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Proxima Centauri b, The Exoplanet Next Door

Proxima Centauri b as visualised in Celestia. I have used a Venus surface for the visualisation as it is close to the inner edge of the habitable zone, but if it has no or a thin atmosphere it may very well be an ice world. Click toShow More Summary

Juno's first Jupiter close approach successful; best JunoCam images yet to come

NASA announced this afternoon that Juno passed through its first perijove since entering orbit successfully, with science instruments operating all the way. This is a huge relief, given all the unknowns about the effects of Jupiter's nasty radiation environment on its brand-new orbiter.

Venus and Jupiter Conjunction, Saturday 27 August 2016

20 hours agoAcademics / Astronomy : Astroblog

Venus and Jupiter in (almost) conjunction, Saturday August 27, 2016. Inset shows 3xZoomed Venus and Jupiter, with Mercury just visible at top left. Image taken with a Canon IXUS, 1 second exposure, 400 ASA at 6:27 pm ACST. Click to embiggen.Last...Show More Summary


Is Caturday still a thing? I don’t care, because it’s now Goaturday. That is my goat, Jack Burton. He is one of four goats we have chez BA, the others being Sam, Batman, and Clayton Forrester. They are all fun and cute and adorable, and you can find lots more pictures of them on my Instagram feed (for all my social media links, go to Show More Summary

Venus and Jupiter Kiss This Weekend

There’s a real treat in the sky over the next few nights: Venus and Jupiter will be very close together. How close? Very, very close. Closest approach (what astronomers call the appulse, but is more colloquially and commonly called a conjunction) will be on Saturday, Aug. Show More Summary

The Solar System

This is a post from Skymania News - Space and astronomy news and advice plus night sky The Solar System is our immediate family in space - the Sun and the planets and other natural objects that circle it, such as comets and asteroids. Show More Summary

Venus – our planet’s inhospitable twin

This is a post from Skymania News - Space and astronomy news and advice plus night sky You will have no trouble spotting the second planet from the Sun - Venus is a dazzling sight in the night sky and only the Moon is brighter. The post Venus – our planet’s inhospitable twin appeared first on Skymania News. [[ This is a content summary only. Show More Summary

Proxima Centauri Just Became Our Gateway to the Cosmos

Astronomers obtain convincing evidence of a potentially habitable world around our nearest neighboring star—this could change everything -- Read more on

Op-Ed Contributor: What’s So Special About Another Earth?

We’re excited about the latest exoplanet because of what it says about our own celestial home.

Follow-Up: Just How Hot Was July 2016?

The other day I posted an article about how ridiculously warm July 2016 was globally. Like every month for 10 months in a row, it was the hottest such month since records have been reliably kept (starting in 1880). This happens so often now that I just repost the same article, with the dates and numbers updated. Show More Summary

Venus and Jupiter Meet in the Twilight (27, 28 August 2016)

Western evening sky on Saturday August 27 looking west at 40 minutes after sunset. Jupiter and Venus are around a lunar diameter apart with Mercury nearby. Similar views will be seen throughout Australia at the equivalent local time....Show More Summary

Rocky Earth-sized planet found circling nearest star

This is a post from Skymania News - Space and astronomy news and advice plus night sky An international team of astronomers have discovered an Earth-sized planet orbiting the nearest star to the Sun. The post Rocky Earth-sized planet found circling nearest star appeared first on Skymania News. [[ This is a content summary only. Show More Summary

Proxima Centauri b: Have we just found Earth’s cousin right on our doorstep?

What began as a tantalizing rumor has just become an astonishing fact. Today a group of thirty-one scientists announced the discovery of a terrestrial exoplanet orbiting Proxima Centauri. The discovery of this planet, Proxima Centauri b, is a huge breakthrough not just for astronomers but for all of us. Here’s why.

Astronomers Discover a New Planet Orbiting the Closest Star to the Sun!

There’s no other way to phrase it. This is HUGE news: Astronomers have found a planet orbiting the Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the Sun! Holy wow. Seriously. Wow. Before I get into details, let me sum up what we know: The planet,...Show More Summary

Carnival of Space #472 is Here!

Carnival of Space #472 is now up at Everyday Spacer. There is planets around Proxima Centauri, Keeping Mars warm, a rare nova and much, much more. Head on over and have a read.

Astrophiz Podcast 8 is Out

Astrophiz Podcast 8 is out now.Dr Cherbakov tells us about the discoveries and passing of Owen Slee, and explains how neutron stars form, and how some become pulsars. I continue ‘the dance of the planets’, and introduce ‘Ian’s Tangent’...Show More Summary

What to Read in May

Columbia's maiden voyage, rocket girls, Buckminster Fuller's vision and more.

How big is that butte?

Whenever I share images from Curiosity, among the most common questions I’m asked is “what is the scale of this image?” With help from imaging enthusiast Seán Doran, I can answer that question for some of the Murray buttes.

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