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Baby Enantiornithine (Bird) Wings Preserved in Amber From Middile Cretaceous Burma

Mummified precocial bird wings in mid-Cretaceous Burmese amber Authors: Xing et al Abstract: Our knowledge of Cretaceous plumage is limited by the fossil record itself: compression fossils surrounding skeletons lack the finest morphological...Show More Summary

Hints of a Higher Than Expected Oxidation From During MesoArchean

Uranium irradiation history of carbonado diamond; implications for Paleoarchean oxidation in the São Francisco cratonAuthors:Magee et alAbstract:Carbonado is a porous polycrystalline diamond rock found in central African and Brazilian placer deposits. Show More Summary

An Interview with Don Prothero

Ikonokast interviews Don Prothero. Don Prothero is the author of just over 30 books and a gazillion scientific papers covering a wide range of topics in paleontology and skepticism. Mike Haubrich and I spoke with Don about most of these topics, including the recent history of the skeptics movement, the conflict and potentials between DNA…

Only You Can Prevent Gun Violence

The 1993 research paper by Arthur Kellerman et al, “Gun ownership as a risk factor for homicide in the home” concluded that having firearms in the home increased the risk of homicide in that home. Guns, it turns out, do not provide protection, but rather increase risk. That research was funded by the Center for…

How to sparklers work?

In the US, it is time to start blowing stuff up and setting stuff on fire, because we are so patriotic! Here is the science of sparklers, to keep it interesting:

Bird Wing Preserved in Amber

Early Bird Wings Preserved in Amber from Myanmar A team of international scientists including researchers from Bristol University, have published research on two specimens of 99 million-year-old amber from Myanmar (called burmite), which have revealed the preserved remains of two tiny, baby birds. Show More Summary

Rebor Acrocanthosaurus Replica Rave Reviews

Collectors Praise the Rebor Replicas Acrocanthosaurus “Hercules” Dinosaur fans and model collectors have been praising the Rebor range of 1:35 scale replicas ever since their introduction more than two years ago.  At Everything Dinosaur, we regularly receive emails from collectors who have written to say how much they admire a particular model.  Take for example, […]

6-27-16 Just Where Were Those Whales All Day

Sunday, June was one of those days...orcas had been in the area for days and now none were seen all day today......what's in the harbor today? why, it's a swimming deer!...and now off the dock..a humpback whale was spottedShow More Summary

6-26-16 Transients Going to Unusual Places Again

Sunday, June 26th... before leaving the dock... an unusual sighting of an osprey in the harbor......transients were still in the area... ou t on Peregrine with Capt. Jim for an afternoon trip...more transients were found coming in the...Show More Summary

Charon's Argo Chasm is 185 Miles Long & Up to 5.5 Miles Deep

The Grand Canyon on Earth might feel a little inadequate if it ever learns about Argo Chasma on Pluto's moon Charon. Charon is home to a canyon 185 miles (300 kilometers) long and up to 5.5 miles (9 kilometers) deep in places. NASA says...Show More Summary

Martian zeolites as a source of atmospheric methane

Martian zeolites as a source of atmospheric methaneAuthors:Mousis et alAbstract:The origin of the martian methane is still poorly understood. A plausible explanation is that methane could have been produced either by hydrothermal alteration...Show More Summary

bbcearth-bbca: A southern minke whale rises through the ice to...

bbcearth-bbca: A southern minke whale rises through the ice o breathe. Minke whales are sea ice specialists - their short dorsal fins and immense swimming power enable them to swim deep into the pack ice in search of food.  Photo by Chadden Hunter for Frozen Planet.

What’s one of the best places in the world to find white sharks?

noaasanctuaries: noaasanctuaries: Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. Located in California north and west of San Francisco, the sanctuary is home to one of the most significant populations of white sharks on the planet. The...Show More Summary

Crops Grown in Martian Soil Simulant Appear to be Edible

Dutch scientists said Thursday crops of four vegetables and cereals grown on soil similar to that on Mars have been found safe to eat, amid plans for the first manned mission to the planet.Abundant harvests of radishes, peas, rye and...Show More Summary

DARPA is Returning to Turbine-based Combined Cycle Propulsion System for Routine Hypersonic Flight

A turbine-based combined cycle (TBCC) propulsion system to enable routine hypersonic flight by a vehicle that can take-off and land from a runway is back on the agenda at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) after aShow More Summary

Terminator Times #13

Drones: An AI developed to simulate fighter combat successfully took down a very accomplished fighter pilot every time in a simulator. Smaller drones for tactical operations are coming. Latvia has cleared its army for shooting down any UAVs over their bases. Show More Summary

Rice Agriculture Dates Back 9,000 Years ago

Chew on this: rice farming is a far older practice than we knew. In fact, the oldest evidence of domesticated rice has just been found in China, and it's about 9,000 years old.The discovery, made by a team of archaeologists that includes...Show More Summary

Ready, steady, tag! How our researchers and the Monterey Bay...

Ready, steady, tag! How our researchers and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) are teaming up to solve the mystery of what white sharks do in their most mysterious habitat—the White Shark Cafe:

Did you know there are sharks in the deep sea? This longnose...

Did you know there are sharks in the deep sea? This longnose catshark lives on the deep seafloor down to about 4,200 feet! It was glimpsed by one of Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI)’s remotely operated vehicles. ? You can check out all of the deep-sea sharks and their relatives on their Deep-Sea Guide.

You can touch the heart of physics without doing the hard bits

Carlo Rovelli reflects on why time is fundamentally human, and how physics is like music – you don't have to be able to create it to appreciate it

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