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Star Wars Won't Reveal All at Comic-Con

Coming to San Diego this Saturday Film Star Wars Star Wars The Force Awakens JJ Abrams Lawrence Kasdan

Ep. 382: Degenerate Matter

n some of the most extreme objects in the Universe, white dwarfs and neutron stars, matter gets strange, transforming into a material that physicists call “degenerate matter”. Let’s learn what it is, how it forms.

First Mention: March 30, 1930: Pluto Is Discovered

The New York Times said, “In the little cluster of orbs which scampers across the sidereal abyss under the name of the solar system there are, be it known, nine instead of a mere eight, worlds.”

Out There: Reaching Pluto, and the End of an Era of Planetary Exploration

When the New Horizons craft passes Pluto as expected July 14, we will have explored the known worlds. There are other finds ahead, but a personal journey will end.

New Horizons "back in action" after safe mode event, ready to resume encounter science

NASA held a press briefing today to explain the nature and cause of the spacecraft anomaly that halted science on New Horizons for four days as it was on its terminal approach to Pluto. As of the moment that I write this post, New Horizons is not yet performing science observations, but it will resume them tomorrow, July 7.

360-degree panoramic movies could be a reality

Could we use a high-tech, inverse version of the anamorphic art technique developed in the 16th century to make movies? Audience panorama 360 degree images Google Street View self driving cars anamorphic art

Venus, Jupiter and the International Space Station (6 July, 2015)

21 hours agoAcademics / Astronomy : Astroblog

Jupiter, Venus and the ISS at 18:48-18:49 ACST, stack of 6 x 5 second exposures at 400 ASA (two planes also caught). Images stacked in Deep Sky Stacker GIF Animation from 8 x 5 second exposures at 400 ASA (constructed in ImageJ) TheShow More Summary

Orion’s Other Nebula

The constellation of Orion is named after a great hunter, but if we wanted to be scientifically accurate, it should be named after a nursery instead. After all, thousands of stars are being born in the direction. The Great Nebula of Orion, M42, is a classic star-forming gas cloud, visible to the naked eye as the middle star in Orion’s “dagger”. Show More Summary

New Horizons hiccup won't affect Pluto mission science

NASA says temporary loss of contact with the spacecraft over the weekend was a one-off and won't affect its historic arrival at the dwarf planet next week

In Pictures: Russian Spacecraft Ends Streak of Station Supply Mishaps

Following back-to-back space station resupply failures, a Russian Progress vehicle pulled into port this morning at the International Space Station.

Dione, Mother of Beauty

The Cassini mission is nearing its planned end after more that a decade orbiting Saturn. But it’s not over yet; in mid-June it took this spectacular shot of the icy moon Dione: The Sun is off to the left, so Dione is a crescent. You can get a hint at how battered and cratered its surface is. Show More Summary

New Horizons enters safe mode 10 days before Pluto flyby

New Horizons decided to put on a little 4th of July drama for the mission's fans. It's currently in safe mode, and it will likely be a day or two before it recovers and returns to science, but it remains on course for the July 14 flyby. Here's the mission update in its entirety.

Do You Want Some REAL Fireworks?

Today is the Fourth of July, a national holiday in the US where we celebrate the signing of the Declaration Of Independence (we didn’t actually win our independence until 1783, depending on how you look at it). It’s traditional to celebrate...Show More Summary

Pluto's progression: Third-to-last Pluto day before encounter

Only two days remain until New Horizons' historic encounter with Pluto....two Pluto days, that is. Pluto and Charon rotate together once every 6.4 days, so as New Horizons has approached the pair over the last week, we've been treated to one stately progression of all of their longitudes.

Crash Course Astronomy: Meteors!

I’m not gonna lie to you: This is one of my favorite episodes of Crash Course Astronomy we’ve done so far. It was a lot of fun, and this is just such a fantastic topic to talk about. So here you go: “Meteors, Meteoroids, and Meteorites,...Show More Summary

Washington State Woman Is First Measles Death in US in 12 Years

In Clallam County, Washington, a woman has died of complications from measles. This is the first US death from measles since 2003. Clallam County had an outbreak of measles earlier this year, when five people were diagnosed with the disease. Show More Summary

Another take on Google’s evil search manipulation

TGDaily's Rob Enderle had some thoughts about how to deal with Google's 'evil' search manipulations, I respectfully disagree. Web google Yelp search results eu anti-trust

Chasing Pluto's shadow in a Boeing 747

Earlier this week, Govert Schilling took a flight like no other: cruising over the South Pacific to witness an unusual astronomical event

The Senate Appropriations Committee’s FY 2016 CJS Bill

Congress has made good progress so far this year in moving the annual appropriations bills that fund the government. However, a looming budget battle over the sequestration and budget caps threaten to sideline progress until Congress and the White House reach agreement. Here’s the current situation.

Is Star Trek Tech Possible?

My friend Veronica Belmont is pretty cool. Nerd, writer, TV host… and now she’s doing an online video series with Engadget called “Dear Veronica”, where she answers tech/geek questions sent in by viewers. It’s a lot of fun. In this week’s...Show More Summary

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