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Tidally-induced variations of pH at the head of the Laurentian Channel

The head of the Laurentian Channel (LC) is a very dynamic region of exceptional biological richness. To evaluate the impact of freshwater discharge, tidal mixing, and biological activity on the pH of surface waters in this region, a suite of physical and chemical variables was measured throughout the water column over two tidal cycles. The […]

In vivo pH measurement at the site of calcification in an octocoral

Calcareous octocorals are ecologically important calcifiers, but little is known about their biomineralization physiology, relative to scleractinian corals. Many marine calcifiers promote calcification by up-regulating pH at calcification sites against the surrounding seawater. Show More Summary

Impacts of ocean acidification on sensory function in marine organisms

Ocean acidification has been identified as a major contributor to ocean ecosystem decline, impacting the calcification, survival, and behavior of marine organisms. Numerous studies have observed altered sensory perception of chemical, auditory, and visual cues after exposure to elevated CO2. Show More Summary

Using mineralogy and higher-level taxonomy as indicators of species sensitivity to pH: a case-study of Puget Sound

Information on ecosystem sensitivity to global change can help guide management decisions. Here, we characterize the sensitivity of the Puget Sound ecosystem to ocean acidification by estimating, at a number of taxonomic levels, the direct sensitivity of its species. Show More Summary

Dissolution of abiogenic and biogenic calcium carbonate under ocean acidification conditions

Under ocean acidification conditions, the chemistry of the seawater will change including a decrease in pH, a decrease in carbonate ion concentration and a decrease in the calcium carbonate saturation state of the water (?). This has implications for solid marine calcium carbonates including calcifying organisms and carbonate sediments. Show More Summary

As oceans acidify, shellfish farmers respond

Scientists collaborate to mitigate climate impacts in the Northwest Taylor Shellfish Farm’s Quilcene hatchery perches on a narrow peninsula that juts into the sinuous waterways of Washington’s Puget Sound. On the July day I visited, the hatchery and everything surrounding it seemed to drip with fecundity. Clouds banked over darkly forested hills on the opposite […]

Alaska ferry to host long-distance ocean acidification study (audio)

The Alaska Marine Highway System ferry Columbia will be part of an international science experiment starting this fall when it resumes its weekly run between Bellingham, Wash., and Southeast Alaska. Equipment has been installed to continuously measure the ocean’s acidity along the ferry’s nearly 2,000-mile route. Show More Summary

Variable metabolic responses of Skagerrak invertebrates to low O2 and high CO2 scenarios

Coastal hypoxia is a problem that is predicted to increase rapidly in the future. At the same time we are facing rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations, which are increasing the pCO2 and acidity of coastal waters. These two drivers are well studied in isolation however; the coupling of low O2 and pH is likely to provide […]

9-18-17 It Rained!

Monday, September 18th...last night (Sunday) it rained...and this time it was more than just a sprinkle......this afternoon Southern Residents showed up in Puget Sound!...was it the rain that caused salmon to move in and therefore the...Show More Summary

A very happy 25th birthday to Monterey Bay National Marine...

A very happy 25th birthday to Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary! Here’s to a quarter century of animals and habitats protected, invaluable research to grow our understanding of the sea, and countless ocean-lovers enjoying this beautiful blue park that we’re lucky to call home. ?????

Divergent responses in growth and nutritional quality of coastal macroalgae to the combination of increased pCO2 and nutrients

Highlights Growth rates and tissue quality of two common macroalgal species were assessed under conditions of high pCO2 and nutrient loading under monoculture and biculture. Ephemeral macroalgae exhibited significant increases in growth under high pCO2 and high nutrients. Show More Summary

Microbiome dynamics in early life stages of the scleractinian coral Acropora gemmifera in response to elevated pCO2

Reef-building corals are complex holobionts, harbouring diverse microorganisms that play essential roles in maintaining coral health. However, microbiome development in early life stages of corals remains poorly understood. Here, microbiomes...Show More Summary

There’s one more snowy plover chirping on the beaches of...

There’s one more snowy plover chirping on the beaches of California—our last rescued plover chick of the season was just released back into the wild!

Slick surfgrass makes for mermaid hair at low tide: the...

Slick surfgrass makes for mermaid hair at low tide: the preferred coiffure of the Phyllospadix-ie Chicks. 

Prickly Dogfish

oceanportal: This shark might be called a dogfish, but the fuzzy-looking stuff on its body isn’t fur. Instead, it earned the moniker “prickly” for its highly textured, bristly skin. It also has a distinctive body shape, being especially tall from belly to back and sporting not one but two large dorsal fins. Show More Summary

When you switch from plastic to a reusable water bottle,...

When you switch from plastic to a reusable water bottle, you’ve made yourself an adventure buddy. Scratches, bumps and stickers become memories of your plastic-free journey. Anyone have a water bottle they’d like to introduce? Find out how your hydration companion is helping the ocean’s inhabitants at

That feeling when you’re trying to decide which spot on...

That feeling when you’re trying to decide which spot on a sunny log to take a nap on. Decisions, decisions. ????????

9-13-17 Spectacular From A Distance

Wednesday, September 13th...when I learned that the whales were coming down San Juan Channel...well, I had to head that isn't common to see them coming down and exiting Cattle Pass...I wasn't going to miss it!'s not uncommon...Show More Summary

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