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A Self-Proclaimed UK "Priscan-Archaeological" Artefact Hunting Team

John Aubrey from archaeology's priscan era The story behind the strange name of the "Priscan Archaeological Survey Team" run by metal detectorist Paul King [finder of the snapped-in-two-St-Ursula pilgrim badge ] can be found in an online...Show More Summary

New Geophysics Team Member

Our Geoservices department are delighted to welcome the newest member of our Terrestrial Geophysics team, Rok Plesni?ar, who joins us all the way from Kanal in Slovenia. Rok studied at the University of Ljubljana, obtaining a Master’s degree in archaeology in 2011. Show More Summary

PAA (Portable Antiquities Attitudes) from tyhe BBC

The PAS is doing its public outreach so spiffing well that even the BBC sees archaeological evidence in terms of "how much dosh it's werf":

Not "Anti-collacting Demands" but Separating the Good Wheat from the Wasteful Tares, Sheep from the Goats

I made a post here (Shopkeeper Evasion, Dead Pigs, Ancient Coins and Cowboys ) questioning a Californian dugup antiquities dealer's statement that "there is nothing wrong with selling antiquities which have no paperwork supporting the seller's claim that they are kosher". Show More Summary

What You'll Find Inside a UK Metal Detector Dealer's Shop

Regton's sell metal detectors. They proudly show a 360 degree shot of the inside of their shop. Nigel Swift spotted this on the wall. This can be seen as a quick prompt how to find somewhere to test out the machine you've just bought on some known ('productive') Roman sites just up the road. Show More Summary

Brexit and the Parthenon Marbles

As Britain prepares to Leave Europe and sever links with the community of European nations, this is clearly the time for the Parthenon Marbles to go back to Athens. They are clearly part of the European cultural heritage not the British. Show More Summary

Antiquities and Gun Trafficking in Sicily

Police seize 600 ancient coins from two men in Gela under investigation for arms trafficking ('Gela, sequestrate oltre 600 monete antiche a negozio ferramenta' Sicilia Journal 29th June 2016). Gela in Sicily is in the news for antiquities trafficking again. Show More Summary

Italy has 'Reached an Agreement' with the Glyptotek

Th e Italian Ministry of Culture and Flemming Friborg, director of the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek art museum in Copenhagen signed an agreement that includes the return of archaeological artifacts that Italy said had been looted from Italian soil. Show More Summary

Blogging update

Am in Wisconsin at the moment, through July 16. Busy. Still doing work-work and also visiting mom and doing various household tasks. Probably not much posting until after then.

Belgian Neanderthals 'were eating each other 40,000 years ago'

Members of human subspecies also appear to have fashioned tools out of bones of their own kind, researchers say The Goyet caves near Namur, where scientists found bones bearing marks left by intentional butchering. Photograph: YouTube Belgian Neanderthals were eating each other 40,000 years ago, new research has shown. Show More Summary

Floundering about Collecting

The PAS outreach continues in its usual fine form, with the Leicester FLO informing her "partners" that in Belgium, "metal detecting has just been legalised": Hmmm. First of all, one suspects that the region she's talking about is Flanders (an area the size of Cornwall and Devon) - not the whole of "Belgium". Show More Summary

What is "Archaeological Evidence" when Collected by Collectors?

Leicester FLO Wendy Scott tweeted a slide from a presentation by Jane Kershaw talking via Skype about "the value of PAS data" at the pro-looting 'chance or challenge' conference in Aarhus. This is dot-distribution maps gone absolutely bonkers. Show More Summary

Coastal & Marine Internship

I haven’t written one of these in ages. Times are busy as the diving season is getting well underway. Here’s some of what I’ve been up to. I have spent the past few weeks recording, identifying and reporting on finds that have been reported through the Marine Aggregate Industry Protocol. Show More Summary

Danish Viking grave reveals archaeological mysteries

New excavations in Scandinavia’s first city, Ribe, suggests rapid change at the end of the 9th century. An excavation of burial grounds in Scandinavia’s first city, the Viking town of Ribe in Denmark, raises more questions than it answers. Show More Summary

Rome Shows Off Cleaned-Up Colosseum

Rome's Colosseum was visibly cleaner on Friday as Italy showed off the latest phase of restoration of one of its most famous landmarks. A view of the Colosseum after the latest stage of restoration by luxury goods firm Tod's in RomeShow More Summary

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek and Italy: "trasforma una crisi in opportunità"

The Italian Government and the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen have come to an agreement over a series of objects acquired from the 1970s ("TORNA IN ITALIA IL PREZIOSO CARRO SABINO A DECORAZIONI DORATE: Franceschini, storico accordo tra l’Italia e il museo Ny Calsberg Glyptotek di Copenhagen", MIBACT 5 July 2016 [press release]). Show More Summary

Wessex Walkers on the Clarendon Way

On what started as a bright clear Saturday morning at the weekend, Gareth Chaffey, Andy Callen, Rachel Williams and Phoebe Olsen, four of our 12 Wessex Walkers entering Trailwalker 2016, set off at 08:45 on a team training walk. Their...Show More Summary

Amphora withdrawn from Christie's

Source: Dr Christos Tsirogiannis Christie's has decided to withdraw the amphora that had been identified by Dr Christos Tsirogiannis as the one apparently featuring in photographs seized in a Greek police raid.Christie's now need toShow More Summary

Archaeogaming and Public Archaeology

I’ve been pretty excited to follow Andrew Reinhard’s ongoing exploration of archaeogaming, which he defines broadly as the archaeology of and in and with video games. I stands firmly at the intersection of media archaeology and the archaeology of media (and probably the larger archaeology of knowledge project explore by Michel Foucault). It’s a provocative… Read More ?

June Pieces Of My Mind #3

This is the time of year when our yard becomes an extra room in our house. Where a man might sit around butt naked except for a straw hat, reading. I mean he really could. If he wanted to. You’ll notice I’m not appending a selfie. Anybody into Ariel Pink? Seems to be a true…

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