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For the summer I have been fortunate to be assigned (read: saddled) with a high school intern. It turns out this kid kicks ass and has been nothing less than a pleasure, making reevaluate my dim view of summer interns. My goal from day one was to make them fairly autonomous but giving them a […]

Ukraine War Update: ?????? ??? ????????? ??????, ?????????!

This is drone footage by the Dnpr-1 battalion on two different dates two weeks apart. They reconned a Donnie Reb base and then returned. There seems to be at least a company of tanks and very prepared positions two weeks later on the second visit. Show More Summary

General Atomics Demostrates Railgun Projectile Compatible Eletronics in Four Test Launches

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) announced [June 22] that projectiles with on-board electronics survived the railgun launch environment and performed their intended functions in four consecutive tests on 9-10 June at the U.S. Show More Summary

We just added 15,000 new sardines to our Open Sea exhibit! Catch...

We just added 15,000 new sardines to our Open Sea exhibit! Catch the swirling, sparkling action on our live cam.

Introducing The One Repo

You know what’s wrong with scholarly publishing? Wait, scrub that question. We’ll be here all day. Let me jump straight to the chase and tell you the specific problem with scholarly publishing that I’m thinking of. There’s nowhere to go to find all open-access papers, to download their metadata, to access it via an open […]

Congress Seeks to ban Human Embryo Modification, Requiring /RELIGIOUS/ Panel for Review of US Institute of Medicine Report

The US House of Representatives is wading into the debate over whether human embryos should be modified to introduce heritable changes. Its fiscal year 2016 spending bill for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would prohibit the...Show More Summary

Share your selfie and say YES to a plastic-free ocean! Take a...

Share your selfie and say YES to a plastic-free ocean! Take a photo while shopping with your favorite reusable bag and post it to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social platforms, with the #MyBag or #MiBolsa hashtag to show your support of California’s plastic bag ban. Read the full story on our Conservation & Science blog

Dopamine boost restores libido in ageing male fruit flies

Exposing elderly male Drosophila to dopamine increased the time they spent courting females - something that could help us understand sex drive in people

Dinosaur Tracks Vandalised

Dinosaur Tracks Vandalised – Plaster Casts Attempted We have picked up a number of reports from the United States that several dinosaur tracks have been vandalised at the Manti-La Sal National Forest, a national park managed by the United States Forestry Service.  Manti-La Sal National Forest straddles the State border between Utah and Colorado and […]

Did Multicellularity in Cyanobacteria Help Drive the Great Oxidation Event?

Cyanobacteria and the Great Oxidation Event: evidence from genes and fossilsAuthors:Schirrmeister et alAbstract:Cyanobacteria are among the most ancient of evolutionary lineages, oxygenic photosynthesizers that may have originated before 3.0 Ga, as evidenced by free oxygen levels. Show More Summary

Effects of CO2-driven ocean acidification on early life stages of marine medaka (Oryzias melastigma) (update)

The potential effects of high CO2 and associated ocean acidification (OA) in marine fishes and other non-calcified organisms are less well understood. In this study, we investigated the responses of early life stages (ELS) of marine medaka (Oryzias melastigma) exposed to a series of experimental manipulation of CO2 levels. Show More Summary

Metabolic responses to temperature stress under elevated pCO2 in Crepidula fornicata

In the current context of environmental change, ocean acidification is predicted to affect the cellular processes, physiology and behaviour of all marine organisms, impacting survival, growth and reproduction. In relation to thermal tolerance limits, the effects of elevated pCO2 could be expected to be more pronounced at the upper limits of the thermal tolerance window. […]

Acidification reduced growth rate but not swimming speed of larval sea urchins

Swimming behaviors of planktonic larvae impact dispersal and population dynamics of many benthic marine invertebrates. This key ecological function is modulated by larval development dynamics, biomechanics of the resulting morphology, and behavioral choices. Show More Summary

Effects of ocean acidification on the photosynthetic performance, carbonic anhydrase activity and growth of the giant kelp Macrocystis pyrifera

Under ocean acidification (OA), the 200 % increase in CO2(aq) and the reduction of pH by 0.3–0.4 units are predicted to affect the carbon physiology and growth of macroalgae. Here we examined how the physiology of the giant kelp Macrocystis pyrifera is affected by elevated pCO2/low pH. Growth and photosynthetic rates, external and internal carbonic anhydrase […]

US Supreme Court backs controversial execution drug

Death penalty states can continue to use midazolam, a drug that was involved in several botched executions in the US over the past year

One flasher you wouldn't mind being startled by

That would be a northern flicker woodpecker, displaying a stunning arc of yellow plumage as it erupts from its nest in Alaska

6/26-27/15 Did The Whales 'Get' You?

Friday/Saturday, June 26-27th It's more than a full time job just trying to keep track of who is where, and who is with who! But First: a message from a concerned whale watcher - me...if you watch or watched the whales from land or sea...Show More Summary

Arrogance, elitism, paternalism

I just read this on The Scholarly Kitchen and nearly fell out of my seat: In an era with more access given to less qualified people (laypeople and an increasingly unqualified blogging corps presenting themselves as experts or journalists), not to mention to text-miners and others scouring the literature for connections, the obligation to better manage […]

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