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Detectorbloke on Deep-digger-dumbass

It is not a simple question of archaeologists vs detectorists as there is no us and them, I think there are just differently weighted perspectives on what constitutes the best way to conserve history. Detectorbloke There is an interesting post on "The responsible Detectorist" blog by Detectorbloke. Show More Summary

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

I had a late night.Delicious food, adult beverages, and good company. I think is the persistent snow or the impending North Dakota Humanities Council meeting or the positive vibes from the University of North Dakota Writers’ Conference. Or something. So this will be a bit quicker than most of my quick hits and maybe have […]

Tsirogiannis on recent identifications

Dr Christos Tsirogiannis has written a short piece on the identification of Medici and Becchina pieces for Apollo ("Auction houses should do more to root out looted antiquities", April 2, 2014).Since 2007 I have been identifying antiquities, depicted while not yet conserved, in these photograph archives, before the auctions take place. Show More Summary

Mystery object update

Back in this post I put up the following photo: I answered the question of what it was in a comment there, but I thought I’d make an observation. I was telling the ArchaeoWife about is and remarked that from my boyhood in the 1960s and early ’70s one of my strongest memories of Autumn was [...]

Bonhams and Becchina

Bonhams has withdrawn one of its lots from a sale. It was a Canosan pyxis that had passed through the Ariadne Galleries in New York during the 1980s. So it surfaced well after 1970, has an obvious link with Italy, and was handled by a gallery that has been linked with recently surfaced antiquities (such as the Icklingham bronzes). Show More Summary

Did Europeans Get Fat From Neandertals?

Fathead? Modern humans ( right ) in Europe may have inherited genes from Neandertals that process fat in their brains and bodies. Neandertals and modern Europeans had something in common: They were fatheads of the same ilk. A new genetic...Show More Summary

Pillage d’une nécropole antique à Prunay-Belleville

Depuis mi-février, les archéologues de l’Inrap interviennent à Prunay-Belleville, dans l’Aube, avant l’aménagement du gazoduc « Arc de Dierrey », réalisé sous la maîtrise d'ouvrage de GRT Gaz. Cette fouille, prescrite par l’État (Drac...Show More Summary

Digging Up a Medieval Latrine: Photos

A number of Medieval latrines -- still filled with their original contents -- have been unearthed in Denmark, according to archaeologists working in one of the largest urban archaeological excavations in Danish history. Read the rest of this article...

Copenhagen harbour founded on old rubbish

Based on the excavations by a team of archaeologists digging out Copenhagen’s first harbour area in Gammel Strand, the harbour was founded on a pile of rubbish. The archaeologists have been excavating the area for the past two months and have found centuries-old rubbish stemming from Copenhagen in the 1600s. Show More Summary

Study Finds Ancient Nomads Spread Earliest Domestic Grains Along Silk Road

This is a photo of the long-term settlement stratigraphy at the site of Tasbas. Mudbrick/clay oven (visible on right lower portion) contained earliest evidence for grain farming. Credit: Paula Doumani /Washington University in St. Louis...Show More Summary

Satellites and sensors to halt crumbling of Italy's Pompeii

ROME (Reuters) - The ruins of ancient Pompeii will be monitored by satellites and sensors under an agreement with Italian defense and technology group Finmeccanica to try to stop the UNESCO world heritage site from crumbling. The state-controlled...Show More Summary

More on Neanderthals’ Genetic Legacy

SHANGHAI, CHINA—Neanderthals and modern humans are thought to have interbred at least once—probably in the Middle East—after modern humans left Africa. As a result, today’s Europeans and Asians carry a small amount of Neanderthal DNA. Show More Summary

Vikings! And their bread

Neat little video: Several good observations in there. Egyptian bread was similar — actually probably most early bread was this way — in having lots of grit in it which would wear down teeth quite rapidly. And they mention beer and the malting process, which is essentially releasing the sugars out of the carbohydrates in order [...]

Clueless Antiquities Buyer Gets Stung

David Knell has once again drawn attention to the old collector's adage, before you buy anything, buy the book. In other words find out all about what it is you intend to buy to avoid getting 'stung' ( Cuneiform Tablet on eBay - legal dilemma? Wednesday, 2 April 2014). Show More Summary

Metal Detecting Complaint

Metal detectorist DeepdiggingDan is well known for his comic turns with hand grenades and Nazi Castles, the latest of his You Tube 200+ videos was so-suitably published on April Fool's Day. In it in his desire to play the victim, heShow More Summary

Creativity in Osteology Labs

As I mentioned in my "Hyoidkus" post, I've taken the opportunity afforded by teaching Human Osteology at a new institution to overhaul old labs and create spiffy new ones that attempt to engage students' abilities to think both rationally and creatively. Show More Summary

A Working Paper: Contingency, Periphery, and Late Capitalism in the Bakken Man Camps

This week has been split between three projects: I revised a paper for the Bakken Goes Boom book on the North Dakota Man Camp Project, I’ve started working on an article for a volume of Internet Archaeology on archaeology and blogging, and I wrapped up a working draft of an article on 7th and 8th […]

Pockmarked and Depleted Archaeology

On a Welsh metal detecting forum near you, member "Chef Geoff" enlightens fellow metal detectorists (thread: Folks, Archeologists versus Metal Detecting......« Reply #3 on: April 02, 2014, 08:35:30 am) about the reasons why there isShow More Summary

"Blogger gives crucial leads in idol hunt"

The Subhash Kapoor case ranks among the biggest art theft busts in the world. Crucial leads have come from traditional investigation by police, Interpol and other law enforcement agencies as well as journalists. But [...] blogger [...] Vijay Kumar Sundaresan ( [has played an important role in 'idolgate']. Show More Summary

FBI Examines Antiquities at Rural Indiana Home

Collectors, take care of your documentation of licit origin, this could happen to you. A team of FBI agents, archaeologists and other experts have raided the home of an Indiana collector, in Rush County in rural central Indiana. They are in the process of removing for examination a large number of artefacts together with documentation. Show More Summary

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