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The "Shut Yer Mouth" Arguments of Antiquities Collecting

UK Metal detectorist leaves Treasure inquest David Knell has written a post which I suspect not only I (as a victim of "Anon FSA's" nastiness) will find hilarious. He has described the type to a tee ('"Shut yer mouth" diplomacy', Ancient Heritage Wednesday, 11 November 2015). Show More Summary

Atari Artifacts and Assemblage

Over the last month or so, I’ve been continuing to work on an excavation report, of sorts, for the Atari dig in 2014 in New Mexico (or as I’m calling it the Alamogordo Atari Expedition). The task has been challenging. First, I’ve had to pull apart the intersection of our work documenting the site and… Read More ?

Racist Detectorists

In countries with a big metal detector hobby, the stereotypical participant is an anorak-wearing, rural, poorly educated, underemployed male. I don’t know how true this cliché image is. But apart from the anorak, it’s certainly an accurate description of the core voter demographic behind the rise of racist right-wing populist parties. These people have trouble…

It goes on....

Metal detectorist John Howland: "Sam Hardy [...] has quoted on his blog similar untruths and he too can expect a knock on the door any time soon".Mr Howland now admits on a compliant US coin dealer's blog he has personally been distributing...Show More Summary

New Drought Atlas Maps 2,000 Years of Climate in Europe

Numerous droughts have hit European agriculture over the ages, but their overall extent has been known mainly from scattered historical documents. Here, an English calendar page, circa 1310, shows men harvesting wheat. (Queen Mary’sShow More Summary

'Roman villa' site in UK saved from housing

Land thought to contain important archaeological remains has been saved from being used for housing after a mystery benefactor bought it for a seven-figure sum. The Roman villa was first discovered to the east of Southwell Minster in...Show More Summary

Using laser scanning to save world heritage sites

CyArk is a non-profit organisation seeking to digitally preserve 500 of the world's most important heritage sites within five years. Over 90 projects including the Brandenburg Gate in Germany and the Ziggurat of Ur in Iraq have already been completed. Show More Summary

Detectorist finds hoard of 5,000 Anglo-Saxon coins

A hoard of more than Anglo Saxon 5,000 coins have been unearthed, including what may be a unique penny. The discovery, near Lenborough, Buckinghamshire is said to be the biggest hoard of coins in modern times. A hoard of more than Anglo Saxon 5,000 coins have been unearthed, including what may be a unique coin. Show More Summary

F. S. Arrrrrrrrrrr!!

Controlling the heritage debate: "If PB has any sense at all (which I doubt) he'll turn his attention to other things" Past Times and Present Tensions blogspot published by "John Hooker FSA"

Code of [Best] Practice or "Conduct' [shut the gates]?

The PAS pulls the wool over the public's eyes:Portable Antiquities ? @ findsorguk 19 godz. 19 godzin temu The 'Code of Practice for Responsible Metal-Detecting' provides a useful baseline, and has been signed up to by @ HistoricEngland and others. Show More Summary

Not collaborating with PAS, Knowledge theft?

Paul Barford ? @ PortantIssues 9.11 Metal detectorist not collaborating with PAS, knowledge theft? : Metal Detectorist Explains why he does not Record with the PAS (past times and present tensions)

Portant Issues about Portable Antiquity Pocketing

Despite tactical/cowardly/unprofessional silence by PAS, I am not wrong, am I?Portable Antiquities ? @ findsorguk 18 godz. 18 godzin temu Obviously we believe responsible metal-detecting makes a useful contribution to archaeology, highlighting sites previously known. Show More Summary

Art Recovery Group on the Market for Syrian Blood Antiquities

Christopher Marinello, chief executive of the Art Recovery Group spoke to the BBC World Service Inquiry programme "We've been aware of smuggled goods from Syria for some time. As a lawyer in New York, I represented a lot of galleries, auction houses and dealers that had problems bringing items in and out of the United States. Show More Summary

Gang accused of looting churches to fund ISIS

Suspect hides his face in courtPhoto: DPA via Rheinische Post Henri Neuendorf, 'Cologne Gang Accused of Looting German Churches to Fund ISIS', Art News Thursday, November 5, 2015 Over the last few weeks, German media has reported a disturbing increase in petty looting by ISIS supporters in Europe. Show More Summary

Mitigating Context Loss in Metal Detected Finds

"How do we keep our records??" asks "Hoover" of fellow members on a metal detecting forum near you (Mon Nov 09, 2015 7:36 pm). This obviously is a matter of fundamental concern, and it is disturbing to see what the answers so far have been. Show More Summary

Christos Tsirogiannis in Glasgow on Illicit Antiquities

Video available on 'Periscope' via Meg Lambert: Christos Tsirogiannis on "Illicit Antiquities in Museums: Issues, Questions, and Challenges for New Professionals". For those not enamoured of the long lead-in wait, fast forward to "5:00" for a joyous welcome and the beginning of the talk.

November Pieces Of My Mind #1

I just saw toilet roll draped over a tree for the first time since 1977 when I lived in Connecticut. Hallowe’en has recently been imported into Swedish culture. It’s brought the tricks with it. Is somebody going to cover my dad’s car in shaving foam again? Lack of sunlight is a cause of vitamin D deficiency.…

The University of North Dakota and the Great War: The First North Dakota Quarterly Reprint

Today drops the inaugural volume in North Dakota Quarterly Reprint Series. It is a collaboration between NDQ and the Digital Press at the University of North Dakota. The goal of this series is to bring some of the back catalogue of North Dakota Quarterly to public attention again and we started with a series of… Read More ?

Dependence in UK Metal Detecting

"Nothing can compare to the local knowledge gained over many years by detectorists and local amateur historians who are both driven by passion and not career opportunities" Discuss. That really depends how that "knowledge" is achieved, how it is documented and disseminated. Show More Summary

Duluth, Two Harbors, and Lake Superior

If you read the news lately you might think that Grand Forks is a pretty depressing place. Heck, I’ve even argued that we have the world’s most depressing dog park. Last week, I spent a few days enjoying the spectacular hospitality of the history department at the University of Minnesota – Duluth. Duluth is a… Read More ?

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