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Image: ESA's Large Space Simulator

This circular enclosure, made to appear larger still by an array of mirrors at its end, is ESA's Large Space Simulator. Some 15 m high and 10 m in diameter, it is cavernous enough to accommodate an upended double decker bus.

Crater Neukum named after Mars Express founder

A fascinating martian crater has been chosen to honour the German physicist and planetary scientist, Gerhard Neukum, one of the founders of ESA’s Mars Express mission.

Let's talk about NASA's latest commercial crew delay

SpaceX and Boeing might not be certified to carry astronauts to the International Space Station until 2019 or 2020.

"Eerily Similar" --Sea Level on Saturn's Titan, a Billion Miles from Earth

Saturn's moon Titan may be nearly a billion miles away from Earth, but a recently published paper based on data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft reveals a new way this distant world and our own are eerily similar. Just as the...      ...

Japan breakthrough could improve weather warnings and save lives

Data collected by Himawari-8 weather satellite paired with supercomputer programme A project harnessing data from a Japanese satellite could improve weather forecasting and allow officials to issue life-saving warnings before natural...Show More Summary

"Why We Say Things Before We Think" --Scientists Track a Thought's Progress Through the Brain

Interestingly, researchers found that the brain began to prepare the motor areas to respond very early, during initial stimulus presentation, suggesting that we get ready to respond even before we know what the response will be. "This might explain why...        

How massive can neutron stars be?

(Goethe University Frankfurt) Since their discovery in the 1960s, scientists have sought to answer an important question: How massive can neutron stars actually become? By contrast to black holes, these stars cannot gain in mass arbitrarily; past a certain limit there is no physical force in nature that can counter their enormous gravitational force. Show More Summary

Fireball Cuts Through the Sky Over Michigan as Meteor Falls

Videos showed a bright flash of light, followed by a pop almost like a light bulb burning out.

Titan topographic map unearths cookie-cutter holes in moon's surface

(Cornell University) Using the now-complete Cassini data set, Cornell University astronomers have created a new global topographic map of Saturn's moon Titan that has opened new windows into understanding its liquid flows and terrain. Two papers, recently published in Geophysical Review Letters, describe the map and discoveries arising from it.

China, Europe jointly test technology for storm satellite

China and Europe are jointly testing new technology that could help satellites peer through clouds and analyze storms.

Today's Top Space Headline: "Search for Extraterrestrial Irregularities" --Expanding the Spectrum for Advanced Alien Life

“Two hundred years from now, people are going to look at what we’re doing, and probably laugh and say, ‘Why weren’t they looking for tachyons, or subspace communications,’ or something like that,” says Dan Wertheimer, chief scientist for SETI at...        

Today's Top Science Headline --"Truth About Cognitive Tests" --The President Can Draw a Clock

The cognitive test that Trump passed was neither thorough nor difficult. Amid growing speculation about President Trump’s unfitness to hold the nuclear codes he has threatened to use, anyone who was suspicious that he could not identify a camel or...        

John Young obituary

American astronaut who led the first US space shuttle mission and was the ninth man to walk on the moon The astronaut John Young, who has died aged 87, was the ninth man to walk on the moon, as commander of Nasa’s Apollo 16 mission in 1972, and landed the first US space shuttle in 1981. Show More Summary

Today's "Planet Earth Report" Headline --"Our Cryptocurrency Future" --The Global 'Bitcoin' Disruption

You've heard of Bitcoin and possibly some others, but the major competitors, including central banks, have not even entered the market yet. Will it make any sense for people to exchange paper currency in the future? I don’t think so,...        

Odd Star Observed Orbiting a Rogue Black Hole in an Ancient Globular Cluster

Astronomers using ESO's MUSE instrument on the Very Large Telescope in Chile have discovered a star in the cluster NGC 3201 that is behaving very strangely -it is being flung backwards and forwards at speeds of several hundred thousand kilometers...        

Europe's space agency braces for Brexit fallout

The European Space Agency (ESA) is drawing up contingency plans for projects, commercial deals, and staffing that may be adversely affected by Brexit, senior officials said Wednesday.

"One Strange Rock" --ISS Astronauts: "The Story of Earth From the Only People Who Have Ever Left It" (WATCH Video)

One Strange Rock, filmed in space and across 45 countries on six continents over the course of more than a year, is a ten-part television series premiering in March on National Geographic Channel. The documentary refocuses our view of Earth...        

Meteor flashes across the sky in Michigan – video

A meteor swept over parts of the US midwest and Canada on Tuesday, weather and geology agencies said. It then caused a powerful explosion that rattled homes, according to several residents Flash of light and loud bang in Michigan was meteor, experts say Continue reading...

China has a plan to clean up space junk with lasers

Orbital debris (aka. space junk) is one of the greatest problems facing space agencies today. After 60 years of sending rockets, boosters and satellites into space, the situation in the low Earth orbit (LEO) has become rather crowded. Show More Summary

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Technology image of the week: Europe’s largest vacuum chamber, used for satellite testing, captured by photographer Edgar Martins

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