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Effects of ocean acidification caused by rising CO2 on the early development of three mollusks

Increasing atmospheric CO2 can decrease seawater pH and carbonate ions, which may adversely affect the larval survival of calcareous animals. In this study, we simulated future atmospheric CO2 concentrations (800, 1500, 2000 and 3000 ppm) and examined the effects of ocean acidification on the early development of 3 mollusks (the abalones Haliotis diversicolor and H. […]

“PeerJ can’t possibly last because the numbers don’t add up.”

I had an email out of the blue this morning, from someone I’d not previously corresponded with, asking me an important question about PeerJ. I thought it was worth sharing the question, and its answer, more generally. So here it is. Do you have any insight into the PeerJ business model? When I try to […]

The electric coral acid test

Last Wednesday afternoon, a group of scientists and a handful of lucky onlookers crowded around a heap of computer monitors onboard a NOAA research vessel in between Santa Cruz and Anacapa islands. In the middle of this scrum were two men controlling a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) 500 feet beneath the boat’s hull. Later in the […]

Amazon Pushes Robopocalypse Further in the Warehouse With a Challenge in Seattle, WA in May

Packets of Oreos, boxes of crayons, and squeaky dog toys will test the limits of robot vision and manipulation in a competition this May. Amazon is organizing the event to spur the development of more nimble-fingered product-packingShow More Summary

The Submarines of Mine Enemies

China updates its Type 093T SSN: link. Construction has started on Arkhangelsk, Russia's latest Yasen-class nuclear-powered multipurpose attack submarine.The keel laying took place on Submariners' Day, 19 March, at Sevmash Shipyard in...Show More Summary

DARPA Selects Northrop Grumman, AeroVironment for TERN Ship-board UAV Program Phase 2

DARPA has awarded prime contracts for Phase 2 of Tern, a joint program between DARPA and the U.S. Navy’s Office of Naval Research (ONR). The goal of Tern is to give forward-deployed small ships the ability to serve as mobile launch and recovery sites for medium-altitude, long-endurance unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Show More Summary

seafoodwatch:James Beard Award Finalists Include Sustainable...

seafoodwatch: James Beard Award Finalists Include Sustainable Seafood Champions Each year, the James Beard Foundation honors the nation’s top culinary professionals. We’re proud to see so many Seafood Watch champions among the 2015 finalists. Show More Summary

Did you know that our crown jellies grew up in a rubber room?...

Did you know that our crown jellies grew up in a rubber room? Well, sort of. We’re the first ones to ever raise them to adulthood, thanks in part to a unique enclosure that uses common bubble wrap to keep them safe and secure.  On exhibit in the Jellies Experience! 

Mars' Jerezo Crater Gives Hints of Two Separate Water Rich Periods in Martian Deep Time

Researchers from Brown University have completed a new analysis of an ancient Martian lake system in Jezero Crater, near the planet's equator. The study finds that the onslaught of water that filled the crater was one of at least two...Show More Summary

Antarctic Ice Shelves Melting at Accelerating Rate

Antarctica is pretty much covered with glaciers. Glaciers are dynamic entities that, unless they are in full melt, tend to grow near their thickest parts (that’s why those are the thickest parts) and mush outwards towards the edges, where the liminal areas either melt (usually seasonally) in situ or drop off into the sea. Antarctic’s…

Shell-shocked: ocean acidification likely hampers tiny shell builders in Southern Ocean

A University of Colorado Boulder study shows a ubiquitous type of phytoplankton — tiny organisms that are the base of the marine food web – appears to be suffering from the effects of ocean acidification caused by climate change. According to the study authors, the single-celled organism under study is a type of “calcifying” plankton […]

You are here! The newest version of our app uses Apple’s indoor...

You are here! The newest version of our app uses Apple’s indoor positioning. It’s never been easier toexplore the Aquarium—or to share the experience with your friends and family.  Our free app for iPhone and iPod touch now includes aninteractive map that highlights our exhibits, animals and amenities. Show More Summary

Eriphostoma microdon: new Specimens of the Oldest Permian Gorgonopsid Found

New information on the morphology and stratigraphic range of the mid-Permian gorgonopsian Eriphostoma microdon Broom, 1911Authors:Kammerer et alAbstract:New specimens of the oldest gorgonopsian taxon Eriphostoma microdon from the Pristerognathus Assemblage Zone (AZ) of South Africa significantly improve our understanding of the anatomy of this taxon. Show More Summary

ARC Research Associate – Ocean acidification on benthic marine life

Job no: 493373 Work type: Fixed term – Full-time Location: Adelaide Categories: Faculty of Sciences Closing date: 10 April 2015 The University of Adelaide is one of Australia’s leading Group of Eight, research-intensive universities and is consistently ranked among the top 1% of universities in the world. Established in 1874, it is Australia’s third oldest […]

It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got that StingThe rainbow...

It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got that Sting The rainbow scorpionfish (Scorpaenodes xyris) belongs to a colorful – and poisonous – family, known for venomous spines along their dorsal ridge. Most species just cause a nasty sting in humans, but some members are deadly. Show More Summary

Best babysitter ever? A four-foot shark will produce a moment of...

Best babysitter ever? A four-foot shark will produce a moment of pause in anyone, at any age. Create your own future ocean steward today!(Photo: Ashley Schill)...

Chinese ASAT Test on July 23, 2014 Missed Target

China’s recent test of a missile designed to shoot down satellites in low-earth orbit highlights a growing threat of space weapons, the commander of the U.S. Strategic Command said on Tuesday.[...]n China’s space weapons buildup, dubbed...Show More Summary

Chasing Ice Captures Incredible Glacier Calving

At 1:50 I swear I could hear the words, "And now I am FREE! MORTALS TREMBLE AT MY COMING!"

Stop! It’s hammertime. Marvel as majestic hammerhead...

Stop! It’s hammertime. Marvel as majestic hammerhead sharks gracefully glide past torpedo-shaped tuna—without leaving your desk. Watch our Open Sea exhibit cam(Photo: Christopher Michel)...

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