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New light on Neanderthal-Homo sapiens transition

Archaeologists at The Australian National University (ANU) and the University of Sydney have provided a window into one of the most exciting periods in human history -- the transition between Neanderthals and modern humans.

Brewing Viking beer — with stones

When archaeologist Geir Grønnesby dug test pits at 24 different farms in central Norway, he nearly always found thick layers of fire-cracked stones dating from the Viking Age and earlier. Carbon-14 dating of this evidence tells us that...Show More Summary

The newly discovered Russian dinosaur named after Mongolian spirit

(Lomonosov Moscow State University) Being a member of the international scientific team, a student from the Faculty of Geology of the Lomonosov Moscow State University has taken part in study and description of a new genus and species of the ancient marine reptile, called pliosaur.

Volunteer Trip to Avebury

On Monday Avebury welcomed a group of about 40 volunteers from the local area. The volunteers were given a fascinating tour of Avebury Stone Circle by four of the volunteer guides and then visited the Alexander Keiller Museum where they had the chance to explore the archaeological collection. Show More Summary

Getty returns Fleischman Zeus to Italy

Seated Zeus to return to Italy.Source: MiBACT The Italian Government has announcted that the Getty Museum has returned a seated Zeus to Italy ("FRANCESCHINI, IL GETTY MUSEUM SIGLA ACCORDO CON L’ITALIA PER LA RESTITUZIONE DELLO ZEUS IN TRONO RIENTRA A NAPOLI STATUA DEL I SECOLO A.C.", press release, 13 June 2017; "The J. Show More Summary

"What we know and cared about is only that it's a Statue of Zeus Enthroned'...: Just Say No

The Getty has landed itself in another dodgy portable antiquities mess and are trying to extricate themselves by sending an object back to the presumed source country. This 'Statue of Zeus Enthroned' was exhibited by them in Malibu and...Show More Summary

The End of Methodology: Fragments and Notes

On the Western Argolid Regional project this summer, we’re slowly shifting from field work to study season and publication mode. I got to thinking about how I might contribute to the volume and, as you might expect, began to reflect about methods and methodology. Of course, my conversations with David Pettegrew have also inspired my… Read More ?

Multispectral imaging reveals ancient Hebrew inscription undetected for over 50 years

(American Friends of Tel Aviv University) Using advanced imaging technology, Tel Aviv University researchers have discovered a hitherto invisible inscription on the back of a pottery shard dating from 600 BCE that has been on display at The Israel Museum for more than 50 years.

Leyline Lunacy: What UK Detectorists Say About the Past

Dowsers talking to their dowsing rods An artefact hunter 'Chris' ('Gloucester dig, Slimbridge 16th July 100 acres of freshly cut pasture' Let's Go Digging [up Archaeology for Personal Entertainment and Profit], June 14, 2017) as a result...Show More Summary

Let's Go Digging Up 100 Acres of Freshly Cut Pasture

Chris 'Gloucester dig, Slimbridge 16th July 100 acres of freshly cut pasture' Let's Go Digging [up Archaeology for Personal Entertainment and Profit], June 14, 2017. The postcode for this dig takes us to the heart of Slimbridge nearShow More Summary

Yahoo Portable Antiquities Collecting Forum

I am told that an attempt at rabble-rousing by one of the dealers involves a comment concerning the demise of Yahoo which hosts the ancient artifacts forum: This change will very likely be well received in Warsaw, where members of this...Show More Summary

Mosul Museum Changes hands Again

The situation in central Mosul is still fluid. @ArchLayla reports that ISIL has reoccupied the Mosul Museum.

Half brains digging up Pasture

Three giggling people playing retards attempting to be entertaining while they detect on pasture. Typical of the genre "Metal Detecting Somerset With Manic Dev and RoyG" posted on You Tube by "The Ferret" 20 Feb 2017

Inspiring Careers in Science

Holly (top) and Rachel (below centre) Wessex Archaeology staff members Holly Rodgers and Rachel Brown visited South Wilts Grammar school as part of their roles as STEM Ambassadors. The STEM Ambassador programme encourages organisations...Show More Summary

Jon Egging Trust Students Visit the Salisbury Office

In May, we were pleased to welcome back the Jon Egging Trust to our Salisbury office, with a new group of students (12–13 years old) on the first year of their Blue Skies Programme. The programme aims to inspire young people to reach their full potential by engaging in exciting activities and experiences. Show More Summary

Archaeology excavation uncovers 14th century abbey precinct wall

Canterbury Archaeological Trust (CAT) has uncovered the footings of the St Augustine’s Abbey precinct wall, dating back to the 14th Century, on Canterbury Christ Church University’s North Holmes Campus. The post Archaeology excavation uncovers 14th century abbey precinct wall appeared first on HeritageDaily - Heritage & Archaeology News.

Sotheby's and tjhe Intelligent Soil Acids: What's the Real Grounding?

Here's an interesting thingy from the recent Sotheby's ancient marbles auction (lot 51): So is this rather odd visage properly grounded? Well, what they say is: PROVENANCERome art market, 1960 or earlierAdolph Loewi, Inc., Los Angeles, acquired in Rome prior to 1961acquired from the above by the [Denver Art] Museum in 1965 (inv. Show More Summary

Stanford researcher sheds light on life of lesbians in Nazi Germany

(Stanford University) History doctoral student Samuel Clowes Huneke analyzed several police files from the 1940s that illuminate the limited toleration some lesbians found during the Nazi regime.


Aurochs (pr. or-ocks; pl. aurochsen) An aurochs is a type of wild cattle that lived throughout Europe, North Africa and Asia and became extinct in Britain by the Late Bronze Age. They roamed and grazed in small herds across plains and...Show More Summary

Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 44)

Today's installment of "Who needs an osteologist?" comes courtesy bioarchaeologist Megan Perry, who was watching a Science Channel clip on the skeletons found in the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent at Teotihuacan.Here's the clip: (if...Show More Summary

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