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Eukaryotic Fossil During the Sturtian Glaciations of Cryogenian NeoProterozoic Australia & Svalbard

Organic-walled microfossil assemblages from glacial and interglacial Neoproterozoic units of Australia and SvalbardAuthors:Riedman et alAbstract:Before the onset of the Neoproterozoic Snowball Earth glaciations, eukaryotes had begunShow More Summary

Zaraapelta, new ankylosaurid from Mongolia

The ankylosaurid dinosaurs of the Upper Cretaceous Baruungoyot and Nemegt formations of Mongolia. 2014. Arbour, V., et al. Zaraapelta nomadis from the Baruungoyot Formation of Mongolia, by Danielle DuFault

Climate experts say ocean acidification is hurting the Belize Barrier Reef

The Belize Barrier Reef is the longest in the Western Hemisphere, and the second-longest in the world. It is also on the frontlines of climate change, with new observed impacts arising from increase ocean acidity. BELMOPAN, Belize, October 27, 2014 (AMG) — The effects of climate change are weighing heavily on the fishing and tourism […]

Second Yasen Class Nuclear Submarine to be Delivered to Russian Navy in 2016

The Russian Navy is set to take delivery of an improved Project 885M Yasen-class attack submarine in 2016 according to Russian state media. The new vessel, named after the city of Kazan, incorporates many improvements to the lead Project...Show More Summary

Effects of ocean acidification on development of Alaskan crab larvae

The oceans absorb a large proportion of the carbon dioxide gas (CO2) emitted into the atmosphere. This CO2 changes the chemistry of seawater to make it more acidic, a phenomenon termed ocean acidification. Ocean acidification can have negative impacts on marine fauna, especially during early life stages, presenting a risk to ecosystems and fisheries. This […]

Ocean acidification in the aftermath of the Marinoan glaciation

Boron isotope patterns preserved in cap carbonates deposited in the aftermath of the younger Cryogenian (Marinoan, ca. 635 Ma) glaciation confirm a temporary ocean acidification event on the continental margin of the southern Congo craton, Namibia. Show More Summary

Israel to Boost F-35 Buy by 25 Aircraft to 44

Israel has decided to increase its acquisition of Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II fighters by 25 aircraft, which will bring its fleet to 44 of the fifth-generation type.The country’s second contract, which is not yet finalised, was...Show More Summary

Comparative responses of two dominant Antarctic phytoplankton taxa to interactions between ocean acidification, warming, irradiance, and iron availability

We investigated the responses of the ecologically dominant Antarctic phytoplankton species Phaeocystis antarctica (a prymnesiophyte) and Fragilariopsis cylindrus (a diatom) to a clustered matrix of three global change variables (CO2,...Show More Summary

Deep-water boost for a community exposed to ocean change: Mesocosm experiment on the effects of ocean acidification at its summit

29. October, 2014/ Kiel, Taliarte. In a long-term field study led by GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, an international team of scientists investigates the effects of ocean acidification on pelagic ecosystems in the subtropical Atlantic. The field experiment with the KOSMOS mesocosms off Gran Canary now culminates in the simulation of deep-water upwelling […]

Spatio-temporal variability of polychaete colonization at volcanic CO2 vents indicates high tolerance to ocean acidification

Ocean acidification is predicted to have negative effects on marine biota, resulting in the loss of biodiversity and changes in marine ecosystem structure and function. However, some species and life stages may be capable of thriving in low pH conditions, either due to their natural ability to tolerate stressful low pH–high pCO2 conditions and/or alteration […]

A Proposed British Referendum on EU Membership Failed in Parliament

A bid to set in law a proposed British referendum on EU membership failed on Tuesday, with both parties in the coalition government blaming the other.Put forward by Bob Neill, a backbencher in the Conservative party of Prime Minister...Show More Summary

8 Billion Asteroids may Lurk in the Oort Cloud

Eight billion asteroids in the Oort cloudAuthors:Shannon et alAbstract:The Oort cloud is usually thought of as a collection of icy comets inhabiting the outer reaches of the Solar system, but this picture is incomplete. We use simulations...Show More Summary

Robopocalyptic Defibulator Drone in the Netherlands

A Dutch-based student on Tuesday unveiled a prototype of an "ambulance drone", a flying defibrillator able to reach heart attack victims within precious life-saving minutes.Developed by Belgian engineering graduate Alec Momont, it can...Show More Summary

HP Announces 3d Printer, Scanner+

HP today announced a new 3D printing technology called Multi Jet Fusion that it said will enable mass production of parts with a technology traditionally reserved for rapid prototyping.The new industrial 3D printer, about the size of a washing machine, is 10 times faster and 50% less expensive than current systems on the market, HP said. Show More Summary

DOE NNSA Begins Upgrading B61 Nuclear Bombs

The United States has begun work to upgrade the B61 gravity bomb family under a life extension programme for the ageing nuclear weapon.The US National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), a semi-autonomous agency within the US Department...Show More Summary

Karmenu Vella Becomes New European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

Karmenu Vella being interviewed by European Parliament Committees. (Photo: European Parliament / Flickr Creative Commons) Last week, the European Parliament voted to confirm Karmenu Vella as the new Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the European Commission, which will be headed by President Jean-Claude Juncker. read more

US Navy’s MQ-8C Fire Scout Readied for Shipside Flight Testing

The latest version of Navy’s Fire Scout reconnaissance drone is being readied for actual takeoff and landing from the deck of a Navy ship at sea, the company announced following recent test takeoffs and landings using a sloped platform...Show More Summary

Vintage Dinosaur Art: The BBC Book of Dinosaurs

In terms of saurian-related output, the BBC is best known these days for Walking With Dinosaurs, the super-expensive CG-laden Brannagh-narrated behemoth, sire of numerous tie-in books (and a movie that we won't mention). Nine years earlier,...Show More Summary

Paleo-position of the North China Craton Within the supercontinent Columbia

Paleo-position of the North China craton within the supercontinent Columbia: Constraints from new paleomagnetic resultsAuthors:Xu et alAbstract:Several new paleomagnetic and geological studies focused on the reconstruction of the North China Craton (NCC) within the Paleo-Mesoproterozoic Columbia supercontinent. Show More Summary

Russian Yasen Class Nuclear Submarine More Capable Than Best Los Angeles Class SSN

One of the U.S. Navy’s top submarine officers was so impressed with Russia’s new Project 885 nuclear attack boats that he had a model of K-329 Severodvinsk built for his office.Rear Adm. Dave Johnson, Naval Sea Systems Command’s (NAVSEA)...Show More Summary

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