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souhailbog: Tromso, Norway By Johan Lolos | More Orcas...

souhailbog: Tromso, Norway By Johan Lolos | More Orcas live in tight-knit family groups called pods. They hunt together, protect one another from danger and come to the aid of ailing or injured companions.

Eridania Basin Proposed as a Possible Mars Rover 2020 Landing Site

Eridania Basin: An ancient paleolake floor as the next landing site for the Mars 2020 roverAuthors:Pajola et alAbstract:The search for traces of past Martian life is directly connected to ancient paleolakes, where ponding water or low-energy water fluxes were present for long time intervals. Show More Summary

sciencefriday: smithsonianlibraries: May the 4th be with...

sciencefriday: smithsonianlibraries: May the 4th be with you! Narwhal from Bulletin - United States National Museum no. 36, 1889 Perfect.

Adrian Grenier to receive 2016 Paul Walker Ocean Leadership Award

Actor, filmmaker and ocean advocate Adrian Grenier, whose Lonely Whale Foundation works to advance education and empathy for ocean health, will receive the 2016 Paul Walker Ocean Leadership Award from the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Paul Walker Foundation. Show More Summary

Walking and cycling are still good for you despite air pollution

The benefits of an active commute outweigh the effects of air pollution - except in the world's most polluted cities, like Delhi

Great hammerhead shark caught in nature’s superstar photoshoot

Best known for his shots of film stars, photographer Michael Muller has turned his lens on the A-listers of the sea: great white and hammerhead sharks

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, Rey the penguin...

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, Rey the penguin pada-wandered into the Mos Kreisel-y cantina! Our resident African penguins often take walks through the Aquarium as an enrichment—and Rey (short for Monterey) was very excited to see the Return of the Jell-y. #MayThe4thBeWithYou!

smithsonian-environment: The Sarlaac of the Sea? Sea anemones...

smithsonian-environment: The Sarlaac of the Sea? Sea anemones take their name from the anemone flower. But in reality they’re animals, and poisonous carnivores at that. Anemones capture their prey by injecting them with a paralyzing neurotoxin in their tentacles and dragging the prey towards their mouths. Show More Summary

These aren’t the dorids you’re looking for...

Or maybe they are! Learn more about these super sea slugs and other neat nudibranchs.

After the Primaries, What Next?

Donald Trump is now the presumed Republican candidate for President of the United States. Prior to Cruz and Kasich dropping out of the race, it was not 100% clear that Trump would achieve enough delegates to “lock” the convention, but he was vey close. I am not sure if Trump will be the only candidate…

Minisauripus – The Smallest Dinosaur Known?

Ancient Tracks Hint at Tiny-saurus A team of international scientists including researchers from Bristol University and the China University of Geosciences (based in Beijing), have published a paper reporting on tiny three-toed tracks found in south-western China that might support the idea that some Theropod dinosaurs were very small indeed. Show More Summary

Tiny Titanosaur Suggests Rapetosaurus Not Good at “Bringing Up Baby”

Scientists Suggest Rapetosaurus Was Precocial Titanosaurs are a bit like buses, yes they are.  In fact, these bus-sized members of the Sauropodomorpha were a lot like buses, you wait for ages to write about the Titanosauridae and then two stories come along in quick succession.  First, there was yesterday’s article all about a remarkable study […]

Lockheed's Fusion Reactor Research has First Plasma

Lockheed Martin continues to invest in its portable nuclear fusion generator, with that investment recently entering a more advanced stage, according to the head of the company’s Skunk Works division.Rob Weiss told an audience at the...Show More Summary

Uranus evolution models with simple thermal boundary layers

Uranus evolution models with simple thermal boundary layersAuthors:Nettelman et alAbstract:The strikingly low luminosity of Uranus (Teff ? Teq) constitutes a long-standing challenge to our understanding of Ice Giant planets. Here weShow More Summary

todropscience: This ghostlike octopod is almost certainly an...

odropscience: This ghostlike octopod is almost certainly an undescribed species and may not belong to any described genus.  This species is particularly unusual because it lacks the pigment cells, called chromatophores, typical of most...Show More Summary

NASA's Mars Rover 2020 Builds in Momentum

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is making progress with the build up of Mars 2020 Rover, with contract awards for instrumentation and hardware. Following the recent announcement Space Systems Loral (SSL) will design and build the camera focus mechanisms, Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) has been tasked with the design and manufacture the Skycrane descent brake. link.

ESA Postpones Exomars Rover to 2020

The European and Russian space agencies on May 2 said their joint ExoMars 2018 mission carrying a rover and an experiment-filled landing platform to Mars would not be ready in time and would be delayed to July 2020.The delay, which ESA and Roscosmos officials had warned of since March, will add undetermined new costs to the program. Show More Summary

5-3-16 Will You Be In Seattle on May 4th

In Seattle on May 4th? Jim Waddell of Dam Sense presents Killer Whales, Salmon, Taxes, and LSR Dams The Last Best Chance for Salmon 7:00PM, Wednesday, May 4, 2016 Downstairs at Town Hall $5 Doors open: 6:00pm More Summary

France to Build Australian Submarines, but With American Components

Australia may have awarded France a bumper contract to build its next generation of submarines, but its highly secretive combat system will come from close ally the United States.French shipbuilder DCNS last week beat off Germany and...Show More Summary

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