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Friday Varia and Quick Hits

After a brief reprieve, winter has returned to North Dakotaland. Fortunately, our community is producing plenty of heat from the white hot anger and blurred blue panic over budget cuts at the University of North Dakota. Our household has the added bonus of watching Australia scorch India for 104 last night on a 15 wicket… Read More ?

Medieval graffiti survey underway in Bolton to uncover different marks used to ward of evil spirit

MEDIEVAL markings to ward off evil spirits and bad omens are being uncovered in Bolton’s historic buildings to form part of a national survey. Bolton Archaeology and Egyptology Society is co-ordinating the Medieval Graffiti Survey locally...Show More Summary

Mystery over male Black Death victims found buried hand in hand

A skeleton unearthed during the Crossrail excavations at Liverpool Street on display at the Museum of London Docklands. Photograph: AFP/Getty The skeletons of two men who were buried apparently hand in hand during an outbreak of the Black Death have been excavated from a plague burial ground in London. Show More Summary

Stretch of Roman road unveiled beneath McDonald's restaurant

Customers in search of a little cultural heritage along with their Big Macs and fries can descend underground and view the Roman road, as well as three ancient skeletons that were found buried in the culverts either side of it. CREDIT:...Show More Summary

Data, Interpretation, Publishing

I’ve been chewing on a blog post for a few days now and it just so happens that it coincides with the third installment of Dimitri Nakassis’s Archaeological Futures series over at his blog “Aegean Prehistory.” One of his more compelling points (and one that he has made several times in his blog) is that… Read More ?

Treasure Find no 'Accident'

Beeston Castle Staff reporter, 'Treasure hunter stumbles on medieval coins while using metal detector near Chester', Chester Standard, 22 February 2017 well, unless he went out with a metal detector to find sunbathing teenagers (unlikely...Show More Summary

My Week of Work Experience

Day 1 My work experience began with a tour of the building by Rachel and provided my first glimpse of Wessex as a company on a daily basis. In the late morning and rest of the afternoon I worked in the archives department with Thomas and Jennifer, the two new archivists. Show More Summary

Call for Papers: The Medieval Countryside

Years ago, Kostis Kourelis and I collaborated with a group of interested archaeologists of the Medieval Mediterranean to create an Archaeological Institute of American Interest Group. Since that time, the members of that group have hosted panels at the annual AIA meetings, collaborated on edited volumes, and served as a center of gravity for promoting… Read More ?

Petition: Save Canterbury Heritage Museum

With many fond memories of my time spent with the Archaeological Trust in this amazing city Petition: Save Canterbury Heritage Museum http://

A tale of four skulls: what human bones reveal about cities

Has the great urbanisation of our species over the last 5,000 years been good for humanity or bad? It’s a story that can be told by examining ancient skeletons – which reveal incredible dangers, but also point to a bright future TheShow More Summary

Art trade amendments to looted art bill rejected in parliament

Those poor antiquities dealers are claiming they are hard-done by and being victimised again (Laura Chesters, ' Art trade amendments to looted art bill rejected in parliament Antiques Trade Gazette 21 Feb 2017). The UK government has...Show More Summary

What to do, what to do. . . .with all those artifacts.

Artifacts down the street: Exploring urban archaeology: Archaeologists continually unearth artifacts in our cities. It’s time to showcase them. But after the artifacts are dug out of the ground, what comes next? Today, many municipalities are grappling with how to take care of their artifacts and preserve them for future study. While archaeological finds abound in [...]

Mystery over male Black Death victims found buried hand in hand

Archaeologists say pair unearthed in London plague burial ground may have been related by blood or marriage The skeletons of two men who were buried apparently hand in hand during an outbreak of the Black Death have been excavated from a plague burial ground in London. Show More Summary

More surfacings from Symes and Medici in London

Source: Schinousa Archive. Dr Christos Tsirogiannis spotted three items that were auctioned in Westminster, London today.It is a good reminder of the apparently poor due diligence process conducted by some sectors of the antiquities market.a. Show More Summary

Radiocarbon dating and DNA show ancient Puebloan leadership in the maternal line

Discovering who was a leader, or even if leaders existed, from the ruins of archaeological sites is difficult, but now a team of archaeologists and biological anthropologists, using a powerful combination of radiocarbon dating and ancient DNA, have shown that a matrilineal dynasty likely ruled Pueblo Bonito in New Mexico for more than 300 years.

Is PAS transforming our knowledge of the past in England and Wales?

There is a new online book, Key Concepts in Public Archaeology, edited by Gabriel Moshenska (UCL Press, 2017) [Introduction]. Among the essays (and not all have been published on the site: I am told that there will be second batch) is...Show More Summary

Did Stone Age People Build A Large Labyrinth In Denmark?

A series of Stone Age palisade enclosures have been discovered in Denmark in recent years and archaeologists are still wondering what they were used for. The dark green dotted lines indicate where scientists have dug their trenches and excavated the site. Show More Summary

February Pieces Of My Mind #2

Nalin Pekgul: “Us Muslim immigrants used to invite Jehovah’s Witnesses to practise our Swedish”. Movie: Sweden, Heaven and Hell. Hilariously over the top Italian exploitation mockumentary about late-60s Sweden that manages to tell volumes about Italy instead. Show More Summary

Picking the President on Facebook Live

I’m excited for the first Facebook Live event hosted by The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota. It happens at 1 pm CST today and will feature Eric Burin, editor of Picking the President: Understanding the Electoral College.  The event is free and open to everyone to watch on Picking the President’s Facebook… Read More ?

Assumptions in Question in New Times

When voters feel democracy is not serving their interests, freedom starts to falter (Gideon Rachman, 'The authoritarian wave reaches the west' Financial Times, 20th Feb 2017): [...] This authoritarian wave threatens to undermine comfortable assumptions about how politics works. Show More Summary

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