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John Connor: Say Hi to Boeing's 2 Kilowatt Anti Drone Laser

Hang on to your drone. Boeing’s developed a laser cannon specifically designed to turn unmanned aircraft into flaming wreckage.The aerospace company’s new weapon system, which it publicly tested this week in a New Mexico industrial park,...Show More Summary


The Republican Party and its handlers, including the right wing talk radio jocks such as Rush Limbaugh, and the bought-and-paid-for media such as FOX news, did not create the Tea Party. Michele Bachmann and a few others did that. But once the Tea Party got going, mainstream conservative Republicans, including and especially leaders in Congress,…

Evidence of Heavy Metal Poisoning From Ordovician Mass Extinction in Marine Plankton

Several Palaeozoic mass extinction events during the Ordovician and Silurian periods (ca. 485 to 420 to million years ago) shaped the evolution of life on our planet. Although some of these short-lived, periodic events were responsible...Show More Summary

Europe to discuss deep-sea trawling ban to protect biodiversity

In the run-up to a debate on deep-sea fishing, new data suggests trawling should be banned below 600 metres to protect threatened species

Premiered This Day (1978): Planet of The Dinosaurs

Directed by James Shea in 1978, this film featured some nicely animated dinosaurs.

Theia Wasn't Alone: Uranus Formed From Two Protoplanets Colliding

Stimulated Radiative Molecular Association in the Early Solar System. II. Orbital Radii of the Planets and Other Satellites of the SunAuthor:LombardiAbstract:In a previous investigation, the orbital radii of regular satellites of Uranus,...Show More Summary

Getting slim with just Almased- Discover why that is such a dangerous strategy

While effective dietary supplements such as Almased, which are selling like hot cakes among the young and old alike may be successful to a great extent in helping you attain…

Emily Cassidy Interview: Food Supply Failure

We’re gonna run out of food. When, why (not what you think), can we put it off, and if so, how? And GMOs, what about them? I interviewed food supply expert Emily Cassidy on Atheist Talk Radio, Mike Huabrich hosting. You can CLICK HERE and listen to the interview. Additional background and some more links,…

Xenopermian Biota of the Ural Sea: Brontopator chapsia, a hippodont dicynodont

The Xenopermian is a collaborative effort between Scott, Raven, Zach and myself to outline a very different, speculative world. In some ways this is not all that different than the exercises of Dougal Dixon, After Man and The New Dinosaurs. Show More Summary

Lessons from the Mediterranean about ocean acidification

Today’s guest blog comes from Jason Hall-Spencer — a Professor of Marine Biology at Plymouth University in the United Kingdom. His research spans seamount ecology, fisheries, ocean acidification, aquaculture and conservation. He’s also working on marine protected area design using satellite vessel monitoring for fisheries management. Show More Summary

Darwin’s fast-evolving finches use a natural insect repellent

Four species of the iconic birds on the Galapagos Islands rub themselves with leaves that deter mosquitoes and parasitic flies

Environmental stability affects phenotypic evolution in a globally distributed marine picoplankton

Marine phytoplankton can evolve rapidly when confronted with aspects of climate change because of their large population sizes and fast generation times. Despite this, the importance of environment fluctuations, a key feature of climate...Show More Summary

“Lucky Find” Puts Welsh Theropod Discovery on a Firm Footing

Fossilised Dinosaur Foot Bones Found on Welsh Beach Serendipity and palaeontology are often strange bedfellows, but luck does play a part especially when you consider the difficulties in finding very rare and exceptional items such as Early Jurassic dinosaur bones.  Take the example of palaeontology student Sam Davis who has been lucky enough to have […]

Ukraine War Update: ?????? ???? ??????, ?????????

There are claims of Minsk III and a new ceasefire on September 1st. I am sure there war in Ukraine will stop completely. The only will be exception will be for the Donbas like there was for Debaltseve. All the rest of Ukraine will be under the rules of the ceasefire. Show More Summary

D Wave Claims to Have Built 1000 Quibit Quantum Annealing Processor

Benchmarking a quantum annealing processor with the time-to-target metric.Authors:King et alAbstract:In the evaluation of quantum annealers, metrics based on ground state success rates have two major drawbacks. First, evaluation requires computation time for both quantum and classical processors that grows exponentially with problem size. Show More Summary

Vintage Dinosaur Art: Dinosaurs! The 1987 Childcraft Annual - Part 2

May the 1980s bonanza continue (please do check out part 1 for background, amusing spinosaurs etc.) Having exclusively featured theropods in the first post, let's turn now to their fellow saurischian dinosaurs - you know, the often staggeringly...Show More Summary

The community of nature

“Gaze into a tide pool and you’ll see all of life’s complexity, shrunken down to size. From the soft anemones waving sticky tentacles, to spiny sea urchins, to hard-shelled mussels, with crabs and gobies wedged in between, every square...Show More Summary

Mini Crazy Thought: US Navy Ought to Rejigger its Hangar Deck With Robot Plane Parking Structures

After looking at pictures like the above, I immediately thought of these: You could double stack the aircraft easily. You could add another 40 aircraft that way easily. However, you still need the maintainers and pilots. Probably a better idea for the coming drones.

Gueragama sulamericana, New Lizard from the Cretaceous of Brazil

A stem acrodontan lizard in the Cretaceous of Brazil revises early lizard evolution in Gondwana. 2015. Nature Communications University of Alberta paleontologists have discovered a new species of lizard, named Gueragama sulamericana,...Show More Summary

Chew on this: Learn about how we feed the hammerhead sharks in our Open Sea exhibit.

Chew on this: Learn about how we feed the hammerhead sharks in our Open Sea exhibit.: Got sharks coming to dinner? Not to worry, our aquarists share how they make tasty, nutritious treats for our scalloped hammerheads in our latest podcast.

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