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On June 20th, the Arc of Appalachia is hosting a very special event at Serpent Mound – an observance of the 2015 Summer Solstice Sunset. Many ancient monuments were built with alignments to important astronomical events. Stonehenge may be the world’s most famous example. Show More Summary

Ohio Memory Madness is Back!

In the spirit and fun of college basketball’s March Madness, the Ohio History Connection invites you to participate in Ohio Memory Madness – a bracket of sixty-four historical events from across the state all competing for the unique distinction of being named the 2015 Ohio Memory Madness Champion. Show More Summary

Coineys ! "Archaic Roman coins have been prohibited by the MOU!" Eh?

"There are now 274 comments which have been submitted noted on the website counter - that's better than it was yesterday, but still a pretty weak response from the on-line numismatic community". Mark Lehman of Ancient Coins for Education...Show More Summary

Another Dealer Sued for Reimbursment

Following the case of the Nancy Wiener Seated Buddha, the Singapore Asian Civilisations Museum and the National Heritage Board of Singapore are reportedly suing a Madison Avenue art dealer for reimbursement of the $1.4 million purchase price which between 1997 and 2010 they paid for antiquities of apparently questionable provenance. Show More Summary

My CPAC Comment

Have you made your contribution? I carved out a few minutes today to submit a comment to the CPAC on the Italy MOU renewal, just a few hours before the closing. I tried to write something different from the last time I supported the previous incarnation of the Italy MOU and my previous one (on Egypt). Show More Summary

Warning: Arthur Houghton Invites

Oggy Oggy It seems that some coineys still have some problems with their computers after I reported the IAPN infection a while back (21st Feb to be exact). It seems I have the supreme honour of now being in the distinguished Arthur Houghton III's email address book, despite not having ever, to my memory, been in direct email contact with the man. Show More Summary

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

This is a busy time of year for sports fans with the Cricket World Cup and the NCAA Basketball Tournament going on at the same time and the baseball players preparing for their summertime contests. I’m sure there are other sports as well. I think I heard something about ice hockeying.  Despite the distractions, I… Read More ?

Sign up for AL:PS Field School

Now that we are moving into spring and the fieldwork season is getting closer, don't forget to sign up to the AL:PS field school which will take place in Upper Loch Torridon, in September. This spectacular region has wonderful archaeology to match and we are really looking forward to introducing it to you. Show More Summary

Dr Obbink and Ancient Asset Investment

There is an interesting addition to the 'contact us' page of the updated Ancient Asset Investment' website which has now replaced every page of the site: Please Note: Certain files saved in the directory of this website incorrectly ascribed information to Dr. Show More Summary

Hominin Iron Chef

The way I've set up this semester's upper-level Human Origins class includes an in-class lecture on Tuesdays and then an in-class lab period on Thursdays. For most of the semester, we've been poring over hominin skull casts, but that's...Show More Summary

Friday Retrospect: CPAC Comments - Lost for words?

In a week's time at midnight the period for CPAC public comments closes. Here is an old post of mine (Thursday, 20 October 2011) which although it relates to the CPAC deliberations on an MOU with Bulgaria, has in fact lost little ofShow More Summary

Lobbyist Wants More Test Cases

If you or anyone else wants to fund another "test case" related to Italian coins, I'm sure ACCG would be interested. And their lobbyist even more so. The trouble is, how many collectors and dealers want to trust these people with more...Show More Summary

McGovern-Huffman on Italy Cultural Property Illicit Import MOU, "Perverted"

The Association of Dealers & Collectors of Ancient and Ethnographic Art do not support the renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding between the US and the Republic of Italy and will be making an oral presentation and will answer questions at the April 8th meeting. Show More Summary

Snible Listens Attentively to Lobbyist

The normally sensible coin collector Ed Snible has today a post on his blog chivvying along the submission of pro-smuggling comments to the CPAC ('American collectors should comment on the pending renewal of the MOU with Italy' A gift for Polydektes, Wednesday, March 18, 2015). Show More Summary

Coiney Lawyer "Let's Rumble...."

The Times, in an article "Antiquities looted by Islamic State turn up on eBay", published a picture of a random eBay coin auction with a caption suggesting the coin it depicted had been looted in Syria by ISIL. The Mail repeated it,Show More Summary

March Pieces Of My Mind #1

Oh fuck. I just installed the operating system update/trojan that makes this particular Samsung smartphone model slow. I wonder how classical liberalism views labour unions. On the one hand, the right to form one is clearly a civil liberty. On the other hand, it can be seen as what Smith called a “conspiracy of businessmen”,…

Adventures in Podcasting 5

This episode of Caraheard contains an interview about Bill’s new book (to minute 56), and some particularly brilliant discussion of archaeologists and our perverse relationship with the media (minute 56 and after).  If you are super pressed for time, buy the book and listen to the media portion (says Richard – Bill may disagree). Richard… Read More ?

Early Medieval Carved Stones at Llantrisant

An archaeologist from our Wales office in Aberystwyth has recently undertaken a watching brief on the lifting of an early medieval carved stone prior in advance of a programme of conservation. The work was undertaken on behalf of Treftadaeth...Show More Summary

Metal Detectorists Support Artefact Smuggling:

Over on a metal detecting blog near you, members are being asked to join in the campaign by certain dealers and collectors to have anti-smuggling regulations concerning dugup artefacts lifted (disc440, Stout "Standards" [sic] March 16, 2015 at 1:54 pm). Show More Summary

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