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Dealer Maupin and the Killing of Khaled al-As'ad

Pot-shotting dealer Maupin hefting a pot In the opinion of this blog, antiquities dealers can at times be nasty, unpleasant jerks. Nowhere is this more clearly seen in the reaction of several of them brutal decapitation of Khaled al-As'ad,...Show More Summary

Danti - Coin Trade an Exception

Discussion of the difficulties of assessing the scale of the trade in illicit artefacts from Syria and Mesopotamia in the Art Newspaper, Dan Duray, 'Just what is Isil looting in Syria?' Art Newspaper 26 August 2015. They suggest that...Show More Summary

Working Space

One of the challenges this semester is figuring out where I’m going to work. While on sabbatical, I worked quite comfortably from home both in my home office, on the dining room table, and in the kitchen with my main hub of operations in my home office. Prior to that I worked mostly in my… Read More ?

The Quality of PAS 'data' (2)

SUSS-BA7F45: Found near Brighton. A modern fantasy coin representing a Roman denarius in silver based on obverse portraits of Julius Caesar and the AEGVPTO (or AEGVPT) CAPTA reverse type of Octavian minted in 28-27 BC. The best explanation seems to be that it was made for people to buy whilst on the Grand Tour in Italy. Show More Summary

The Crimes of Palmyra

NY Times editorial board The Crimes of Palmyra.To ISIS, the destruction of the Palmyra temple, like the destruction of ancient statues and monuments in Nimrud, Hatra and other regions under its control, is of a part with the destruction...Show More Summary

Market for Civil War collectibles and Grave-Robbing in the US

The market for Civil War collectibles has led to another Confederate grave looted in Georgia ( Lee Shearer, ' Reward offered in looting of Confederate grave' Athens Online Saturday, January 17, 2015). In Georgia’s Crawford County a grave...Show More Summary

FBI Warning over Collecting Antiquities

The FBI has issued an alert warning dealers, collectors and everybody else that illicit antiquities from militant groups like ISIL are hitting the US market. Dealers and collectors will no doubt continue to dismiss and ignore such issues. Show More Summary

Reflecting on an Ethics of Circulation

A number of my colleagues forwarded to me a manifesto (in tweets, no less) offered for discussion at a conference on the Academic Book of the Future (beep, boop, boop, boop, beep… this is the sound of the future, for those of you who don’t know). It’s titled Toward an Ethics of Circulation, and it’s… Read More ?

The Quality of PAS data

From the Furness Finders facebook page ( 5 October 2012 ): Furness Finders MDC Roman Brooch found this week in Dalton, Dot, do you want to record it from this picture? disc brooch, pin missing, traces of tinning on the front, looks to...Show More Summary

UK Metal Detectorist Did Not Donate?

LANCUM-4118A0 (Treasure case number: 2014T205) A hoard of eight artefacts: two socketed axes, one large spearhead (in two fragments), two small flat chisels (which were discovered in socketed axe 2), a rapier blade fragment inside a hollow-head spearhead (which was discovered in socketed axe 1), a chape fragment (in two fragments). Show More Summary

10 Years of Thames’ Finds on Display

In one of our most extensive, innovative and exciting Coastal & Marine projects of the last 25 years, Wessex Archaeology has supported DP World London Gateway in the investigation and protection of the archaeology of the Thames Estuary,...Show More Summary

"Detectorists" goes to America

The British TV sitcom "Detectorists" has crossed the Atlantic by way of the streaming subscription service Acorn TV (Robert Lloyd, ' British 'Detectorists' on Acorn TV uncovers a comedy treasure' Los Angles Times 25th August 2015) IShow More Summary

Without Due Diligence How to Spot Blood Antiquities?

Do collectors really want blood antiquities cheap? 'Three found dead digging for artifacts in Monufiya', Al-Masry Al-Youm Tue, 25/08/2015 Three men were found dead in Monufiya, north of Cairo, on Tuesday after they tried to excavate for ancient artifacts. Show More Summary

Teaching a Graduate "Un-Seminar" in Biological Anthropology

This semester, I am leading our core graduate seminar in biological anthropology, which I'm calling Theory and Practice in Biological Anthropology. In truth, though, there will be hardly any theory, and it will be heavy on the practice part.I've designed it as an un-seminar course. Show More Summary

Teaching Tuesday: First Day of Class Film Strip

I am back on campus for the first time in almost 15 months and looking forward to thinking more about teaching this semester. One of the first challenges will be the 140 smiling faces tonight in the Scale-Up classroom. Readers of this blog know that I’ve been teaching in the Scale-Up room for  few years… Read More ?

Ssssocialists, Stupidity, Superficiality and Sources in the Heritage Debate

Although they claim that they collect antiquities to "study" them, collectors really are simpletons, preferring to accept the word of an "authority" rather than working things out for themselves. So they have to be reminded by the coin...Show More Summary

Syrian government no longer controls 83% of the country

As Columb Strack – Senior Analyst, Middle East and North Africa at IHS Review - points out, the 'Syrian government no longer controls 83% of the country' (IHS Jane’s Intelligence Review 23 August 2015) Janes As the article says, theShow More Summary

UNESCO on the Temple of Baal Shamin

UNESCO has issued a statement on the reported destruction of the temple of Baal Shamin at Palmyra.UNESCO stands by all Syrian people in their efforts to safeguard their heritage, a heritage for all humanity Director-General Irina Bokova firmly condemns the destruction of Palmyra's ancient temple of Baalshamin, Syria

Palmyra, Temple of Baal Shamin

Temple of Baal Shamin (Wood 1753) It is being widely reported that the temple of Baal Shamin at Palmyra has been deliberately destroyed. The temple featured in Robert Wood's Temples of Palmyra, otherwise Tadmor, in the desert (London 1753). Show More Summary

Frech Couple Caught Metal Detecting in Spain

Spanish police have arrested a 47-year-old woman and 31-year-old man, both French nationals, for allegedly metal detecting on an archaeological site in Catalonia. The ruins of a number of Greek and Roman buildings exist on the Empúries archaeological site, just outside the town of L'Escala and 35 km south of the French border. Show More Summary

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