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Mystery of Blobs Detected Deep in Earth's Interior

A chemical reaction between ancient seawater and iron in Earth’s mantle over eons could explain the formation of mysterious blobs in the planet’s interior that dampen passing seismic waves, Stanford researchers say. These thin patches of dense rock have confounded...        

Spacewatch: gas fuelled rocket 'a step further' to sending crew to Mars

Blue Origin test-fires rocket engine that scientists expect to take on extra methane made in space – so solving the dilemma of how to return home from the red planet Blue Origin, the US private space launch company, has successfully test fired the world’s most powerful methane-burning rocket engine. Show More Summary

Pope Francis to call International Space Station

Pontiff to become second pope to speak to astronauts orbiting the earth with live streamed video call The voice of Pope Francis will be heard on the International Space Station, as he makes a planned call to astronauts. Due at 1pm GMT...Show More Summary

Space station captures images of Hurricane Irma – video

The International Space Station’s external cameras recorded hurricane Irma as it moved across the Atlantic Ocean on Tuesday. The National Hurricane Center upgraded Irma to a category 5 storm and hurricane warnings were issued across the Caribbean Hurricane Irma – live updates Continue reading...

Seeing the August 21 (UT) total eclipse on livestream

7 months agoAcademics / Astronomy : Astroblog

Solar eclipse in Cairns, 2012. Unless you have been living under a rock you will know that on August 21 (UT) a total eclipse will sweep across the United States. The eclipse (beginning partial) starts at 16:05 UT (2:05 22 August AEST,...Show More Summary

Space Station Streetview

Explore the International Space Station with Google Street View and ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet

New eyes

Thomas Pesquet reflects on living in space for six months and voyages of discovery and exploration


Art and space enter a new dimension, with Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto and ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli

"Universe Could Be a Hologram" --Rosetta Stone That Opens the Uncharted World of Quantum Gravity (VIDEO)

"The key to understanding quantum gravity is understanding field theory in one lower dimension," said Niayesh Afshordi, professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Waterloo. "Holography is like a Rosetta Stone, translating between known theories of quantum fields...        

Shaking the Fabric of Reality

Hands down, the biggest science story of 2016 was the detection of gravitational waves. Even the discovery of the planet Proxima Centauri B takes second seat to it. Gravitational waves are ripples in the very fabric of spacetime, created when massive objects are accelerated. Show More Summary

The Broad Strokes of Jupiter

[This post is what Boing Boing calls a “unicorn chaser”, a bit of eye candy to cleanse the brain after a particularly off-putting article. So, after yesterday’s distressing news, here’s something to make your cerebrum a bit happier.] A...Show More Summary

Curiosity Finds an(other) Alien Visitor on Mars

The Curiosity rover has been on Mars since Aug. 6, 2102. In the more than four years it’s been there, it’s seen wonders beyond our Earthly reckoning: evidence of ancient flowing water, evidence of ancient standing water, methane in the...Show More Summary

That's No Ordinary Taco. It's a SPACE Taco.

People ask me a lot of questions. One of the most common, understandably, is, “Would you like to go to space?” My answer is always the same: “I’d like to be in space, but I don’t want to go to space.” The difference being the idea of...Show More Summary

New Study Confirms Sea Surface Temperatures Are Warming Faster than Previously Thought

In 2015, scientists from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) published a paper that angered a lot of climate science deniers. In it, the researchers found that some historic measurements of sea surface temperatures were off by a bit, and needed to be corrected. Show More Summary

Deep Field

The Universe is cycles. Planets orbit their stars. Stars are born and die and seed the Universe with more gas and elements to create more stars. Galaxies spin. Closer to home, we see the Sun rising and setting, we awake and we sleep....Show More Summary

Amazing Illusion: Invisibility Cloak

My friend (and evil twin) Richard Wiseman is a staple here at BA HQ; he studies how our brains can be tricked into perceiving things that aren’t real… or missing things that really are there. His latest entry into encephallusions is masterful. Show More Summary

Video Preview of Cassini's Saturn Endgame

Not long ago I wrote that the mission of the fantastic space probe Cassini is coming to an end. On Sep. 15, 2017, after a series of quite daring maneuvers, Cassini will drop into the atmosphere of Saturn, returning a last few bits of...Show More Summary

The Expanse Expanded

Regular readers know how big a scifi nerd I am. Star Trek, Doctor Who, 12 Monkeys… I love science fiction that tells big, grand stories. Right now, one of the best scifi shows on TV —heck, one of the best shows on TV— is The Expanse on Syfy . Show More Summary

Antimatter Is Starting to Yield Its Secrets

Is antimatter just like matter, but, well, opposite? This question has bedeviled physicists for decades. Antimatter is very similar to matter —it’s made up of subatomic particles juts like matter is, but they have an opposite electric charge. Show More Summary

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