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Britain’s Oldest Cremated Human Bone Discovered

It had been thought that the nomadic hunter-gatherers of Britain’s Mesolithic period may have abandoned their dead, but a deposit containing cremated human bone was uncovered by a team from Oxford Archaeology in southeastern England....Show More Summary

Relief Nicked from Karnak Returned

Ministry loses the stone, manages to keep the picture (MnAnt) A statement by Egyptian Antiquities Minister Mamdouh el-Damaty on Thursday concerned an 18th dynasty pillar fragment from Karnak temple with part of a relief of Amon Re standing receiving offerings from pharaoh Tuthmosis IV will return to Egypt in the next few days. Show More Summary

Giving 3D Scanning a Porpoise: Faunal Remains from UWF's Collection

This evening at the Society for American Archaeology conference (6-8pm, Grand Ballroom Salon A for all you who are also here!), graduate student Mariana Zechini and I will be presenting a poster on our efforts to scan and print some of the interesting faunal remains in UWF's zooarchaeological collection. Show More Summary

Should Christie's have known?

I plan to comment on the withdrawn objects from Christie's in a little more detail. I note that a spokesperson for the auction house has called for access to the Medici and Becchina photographic archives. But this misses the point that at least one of the pieces appears to feature in a published consignment list. Show More Summary

Adventures in Podcasting 8

This week, Richard and Bill welcomed their first guest into the studio: Andrew Reinhard. We convinced Andrew to talk to us about his research on Archaeogaming which is the archaeology in and of video games. We became particularly interested in his assertion that “meatspace” is no different than the virtual space of games. This, as… Read More ?

Remains of medieval knight discovered in UK Cathedral

The battered remains of a medieval man uncovered at a famous cathedral hint that he may have been a Norman knight with a proclivity for jousting. The skeleton of the medieval man, a possible knight, in his stone grave [Credit: Headland...Show More Summary

Marine Ecology Diving Initiative Launched

Wessex Archaeology Coastal & Marine team are delighted to partner with Marine Ecological Surveys Limited (MESL) in facilitating the launch of their Ecological Diving Services. Dr Delphine Coates, Phil Durrant, and Euan McNeill MESL,Show More Summary

Why America can't figure out the Middle East

Opinion: Salman Masalha, 'Why America can't figure out the Middle East' Haaretz Apr. 16, 2015 When you lack history how can you understand societies steeped in the past?Of course some collectors think they can buy that missing history,...Show More Summary

Phrases you never thought you’d see

“hunchback Hanoverian”: 200 Year Old Skeleton Found : Archaeologist identified man who fought with British troops as Friedrich Brandt A “UNIQUE” 200-year-old skeleton discovered beneath a car park at the battlefield of Waterloo has been...Show More Summary

I like this

Study Suggests Chins Evolved as Faces Shrank Scientists have debated for more than a century why modern humans are the only primates to sport chins. Young modern human children have nearly imperceptible chins, similar to Neanderthals, but they grow chins as they mature. ... Team member Robert Franciscus, an anthropologist, suggests that as modern humans formed [...]

(Rock) Breaking news:

World’s oldest stone tools discovered in Kenya Researchers at a meeting here say they have found the oldest tools made by human ancestors—stone flakes dated to 3.3 million years ago. That’s 700,000 years older than the oldest-known tools to date, suggesting that our ancestors were crafting tools several hundred thousand years before our genus Homo arrived [...]

Just in over the EEF wires:

Ministry of Antiquities Press Office 9-4-201 Translated by: Eman Hossni Antiquities Minister: New Archaeological borders for Merimdet Beni Salama Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Mamdouh Eldamaty declared that he Egypt Exploration Society’s...Show More Summary

A Coin Dealer's Word....

Wayne Sayles wrote just a while ago ('Truth is still important' Ancient coin collecting Monday, February 09, 2015): This is the last post that I will make with any mention of cultural property issues. I am removing all previous posts and starting a new day. Show More Summary

Recognizing Out-of-Place Artefacts: a Tricky Business Indeed

The Association of International Antiquities Dealers (AIAD) intends to promote the benefits of artefact collecting and of the antiquities trade, to help prevent fraud and the circulation of forgeries. A member of the Executive committee...Show More Summary

Largest Antiquities Seizure in American History in New York Comes to Court

The Manhattan district attorney’s office on Tuesday made public the largest antiquities seizure in American history and asked a judge to grant it custody of a startling 2,622 artifacts recovered from storage rooms affiliated with an imprisoned Madison Avenue art dealer. Show More Summary

Triumphs and Tribulations in Teaching (AAPA 2015 Poster Session)

During last month's American Association of Physical Anthropologists conference, I participated in a really interesting poster session on Triumphs and Tribulations in Teaching, organized by Laurie Kauffman and Jessica Westin. We talked...Show More Summary

Chance to fill those gaps

Ed Snible offers ('Mailing coins to and from Europe'): "If anyone with a Polish address is interested in receiving a few recent US coins from me, with full customs declaration, email me and tell me what kind of US coins you want. No charge". Show More Summary

Fornvännen’s Autumn Issue On-line

Today’s my 16th anniversary as editor of Fornvännen! Issue 2014:3 is now on-line on Open Access. Ole Thirup Kastholm on dugout canoes from before AD 1 on the Scandinavian peninsula. Ole Stilborg on Late Bronze Age pottery from Östergötland. Peter Tångeberg on recently uncovered Medieval murals in Kil church, Närke. Påvel Nicklasson on early 19th…

BIM for Construction: Heritage and Ecology

If you are a project manager in infrastructure, renewables, energy or construction then this is the event for you! Wessex Archaeology and our partner Thomson Ecology are organising a morning workshop to explore the BIM (Buildings Information Modelling) compatibility of ecology and archaeology for large construction projects. Show More Summary

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