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Ocean Roundup: Polar Bears Congregating in Manitoba, Northern Shrimp Declining across Their Range, and More

Polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba. (Photo: Valerie / Flickr Creative Commons) - Yesterday, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory held a meeting behind closed doors with state and federal officials and agencies involved with offshore drilling, which was closed to journalists, environmental groups, and the public. Show More Summary

CEO Note: What Do The Recent Election Results Mean for The Oceans?

A glimpse at table corals in the Palmyra Atoll National Wildlife Refuge, located in the Pacific Remote Islands National Marine Monument. George W. Bush established the marine monument during his presidency, and President Obama recently expanded it. Show More Summary

11-6-14 More and Different Humpback Sounds in the Night

11-06-14 00:23 a.m. Now these are totally different humpback sounds from what I have heard before. Those are two clips extracted from a total of close to 20 minutes.

Uncovering Shrimp Seafood Fraud: Diaries from the Field, Part 2

(Photo: Rachel Golden) Last week, Oceana released a new report that uncovered widespread misrepresentation of America’s favorite seafood: shrimp. The report found 30 percent of DNA-tested shrimp samples to be misrepresented—often mislabeled for another species or said to be wild caught when it was farmed—across more than 100 restaurants and grocery stores nationwide. read more

Ocean Roundup: New Deep-Sea Coral Discovered, Alvin Submersible Highlighted for Oceanographic Research, and More

The Alvin submersible. (Photo: NOAA Photo Library / Flickr Creative Commons) - Nicaragua will soon begin constructing a new canal that connects the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, and will be nearly 200 miles long by the time it’s completed. Show More Summary

A slightly more acidic ocean may help coral species

Researchers from North­eastern University’s Marine Sci­ence Center and the Uni­ver­sity of North Car­olina at Chapel Hill have found that mod­erate ocean acid­i­fi­ca­tion and warming can actu­ally enhance the growth rate of one reef-??building coral species. Show More Summary

The reef-building coral Siderastrea siderea exhibits parabolic responses to ocean acidification and warming

Anthropogenic increases in atmospheric CO2 over this century are predicted to cause global average surface ocean pH to decline by 0.1–0.3 pH units and sea surface temperature to increase by 1–4°C. We conducted controlled laboratory experiments to investigate the impacts of CO2-induced ocean acidification (pCO2 = 324, 477, 604, 2553 µatm) and warming (25, 28, […]

Marine and coastal resources and conflict in a high-CO2 world

This chapter explores the increased risk of conflict in Africa due to the marine impacts of climate change and ocean acidification, including coastal inundation, coral bleaching and food web collapse. Combined, these phenomena threaten coral reefs, fish stocks and the well-being of coastal communities and economies. Show More Summary

The Shellfish Corner – shellfish and the problem of ocean acidification

The acidification of the world’s oceans due to increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations is creating a problem in the dissolution of larval shells of mollusks and creating problems for shellfish hatcheries. Hatcheries canShow More Summary

Effects of near-future ocean acidification, fishing, and marine protection on a temperate coastal ecosystem

Understanding ecosystem responses to global and local anthropogenic impacts is paramount to predicting future ecosystem states. We used an ecosystem modeling approach to investigate the independent and cumulative effects of fishing, marine protection, and ocean acidification on a coastal ecosystem. Show More Summary

11-5-14 More and More Humpbacks This Year

Catching up on the Humpbacks I've seen since October 26th...and it's been almost daily, sometimes at close range and other times blows in the distance......October 26th...on the Western Prince, flat calm seas, sunny skies, north endShow More Summary

This is now my favorite boat ever.

I do not know how I lived so long without knowing about The Martini 1.5 Experimental Boat. I MEAN WE SHARE THE SAME NAME. This full-suspension boat can tackle big waves, remain level and I am pretty sure just about eliminate seasickness completely (chronic seabarfs….I haz it). And the concept behind the name…ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. Not long […]

Video: Adorable New Robot Helps Researchers Study Emperor Penguins in Antarctica

Emperor penguins in Antarctica. A new robot is lending clues about their behavior. (Photo: Christopher Michel / Flickr Creative Commons) While studying penguins in Antarctica may seem like a rewarding task, it’s undoubtedly a difficult one. Show More Summary

We don’t know the ocean

This is not the ocean: This is not the ocean: Indeed, even THIS is not the ocean: Before you start thinking that the folks at DSN are losing their marbles, bear with me!  The truth is that none of these three all-too-familiar and quintessentially marine images reflects the actual reality of what most of the […]

The rainbow-covered animal with a dark side

Watching animals eat is like my biology crack. I don’t need it, I don’t have to do it, I don’t even always like it, but there’s just something about critters noshing on one another that renders me wonderstruck. And nothing does it for me like the comb jelly Beroe: So let’s start with the obvious […]

Five Must-Know Facts about The Shrimp You Eat from Oceana’s Recent Report

(Photo: Oceana) As America’s favorite seafood, there’s a good chance you’ve consumed shrimp before, whether that be as shrimp salad, shrimp scampi, or battered coconut shrimp. And while all of those dishes are absolutely delicious, consumers don’t often realize what they’re getting when they order “shrimp.” read more

Ocean Roundup: Fatter Elephant Seals Are Better Swimmers, Queen Conch Not to Receive Protection under ESA, and More

Queen conchs will not be protected under the Endangered Species Act. (Photo: Daniel Neal / Flickr Creative Commons) - The National Marine Fisheries Service ruled not to list queen conch under the Endangered Species Act, which will allow groups to still import queen conch into the country (it’s been illegal to harvest in Florida waters for years). Show More Summary

Alkalinity production in intertidal sands intensified by lugworm bioirrigation

Porewater profiles and sediment-water fluxes of oxygen, nutrients, pH, calcium, alkalinity, and sulfide were measured in intertidal sandflat sediments from the Oosterschelde mesotidal lagoon (The Netherlands). The influence of bioturbation...Show More Summary

What do baseball and fishes have in common?

Here’s the third in our series of guest posts from California Academy of Sciences ichthyologist Dr. Luiz Rocha I am not going to lie to you, before moving to San Francisco I barely knew the rules of baseball. But during the mere three years that I have lived here, our local team (the Giants in […]

Ocean Roundup: California Sea Lions Eating Contaminated Mussels, Offshore Fracking Expanding in Gulf of Mexico, and More

California sea lions are said to be consuming contaminated shellfish. (Photo: phoca2004 / Flickr Creative Commons) - New research found that over half of vessels involved in the biggest oil spills over the past 30 years hail from nations that tend to not comply with international safety and environmental regulation standards. Show More Summary

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