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And this is cooler

Northwest Archaeologists Reset Assumptions About Durability Of Biological Evidence I like the photo. Another one of those “Pretend like you’re actually doing something” shots. For some reason I thought they’d already been getting residues from way way back.

This is cool

Archaeologists have uncovered one of the biggest Maya tombs ever I probably would have done Maya archaeology if I’d had the chance. Probably would have hated all the bugs though.

Protect and Preserve International Cultural Property Act

This is what US dug-up antiquities dealers have been opposing all along, the Protect and Preserve International Cultural Property Act (PL 114-151),........can anyone figure out why?This concerns a report of the US Government Accountability Office, to whom are the dealers accountable?

New Work at Isthmia: Old Excavations, Traces, and Memory

I was thrilled to see Jon Frey and Tim Gregory publish a lengthy article on their ongoing research at the site of Isthmia in Greece. In “Old Excavations, New Interpretations: The 2008–2013 Seasons of The Ohio State University Excavations at Isthmia” (Hesperia 85 (2016) 437-490), Frey and Gregory re-examine decades old excavations around the Roman… Read More ?

Cut-and_Pasters, are you LISTENING?

Veiled rebuke of the coin dealers' associations and their time-wasting army of cut-and-pasters poised to flood the CPAC with dissent? Patty Gerstenblith ?@PGerstenblith 8 godz.8 godzin temu Patty Gerstenblith poda?/a dalej Heritage at State I encourage all with relevant information to submit comments about Peru and Cyprus proposed MOU renewals by Sept. 30

“Directions and post code will be emailed a few days beforehand”

"Self-centred acquisitive oiks knowing they’re doing wrong but doing it anyway? Surely not?!" Heritage Action 'Another fine bash at Weyhill Fair!', Update 14 August 2016

More US-Looted Saddam Statue Pieces Come on Market

Gohdar Alkaidy and Jan-Henrik Dobers, 'Abenteuerliche Auktion Saddams Bronze-Bein in Hamburg!' Bild (Ad-blocker sensitive) 11th August 2016. I really think the US cannot afford to get too hypocritical about ISIL-looting when they still have not hunted down who in the US-led invasion forces stole this stuff. Show More Summary

Dealers' Ignorance is no Excuse for Dealers' Ignorance

I think the dullard dealers of the United States who consider that the stance of UNESCO on illicit antiquities is part of its alleged "aggressive efforts to restrict and strangle the international antiquities trade" should read the preamble of the 1970 Convention. Show More Summary

Landowners, Beware of Metal Detecting Scammers

A day after my discussion of the 23-quid "Roman grots", Heritage Action's Farmer Brown warns other landowners to be wary of the metal detectorists Last Sunday a bloke offered me £500 to allow a detecting rally in my top field! I asked him what he thought they might find. Show More Summary

China has come to dominate the art and antiquities market

The 'Mom and Pop' antiquities dealerships of the US cannot compete Soon the regulations and standards in the antiquities market may not be being set by the US and western Europe but China. China has come to dominate the art and antiquities market. Show More Summary

Collector Loses Artefacts in Greece

A 62-year-old man in Grevena, northern Greece, was arrested on Thursday for the illegal possession of archaeological artifacts in his home (Grevena man arrested over hoard of 184 antiquities). A police raid on the collector's home yielded...Show More Summary

A Super-size Roman Pot!

Jen Whitby as a human scale Pots come in all shapes and sizes, but this one is larger than most! This large Roman storage jar, which originally stood about 60 centimetres high, comes from a site at Frithend in Hampshire, and was oneShow More Summary

"Save" the Wold Newton Hoard from Getting into the Hands of Coin Collectors

There is a funny little video here, featuring a naff display, an anonymous ('not really-reading-this') commentator who just assumes we all know it was found by an artefact hunter, then there's the manicured FLO who cannot answer queries about an identification she made and the professional numismatist with the jiggly hands. Show More Summary

Act Like You’ve Done It Before! My First Review

I know I should act like I’ve done this before, but I am extraordinarily (and maybe inappropriately) excited to report that a book from The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota got its first review. Karl Jacob Skarstein’s The War with the Sioux was reviewed in North Dakota History. Ironically, the review appears… Read More ?

Friday Quick Hits and Varia

As the Frog Days of summer are upon us and the semester looms, it feels like the calm before the storm. The days and nights are warm here in North Dakotaland even if the mosquitos are fierce and the days are growing shorter. Campus is just starting to come back to life and the community… Read More ?

"What's Wrong?" Stolen Material on the Market and Dealers ask Whether Something is Wrong

'Cyprus: What's Wrong with This Picture?' asks a blogger referring to allegationsfrom the Paphos mayor that material has been stolen from a Cypriot museum. What is wrong with it is the story is gleefully reported by the very same lobbyist...Show More Summary

Antiquities Looting in China

China’s Historical Relics to Be Preserved; Local Government Punishes Tomb Raiders Backed by Private Art CollectorsThe State Administration for Cultural Heritage (SACH) blamed the local government for the lack of control that led to tomb looting. Show More Summary

Danish archaeologists find mysterious well

The mysterious site was found near Aars west of the Limfjord in northeastern Jutland (photo: Google Maps) Danish archaeologists have discovered a mysterious New Stone Age construction near the town of Aars in northeastern Jutland. “I...Show More Summary

Being Polite to the "Scumbags", Washington Style

On behalf of the dealers, the IAPN and PNG's spokesperson and Washington law firm lobbyist urges collectors to: disagree with what the State Department bureaucrats and their allies in the archaeological establishment are doing to our...Show More Summary

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