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Simulating the Dynamical Evolution of Earth, Moon & Theia

Dynamical Evolution of the Earth-Moon Progenitors - Whence Theia?Authors:Quarles et alAbstract:We present integrations of a model Solar System with five terrestrial planets (beginning ~30-50 Myr after the formation of primitive Solar...Show More Summary

The Origin and Composition of Theia

On the origin and composition of Theia: Constraints from new models of the Giant ImpactAuthors:Meier et alAbstract:Knowing the isotopic composition of Theia, the proto-planet which collided with the Earth in the Giant Impact that formed...Show More Summary

The Civilizations of PreColumbian Amazonia Reconsidered

Integrated palaeoecology and archaeology – a powerful approach for understanding pre-Columbian AmazoniaAuthors:Mayle et alAbstract:The old paradigm that Amazonia's tropical ecosystems prevented cultural development beyond small-scale shifting agricultural economies, that had little environmental impact, no longer holds true for much of Amazonia. Show More Summary

SpaceShipTwo Suffers in Flight Anomaly: Spacecraft Lost

link. Reports out of the Mojave are there is at least one fatality. SS2 flies with two during the test flights. I sincerely hope that is incorrect and both pilots are fine.

Zoologger: My lizard persona depends on my neighbours

Different stress levels will make wall lizards from a group of Aegean islands flee or drop their tails – and it all depends on who they grew up with

Frigate Bird Discovered in Early Eocene Paleogene Wyoming

A new species of Limnofregata (Pelecaniformes: Fregatidae) from the Early Eocene Wasatch Formation of Wyoming: implications for palaeoecology and palaeobiologyAuthor:StidhamAbstract:A humerus and a coracoid from the Early Eocene Wasatch...Show More Summary

Uncovering Shrimp Seafood Fraud: Diaries from the Field, Part One

(Photo: Rachel Golden) Yesterday, Oceana released a new report that uncovered widespread misrepresentation of America’s favorite seafood: shrimp. The report found 30 percent of DNA-tested shrimp samples to be misrepresented—often mislabeled for another species or said to be wild caught when it was farmed—across more than 100 restaurants and grocery stores nationwide. read more

Happy Halloween! Meet the Ocean Animals in Costume All Year (Photos)

Pygmy seahorses, which can change their skin color to blend in with their surroundings. (Photo: Tom Gruber / Flickr Creative Commons) Happy Halloween, ocean lovers! Today, many people are delighting in the one day of the year where they can dress up to be any figure that these please. Show More Summary

Did the Ability to Hibernate Save Mammals Across the KT Extinction?

Mammal survival at the Cretaceous–Palaeogene boundary: metabolic homeostasis in prolonged tropical hibernation in tenrecsAuthors:Lovegrove et alAbstract:Free-ranging common tenrecs, Tenrec ecaudatus, from sub-tropical Madagascar, displayed long-term (nine months) hibernation which lacked any evidence of periodic interbout arousals (IBAs). Show More Summary

Died This Day: Johann Friedrich Meckel

Shark Family Tree © Ray Troll Meckel (Oct 17, 1781 - Oct 31, 1833) was a German anatomist who first described the embryonic cartilage (now called Meckel's cartilage) that ossifies to form part of the lower jaw in fishes, amphibians, and birds. He also described a pouch (Meckel's diverticulum) of the small intestine.

Ocean Roundup: Nations Fail to Reach Agreement on Antarctic Marine Reserve, Norway Planning Large Whale Meat Shipment, and More

Killer whales swimming in the Ross Sea, Antarctica. Nations failed to reach an agreement to protect the Ross Sea in the world’s largest marine reserve. (Photo by Donald LeRo / NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center National ScienceShow More Summary

Was Earth's First Free Atmospheric Oxygen Produced by the Sun?

About one-fifth of the Earth's atmosphere is oxygen, pumped out by green plants as a result of photosynthesis and used by most living things on the planet to keep our metabolisms running. But before the first photosynthesizing organisms...Show More Summary

Was There a MesoProterozoic Oxygen Crash After the Great Oxidation Event?

Low Mid-Proterozoic atmospheric oxygen levels and the delayed rise of animalsAuthors:Planavsky et alAbstract:The oxygenation of Earth’s surface fundamentally altered global biogeochemical cycles and ultimately paved the way for the rise of metazoans at the end of the Proterozoic. Show More Summary

Israel Cancelled V-22 Order?

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has canceled a still-unsigned multi-billion-dollar deal with the US for advanced military capabilities, amid strained ties with Washington.The deal includes six V-22 aircraft, which the US has not released...Show More Summary

Physiological response of Crocosphaera watsonii to enhanced and fluctuating carbon dioxide conditions

We investigated the effects of elevated pCO2 on cultures of the unicellular N2-fixing cyanobacterium Crocosphaera watsonii WH8501. Using CO2-enriched air, cultures grown in batch mode under high light intensity were exposed to initial...Show More Summary

Skeletal mineralogy of geniculate corallines: providing context for climate change and ocean acidification research

Marine species depositing high-magnesium (Mg) calcite (>8% MgCO3) are projected to be among the first to show response to the impacts of climate change, i.e. increased sea surface temperature (SST) and ocean acidification (OA), given the increasing solubility of calcite in seawater with increasing Mg content. Temperature is a major driver of Mg incorporation into […]

Uncle House: How the Housing Market in China Aids Corruption

OFTEN the trickiest part of being a corrupt bureaucrat is not how to find new ways to extort money or accept bribes, but how to hide the ill-gotten gains. No one wants to end up like “Uncle House”, as a district official in the southern province of Guangdong was dubbed by internet users. Show More Summary

10-30-14 Visual and Vocal Kind of Day

Thursday, October about 1:20 a.m. transient calls came over the Lime Kiln hydrophones for at least 20 minutes...then an hour+ later I heard them again, only much more faint......10:30 a.m. I went to scan for humpbacks, since...Show More Summary

Is France Delivering the First Mistral to Russia on November 14th?!

France's sale of two Mistral-class landing helicopter docks (LHDs) to Russia caused further controversy on 29 October, after Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin claimed the first vessel would be handed over on 14 November.Rogozin...Show More Summary

Have They Found a Cure for HPV?

New research presented at the Society for Integrative Oncology (SIO) 11th International Conference in Houston, TX showed for the first time that it is possible to eliminate HPV infection in women using a readily available nutritional supplement, AHCC.The study, presented by Dr. Show More Summary

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