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Mammoth Metal Detecting Archaeology Scam

Dowsing leylines I see that once again in the 'Festival of Archaeology', Chelmsford Museum thinks Collection-Driven Exploitation of the Archaeological Record is "archaeology". Mammoths, mosaics and metal detecting Where: East | Essex...Show More Summary

Artefact Hunting in Austria, for the Oxfordshire FLO

Since at least one soon-to-be-Brexited FLO over in PAS-land is deeply interested in the debate in Austria over Collection-Driven Exploitation of the Archaeological Record and got the hump with me when I tried to explain that it's not...Show More Summary

Friday Retrospect: Archaeology and an Inability to Define the Subject of Discussion

Nine months on and we are no closer to being able to define what we are talking about when discussing Collection-Driven Exploitation of the Archaeological Record: Archaeology and an Inability to Define the Subject of Discussion (Updated)...Show More Summary

Friday Retrospect: The Number of Artefacts Found by Metal Detectorists, PAS Official Estimate

Despite oodles of Leverhulme Fund funding, three years on the PAS has not produced anything better: 'PAS Finally Try to Estimate Scale of Non-Reported MD Hoiking (1), but Can't Even Manage to Present that Properly', PACHI Tuesday, 11 November 2014.

Collectors Donate Unpapered Antiquities to Museums and Create Problems

The Mexican Museum in San Francisco is moving. It has extensive collections, including archaeological material:According to the museum’s website, the pre-Hispanic Collection goes back 2,500 years and represents 2,000 pieces encompassing Mesoamerican, Central American and Peruvian cultures. Show More Summary

Pride Comes Before a Fall: The Tainting of the Green Collection

A lot of the hoo-haa about the Hobby-Lobby-getting-caught-antiquities-smuggling scandal seems to be from liberals who do not want Bible-basher ideology rammed down their throats and who do not really want to see a 'Bible Museum' in their capital. Show More Summary

What Collectors Need to Accept

“Basically everyone should be suspicious of any antiquity for sale without a provable history.”—@DrDonnaYates

More Misleading information from Dealers' Lobbyist

He's not going to post this comment from me on his Lugepresse, yellow journalism, false news blog on what tagalong collectors 'should' write for the dealers to the CPAC, so I'll repost it here:This is for dullards, coin collectors and...Show More Summary

Some Fotos on Friday

Just a few quick photos today instead of anything more substantial. First, you know the device that you’re using is high tech when it features a MONORAIL on its start-up screen: Good luck: It’s important for Argie to have Eli and both the bones: And it’s important for Milo not to care: Have a great… Read More ?

Evidence of Consortium Hoarding looted Iraqi Artefacts

The significance of the Hobby Lobby smuggled antiquities bust cannot be overestimated. One of the issues it raises is the fate of the artefacts coming from Iraqi looting after the 1990s Sanctions and the 2003 US-led invasion. The evidence produced by the forfeiture complaint ( United States v. Show More Summary

Hebron, Tomb of the Patriarchs Palestinian Heritage Sites

Barak Ravid, 'UNESCO Recognizes Hebron, Tomb of the Patriarchs as Palestinian Heritage Sites', Haaretz Jul 07, 2017 Israel and the U.S. waged intensive diplomatic efforts to thwart the Palestinian resolution. Here of course the USA was not a bit interested in the heritage issue, but merely politics.

The Hobby Lobby Case and the Black Market in Portable Antiquities

Although this is all over the mainstream media, the subject of the Hobby Lobby smuggled antiquities bust is being studiously avoided by the antiquities dealers and collectors. This is not surprising, the practices which got the company into trouble are probably pretty endemic in the antiquities trading world. Show More Summary

Moss and Baden on the Bible Museum Collection - No Transparency Whatsoever

In their New York Times opinion piece, Candida Moss and Joel Baden ('Hobby Lobby’s Black-Market Buys Did Real Damage' Jul 6th 2017) discuss how the Bible Museum in Washington attempt to distance themselves from the smuggled artefacts scandal which became news again this week. Show More Summary

Hobby Lobby Cuneiform tablets

The seizure of thousands of antiquities including cuneiform tablets from Hobby Lobby in the US raises several issues.First, the collector seems to have been unaware of the ethical issues surrounding the acquisition of objects without documented collecting histories. Show More Summary

Week Two of Euan O’Neill's Work Experience

The timetable for my second week was Monday to Thursday digging at Rossington and Friday back at the Wessex Archaeology Sheffield office. At the office, I needed to return my PPE, do some environmental sample processing and write this blog. Show More Summary

'Did not Notice' Red Flags, or Deliberately Ignored Them?

The US government says there were red flags that should have tipped off Hobby Lobby about the antiquities they imported in 2010. Combat Looting's Deborah Lehr explains on PBS what those were.

Donna Yates on Hobby-Lobby Looty-Booty

Donna Yates, 'Some thoughts on the Hobby Lobby antiquities case' Anonymous Swiss Collector Posted on 6 July 2017The antiquities trade runs on layers of “plausible deniability”: not asking too many questions, leaving things implied but not said, opaque business practices, lack of regulation.

A Book to Look out for...

Candida R. Moss, Joel S. Baden, 'Bible Nation: The United States of Hobby Lobby' publication date October 3, 2017 How the billionaire owners of Hobby Lobby are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to make America a “Bible nation”Like...Show More Summary

Laundring by Misdescription Again, a Common Practice in the No-Questions-Asked Antiquities Trade

In relation to the hobby lobby case ARCA blog (Lynda Albertson) ask ' Civil Complaint requires forfeiture of thousands of cuneiform tablets and clay bullae, but is that enough?' The answer quite obviously is no. As Larry Rothfield? (@LarryChicago) notes Billionaires can breathe easy. Show More Summary

Quaker burial site discovered on Brighton’s Royal Pavilion Estate

A 200-year-old burial site has been discovered during redevelopment work at Brighton Dome Corn Exchange. The post Quaker burial site discovered on Brighton’s Royal Pavilion Estate appeared first on HeritageDaily - Heritage & Archaeology News.

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