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NPR asks Cuno to Tell us (again) about his "Refugee Antiquities" idea

As conflict continues and escalates in the MENA region, we seem currently to be witnessing a phase of interest (mainly from the US) in evacuating the world's antiquities and art to use to look after for the brown-skinned folk. The latest example is an interview mostly with Dr James Cuno president of the J. Show More Summary

What People Collect ("citizen Osteology" or just trophy-collecting?)

This is presumably what the British Museum would call "citizen osteology" - Conor Gearin 'Hundreds of mystery human skulls sold on eBay for up to $5500' New Scientist 12th July 2016. During a period of seven months it was found that 237 people listed 454 loose human skulls for sale on eBay, with opening bids ranging from one cent to $5500. Show More Summary

UK "Citizen Aerial Archaeology"

The British Museum has called metal detecting (artefact collecting) "citizen archaeology". Here therefore is one of their citizens doing some "citizen aerial archaeology". The Museum's "Learning, Audiences and Volunteer Department" and Press Office have still to get back to us with the Museum's definition of archaeology. Show More Summary

Ancient Lamps from America

The antiquities dealer Alte Roemer (Dr. Alexander Khalaidovski and Dr. Matthias Hoeh) are based in Munich and Hamburg and seem pretty desperate to get rid of a group ancient lamps many of Middle Eastern types. we have a special offer of 49 ancient oil lamps for dealers and serious collectors. Show More Summary

July Pieces Of My Mind #1

Had dinner in Ryd shopping centre outside Linköping. My falafel came covered in this shocking purplish pink sauce. I said, “Oh my, what sauce is this!?” Replied the waiter, “It’s pink sauce”. (Turned out to be the standard white garlic sauce with colouring, possibly beetroot brine.) Movie: Ant-man. Superhero action comedy. Grade: Pass. Jrette liked…

Sophie Feilder's Work Experience

When I arrived at Wessex Archaeology on the Monday morning, I was given a tour and was struck by how big the building was. Having had lunch and having been familiarised with my timetable, I was shown how the Survey department works by a lady called Roberta. Show More Summary

British Archaeological Awards

British Archaeological Awards 2016 Although it was held in hoiker-partner HQ in Bloomsbury, not a single metal detecting (so-called "citizen archaeology") project of hoiking and pocketing or show-and-tell made the shortlist. Is thatShow More Summary

Reading the Wall

Conference; Reading the Wall; Newcastle University; 15/6/16 – 17/6/16. The Turf Wall and the Vallum: Linguistic Dislocation on Hadrian’s Wall; Geoff Carter. Abstract ; Above and beyond the physical reality of its archaeological deposits, Hadrian’s Wall exists as a literary entity with its own distinct vocabulary including Latin loan words. Show More Summary

Saxon Bradford on Avon

On Friday 8 June 2016 I presented a talk to the Friends of Holy Trinity discussing the Anglo-Saxon origins of their church. Wessex Archaeology’s Bristol Office are currently engaged in monitoring the refurbishment works at Holy Trinity, and this has led to some exciting discoveries. Show More Summary

"Oi'm a Citizin Archeol'gist Oi Am, The British Museem Sez so"

Antiquaries in Britain Heritage Action are concerned about the image of archaeology which is being propagated by teh staff of a major British research institution:Update, Tuesday 12 July Paul Barford received a reply which didn’t answer the central issue so far as we are concerned. Show More Summary

Some More Landscapes of the Western Argolid

Over the last week in the Western Argolid, I snapped a few more panorama photographs that I hope convey a bit of an impression of the diversity in our survey area. The sky on our last field day of our three year project:

Bloomsburian "Citizen Archaeology" with Naff music

Here is a chunk of what our colleagues in the British Museum are referring to as "citizen archaeology" at a commercial citizen archaeology artefact grabbing rally at Muchelney (warning, film has some really cheesy music):.. The Muchelney Metal Detecting Rally October 2015. Show More Summary

Fieldwork in the Venice Lagoon

Although not Wessex-related fieldwork, last week I took part in fieldwork in the Venice Lagoon as part of the ‘Voices of Venice’ project, directed by Diego Calaon from the Universities of Stanford (USA) and Ca’Foscari (Venice, Italy), and in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Reading (UK). Show More Summary

Evacuating America's Refugee Artefacts

Olivia Paschal, following Cuno, postulates in her piece 'Syria, Colonialism, and the Yale Art Gallery' (The Politic, 9th July 2016) on the "Repatriation Debate" (primarily a US obsession) that "as conflicts escalate in many of the regions...Show More Summary

Yale Gets it Wrong

"On the edge of the Syrian border [sic] near the banks of the Euphrates River sits a pile [sic] of ruins, all that remains of the ancient city of Dura Europos...". Olivia Paschal has written a piece 'Syria, Colonialism, and the YaleShow More Summary

The British Museum and "Citizens" and their "Archaeology"

From: Paul Barford To: hboulton ; nelvin Sent: Sat, 9 Jul 2016 19:51 Subject: Citizens and their archaeology Dear Ms Bolton, Ms Elvin, I would be grateful if you could pass this query to the person responsible for the text of the British...Show More Summary

ISIL Showing off Again

ISIS has released a new "heritage snuff" videothat shows its destruction of the Palmyra Museum's Palmyrene funerary portraiture as well as desecration of the museum's mummies which DGAM personnel had stored in a protective bricked-sealed enclosure at the museum prior to ISIS overtaking the city in May 2015.

"Citizen Archaeology"

According to the British Museum in its 2016 Annual Review ) hot off the press, artefact hunting is "citizen archaeology". So here is some more citizen archaeology:"Citizen Archaeology" at secret location in Kent Keyhole carrier bag "Citizen...Show More Summary

What I wrote @Forbes and @mental_floss in June

I just finished writing a book chapter and was feeling pretty flipping good about myself until I realized I've been falling down terribly on my PbO blogging. The Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival is... well, non-existent, it seems. I just...Show More Summary

German Parliament Passes Eminently Sensible Modern Law to Protect Culture.

The upper house of the German parliament, the Bundsrat, has today passed a law aimed at tackling illegal trafficking in looted antiquities and protecting German national heritage. It was strenuously opposed by theos that wanted to continue to take advantage of the existing laxity, so dealers and collectors mostly. Show More Summary

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