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Understanding why our most Earth-like neighbor, Venus, is so different

Van Kane introduces us to EnVision—a proposed European mission to help improve our understanding of Venus.

Ep. 368: Searching for the Aether Wind: the Michelson–Morley Experiment

Waves move through a medium, like water or air. So it seemed logical to search for a medium that light waves move through. The Michelson-Morley Experiment attempted to search for this medium, known as the “luminiferous aether”. The experiment gave a negative result, and helped set the stage for the theory of General Relativity.

Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy Occasional Views January to February

19 hours agoAcademics / Astronomy : Astroblog

Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy imaged on 17 January 2015. MEDIAN stack of 3x180 second luminance images BIN2, taken with iTelescope T14. North is left, East is bottom. Image inverted for easier tail viewing. Click to embiggen. Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy imaged on 18 January 2015. Show More Summary

Southern Skywatch March, 2015 edition is now out!

Western horizon as seen from Adelaide on 23 March at 8:00 pm ACDST. Click to embiggen.The March edition of Southern Skywatch is now up.This month a bit of planetary action and Jupiter is still prominent.Jupiter rises higher in the early evening sky and although opposition has massed, it is still an excellent object this month. Show More Summary

Spider-Man's Gwen Stacy Returns in Super Gwen

Another comic book resurrection, this time in the alternate Marvel universe Comics Super Gwen Spider-Man Gwen Stacy

Leonard Nimoy R.I.P.

The legendary actor was 83 Trending Leonard Nimoy Star Trek President Obama

Highlights from our reddit Space Policy AMA

The space policy and advocacy team at The Planetary Society held an AMA (ask me anything) on reddit, here are some of the highlights.

Pluto Science, on the Surface

New Horizons' Principal Investigator Alan Stern gives an update on the mission's progress toward Pluto.

Geomagnetic alert for February 28- March 1

A geomagnetic alert a has been issued by the Australian IPS, the activity is due to a high speed solar wind stream form a coronal hole. The activity is likely to peak late in the evening of the 28th to the early morning of the 1 March, possibly lasting to the night of the March 1. Show More Summary

Blade Runner Sequel Has a Director

Long awaited sequel to the sci-fi classic to start shooting in 2016 Film Blade Runner Harrison Ford Ridley Scott Denis Villeneuve

Catwoman is Out of the Closet

Surprised? Comics Catwoman Selina Kyle X-Men Genevieve Valentine

YouTube Can't Make a Buck

The channel's also celebrating its tenth anniversary Trending youtube google

Spacewalk Timelapse Makes Cable Routing Look Fun

A timelapse video shows two NASA astronauts as they became typical neighborhood cable technicians—except for the fact that they were wearing space suits.


Have you noticed that the Internet can seem slow? Sometimes it takes a long time for web pages to load. It would really be better if they would just snap up instantly on the screen. In practice, “instant” response occurs if the latency is less than ~1/30th of a second, or ~30 msec. Animation at […]

Dawn Journal: Ceres' Deepening Mysteries

Even as we discover more about Ceres, some mysteries only deepen. Mission Director Marc Rayman gives an update on Dawn as it moves ever closer to its next target.

Ask Me Anything (on reddit) About NASA's Budget

Starting at 11am PST/2pm EST on Wednesday, the space policy team at the Society will hold an AMA (Ask Me Anything) about NASA's new budget and the process of space exploration.

Russia Moves to Support ISS through 2024, Create New Space Station

The future of the International Space Station is a little clearer this week, following a statement from Russia supporting an extension of the orbiting complex through 2024.

At last, Ceres is a geological world

I've been resisting all urges to speculate on what kinds of geological features are present on Ceres, until now. Finally, Dawn has gotten close enough that the pictures it has returned show geology: bright spots, flat-floored craters, and enigmatic grooves.

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