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Ka Nefer Nefer and the detached flake

Mummy mask excavated at Saqqara Last week I commented on the existence of a photograph that predated the acquisition of the Ka Nefer Nefer mummy mask by the St Louis Art Museum. I was particularly interested in the issue of when the personal name had been erased. Show More Summary

Bloomsbury Countdown: Ticking the figures

Bloomsbury countdown, 631,128 records referring to 1,021,067 objects. Through Stakhanovite efforts of Vincent Drost of the British Museum, who single-handedly today recorded as many as a round 22000 objects (is this a real number orShow More Summary

Why you should never believe the press

Well, I exaggerate. Somewhat. But we’ve been through this before: Raining On Your Parade About Those Women Viking Warriors Here’s a headline that just sounds awesome: Better Identification of Viking Corpses Reveals: Half of the Warriors Were Female. A lot of people have sent us this link these past two days. It raised my “Really?” flag, so [...]

Garage Archaeology

This weekend, Susie and I cleaned out our little one-bay garage so it can store her sports car during the winter months. It produced two fun things. One is that it provided a little study collection of locally available bricks for my excavation of my backyard next fall. It also was a good little architectural […]

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: "The World of Stupid"

Heritage Action quote a detectorist who does not seem to understand the issue of ownership: “Speaking of the anti detecting squad, over in the world of stupid there has been a barrage of blog posts aimed at destabilising this beneficial and fun hobby. Show More Summary

Cultural Property Tweeter-vations

As @ poetryinstone shows finding antiquities from India on @ eBay is not difficult.. "most of the ebay India items seem to be from this online gallery http://www. ml … " This one sold by the gallery (#6200) has a nice nimbus... Show More Summary

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Anglo-Saxon Strapend found on Malvern Hills

An Anglo-Saxcon strapend found by Baz Thugwit up by the Shire Ditch on the malvern Hills is a problematic find. Baz is a coin collector, loves 'is 'ammies. So he'd like to get rid of this strapend to finance his drink habit. But he cannot can he? It's illegal. Show More Summary

Jack the Ripper ID’d?

DNA tests ‘prove’ that Jack the Ripper was a Polish immigrant named Aaron Kosminski The breakthrough came when Dr Jari Louhelainen, an expert in historic DNA, was commissioned to study a shawl found with Eddowes, the second-last “confirmed” victim of the Ripper more than 125 years ago. I’ll let y’all read the rest of it (not very [...]

Focus on Metal Detecting: "ing Sign's a ing nuisance".

Clear enough one would have thought Readers can see for themselves the attitudes of entitlement evoked by this story: Whitstable Times. 'Metal detector enthusiasts denied detecting by beach owner' September 01, 2014Artefact hunters have...Show More Summary

Holes on Malvern Hills blamed on rogue metal detectorists

"It was the rabbits/badgers/ gophers wot dunnit! Not us!" Baz Thugwit About fifty holes, bearing the characteristics of havingh been dug with a spade or a similar tool, have appeared on protected land on the Malvern Hills on the ridge-line between Perseverance Hill and Black Hill in recent weeks. Show More Summary

Deserted Medieval Villages as "productive sites"

Seven of many abandoned villages that can teach us about medieval lifeWell, not if artefact hunters get there first.

Bloomsbury Countdown

Today it's getting exciting-er. 630,967 records referring to 998,890 objects. Yay. Also its seems that nearly "one million objects in", PAS might be saying that it now wishes its database to comprise fully provenanced finds.

PAS Now Wishes its Database to Comprise FULLY Provenanced Finds?

Finds allocation agreement in order? Heritage Action has an additional comment on the revision of the PAS "finds-agreement policy":since PAS is now saying it wishes the landowner to see all archaeological finds then it is also saying...Show More Summary

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Attitude of Entitlement.

A disgruntled metal detectorist commenting on Heritage Action's blog-post [about PAS altering their advice to landowners to encourage them to demand to see everything detectorists remove from their property] shows the depth of attitudes of entitlement of some in the milieu. Show More Summary

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: "Can't be Sure I've Been Told Truth"

Ebay seller: "Not sure about this coin, bought as a metal detecting find, but I'm not sure if it's genuine or fake. The experts amongst you may be able to tell, but as I can't verify that it's genuine,I'm selling as a fake. Moneyer is...Show More Summary

Friday Retrospect: Where DID those coins come from?

Where, actually, do the coins sold by ACCG dealers come from? See PACHI Friday, 30 September 2011, 'The Fourth ACCG Benefit Auction':

PAS to give correct advice to Farmers - but not about Establishing Title

Heritage Action are pleased to announce that notice is at last being taken of a problem they first pointed out several years ago: 'PAS to give correct advice to farmers at last!'PAS is to revise its Guidance for Landowners, substituting...Show More Summary

"Can I just drop my death trophies off at your office, Dr. Killgrove?"

I popped into lab late yesterday afternoon, since my new TA Andrea was helping some students study for their first quiz in Human Osteology. Noticed an odd box on one of the lab tables--clearly handmade, not very well, of lightweight, stained wood with five holes poked in the top. Show More Summary

Almost Sharknado!

Was switching through channels last night after the football game (booooo) and happened upon Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine Here’s the teaser: A 30-foot white shark has terrorized the shores of South Africa for decades, believed by the locals to be responsible for countless attacks on humans. Jaws, right? It was a documentary about a very late [...]

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