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Networking with Cultural Criminals

News from China:Chinese police have caught 91 suspected tomb raiders and antique smugglers, and retrieved more than 1,100 cultural relics, the Ministry of Public Security announced Friday. The investigation lasted over a year, with arrests made in Shaanxi, Shanxi, Gansu, and Henan province, said the police. Show More Summary

Artefact Hunting in USA: 'Over 90% Sites Destroyed or Degraded by Looters'

Over in Donald Trump's USA, it is a constant mantra of antiquities dealers and their lobbyists and supporters to insist that instead of their own industry functioning through a clean and transparent market, the way to cut down on antiquities...Show More Summary

Sick and Disgusting

All-American kids enjoying themselves abroad 16th November, 2017 Today the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service confirmed that the American government has reversed a ban on trophies from elephants killed in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Professor publishes archaeological research on social inequality

(The University of Montana) The origins of social inequality might lie in the remnants of ancient Eurasia's agricultural societies, according to an article recently published in the major science journal Nature.

A sub-desert savanna spread across Madrid 14 million years ago

(Universidad Complutense de Madrid) The current landscape of Madrid city and its vicinity was really different 14 million years ago. A semi-desert savanna has been inferred for the center of the Iberian Peninsula in the middle Miocene. Show More Summary

Gordon McLendon and Fritz Bürki

The returns from the J. Paul Getty Museum have included Apulian pots that were given by Gordon McLendon in 1977 (Inv. 77.AE.14–15). Some of McLendon's gifts were derived from Fritz Bürki:a. Apulian volute-krater, attributed to the Baltimore painter. Show More Summary

Romano-British Land Management

Archaeological Evaluation of land to the north of Weston-Super-Mare revealed evidence for land management in the Romano-British period. A sample taken from the fill of a gully was processed for the recovery of molluscs revealing the presence of only open country species (no aquatic snails) indicating that the ditch was open during a dry period. Show More Summary

The National Temperance Hospital, London: Secrets revealed

In May this year, Wessex Archaeology’s Built Heritage Team was commissioned to monitor the retrieval of a time capsule from below an existing foundation stone at the National Temperance Hospital site at Euston, London. The site is undergoing...Show More Summary

House Fire in Sicily

It seemed yesterday that Sicilian firefighters had not completely extinguished a fire that broke out earlier this week at the home of an antiquities dealer (Palazzo Pignatelli in Castelvetrano on the western tip of the island), and it is reported to have flared up again. Show More Summary

800 years of settlement at Turquoise Bend, Kenai River, Alaska

A multi-year collaborative project commenced in 2017 that aims to protect and manage cultural places on private land associated with the Kenai River Valley in Alaska.

'Wooden shoe' rather wear sneakers?

(University of Western Ontario) Bio-archeologists have discovered a pattern of unusual bone chips in the feet of clog-wearing 19th-Century Dutch farmers -- injuries that offer clues to the damage we may unwittingly be causing to our own feet.

Human evolution was uneven and punctuated, suggests new research

(Elsevier) Neanderthals survived at least 3,000 years longer than we thought in Southern Iberia -- what is now Spain -- long after they had died out everywhere else, according to new research published in Heliyon.

NAS Conference 2017

Our Coastal & Marine team's display at the 2016 NAS conference in Glasgow Our Coastal & Marine team are looking forward to attending the 2017 Nautical Archaeology Society conference in Portsmouth this weekend. The theme of the conference...Show More Summary

Two Palmyra Busts in ISIL Hideout

Two stolen statues found in Daesh hideout near Palmyra 15th November? 2017 The authorities on Wednesday found two stolen statues in a hideout of Daesh (ISIS) terrorists on the southern outskirt of ancient Palmyra city in the eastern countryside of Homs. Show More Summary

Archaeologist uncovers rich history at Bradford's lost football ground

Forgotten home of Bradford Park Avenue, abandoned when club folded in 1974, hailed as ‘Angkor Wat of football’ In his 40-year career as an archaeologist, Jason Wood has travelled the world, searching for Roman remains in Jordanian citadels and helping to restore royal palaces in Nepal. Show More Summary

Meeting the Future of our Industry in Sheffield

The past couple of weeks have been a busy time for the Sheffield team who have been out and about speaking to the future of our industry. On 30 October Andy Norton joined a host of fellow archaeological professionals from the north of England to partake in the University of Sheffield ‘s archaeological employers day. Show More Summary

Humanities in the Age of Austerity: A CFP

While I wasn’t afforded a photo-op and ceremonial signing moment in the North Dakota Quarterly office, this call-for-papers is among my first acts as the new editor of NDQ: As readers of the Archaeology of the Mediterranean World, you guys always get the drop: Humanities in the Age of Austerity In 2016, the College of… Read More ?

Iraq: Death Sentence for Museum Destruction?

As much as I loathe what he is convicted (I hope fairly) of doing, and rejoice that he has been found, I cannot condone this if this is all they've got on him: Nehal Mostafa, 'Islamic State militant sentenced to death for smashing monuments...Show More Summary

Humanities in the Age of Austerity

As readers of this blog might already suspect, there are some exciting changes afoot over at North Dakota Quarterly. Part of these changes in a little volume dedicated to understanding the role and future of the humanities in the age of austerity. This reflects a long-term and rather circuitous project of my own that tries to understand the… Read More ?

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