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The Explosion of Terrorism

' Global Terrorism Index ' 16 Nov 2014 has a thought-provoking graphic: So much for the "war against terror" - much good that has done anyone.

You-Ess-Eh! You-Ess-AY!

Dollars for bombs:The US government has approved a request from Saudi Arabia to buy more than 19,000 bombs and smart bombs for its air force, the State Department said on Monday. Congress will have to green light the deal, but the $1.29 billion dollar sale is likely to go through, and will replenish Saudi stores used up in their war on Yemen. Show More Summary

Lack of Transparency in the International Art and Antiquities Trade

"Our recommendations are therefore aimed at encouraging real progress with what appear to be moribund aspects of the Government’s approach and tackling the apparent gaps in any strategy there may be". (2003) Rumoured to be a member of...Show More Summary

Teaching History in/with/via Video Games

Prompted by Lee, I’m collating here materials that I’ve put out there regarding my teaching/thinking related to video games & history and archaeology. The list below is in no recognizable bibliographic style (mostly because I’m tapping this out and can’t be bothered this AM). 2006 The Year of the Four Emperors – CivIV scenario that […]

Overslept, At a Conference, Someone Wrote Something Better

Since I overslept, and I’m at a conference (here’s my paper) and someone wrote something better over at the North Dakota Quarterly website, I’ll just direct you there.  See you next week!

Volunteers Process Polish 303 Squadron Hurricane

Volunteers at Wessex Archaeology have recently finished processing finds from the Hurricane P3700 of 303 Squadron crash site at Saddlescombe Farm, West Sussex. The aircraft finds were given to Wessex Archaeology to process by Richard Osgood, Senior Archaeologist for the Defence Infrastructure Organisation. Show More Summary

Some papers. . . . .

For a small project I’m starting on: Dealing with Outliers and Offsets in Radiocarbon Dating CALIBRATION EXAMPLES USING OXCAL BAYESIAN TOOLS RECENT AND PLANNED DEVELOPMENTS OF THE PROGRAM OXCAL The Groningen Radiocarbon Series from Tel Rehov Will get back to you once it’s done.

When I don’t know, I link.

And I don’t know squat about the new Denisovian tooth DNA. Hence, go read Hawks.

'Hollande proposes that Syrian antiquities be brought to France for safekeeping',

Ed Adamczyk, ' Hollande proposes that Syrian antiquities be brought to France for safekeeping ', Nov. 17, 2015 French President Francois Hollande proposed a plan to offer "asylum" to Syrian artifacts and historical antiquities Tuesday. Show More Summary

"What's Wrong With Archaeology" According to a Collector

Because they see the perception of problematic issues of the existence of a no-questions-asked antiquities market as artificially created (imagined) by "archaeologists" - who then become their "number one enemy", collectors and dealers often strive to discredit archaeology totally. Show More Summary

Howdy from Atlanta and ASOR 2015

Greetings all. Just a quick note to say I've arrived in Atlanta for the ASOR (American School of Oriental Research) 2015 conference! I will write a debriefing blog when I return to DC to share highlights of what I learned, as this will be my first foray into the Near Eastern archeology community. Show More Summary

Books by their Cover

You can’t open Facebook these days without seeing a profile picture superimposed with a French flag. A year ago, profile pictures had multicolored hues in support of equal marriage rights or gay marriage. At various times of year, social media profiles sport pink for breast cancer, mustaches for prostate cancer, or various other regular designs… Read More ?

What "Wasted Opportunity"? (1)

Over on the blog of "John Hooker FSA", we read a series of guest posts written by metal detectorist who calls himself "Dean Crawford — Living among the Dobunni" (sic). One of them allegedly concerns "a story of a wasted opportunity" and is supposed to be a critique on British archaeology. Show More Summary

What "Wasted Opportunity"? (2)

This is the second part of an examination of the postulate found on the blog of Canadian collector who calls himself "John Hooker FSA", and contained in a guest post written by a metal detectorist who calls himself "Dean Crawford — Living among the Dobunni" (sic). Show More Summary

Fixing No-Questions-Asked Market "Key step to stopping ISIL

Danti: "Reducing global market space for conflict antiquities” is key step to stopping ISIL http:// d?utm_source=hootsuite …

Objects, Clones, Context

On Thursday evening, I give a short paper at an ASOR panel called Object Biography II: Object as Magnet. I’m not entirely sure what to make of the panel. Last year the papers spurred some interesting conversation, so it didn’t take much to convince me to submit something this year. When I sat down and… Read More ?

“Daesh,” a word the Islamic State hates.

Laura Reston explains: Daesh is an acronym. It stands for the Arabic name of the Islamic State: al-Dawla al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq wa al-Sham. [...] Zeba Khan, writing for the Boston Globe, has explained why “Daesh” could be read as anShow More Summary

Borders Permeable to Illicit Antiquities CAN be Exploited by Terrorists

It has now been confirmed that the Metrojet (Kogalymavia) A321 plane which fell out of the sky over the Sinai Peninsula on October 31 killing all 224 people on board was caused by a bomb and lax security at the Egyptian airport where...Show More Summary

In which I go full Dunnellian

Buick Ventiports and Style Vs. Function: A Fundamental Dichotomy? These things have fascinated me for a while, mostly for geeky theoretical reasons. I studied evolutionary theory as part of my graduate studies in archaeology and, oddly enough, automobiles provide very good examples of a lot of the sort of evolutionary principles that can be applied to [...]

Revisions of Slow Archaeology

Over the weekend I spent some time coming to terms with some recent comments to the most recent version of my slow archaeology article. As per usual, I worked out my thoughts on the blank page and this is what I cam up with as a framework for revising my thoughts.  One thing is clear,… Read More ?

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