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Relief from temple of Hatshepsut returned to Egypt

AP circulated a press release last week noting that a relief stolen from the temple of Hatshepsut in 1975 had been returned to Egypt from London (e.g. "Egypt receives ancient stolen limestone relief", Daily Mail December 20, 2016). It...Show More Summary

Charges against New York art dealer Nancy Wiener

ARCA has provided a text-base version of the charges against New York dealer Nancy Wiener [see here].There are some points to note: apparent falsification of the collecting history ("provenance") of an object apparent consigning genuine...Show More Summary

Relief looted from Hatshepsut's Temple in Luxor headed home

"Egypt receives ancient stolen limestone relief" - relief looted from Hatshepsut's Temple in Luxor headed home Egypt's embassy in London received a limestone relief that had been stolen from Queen Hatshepsut's temple in Luxor, the Ministry of Antiquities said. [...]Show More Summary

Revenge of the Analog

Over the holiday break, I read David Sax’s Revenge of the Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter (Public Affairs 2016). It’s a popular book and Sax is a journalist who write on culture and technologies for a range of periodicals. His book is was intriguing to me not because he has an answer to… Read More ?

Graduate Historiography

Over the last few years, my various blog posts on my graduate historiography seminar have attracted a good bit of attention. I’m supremely unqualified to teach this class and agreed to teach it in a fit of assistant-professor generosity. In any event, I’ve taught the class for over a decade now and have been working… Read More ?

Festive teaser – What is the first thing you teach an archaeologist?

What is the first thing you teach an archaeologist? What would you would teach in lesson 1 - paragraph 1 - to your new student or employee about archaeology? The first steps are an important moment on the path to being an archaeologist,...Show More Summary

Ancient States and Modern Governments

Last week, I put together a short essay reflecting on the relationship between regional concerns and ancient states for a short book that a colleague is editing on the electoral college. The goal of the essay was to situaten the framers’ concept of the electoral college in the historical context of Athens and Rome. I… Read More ?

Christmas Greetings to All my Readers

Christmas 'Portable Antiquities Collecting and Heritage Issues' ?yczy wszystkim ?wi?t pe?nych rado?ci, ciep?a i niepowtarzalnej, rodzinnej atmosfery a tak?e pomy?lno?ci i samych sukcesów w Nowym Roku. Christmas Greetings to all my readers, even the sarcastic metal detecting ones.

"Found it in a Book Provenance"

Instagram account Artancient: A beautiful ancient Greek coin with a remarkable newly discovered provenance. Once owned by the famous archaeologist, Sir Arthur Evans (1851 - 1941), subsequently in the collection of and published in 1913 by Robert Jameson. Show More Summary

Israeli settlements: UN Security Council calls for an end

Israeli settlements: UN Security Council calls for an endBBC Map - wikipedia About 500,000 Jews live in about 140 settlements built since Israel's 1967 occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The settlements are considered illegal under international law, though Israel disputes this. Show More Summary

"They-can't-touch-you-for-it"-legitimacy in Museums

'For nearly three decades, the Nancy Wiener Gallery has sold Asian art to private collectors and museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Asia Society, the Los Angeles County Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Nelson-Atkins...Show More Summary

Oaken hall where the barn owl flies

Chalton, Hampshire In the morning we find a carpet of shining black pellets brimming with skulls and rubbery tails At the highest and darkest point of the South Downs escarpment, an Anglo-Saxon hall stands beefy and lumbering under a black sky dusted with stars. Show More Summary

Happy Christmas 2016

Philippi © David Gill I would like to wish all readers and followers of Looting Matters a very Happy Christmas.

Compelling evidence for future tomb discoveries at Qubbet el-Hawa in Aswan

A two-metre high ancient encroachment wall has been discovered below a visitors’ pathway in the northern part of the West Aswan cemetery at Qubbet el-Hawa.

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s the calm before the storm here in North Dakotaland. Grand Forks is expecting a significant winter storm on Christmas and Boxing Days. Fortunately that won’t effect the playing of the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne or the cosiness of a book by the fire.  In the meantime, here’s a very modest list of some… Read More ?

10 Remote Roman Forts

Roman military borders and fortifications were part of a grand strategy of territorial defence in the Roman Empire. Forts, Castra and military camps stretched across the vast empire, in concentration on the borders and in some of the most remote of locations to enforce Roman authority and control.

Arrest of New York dealer

The New York Times is reporting continuing fall-out over the antiquities from Asia case (Tom Mashberg, "Prominent Antiquities Dealer Accused of Selling Stolen Artifacts", New York Times December 21, 2016). The case relates to Nancy Wiener.The...Show More Summary

No teeth? No problem -- dinosaur species had teeth as babies, lost them as they grew

(George Washington University) Researchers have discovered that a species of dinosaur, Limusaurus inextricabilis, lost its teeth in adolescence and did not grow another set as adults. The finding, published today in Current Biology, is a radical change in anatomy during a lifespan and may help to explain why birds have beaks but no teeth.

An Archaeology of Care: Toward a Definition

Last year, Richard Rothaus and I floated an idea called “The Archaeology of Care” and published a short article in the North Dakota Humanities Council’s magazine On Second Thought. For a brief history of our use of the phrase, go here. In a couple of weeks. Ricard, Bret Weber, and I are giving a paper… Read More ?

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