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Back we go again. . . .

New Research Suggests Neanderthals a Separate Species A new study of the Neanderthal nasal complex suggests that Neanderthals were a distinct species separate from modern humans. Rather than comparing Neanderthal noses to those of modern Europeans and the Inuit, whose nasal complexes are adapted to cold and temperate climates, the scientists, led by Samuel Márquez of [...]

Oooo. . .real game archaeology!

Bangor native plays key role in designing children’s archaeology game “Dig Quest: Israel” is a free educational app for iPhone and iPad users ages 7 to 11 that allows children to learn about the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Lod Mosaic. During the game, users piece together the scrolls to discover their meaning, and “dig” [...]

[insert clever yet inoffensive title here]

Anthropologist uncovers issues of gender inequality in archaeology journals Bardolph, a Ph.D. student in UC Santa Barbara’s Department of Anthropology, found that female authors are significantly and consistently underrepresented in American archaeology journals. Show More Summary

What Professor Danti May have said

Jason Felch's critique ('Danti’s Inference: The Known Unknowns Of ISIS and Antiquities Looting' Chasing Aphrodite November 18, 2014) of the notion that antiquities looting has become “the second largest source of revenue” for the militant...Show More Summary

Yemen Smuggling Attempt Thwarted

Yemeni customs and security services have seized three suitcases of copper vessels inscribed with Islamic texts at Aden International Airport in the possession of a smuggler intending to travel to Turkey. The vessels included censers, plates, traditional lamps and the cases also contained silver rings. Show More Summary

Rigor Mortis of ACDAEA

The ACDAEA seems to have died and rigor mortis seems to have set in. They've deleted a lot of content from their Facebook page and added nothing new, despite there to have been a number of recent significant developments directly affecting US dealers and collectors. Show More Summary

Bones - Season 10, Episode 7 (Review)

The Money Maker on the Merry-Go-Round Episode Summary A bunch of dads playing at the park with their kids find a dead body under a merry-go-round. The whole merry-go-round is brought back to the Jeffersonian, apparently so that some intestine can fall on Saroyan. Show More Summary

Three New Novels

The State Board of Higher Education, emboldened by the failure of North Dakota Ballot Measure 3, issued a proclamation that no faculty members outside of the English, language or literature programs can read novels, and people in those programs can only read novels directed toward (1) research, (2) classroom activities, or (3) other professional development. […]

Myth of Origins in the Bakken

I am once again in the Bakken, but this time on business with my wife rather than on my own research adventures. That being said, I did have a chance to visit a few sites that had eluded me including the monument marking the Clarence Iverson No. 1 well which initiated the Bakken boom in […]

Objects, History, Conflict: Cyprus, Atari, The Bakken

This has been a hectic week, but I did have the chance to get a little bit of reading done. I particularly enjoyed Rebecca Bryant’s recent article in American Ethnologist 41 (2014), 681-697 titled “History’s Remainders: On Time and Objects After Conflict on Cyprus.”  The article looks at objects looted, left behind, and sometimes returned […]

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

I’m still in snowy Boulder enjoying warm hospitality despite the low temperatures. I am always impressed by mountains, even if people tell me that they’re just really nice hills. My hectic week has impinged a bit on quantity of varia at my disposal, but I still mustered a nice little list, I think, to keep […]

The Dugup Artefact Market Needs a New Mentality

The onslaught of the German public media on the no-questions-asked antiquities market continues with a new report from DW which contains what look like out-takes from the Plundered Heritage video discussed here a few days ago. This report by M. Show More Summary

Will Israel and Rangel Consistently Follow Through?

And I wonder what will be the reaction of representative Steve Israel and Charles Rangel to H. R. 5703 'To protect and preserve international cultural property at risk of destruction due to political instability, armed conflict, or natural or other disasters, and for other purposes'. Show More Summary

Wessex at South Yorkshire Archaeology Day

Rossington Inland Port South Yorkshire Archaeology day is upon us again, and Wessex Archaeology is dominating this year’s programme. In a slight change to the published list, at 11.25 Andrew Norton (Regional Manager, North) will be speaking...Show More Summary

London Archaeological Prize

Wessex Archaeology is proud to have had not one, but two of our publications shortlisted for the London Archaeological Prize 2014! The London Archaeological Prize, administered by the London Archaeologist, aims to encourage a higher standard of writing and broader coverage of London’s archaeology. Show More Summary

Placement Students in Sheffield

Lewis Greenway - Elsecar Heritage Centre After having two wonderful work placement students at the Sheffield office over the summer – Lewis Greenway and Jack Malloy, who both made a valuable contribution to a number of projects – we will be taking on another four students between now and February 2015. Show More Summary

Metal Detectorist and Sayles Against Private Collecting?

EH? On Sayles' blog (where he blocks comments which do not correspond to his point of view), we hear that an artefact collector in the UK would win "more respect were he to donate his collection to the appropriate museum". Yet metal detectorists (Treasure hunters) almost to a man demand a high Treasure award before they follow suit. Show More Summary

"The humour clearly flew stratospherically over the head of this present-day resident of Missouri"

Sayles [...] seems to be scandalised by the notion that anything more intellectually taxing than gushing over how pretty an object is should have any effect whatsoever on its worth. What value could an artefact possibly have other than...Show More Summary

Felch on the 'Known Unknowns Of ISIS and Antiquities Looting'

What a title! "Danti’s Inference: The Known Unknowns Of ISIS and Antiquities Looting" (Jason Felch November 18, 2014). Over the last month, a new meme has spread like a sandstorm across the internet: Looting of antiquities, we’re told, has become “the second largest source of revenue” for the hated terror group ISIS. Show More Summary

LootBuster LootBusting

Dorothy L. King ('Lara Croft and the Missing Loot' Tuesday, November 18, 2014) shares a few anecdotes about some recent lootbusting and why it pays to be discrete.

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