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Bitter sweet nectar: Why some flowers poison bees

Plants provide pollinators with nectar as a reward for their services, so why lace it with mind-bending toxins? Their motivations are surprisingly devious

Liquid Mercury Found Beneath Teotihuacan's Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent in Mexico

An archaeologist has discovered liquid mercury at the end of a tunnel beneath a Mexican pyramid, a finding that could suggest the existence of a king’s tomb or a ritual chamber far below one of the most ancient cities of the Americas.Mexican...Show More Summary

Will 2015 be warmer than 2014?

That is a good question, and difficult to answer. If it turns out to be, it will be the warmest calendar year in the instrumental record, which goes back into the 19th century. Regardless of what El Nino (ENSO) does, 2015 will be a warm year. Why? Because everything is warm and getting warmer and…

Providing Prehistoric Animal Drawing Materials for Foundation Stage 2

EYFS Create an Underwater Prehistoric Scene A recent trip to a primary school to conduct a dinosaur workshop resulted in a request from one of the teaching assistants.  They had lots of blue crepe paper and they wanted to create a prehistoric scene that could be posted up onto the walls of the corridor outside […]

The funniest thing ever

Just so you know. This is not something where you watch the first minute and get it and go “oh that’s funny” or not and them move on. The plot is complex you must watch it until the very very end or don’t bother. Just sayin’ this because people seem to not do that a…

Woolly Mammoth Genome is Sequenced

Scientists Sequence the Mammoth Genome, not Once but Twice A new study of the genomes of two Woolly Mammoths has been published in the scientific journal “Current Biology”.  An international team of researchers have been able to sequence the complete genome of two of these iconic, ancient elephants.  The researchers are not involved in experiments […]

Premiered This Day (1956): The Creature Walks Among Us

image Back on this day in 1956 the second sequel to The Creature From the Black Lagoon debuted. It's long been considered the weakest film in the trilogy, and it's hard to argue this given that they drag The Creature out of the Amazon, burn him in a fire, and convert him into an air-breathing humanoid with no hope of ever returning to the lagoon. Show More Summary

Choose Your Path Wisely Through the Robopocalypse

Societal, Economic, Ethical and Legal Challenges of the Digital Revolution: From Big Data to Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Manipulative TechnologiesAuthor:Helbing Abstract:In the wake of the on-going digital revolution, we will see a dramatic transformation of our economy and most of our societal institutions. Show More Summary

What Humans Really Look Like To Aliens

Remember the last Olympics, during the parade, where instead of seeing the athletes march along grouped by country, we saw unidentifiable people who were all either taking selfies or grabbing videos of everything going on around them, but we couldn’t tell who they were because their cell phones were totally covering their faces? These days…

EU Funds Pan-Robots to Advance Robopocalypse Bound "Factory of the Future"

No good deed goes unpunished and that goes double for robots. They may improve manufacturing efficiency, but an improvement in one place often shows up a glaring inefficiency somewhere else. In an effort to help supply logistics keep...Show More Summary

Waddle with us for #WorldPenguinDay! The penguin parade is one...

Waddle with us for #WorldPenguinDay! The penguin parade is one of many training enrichments our aviculture staff designs to keep these inquisitive animals happy and healthy!  Learn more about the endangered African blackfooted pengu...

Chicken Fest, London, UK

Here's a great blog post from our friend and master artist, Luis Rey, on his participation in Chicken Fest in London on April 23, 2015. Luis joined paleontologist, John Hutchinson, to talk about the links between chickens and dinosaurs and marvel at the giant chicken skeletons made by children as part of this art & science installation.

The awkward state of penguin molting

This oddly plumaged penguin appeared in my Antarctic & Arctic Data Consortium 2015 calendar (yes, I have a data calendar) and I needed to know…why on earth does this penguin have a fauxhawk? And of course there is no better day to answer this question than on World Penguin Day! Before this, I used to think there […]

First Three X-37b Missions Were Vehicle Characterization, 4th Next Month for Experiments

The U.S. Air Force on Friday made its first public confirmation that the X-37B unmanned space shuttle will be launched next month on the fourth flight of an Orbital Test Vehicle.“We are excited about our fourth X-37B mission,” said Randy Walden, the director of the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office. Show More Summary

Wooly Mammoth Genome

Complete genomes reveal signatures of demographic and genetic declines in the woolly mammoth. 2015. Palkopoulou et al. Current Biology. Before the world's last woolly mammoth took its final breath, the iconic animals had already suffered from a considerable loss of genetic diversity. Show More Summary

Photochemical Control of the Distribution of Venusian Water

Photochemical control of the distribution of Venusian waterAuthors:Parkinson et alAbstract:We use the JPL/Caltech 1-D photochemical model to solve the continuity diffusion equation for the atmospheric constituent abundances and total number density as a function of radial distance from the planet Venus. Show More Summary

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