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Off to Space for a Year, an American’s Longest Journey

NASA hopes to learn more about physical and psychological effects of space travel from the mission of Scott J. Kelly, who will have spent more time in space than any American when he returns.

Public Curiosity Talk in Boulder on March 2

Hey, Boulderites! I’ll be giving a talk about Mars and the Curiosity rover at the Chautauqua Community House on March 2, 2015, at 7 p.m. The talk, “Where Has Our Curiosity Taken Us,” is an overview of the mission loaded with cool...Show More Summary

Four Ideas to Bust the Floor on Outer Planet Mission Costs

The road to lower costs outer planet missions has been paved by NASA’s first two New Frontiers missions, the $700M New Horizons mission to Pluto and the $1.1B Juno mission to Jupiter. But can the cost of a mission to the outer solar system be cut to $450M, the limit for a Discovery mission?

Isis Didn't Conquer the Star Wars Empire

Luke Skywalker's home safe from terrorists Trending Star Wars Tunisa isis

Batman Vs Superman Plot Details Leak?

Who shot first...oh wait, wrong franchise... Film batman vs superman Jesse Eisnberg Lex Luthor

Is Mars Slowly and Surely Drawing Its Plans Against Us … ?

Y’know, I’m not all that big on “Mystery Baffles Scientists!” kinda headlines, but I have to admit, this scientific mystery is rather baffling. What’s causing hundreds-of-kilometer-high plumes on Mars? This is pretty weird....Show More Summary

LPSC 2015: Aeolian Processes on Mars and Titan

Planetary scientist Nathan Bridges reports on results from the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference about the action of wind on the surfaces of Mars and Titan.

Close Encounter of the Stellar Kind

Seventy thousand years ago, a pair of stars gave our solar system a close shave. But if you had been around for it, you wouldn’t even have noticed. The stars are a part of a binary system found by astronomer Ralf-Dieter Scholz in a sky survey taken by NASA’s WISE observatory. Show More Summary

Crash Course Astronomy Episode 6: Telescopes

By number, I’d say I go outside and use just my eyeballs to look at the stars more than any other method. Every time I step outside, the first thing I do is look up. Even during the day: I wouldn’t want to miss the Moon, some Sun-induced...Show More Summary

Pluto, Unphased

On July 14, 2015, the New Horizons spacecraft will fly by Pluto, passing the surface by just a little over 12,000 kilometers. This will be the first time in history we’ll have seen the little world and its moons close up, and I’ll...Show More Summary

Stars of Reality

Y’know, it’s easy to make fun of celebrities who endorse ridiculous nonsense. Certainly Jenny McCarthy has earned the wrath she’s received over vaccines, and Rob Schneider says things that make McCarthy look like an icon of reason. Show More Summary

The Catastrophe That Must Not Be Named

By now you may have heard that Florida Governor Rick Scott is a flat-out global warming denier, even though his state is arguably the most vulnerable to sea level rise and other problems that are surely to come if we do nothing. But even doing nothing is too much for Scott. Show More Summary

Conspiracy Revealed: The Simpsons Has Been Lying to You

I’ve been a fan of The Simpsons for a long time. Obviously. So when I heard that SpaceX’s head guy Elon Musk was guest-starring on the show, I hoped it would be a good episode. And it was! As I watched I marveled at how funny the...Show More Summary

Mooning Pluto

Pluto is an interesting little world. Smaller than our Moon, it still boasts no fewer than five moons discovered so far. The first, Charon, was discovered in 1978, but the second through fifth were found just a few years ago using Hubble data. How many does Pluto have? It’s not known, because smaller, fainter moons may yet be undiscovered. Show More Summary

Steven Spielberg to Direct Ready Player One

Not a direct video game adapation, but pretty close Film steven spielberg Ready Player One

Robotech Movie Making Progress

Sony hopes to get movie up and running soon Film Robotech Tobey Maguire 300

Jubille Will Be in X-Men Apocalypse

Next X-Men film may focus more on the younger versions of the mutant team  Film X-Men Bryan Singer X-Men Days of Future Past Lana Condor X-Men Apocalypse

Why Do Some People Refuse to Get Vaccines?

There’s been a lot of discussion in the media (both mainstream as well as social) about vaccinations, spurred because of the current measles outbreak in the U.S. I’m unhappy about the cause, of course, but I welcome the discussion. Show More Summary

LPSC 2015: MESSENGER's low-altitude campaign at Mercury

At last week's Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, the MESSENGER team held a press briefing to share results from the recent few months of incredibly low-altitude flight over Mercury's surface. The mission will last only about five weeks more.

A Supermassive Black Hole’s Fiery and Furious Wind

When you think of black holes, you probably think they are chaotic destroyers of all; wandering through space devouring everything in their path, and once something gets too close, it’s gone forever. That’s a little unfair. Actually, a lot unfair. Show More Summary

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