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New Community & Education Officer

Rachel Brown Wessex Archaeology is delighted to welcome Rachel Brown as our new Community & Education Officer. Rachel has worked as a History teacher and more recently as People and Learning Manager for the British Red Cross. These roles...Show More Summary

Marion True's Memoir

Christopher Knight ('Getty curator at the center of past looting scandals has been writing a memoir', Los Angeles Times, August 20th 2015) notes: The Washington Post reported Thursday that Marion True, the distinguished Getty curator...Show More Summary

The Heritagist on Vikan's 'American Museums Serve the World by buying illicit Antiquities"

Laurie Frey, the Heritagist, has a sensible piece on Gary Vikan's suggestion in the Wall Street Journal (August 19) that Western museums and cultural institutions should be willing to purchase Syrian and Iraqi antiquities of dubiousShow More Summary

US Statement on Khalid al-Assad

The US Department of State issued a video statement by Spokesperson John Kirby on the brutal murder of Syrian Archaeologist Khalid al-Assad, August 19, 20: "The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms this murder of a man who dedicated his life to preserving Syria's cultural treasures. Show More Summary

Dogs Walked, Patios Weeded, Hoards Hunted, Anyone?

If you have a hoard that needs to be found, then an advert spotted on a British local shop door by a reader is for you.

Like Vikan, Hecht used Rescue Argument too

US museum man Vikan wanted to 'rescue art' from the Middle East, and a US dealer from the Greeks and Italians Hecht [...] died in 2012 at the age of 92. His wife, Elizabeth, had recruited coin collector and Corning Glass family member...Show More Summary

The Real History of Assessment

It’s been a long time since I’ve let myself be annoyed by something in the Chronicle of Higher Education. I take some pride in that because one of the Chronicles’ chief purposes is to keep us all informed where, when, and for what reason the sky is falling. Yesterday, Prof. Joan Hawthorne, the Director of… Read More ?

Only in America: 'The Case For Buying Antiquities To Save Them'

Gary Vikan, 'The Case For Buying Antiquities To Save Them' Wall Street Journal Aug. 19, 2015 ("barring all sales from dubious sources isn’t the solution"). Donna Yates describes this as "this view is flawed in so many ways". The guy is an ex CPAC member. Show More Summary

Greece Seeing Increase in Illegal Antiquities Sales and Looting of Ancient Sites

National Geographic Report: Greece Seeing Increase in Illegal Antiquities Sales and Looting of Ancient Sites:Recently police in Greece have noted a spike in a surprising kind of crime: People with no prior criminal record are looting Greek antiquities. Show More Summary

Explore an 18th Century Dutch Shipwreck in 3D!

Cannon 6002 - Gun Rocks, Outer Farne Islands by Wessex Archaeology on Sketchfab In the early 1700s a Dutch ship was lost on the notoriously dangerous rocks of the Farne Islands, off Britain’s east coast. Since then the wreck has lain...Show More Summary

Another Syrian Culture Official Killed

The Syrian Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums (DGAM), said the Assistant Director of laboratories Qasem Abdullah Yehiya, died in a rocket attack on the Damascus Citadel and the National Museum last week. A number of museum employees were also injured in the attack on the Damascus Citadel and museum. Show More Summary

UK Portable Antiquities Trade

Does it take as much as this?Andy Brockman ? @ pipelinenews 34 min. 34 minuty temu The best tribute @ GOVUK + UK archaeologists can pay to Khaled al-Asaad is get serious about prosecuting antiquities traffickers # RatifyHague WHEN will Britain get serious about prosecuting antiquities traffickers?

Well, okay, here’s another one

This has been getting some linkage on the Internets: The famous Robert Frost poem we’ve read wrong forever It is the most famous poem in American literature, a staple of pop songs, newspaper columnists and valedictorian speeches. It is “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. Everyone can quote those final two lines. But everyone, writes David [...]

A Literary Journal in the Digital Age

This afternoon we have our first North Dakota Quarterly meeting of the year. NDQ is a small, proud, and once influential literary journal published at the University of North Dakota. For over a century, the Quarterly has appeared four times (or somewhat less) per year filled with poetry, fiction, and commentary. The last few years,… Read More ?

The Abu Sayyaf Stash Value Again

Thaddeus Gutierrez addresses a post on Peter Tompa's lobbyist blog which claims that the Al Sayyaf stash would not buy much military equipment. Dr Gutierrez shows that this is a groundless claim. This grouping of recovered antiquities,...Show More Summary

Antiquitist Lobbyist Loses Ground in Debate

Tompa is getting trounced on the Linked-in discussion on Middle Eastern looted artefacts surfacing on foreign markets. Ellie Rose Elliott, referring to the story of the beheading of Khaled al-Asaad, 82, addresses him thus: The cost of your self-asserted 'right' to buy what you please where you please and no questions asked, is too high. Show More Summary

My Work Experience at Wessex Archaeology

I was excited to be given the opportunity to spend a week with Wessex Archaeology as I am considering studying archaeology and history as a degree, and so I knew that this would be an unmissable opportunity to find out more. Day 1 (10/08/15)...Show More Summary

A farewell post

Gonna be gone to my Stammland (Wisconsin) for a couple of weeks. Been crazy busy the last few days trying to get that straightened out and also get some fieldwork done. I’m putting a couple of photos here of that, although I can’t show too much (private property and such, donchaknow). But as a bit [...]

Syrian Antiquities Official Captured and Killed

Khaled Assad The man who looked after the Roman ruins in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra is reported to have been killed by Islamic State (IS) militants. Khaled Asaad was taken hostage by the group after it seized the Unesco World Heritage site earlier this year. Show More Summary

Ancient Paquime and the Casas Grande World - Book Review

K. Kris Hirst has done an excellent job reviewing Ancient Paquime and the Casas Grande World, so I will just add that Paquime is in northern Chihuahua, Mexico, and can be visited today. The book covers the 40 years of research that has...Show More Summary

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