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Three bright planets: Portraits from the Pyrenees

It's a great time to go outdoors and look at planets. I have three glorious planetary portraits to share today, sent to me by amateur astronomer Jean-Luc Dauvergne.

Ep. 414: Navigating Far

In our last episode, we talked about what it’ll take to navigate across the Solar System. In this episode we scale things up and speculate how future civilizations will navigate to other stars and even other galaxies.

Space station module expansion called off after BEAM doesn't budge

NASA and Bigelow Aerospace weren't able to get the space station's newest module up and running this morning. Another attempt could come as early as Friday.

A Silhouette of Cold, Dusty Galactic Fingers 

I’ve said it before, and no doubt I’ll have many opportunities to say it again: If you like big, splashy, gorgeous astronomical photos, it’s hard to beat a ridiculously magnificent grand design spiral galaxy. And if you like ridiculously...Show More Summary

New work with 35-year-old data: Voyagers at Ganymede and Saturn

The Voyager data set is a gift to Earth that keeps on giving. This week, I've seen three great new images processed from this old data set.

Tomorrow morning, watch a new space module inflate—er, expand

NASA is set to fill a new space station module called BEAM with air Thursday morning. But does BEAM inflate, or expand?

Update: Mysterious Martian Plumes May Be From a Solar Storm and Not an Impending Invasion

In early 2012 a mystery literally erupted on Mars. Well, above it. Amateur astronomers viewing the Red Planet from Earth noticed weird features on the limb of the planet (the edge as seen from Earth) in March and April 2012. They appeared...Show More Summary

The House Makes its Counteroffer on NASA’s Budget

Commerce, Justice, and Science—the House of Representatives’ subcommittee that oversees NASA spending—just released details on how they would fund the space agency in 2017. Overall, the news for the space program is very good.

A Cold Ribbon Where Future Stars Are Born

The Universe lights up when you look at it with different eyes. And, in a very real sense, I mean that literally. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is more than just a few hundred billion stars. It’s also loaded with gas and dust, the raw materials from which stars are made. Show More Summary

The Sky This Week - Thursday May 26 to Thursday June 2

The Last Quarter Moon is Sunday May 29. Jupiter is visible all evening long. Mars is visible all night long. Saturn is close to the red star Antares and forms a triangle with Mars. Mercury climbs higher the morning sky. Venus is lost...Show More Summary

Smooth sailing in San Luis Obispo: LightSail 2 completes day-in-the-life test

The Planetary Society's LightSail 2 spacecraft breezed through a major systems test today, demonstrating the CubeSat can successfully deploy its antenna and solar panels, communicate with the ground unfurl its 32-square-meter solar sails in space.

A Spat Over the Search for Killer Asteroids

A former Microsoft technologist questions NASA’s efforts to identify space rocks and their proximity to Earth.

OSIRIS-REx shipped to Florida for September launch

OSIRIS-REx's long journey to an asteroid has begun. The spacecraft departed Colorado on Friday, May 20, travelling aboard an Air Force C-17 to the Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility at Kennedy Space Center.

These Dunes Are the Pits. Or Vice Versa.

I love a good coincidence. Especially a series of them. To wit: Last week I wrote an article about a massively viral optical illusion photo of a brick wall—if you haven’t seen it yet, I won’t spoil it; just go to my post and be amazed. The...Show More Summary

Jupiter May Be Hit by a Half-Dozen Visible Asteroid Impacts Every Year

In 1994, Jupiter was pummeled by the repeated impacts of the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9. The comet had been caught by the planet’s gravity earlier, torn apart by the tidal force during a close pass, and then each chunk slammed into Jupiter’s...Show More Summary

Shuttle tank caps 41-day journey with trip through streets of Los Angeles

After a 41-day journey marked by stormy seas, a trip through the Panama Canal and a rescue off the Baja California coast, the last unflown space shuttle external fuel tank has arrived at its new home here in Los Angeles.

A Dozen (Or So) Ways to Die in Space

Macabre? Sure. But my sense of humor runs dark sometimes, and I love science fiction, so this (very) short animation (very) briefly depicting a bunch of ways hapless space explorers can undergo Death in Space cracked me up. I could nitpick...Show More Summary

Catch a Series of Bright International Space Sation Passes (23-30 May 2016)

The ISS passes below Jupiter, as seen from Adelaide on the evening of Tuesday 24 May at 17:52 ACST. Simulated in Stellarium (the ISS will actually be a bright dot), click to embiggen. The ISS passes below Jupiter, as seen from Brisbane on the on the evening of Wednesday 25 May at 17:33 AEST. Show More Summary

Now's a Good Time to Look Up As Mars Looks Back At You With Its Red, Baleful Eye

The other day I was puttering around in the house a couple of hours after sunset, and happened to glance out an open window. There, shining over the horizon in the east like a glowering eye, was an intensely bright red-orange “star”....Show More Summary

Top Forex Signals 2016: Here’s What You Need to Know before FX Trading This Year

Rapid changes in financial policies contributed to strong moves in major currencies and the US dollar was the peak performer.

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