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an #archaeogaming unconference

This is probably madness, but what the hell. Given the interest this past week in the intersection(s) of archaeology and gaming that seemed to be happening across various blogs & across the twittersphere, it occurred to me that this was a really good opportunity for me to learn how to throw a virtual unconference. (Wasn’t […]

Responsible Collecting: Good News

Amid looting concerns, Berlin Museum takes the bull by the horns and declares antiquities guilty until proven innocent:Der Direktor des Vorderasiatischen Museums Berlin, Markus Hilgert, fordert von den deutschen Museen einen freiwilligen Erwerbungsstopp für Antiken, bis das Gesetz über den illegalen Handel mit Kulturgut in Kraft tritt. Show More Summary

Polis Notebooking Season

Before the dirty, exhausting, and incremental (let’s say) season of actual field work begins in the Western Argolid, I’m taking a few weeks to work amid notebooks, pottery, and architecture in the village of Polis-Chrysochous on Cyprus this summer. People who read my somewhat jet lagged and unapologetically grumpy post from yesterday may have some… Read More ?

Seabed Prehistory - Now Published

Our latest book Seabed Prehistory: Investigating the Palaeogeography and Early Middle Palaeolithic Archaeology in the Southern North Sea by Louise Tizzard, Andrew Bicket and Dimitri De Loecker is available now from Oxbow Books. ThisShow More Summary

UK Metal Detectorists to Donate ALL Treasures

5 godzin temu Now the real work will begin. Follow @ ILoveMuseums to stand up & say # ILoveMuseums

Guest Digging At Birka

When I tell people I’m an archaeologist, they often ask ”So have you dug at Birka?”. As of yesterday I can finally proudly reply ”yeah, a bit”. ”Birka” is a Latinate attempt to write Biærkey, ”Birch Island”. It’s an island in Lake Mälaren, two hours by slow boat from Stockholm. For a bit more than…

Ancient coins, find spots, and import restrictions

I note that the next number of the Journal of Field Archaeology, now published by Maney, will be including an important article on ancient coins. I am grateful to Nathan Elkins for sending me a digital offprint.For those who would like...Show More Summary

The market in antiquities

I have been sent a series of questions to consider prior to a workshop this coming week. Among them was this: Which agencies are best placed to interdict trafficking?I would only like to comment on classical material. But it seems to me that there is a huge difference between being 'best placed' and actually taking action. Show More Summary

Coin Collectors Posing as "Academics"

"People in glass houses should not throw stones" Attributed to Petrarch, the first coiney. The IAPN and PNG continue their anti-conservation crusade through their lobbyist Mr Peter Tompa who has no idea where in such a provincial backwater...Show More Summary

Experimental archaeology done right

I may have linked to this before at some point, but here’s Messy Nessy’s article on Building a castle the old way: But it wasn’t enough just to use medieval construction techniques, materials and tools. For Michel Guyot the project had to go full on “Game of Thrones”, from the period costumes, diet and lifestyle adopted [...]

Cleveland/Leutwitz Apollo Lead Isotope Analyses

Do you remember this?Saturday, 14 June 2014 "Leutwitz Apollo" The Solder Analyses A few months ago I wrote a series of posts on the collecting history of the so-called Leutwitz Apollo bought by David Franklin and now in Cleveland. One...Show More Summary

In Polis on Cyprus doing Archaeology

I’m not recovering from jet lag.  But Scott Moore and I are making our way through the last handful of notebooks from the neighborhood of the South Basilica at the site of Polis on Cyprus. For lovely pictures and witty remarks go to his blog here. Right now I’m tired and negotiating notebooks that can… Read More ?

Third Forbes post - London Crossrail dig hits beheaded Romans

Yesterday, the Crossrail Facebook page posted a video interview with lead archaeologist Jay Carver, who gives a little tour of the current finds at the Liverpool station. (If you've been living under a rock or just don't really follow British news, the Crossrail is a new London train line expected to be in service in 2018. Show More Summary

Report on the Destruction of the Northwest Palace at Nimrud

Unconfirmed reports were coming through on or about March 5th that ISIL had "bulldozed Nimrud". Then on April 11th a video was released by ISIL sympathisers which showed the destruction in full technicolour inglory. A month later weShow More Summary

Grabbing data from Open Context

This morning, on Twitter, there was a conversation about site diaries and the possibilities of topic modeling for extracting insight from them. Open Context has 2618 diaries – here’s one of them. Eric, who runs Open Context, has an excellent API for all that kind of data. Append.json on the end of a file […]

On this Day in History

On 7 May 1765, 250 years ago today, HMS Victory was launched at Chatham Dockyard. Victory was a 1st Rate vessel and carried 104 guns making it one of the most formidable ships of the day. Best known as Lord Nelson’s Flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, Victory was active for over 40 years and served in several engagements. Show More Summary

Election Time in Bonkers Britain

The Daily Detectorist satirises what it sees as the issues in the British elections from an artefact hunting point of view: "if you want to see priceless national artifacts and collectible coinage of Britannia in the hands of foreigners...Show More Summary

Guaranteed to put most of you to sleep

Unless you’re total arch-math geeks: A Theoretically-Sufficient and Computationally-Practical Technique for Deterministic Frequency Seriation Abstract: Frequency seriation played a key role in the formation of archaeology as a discipline due to its ability to generate chronologies. Show More Summary

Archaeology of Home

As I’ve just arrived on Cyprus, I’m thinking about home.  This last week, I had the pleasure of giving a short tour of our 19th century home to a group of graduate students in my colleague’s, Cindy Prescott, material culture seminar. I took a little time to prepare a list of things that I’d talk… Read More ?

Bones - Season 10, Episode 16 (Review)

The Big Beef at the Royal Diner Episode Summary A woman who scales a wall at an exercise boot camp falls over, onto a decaying body. Based on the narrow pelvic inlet and flat profile of the skull, Brennan identifies him as a Caucasian male. Show More Summary

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