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Roman Imperial leaders had wine empire away from the battlefield, study suggests

Archaeologists from the University of Sheffield have uncovered a unique insight into the life of one of the Roman Empire’s most prominent landowners. Until now, very little was known about Rome’s Imperial leaders aside from their battle triumphs, territorial conquests and monumental legacies. Show More Summary

Adventures in Podcasting: Kim Stanley Robinson and Archaeological Science Fiction

This is a really good podcast. We were lucky enough to have a chance to sit down with Kim Stanley Robinson at this years University of North Dakota Writers Conference. For those of you who don’t know, Kim Stanley Robinson is among the most decorated, recognized, and respected science fiction writers in the world right… Read More ?

Metal Detectorist Tattoo #3

Torben Thomsen found this relief-decorated and gilded pendant in Hjørring municipality, northernmost Jutland. It was his first really old piece. Knight Ink Tattoo in Frederikshavn did the tattoo work on Torben’s lower left leg. Torben’s pendant is missing its loop, but his workmate Daniel Bach Morville has found the complete piece below at a nearby…

Palmyra Citadel, Before and After

Sad pictures of state of Palmyra citadel after recent fighting, the monument is seriously damaged, but we must remember people died in there too. Click here for original.

"Five Artifacts, Stolen by ISIS from Palmyra Museum, Recovered"

Recovered stones "Five Artifacts, Stolen by ISIS from Palmyra Museum, Recovered" scream the headlines (Hamda Mustafa, Syria Times Saturday, 09 April 2016). Competent authorities on Saturday found five artifacts previously stolen by ISIS terrorists from the National Museum of Palmyra upon their attack on the city. Show More Summary

Rare chess piece found in back yard of museum

THE smallest medieval Arabic chess piece to be discovered in the country has been unearthed in an archaeological dig at Wallingford Museum. At first curators at the museum in High Street thought the artefact was a tiny carving of a cat. Show More Summary

'Cremation pits' found at Vale of Glamorgan housing site

Work on part of a Vale of Glamorgan housing development has been suspended after human 'cremation pits' were uncovered during surveys. It is understood skeletal remains were found at the St Athan site. Vale of Glamorgan council confirmed "a number of cremation plots" had been indentified at the Tathana Court development. Show More Summary

New spectroscopy method to offer on-site carbon dating

Researchers from Istituto Nazionale di Ottica (INO), within Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Italy have demonstrated a new compact spectroscopic instrument that offers a highly sensitive optical method for detecting radiocarbon dioxide concentration, which can be used to carbon date fossils and archaeological artifacts. Show More Summary

More Suspicions on Auction House Lots

Here's hoping that the continued spotlight, however painful, will serve as a reminder that despite the presentations in Paris and the lack of suspect Syrian and Iraqi antiquities showing up in top-tier auctions, we still have a longShow More Summary

Viking Treasures seen for the first time in a thousand years

More than ten centuries after being buried in a field in Galloway, conservators are releasing images that reveal the contents of a pot of Viking treasure for the first time. Although the objects are not currently on display, a series...Show More Summary

Christian sects drop their differences, and their fists, to restore Jesus's tomb

The Aedicule at the heart of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is in need of repairs Credit: GALI TIBBONGALI TIBBON/AFP/Getty Images The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Jerusalem holy site where Jesus is thought have been crucified, is as often the scene of Christian rivalry as brotherly love. Show More Summary

Even More Early Christian Cyprus

I keep slowly hacking away on my contribution to the Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Archaeology which surveys the archaeology of Cyprus in the Early Christian period. My approach to the first draft of this contribution is highly modular with sections on the history of Early Christian archaeology, the textual sources for the period, churches,… Read More ?

Fornvännen’s Autumn Issue On-Line

Fornvännen 2015:3 is now on-line on Open Access. Lars Larsson on an unusual Late Neolithic burial monument at the record-breaking 1st millennium site of Uppåkra. Christina Fredengren on deposition of human and animal bodies in the waters of inland Uppland. Lars Liedgren and Ingela Bergman on a previously unpublished 1921 excavation of a Late Medieval…

Surfacing Antiquities in New York: Becchina and Medici

Hydria from Medici Dossier. Courtesy: Christos Tsirogiannis. The present due diligence process adopted by some auction houses is not fit for purpose. I made this point at a recent meeting of the All Party Committee on Cultural Heritage.Dr...Show More Summary

Britain's "definition of the problem"

The issue is whether one can talk of a state that looks after its heritage if the wilful damage to or loss of the historical environment or cultural property is not an offence:

More ISIL Destruction in Mosul

ISIL has destroyed the gate of Mashki in Mosul. One of 15 gates built by king Sennacherib of Nineveh.

What I wrote last month at Forbes -- Warlord with malaria, cultural infanticide, shackled Greek skeletons, archaeo casualties of Trump's wall, and more!

Here's what I wrote over at Forbes in the month of March: 8 March - 8 Awesome Anthropologists Advancing Public Outreach. It's a list of my favorite anthro blogs, just in time for International Women's Day! Do click over and follow some of these awesome women scientists. Show More Summary

Khaled Al-Enany Interview

Dr. Khaled Al-Enany and Nevine El-Aref A week after his appointment as minister of antiquities, Dr. Khaled Al-Enany was interviewed on the steps of Tutankhamun's tomb by Nevine El-Aref about his vision to protect, preserve, conserve and develop the country’s heritage and archaeological sites. Show More Summary

Where Ambassador Churkin did his "Research"?

The IADAA drew attention to "the numbers" aspect of Ambassador Churkin's statement on the trade in Syrian antiquities. One would have expected that the capabilities of the Russian Intelligence network to have been brought to bear onShow More Summary

IADAA and Ambassador Churkin

IADAA Chairman Vincent Geerling The allegations made in a letter from Russia’s UN representative, Vitaly Churkin, and published this week by the Russian state-funded news service RT that ISIS is netting $150-$200m annually from the sale...Show More Summary

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