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Scanty Copper Alloy From Landsjö

Late Iron Age settlements are full of copper alloy objects, making them the preferred site category of metal detectorists. High Medieval castle sites, on the other hand, are quite poor in these often distinctive and informative finds. The picture above shows all the copper alloy and lead that my team of ~15 found in over…

Becchina and a Peucetian clay stamnos

Source: MiBACT I have been reflecting on some of the objects returned to Italy in May 2015. One of the objects in the press photograph was a Peucetian clay stamnos that I had noted before, The Italian press release described it as follows:Qualche...Show More Summary

My Nuffield Placement - Week 4

For the past four weeks I have constantly been intrigued, enthralled and fascinated by archaeology, specifically the strange world under the sea. I have been looking at and analysing bathymetry (seabed) data for a 240 km 2 area around Portland. Show More Summary

Bulgarian Antiquities Bust in news Again - Not ISIL Loot

Ivan Dikov, 'Bulgarian Archaeologist Concludes Roman Artifacts Seized from Smugglers Authentic, Originated in Turkey and the Middle East', Archaeology in Bulgaria August 12th, 2015. [Most of] the 19 statues and slabs which were seized...Show More Summary

Umm Sayyaf in hands of Iraqi Kurds

Abu Sayyaf was killed in a Delta Force raid of his Syrian compound in June, which resulted in a treasure trove of intelligence about the Islamic State group. Umm Sayyaf has been turned over to the Iraqi Kurds for trial.Why, if she was...Show More Summary

August Pieces Of My Mind #1

For the first time I got an ebook instead of a paper book to review for Aard. I like it. Less pressure to push through and read + review a boring book when all they’ve given me is a copy of a file. Jehovah’s Witnesses really have a self-defeating theology. Their cap on the number of…

Tom Flynn, Let’s hear it for the British Museum — the greatest and most universal of all Universal Museums!

BM Cheerleader Tom Flynn on Artknows has a piece on the British Museum in his own inimitable style: So let us get behind the British Museum and help it in its heroic quest to provide a safe haven for the cultural treasures arriving in the west by the lorry-load from the ravaged lands of the Middle East. Show More Summary

Friday Quick Hits and Varia

It is supposed to be close to one thousand degrees here in North Dakotaland today, so I got up early to blog while the weather is still tolerable. I think this will finally melt that little patch of snow by the side of the house and thaw the last of the garden in time for… Read More ?

Black Hats Infiltrate History Group

Over the past few days, there has been another discussion in the linkedin "Ancient History Group" (private group): "The trade in stolen Syrian artefacts: a lengthy exposé by Buzzfeed. Read it and weep - and then challenge those who maintain they have a 'right' to buy or deal in unprovenanced antiquities." with of course comments by the Black Hatters' lobbyist Peter Tompa etc.

This fortnight at Forbes: Icelandic and Viking families, sacrificed babies at Teotihuacan, and DNA from the 'Chinese Pompeii'

Just four posts from me over the last two weeks, as I was on vacation in Iceland and am now gearing up for classes to start. Syllabi don't write themselves!Before the links, though, I wanted to mention a couple things: I'm up to 50 posts...Show More Summary

And now for something really important

‘Genomic Archaeology’ Reveals That Lager Yeast Was Born More Than Once After millennia of ales, lagers joined the beer scene some six centuries ago. A hybrid yeast strain made it possible to brew in cold conditions — giving lagers the smooth, light flavor that has led them to represent 94 percent of the world beer market. Until [...]

And more!

A Pompeii of China? Archaeologists discover heartbreaking remains of mum who died protecting her baby boy from an earthquake Archaeologists have discovered the skeletal remains of a mum who died trying to protect her child. Anthropologists studying the Lajia archaeological site in Minhe County, in north-west China’s Qinghai Province, came across the mother and her son while [...]

Bodies, bodies everywhere!

Archaeologists dig up thousands of skeletons under London’s Liverpool Street Station Archaeologists in London believe they may have uncovered a mass grave of plague victims buried beneath one of the city’s busiest train stations. The find at Liverpool Street Station is part of one of Britain’s most important archaeological digs, with a team of more than 60 [...]

The scale of the returns to Italy

Source: MiBAC I have been reflecting on the scale of the returns to Italy from North American collections. More than 280 items have been returned from major museums (though that does include a series of architectural terracottas from...Show More Summary

Add Some Digital to your Greek and Roman Archaeology Class!

With the word “syllabus” trending among my friends, I thought I might advertise an offering from my press. Last winter, we published a slim volume called Visions of Substance: 3D Imaging in Mediterranean Archaeology edited by myself and Brandon Olson.  The volume is a nice little critical reader on the recent state of 3D imaging… Read More ?

Hadrian's Wall Monument Scanning

Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site is one of Britain's most important and evocative archaeological monuments. It stretches right across the north of England and when it was built it marked the northern extent of the Roman empire. The purpose of this epic feat of engineering was to separate the Roman world from the barbarian world beyond the wall. Show More Summary

The Tourist Guide to the Bakken: A Preface

One of my favorite things to do when a book manuscript is almost done is to prepare the preface and acknowledgements.  Since I put the final touches on the first completed (and ready to send to the publisher) draft of the Tourist Guide to the Bakken Oil Patch this week, I indulged myself in writing… Read More ?

Hmmmmm. . . . .

What lies beneath? What Mr Reeves found in these ultra-high-resolution images, which reveal the texture of walls beneath layers of paint in the original tomb, was a number of fissures and cracks that suggest the presence of two passages that were blocked and plastered to conceal their existence. (See image, with proposed new areas in yellow.) [...]

Final Sabbatical Report

I have about a week left of sabbatical and have begun to sit back and critically assess whether I got done what I needed to get done over this year away from the classroom.  I know I’ve summarized my sabbatical at various times over the past year, so some of this will be redundant (for… Read More ?

I’m Donating White Blood Cells

I’ve been a blood donor for over twenty years. The other day a doctor called me and asked me if instead of my normal quarterly donation, I’d be willing to give a few extra hours of my time along with a chunk of white blood cells. I said yes. There’s this transplant patient at a…

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