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Did you hear the good news? Last week we welcomed two new chicks...

Did you hear the good news? Last week we welcomed two new chicks to our African blackfooted penguin exhibit! Chick One hatched on May 7 to parents Karoo and Messina. Chick Two hatched the following day, on May 8, and is in a nest with experienced surrogate parents Boulders and Walvis. Show More Summary

Racing Extinction Screening ~ Earth Day Texas 2015

Racing Extinction Trailer – Screening at Earth Day Texas 2015 from Oceanic Preservation Society. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, Oscar®-winner Louie Psihoyos (The Cove) assembles a team of artists and activists intent on showing the world never-before-seen images that expose issues of … Continue reading ?

Ready for your Easter egg hunt? Our spirited sea otters enjoyed...

Ready for your Easter egg hunt? Our spirited sea otters enjoyed some crunchy ice treats for a training enrichment—decorated in clam frosting! Watch the otter eggstravaganza! Learn more about our rescued sea otters

How do we keep our rescued sea otters happy and healthy? Otter...

How do we keep our rescued sea otters happy and healthy? Otter pops! These icy treats provide a crunchy challenge for our otters to crack open—and are decorated with minced clam frosting! Watch how we make these eggscelent treats Learn more about our Sea Otter Program

Shark Night! featuring Dr. Demian Chapman

Science on Tap presents, Shark Night! featuring Dr. Demian Chapman from Alan Alda Center. Marine scientist, Dr. Demian Chapman, discusses how the illegal shark fin trade is harming sharks and the health of the oceans. He shares his experiences tagging … Continue reading ?

3-7-15 T137A and A Harbor Porpoise Fetus

I'll start with March 5th......what a wild day......whales spotted in Spieden Channel going west...but then not seen...a while later, over the hydrophones I hear transient figuring they are coming down island, because that's...Show More Summary

HOI the Hawaiian Monk Seal

Hawaiian Monk Seal meets Manta Rays from Manta Ray Advocates Hawaii. “Waimanu – a Hawaiian Monk seal – was seen at the Manta Ray Night Dive a few times over the past few weeks, but always on the dark outskirts. Last … Continue readi...

Video: Rare Blue Whale Footage Captured Off California

Underwater footage of the blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) off Laguna Beach. (Photo: Rich German / YouTube) While paddling off Laguna Beach recently, one lucky paddle boarder was in the right place at the right time to spot an elusive blue whale—an endangered marine mammal that’s rarely spotted. Show More Summary

Obama Administration Approves Seismic Airgun Use off the Atlantic Coast In Spite of Local Opposition and Threats to Marine Life

A North Atlantic right whale, a critically endangered species that will be impacted by this decision. (Photo: FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute / Flickr Creative Commons) For more than 30 years, the Atlantic coast has been off limits to offshore drilling. Show More Summary

Kure Beach Mayor’s Support for Seismic Airgun Blasting Spurs Public Outcry

Kure Beach citizens show their opposition to Kure Beach Mayor Dean Lambeth’s support for seismic airgun blasting. (Photo: Oceana / Randy Sturgill) In January, Kure Beach, North Carolina Mayor Dean Lambeth voiced his support for the American Energy Forum’s push to approve seismic airgun blasting off the Atlantic coast. Show More Summary

Save Penguins and Threatened Wildlife at Earth’s Remotest Places

  On March 16, 2011, a horrific environmental disaster occurred at the most remote inhabited island group in the world, Tristan da Cunha, that threatened the second largest concentration of seabirds in the world. Marine scientist Dr. David E. Guggenheim, president of  Ocean Doctor, was aboard a ship that received a distress call from a […]

Ozeanversauerung – Ökosysteme im Wandel (video, in German)

Wissenschaftler des Alfred-Wegener-Institutes blicken unter die Oberfläche des arktischen Ozeans. Sie wollen wissen, wie steigende Temperaturen und die Ozeanversauerung das Leben im Hohen Norden verändern. In den Gewässern um Spitzbergen sind die Biologen auf der Suche nach zwei Fischarten: dem Atlantischen Kabeljau und dem Polardorsch. Show More Summary

VIDEO: What Columbus Might Have Seen

I’ve just returned from Cuba and before my wetsuit has finished drying, I am packing my bags again. Before I return to Cuba, I wanted to take this opportunity to share a short video I shot during my recent trip at Cuba’s spectacular Gardens of the Queen National Park (Jardines de la Reina), the country’s […]

2013 Scientific Forum – Presentations – Session I, Part II

This session of the Scientific Forum focused on the particular challenge of climate change and ocean acidification. The session highlighted the Ocean Acidification – International Coordination Centre (OA-ICC) established at the IAEA Laboratories in Monaco. Produced and published by the IAEA. Video.

11-30-13 From Shore and Boat at the Same Time!

Saturday, November was a quiet morning that 'exploded' in a good way......I got a call there was a humpback close to shore, just a mile north of me, possibly coming my way... Maya's Westside Charters had just left the Harbor...Show More Summary

Beyond shellfish, ocean acidification is bad for people (text and video)

There’s a predictable arc to many environmental debates. Step 1: Scientists observe a change in the natural world due to human activity. Step 2: A discussion ensues about what this change might mean for the natural world. Will it challenge the prosperity, or even the survival, of this or that species of plant or animal? […]

IAEA to discuss ocean acidification in Warsaw (press release)

The marine ecosystems that keep oceans healthy are subject to increasing stress. Levels of acidity are rising more rapidly than ever observed as the oceans continue to take up man-made carbon dioxide. This poses risks to all life in the ocean – and all who depend on the oceans. David Osborn, Director of the Monaco […]

Baby oysters, the canary of the oceans: Andrew Dickson at TEDxAmericasFinestCity

Andrew Dickson is a leading expert in seawater pH, whose research activities are focused on improving our understanding of the carbon dioxide system in seawater, with a current emphasis on the effects of ocean acidification. He’s currently on The Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE Council; a $1.5 million competition that challenges individuals and teams around […]

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