist Charles Klein shows that the term does little to shine a light on the real lives of people who make it into this social classification.

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

If you’re a Grand Forkler and plan to drink beer and eat bacon this weekend, be sure to head over to Ojata Records afterward for some the punk rock music, conversation, and free gifts at our Punks in the Trump Era event. Here’s more info on that! To avoid jinxing them, I’m not going to post anything about… Read More ?

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