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Archaeologists to try Harder Next Year? Unlikely Innit.

Vicky knows some metal detectorists Heritage Action have 'A seasonal message to archaeologists' about how they react to the deliberate erosion of the archaeological record all over the country from right under their upturned noses - "muscular outreach works, limp-wristed appeasement does not". Show More Summary

My Year in Music

This was a pretty fun year in music for me. (For last year’s fun, go and read my 2013 post!) I upgraded the ole stereo with a pair of new Omen Def Mk.I.B. speakers from Zu. Like the Omen Dirty Weekends that I had last year, these speakers combine with my Audio Research VSi60 to […]

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: When and where WAS that Spinks Anglo-Frisian coin found?

A metal detectorist (without supplying a link) takes exception to "Barford" discussing the discrepancies between three accounts of the finding of a gold coin not long ago. "It's a sad old life when all one can do is troll through detecting forums looking for discrepancies in dates. Show More Summary

Artefact Collector Nabbed in California

In California the water levels of a number of lakes and reservoirs has been steadily dropping over the past five years and this is leaving many normally flooded archaeological sites unprotected and artefact hunters are able to get at them. Show More Summary

Christmas Dig Targets Known Site, Hoard Found but Quickly "Dealt Wiv".

A Saxon hoard (reputedly 7000 coins of Cnut and Ethelred) was found on Sunday's Weekend Wanderers Christmas commercial rally t Manor Farm, Lenborough near Buckingham in Buckinghamshire - billed as the site of a deserted medieval village,...Show More Summary

Focus on UK Metal detecting: A Passing Comment

Re: Weekend Wanderers Christmas dig- Saxon hoard found.Postby tasman » Sun Dec 21, 2014 9:28 pmHOLY S##T :-O :-O what a find,makes my 20 odd roman I found this weekend seem very poor.. x; x; x; Little Kev..

New Heritage Guidance for Port and Dredging

PIANC, the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure, has just released a document produced by Wessex Archaeology’s Coastal & Marine team, with contributions from authors around the world, which provides advice and guidance...Show More Summary

De-turfing Hadrian’s Wall

I have argued the postholes found on the berm of the Hadrian’s Wall are the remains of the a timber rampart which together with the Turf Wall formed the primary phase of the frontier.[] Recent work by Eric Graafstal also suggests the...Show More Summary

More than "a Million Mummies"

If you are going to let a foreign mission loose on the archaeological record, producing boxes and boxes of material to be studied and stored, you really want to make sure that they are up to the task. That's what we have excavation permits for. Show More Summary

American Apocalypse, Key to the Loony Right in Coin Collecting?

In a new book ('American Apocalypse: A History of Modern Evangelicalism', Harvard University Press December 15, 2014), Matthew Avery Sutton, a professor of history at Washington State University, traces the history of American evangelical apocalypticism from the end of the 19th century to the present day. Show More Summary

idiocies and manipulations of the IAPN-Tompa-Howland partnership

Sam Hardy ('Correction and clarification but no retraction' December 20, 2014) addresses the idiocies and manipulations of the IAPN-Tompa-Howland partnership in their attempts to dismiss arguments against the no-questions-asked buying of potential conflict antiquities. Show More Summary

AIA RFeiterates its policie on the Antiquities Trade

A Letter from the (AJA) Editor-in-ChiefSheila Dillon January 2015 [...] Finally, in light of recent events both in this country and abroad, it is important to restate that the AJA maintains its commitment to protecting archaeological heritage. Show More Summary

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

After a week off to work in the Bakken, I’m back with a pre-holiday quick hits and varia for your enjoyment. I’ll be too honest and say that my daily productivity has begun to decline as the holidays approach. We have a tree, are heavy into menu planning, and are looking forward to a day […]

And the Grand Total Is…

We told you last week that our Salisbury office was raising money for the Trussell Trust by holding a festive gift raffle and Christmas tree auction, and we won’t keep you in suspense any longer! Both events took place yesterday andShow More Summary

How do Syria region coins enter the US and UK Markets?

Coincidentally, soon after my post on this ARCA raise a similar question about a similar group of coins in a similar state to the Spink ones Ergo Sum ? @ sauterne 2 godz. 2 godziny temu How do Syria region coins enter the US and UK Markets? And why is there no provenance listed in the sale records?

O Come all Ye Volunteers

Our wonderfully enthusiastic volunteer team got into the festive spirit this week at our annual Volunteer Christmas Mingle! The Mingle is one of the ways in which we are able to say a big thank you to our volunteers for all their hard work. Show More Summary

New Thinking on Ownership gaps in NGA

Caught out by the Dancing Shiva scandal, the National Gallery of Australia is starting to take an innovative approach to provenance research on items already in the collection (Michaela Boland, 'National Gallery of Australia blitz on 54 ownership gaps' The Australian December 19, 2014). Show More Summary

Georgia Artefact Hunters' Entitlement

An artefact hunting case in south Georgia has been in the news quite a lot recently, an Albany man, Eddie Ballard (37) was reportedly charged with 58 counts of digging up artefacts on both public and private property and selling them,...Show More Summary

How did these coins enter the UK Market?

Spink's, linked to past sales of Koh Ker statues and supplier to the ACCG, is primarily known as a coin shop. Their recent Auction: 14007 ("Ancient, British and Foreign Coins and Commemorative Medals") held a few days ago, contemporary with conflict and looting going on in not-so-distant Syria, caught my eye. Show More Summary

Grave of Confederate soldier dug up in Georgia

AP, 'Grave of Confederate soldier dug up in Georgia; 'Graverobbing' investigated', Associated Press Dec 18, 2014Authorities in Georgia say the grave of a former soldier has been dug up at the Old Bethel Church Cemetery in Knoxville. The deceased was a first lieutenant in the Confederate Army who had died Nov. Show More Summary

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