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The Rabbi and the "Polish Death Camps" Lies

Readers may remember two posts I did here about a New York rabbi who was spreading the pernicious "Polish Death camps" Lie. I invited him to comment on this blog (and one of his students to Poland). He declined to comment here and declined to enter into any sensible discussion of what he'd said, but challenged me to "answer these points". Show More Summary

Cemetery Vandalism in UK

Rabbi Zev Friedman take note, it's in other European countries too: Graves at a Jewish cemetery in Blackley near Manchester have been vandalised in Anti-semitic incident.

Meet the Salisbury Finds Assistants

In Spring 2016, the Salisbury office advertised for full time post-excavation assistants to help process the finds from several excavations, including the exciting Neolithic and Anglo-Saxon remains from Bulford, Wiltshire. A team of four was chosen – Rob Wheeldon, Jen Whitby, Amy Saunders and Sophie Clarke. Show More Summary

Cardiologist Buys Antiquities in London - Seized in US

The Asia Week seizure from Christies is in the news again ((Rashmi Menon. 'Christie's auctions cardiologist Dr. Lahiri's artworks for $2,376,500' Economic Times 18th May 2016). Concerning these pieces, auction house Christie's said, "Christie's devotes considerable resources to investigating the provenance of all objects we offer for sale. Show More Summary

The UK Intends to Ratify the Hague Convention

© David Gill The Queen's Speech today highlighted legislation for the year ahead (BBC May 18, 2016). This highlights:Cultural Property Bill (UK-wide) The UK to ratify the Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the...Show More Summary

Meanwhile... 62 years later in the UK....

Queen confirms UK to FINALLY ratify Hague Convention for Protection of Cultural Property in event of armed conflict. [Hopefully with all its protocols, yeah?] That is, folks remember, the 1954 Hague Convention. That goes under the heading "Cultural Property Bill (UK-wide)". Show More Summary

Visitors from the Jon Egging Trust

Teenagers completing their first level of the Jon Egging Trust’s Blue Skies Programme were recently treated to an Introduction to Archaeology Day at the Wessex Archaeology offices in Salisbury. The day kicked off with an introduction to the concept of archaeology, and how and why we do it. Show More Summary

Megafauna extinctions

The Extinct Ice Age Mammals of North America University of Washington Anthropology Professor Donald Grayson and recipient of the 2015 University Faculty Lecture Award delivers the University Faculty Lecture on April 28, 2016. Toward the end of the Ice Age, North America saw the extinction of an astonishing variety of often huge animals. Mammoths, mastodons, saber-toothed [...]

The New Face of Metal Detecting

Finder The artefact hunter who found what a newspaper is (falsely) calling "the biggest Viking treasure haul in Britain" has been moaning about the Crown's handling of the discovery (Metal detectorist who found biggest treasure findShow More Summary

Chicago Goes Bonkers

What specific steps, if any, does the collecting community think could and should be taken to better prevent the looting of archaeological sites in the future? 'Dealing with Heritage: New Policy Approaches' Thursday, May 19 - Friday,...Show More Summary

Leningrad Cowboys and the fake Artefacts

Two Russian dealers were spotted in Warsaw this week with a whole load of smuggled artefacts mostly little metal items of the sort collectors love, coins, seals, rings, militaria of the First and Second World War, Napoleonic uniform buttons etc. Show More Summary

Italy Gets Smugglers of Looted Archaeological Material

Italy busts gang smuggling looted archaeological treasures Business Standard 13th May 2016Italian police on Friday smashed a criminal gang suspected of stealing archaeological artefacts from Sicily and smuggling them to Germany for sale on the black market. Show More Summary

Metal Detector Rally

Last Saturday I attended a rare event: a Swedish metal detector rally. At their worst, in some countries these are like pick-your-own strawberry plantations: pay to loot. But Swedish heritage law is uniquely restrictive around metal detectors, and Swedish daylight detectorists oppose looting, so this rally was an event where any archaeologist could feel at home.…

Caraheard Podcast

The season finale of Season 2 of the Caraheard podcast is simply epic. Over two hours of Caraheard goodness with lots of cross references. To celebrate, I present you with an equally epic show notes to help you navigate the web of references in this final podcast.  We talked quite optimistically about the number of… Read More ?

Tiny, tiny mummy

Mummified body of miscarried baby found in tiny Egyptian coffin The tiny body of a miscarried baby, dating back more than 2,000 years, has been discovered hidden in a tiny Egyptian sarcophagus, no bigger than a shoe-box. The care with which the foetus was mummified and interred in the miniature coffin – with its arms crossed [...]

Action! Romance! SEX!!!

In other words, fictional archaeology: ‘The Dig’: a timeless tale of ancient English treasure Edith Pretty is an English widow who owns the land where the treasure is buried. Basil Brown is a local self-taught archaeologist, hired by Edith, who makes the initial discovery. Edith’s young son Robert follows the hunt with mounting excitement, and several [...]

PCRG Spring Meeting

The Prehistoric Ceramics Research Group held its Spring meeting (Prehistoric Pottery: time for a change?) at Canterbury Christ Church University on Saturday 14 May. Chaired by Alistair Barclay and Emilie Sibbesson, the meeting focused...Show More Summary

A kitchen story, a quarry, bones and gaming pieces: These medieval finds have been found at a Suffolk school

A school site in an 11th century road system in Suffolk has been excavated for medieval remains ahead of the creation of a new classroom and kitchen. The first cooking there, though, might actually have happened during the 14th century,...Show More Summary

'Stone Age Art' in Bavarian cave not carved by humans after all

The Mäanderhöhle cave near Bamberg was previously regarded as an archaeological sensation. It was thought to contain some of the oldest cave art in Germany. However, Julia Blumenröther, a former student at Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg,...Show More Summary

Bronze Age Burial Found in England

EVESHAM, ENGLAND—Archaeologists surveying a future development site in England’s West Midlands region were surprised to find a Bronze Age burial, reports the Worcester News. The team was following up on an earlier excavation at the site that revealed ditches thought to date to the Iron Age. Show More Summary

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