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Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 22)

As Roberto Cighetti helpfully pointed out to me on Twitter, Polish archaeologists working at the site of Kamien Pomorski need an osteologist: Inside my head: "Oh, alright, it's a so-called vampire burial. Fine. But it's weirdly on a platter because they... Show More Summary

Adventures in Podcasting: Caraheard Season 1, Episode 7

Or “History Will Be Heard, But via Archaeology of the Recent Past, Not Your Study of the Oppressed Black-Haired Irishmen with Excessively Large Canine Teeth.” This weeks podcast is early and short, because we are super-excited about some audio and podcasting we will be doing from the 7th Annual Cyprus Lecture and North Dakota Premiere… Read More ?

Great Dismal Swamp Archaeological Field School, May 13- June 17th

American University and the Department of Anthropology are pleased to invite students to participate in the 6th Great Dismal Swamp Archaeology Field School to start during the early summer of 2015. The Field School will take place in...Show More Summary

Poor horsey. The skeleton of a horse estimated to have died 2,000 years ago has been unearthed at the construction site of a new biomedical campus. The almost complete skeleton shows that the horse had suffered a broken leg that had begun to heal before the animal died. “It was in a pit around it which we [...]

Hmmmmm. . . .

AncientBiotics – a medieval remedy for modern day superbugs? A one thousand year old Anglo-Saxon remedy for eye infections which originates from a manuscript in the British Library has been found to kill the modern-day superbug MRSA in an unusual research collaboration at The University of Nottingham. Dr Christina Lee, an Anglo-Saxon expert from the School of [...]

Kind of a dumb piece

But it’s at the HuffPost so what do you expect: Rest for the King, No Rest for Native Americans Today, the King of England will be deposited back into the earth. The public ceremony will be respectful and uncontroversial. Archaeologists will not write angry editorials, sign petitions or organize protests about Richard III, who died 530 [...]

And a fine export it was

Suds up: Archaeologists discover ancient Egyptians brought love of beer to Israel Fragments of pottery used by Egyptians to make beer and dating back 5,000 years have been discovered on a building site in Tel Aviv, the Israeli Antiquities Authority said today. Excavation director Diego Barkan said 17 pits were found that had been used to store [...]

Archer, Atari, and Tourism

This weekend gave me the last little break before the race to end of my sabbatical. So I took a bit of time to try to understand what I’m doing with my academic life. In particular, I tried to figure out why I’ve been so fascinated with the Atari excavation, tourism, and the T.V. series… Read More ?

Google Play Books Ate My Apostrophes

I usually shop around for a good price when I buy e-books, and lately Google’s bookstore has received my custom. It’s not a very high-profile store – you see, this isn’t the well-known Google Books, where they offer scanned paper books in your browser. This is something called, clunkily, Google Play Books or Books On Google Play, where…

What is Really Behind Art Market Secrecy?

Dealers give many reasons why they are failing to revel the collecting histories of the artefacts they trade in. Most of it is bla-bla, but a case going through the courts involving Russian potash billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev ('Russian...Show More Summary

Perhaps we Should give 1.2 Million to Heritage Action Next Year

Heritage Action write (Sunday 5 April 2015) about the episode I mentioned when a Lauren Proctor, a PAS FLO went on record as dithering between non-committal about bad practice, or ignoring it (she chose 'ignore'):Paul Barford has just...Show More Summary

Bones - Season 10, Episode 12 (Review)

The Teacher in the Books Episode Summary Two guys looking for scrap metal in an abandoned bookstore come across a dead body. The FBI is called for some reason, and the Jeffersonian team heads out to examine the body as well. Based on...Show More Summary

Update for the search engines

You may recall an earlier post where I provided some names from a diary I have been reading in hopes that someone would find it and let me know some more of who this person was. I don’t expect anyone here to know this but my latest diary may have a name: Clarence C. Lyons. [...]

Destruction of Reconstructed Statuary and Architectural Elements at Hatra

Mohammed did not wear a big kuffar wristwatch or socks under his sandals to "smash idols" A month ago,it was being reported that Iraqi government was saying that it had received reports that the World Heritage Site of Hatra had been "bulldozed". Show More Summary

London Vacation

Got back last night from a six-day stay in London with wife & daughter. YuSie had rented a flat in Southwark for us via Air BnB, so we had a good base of operations. I fell ill with a bad cold halfway through our stay, which explains the complete lack of museum visits and rock…

"Avoid Informed Critics Like the Plague"

How to deal with criticism of a public institution? Should the response be "a polite, non-committal response or avoiding contact altogether"? The PAS have made their choice. Rather than engaging with issues raised, whether it means committing...Show More Summary

FOI State of Play: The BM and a Discussion of Portable Antiquities and Treasure Issues

I have received a response from Christopher Yates [deputy director of the BM] in my ongoing FOI procedure from the British Museum's PAS, which is "most revealing about the commitment of the Portable Antiquities Scheme and Treasure Unit to transparency". Show More Summary

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