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Oil, Industry, and Tourism: Another Draft

As readers of this blog know, I’ve been churning away on a revised version of the final chapter of my Tourist Guide to the Bakken. These revisions have two goals. One is to make it more accessible to non-academics and the other is to reflect on the particular role of oil in the creation both… Read More ?

Seeing the Light of Day – the Future of Archaeological Archives in South-West England

The current crisis in museum storage space is an issue which has been widely debated across the heritage industry for some years – developer-funded archaeological work has produced, and continues to produce, a steady stream of archives (finds and records) that require storage. Show More Summary

Bodies, bodies everywhere!

Blackburn archaeological survey: Bodies of 800 young children foundT he bodies of about 800 children aged under six have been unearthed by archaeologists ahead of the construction of a road in Lancashire. They were among 1,967 bodies exhumed at St Peter’s Burial Ground, which opened in 1821 in Blackburn. The large number of children found is being put [...]

Italy covers nudes for Iran president

Rouhani in Europe: Italy covers nudes for Iran president BBC News 26th Jan 2015 Plywood boxes concealed the nude statues at the museum in Rome Italian hospitality for the visiting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has stretched to covering up nude statues. Show More Summary

Misinformed "Nazi War" Digger Implies Archaeologists are "Just Like Him"

On a metal detecting forum near you, a misinformed "Nazi War" digger implies that archaeologists are somehow just like him. In the thread "Georgian Time Capsule Found In Blackburn Cemetery Dig", there is discussion of a piece of development...Show More Summary

Digital Analytics at ASOR in 2016

It’s ASOR (American School of Oriental Research) abstract time for most dedicated ASORdlers (attendees of the ASOR annual meeting). Like last year, I’ve been invited to participate in a workshop on object biography despite my ambivalence toward the concept. This year, we were given a handful of objects and asked to pick one and write… Read More ?

Battlefield Diggers lose half their Audience

It seems that episode three (the one set on Pomost's dig in Poland) of the artefact hunting death-porn digger show "Battlefield Recovery" managed only 400k viewers, meaning it's lost over half its audience since the first episode. Nice to see the telly-viewing public has at least some critical facilities left. Now take this damaging crap off air please.

Battlefield Diggers, Accusations Confronted with Facts

Sam Hardy has written about the manner in which people raising issues about what we are seeing on "Battlefield Recovery" were treated: "Speculation, misinformation and lies, they said. ‘Speak to Legenda and Pomost for facts’, they said". Show More Summary

Rifts and Responsibility

'Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru in British Archaeology English blogger Matthew Thomas has an untitled blog post with no paragraph structure (Northern Ephemera 20th Jan 2016) which makes a number of mixed points about Channel Five's "Battlefield Recovery" and historical wrecks. Show More Summary

Saudi Arabia: New laws to curb antiques trade

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has put in place new measures to preserve its national antiquities and to eradicate the illicit trafficking of antiquities and archaeological items (Saudi Arabia: New laws to curb antiques trade Arab NewsShow More Summary

But it’s a cool name

Honduras leader proclaims archaeology bonanza but ‘lost city’ doubts linger “The whole enterprise strikes me as a boondoggle,” archaeologist Geoffrey McCafferty said. “This is not terra incognita, but has been subject to previous scientific...Show More Summary

Liquid hot mmmagma.

‘Cave of forgotten dreams’ may hold earliest painting of volcanic eruption Fearsome animals such as woolly rhinoceroses, cave lions and bears dominate Chauvet’s imagery. But one of its innermost galleries — named after a giant deer species, Megaloceros, that is depicted there — also contains a series of mysterious spray-shaped drawings, partly covered by the Megaloceros [...]

Collaboration with UK Metal Detectorists: "A Mistake from Beginning to End"

Pipeline exclusive: Pomost Statement Slams "Battlefield Recovery" and Clearstory, Jan 25th 2016. \"a mistake from the beginning to the end", "dishonest", "abuse of trust", "looked like Black diggers", "that was the first and the last...Show More Summary

Oil and Tourism in the Bakken

I learned last week that my Tourist Guide to the Bakken Oil Patch has been accepted for publication. It received two more or less positive peer reviews, a good editorial review, and the endorsement of an established, but up-and-coming press.  I now have about a month to make some serious revisions to the manuscript and… Read More ?

Opportunity Mars Rover Still Working After Twelve Years

The Opportunity rover landed on Mars twelve Earth calendar years ago today, and it still works fine after driving ~43 km! This is the farthest any off-planet vehicle has gone so far. Oppy’s mate Spirit was mobile on the Red Planet for over five years and then functioned as a stationary science platform for another…

Trampling on Memories: The British Television Company and the "Forgotten" of Sarbka

“WWII history series following a four-man team as they explore the war zones of the Eastern Front in an effort to excavate and preserve the forgotten battle relics, at the same time discovering the stories of fallen soldiers from their...Show More Summary

Pottersville Field School 2016, North Carolina

The first innovation and development of alkaline-glazed stoneware pottery in America occurred in the Edgefield District of South Carolina in the early 1800s. It remains an enduring mystery as to how these new ceramic methods were developed...Show More Summary

Pomost in Poland

The sock-puppet "Howard Carter" suggests:Pomost viewed and endorsed the episode when originally launched by Nat Geo # BattlefieldRecoveryReally? So why then did they reportedly block its showing in Poland and do not mention this escapade...Show More Summary

?ubu-dubu: Supporters and Leningrad Sock Puppets

After some pretty negative press, in the name of presenting a balanced view, it should be pointed out that the fictionalised deathporn reality show "Battlefield Recovery" has its supporters. Let's have a look at some of them.The first to attract this bloggers attention was an "Amy". Show More Summary

Relic Hunters Savaging Sarbka

I have just watched Battlefield Recovery episode three, and downloaded as many screenshots as I could. I REALLY expected Channel Five to have broadcast Episode four in its place tonight considering what happened when another broadcaster tried to show it in Poland. Show More Summary

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