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On Trial for Destruction of Historical Monuments

An alleged Islamic extremist who is accused of destroying Timbuktu monuments during unrest in 2012 in Mali has been sent to the International Criminal Court to be tried for the war crime of destroying historical monuments:Ahmad Al Mahdi...Show More Summary

Lex Dura, Sed Lex

The two treasure hunters who claim they have found Nazi gold train buried eight metres beneath a hill near Walbrzych, Poland were hunting for it without permission and will be arrestedThe two treasure hunters who triggered gold fever in Poland with claims of finding a Nazi train laden with WW2 loot may end up behind bars before they hit the jackpot. Show More Summary

Looted Mexican Carving Found in France

Nobody wants to say how and where it was found....A nearly 3,000-year-old carving stolen more than four decades ago from a remote area of southern Mexico has been recovered in France. The Olmec carving dating to around 900 B.C. had been...Show More Summary

Stolen wooden statuette to be repatriated to Egypt from France

France will repatriate a stolen statuette that dates back to the Pharaonic sixth Dynasty to Egypt in October, announced Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities Mamdouh al-Damati in a statement Thursday. The wooden statuette was stolen from the store of The Imhotep Museum at Saqqara, 35 kilometers away from Cairo, announced Damati. Show More Summary

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s the first fall Friday of 2015, and the leaves are just beginning to change here in North Dakotaland. That means that we might start to enjoy some cool evenings and the sparkling dust of frost in the morning light. Good times except that it too quickly gives way to mind-wrenching cold temperatures and endless… Read More ?

PAS Moved Out of Offices

In the reshuffle of LAVa PAS, the Portable Antiquities Scheme and Treasure Unit have now been moved out of Russell Square to a new location in the southwest wing of the BM.

New BM Director Appointed

German art historian, Hartwig Fischer, to become first foreign director of British Museum Like Martin Roth director of the Victoria and Albert Museum, he comes to the London post from Dresden. Let is see what his approach to metal detecting will be (it is illegal around Dresden). Show More Summary

That was Quick

W?odzimierz Antkowiak has written a number of books on treasure/artefact/military vehicle wreck hunting in Poland. Here is his latest - about the "Gold Train" - beginning from the news of 18th August 2015 that two guys had found something, then in the first thirty pages is pretty sceptical about it - for much the same reasons as I am. Show More Summary

The Williston City Plan and Refugees in Europe

Thanks to the University of North Dakota Geography Department, I was able to hear a nice talk yesterday by the Donald Kress, Principal Planner of the City of Williston. He walked us through the policies established beginning in 2008 to provide for crew camps in and around Williston. His talk focused on crew camps, which… Read More ?

Zimbabwe gets Tough with Illicit Antiquities Trade

Zimbabwe announces it is going to get tough with the illicit antiquities trade. The international cultural property market has too long taken advantage of the vulnerability of African cultural properties.

Yemen - Unhappy Arabia

Damaged buildings In Yemen, the Economist [N.P. and Erasmus] suggests ('The religious and cultural heritage being ruined by Yemen's war' Sep 9th 2015) that although monuments and antiquities are being destroyed in Yemen in the ongoing sectarian civil war, nobody cares because it's done by Saudis/West, not ISIS. Show More Summary

Cambridge academic jailed for stealing £238k in lottery fraud

A fellow of Cambridge University was found guilty of stealing £238,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) over a period of seven years and has been jailed for six years. David Barrowclough, 48, used the money, which he claimed by applying...Show More Summary

I had a story to link. . . .

But the USA Today site irritated me with gigantic popups that I couldn’t get rid of that I decided not to. Scum sucking pig-dogs.


Archaeology: Book about America’s discovery gets it all wrong In the current issue of the journal American Antiquity, Larry Zimmerman, an archaeologist from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, reviews one of those books,...Show More Summary

Bodies, bodies everywhere! Well. . . .two.

Nether Heyford graves of girl and soldier could shed light on Dark Ages Two graves found in Northamptonshire could shed light on ordinary people’s lives after the Romans left Britain. The graves, near a Roman villa at Nether Heyford, contain a girl and an armed man buried in the Dark Ages. They were discovered by metal detector experts [...]

Epic archaeology

The lost tunnels of Liverpool On a summer day in 2001, Coe and a small band of investigators literally “broke into” a suspected tunnel in the Paddington area of Edge Hill. With the help of a digger, they made a small hole in the roof of what turned out to be an old cellar: the upper [...]

Christie's and marbled Warm-and-Fuzzies

Just tucked away at the very end of their rather patronising "beginners' guide to collecting Classical Marbles", Christie's have this to say:The collection history of a piece is very important to consider. [...] A savvy collector will always ask for all available information, and responsible dealers and auction houses will endeavour to provide as much as they can.[...]Show More Summary

New Work on Churches in the Peloponnesus

I was pretty excited to read Rebecca Sweetman’s newest article on the Early Christian churches of the Peloponnesus in the the most recent American Journal of Archaeology. Not only has her work done a tremendous amount to recover my dissertation (on the same topic) from academic invisibility by citing regularly, but she also gave my blog a… Read More ?

Pontefract Castle: Excavations are Go!

Construction work has begun at Pontefract Castle as part of the HLF-funded Key to the North Project, which will see the improvement of the site as a visitor attraction with the addition of two viewing platforms, a new visitor centre and a café. Show More Summary

A little blogging update and blatant self-promotion

First, I’ll be traveling to Wisconsin again this Thursday to manage mom’s care. She’s out of the horse-pistol but still in an acute care facility, and doing some rehab. A lot slower recovery than we had anticipated, but so far so good moving forward with things. I’ll be there until probably early November. Should be [...]

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