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Miles' Week of Work Experience

Monday 23 October On Monday I was given a brief tour of the various departments of Portway House, and was able to see where I would be volunteering for the remainder of my week. After this tour, I was introduced to one of the project...Show More Summary

Cyprus Papers and Posters at the American Schools of Oriental Research Annual Meeting

The 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research happens this week in Boston. You can check out the schedule and program here. For your convenience and interest, I’ve compiled a list of the papers and posters with explicit reference to Cyprus in their titles. As you can see there are four panels… Read More ?

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s cold in North Dakotaland. The high yesterday was 12 and the low last night was -2. It is simply too early to be this cold. Fortunately, there my colleagues over at The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota have a number of reasons to stay inside, by the fire, and warm on… Read More ?

Coffin Collection and Tomb Raid: Egyptian Police Seize Over 450 Historical Artefacts in Fayoum

objects laid out on the floor Egypt Today, '464 historical artifacts seized by police in Fayoum', Nov. 9, 2017: The Egyptian Tourism and Antiquities Police managed to seize 464 artifacts from illegal antiquities merchants in Fayoum.Show More Summary

'Qurna in the sky'

Qurna, as it was This is wonderful, 'Qurna in the sky' a great new website of photos, map, and descriptions of the now-vanished Qurnawi houses on the Theban west bank. Very evocative for those of us who lived there. Qurna is the name of an area on the west bank at Luxor, Egypt, in the world cultural heritage site of the Theban Necropolis. Show More Summary

Culture Wars: Ethnic History and Ethnic Divisions in the Heart of Europe

Minister Glinski In relation to my comment on the absence of cultural professionals and repesentatives of the social sciences in the debate on identity, Waldemar Glinski Poland's current minister of Culture and National Heritage forShow More Summary

As Foreign ISIL Fighters Return Home... the Antiquities Market Must be Policed

Writing for the Middle East Institute, Amr Al Azm and Katie A. Paul ask an important question: with ISIL collapsing, what happens when its foreign fighters return home? Will cultural racketeering and terrorism follow them?authorities...Show More Summary

Not Just Metal Detectors: Flints on Sale

Phil Riris? @philriris. 3 godziny temu Looted Neolithic antiquities from Egypt and Britain, selling for 100s of £ in English antique shop. God knows when they were pinched.I suppose the question is, while In Egypt many citizens wiould...Show More Summary

Tantrum Theatre and Marcus Milligan's Mapping

Milligan wants no discussion of this Marcus Milligan considers himself a 'victim' of an 'attack' by me on Facebook. In a tantrum, he has just blocked me from replying to his complaint about me raising there an important issue about a piece of current work of his [sorry no link because I cannot now access it]. Show More Summary

November Pieces Of My Mind #1

Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody to Love” is so much better with fat bass amplification. In the 80s we never realised that radioactive no-go zones like Chernobyl and Fukushima would become verdant teeming natural habitat thanks to the removal of human activity. Seasonal mood dip, check. Going to Greece in three weeks. Yesterday I ran out of […]

The Reawakening of Old Ghosts

'Pure Blood and Sober Minds' Straight Edge and a nihilistic 'Europe will be White or Depopulated' As fascists and racists march through my city expressing their resistance to potential cultural change in coming years through immigration,...Show More Summary

Why Archaeologists Need to Learn Storytelling

A very good argument from Neil Silberman for why archaeologists need to learn storytelling

Perth Tomb-Raider Joan Howard Flogged off Part of Collection

In all the discussion of Indiana Joan and her digging and collecting activities, memntion was only made of her 'donating' objects to museums/ Yet there aretraces of something else going on too. Take a look at the Ancient Jewellery auction...Show More Summary

Audrey Azoulay appointed as Director-General of UNESCO

Audrey Azoulay appointed as Director-General of UNESCO and now the antiquities trade slimeball supporters (like Bailey and Ehrenburg's Peter Tompa) will be looking for mud to sling. Shame on them.

Archaeology has taken a grip on Bulford St Leonards school

We have been absolutely thrilled that a local school has run with the theme of archaeology after discovering about the local archaeological works happening across the road from them in Bulford. Before the summer holiday Bulford St Leonards...Show More Summary

Votive figurines discovered at Anavlochos massif excavation on Crete

As part of a new 5-year programme, a team from the French School at Athens carried out excavations this summer on the Anavlochos massif (Vrachasi, Lasithi, Crete).

Book launch celebrates ten years of archaeological discovery on the River Thames

Thames Discovery Programme (TDP) have launched their first ever book, covering thousands of years of activity along the Thames foreshore.

Young Archaeologists of the Year 2017 Announced – Cassie Bradshaw

The YAC – Young Archaeologists Club has announced that Cassie Bradshaw from Formby has won the prestigious Young Archaeologist of the Year 2017 award at the Council for British Archaeology's Day of Archaeology. The post Young Archaeologists of the Year 2017 Announced – Cassie Bradshaw appeared first on HeritageDaily - Heritage & Archaeology News.

Ink from ancient Egyptian papyri contains copper

(University of Copenhagen - Faculty of Humanities) Until recently, it was assumed that the ink used for writing was primarily carbon-based at least until the fourth and fifth centuries AD. But in a new University of Copenhagen study,...Show More Summary

Detentions in Bergen Museum Heist

Two men held by police suspected of stealing 400 Viking objects from Museum of Bergen. Police have seized a number of objects from amongst the 400 stolen from the museum in August, according to the report.

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