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Rare ‘Coffin Birth' Found At Black Death Burial Site In Northern Italy

Researchers investigating a 14th century burial ground have identified a rare case of "coffin birth" - a gruesome phenomenon in which a deceased pregnant woman's fetus is expelled within the grave. The remains of a mother and fetus were...Show More Summary

Rich Roman haul surprises Dutch archaeologists

A Roman ring, found at the dig. Photo: William Hoogteyling via HH Archeologists digging at a site in Tiel in the province of Gelderland, have found a rich haul of Roman artefacts, among which a statue of the god Jupiter, a grave stone inscribed DEAE (to the goddess), 2,500 bronze objects and a unique ointment pot. Show More Summary

Iron Age chariot and horse found buried together in Yorkshire

The two Iron Age horses, once used to pull the chariot are examined on site by archaeologists Henry Hayhurst-France/David Wilson Homes The Ancient Brits loved their wheels. Indeed they seem to have been so attached to their sports-car-style chariots that they may even have thought they could use them to get to the next world. Show More Summary

Medieval villagers mutilated the dead to stop them rising, study finds

The Wharram Percy excavation area as it looks today. Photograph: Pete Horne/Historic England/PA A study by archaeologists has revealed certain people in medieval Yorkshire were so afraid of the dead they chopped, smashed and burned their skeletons to make sure they stayed in their graves. Show More Summary

Iconic Torlonia Sculpture Questioned

Tweet from the Classical Art Research Centre@CARC_Oxford 10 godzin temu Brilliant news - Torlonia sculptures soon on view! Pic 1st mod photo of famous Otricoli head? Many will want to see and ask if really ancientThis is the famous head. Come to think of it.....

'Archaeological context is overrated'

Archaeological context is overrated' Dr. Henry Jones (Marshall College).I think we should take note of the date...

Closure of Norfolk's Archaeological Unit

I never worked in Norfolk archaeology (which I regret) but this is pretty tragic: Dan Grimmer, 'Fears of a ‘disaster’ in Norfolk archaeology because of closure of expert unit', East Anglian News 2 April, 2017. What is happening in England?

Stripping a 'Productive Site' and Other Rural Crimes

Gateway to the past Re: 2017 International MDF Forum Dig and Conference Postby kopparberg » Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:54 pm liamnolan wrote: kopparberg wrote: at the Barkby Forum Dig, on the last day when taking down the tents we found we had...Show More Summary

Collectors' Forum Yahoos: 'Stupid Nig-nogs' (2)

In the discussion of Cline's ' Do You Get to Keep What you Find? we see a typical array of the responses of the commercial world to the looting issue. As a starter we could take a look at the post (Thu Mar 30, 2017 8:31 pm PDT) by Robert Kokotailo of Calgary Coins. Show More Summary

Collectors' Forum Yahoos: 'Stupid Nig-nog laws need changing' (3)

In the continuing discussion by the Yahoo collectors on Tim Haine's Ancient Artifacts Forum, we see another manifestation of pirate ignorance and attempts to place the blame for their failure to keep looted and smuggled artefacts off...Show More Summary

Collectors' Forum Yahoos: 'Nig-nogs need to know their Place' (4)

On Tim Haine's forum for pirate collectors of dugup ancient artefacts in the discussion of Eric Cline's ' Do You Get to Keep What you Find? we see this gem, (Fri Mar 31, 2017 7:38 am posted by: "Jerry Fisher"). He's talking about measures to stop looting: I’ve seen this very thing secondhand, but up in South Dakota. Show More Summary

Collectors' Forum Yahoos: Cline and 'the Source Country Nig-Nogs' (1)

Over on Tim Haines' Yahoo Ancient Artefacts forum, the Yahoo pirate collectors are discussing the excerpt from the book 'Three Stones Make a Wall' (Princeton University Press 2017) by Eric Cline (Professor of Classics and Anthropology...Show More Summary

Collectors' Forum Yahoos: 'Nig-Nogs gonna loot' (5)

Over on Tim Haines' Yahoo Ancient Artefacts forum, the Yahoo pirates are discussing the excerpt from the book 'Three Stones Make a wall' (Princeton University Press 2017) by Eric Cline (Professor of Classics and Anthropology at the George...Show More Summary

You guys, I got another award for this whole blogging thing!

Tonight at the annual business meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, I received the Award for Excellence in Public Education. Per the conference program:Dr. Kristina Killgrove has earned the SAA's Award for Excellence in Public Education for her exemplary contributions to public education and service to the profession. Show More Summary

Torlonia Collection to go back on Display in Italy.

The famous Torlonia collection will go back on display in Italy. The collection has been discussed here before, once in connection with the resurfacing of an item deriving from a 1983 theft and more recently because of an odd law suit...Show More Summary

One of the holiest sites in Christianity has reopened in time for Easter

In the Church of teh Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, the Aedicule, constructed over the presumed site of Jesus’s burial and resurrection, was at risk of collapsing. Its marble cladding, last rebuilt in 1810 after a fire destroyed the shrine’s exterior, was quick to destabilise as a result of poor drainage, humidity and constant use. Show More Summary

US President Repeals CCPIA

Jared Kuschner looks on as Trump signs order Things seem not to be going well in the US State Department, I commented on the opacity that currently surrounds the fate of US cultural policy caused by the cessation of press briefings earlier...Show More Summary

Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 43)

Welp, it seems like I haven't blogged here in two months. Spring semester is always crazy, so while I've been keeping up with my Forbes blog and writing the occasional piece for mental_floss, I haven't been linking to my Bones reviews...Show More Summary

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

While springtime is finally here in North Dakotaland with temps soaring into the 60s today, we’re thinking of friends and family in Australia where they’re struggling with the flooding and the destruction wrought by Cyclone Debbie.   Wish nice weather here, though, this weekend will hopefully feature cookouts, drinks on the front porch, and leisurely walks… Read More ?

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