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A Glass for Enjoying a Sip of Whisky While Floating in Space

Ballantine’s, the Scotch distiller, is unveiling a glass that works for drinking in zero-gravity, no straw required.

Chang'e 5 test vehicle maps future sample return site

This summer the Chinese space agency has been making progress toward its planned 2017 launch of the Chang'e 5 robotic sample return mission, performing low-altitude imaging of the future landing site.

Five Trillion Tons of Ice Lost Since 1992

I’ve been writing about what global warming means to our planet and to us for a long time now. A critical concern for this is the loss of land ice in Antarctica and Greenland, for many reasons. One is that it's a bellwether for our poles, a preview of what it means as we turn up the global thermostat. Show More Summary

Mars Exploration Rovers Update: Opportunity Digs Marathon Valley Walkabout

Opportunity drove farther into Marathon Valley in August, dug into what appears to be a water-altered rock, and took a lot of picture postcards in what is turning out to be a distinctively different site from any that the mission has found since the robot field geologist landed in 2004.

What came before the big bang?

Has the universe existed forever? Or was there something before it? To find out, we need a working theory of quantum gravity and a new conception of time

Observatory: In the Prawn Nebula, a Nursery for Newborn Stars

The Prawn Nebula is 6,000 light-years from Earth and home to bright clusters of newborn stars.

INTENSE Aurora Display over Sweden!

Astrophotographer Göran Strand was out on the night of Aug. 26, 2015 in Östersund, Sweden, when the sky erupted in auroral flames! He caught the whole thing in both time-lapse and real-time video, and it’s stunning. Wow! Aurorae are formed when subatomic particles from the Sun are funneled down into our atmosphere by the Earth’s magnetic field. Show More Summary

Winking exoplanets could reveal interplanetary comet strikes

Shoemaker-Levy 9, a comet that smacked into Jupiter in 1994, could help us detect similar collisions in other solar systems

The Making of 2001: How Kubrick and Clarke designed the future

2001: A Space Odyssey threw up not one vision of the future, but dozens, now preserved as candid photographs, artworks and conceptual designs

CubeSats to the Moon

Casey interviews Dr. Craig Hardgrove about his lunar CubeSat, how it came together, and how NASA’s support for small missions are important for early career scientists like himself.

Solar Photobomber

So you’re taking telescopic photographs of the Sun, watching the solar disk seethe under intense forces while blasting huge, towering prominences tens of thousands of kilometers into space, when your photo is completely ruined by a rude...Show More Summary

A Series of Bright ISS passes Wednesday 2 September - Monday 8 September 2015

The ISS passes between Arcturus and Vega, as seen from Adelaide on the evening of Wednesday September 2 at 19:22 ACST. Simulated in Stellarium (the ISS will actually be a bright dot), click to embiggen. The ISS passes near Spica and Mercury, as seen from Adelaide on the evening of Thursday September 4 at 19:14 ACST. Show More Summary

Ten-day Taxi Trip to International Space Station Underway

A ten-day International Space Station taxi flight is underway following the Wednesday liftoff of a three-person crew from Kazahkstan.

New Horizons extended mission target selected

The New Horizons mission has formally selected its next target after Pluto: a tiny, dim, frozen world currently named 2014 MU69. The spacecraft will perform a series of four rocket firings in October and November to angle its trajectory to pass close by 2014 MU69 in early January 2019. Show More Summary

Populating the OSIRIS-REx Science Deck

The assembly of the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft continues, with many elements integrated onto the spacecraft ahead of schedule. Last month both OTES and OVIRS were delivered to Lockheed Martin and installed on the science deck.

The Sky This Week - Thursday September 3 to Thursday September 10

The Last Quarter Moon is Saturday September 5. Mercury is at its highest in the evening twilight. Saturn is near the head of the Scorpion. Mars is visible low in the morning twilight. Venus climbs higher in the morning twilight and is visited by the crescent Moon on the 10th. Show More Summary

Satellite Re-Entry Surprises Hawaii

Folks in Hawaii got a shock — or a thrill, depending on how much they knew about what they were seeing — when a very bright and dramatic “shooting star” blew across their skies on Aug. 31, 2015. Here’s video: That’s one example of many...Show More Summary

$79 for an Out-of-Date Book About a Modern NASA Logo

A Kickstarter campaign by two designers aims to bring back a space agency graphics standard book, published in 1976, that reflects “modernist design thinking.”

Inundated By Global Warming

Do you think global warming is something that only affects us sometime in the future, decades or centuries from now? Think again. Our planet heating up is affecting us now, and has been for decades. We’re already seeing a lot of serious...Show More Summary

Space Is Cold, But We Are Not

If you have five minutes — and I think you do — then I urge you to go take a look at this lovely and wonderful comic by French artist Boulet. Yes, there are a few typos in the translation, but it’s charming and sweet, and expresses quite a few points I strongly believe in myself. Science is not cold, nor scientists unemotional. Show More Summary

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