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Stealth Saga #29: Japanese ATD-X/X-2 Begins Taxi Tests

ATD-X/X-2/F-3:The X-2 has started its taxi tests. Its maiden flight will not be far behind.Mitsubishi has revealed details behind the planned development of the Japanese stealth fighter.X-2 vs J-31 with an appearance of the F-35 video: J-20: China may have a full squadron of J-20 stealth fighters by the end of 2017. Show More Summary

Close Your Eyes and Count to 10...take two

The world exploded around me. I almost couldn't breathe from the echoing concussions from explosions. I wanted to scream, but didn't have enough breath to do so. I wanted to stand, to run, to flee, but if I moved, I would die. I hadShow More Summary

Moore's Law is Dead: Get Over it

Next month, the worldwide semiconductor industry will formally acknowledge what has become increasingly obvious to everyone involved: Moore's law, the principle that has powered the information-technology revolution since the 1960s,Show More Summary

Scalia's Dead! batten down the hatches!

If you thought the political scence could NOT get any weirder for the US presidential election, folks, it just did. Anton Scalia, one of the most conservative members of Congress, just died. Its already erupted by some of the candidates (Republican, of course) that the next President ought to fill the seat. Show More Summary

Valentine’s Day is nearly here! Don’t forget to...

Valentine’s Day is nearly here! Don’t forget to get your significant otter something special—though it doesn’t have to be a rock this big.

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #70 Mini Update: Saudis Deploy Fighters to Turkish Airbase

The Royal Saudi Arabian Air Force has deployed fighter jets to Incirlik air base in Turkey, a day after the NATO anti-Islamic State coalition meeting in Brussels.Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Assiri, consultant to Saudi Minister of Defense...Show More Summary

What a basket case for this Deep Sea Saturday from our...

What a basket case for this Deep Sea Saturday from our colleagues at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI)! This crazy critter is a basket star, in the genus Gorgonocephalus. Its scientific name means “dreaded head” in Greek, a reference to how this sea star’s tangled arms echo a Gorgon’s coiffure of slithering, venomous snakes.

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #69

It appears everything is about to spiral out of control. I'd LOVE to be wrong about that, but so many things are coming together in the worse possible way. To be sure, for the civilians on the ground, this has been out of control for a long time and its dumbass commentators like me that use euphemisms that down play the tragedy and devastation. Show More Summary

Pondering the Precambrian #2

Precambrian in General: The magnetic field of the Earth has been surprisingly consistent over the course of Deep Time despite the changes happening internally. Eukaryotes appear to have acquired mitochondria late in the process of their...Show More Summary

Toe Bone Suggests Gastornis Roamed the High Arctic

Ellesmere Island Fossil Suggests Giant Birds Wandered Northern Canada Fossils found in the 1970’s on the remote Ellesmere Island, in the high Arctic suggest that giant, flightless birds roamed this part of the world during the Eocene.  In a new study, published this week in the open access scientific journal “Scientific Reports” a single toe […]

Dinosaur Themed Word Mats for Schools

Everything Dinosaur Teams up with Papo to Help School Children Thanks to all the dinosaur workshops delivered by Everything Dinosaur, the Cheshire based company has built up a strong reputation for their work in schools.  Indeed, over this half-term, Everything Dinosaur has logged up another twenty or so five star reviews from teachers on the […]

Small Waters

Female Bryocamptus minutus, from here. For this week's semi-random post topic, I drew the copepod genus Bryocamptus. Copepods have made an appearance on this site before (see here, here and here), seeing as these minute crustaceans inhabit almost all the world's waters. Show More Summary

After the Flames, We Found...

OP: sorry. I need to move this to 2355 to make the story work. In 2078, the world ended. Well, not exactly. World War Three broke out and was fought and won. If nobody counts as being able to win. Nuclear weapons arced up and crashed down to the Earth with energies greater than the sun. Show More Summary

Quantums of the Mind

I took the short writings I've been doing, formatted them and uploaded them into an ebook. I wanted to make the book cheaper but for some reason, Amazon didn't want me to. Well, I work with what I'm give. I'd appreciate if you picked up a copy.

Meet the New Sharks of 2015

The worn and weary phrase “There’s more fish in the sea” isn’t just hollow solace for heartbroken saps, but for shark biologists, this means more discoveries of new species. Another year of science closes, giving us pause to review those new species of sharks described in the scientific literature, bringing the total number of known shark […]

The Coming Cyberwar #1

Accountability & Traceability: Telling WHO did an attack can be rather difficult and part of the problem with cyberwarfare.Legality:The British GCHQ is legally allowed to hack and conduct cyber attacks. Financial Attacks: HSBC, the British bank, claims to have fought off a cyber attack. Show More Summary

Earth’s rarest minerals could hint at life on other planets

The first inventory of our planet's minerals finds that many arise from biological processes  and so may serve as an indicator of life on other worlds

Deep-Sea Barnacle Genomics. Because, #DarwinDay

When Darwin got down and dirty with his work on Barnacles (1846-1854), everyone still assumed there was no life at all in the deep sea. Thankfully he lived to see this “azoic” theory disproven by the Challenger expedition in the 1870s, but it would be another century before the world witnessed the glory of hydrothermal vents (and the […]

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