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PACHI PAS FOI: the PAS Forum and the FLO's Revenge

Topic E: 'Grand Stirrup Master' is Badly Treated and Gets Revenge A forum thread of just two posts (13th May 2014) illustrating the frustrations of being an FLO dealing with "C2s and Ds". David Williams gives a link to one of my posts (here it is 'The Sorry Tale of the Surrey Searchers and the FLO', Monday, 12 May 2014). Show More Summary

PACHI PAS FOI: the PAS Forum, Lenborough and Fantasy Trolling by Nameless Varsovians

commentary on the material placed in the public domain as a result of a PACHI FOI request from the British Museum from the PAS hidden forum Topic K 24th -27th December 2014 Comforting Words over the Lenborough Fiasco :The only other sequence of forum posts which Christopher Denvir made available refer to the Lenborough hoard. Show More Summary

2015 PACHI PAS FOI Request - Introduction

Several weeks ago because of something reported by a member of the public (a metal detectorist) that he had been told by his FLO, I placed an FOI request with the British Museum and received the results a few days ago, a day before the deadline. Show More Summary

PACHI PAS FOI Request: The Internal emails (2) Coiney Stuff

Continuing the commentary on what the PAS shared with the BM information officer and us as a result of my FOI request:Topic E: Isle of Wight coinsan email from me 18th December 2013 to Sam Moorhead... his reply however is for some reason...Show More Summary


This is a public institution, supposedly represents British values (Wikipedia). Let's take a look inside and see how well. Today there will be a sequence of posts analysing a fragmentary series of documents wrested from the Portable Antiquities Scheme and Treasure Unit at the British Museum by a request under the Freedom of Information Act. Show More Summary

PACHI PAS FOI Request: Internal Emails (1) - A FOI Threat?

Topic A: The Planted Coin;This document falls well out of the range 21st May 2014 to January 2015 of my FOI request. Why is it included here? Is this due to extreme carelessness, or are the BM trying to signal something? Readers mayShow More Summary

PACHI PAS FOI: The Internal Emails: Muddle over a Site Name

Topic G HollingbourneEvery nighthawk in Kent sat down earlier on this year with Google Earth and the video of the archaeological let down at a certain site in the Maidstone Area and they found the same characteristic clump of trees I...Show More Summary

Hypothetical commentary on Syrian antiquities?

Not saying Syrian antiquities aren't coming to UK (doubt they are). I say there's no proof. VERY shoddy reporting. @washingtonpost @thetimes— Donna Yates (@DrDonnaYates) February 25, 2015 Dr Donna Yates is a specialist in Latin American archaeology. Show More Summary

Washington lobbyist with axe to grind

Paid Washington lobbyist Peter Tompa has decided to criticise investigative reporting of antiquities from Syria by the BBC. He conveniently overlooks the way that the BBC team met key people in the region, viewed material that had been...Show More Summary

And still more booze

The Art of Making (and, of Course, Drinking) Ancient Booze For one of its specialty beers, Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland skips the state-of-the-art equipment for an elaborate system of clay vessels. It doesn’t bottle the milky blond beers, either. Instead, the brewers haul the vessels to tasting events, where beer-heads huddle together and suck [...]

Almost irritating. . . .but kind of sweet

No, not me: Rare Jurassic fossil found by Butleigh archaeologist while clearing stones for pond liner A YOUNG woman with a passion for archaeology has uncovered a remarkable find near her home in Butleigh. Cara Ault was helping her parents as they were working to clear stones before putting down the liner. Her father Thomas Affleck said: “We [...]

Booze, booze, and more booze

The Fascinating World of Alcohol Archaeology Not actually much there but it has a couple of interesting links.

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Nighthawk a "small minority"? No, No Say FLOs

The story goes that the "vast majority" of UK metal detectorists are "responsible" and "law abiding", while only a "very small minority" are nighthawks. Of course nobody will quantify those generalisations for you, but it is, they insist, a very small minority, and in the next breath they assure you are roundly condemned by all artefact hunters. Show More Summary

Bronze Herakles to return to Pesaro

In 1964 a bronze Herakles, dating to the 6th or 5th centuries BC, was stolen from the museum in Pesaro ("US returns stolen artwork 'The Holy Trinity Appearing to Saint Clement' to Italy", ArtNews 25 February 2015). It is reported toShow More Summary

International Best Practice

Earlier this month Director of Coastal & Marine, Euan McNeill set off to Belgium where he presented ‘ Dredging and port construction: interactions with features of archaeological or heritage interest ’ at the 42nd meeting of the PIANC EnviCom (Environmental Commission). Show More Summary

What the PAS Does Not Want You to Know About the Creslow Burial

I think we need discussions on the financial responsibilities of landowners and commercial rally organizers for the mitigation of threats to (theft of) archaeological remains revealed by commercial artefact hunting rallies. If an evaluation...Show More Summary

Why we are not learning from Lenborough

"More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren't so busy denying them"

Let’s hope

Italian cemetery may provide insights to cholera’s evolution Located near the ruins of the abandoned Badia Pozzeveri church in Italy’s Tuscany region, the graveyard contains bodies of cholera victims of the world cholera epidemic of the 1850’s. “To our knowledge, these are the best preserved remains of cholera victims of this time period ever found,” said Clark [...]

Academia update

An astonishingly small number of elite universities produce an overwhelming number of America’s professors. Robert Oprisko is among those who believe the hiring system isn’t a meritocracy. He graduated in 2011 with a Ph.D. in political science from Purdue University. He had won a hefty number of awards, published articles, and had a book contract for [...]

Now why didn’t I think of that?

Archaeology lecture in Stuart, free concert by Kellie Pickler That would totally bump up the attendance at my next lecture.....

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