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The perennially popular penguinThere are few things in life...

The perennially popular penguin There are few things in life cuter than a penguin. OK, maybe when a penguin waddles, especially if there are more than one and it’s actually a parade! The colony of African blackfooted penguins (Spheniscus demersus) in our Splash Zone family gallery is a must-see on any visit. Show More Summary

4-16-15 J Pod One Day Transients the Next

Wednesday, April 15th...J pod came down the west side and reached the park at about 9:30 a.m.a few were somewhat close in......but most were spread out a half mile to two or three miles off shore......they continued down island, butShow More Summary

Marine Algae Fossils Found From Cryogenian NeoProterozoic Mongolia

FOSSILS OF PUTATIVE MARINE ALGAE FROM THE CRYOGENIAN GLACIAL INTERLUDE OF MONGOLIAAuthors:Cohen et alAbstract:Neoproterozoic carbonate successions provide a new taphonomic window into the diversification of eukaryotes. We report recently discovered macroscopic organic warty sheets (MOWS) in macerates of limestone from the ca. Show More Summary

Wild chimps look both ways before crossing roads

A busy highway in Uganda is a potential death trap, but chimps have learned to look before running across, and they even wait for those less able to cross

Feedback from Everything Dinosaur Customers

Feedback from our Customers People who purchase dinosaur toys and games from Everything Dinosaur provide feedback on their purchasing experience, teachers who invite our experts into schools give us their views on our dinosaur workshops, all of our customers are encouraged to provide Everything Dinosaur with feedback.  Team members from the Cheshire based dinosaur company […]

Zombie Worms and Plesiosaurs

Bone-Eating Worms Consumed Marine Reptile Carcases A type of bone-eating marine worm that had been thought to have evolved to exploit the food potential of cetacean carcases lying on the seabed also fed on the remains of giant marine reptiles, according to new research published in the academic journal “Biology Letters”.  The worm, the genus […]

Premiered This Day (1981): Caveman

image Directed by Carl Gottlieb and starring Ringo Starr, this film is probably best known for introducing Starr to his future wife, Barbara Bach. Famed Animator Jim Danforth oversaw the creation of the dinosaurs. A more interesting film with overtones of The Creature From The Black Lagoon (0:57) is Island of the Fish Men, also starring Bach.

The Southern Ocean ecosystem under multiple climate change stresses – an integrated circumpolar assessment

A quantitative assessment of observed and projected environmental changes in the Southern Ocean (SO) with a potential impact on the marine ecosystem shows: (i) large proportions of the SO are and will be affected by one or more climate change processes; areas projected to be affected in the future are larger than areas that are […]

Effect of climate change on crustose coralline algae at a temperate vent site, White Island, New Zealand

Natural CO2 vents allow study of the effects of climate change on marine organisms on a different scale from laboratory-based studies. This study outlines a preliminary investigation into the suitability of natural CO2 vents near White Island, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand (37°31.19?S, 117°10.85?E) for climate change research by characterising water chemistry from two vent […]

Subaqueous soils and coastal acidification: a hydropedology perspective with implications for calcifying organisms

In the coastal zone, biological and biogeochemical processes, influenced by anthropogenic inputs, drive pH variability and contribute to coastal acidification. Spatial patterns of these processes across coastal estuaries are unknown....Show More Summary

Environmental physiology of the jumbo squid, Dosidicus gigas (d’Orbigny, 1835) (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae): implications for changing climate

Dosidicus gigas (d’Orbigny, 1835) is a large, active squid that undergoes a diel vertical migration in the Eastern Tropical and Temperate Pacific. It is a voracious predator on zooplankton and micronekton and supports a large fishery. It is further preyed upon by large vertebrate predators, including whales. Its horizontal distribution is closely tied to productive […]

Changes in pteropod distributions and shell dissolution across a frontal system in the California Current System

We tested the sensitivity of the vertical distributions and shell dissolution patterns of thecosome pteropods to spatial gradients associated with an eddy-associated front in the southern California Current System. The aragonite saturation horizon (?arag = 1.0) shoaled from >200 to <75 m depth across the front. Show More Summary

Dinosaurs Help the Focus on Writing at Mead Primary School

Lions, Zebras and Giraffes Learn All About Dinosaurs Children in the Reception classes at Mead Primary in Romford (Essex, south-east England), have been learning all about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals this term.  The children discovered a giant egg in each of the three Reception classrooms (Lions, Zebras and Giraffes) and with the support of their […]

Morphology and classification of hemocytes in Pinctada fucata and their responses to ocean acidification and warming

Hemocytes play important roles in the innate immune response and biomineralization of bivalve mollusks. However, the hemocytes in pearl oysters are poorly understood. In the present study, we investigated the morphology and classification of hemocytes in the pearl oyster, P. Show More Summary

Even During the Robopocalypse, the Brits Love Their Tubes

Drones flown by Amazon aren't the only way we could be getting our parcels delivered in the near future. UK firm Mole Solutions is exploring the possibility of using small robot trains running on underground tracks to manage deliveries,...Show More Summary

Tutorial 4b: Saurischian vertebral laminae and fossae redux, by Adam Marsh

[Hi folks, Matt here. I’m just popping in to introduce this guest post by Adam Marsh (UT Austin page, LinkedIn, ResearchGate). Adam is a PhD student at UT Austin’s Jackson School of Geosciences, currently working for a semester as a Visiting Student Researcher at my old stomping ground, Berkeley’s UCMP.  Adam’s been working at Petrified Forest […]

US Navy to Deploy Remus 600 UUVs on Virginia Class Nuclear Submarines Later This Year (2015)

The Navy will deploy its first underwater drones from Virginia-class attack submarines for the first time in history later this year, the Navy’s director of undersea warfare said Monday.The deployment will include the use of the Remus...Show More Summary

Assessing Breast Cancer Risk: Beyond the Angelina Effect

On April 30 at 7:30 PM,  I’ll be part of a panel on Health Link with Benita Zahn, WMHT TV, to discuss the genetics behind the “Angelina Jolie effect” that has catalyzed testing for the BRCA mutations that increase risk for breast … Continue reading » The post Assessing Breast Cancer Risk: Beyond the Angelina Effect appeared first on DNA Science Blog.

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