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Greeks captivated by Alexander-era tomb at Amphipolis

Two sphinxes guard the entrance to the tomb at Amphipolis The discovery of an enormous tomb in northern Greece, dating to the time of Alexander the Great of Macedonia, has enthused Greeks, distracting them from a dire economic crisis. Show More Summary

Focus on Metal Detecting: Hurried Hoard Hoiking on "Club Dig". Not an Archaeologist in Sight...

Hoard Hoikers in Action (photo by "Tomo") The despoiling of Britain's archaeological record was in full spate in the third weekend of September. Detectorists returning from the field logged on to the forums to brag to us all about what they'd been up to and what they've taken away for themselves. Show More Summary

Good for the coming zombie apocalypse

Or just a regular apocalypse: Medieval Weapon Finds Modern Appeal Longpoint, held in July, is one of several annual tournaments around the world, manifestations of renewed interest in what enthusiasts call historical European martial arts, or HEMA. It includes events like grappling — similar to Greco-Roman wrestling — and several types of swordfighting. But the focus [...]

Gleaming in the Dust - The Looting of Egypt's Heritage

Gleaming in the Dust is an audio documentary by Square Bracket Productions, an independent production house based in London. Gleaming in the Dust was produced by George Richards and Tristan Summerscale, with music by Anthony Cardona....Show More Summary

Metal Detecting nly for Research on Kentish Council Land

In Folkstone the district council has banned metal detecting on council land with immediate effect (Antony Thrower, 'Banning order limits treasure hunters as the council digs in', Folkestone Herald September 18, 2014). Recent eventsShow More Summary

Third Arrest in Illegal Artefact Hunting Case

A third house is being searched for dangerous munitions in the current clampdown on illegal artefact hunting in the UK (Police press release 'World War artefacts and munitions seized – Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes', Saturday 20 September 2014). Show More Summary

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: "Loathsome"

heritageaction writes that after seventeen million pounds of expensive outreach to them, in Bonkers Britain conservation is treated by artefact hunters as “gangrenous propagandist claptrap”. UK artefact hunters are apparently fearful...Show More Summary

Scattered Archives, Institutional Untrustworthyness: Why Partage Was Never a Good Idea

With regard to the upcoming Bonhams sale of antiquities currently in the care of the AIA (the so-called Treasure of Harageh Lot 160), Douglas Boin and T Finan (both professors in the Department of History at St. Louis University) have...Show More Summary

Open notebooks part III

I’ve sussed the Scrivener syncing issue by moving the process of converting out of the syncing folder (remember, not the actual project folder, but the ‘sync to external folder’). I then have created four automator applications to push my stuff to github in lovely markdown. Another thing I’ve learned today: when writing in Scrivener, just […]

Is this Evidence of Ancient Time Travel?

An absolutely, certainly, completely watertight ancient, ancient, ancient metal item in an upcoming London auction bears some amazing traces which can only be interpreted as evidence of ancient time travel. Look at this groove. The toolmarks and form suggest very strongly that it was cut with a rotary tool rather than a tracer. Show More Summary

An Open Research Notebook Workflow with Scrivener and Github Part 2: Now With!

A couple of updates: First item The four scripts that sparkygetsthegirl crafted allow him to 1. write in Scrivener, 2. sync to a Dropbox folder, 3. Convert to md, 4. then open those md files on an android table to write/edit/add 5. and then reconvert to rtf for syncing back into Scrivener. I wondered to […]

ADCAE Dealer from the UK "Regrets"

An anonymous ADCAE dealer based in the UK announces on his or her website that although the CCPIA allows import of antiquities from countries with MOUs, on the basis of TWO different kinds of paperwork indicating licit export from the...Show More Summary

ADCAEA members now have secret Guidelines

"All ADCAEA members subscribe to and maintain the following code of conduct: [...] 10. All members shall promote awareness and understanding of collecting principals (sic!) through open communication with allied collectors and the public". Show More Summary

Knell on the PAS

David Knell has a few interesting comments (Friday, 19 September 2014, 'A few thoughts on the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS)') including the following, with which I am in total agreement: I would urge the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS), as a government organisation in the front line of the situation, to do a better job at getting the conservation message across [...]Show More Summary

Detectorists Trailer

Now we know what the "slightly intimidating blokes in a pub" scene was about. But how many black metal detectorists are there in Danbury? Post u?ytkownika Lola Entertainment.

Prehistoric pit discovered on Coney Island beach

A box-like structure built from large stone slabs may have been used for bathing or cooking during the Bronze Age Volunteers excavate the box-like archeological structure on Coney Island. The site may date back 4,000 years Archaeologists have discovered signs of human habitation, possibly dating back 4,000 years, on Sligo’s Coney Island. Show More Summary

Letter from Ireland: Mystery of the Fulacht Fiadh

Versions of the same Bronze Age structure pop up all around Ireland and throughout the United Kingdom. Archaeologists, however, still have not agreed on their purpose. On a typically misty morning in the west of Ireland, just outside...Show More Summary

Dig near Dumfries unearths Roman Army artefacts

Archaeological investigations near Dumfries have unearthed artefacts relating to the Roman Army's occupation of southern Scotland. A javelin head was among the items discovered [Credit: Guard Archaeology] The discoveries include an iron javelin head, the remains of a Roman boot, samian pottery and tile fragments. Show More Summary

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

We may have one more day of summer today with temperatures set to reach a balmy 86 degrees here in North Dakotaland. Do society a favor and don’t call it an “Indian Summer” or “Altweibersommer.” I’m just going to call it a warm day in late September. And, don’t worry, Grand Forks will be back […]

Sharing Maritime Experiences Across the Globe

Wessex Archaeology was pleased to host a visit from colleagues from Japan this week. Prof. Yoshio KIKUCHI (Professor in Archaeology, Fukushima University); Mr. KATAGIRI Chiaki (Senior Curator in Archaeology, Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum); Mr. Show More Summary

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