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One reason I’ve been lax in posting

I’ve taken on a very large and irritatingly complicated project. We have many laws here that involve archaeological sites, in addition to the federal ones. And this one is taxing them all. Background: A property here was recently sold by the original owners (and by ‘original’ I mean the offspring of the guy who bought [...]

Neolithic porn

Otherwise known as “click bait”: New archaeological discovery in Israel exposes Neolithic sex, fertility rituals Archaeologists believe find to be part of a fertility cult,includes stones from over 8,000 years ago Israeli archaeologist Dr.Uzi Avner discovered stones in the shape of female genitalia and phallic symbols along with figurines of men and women in the Arava desert [...]

A North American Dealer on Looting in Syria

North American dealer Chris M. Maupin has commented on Simon Cox's BBC report on antiquities from Syria ("Sensationalist Reporting and the Antiquities Trade: If it’s in Print it Must be True!", February 22, 2015). Maupin only cites the...Show More Summary

The Amazing Stratigraphy of the Lenborough Hoard

Material reluctantly released by the British Museum into the public domain this afternoon (more on that tomorrow) reveals the amazing stratification of the Lenborough Hoard. Ros Tyrrell considers herself qualified "probably more than the critic" (I suspect she means me - and no I was not "slagging her off by email"). Show More Summary

Gallagh Man, a bog body from Co. Galway

In 1821 members of the O’Kelly family made a gruesome discovery as they dug turf near their home at Gallagh, Co. Galway. As they sliced through the dark peat, they suddenly came across the remains of dead body, which had lain there undisturbed for over 2,000 years. Show More Summary

Hampton Court's lost apartment foundations uncovered

A routine maintenance job at Hampton Court palace has uncovered the lost foundations of the splendid royal apartments of two ill-fated queens, Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour. Just before Christmas, the squeaky floorboards in one of the Georgian rooms, used by the Royal School of Needlework at the time, had become positively bouncy. Show More Summary

1,500-year-old settlement unearthed in Poland

Numerous fragments of pottery and dozens of objects made of bronze and iron have been discovered during excavations in Skomack Wielki in northern Poland. View of the settlement and excavation [Credit: Anna Bitner-Wróblewska] "The very...Show More Summary

Medieval battle site yields UK’s oldest cannon ball

A lead ball found at a medieval battle site could be the oldest surviving cannonball in England, an expert says. The lead cannon ball is believed to have bounced at least twice and possibly hit a tree [Credit: Northampton Battlefield Society] The damaged ball was found at the site of the Battle of Northampton fought during the War of the Roses. Show More Summary

New film footage reveals potential 'killer blow' to King Richard III

N ew film footage revealing for the first time details of the potential killer blow that claimed the life of King Richard III has been released by the University of Leicester. The sequence - showing the dramatic injury to the base of...Show More Summary

Ancient Orkney child remains excavated

Archaeologists have been excavating the site of a child's grave on an Orkney island. The grave - which it is believed could be up to 4,000 years old - was uncovered on Sanday's shoreline by winter storms and high tides. It is thought the skeleton could be that of a child aged between 10 and 12. Show More Summary

Roman cemetery: Fifteen skeletons found at Ipplepen dig

A "major" Roman cemetery has been discovered during an archaeological dig in Devon. Experts found 15 skeletons during the excavation of a Roman road at Ipplepen, near Exeter. Tests on one of the skeletons showed the settlement was in use up to 350 years after the Roman period ended, which has surprised experts. Show More Summary

Islamic coins found in Viking grave from Norway

In August 2014 a hobby archaeologist found a Viking Age sword with metal detector in a field in Skaun, just south of Trondheim in Central Norway. Now, archaeologists have examined the finding and have some exciting news about the owner. Show More Summary

Ancient shrines used for divination found in Armenia

Three shrines, dating back about 3,300 years, have been discovered within a hilltop fortress at Gegharot, in Armenia, according to an article published by Live Science. A shrine excavated at the entrance of a fortress' west terrace in Gegharot in Armenia. Show More Summary

Viarmes retrouve son château médiéval

Dans le cadre de l'aménagement de la place de la mairie de Viarmes, une fouille archéologique a été prescrite en 2013. Les fouilles ont permis de mieux comprendre l'origine du centre ancien de Viarmes en révélant les vestiges oubliés d'un château médiéval et d'un manoir seigneurial détruit au XIV e siècle. Read the rest of this article...

Hadrian’s Wall Monuments – 3D Scan No.4

Happy Terminalia! Today’s blog on the 3D scans of Roman monuments associated with Hadrian’s Wall, products of our recent collaboration with University of Newcastle as part the NU Digital Heritage project ( ). Show More Summary

Inspirational Archaeology

Archaeology can inspire people in all sorts of different ways. Here at Wessex Archaeology, we love to hear from people who have been inspired by the discoveries we have made and the knowledge we have shared. Miriam's quilt depictingShow More Summary

Jenrick on Preserving the Past in Syria and Iraq

The destruction and looting of historic sites in Syria and Iraq was raised in the British House of Commons last week. Conservative MP Robert Jenrick (who prior to being elected to parliament in 2014 was a director of Christie’s) opened...Show More Summary

The Italian MOU according to Ancient Coin Collectors

The Italian MOU according to US Ancient Coin Collectors: Hands off my cheese !(and they really do wonder why people have difficulty taking any of them and their cynically manipulative lobbyists seriously).Real Cultural Heritage Lawyer Rick St. Show More Summary

The real paleo diet

Real Paleo Diet: early hominids ate just about everything Reconstructions of human evolution are prone to simple, overly-tidy scenarios. Our ancestors, for example, stood on two legs to look over tall grass, or began to speak because, well, they finally had something to say. Like much of our understanding of early hominid behavior, the imagined diet [...]

US Collector case coming to Court

Lone Pine relic hunterNorman Starks, 76, with a framed collection of arrowheads at his Lone Pine home. (Don Kelson/ Los Angeles Times) 'California Man Indicted For Taking Archaeological Artifacts From Public Lands In Inyo County', 20...Show More Summary

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