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Hmmm, Harvard

FricosisGuy ? @ FricosisGuy 6 godz. 6 godzin temu @ emmaogreen @ DouthatNYT: “Your article has helped me see that provenance can be investigated." A Harvard history professor said that. more..Douglas Boin ? @ douglasboin 3 godz. 3 godziny temu Scholar meets world. Show More Summary

Harvard Pap. Dodge Fiasco: Scholar Pleads Naivity

'He lied to me' was the response of Karen L. King Harvard historian of Christianity on reading Ariel Sabar's report on the identity and history of Walter Fritz, the owner of the papyrus fragment she published as "The Gospel of Jesus's...Show More Summary

Amber Room Search in Poland

After the predicted anticlimax over the non-existence of alleged Nazi Gold train, Polish treasure hunters are off on another jolly jape inspired by events in the dark days at the end of the Second World War. Now they are looking for the Amber Room. Show More Summary

You’ll thank me.

By the Gods I’m pretty sure that my ideal Life Everlasting would somehow involve Kate......

Lesson from the Harvard Pap Dodge Fiasco

Commenting elsewhere on the Gospel of Jesus's Wife Fiasco:I am sure we can agree that the issue is that objects just "surfacing" from the opacity of the market should have their collecting history and actual origins thoroughly examined by academics before they decide to handle them. Show More Summary

Viking Gold Hoard at the End of the Rainbow

It really feels as if we found gold at the end of the rainbow, tells one of the amateur archaeologists, who last week found the largest treasure of Viking gold ever discovered in Denmark Last week three amateur archaeologists found seven bangles from the 10 th century in a field near Vejen in Jutland. Show More Summary

Following the Pots Means Confronting the Myths of the Antiquities Trade

For the past three years, archaeologists led by DePaul University's Morag M. Kersel have used drones or UAVs to monitor looting at the Early Bronze Age site of Fifa on Jordan's Dead Sea Plain ('Drones Monitor Looted Bronze Age Sites in Jordan', February 16, 2016). Show More Summary

Dealer's Only ONE Single Fit-all Standard for "Legal Collecting"?

Bab Dadge (Artemis Gallery) sells some of his artefacts with the guarantee:All items legal to buy/sell under U.S. Statute covering cultural patrimony Code 2600, CHAPTER 14, and are guaranteed to be as described or your money back.Except the ones where he does not.This is what he means. Show More Summary

Papyri, and "Hot Wife Porn": The Temptations of a Harvard Scholar

Somebody else's, not Jesus's wife The story which Ariel Sabar has skilfully put together about the provenance of Pap Dodge - aka "the Gospel of Jesus's Wife - is doubly bizarre ('The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus’s Wife The Atlantic July/August 2016). Show More Summary

Toby Martin: The Cruciform Brooch and Anglo-Saxon England (part 2)

Back around Christmas I reviewed the first three chapters of Toby Martin’s big book about Anglo-Saxon cruciform brooches. Those are the technical chapters dealing with typology and chronology, and I loved them. They are rock solid. Now I’ve read the remaining four chapters that deal with the societal interpretation of the brooches. In the following…

Oxfam Trailwalker Challenge 2016

Wessex Archaeology has entered three teams in this year’s Trailwalker challenge. The teams are all busy training for the epic event. Salisbury based manager Gareth Chaffey has been giving us some thoughts on why he is taking part. ‘ Once I had signed up for Trailwalker I almost regretted it. Show More Summary

Contested Pre-Columbian Artefacts in Pittsburg Museum

Scott B. Leff of Point Breeze claims that nearly 300 pieces of Pre-Columbian art on display in the University of Notre Dame's Snite Museum of Art were stolen in 1996 from his father, Jay C. Leff, a retired bank president and renowned collector of pre-Columbian art (who died in 2000). Show More Summary

Bab Dadge and his Tainted Arguments on "Legal Collecting"

"Artemis Gallery is an ancient art gallery and antiquities dealer specializing in Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian art, as well as collections of Near Eastern, Far Eastern and Oceanographic [sic] antiquities for sale. Our extensive...Show More Summary

The US Market Should Foster Leadership, not Whoredom

The US should be world leaders in at least this: in the case of so-called "ancient art", the only problem is... the denials, false arguments and resistance to change of those in the US who profit from these sales.

A Week of Work Experience

This week (6/06/16–10/06/16) I have done work experience with Wessex Archaeology. The last five days have been filled with numerous activities from all over the different sections of archaeology; and not only have they given me a better...Show More Summary

Antiquities Raid on Jerusalem's Mamilla Mall

Souvenir antiquities boxed in olive wood from the Holy Land Tourists visiting the Holy Land sometimes come home bringing with them antiquities (or what they've bought as such), believing it is "legal' to do so. That is not always the...Show More Summary

Hashish and Antiquities Trafficked by Greek Gang

Antiquities and metal detectors have been found in raid on a drug gang in Greece which suggests the connection between the dealing in both illicit commodities (Philip Chrysopoulos. 'Greek Police Dismantle Drug Ring Including 3 Army Officers',...Show More Summary

The "ISIL Dig" Screenshots

A compilation of screenshots from the National Geographic "Blood Antiquities" video. See: Inigo Gilmore (National Geographic) "Blood Antiquities" 'What is Wrong with National Geographic's 6th June "Blood antiquities: Report?'.

What is Wrong with National Geographic's 6th June "Blood antiquities: Report?

Perhaps after the "Nazi War Diggers" fiasco, it would be expecting too much of the USA's "National Geographic" in its current configuration to produce work of the standard it once upon a time represented, but their slick production on "Blood Antiquities " broadcast on June 6th initially seemed likely to have potential to make good on that promise. Show More Summary

Bakken Man Camps and the Archaeology of Refugees

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been slowly (so slowly!) pecking away on a short article for a special forum in the Journal of Contemporary Archaeology that looks at the archaeology of forced and undocumented migration. Since much of the movement into the Bakken is literally undocumented and can speak to the kinds of… Read More ?

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