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Today is Tet Zoo's 11th Birthday

It is January 21st, and that makes it Tet Zoo’s birthday. -- Read more on

Facts, beliefs, and identity: The seeds of science skepticism

(Society for Personality and Social Psychology) From climate skeptics to anti-vaxxers, psychologists are studying what motivates and drives our decisions to pay attention to some facts while ignoring others.

The ocean is for the birds. And the fish. And the whales. And...

The ocean is for the birds. And the fish. And the whales. And everything on Earth that depends on it—including humans!

The skin cure fad threatening Myanmar's elephants

Under the shadow of Myanmar's famed "Golden Rock" punters haggle for the latest traditional medicine cure—slices of skin from the country's fast disappearing wild elephants sold for a few dollars a square inch.

New life radiates from a fallen oak

Blashford Lakes, Hampshire Dead trees don’t get much of a press. For each one remembered, a million will be forgotten On a dry, dull-grey day, we have come to this popular local nature reserve for a gentle recuperative ramble and some birdwatching. Show More Summary

ucresearch: prostheticknowledge: Plastic Reflectic Interactive...

ucresearch: prostheticknowledge: Plastic Reflectic Interactive installation by front404 presents a participants silhouette in a pool with floating plastic waste: The plastic soup is growing. Plastic in our ocean degrades in nano plastics. Show More Summary

Our youngest penguin, Amigo, just turned one year old!...

Our youngest penguin, Amigo, just turned one year old! Here’s his inspiring hatch day story.

1-19-17 Seattle Seahawks and Remembering Granny J-2

The Seattle Seahawks Remember Granny (J-2), The Killer Whale Oh, so special a tribute to her.

The Guardian view on education: it’s not all in the genes

Our educational attainment and when we have children is determined a little by chromosomes but much more by social and environmental conditions Human intelligence quite obviously has some genetic component. Genes do constrain our fate, as does luck, even if development matters more. Show More Summary

Intergalactic collision birthed a sparkling ring of young stars

The Large Magellanic Cloud is encircled by bright young stars that are likely to have formed after another galaxy powered past, compressing gas

When computers were human: the black women behind NASA’s success

In the mid-20th century, when discrimination and segregation were rife, a number of black women were making their mark at NASA. Here are just a few

Interpol opens new front in war against wildlife crimes

International police body Interpol announced a new project Friday that will identify and dismantle origanised crime networks between Africa and Asia that have devastated wildlife and made ivory a sought-after luxury.

Seals found able to find hidden fish by using whiskers to trace aspiration currents

A team of researchers with the University of Rostock in Germany has found that seals are able to use their whiskers to find fish hiding in the sand on the ocean floor. In their paper published in the Journal of Experimental Biology, the team describes experiments they carried out with seals in a near-native environment and what they learned from them.

Reading Around Trump Induced Depression

This is not a time to be distracted, to turn away from politics, to eschew activism. In fact, if you are an American Citizen, you have to look back at your life and recognize that you screwed up, in two ways. First, whatever time you spent agitating and activating and acting out, turns out, was…

We all need contacts—how organelles hug in cells

Scientists have made a breakthrough in understanding how different compartments (or organelles) of human cells interact.

Scientists show how the Venus flytrap uses its prey's nitrogen compounds to extract energy

The Venus flytrap captures insects for more than just nutritional purposes: A research team lead by Prof. Dr. Heinz Rennenberg and Lukas Fasbender from the Institute of Forest Sciences at the University of Freiburg has proven the carnivorous plant extracts also energy from its prey. The scientists recently presented their findings in the scientific journal New Phytologist.

Anti-sea lice drugs may pose hazard to non-target crustaceans

To treat sea lice infections in aquaculture, veterinary medicines are widely used. However, these medicines may cause collateral damage.

Engineering students design experiment to test whether beer can be brewed on the moon

Can beer be brewed on the moon? A team of UC San Diego engineering students is hoping to find out. They are finalists in the Lab2Moon competition being held by TeamIndus, one of the four teams with a signed launch contract to send a spacecraft to the moon as part of the Google Lunar XPRIZE challenge. Show More Summary

Cell fate regulation by LIN41 determined by binding location

Helge Großhans and his group at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research (FMI) have elucidated the mode of action of the RNA-binding protein and stem cell factor LIN41. In an animal model, they showed that LIN41 silences four specific mRNAs, by two distinct mechanisms. Show More Summary

Study pinpoints how skin cells' identity can be disassembled to create stem cells

Researchers at the Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at UCLA have published a study demonstrating how specialized proteins are able to change the identity, or cellular characteristics, of skin cells and create induced pluripotent stem cells, which have the ability to turn into any cell type in the body. Show More Summary

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