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Ny Carlsberg Returns Objects to Italy

Tomb XI from Colle del Forno. Photo: Ana Cecilia Gonzalez Back in 2008 I wrote about the Italian claims against the Ny Carlsberg in Copenhagen that had started in 2002. Earlier this month an announcement was made that Denmark would be...Show More Summary

PAS, Best Practice and Spin in Artefact Hunting

I think we've all had enough of the issue of the British Museum refusing to admit that calling artefact hunting "citizen archaeology" was a hasty formulation not completely thought-through by their press officer. Instead of that I got a load of the usual PAS mumbo-jumbo. Show More Summary

A Citizen's Guide to Museums (Courtesy British Museum)

Tuning in his grave,Augustus Wollaston Franks The days of scholarship at the British Museum seem definitively over. When asked to define a term used in one of their official publications, the best the Museum could offer was "the Museum...Show More Summary

"Citizen Archeology" The BM OFFICIAL Definition

I have just heard back from the British Museum with their official definition from the author of the review - Hannah Boulton. It's a cracker:The Museum would agree with the Oxford English Dictionary definition, that archaeology is ‘The...Show More Summary

Earliest Known Village In Cyprus Discovered

Recent archaeological digs have uncovered more than 20 round buildings in what is believed to be Cyprus' earliest known village, dating as as the 9th millennium BC, the east Mediterranean island's Department of Antiquities said Tuesday. Show More Summary

History of Danish royal castle 'to be rewritten'

Denmark's biggest royal castle, Vordingborg, is set for an updated history after an archaeological dig shed new light on a key figure in its past. The castle, located on the southern coast of Zealand facing across the Baltic Sea towards Germany, was originally built in the 12th century by King Valdemar the Great. Show More Summary

'Britain's Pompeii' was 'Bronze Age new build' site

The beads found at Whittlesey show this Bronze Age village of the ancient Fens was nevertheless tied into a trade network that may have stretched to the Middle East An ancient village dubbed "Britain's Pompeii" was just a few months old when it burnt down, it has emerged. Show More Summary

Major Danish museum returns looted antiquities to Italy

The Glyptotek is due to send artefacts from the tomb of an Etruscan prince back to Italy between December and the end of 2017. Photo: Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen, which holds the largest collection of antiquities in northern Europe, has agreed to restitute illegally excavated artefacts to the Italian government. Show More Summary

Treasure trove proves we have been keeping up with the Joneses since the Bronze Age

Cambridge archaeologists examine a 'pristine' Bronze Age bowl CREDIT: DAVE WEBB /COPYRIGHT CAMBRIDGE ARCHAEOLOGICAL UNIT Fr om pristine gardens to the latest home extensions, trying to outdo one's neighbours has become something of a quintessential British pastime. Show More Summary


Au lieu-dit Parc al Lann à Ergué-Gabéric, les archéologues de l’Inrap mènent une fouille préventive sur 6 hectares, en amont d’un projet d’aménagement par Quimper communauté. Le site occupe une situation privilégiée avec une vue à 180 degrés sur un fond de vallée et les hommes s’y sont naturellement installé depuis des millénaires. Read the rest of this article...

Decorated Roman bronze belt found in Leicester excavations

A rchaeologists from University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS) have recently excavated a Late Roman cemetery at Western Road in Leicester’s West End. Amongst the 83 skeletons recorded by the team, one burial is proving to be very exciting. Show More Summary

23 More Wrecks Found at Greek Hotspot for Sunken Ships

Fourni, which is a collection of small islands near Turkey, was a popular anchorage and navigational point for Aegean crossing routes. Usually it was safe for ships, but over thousands of years, storms inevitably claimed some vessels, like this wooden ship resting on the seaflood. Show More Summary

Homo erectus ging wie wir

1,5 Millionen Jahre alte Fußabdrücke geben Einblicke in das Leben von Frühmenschen Fossile Knochen und Steinwerkzeuge verraten uns viel über die menschliche Evolution. Doch wie sich unsere Vorfahren zum Beispiel fortbewegten oder miteinander interagierten lässt sich daraus kaum ableiten. Show More Summary

Evidence of Scotlands earliest farmers uncovered in Perthshire

An archaeological dig next to the Perthshire village of Dunning has revealed traces of human activity dating back 10,000 years. This included evidence of what experts believe is the earliest farming activity recorded in Scotland, and also remains of hunter-gathering activity dating back thousands of years before farming began. Show More Summary

British MPs introduce Bill to return Parthenon Sculptures to Greece

A cross-party group of MPs has launched a fresh bid to return the so-called Elgin Marbles to Greece on the 200th anniversary of the British Government’s decision to buy them — a move that campaigners said could help the UK secure a better deal during the Brexit talks with the EU. Show More Summary

Monkeys used stone tools 700 years ago

Primate archaeology is a new and unusual-sounding field, but it has revealed ancient evidence of some clever and dextrous monkey culture. Researchers from Oxford University, working in Brazil, found ancient "nut-cracking tools" - 700-year-old stone hammers that capuchin monkeys used to open cashew nuts. Show More Summary

Lindisfarne monastery evidence found by amateur archaeologist

The stone was found by a member of the public who had contributed to the crowd-funded dig An amateur archaeologist has unearthed what is believed to be evidence of one of England's earliest Christian monasteries in a dig on Lindisfarne. Show More Summary

Some Bits and Bobs from my Summer of Fieldwork

Survey archaeology offers plenty of good opportunities to  walk around thinking about stuff, but the hectic pace of the survey season makes it hard to articulate anything in a complex way. Instead, I have lots of fragments of ideas that have floated through my mind over the last 7 weeks on the Western Argolid Regional… Read More ?

Theresa May Takes Fresh Approach to UK Culture

John Whittingdale is no longer the UK Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport ("Theresa May's cabinet: Who's in and who's out?". BBC News. 14 July 2016. ) Karen Bradley MP is appointed in his place. Sky however, quoting "Whitehall...Show More Summary

When is "Citizen Archaeology" archaeology?

Citizen Archaeologist Denny Erikson, a Tottenham plumber, has identified an object in the collections of the British Museum as clear evidence of ancient space travel. "The so-called experts in the Museum will not admit it", he says smugly, "but I think we've heard enough from experts". Show More Summary

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