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Zoologger: The giant sea spider that sucks life out of its prey

The unusual creatures of Antarctica's Southern Ocean are all legs and no body, with a long proboscis to suck up their soft-bodied prey, such as jellyfish

Home, sweet exomoon: The new frontier in the search for ET

We're fixated on the idea that life can only exist on a planet like Earth – but the most likely habitat might lie elsewhere

7-28-15 It Was A Four Chapter Day

Tuesday, July 28th First: Have you made your phone call to the White House today? 202-456-1111 Ask him to breach the 4 lower Snake River Dams, save the world's greatest salmon producing river system, save the Southern Resident Orcas, save the Snake/Columbia River salmon, and save taxpayers millions of dollars. Show More Summary

This is one cool crab!The sharp-nosed crab (Scyra acutifrons)...

This is one cool crab! The sharp-nosed crab (Scyra acutifrons) has an impressive rostrum, like the prow of a ship. that’s shaped like two flat, leaf-shaped horns. It’s longer than it is wide, and widest at the middle of its length. This...Show More Summary

The Iron Toothed Multituberculate Mammal From Maastrichtian Cretaceous Transylvanian “Ha?eg Island”

Red Iron-Pigmented Tooth Enamel in a Multituberculate Mammal from the Late Cretaceous Transylvanian “Ha?eg Island”Authors:Smith et alAbstract:Mammals that inhabit islands are characterized by peculiar morphologies in comparison to their mainland relatives. Show More Summary

Chinese Kayitou Formation is Latest Changhsingian Permian, not Triassic, & Witness to PT Extinction

The terrestrial end-Permian mass extinction in South ChinaAuthors:Zhang et alAbstract:The end-Permian mass extinction reflects the most severe life crisis during the Phanerozoic and was associated with major global environmental changes. Show More Summary

Get Professional Assistance to Claim Flight Delay Compensation in EU

The European Nation (EU) is one of the busiest air-traffic passenger carriers in the world. Most of the time flight delays are common at airports in EU. There are air…

Stay and play until 8 p.m. this weekend during Evenings by the...

Stay and play until 8 p.m. this weekend during Evenings by the Bay!  Our special guests on Saturday evening include Ventana Surfboards and Bureo Skateboards and Patagonia Provisions. Come meet their teams, learn how they are making huge...Show More Summary

Fun in the sun! Our green sea turtles take regularly scheduled...

Fun in the sun! Our green sea turtles take regularly scheduled breaks from the Open Sea exhibit to catch some rays on the roof and generate vitamin D. Snacks are always a plus! Check our Open Sea cam for a look at our turtles on exh...

US Air Force Unveiled Roadmap for Deployment of EMP Weapons

The US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has unveiled a technology roadmap for its cruise missile-based “CHAMP” high-power microwave (HPM) weapon, which successfully fried banks of computers at a test range in October 2012.The organisation...Show More Summary

Persistent Oceanic Anoxia, Mass (?) Extinction Separate Cambrian, Ordovician Explosions

Persistent oceanic anoxia and elevated extinction rates separate the Cambrian and Ordovician radiationsAuthors:Saltzman et alAbstract:Recurrent mass extinction events (at "biomere"—a biostratigraphic unit—boundaries) characterize the...Show More Summary

Robopocalypse Report #8: This one Came so Quick!

This is my summation of the news about the robopocalypse: the machines coming to change our lives and radically alter our societies in the same way manufacturing did over the last century and a half in the West. Except, much faster.Show More Summary

Noel Maurer Asks: Could Bernie Saunders Win the Presidential Election?

Yes. It would be hard, but it is not science fiction.An earlier post showed how many states Bernie Sanders would win in an absolute general election wipeout. In reality, such a wipeout is impossible. Consider the strongest post-1980 Republican candidacies in each major demographic group. Show More Summary

New Cambrian Lagerstätte Suggests Original Burgess Shale Diversity an Anomaly

Soft-bodied biota from the middle Cambrian (Drumian) Rockslide Formation, Mackenzie Mountains, northwestern Canada Authors:Kimmig et alAbstract:A new Burgess Shale-type Lagerstätte is described from the middle Cambrian (Series 3, Drumian) Rockslide Formation of the Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories, Canada. Show More Summary

Midsummer Updates at DNA Science

Summer is half over, so I thought I’d update a few posts. EMAN IN LIBERIA A year ago, I frantically wrote about my young friend in Liberia, Emmanuel Gokpolu, and his pleas to help stop Ebola. Emmanuel and his loved ones … Continue reading » The post Midsummer Updates at DNA Science appeared first on DNA Science Blog.

Elevated CO2 induces a bloom of microphytobenthos within a shell gravel mesocosm

The geological storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) is expected to be an important component of future global carbon emission mitigation, but there is a need to understand the impacts of a CO2 leak on the marine environment and to develop monitoring protocols for leakage detection. In the present study, sediment cores were exposed to CO2-acidified […]

Ocean warming and acidification modulate energy budget and gill ion regulatory mechanisms in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)

Ocean warming and acidification are threatening marine ecosystems. In marine animals, acidification is thought to enhance ion regulatory costs and thereby baseline energy demand, while elevated temperature also increases baseline metabolic rate. Show More Summary

Impact of ocean acidification on aphotic biogeochemical production of reactive oxygen species

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are critical to global maintenance of the global organic carbon cycle, sulfur cycle, oxygen cycle, and transition metal cycles. The primary source of ROS is commonly considered to be photolysis or photochemically driven reactions, however ROS also exist in aphotic zones. A geochemical mechanism for the same in dark environments based […]

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