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Speak Up Peter

Chasing Aphrodite ?at the "Conflict Antiquities" conference tweeted: Dying to read retort to today's evidence from skeptics like coin dealerlobbyist Peter Tompa I must admit to being curious too, but the paid lobbyist with friends in metaldetectory places is remaining stubbornly silent. Show More Summary


Amid budget fight, Illinois State Museum prepares to close Last week paleoecologist Eric Grimm, the director of science at the Illinois State Museum in Springfield, rented an 8-meter-long truck, bought $500 worth of lumber, and built temporary shelves in the back. Then, with the help of his wife and former coworkers, he loaded his cargo: roughly [...]

Dealer Swopes Puts the World to Rights

Mari looting - Swopes says the international antiquities trade is in no way connected wit these holes. Tell us how. Tom Swopes, ACDAEA "Dealer of Ancient art from around the world" Hudson, NY, United States has a gallery: and he has a blog. Show More Summary

Antikakakthericakaka mechanisms?

New Treasures Found From 2,000-Year-Old Antikythera Shipwreck Two millennia after a shipwreck off the coast of the Greek island of Antikythera, the site is still yielding treasures that reveal details of life in ancient times. Not much there. I’m not sure if the video at the top is supposed to do anything or not, all I got [...]

"Stolen antiquities on the Daily Show"

"Along with other buyers, US art collectors provide ISIS with 100 million dollars a year" The Daily Show September 29, 2015 - "President Obama and Vladimir Putin meet for an uncomfortable dinner, ISIS fills the black market with ancient relics". Show More Summary

Writing Week: More Chapter 1

For those of you who don’t know what this is, go and read this blog post. My typical blog is on hiatus this week as I work to catch up on some writing. Enjoy the fragments and fruits of my labor all week, fresh from the tips of my fingers, and thanks to everyone who has… Read More ?

September Pieces Of My Mind #2

Is the gents’ loo in the new Stonehenge visitors’ centre fitted with Aubrey holes? Heh. Here’s a nice piece of home-made Scandy English: “the people living in the castles would spend their days doing chores, quarrelling, sleeping and eating”. The author probably means that castle dwellers would often “quarrel” with attacking troops. The Kings of…

Sherford New Community Open Day

Excavations are ongoing at the Sherford New Community site in Plymouth and our discoveries are attracting the attention of the media. We welcomed ITV West Country News onto the site last week to film the initial archaeological excavation on the site. Show More Summary

Faith, Archaeology and the Gods

Recent events in the Middle East, or rather several millennia of tragedy in the area, has highlighted the issues of Gods, and the problems they cause, so should archaeologists have any dealings with the supernatural? Meta-parables Faith...Show More Summary

Disrupt Antiquities Trade and get a US Cash Reward

The US Rewards for Justice program is offering a reward of up to $5 million for information leading to the significant disruption of the sale and/or trade of oil and antiquities by, for, on behalf of, or to benefit the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known by its Arabic acronym as DAESH. Show More Summary

Further sightings on the London market

Glasgow University researcher Dr Christos Tsirogiannis has identified four items that are due to be auctioned at Christie's King Street (London) on 1 October 2015. I understand that Interpol, the Carabinieri Art Squad and Scotland Yard...Show More Summary

More Becinna matrial Surfaces in Christie's

Tsirogiannis: Christies' upcoming sale in London includes at least 4 objects tied to trafficker Gianfranco Becchina It appears that Christie's has not conducted a sufficiently rigorous due diligence process to identify material from the Becchina archive. Will the auction house be withdrawing the lots prior to the sale?

'Is looting-to-order of cultural property“just a myth”?

Samuel Andrew Hardy, 'Is looting-to-order “just a myth”? Open-source analysis of theft-to-order of cultural property' Co gent Social Sciences, 2015, 1: 1087110 (14 Sep 2015)AbstractLooting-to-order or theft-to-order of cultural assets has been widely dismissed as a myth. Show More Summary

Writing Week: Chapter 1 continued

I’m taking a week off from blogging and dedicated my morning time to working on a book project. Here’s a more substantial explanation of what’s going on with my blog here, and here’s part 1 of my writing week labors. Archaeology and Trash (continued) More recent work on our interaction with trash continues to make… Read More ?

I guess they weren’t peaceful naturists after all

Mass Grave Found in California Reveals Prehistoric Violence Against ‘Outsiders’ An ancient mass grave, uncovered during the construction of a shopping mall outside San Francisco, contains the bodies of seven men who appear to have been victims of “mass homicide” some 1,150 years ago, scientists say. The men — ranging in age from 18 to 40 — [...]

Writing Week: Chapter 1 Archaeology of the Contemporary World

For those of you who don’t know what this is, go and read this blog post. My typical blog is on hiatus this week as I work to catch up on some writing. Enjoy the fragments and fruits of my labor all week, fresh from the tips of my fingers: Introduction One of the nagging… Read More ?

Unprecedented Blog Hiatus

My first month back from sabbatical has been full of bad habits. I’m reading more than I’m writing. I’m using daily tasks (email, reading for class, blogging, grading, service, tilting at windmills) to hide from long term projects. And, while I’ve taken steps to keep my stress level manageable, I’ve slowly felt the icy tendrils… Read More ?

Beer: Is there anything it can’t do?

Staten Island Students Brew Chicha Beer To Learn About Ancient Peruvian Migration Chicha was an important element of the ancient Moche diet, but as with most alcoholic consumption through time, it also helped cement social alliances. ”People drank prodigious amounts of chicha at social events,” Gagnon and colleagues write in a new article in the [...]

On Trial for Destruction of Historical Monuments

An alleged Islamic extremist who is accused of destroying Timbuktu monuments during unrest in 2012 in Mali has been sent to the International Criminal Court to be tried for the war crime of destroying historical monuments:Ahmad Al Mahdi...Show More Summary

Lex Dura, Sed Lex

The two treasure hunters who claim they have found Nazi gold train buried eight metres beneath a hill near Walbrzych, Poland were hunting for it without permission and will be arrestedThe two treasure hunters who triggered gold fever in Poland with claims of finding a Nazi train laden with WW2 loot may end up behind bars before they hit the jackpot. Show More Summary

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