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In Pictures: LightSail Cameras Prepped for Flight

LightSail's flight cameras are being prepped for installation after receiving a software upgrade and checkout from their manufacturer.

Flying gold knocked the moon off course and ruined eclipses

The same space rocks that brought precious metals to Earth's surface also knocked the moon's orbit off-kilter, robbing us of twice-monthly eclipses

On the Anniversary of Two Scientific Revolutions

This week marks the (very round number) anniversaries of two of the most important scientific papers ever published. One you’ve heard of — or at least, you’ve heard of the author and its concepts. The other you probably haven’t. YetShow More Summary

ISS Crosses Suns Disk Adelaide 26 November 2015

22 hours agoAcademics / Astronomy : Astroblog

Path of the ISS as it crosses the Sun's disk as seen from Adelaide on November 26 at around 10:41 amThis is much more difficult than a Moon crossing, as this is telescope only, you have to use special solar filters, use EXTEREME CAUTION...Show More Summary

Blue Origin’s Rocket Launches, and Lands

Jeffrey Bezos’s company sent a rocket more than 100 kilometers in the air, which then fired its engines and returned to the launchpad.

Blue Origin Milestone: Rocket Lands Safely After Trip to Space

Jeff Bezos’s rocket company Blue Origin just surprised everyone by revealing their New Shepherd rocket reached an incredible milestone yesterday: In a test run, the rocket took off vertically, reached space, then landed again vertically...Show More Summary

Blue Origin Lands Spent Suborbital Rocket Stage in Texas

Secretive spaceflight company Blue Origin flew its New Shephard launch vehicle to the edge of space, deployed a suborbital spacecraft and returned the spent booster rocket to Earth for an upright landing.

2015 Reviews of childrens' books about space

Continuing an annual tradition, Emily Lakdawalla reviews children's books about space -- what's out there, how we explore, and why. Many of the books on this list aren't just for kids!

Just Another Day on Pluto

Pluto is an odd little beast. You knew this, if you’ve been paying attention at all these past few months. But one thing that struck me recently is its 6.4-day rotation rate. That’s weird; most free bodies in the solar system spin either much faster than Earth or much slower. Show More Summary

The Sky This Week - Thursday November 26 to Thursday December 3

The Last Quarter Moon is Thursday December 3. Jupiter, Venus and Mars form a line in the morning sky. C/2013 US10 Catalina is low in the morning sky, and a telescope only object.The Last Quarter Moon is Thursday December 3. Evening sky on Saturday November 28 looking east as seen from Adelaide at 21:00 ACST. Show More Summary

Watch Blue Origin’s surprise rocket launch and safe landing

The rocket firm owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has just announced a successful test and historic landing of its New Shepard rocket

Space, the Frontier Right in Front of Us

Art, architecture and music were altered by the idea that space is not just a void, but an aesthetic force of its own.

A Century Ago, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Changed Everything

The equation that describes fundamental workings of the universe is as compact and mysterious as a Viking rune.

Ep. 392: The Standard Model - Intro

Humans, cars and planets are made of molecules. And molecules are made of atoms. Atoms are made of protons, neutrons and electrons. What are they made of? This is the standard model of particle physics, which explains how everything is put together and the forces that mediate all those particles.

NASA Orders First Official SpaceX Crew Flight to ISS

NASA placed its first official order for a SpaceX Crew Dragon to carry astronauts to the International Space Station, the agency announced Friday.

Surveyor Digitization Project Hints at Long-Lost Lunar Treasures

A project to digitize more than 90,000 images taken by NASA’s five Surveyor spacecraft in the 1960s has revealed early hints of never-before-seen treasures captured by America’s first robotic lunar landers.

Black hole batteries could power mysterious radio bursts

Just before a black hole and a neutron star collide, they may form a circuit that lights up for a few milliseconds – confirming Einstein's theory

Mastcam-Z has passed its Preliminary Design Review!

A panel of outside experts reviewed the design of the Mars 2020 rover's color cameras, and approved the progress of Mastcam-Z. It still exists only as an idea in the cloud, but it's one significant step closer to being sent to Mars.

Congressman Lamar Smith Continues His Harassment of Scientists

The saga of The Man In Congress In Charge of Science But Who Doesn’t Understand It continues. For those new to this, Congressperson Lamar Smith (R-Texas) — Chairman of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee — doesn’t think global warming is real. Show More Summary

Bacteria build bendy plastic that astronauts could use for tools

Instead of taking a full toolkit into space, astronauts could take genetically engineered bacteria to make origami plastic and build the tools themselves

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