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neaq:There are HOW many baby cuttlefish in the exhibit now?! You...

neaq: There are HOW many baby cuttlefish in the exhibit now?! You can never have too many baby cuttlefish!

Carcass of 79-foot blue whale washes ashore in California

The body of a 79-foot (24-meter) blue whale has washed ashore in California's Marin County and experts are trying to determine why it died.

Obesity can cause cardiovascular ill-health, even in the young

(European Society of Human Genetics) Higher than normal body mass index (BMI) is known to lead to cardiovascular ill-health in mid-to-late life, but there has been limited investigation of its effect in young, apparently healthy, adults. Researchers have now shown that having a higher BMI can cause worse cardiovascular health in those aged as young as 17.

5-27-17 Ts Last Monday and Swiftsure Race Today

Ts encounter from May 22nd. Ts (aka Bigg's) killer whales were seen coming up from the open water area of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and into Haro Strait...they kept on coming up...and they even passed by the lighthouse relatively close...Show More Summary

Ben Wetherill: #IAmSeaGrant

With the publication of the current administration’s budget calling Sea Grant part of the “lower priority, and in many cases, unauthorized” parts of NOAA, we here at DSN are highlighting people who are or have been supported by Sea Grant. If you would like to share your story with us about why #IAmSeaGrant, please send […]

The Curious World of Pliosauridae Research

Bucking the Trend - Luskhan itilensis Writing in the academic journal "Current Biology", a team of international scientists which includes Roger Benson and Valentin Fischer (Department of Earth Sciences, Oxford University), have published details of a new species of ancient marine reptile, a short-necked Plesiosaur that bucks the trend for the Pliosauridae.  Instead of being an

Stealth Saga #62

6th Generation Fighters:Japan has teamed with Britain to study its next generation fighter.The penetrating counter air system may be fast tracked and only a small number bought. The PCA program under the Trump budget was $143 million. Show More Summary

noaasanctuaries: California brown pelicans are permanent...

noaasanctuaries: California brown pelicans are permanent residents of the Pacific Coast, with their full range extending all the way from Canada to Mexico!  These seafood fans follow fish species that migrate along the California current. Show More Summary

Open-access genetic screening for hereditary breast cancer is feasible and effective

(European Society of Human Genetics) Offering open-access genetic testing for the inherited breast cancers BRCA1 and 2 to Ashkenazi women unaffected by cancer, regardless of their family history, enables the identification of carriers who would otherwise have been missed.

US science agency: Selfies with seal pups a no-no

U.S. officials are warning people not to take selfies with seals, no matter how tempting.

Marine species distribution shifts will continue under ocean warming

Scientists using a high-resolution global climate model and historical observations of species distributions on the Northeast U.S. Shelf have found that commercially important species will continue to shift their distribution as ocean waters warm two to three times faster than the global average through the end of this century. Show More Summary

It’s finally Friday! Exc-eel-ent!  Brighten your weekend by...

It’s finally Friday! Exc-eel-ent!  Brighten your weekend by spending it with this freckled moray and the other colorful residents of our special exhibition ¡Viva Baja! Life on the Edge. 

Mind-controlled device helps stroke patients retrain brains to move paralyzed hands

(Washington University School of Medicine) Stroke patients who learned to use their minds to open and close a plastic brace fitted over their paralyzed hands gained some ability to control their own hands when they were not wearing the brace, according to a new study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Show More Summary

The Interdisciplinary Research Collection

Accompanying the new PLOS ONE 10 Year Anniversary Collection: Interdisciplinary Research, PLOS ONE Senior Editor Renee Hoch discusses her article selections from the journal. PLOS ONE was established as an inclusive journal that considers primary

From Muriqui to Malagasy Rosewood: Endangered Species Research Around the World

Scientific research and communication through publication can be an incredibly powerful tool in the fight against the extinction of threatened species. In honor of Endangered Species Day, this collection of articles recently published in PLOS

10th Anniversary Video Series: Shaking Things Up

As PLOS ONE celebrates its tenth birthday, we take a few moments to reflect on the ways in which the journal has changed the landscape of scholarly publishing. Check out the video below, “Shaking Things

PLOS Genetics Research Prize 2017: The story behind last year’s winning research

In 2016, the PLOS Genetics Research Prize was awarded to Naranjo, Smith et al., for their work on a complex trait adaptation. Hunter Fraser, the corresponding author of the winning article and Associate Professor at

We fish you a happy birthday, Bolinopsis comb jellies! At the...

We fish you a happy birthday, Bolinopsis comb jellies! At the ripe old age of two, our home-grown pride and joys could be the oldest comb jellies ever displayed.  Here’s the story of how these birthday Bolinopsis came to be!

Losing sleep over climate change

(University of California - San Diego) UC San Diego study of US data suggests a sleep-deprived planet by century's end. Researchers show that unusually warm nights can harm human sleep and that the poor and elderly are most affected. Rising temperatures will make sleep loss more severe.

Why communication is vital -- even among plants and funghi

(University of Cambridge) A plant protein vital to chemical signalling between plants and fungi has been discovered, revealing more about the communication processes underlying symbiosis. Understanding this important relationship could have major consequences for developing more efficient and sustainable agricultural practices around the world.

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