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Assessing Breast Cancer Risk: Beyond the Angelina Effect

On April 30 at 7:30 PM,  I’ll be part of a panel on Health Link with Benita Zahn, WMHT TV, to discuss the genetics behind the “Angelina Jolie effect” that has catalyzed testing for the BRCA mutations that increase risk for breast … Continue reading » The post Assessing Breast Cancer Risk: Beyond the Angelina Effect appeared first on DNA Science Blog.

Leroy Stevens: Fairwell to The Unsung Hero of Stem Cell Research

Yesterday a Google Alert popped up with a blast from my past, an obituary for Jackson Lab researcher Leroy C. Stevens. It quoted me calling him “The unsung hero of stem cell research” in an article I wrote 15 years ago … Continue reading » The post Leroy Stevens: Fairwell to The Unsung Hero of Stem Cell Research appeared first on DNA Science Blog.

Happy Festivus 2014 edition

Break out the Festivus Pole its time for the annual Airing of Grievances and Feats of Strength. "Festivus for the rest of us!"

The Hunt for Red over!

I found a great lab with good folks, great ideas, and stable funding.  I'll be starting there soon and sent out my unfortunate Dear John letter's to the labs that I didn't choose.  I felt bad about all but one of them, the outlier was a major douche and a bit of nasty bastard to even […]

Thesis Writing Tips...I need them

I'm in the throws of writing my Ph.D. thesis right now and could use any tips.  I mean anything, crazy ass endnote tricks, how to deal with the boredom, etc.   I already got pissed off at my laptop for being slow and maxed the hell out of the RAM, so now its running like […]

Endings & beginnings

Update: Comments enabled now! Until further notice this is my last post as a blogger at Discover Magazine. This shouldn’t impact regular readers. As always you can follow me by going to: My feed, More Summary

The Hunt for Red October...err postdocs (Pro-Tip Edition)

Just some thoughts as I'm rolling through interviews: 1.  Don't wear jeans and wrinkled t-shirt on the day of your interview. (Not me, someone else interviewing in the lab next door). 2.  If you are presenting from your laptop, please bring VGA and DVI adaptors (Like I do).  Invariably they don't have the one you […]

The Hunt for Red October...err postdocs

So far my postdoc search has been quite pleasant to say the least.  Everyone I have contacted has gotten back to me and even if they didn't have a spot in their lab, they are recommending good folks who do or are telling me their future timelines when they could pick someone up.  I've even […]


Andy Deans (@GenomeStability), a researcher at St. Vincent's University that studies the DNA repair genes related to Fanconi anemia and just a really nice guy, posted this week on twitter about a crazy MTA that he received from someone when trying to obtain a plasmid from them.  This MTA is so nuts I just had […]

Slow, Slower, Slowest

Slow-My minute per mile pace Slower-My metabolism Slowest-Yankees/Red Sox Game   Its still the fourth inning!

Conservatives, gym douchebags, and bullying...

I think everyone has a fair idea of which area of the political spectrum I park my ass at, and I'm fairly apathetic to political ploys and bickering to a point.  I have to say I'm quite disappointed with Conservatives that are lambasting the photos and videos of the president working out.  Sean Hannity of […]

Publishing update

I'm currently shopping my manuscript at journal #4...  You know what they don't say, 4th time is the charm.

Taking the sting out of rejection

First off, I don't want to hear any OA bullshit.  I know everyone has a bone for OA journals right now but the best thing for my career and my boss currently is to publish in glam  journals.  In a utopian society I'd tell CNS to go drink paint thinner and jump off a high […]

Managing the minions...

Just a quick poll the audience question.  Our lab is getting some summer interns in a few months and was just wondering how everyone distributes them (to grad students, postdocs, techs) and what kind of projects do you give them (plug and play, extra stuff in the lab nobody has time to do but may […]

Sorry Natinals fans....

I kind of felt bad today, poor Gio Gonzalez got beat up more than people's 401k's back in 2009.

Scientopia will now have sponsored content by Ken Ham!

Just fucking with you, unless that dude can drop some big checks. Happy April 1st.  Now get back to work.

Suggestions please....reviewers

Our lab is starting to churn out some good papers and we hope to submit about 6 of them for publication by the end of the year.  I was just wondering what everyone's strategy is for suggesting reviewers?  Do you go with people who have seen your work at meetings who are favorable to it? […]


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What's the difference between a good poster and a great one?

Neither do I?  At least in my present state of delirium. I don't even know exactly what time it is in the early morning as I am finishing my poster layout for the Gordon Research Conference that starts this weekend.  If you will be in Ventura, CA, I'll see you there.  If not, I can […]

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