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Future of PAS Wales Shaky

"Proof, if proof were needed, that collectors and metal detectorists are getting a big thumbs-up from government". [Myopic metal-detectorist view on a blog near you] Over on metal detecting forums and blogs, on hearing the news of aShow More Summary

Posthole Archaeology; Function, Form and Fighting

In the previous post I posed the question what buildings does a moderately complex hierarchical agricultural society require, looking at aspects of agricultural buildings; this time I am looking at moderately complex hierarchical society, or at least that end of hierarchy that tends to represented in archaeology. Show More Summary

Turkey's Security Authorities Attempting to Thwart Antiquities Smuggling from Iraqi and Syria.

Turkey's security authorities are coordinating efforts to report antiquities smuggling from Iraqi and Syria. Turkish police and custom departments are playing important roles to preserving antiquities that are smuggled from Syria, and...Show More Summary

Swedish Institutes in Peril

The excellent Swedish Institutes in Athens, Rome, Istanbul need to be saved from closing. Show your appreciation of their work and significance and sign the petition objecting to their closure:

Parthenon Marbles - Athens' Kebab Stallholders can Rest Securely

Jeremy Paxman (great fan of Greek kebabs): no need to dig up Athens kebab stalls because the loot's already in the UK's British Museum, the national monument to Entitlement.

ACDAEA and Their Masks

The ' Association of Dealers and Collectors of Ancient and Ethnographic Art ' drops the mask. The Ka Nefer Nefer mask affair is an egregious example of a due diligence failure by a US museum. It was not legally sold in "1952" (watch that date) as the SLAM's own collecting history asserts. Show More Summary

SLAM and Museum Ethics

An archaeological mystery. In 'The Curator, the Fax and the Mummy Mask' (Looting matters Friday, October 24, 2014) David Gill reveals that he has ascertained a number of disturbing facts concerning the Ka Nefer Nefer mask from Sakkara once it had been purchased. Show More Summary

Wales and Syria

Nigel Swift of Heritage Action (Wales: like Syria without the guns. 25/10/2014) correctly points out: As the CBA says, the best way to extract evidence is via “controlled, high-standard archaeological excavation“. So it follows thatShow More Summary

New legislation on the cards in Germany

German Culture Minister Monika Grütters hopes to amend existing legisation New legislation on the cards in Germany:The federal government aims to make it such that the import and trade of cultural goods to Germany will only be open to objects with an official export license from their country of origin. Show More Summary

The Curator, the Fax and the Mummy Mask

I remain puzzled by the St Louis Art Museum. It seems that less than one year after acquiring the Ka-Nefer-Nefer mummy mask (the one with the name erased from the hand), a distinguished Egyptologist from a major international museumShow More Summary

The Dumfriesshire Viking hoard: "an approachable stance towards engaging with detectorists"

Earlier this week it was announced that a metal-detectorist searching pasture in Dumfriesshire, Scotland, had discovered a significant Viking hoard in September ("Viking treasure haul unearthed in Scotland", BBC News October 12, 2014).The...Show More Summary

Focus on UK Metal Detecting; On my untouched pasture

Quote by "beaubrummell" from Essex (Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:58 am): On my untouched pasture I need to dig down 15 inches plus to find something 300 years old or more !!

Germany attracts trade in looted artifacts

Philipp Jedicke, 'Crime: Germany attracts trade in looted artifacts' 24.10.2014.Day in and day out, go-betweens smuggle looted art from the war zones in the Middle East first to Turkey or Lebanon, and then on to, for instance, the Dubai foreign trade zone. Show More Summary

Artefact Hunters Plunder Ancient Danish Burial Sites

Danish archaeologists are devastated, artefact hunters have dug up and plundered four ancient burial sites in 'Mangehøje' north of Grindsted near Billund in Jutland ('CW', 'Grave robbers plunder ancient Danish burial sites', the Copenhagen Post October 24, 2014). Show More Summary

Faux Numis

Kilroy coin (photo from Hooker's blog) John Hooker claims to be an expert: "A numismatist with over fifty years experience [...] Very few people without at least twenty years of experience in numismatics can make much of an impact on...Show More Summary

Kingsmead Quarry finds declared as treasure

Gold beads found in a rare Beaker grave found during excavations at Kingsmead Quarry, Horton, Berkshire, have now been declared as Treasure by H.M. Coroner. The beads were discovered in 2011 in a small grave and may have formed part of a necklace. Show More Summary

Exploring the "Only Encyclopaedic Museums" myth

James Cuno has a number of justifications why (only) encyclopaedic museums can achieve a whole range of socially-useful results which is how he justifies retaining trophies such as the Parthenon Marbles in them. The case made soundsShow More Summary

Faux Numis

Kilroy coin (photo from Hooker's blog) John Hooker claims to be an expert: " A numismatist with over fifty years experience [...] Very few people without at least twenty years of experience in numismatics can make much of an impact on...Show More Summary

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

The lovely fall weather seems to be inclined to linger here in North Dakotaland, and we’ll take every day more that we can get. Right now, however, the weather doesn’t matter because my eyes are glued to our so-called “internet television” watching Australia’s first test match of summer: Australia v. Pakistan in Dubai. At the […]

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