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Was Kaloterna 'disappeared'?

Egyptian mummy mask excavated at Saqqara Paul Barford has written on the Kaloterna collection that once (allegedly) possessed the Egyptian mummy mask discovered at Saqqara and for the time being in the St Louis Art Museum (SLAM). HeShow More Summary

Processing of Jersey Hoard Continues

Archaeologists are aiming to remove and clean up to 500 coins a week for the next three years from a hoard found by two metal detector enthusiasts in 2012, they've already been working on it for the past two years An estimated 70,000...Show More Summary

Funding for National Metal Theft Taskforce to be Cut?

So much for that initiative then, government funding for the police's National Metal Theft Taskforce is due to finish next month. The taskforce, which is led by British Transport Police, was set up in 2012 to tackle metal thefts, primarily from railway lines but also lead from church roofs. Show More Summary

SLAM's Ka Nefer Nefer and Questions About the Communist Regime of Yugoslavia

Communist leader Josip Broz Tito examines a vase with wife Jovanka... The interest in the official collecting history of the Ka Nefer Nefer mask now in the museum of a US city currently in the news for brutal police repression, is shifting to the period when it is claimed the antiquity was in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Show More Summary

Collector Kaloterna, The Jelinek Connection Under Scrutiny?

There is continued interest in the mysterious collecting history of the Ka Nefer Nefer mask which has documentation which a US court is satisfied (seriously!) means it was actually in two places at once. David Gill asks:What is the authenticated...Show More Summary

Raiders of the Lost Ark indeed

Archaeologists raid lost Ark in Haddonfield A team of historians, students and archaeology specialists have been getting down and dirty, digging below a tract adjacent to the Indian King Tavern in Haddonfield. The dig has unearthed old coins, pieces of wine bottles and plenty of animal bones, but also some surprises, such as a cellar deeper and [...]

Antiquities Market: Criminal Conduct Piggybacking on Legitimate Trade

Rick St Hilaire, 'A Healthy Trade, A Black Market Temptation: Latest Figures Show U.S. Leadership in Art and Antiquities Exports and Imports' (Wednesday, August 20, 2014) has determined that the US is the world's leading exporter and importer of fine art, antiquities, and other cultural goods, valued at $9 billion in 2013. Show More Summary

PAS Countdown

Hello, Bloomsbury. We'll count with you - PAS Countdown begins today: 995,399 objects within 629,110 records recorded, more than eleven million probably missing.

FBI Looking in

Welcome, FBI Criminal Justice Investigations. I see what you are looking at - I get a lot of searches on the topic of that one. Send someone to go and get him! He'll talk, I am sure. They always do.

One of the coolest things hardly anybody knows about

The Fayum Portraits: THE MUMMY’S FACE: SOLVING AN ANCIENT MYSTERY In reality, he’s the “Bearded Man, 170-180 A.D.,” a Roman-Egyptian whose portrait adorned the sarcophagus sheltering his mummified remains. But the details of who he was and what he was thinking have been lost to time. But perhaps not for much longer. A microscopic sliver of painted [...]

Crowd-Funded Research in Archaeology

Just yesterday, a friend of mine asked me what I thought about crowd-funded archaeological projects and sent me a link to a recently funded project on Kickstarter to support excavation in Nicaragua. A quick search at Kickstarter and another crowd funding site, Indiegogo, revealed quite a few other archaeological projects looking to raise funds for […]

Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights "Certification"

The US 'Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights' exists to promote and defend people's "right to enjoy the recreational hobby of metal detecting on public use lands and waterways". They place great store on "educating the public on responsible practices within our hobby, including the Detectorists Code of Ethics". Show More Summary

Metal Detectors in Archaeological Research (1), Adopt the 'Hoik' Approach.

"Digging hits", an interesting US variant on the theme of McDonaldisation of archaeological field techniques, also known as the 'Montpellier Keyhole Antistratigraphic Hoik approach'.Archaeology lowers itself to the lowest common denominator, hoiking finds out blind (after bleeps). Worrying.

Is the Kaloterna collection fictional?

Egyptian mummy mask reported to have formed part of "the Kaloterna collection" Just over a month ago I raised some questions about the Kaloterna collection. Nobody has pointed me in the direction of other objects from this collection. Show More Summary

Vex-Blex, the Tekkie Nameless Hex

A novice metal detectorist from the West Country asks "why is not even mentioning your name allowed on the forum?" No idea Jed, no idea. Perhaps it's some kind of a silly superstition some intellectually -challenged detectorists have. Show More Summary

Visual Heritage Project

Apsara Iyer has been researching the formation and persistence of antiquities trafficking markets in Peru and India. Iyer has now launched the Visual Heritage Project.The site aims to crowd sources images for archaeological sites from Instagram or Flickr and pairs these photos with older archival images. Show More Summary

Archaeologists compare Neolithic Kent site to Stonehenge, find Bronze Age funerary monument

A Neolithic ditch which became a huge funerary monument when it was enlarged with an outer ring during the Bronze Age has been found on housing development grounds in Kent Archaeologists suspect a “sacred way” could have led to a henge 6,000 years ago at Iwade Meadows, to the west of the Kent industrial town of Sittingbourne. Show More Summary

More victims of 4th cent. Kourion earthquake found

The Department of Antiquities of Cyprus has announced the completion of the 2014 excavation season of the Kourion Urban Space project (KUSP) under the direction of Dr. Thomas W. Davis of the Tandy Institute for Archaeology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. Show More Summary

Scientists Confirm Richard III Led a Royal Lifestyle

The remains of King Richard III found in Trench 1 during the Leicester excavations. Photo Credit: University of Leicester I t is confirmed: King Richard III, whose remains were identified and exhumed in September, 2012 near Leicester, England, led a royal lifestyle, particularly during his last few years as King. Show More Summary

Silchester archaeological dig ends after 18 years

For 18 long summers, a quiet corner of Hampshire has resounded to the sound of tapping, scraping, and sloshing. But after Saturday all that will end. The Silchester dig site [Credit: BBC] Silchester - the site of one of Britain's longest running archaeological digs - has revealed many secrets since 1997. Show More Summary

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