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Shake your flippers on the dance floor and enjoy tastes from...

Shake your flippers on the dance floor and enjoy tastes from more than 40 restaurants, wineries and microbreweries during our Cooking for Solutions Party with Carla Hall June 6!  Buy your tickets now ??

Take a look into the life of a big skate! Our aquarists have...

Take a look into the life of a big skate! Our aquarists have carefully inserted a window into a big skate egg case, where you can see two live, viable embryos. These shark relatives can grow up to eight feet long! Learn more (Photo: Charlene Boarts)

Washington Ocean Acidification Center 2015 Science Symposium, 26 June 2015

Please register before 21 June 2015! The Washington Ocean Acidification Center invites you to attend our 2015 Science Symposium on 26 June 2015 at the University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture in Seattle, WA. This day-long symposium will consist of invited presentations from regional experts. Presentations will focus on new results from field observations, […]

Juvenile Atlantic cod behavior appears robust to near-future CO2 levels

Background Ocean acidification caused by the anthropogenic release of CO2 is considered a major threat to marine ecosystems. One unexpected impact of elevated water CO2 levels is that behavioral alterations may occur in tropical reef fish and certain temperate fish species. These effects appear to alter many different types of sensory and cognitive functions; if […]

With thick jaws and snaggly front teeth, the wolf-eel appears...

With thick jaws and snaggly front teeth, the wolf-eel appears ferocious–but this slow-moving animal actually prefers to be left alone. Make the surprisingly sedate wolf-eel your new wallpaper

5-24-15 Transient Orcas in Haro Strait

5-24-15...out on the Peregrine in the afternoon to go see some transient killer whales who had been spotted in the late morning...they were coming our male, with a small notch near the top...Dan of Orcas Island Eclipse Charters...Show More Summary

Altered neurotransmitter function in CO2-exposed stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus): a temperate model species for ocean acidification research

Studies on the consequences of ocean acidification for the marine ecosystem have revealed behavioural changes in coral reef fishes exposed to sustained near-future CO2 levels. The changes have been linked to altered function of GABAergic...Show More Summary

5-23-15 Distance Perception on the Water

Saturday, May was about 6:30 a.m and loud over the LK hydrophones came one call - what? and running out the door and to the park...but when I got there it took a long time to find a whale... and thanks to Kane who spotted...Show More Summary

Oceans and Earth’s habitability

On 8 June, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) celebrates World Oceans Day, a fitting occasion to remind ourselves of the essential role of the oceans in making Earth a habitable planet. We have had an official day of celebration for the oceans only since December 2008. In contrast, Earth Day has […]

The effect of ocean acidification on the organic complexation of iron and copper

Trace metal biogeochemistry is projected to be affected by ocean acidification. The understanding of the effects is of particular interest, as trace metals such as Fe and Cu are known for their significant biological roles. Dissolved Fe and Cu in seawater occur predominantly in the form of metal organic complexes. This thesis has investigated the […]

5-22-15 The Shot of the Day - A Gull?

Friday, May 22nd...My shot of the day! Starting at the end of the day, sitting on the rocks at Lime Kiln a gull was flying by, normal, but then it seemed to make a few circles - three fish!...gulls are usually gobbling up every little...Show More Summary

Making your way to Monterey Bay? Longer summer hours begin this...

Making your way to Monterey Bay? Longer summer hours begin this Memorial Day Weekend: 9:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m., with 9:00 a.m. opening for members on weekends. Plan your visit (Photo: Travis Johnson)

All Walrus. All the time.

It’s Friday and who doesn’t need a little more Walrus in their lives? I certainly do. Streaming live 24-7 from Round Island, Alaska (in the aptly named Walrus Islands) is the Walrus Cam. You can watch the walrus in the waves. Walrus laying on the beach. The ungainliness as the they attempt to transfer between these two states. […]

Ever eaten a meal upside-down? That’s just standard...

Ever eaten a meal upside-down? That’s just standard practice for our pelagic stingrays! Listen to our latest podcast to hear some of our tricks for keeping these hungry animals well-fed.

What’s in a Name?The short-billed dowitcher’s (Limnodromus...

What’s in a Name? The short-billed dowitcher’s (Limnodromus griseus) name is a little misleading. Its bill is not much longer than that of its cousin, the long-billed dowitcher, and the bills of both are among the longest of any shorebird. Show More Summary

Best Practices for autonomous measurement of seawater pH with the Honeywell Durafet pH sensor

The California Current Acidification Network (C-CAN) is a collaboration dedicated to advancing understanding of ocean acidification (OA) and its effects on biological resources of the U.S. West Coast. C-CAN first convened in 2010 inShow More Summary

The inorganic carbon chemistry in coastal and shelf waters around Ireland

While the isolated responses of marine phytoplankton to climate warming and to ocean acidification have been studied intensively, studies on the combined effect of both aspects of Global Change are still scarce. Therefore, we performed a mesocosm experiment with a factorial combination of temperature (9 and 15°C) and pCO2 (means: 439 ppm and 1040 ppm) […]

Harpswell seeks funding to study clam decline

HARPSWELL, Maine — The town is looking for state assistance to study how to protect a resource embedded in Harpswell’s heritage. Harpswell’s 4,000 acres of intertidal mud flats have long supported the soft-shell clam industry, which has consistently reported some of the highest landings in Maine. Recent environmental shifts, however, have reduced an industry that […]

Fund the race to save marine life from souring seas

Congress must invest in research to combat acidic seawater conditions. OVER the past several years, it has become apparent that Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound waters are becoming more acidic and that increased acidity can be lethal to Pacific oysters. New data are becoming available that indicate that other species are also threatened. Salmon, Dungeness […]

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