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Who Will "Support Responsible Antiquity Collecting"?

This afternoon I was asked by somebody calling themselves "Ethical Collectors" sic to stop tarring all collectors with the same brush (which in fact, I do not think I do) and take a look at the petition he/she/they had started addressed...Show More Summary

Aboutaam on the seized sarcophagi

Ali Aboutaam of Phoenix Ancient Art has commented on the lifting of sequestration of a Phoenician sarcophagus (Laure Lugon Zugravu, "Levée du séquestre pour le sarcophage phénicien", Le Temps July 22, 2015). Aboutaam is reported to have...Show More Summary

Antiquities Smuggling is ....

Scott Semans makes a rather amazing announcement on a forum connected with fake ancient coins ( Re: Petition vs new German legislation restricting collecting of cultural artefacts incl coins Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:30 am PDT). I signed the petition, citing the numerous core principles of western law which this would violate. Show More Summary

Commemoration in the Bakken

Over the weekend, my colleague Richard Rothaus forwarded me a story about the dangers of working on oil rigs in the Bakken. Much of the article is a rather typical discussion of physical risks of working in the oil patch, the pressure on workers to cut corners, and the lack of adequate safety or corporate… Read More ?

German Collectors Guilty

The petition "Für den Erhalt des privaten Sammelns" (sic) has now 3,723 supporters in Germany. This is the country where the media have been stressing that illicit artefacts from southern Europe and the Middle East may be responsible for financing organized crime and civil war. Show More Summary

Trailwalker 2015 – they did it!

As feared at Checkpoint 9, the heavens finally opened not long after our Trailwalker team had left for the big climb up Castle Hill, which meant a very soggy finish to their challenge. However, they pulled together, supported each other, and crossed the line at Brighton Racecourse in a time of 27 hours and 36 minutes. Show More Summary

Sekhemka statue developments

The BBC is reporting that British Prime Minister David Cameron has been asked to intervene in the Sekhemka statue situation ("Sekhemka statue export: PM David Cameron urged to "intervene"", BBC News July 26, 2015). It looks as if the export restriction is likely to be lifted this week.A statement has been issued by the Save Sekhemka Action Group.

This week at Forbes: Tarim mummies, Synagogue mosaics, 'Diggers' returns, Philip II Part II, Roman medical ideas, DNA of Magna Graecia, and Napoleonic mass grave

Whew, it was a busy week! Here's what I wrote: DNA Reveals These Red-Haired Chinese Mummies Come from Europe and Asia. I was a bit surprised how well this article did, since the Tarim mummies are not exactly a new find, but I forget sometimes that not everyone knows about interesting skeletons from around the world. Show More Summary

Volcanoes linked to cultural upheaval since early Roman times

Large volcanic eruptions have cooled the global climate many times in the last 2,500 years and coincided with devastating famine across Europe, new research shows. New research presents the most precise record yet of volcanic activity during the last 2,500 years. Show More Summary

Ancient carriage way discovered near Athens

A 300-metre section of an ancient carriage way dated to the 4th century BC was discovered by archaeologists at the Megalo Kavouri beach in the southern suburb of Vouliagmeni, the ministry of Culture announced on Monday. Section of the...Show More Summary

Fortress older than the pyramids is uncovered in Monmouth

Archaeologists have unearthed a wooden island old enough to have been built by the Flintstones under a modern Barratt estate. The fortified farmhouse on stilts in the middle of an ice age lake is so old it could have even been built before Stonehenge was created. Show More Summary

Bronze Age skeleton unearthed in Wiltshire

A 4,000-year-old Bronze Age skeleton, believed to be that of an adolescent child, has been unearthed by archaeologists. The rare discovery was made by a team from the University of Reading, who are excavating Wilsford henge in the Vale of Pewsey, Wiltshire. Show More Summary

Irish motorway dig reveals finds dating back to 3500BC

A ‘mound’ used as a gathering point for rituals dating back to 3500 BC, evidence of medieval treasure-hunting and remains of Famine cottages are among the ancient finds along the M17 motorway. The excavation at Kilskeagh, which found,...Show More Summary

Eine weitere Frauenstatuette aus dem Hohle Fels?

Ein neu entdecktes Elfenbeinfragment aus dem Hohle Fels in Baden-Württemberg gehört möglicherweise zu einer zweiten weiblichen Figurine. Der im letzten Jahr gemachte Fund aus der Altsteinzeit ist derzeit in einer Sonderpräsenation in Blaubeuren zu sehen. Show More Summary

Trailwalker - the home strait

Checkpoint 9 and dawn breaks cold, grey and slightly damp. A pink glow to the east tells us the sun is about to rise, but spots on the windscreen also herald the rain that is forecast. Checkpoint 8 to 9 is the longest stretch of Trailwalker and we wait for our team, Mark, Dave, Vi and Susan, all now walking through the pain barrier. Show More Summary

Why Coins Matter

Bearing in mind the efforts of German, US and UK dealers to try and get antiquities collectors to sign up in large numbers to a petition saying effectively "we do not mind buying dodgy stuff, no due diligence for us please", it is worth...Show More Summary

'Farmer Brown has Suggestion About Increasind Artefact Hunter responsibility for New Manager of PAS

Heritage Action, 'Farmer Brown writes to the new leader of PAS!', 25th July 2015. my suggestion for “reduced PAS” is rather simple. Ask every Finds Liaison Officer to spend the next three months outreaching to landowners. We farmersShow More Summary

Portant Issues Trailer

An oldie but I think it makes a point. Note the tone of the two comments underneath (I do not think they are by fellow archaeologists):..

The Future Shape of the PAS (2) The Answers to 20 Questions

I have given the PAS answer to the first of my twenty questions in the post above. Here are the other nineteen questions and answers. I will comment on them in the post below. 2) If the national scheme has now been subsumed by the education...Show More Summary

Twenty answers from the LVA PAS (1) Starting as they Mean to go on?

I must admit I was surprised to see in my email box on 23rd July, three days after the return of Ms Raikes (the new manager of the PAS) from annual leave, the answers to the twenty questions I sent earlier. Accustomed to being amongShow More Summary

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