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That's No Ordinary Taco. It's a SPACE Taco.

People ask me a lot of questions. One of the most common, understandably, is, “Would you like to go to space?” My answer is always the same: “I’d like to be in space, but I don’t want to go to space.” The difference being the idea of...Show More Summary

New Study Confirms Sea Surface Temperatures Are Warming Faster than Previously Thought

In 2015, scientists from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) published a paper that angered a lot of climate science deniers. In it, the researchers found that some historic measurements of sea surface temperatures were off by a bit, and needed to be corrected. Show More Summary

Deep Field

The Universe is cycles. Planets orbit their stars. Stars are born and die and seed the Universe with more gas and elements to create more stars. Galaxies spin. Closer to home, we see the Sun rising and setting, we awake and we sleep....Show More Summary

Amazing Illusion: Invisibility Cloak

My friend (and evil twin) Richard Wiseman is a staple here at BA HQ; he studies how our brains can be tricked into perceiving things that aren’t real… or missing things that really are there. His latest entry into encephallusions is masterful. Show More Summary

Video Preview of Cassini's Saturn Endgame

Not long ago I wrote that the mission of the fantastic space probe Cassini is coming to an end. On Sep. 15, 2017, after a series of quite daring maneuvers, Cassini will drop into the atmosphere of Saturn, returning a last few bits of...Show More Summary

The Expanse Expanded

Regular readers know how big a scifi nerd I am. Star Trek, Doctor Who, 12 Monkeys… I love science fiction that tells big, grand stories. Right now, one of the best scifi shows on TV —heck, one of the best shows on TV— is The Expanse on Syfy . Show More Summary

Antimatter Is Starting to Yield Its Secrets

Is antimatter just like matter, but, well, opposite? This question has bedeviled physicists for decades. Antimatter is very similar to matter —it’s made up of subatomic particles juts like matter is, but they have an opposite electric charge. Show More Summary

What Happens When the Camera Faces the Other Way During a SpaceX Landing?

One year ago today, SpaceX landed the first stage booster from a Falcon 9 rocket that boosted a payload into orbit. Since that day, the rocket company has repeated that feat five times. Designed as a way to save money by not having to...Show More Summary

The Mysterious Case of a Nonexistent Alien Planet Discovered 160 Years Ago

The first planet ever to be discovered was found in 1781. It was an accident of sorts; William Herschel wasn’t looking for a planet specifically. He was instead scanning the sky for double stars, cataloging them as he found them. But a star he saw one night didn’t stay still. Show More Summary

Rocket men: why tech’s biggest billionaires want their place in space

Forget gilded mansions and super yachts. Among the tech elite, space exploration is now the ultimate status symbol The explosion could be felt 30 miles away. At 9.07am on 1 September, a SpaceX rocket containing 75,000 gallons of liquid...Show More Summary

Russian Resupply Rocket Lost During Launch

News is still coming in right now, but it looks like a Progress capsule loaded with supplies for the astronauts on the International Space Station was lost as it was heading up into space this morning. It was uncrewed, so there was no loss of human life. Jason Davis at The Planetary Society has details, and you can also get more at SpaceFlightNow. Show More Summary

Starry Starry Swing

Longtime BABlogee and music composer Greg La Traille sent me a note letting me know about an amazing art exhibit in Zürich, Switzerland called “Starfield”, but really it should be called “Star Swing”. Why? Well, for one thing, it’s a swing. Show More Summary

Jupiter Unwrapped

On Mar. 8, 2016, Earth lapped Jupiter in their race around the Sun. Earth orbits closer to the Sun than Jupiter, and so moves much more rapidly. Like a car on the inside track passing one on the outside, this meant that Earth was asShow More Summary

What the Heck Is Going on at the North Pole?

I’ve written quite a bit over the past few years about the death spiral of sea ice at the North Pole. Every year the amount of ice goes up and down with the seasons, growing in winter and declining in summer. But, on top of that there...Show More Summary

Ice Crystals Above Clouds Dance to the Tune of Electricity

A few years ago I wrote an article about one of the most bizarre phenomena I had ever seen: dancing, twisting beams of light appearing over storm clouds. The video of them is really weird. Watch: It looks like the cloud itself is writhing! After...Show More Summary

An Eerie Hex on Saturn

Two things I love: Astronomy, and cool clouds. I love them even more when I can enjoy both at the same time. The image above is of Saturn, taken by the Cassini space probe on Sept. 5, 2016, when it was about 1.4 million kilometers from the planet, using its wide-angle camera equipped with a filter that lets through near-infrared light. Show More Summary

Time-Lapse: Refraction

Air bends light. Well, OK, not exactly. A beam of light could pass through air all day long (as long as you have a layer of air 26 billion km long) and not deviate a whit. But if the density of that air changes, the light will bend.Show More Summary

I'm Voting for Hillary Clinton.

Well, here we are. Election Day is tomorrow. I strongly suspect most people have made up their minds already, and so it seems exhorting someone to vote for one candidate over the other may seem superfluous. Still, let me be clear: I am voting for Hillary Clinton, and will also be voting the straight Democratic ticket in my home state of Colorado. Show More Summary

Carving the Orion Nebula

I’ve written many times about the Orion Nebula, one of the most magnificent star-forming regions in the galaxy. It’s a spectacular gas cloud, wispy and sculpted, multicolored and bright. It’s only about 1,400 light-years from Earth, making it close enough to study in detail. What you see isn’t really what you get in the nebula, though. Show More Summary

Global Weirding

It’s impossible not to see that this election has become hyperpartisan; a split so wide the gulf seems unbridgeable. How can someone like me —a socially progressive nontheist— ever even hope to be able to communicate the most important...Show More Summary

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