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Dawn Journal: Ceres' Intriguing Geology

Dawn is continuing to unveil a Ceres of mysteries at the first dwarf planet discovered. Mission Director Marc Rayman gives us an update.

Pluto Grows Under New Horizons’ Watchful Eye

Right now, Pluto is about 25 pixels across in the New Horizons space probe’s long-range camera. In a week it’ll be 50 pixels across. A few days later it’ll well to 100… and then it’ll grow by the hour. What will we see? I wrote about all this for my twice-monthly column for Go see! It’s subscription only, but c’mon. I’m worth it.

The Sky This Week - Thursday July 2 to Thursday July 9

10 hours agoAcademics / Astronomy : Astroblog

The Last Quarter Moon is Thursday July 9. Venus is prominent in the twilight evening sky with bright Jupiter very close by. The pair separate over the week. Saturn is in the head of the Scorpion and is easily visible in the evening. Mercury is below the bright star Aldebaran in the morning.The Last Quarter Moon is Thursday July 9. Show More Summary

A Refreshing Illusion: Flat Glass of Water

I love fun illusions, and I happened upon one that’s pretty interesting to see: An artist draws a glass of water that is startlingly 3D: Oddly, the illusion is actually more convincing to watch at lower resolution and with a smaller window; that washes out the pencil strokes and actually makes the illusion more realistic. Show More Summary

The Venus and Jupiter Conjunction, Prepare for the Finale on July 1!

15 hours agoAcademics / Astronomy : Astroblog

Early evening sky on Tuesday June 30 looking north-west as seen from Adelaide at 18:30 ACST showing Venus and Jupiter close together. The inset shows a binocular view of the pair.Similar views will be seen elsewhere in Australia and most of the Southern Hemisphere at the equivalent local time. Show More Summary

Ant-Man First Reviews Are In

Marvel's got a lot riding on this one Film Ant-Man Marvel The Avengers The Avengers Age of Ultron

5 Steps to Preventing Asteroid Impact

For Asteroid Day, Bruce Betts reviews 5 steps needed to prevent asteroid impact, as well as how The Planetary Society is involved in those.

Top Gun 2 May Fight Drones

David Ellison, son of Larry Ellison, is producing Film Top Gun Top Gun 2 David Ellison Tom Cruise Tony Scott

We're moving!

It's really happening. We're leaving our home of five years on South Grand and heading to our new home just two miles east on South Los Robles.

Misbehaving pulsar's sudden slow-down may teach us how they tick

A bright young pulsar that seemed to be stable has slammed on its brakes. Understanding this shift in behaviour could help astronomers calibrate cosmic clocks

Weighing A Galactic Monster 

How do you weigh a black hole? That is, to be more precise (or pedantic), how do you figure out what the mass of a black hole is? There are actually lots of ways, but they all depend on a very simple law of gravity: If you’re orbiting...Show More Summary

SpaceX rocket explosion is setback for US crewed space missions

Hopes that privately built rockets can restart crewed space flight from US soil have taken a blow with a Falcon 9 failure within minutes of launch

SpaceX Rocket Disintegrates After Launching

The unmanned Falcon 9 rocket, built by Space Exploration Technologies, was destined for the International Space Station with a load of cargo.

Uncrewed SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Explodes After Launch

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying supplies to the International Space Station exploded about 2 minutes and 20 seconds after launch this morning. No people were onboard; it was an uncrewed resupply mission. The cause is not yet known. Here...Show More Summary

SpaceX Rocket Breaks Apart En Route to International Space Station

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket broke apart over the Atlantic Ocean during today's flight to the International Space Station.

Venus and Jupiter Draw Closer (June 28, 2015)

Venus and Jupiter as seen at around 18:15 ACST from Largs Bay, Adelaide on 28 June. 6 second exposure at ASA400 with my Canon IXUS. Click to embiggen. Venus and Jupiter as seen at around 18:20 ACST from Largs Bay, Adelaide on 28 June. Show More Summary

California May Make It Harder to Opt Out of Getting Vaccinated. I'm OK With That.

California may be about to pass a law that only allows parents to opt their public-school-attending children out of vaccines for medical reasons. Personal or religious objections will no longer be accepted. This bill, SB-277, has been approved by the state Assembly, and is going to the desk of Governor Jerry Brown to sign or veto. Show More Summary

The Summer Triangle... Up Close

If you go outside after sunset — and can tear your eyes off of the spectacle of Venus and Jupiter slowly merging in the west — turn around and look to the east. Not long after the sky gets good and dark, you’ll see a trio of bright stars not far above the horizon. Show More Summary

New FLIR One Smartphone Accessory: The Tool That Grants Superpowers

The FLIR One is simply a handy tool that can be used to find a number of problems in your home, office, or even data center. Mobile infrared flir camera smartphone accessory

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