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The Catastrophe That Must Not Be Named

By now you may have heard that Florida Governor Rick Scott is a flat-out global warming denier, even though his state is arguably the most vulnerable to sea level rise and other problems that are surely to come if we do nothing. But even doing nothing is too much for Scott. Show More Summary

Flying High During a Solar Eclipse

I should know better by now: Whenever I post a bunch of pictures from some astronomical event and say they were the best I saw, someone comes along and proves me wrong. The photo above was taken by frequent BA Blog contributor GeoffShow More Summary

Where Are the Pictures of Ceres?

I’ve been getting some emails and tweets asking why, if the Dawn spacecraft entered orbit around Ceres on Mar. 6, haven’t we seen any new close-up pictures for nearly three weeks? The answer is not that NASA is covering up alien bases or Obama’s birth certificate or any other such nonsense. Show More Summary

Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko in Celestia

4 months agoAcademics / Astronomy : Astroblog

Comet 67P//Churyumov–Gerasimenko and the Rosetta orbiter rendered in Celestia.As usual, I have been trying to make a Celestia file for comet 67P.And failing miserably. I tried to convert the ESA public shape model to celestia 3Ds format and failed miserably. Show More Summary

Tomorrow we Land on a Comet

5 months agoAcademics / Astronomy : Astroblog

Small bodies landed (or about to be landed on) by spacecraft. Asteroid Itokawa size 540m x 270m x 210m (image Credit JAXA) Comet 67P size 4.1×4.5 Km (image credit ESA) Asteroid Eros size 34.4×11.2×11.2 Km (image credit JPL/NASA) Tomorrow...Show More Summary

Beyond the Visible: The Story of the Very Large Array

I thought I had posted a link to this youtube NRAO video months ago, but I don’t seem to. Sorry for the delay. –Ben Beyond the Visible: The Story of the Very Large Array Created in 2013 as the new interpretive film for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory’s Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) […]

Chang’e 3 Landing & Six wheels on Moon for Yutu!

interesting, but its really hard to get a sense of scale till you see the jets kick up dust. –Ben Chang’e #3 Jade Rabbit Lunar Mission RAW Landing Watch and enjoy this full video of Chang’e 3?s descent onto the lunar surface. The mountains on the horizon are the Montes Recti. The lander is […]

Herbal Medicines, an Interview

Last night a short news segment on herbal medicines ran on Channel 9 which I not only appeared on, but actually referenced my research. You can see the interview here: I have done a lot of radio, but I'm pretty much a newbie at television. Show More Summary

Earthrise 1896/1968/2013

I've been perusing the British Library's release of 1 million images into the public domain. Amongst them I found an artist's impression of the view of Earth from the Moon published in "The Half Hour Library of Travel, Nature and Science for youngreaders" (1896). Show More Summary

Earthquakes and Planetary Alignments, Yet Again.

Saturn-Earth "Alignment" on September the 18th, Venus is off the alignment axis. As this "alignment" doesn't actually pass through the Earth-Moon-Sun axis it actually decreases the tidal force, reducing the likelihood of Earthquakes....Show More Summary

Comet ISON is Not Adjusting its Orbit Around Mars, it's a Hoax.

Comet ISON, nowhere near Phobos. You may have seen an article circulating through the internet in various venues. It claims that the Russian Federal Space Agency ROSCOSMOS has reported that Comet C/2012 S1 has made a number of “unexplained...Show More Summary

My Interview on Comet C/2012 S1 ISON

In the wake of the publication of my Comet ISON, a Guide for the Perplexed, I did a Skype Interview with Dazza the Cameraman going over some of the points in my pots, with animations and vigorous head waving and lots of umming and erring.You can see it in all its glory here. Caution, it's nearly an hour long.

Chris Kraft reiterates his opposition to SLS (plus Mars, asteroids, Bolden, and Gangnam Style)

Comments by former NASA Johnson Space Center director Chris Kraft regarding NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) have attracted some attention this week. “When they actually begin to develop it, the budget is going to go haywire,” he said in an interview with the Houston Chronicle originally published Sunday (getting more attention in an expanded version [...]

Concert: Songs to Sip Soup By

My beloved Bettdeckererschnappender Weisle's acappella group, Nobody's Fault but Mine is having a concert this weekend - Sunday 4th August, 4pm, St Theodore's Church Hall, Cnr Swaine and Prescott, Toorak Gardens. $5 homemade soup included. I'll be the doorman. If you haven't seen the (rather embarrassing acording to BDSW) video.. check it out here

Images from Saturday Nights Aurora Australis (29 June, 2013)

Images of the aurora from Trial Bay near Kettering in Tasmania, by Graham Sanders (all these images are copyright of their takers, so please ask permission if you want to use them). Brilliant pillars of light Paul Albers got these shots near Flinders, Victoria. Show More Summary

Talking about the ISS to the Australian Air League

On Friday night I gave a talk to the SA branch of the Australian Air League. The Air League is a bit like Scouts, only with an aviation/avionic theme. They have their 80th anniversary coming up, and have applied to speak to the astronauts...Show More Summary

Zombies roam the animal kingdom — and some of them may be after us

The zombies in "World War Z" are just actors — but in the animal world, zombies are a fact of life. Evolution can come up with some fiendish twists: For example, there are some species that bend other creatures to their will to keep their bizarre life cycles going. Or …

'Human pollination'? Sting operation uses social media to benefit bees

Have you heard about the corporation that plans to make a quick buck from the global disappearance of honeybees? "A future without honeybees means a future of human pollination," according to a promotional video from BeABee Inc. "That's right: people trying to pollinate plants fl …

Bits of Arthur C. Clarke and 'Star Trek' celebs will sail in deep space

When the Sunjammer solar sail is launched for a deep-space test next year, small samples from sci-fi guru Arthur C. Clarke and three pioneers of the "Star Trek" TV series will be going along for the ride. And you can send a message as well. It's all part of a memorial spacef …

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