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Allah's Greedy Culture Thieves

Berliner Zeitung Martina Doering ('Allahs gierige Räuber', Berliner Zeitung 0.10.2014 IS) suggests that the ISIL jihadists are financed from looting and the illegal antiquities trade. Buyers are collectors in Europe, now also in China and, more recently, in the Gulf States. Show More Summary

Tom Flynn: ? a response to James Cuno

Tom Flynn ?on 'Why it’s right to repatriate certain museum artefacts: a response to James Cuno': His most recent article was published by ‘Foreign Affairs’, the journal of the Council of Foreign Relations, which might suggest that western...Show More Summary

IKUWA V Biennial International Maritime Archaeology Conference

Two members of staff from Wessex Archaeology Coastal & Marine have just returned from the biennial international maritime archaeology conference IKUWA V, held in Cartagena in Spain from the 15–19 October. The conference was held in the beautiful surrounds of the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Industrial on the Campus Muralla del Mar. Show More Summary

Bones - Season 10, Episode 4 (Review)

The Geek in the Guck Episode Summary Two tween boys trying to evade their parents' internet block manage to find a dead body on a satellite map of the shore along the Potomac River. Offscreen, the body is recovered and brought to the Jeffersonian. Show More Summary

Back to the future?

Something came up twice in recent days and I’m wondering if it hasn’t occurred to anyone else. Let’s start with this, the humble wristwatch: Many of you may be somewhat unaware of these? I’ve worn one almost my entire life, at least since I was in my teens at least. Lately, however, or at least for [...]

Ka-Nefer-Nefer Mummy Mask: the unanswered questions

Paul Barford has drawn attention to the response by SLAM's legal team to the conclusion of the two parallel legal cases.Patrick McInerney will need to explain when his client was first informed that the Ka-Nefer-Nefer mask was derived from Saqqara. Show More Summary

UNESCO chief appeals to parties in Libya to stop destruction of cultural heritage

UNESCO chief appeals to parties in Libya to stop destruction of cultural heritage In a press release, UNESCO reported that a group of gunmen stormed and vandalized the renowned Karamanli Mosque on 7 October, located in the capital, Tripoli, removing ceramic tiles, marble decorations and severely damaging the floor. Show More Summary

Source: "antiquities smuggled from Syria now form up to 50 percent of the European markets"

Free Syrian Army (FSA) soldier Abu Mustafa, as he called himself, illegally crossed the Lebanese border with relics he looted on the outskirts of Damascus, following fighting there. The rebels usually come at night, when it’s harder to catch them. Trading is done quickly and quietly. Mustafa says he [...]Show More Summary

Submerged Prehistory & Palaeolandscapes off the Northumberland coast

Recently Dr Claire Mellett of British Geological Survey in Edinburgh hosted a project meeting for “Understanding submerged palaeo-environments in the southern North Sea: Pathways and timescales of hominin colonisation”. The project is...Show More Summary

Paleontologist Archaeologist

Again: The kung-fu stegosaur: Archaeologists find the lumbering plant-eating dinosaurs used giant spiked tails as a killer weapon

Cultural Heritage Ethics: Between Theory and Practice

"Cultural Heritage Ethics provides cutting-edge arguments built on case studies of cultural heritage and its management in a range of geographical and cultural contexts. Moreover, the volume feels the pulse of the debate on heritageShow More Summary

Film: "Plundered Heritage"

Das italienische Kommando TPC (Comando carabinieri per la tutela del patrimonio culturale) während einer Bestandsaufnahme einer geplünderten Grabungsstätte im Irak. Volkmar Kabisch, Esther Saoub and Andreas Wolter have made a film that every collector of antiquities and anyone "passionately interested in the past" should see and reflect upon. Show More Summary

Dealer: "Culture War well worth the read"

"One of the best articles I have read for some time, well worth the read" says ADCAEA dealer Sue McGovern Huffman. One wonders what else she reads, apart from Peter Tompa, because she was talking about Cuno's piece about how repatriating...Show More Summary

14th century birch bark scrolls preserved in mud tell Novgorod’s story

A note, from father to son in 14th century Russia was etched into the bark of a birch tree and curled into a scroll. The scroll and a dozen others like it were among the finds from this year’s digging season. These scrolls will be added...Show More Summary

Publications in the pipeline

Two new publications will be available in November – excavations along the A46 with our partners Cotswold Archaeology and industrial archaeology at Hoyle Street, Sheffield. A46 Nottinghamshire The A46 trunk road in Nottinghamshire has its origins as the Roman Fosse Way. Show More Summary

Old news that’s not new news but old news

Archaeologists dig up silent-movie set from California sands More than 90 years ago, filmmaker Cecile B. DeMille erected 21 giant sphinxes and an 800-foot-wide temple as a set for the silent, black-and-white classic movie “The Ten Commandments.” But in 1923, when filming was over, DeMille abandoned them there among the sands of the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes in Santa [...]

Looting In Syria

David Kohn has a useful article on looting in Syria ("ISIS's looting campaign", New Yorker October 14, 2014). He notes damage to sites such as Apamea and Dura-Europos. Interestingly the antiquities are apparently moved through Turkey.Once the artifacts are out of the ground, they’re sold by second-hand dealers. Show More Summary

What Careers Need History?

We have a new website at CU today; one of the interesting things on it is a page under the ‘admissions’ section that describes many careers and the departments whose program might fit you for such a career. I was interested to know what careers were listed as needing a history degree. Updated Oct 17: […]

New "Nazi War Diggers" Allegations

ThePipeLine suggests that the amateur metal detectorists involved in the controversial TV series “Nazi War Diggers” were involved in the handling of potentially lethal unexploded munitions ('New "Nazi War Diggers" Allegations', October 1 2014). Show More Summary

English Heritage adds hundreds of sites to 'at risk register'

More than 660 sites have been added to English Heritage's "at risk" register.[...] There are a total of 5,752 English Heritage sites deemed at risk, a third of which have been on the register since it began in 1999. The register covers sites that are in danger of being lost through neglect, decay or inappropriate development.[...]Show More Summary

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