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Edgar Mitchell, 1930 – 2016

I'm very saddened to write that we’ve lost another Moon walker: His family just announced that Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut, died on Thursday (Feb. 4, 2016). By coincidence, he died on the 45 th anniversary of his mission, just one day short of the anniversary of the date he landed on the Moon. All twelve men who walked on the Moon are heroes. Show More Summary

Edgar D. Mitchell, Sixth Moonwalking Astronaut, Dies at 85

Commander Mitchell, a member of NASA’s first lunar mission devoted exclusively to scientific research, Apollo 14, spent just over nine hours on the moon on two moonwalks.

HiRISE image coverage of the Curiosity field site on Mars, Version 3.0

There have been tons and tons of HiRISE images of the Curiosity landing region, and it has taken quite a lot of work for me to find, locate, and catalogue them. This post is a summary of what I've found; after five revisions and updates, it's now version 3.0 of the list.

In Pictures: Orion Assembled and Shipped to Kennedy Space Center

The shell of NASA's next Orion spacecraft has been welded together and shipped to Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Here's a photo recap of the assembly and transport process.

Gigantic Space Telescope’s Main Mirror Now Complete

Well, this is pretty cool news: The main mirror for the James Webb Space Telescope is now fully assembled! OK, first, JWST is the successor to Hubble, an observatory optimized for viewing the Universe in infrared wavelengths, outside what our human eyes can see. Show More Summary

The Crescent Moon Meets Venus and Mercury this Weekend (6-7 February, 2016)

Early morning sky on Saturday February 6 looking east as seen from Adelaide at 5:30 ACDST showing Mars, Saturn with the red star Antares close by, Venus and Mercury with the crescent Moon nearby. Similar views will be seen elsewhere in Australia at the equivalent local time. Show More Summary

Mars Exploration Rovers Update: Opportunity Turns 12! Embarks on Electric Slide

On January 24th, the veteran Mars Exploration Rover (MER) wrapped the last day of her 12th year of surface operations on Mars, marking an extraordinary, historic achievement for the Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) mission.

Three Things to Look for in NASA’s Coming Budget Request

The 2017 budget season is almost here. Next week, the White House will release its budget request for NASA. Here are three things I will immediately look for upon its release.

Trilobites: Goodness Gracious, Fireballs in February

Dashcams, rooftop cameras and a GoPro on a small airplane captured footage of bright objects streaking night skies in recent days.

Nowhere to hide – invisibility cloaks fail near light speed

Researchers crossing Albert Einstein's theory of relativity with the theory of invisibility cloaks have discovered such devices won't work at high speeds  

Is This the Biggest Spiral Galaxy in the Universe?

Nature does love spirals. From the cream floating in your coffee cup to hurricanes to galaxies themselves, spirals form on a vast range of scales. They may be for different reasons (coffee and hurricanes have faster rotation in the center,...Show More Summary

Luxembourg’s asteroid mining bid is Europe’s first

The country has announced it will support the development of new laws governing outer space resources and fund research projects into mining asteroids

Science Ranch 2016

If you love science (and yes, you do), meeting other people who also love science, and being outdoors in a spectacular setting, then do I have something for you. My wife and I run a company called Science Getaways, where we take fun vacations and make them better by adding SCIENCE. Show More Summary

NASA CubeSat missions will pave way for human space flight

On Tuesday, NASA announced a handful of the 13 CubeSat missions that will be hitching a lift with the Orion spacecraft in 2018

Sometimes They Come Back: Giant Gas Cloud On Collision Course with the Milky Way

In 27 million years, you’d better fasten your seat belt: Sometime around then, a gas cloud with enough mass to make two million stars like the Sun will come crashing into the Milky Way. Given the time frame, I’m not too concerned personally over this galactic train wreck. Show More Summary

Milky Way’s central bar stirs in stars like a candy floss mixer

An oddball stream of stars orbiting the Milky Way can be explained by the chaos stirred up by a propeller-like bar – and could help us map the galaxy

30th anniversary images of Uranian moons

January 24 was the 30th anniversary of the Voyager flyby of Uranus. Uranian moons have been on my mind ever since New Horizons sent us close-up images of Charon. On the occasion of the anniversary, Ted Stryk produced latest-and-greatest versions of the Voyager views of these worlds.

Mars from a Height

I post a lot of news and pictures of Mars, and when I do it’s usually something taken by a rover on the surface, or it’s a high-resolution image of a small region taken from orbit. I love these images, and they give us a sense of the kind of detail going on at the surface of Mars. Show More Summary

"Let's Make Sure That History Never Forgets the Name… Enterprise"

This year marks the 50 th anniversary of the most influential science fiction series of all time: Star Trek. I’m a pretty big fan (Evidence A/B, Evidence 2, ad inifinitum), and I could go on and on about its influence, the characters, the music, and all that. Show More Summary

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