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Internship opportunity: “Effect of ocean acidification on the small RNA expression of a coral”, King Adbullah University of Science and Technology, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Internship description Small RNAs (e.g. small interfering RNA, microRNA, Piwi-interacting RNA) are essential in the correct functioning of many biological processes of metazoans. To investigate the effect of ocean acidification on the small RNA profile of corals, we extracted and sequenced the small RNA fraction of a coral that was subjected to four different pCO2 […]

'Patient zero' Gaëtan Dugas not source of HIV/Aids outbreak, study proves

New technique allows reconstruction of route by which HIV/Aids arrived in North America, confirming Dugas was not the source of subsequent pandemic Scientists have managed to reconstruct the route by which HIV/Aids arrived in the US – exonerating once and for all the man long blamed for the ensuing pandemic in the West. Show More Summary

Fossil Hunting Event at Biddulph Grange Garden

Budding Palaeontologists Wanted at Biddulph Grange Garden – Sunday 30th October On the cusp of “Dinovember” already and Sunday 30th October will see team members from Everything Dinosaur visiting the prestigious Biddulph Grange Garden (Staffordshire), to set up a fossil finding activity in support of the fund to help restore and refurbish the amazing Geological […]

‘Autism therapy helped my child speak’ – a mum hails new method

Louisa Harrison explains how a parent-led intervention – the first to have lasting benefits for children with autism – helped her communicate with her son

NOAA: Americans added an extra pound of seafood to their diet in 2015

(NOAA Headquarters) 2015 was another above-average year for fishing and seafood consumption, with the average American adding nearly an extra pound of seafood to their diet, according to the annual Fisheries of the United States report released today by NOAA.

For the first time, brain surface stimulation provides 'touch' feedback to direct movement

(University of Washington) Grasping a cup or brushing hair or cooking a meal requires feedback that has been lost in amputees and individuals with paralysis -- a sense of touch. University of Washington researchers have have used direct...Show More Summary

Poland-US Science Award for research on RNA structure

(American Association for the Advancement of Science) World-renowned scientists -- Professor Ryszard Kierzek from the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznan and Professor Douglas H. Turner from the University of Rochester -- are the winners of the 2016 edition of the Poland-US Science Award. Show More Summary

Neurobiology: Epigenetics and neural cell death

(Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) Researchers from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich have demonstrated how deregulation of an epigenetic mechanism that is active only in the early phases of neurogenesis triggers the subsequent death of neural cells.

Japan, West clash over 'cultural' whale hunts

Japan pleaded with the world's whaling watchdog Wednesday to allow small hunts by coastal communities, arguing that for three decades these groups had been unjustly barred from a traditional source of food.

What's in the Box? A Long-Lost Species

Last seen about 150 years ago, a New Caledonian flower species has been rediscovered—just after it was declared extinct -- Read more on

New Patient: Bailey

Bailey, an adult Hawksbill, is the newest patient at the Turtle Hospital.  Bailey was rescued by the Horizon Dive Center based in Key Largo.  The divers observed Bailey swimming with little to no use from the front right flipper.  The rescuers were able to  locate a hook embedded in the right shoulder/armpit area on Bailey. […]

Wayne State awarded $1.3 million NIH type 1 Diabetes Pathfinder Award to increase longevity

(Wayne State University - Office of the Vice President for Research) A team of Wayne State University researchers are developing a novel material formulation to be applied to the surfaces of most implantable devices that will aid in resisting foreign body reaction and improve the long-term use of devices for insulin pump therapy and other implants.

The buzz about edible bugs: Can they replace beef?

(American Chemical Society) The idea of eating bugs has created a buzz lately in both foodie and international development circles as a more sustainable alternative to consuming meat and fish. Now a report appearing in ACS' Journal of...Show More Summary

Finding the clues for better autism treatments

(Medical University of South Carolina) New research sheds light on what might be going wrong in the regulation of genes that govern the brain's connectivity, leading to autism and schizophrenia. Identifying the major players that cause brain development disorders creates therapeutic targets that pharmaceutical companies can use.

Skin patch to treat peanut allergy shows benefit in children

(NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) A wearable patch that delivers small amounts of peanut protein through the skin shows promise for treating children and young adults with peanut allergy, with greater benefits for younger children, according to one-year results from an ongoing NIH-sponsored clinical trial.

The molecular mechanism that blocks membrane receptors involved in immunological response are identified

Nearly 70% of the drugs currently being developed target membrane receptors. Located outside the cell, these receptors play a decisive role in transmitting information to the inside of the cell. That is why in order to be able to advance...Show More Summary

Irrawaddy dolphins functionally extinct in Laos

The population of critically endangered Mekong River Dolphins—also known as Irrawaddy Dolphins —  in the Cheuteal trans-boundary pool between southern Laos and northern Cambodia has shrunk by 50 per cent this year alone and the population is functionally extinct in Laos, according to WWF.

Citizen scientists can now lend a hand in penguin conservation

A new interactive and user-friendly website that tracks Antarctic penguin populations and provides information for scientists to better understand environmental changes will now be accessible to the general public. The new tool, developed by Heather J. Show More Summary

Climate change: Scientists seek to find the ‘tipping point’ of ocean acidification around NZ

Kiwi scientists are simulating how New Zealand’s coastal environment will respond to potentially disastrous effects of acidification caused by climate change. The new study aims to pinpoint a possible “tipping point” at which ecosystems could collapse – potentially threatening our aquaculture industry. Show More Summary

Virtual reality shines light on ocean acidification

Software released last week by Stanford researchers allows anyone with virtual reality (VR) gear to witness ocean acidification firsthand. Developed by Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, the free simulation takes users on an educational...Show More Summary

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