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Born This Day: Mary Leakey

Mary Douglas Nicol Leakey (Feb. 6, 1913 – Dec. 9, 1996) was in London, England. She meet her future husband, Louis Leakey, when he asked her to illustrate his book, 'Adam’s Ancestors'. Mary and Louis spent from 1935 to 1959 at Olduvai...Show More Summary

American Southwest may Mimic Drought Conditions That Destroyed Anasazi/Ancestral Puebloans due to Global Warming

The weather patterns that typically bring moisture to the Southwest are becoming more rare, an indication that the region is sliding into the drier climate state predicted by global models, according to a new study."A normal year inShow More Summary

Did you know all of the animals at the Monterey Bay Aquarium eat...

Did you know all of the animals at the Monterey Bay Aquarium eat sustainably sourced seafood? You can too with our Seafood Watch app!   

Cambridge Plesiosaur Donated to Oxford Could Be New Species

Potential New Plesiosaur Species A nearly complete plesiosaur skeleton that came to rest in marine sediments now located in northern Cambridgeshire might just prove to be a new species.  The fossilised remains were excavated out of a layer of rock discovered in a fenland quarry in November 2014, by archaeologists from the Oxford Clay Working […]

Stealth Saga #28

PAK-FA:Russia claims it will put the PAK-FA into service by the end of the year and that it will be able to launch cruise missiles. J-20:China remains ahead, so goes the narrative, between the nations in Asia to acquire stealth aircraft. Show More Summary

Russia's Most Syria Adventure #67

Turkey calls Russia's claims of Turkish plans to invade Syria propaganda. They also state Russia is not being allowed to do the Open Skies flight due to security concerns. Erdogan went as far as to call the Russian claims of the coming Turkish invasion 'laughable.'Russia has stated they expect an international reaction to Turkey's denial of the Open Skies flight.

2-5-16 Phone Support - Free the Snake - Feed the Orcas!

Help in the efforts to breach the four lower Snake River dams. >Feed the Orcas" border="0" class="embedded-thumbnail" height="auto" src=""...Show More Summary

Who won last night’s Democratic Primary debate in New Hampshire?

I watched the debate pretty closely, and in my opinion, both candidates did pretty well and it was mostly an even contest. (Note: I am not committed to one or the other candidate, I happen to like them both.) Sanders did very well in getting his message across, but he demonstrated weakness in foreign policy.…

Australia’s plan to make a digital representation of everything

Collecting and openly sharing data on just about everything in real time could help transform ecological research and economics, say its proponents

Meathooked: How eating meat became a global obsession

It’s one of the world’s biggest businesses, yet it harms the planet and our health. Why do we love meat so much?

The Madagascan Skink Amphiglossus Eats Crabs

Neither stream-dwelling nor crab-eating are common pieces of behaviour in lizards. Madagascar is home to a morphologically and behaviourally diverse group of skinks, and a few of those are... -- Read more on

Born This Day: Sir Arthur Keith

Keith, examining skull Keith (Born 5 Feb 1866; died 7 Jan 1955) was a Scottish anatomist and physical anthropologist who specialized in the study of fossil humans and who reconstructed early hominid forms, notably fossils from Europe and North Africa. Show More Summary

Predicting ocean chemistry using Microsoft Azure (text & video)

Shellfish farmer Bill Dewey remembers the first year he heard of ocean acidification, a phrase that means a change in chemistry for ocean water. It was around 2008, and Dewey worked for Taylor Shellfish, a company that farms oysters in ocean waters off the coast of Washington. That year, thousands of tiny “seed” oysters died […]

GOOS webinar: “PI-GOOS and the State of Operational Oceanography in the Pacific Islands Region”, 8 February 2016

Date & time: 8 February 2016, 23:00 UTC Presented by: Dr Tommy Moore, PI-GOOS Officer The Pacific Islands Global Ocean Observing System Regional Alliance is the largest of the GOOS Regional Alliances and is made up of 21 Pacific Island Countries and Territories. The “large island states” of the region are composed of a large […]

Career opportunity: Assistant Research Scientist in Estuarine Biogeochemical Modeling, University of Maryland, USA

Location: University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science – Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, Solomons, Maryland, USA Salary: Competitive salary, benefits End Date: Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until a qualified candidate is identified. Show More Summary

Porewater acidification alters the burrowing behavior and post-settlement dispersal of juvenile soft-shell clams (Mya arenaria)

Although ocean acidification will impact marine organisms in the future, few studies have addressed the effects of sedimentary porewater acidification on benthic invertebrates. This study suggests that burrowing behavior and post-settlement dispersal of juvenile bivalves are altered by porewater acidification under present day conditions. Show More Summary

Drawing boundaries: boundary arrangements of the IPCC Working Groups

The present research investigates how the IPCC’s Working Groups safeguard their scientific character while communicating with policymakers. Due to the different nature of Working Groups’ assessments, all Working Groups make different...Show More Summary

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