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Will Antiquities Smugglers be Thanking the IAPN and PNG?

J. Gelibert: 'Le contrebandier de la Vallée d'Aure' (wikipedia) The IAPN and PNG lobbyist is thanking collectors who as he put it "again asked CPAC to help preserve their ability to collect "coins of Italian types" from bureaucratic overreach" (sic). Show More Summary


A remarkable engraved shell gorget has been discovered in Newtown, Ohio, at the site of a large American Indian village and cemetery dating from the Middle to Late Woodland period. Bob Genheimer, Curator of Archaeology at the Cincinnati...Show More Summary

Nighthawking and the BBC

The BBC has written an overview of so-called 'nighthawking' (Lauren Potts, "Digging for treasure: Is 'nighthawking' stealing our past?", 21 March 2015). There is discussion of recent digging adjacent to Hadrian's Wall.Mark Harrison has described their activities:"Some of these people are very happy to travel long distances, sometimes in groups. Show More Summary

Fancy Meeting You Here!

This past Saturday over 700 people and I had the pleasure of meeting several museum characters at Night at the Museum. Imagine my glee when the modern archaeologist got to chat with Amunet for the first time!!!  What a unique opportunity to finally get to talk to someone you’ve worked with over the last several years. Show More Summary

Adena Man in New York City

Ohio’s official state artifact the Adena pipe is out having adventures in NYC. The Adena Man is featured in a traveling exhibit titled The Plains Indians: Artists of Earth and Sky. The final leg of the tour opens March 9 in gallery 999 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There’s just one problem, Adena man is … Continue reading Adena Man in New York City ?

Dumb Down Reporting on Illegal Artefact Hunting from Bonkers Britain's BBC

"Digging for treasure: Is 'nighthawking' stealing our past?" asks Lauren Potts ?(BBC 21st March 2015) Of course not, she answers, she's found these wonderful big numbers on the PAS website. So that's all OK then. Was a time when the BBC used to... oh, never mind.

Childhood Horrors

Ken & Robin have an interesting discussion in the most recent episode of their podcast, on childhood fears. Specifically, they talk about childhood responses to horror stories and movies. I was inspired to write about my own childhood horrors. Luckily there were no actual horrors in my childhood. Nobody around me was violent or insane…

Summer Adventures: Early Hominids Visit Andover Public Library

With snow on the ground and freezing rain falling, many of you may be thinking about summer trips; I know I am. If you are looking to explore Ohio and learn more about Hominid Evolution, a visit to the Andover Public Library should be on your lists of “To Do’s”. From June 19th to July … Continue reading Summer Adventures: Early Hominids Visit Andover Public Library ?


The Arc of Appalachia is bringing ancient textiles expert Kathryn Jakes to Serpent Mound to share the results of her latest research on the textiles from Seip Mound. It’s just part of the festivities for Archaeology Day at Serpent Mound — September 12th, 2015. For more details, check out the Arc of Appalachia’s website.

Fort Ancient Earthworks and Nature Preserve Lecture Series Continues

This Saturday March 7, 2015 from 10:30 AM-12:00 PM the Fort Ancient Earthworks and Nature Preserve will present the second of three lectures on Archaeology and the History of early Native inhabitants of Ohio This Saturdays lecture will be presented by Mr. Show More Summary


In honor of Statehood Day, Burt Logan, CEO of the Ohio History Connection, presented a ceremonial gavel to the Ohio House of Representatives and, in a separate ceremony, to the Ohio Senate. Chief Douglas Lankford of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma had intended to participate in the presentations, but was not able to attend. Show More Summary

CPAC Comments on Italy MOU

It is now past midnight Washington time, and a little window on the website docket on the Italy MOU renewal tells us there were "274 Comments Received", and of these 297 have been posted up (uh?) so I guess before the...Show More Summary


On June 20th, the Arc of Appalachia is hosting a very special event at Serpent Mound – an observance of the 2015 Summer Solstice Sunset. Many ancient monuments were built with alignments to important astronomical events. Stonehenge may be the world’s most famous example. Show More Summary

Ohio Memory Madness is Back!

In the spirit and fun of college basketball’s March Madness, the Ohio History Connection invites you to participate in Ohio Memory Madness – a bracket of sixty-four historical events from across the state all competing for the unique distinction of being named the 2015 Ohio Memory Madness Champion. Show More Summary

Coineys ! "Archaic Roman coins have been prohibited by the MOU!" Eh?

"There are now 274 comments which have been submitted noted on the website counter - that's better than it was yesterday, but still a pretty weak response from the on-line numismatic community". Mark Lehman of Ancient Coins for Education...Show More Summary

Another Dealer Sued for Reimbursment

Following the case of the Nancy Wiener Seated Buddha, the Singapore Asian Civilisations Museum and the National Heritage Board of Singapore are reportedly suing a Madison Avenue art dealer for reimbursement of the $1.4 million purchase price which between 1997 and 2010 they paid for antiquities of apparently questionable provenance. Show More Summary

My CPAC Comment

Have you made your contribution? I carved out a few minutes today to submit a comment to the CPAC on the Italy MOU renewal, just a few hours before the closing. I tried to write something different from the last time I supported the previous incarnation of the Italy MOU and my previous one (on Egypt). Show More Summary

Warning: Arthur Houghton Invites

Oggy Oggy It seems that some coineys still have some problems with their computers after I reported the IAPN infection a while back (21st Feb to be exact). It seems I have the supreme honour of now being in the distinguished Arthur Houghton III's email address book, despite not having ever, to my memory, been in direct email contact with the man. Show More Summary

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

This is a busy time of year for sports fans with the Cricket World Cup and the NCAA Basketball Tournament going on at the same time and the baseball players preparing for their summertime contests. I’m sure there are other sports as well. I think I heard something about ice hockeying.  Despite the distractions, I… Read More ?

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