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Evidence of Placental Mammals – Early Cretaceous Purbeck

Durlstotherium newmani and Durlstodon ensomi Finally got round to reading the paper on the discovery of evidence of Eutherian (placental) mammals in Early Cretaceous deposits on, ironically, "the Jurassic Coast".  The two teeth found during sieving of material collected on the Dorset coast by University of Portsmouth undergraduate student Grant Smith, has led to the erection

11-18-17 Lime Kiln Hydrophones From Overload to Complete Silence!

Friday and Saturday, November 17th and 18th Friday:...when I was awakened at about 3:00 a.m. to a humpback making sounds over the Lime Kiln hydrophones, the sounds were intermittent, and it didn't sound like practicing a song...but the...Show More Summary

Brain tree: why we replenish only some of our cells | Daniel Glaser

Many of the body’s cells regenerate - but not the brain’s, explains Daniel Glaser We are being treated to a spectacular display of autumn colour this year, but it isn’t only trees that share this pattern for periodic shedding and regrowth. Show More Summary

How a DNA revolution has decoded the origins of our humanity

Mapping the genomes of our ancestors has allowed scientists to uncover secrets and discover new mysteries in our evolution Scientists made a remarkable discovery at Trou Al’Wesse in Belgium earlier this year. Inside a cave that overlooks the Hoyoux river they found clear evidence it had been occupied by Neanderthals tens of thousands of years ago. Show More Summary

Terrible Lizards - a bestiary

Believe it or not, I'm not familiar at all with Dungeons & Dragons. Of course I know what it is, and that there's a Dungeon Master overseeing things and lots of high fantasy and dice and such, but not much more than that. It's just not...Show More Summary

11-16-17 J Pod Was Here Today !

Thursday, November 16th...I had been thinking about when the whales showed up the day before and the day of Thanksgiving in 2013...and then I thought about how I almost had a scheduled today to dig into some archives with someone......well,...Show More Summary

Some Book Deals Including Al Gore’s Truth

These are items currently, and possibly for only a short time, in Kindle format for two bucks. This is a mixture of books that I either thought you would already know about and want, or maybe didn’t know about but should. An Inconvenient...Show More Summary

Modern Toss – cartoon

It’s Evolution Day on 24 November! Feed those brains we’ve been shaping all this time by hitting up an exhibition Continue reading...

Venom: The show with an unsettling sting in its tale

From wasps that create zombie prey to newts with chest-busting ribs, a London exhibition reveals venomous nature as both compelling and disgusting

How The Franken Thing Is Going To Play Out

… is anybody’s guess, but I have two supportable (and very different) hypotheses. The first is short and sweet and I’ll give it to you straight. Tweeden and Senator Franken get together, possibly with their families, and have a pow wow. Show More Summary

Chester Zoo successfully breeds rare Catalan newt

Twelve Montseny newts – one of world’s rarest amphibians - hatched as part of joint breeding project with Catalan authorities Conservationists at Chester Zoo have successfully bred one of the world’s rarest amphibians – the Catalan newt...Show More Summary

A moment that changed me: seeing my first moth fish | Fiona Gell

I was 22 and fascinated by fish behaviour. But when scientist Amanda Vincent showed me this strange creature I became convinced that my future lay in conservation — not in the lab Like many of the most important occasions in my life, the moment that changed me involved fish. Show More Summary

New CollectA Models 2018 (Part 3)

New CollectA Models 2018 (Part 3) Time for a first peek, at the third batch of new for 2018 prehistoric animal models from CollectA.  Today's releases feature a dinosaur, an animal often mistaken for a dinosaur but more closely related to the third new model announced this morning.  We have a Ceratosaurus, a Dimetrodon and

Dinosaur Letters – Answering Questions

Dinosaur Letters from Streethouse Primary Our thanks to the Year 5/6 class at Streethouse Junior, Infants and Nursery School (West Yorkshire), for sending in some super dinosaur letters and some amazingly colourful prehistoric animal posters.  We set this Key Stage 2 class a series of extension exercises (hope the children have enjoyed researching the Coelacanth),

Bacteria Recruit Diatoms to Ice Party with Massive Anchor

An Antarctic bacterium with a protein as big as some bacteria has a special way of bringing microbes together -- Read more on

CRISPR patent wars highlight problem of granting broad intellectual property rights for tech that offers public benefits

(—Duke University Law professor Arti Rai and bio-technology professor Robert Cook-Deegan with Arizona State University have stepped into the gene editing patent war with an Intellectual Property Policy Forum paper they have had published in the journal Science. Show More Summary

Unexpected finding solves 40-year old cytoskeleton mystery

Scientists have been searching for it for decades: the enzyme that cuts the amino acid tyrosine off an important part of the cell's skeleton. Researchers of the Netherlands Cancer Institute have now identified this mystery player, which...Show More Summary

Scientists discover method to convert food waste into biofuels

Scientists from Skoltech and the Russian Academy of Sciences Joint Institute for High Temperatures have proposed converting food waste into biofuel via hydrothermal liquefaction – a thermal depolymerization process used to turn wet biomass into oil.

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