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IAEA-supported research examines impact of ocean acidification on coastal societies

Ocean acidification will affect coastal communities, particularly those that rely exclusively on small scale fisheries, a four-year study supported by the IAEA found. With populations around the globe dependent upon the sea for their livelihood and primary source of food, ocean acidification — a consequence of rising carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions — could have serious […]

A New Brazilian Titanosaur (Most Likely)

“Sousatitan” from North-eastern Brazil All eyes might be on the likes of Usain Bolt, Jason Kenny, Nicola Adams et al at the Rio Olympic Games, but today, Everything Dinosaur turns its attention to another part of Brazil, an area some two thousand kilometres (1,200 miles) further north.  The discovery of a single dinosaur leg bone […]

Saudi Arabian Cattle Breed Nearly Extinct

When it disappears, so will its uniquely adapted genetics -- Read more on

Another Threat to Hawaiian Birds: Cat Poop

Some Hawaiian geese populations are heavily infected by toxoplasmosis from feral cats, a new study finds -- Read more on

The Secret World of Crayfish Extinction (and beyond)

As Australia’s crayfish disappear, so, too, will other species -- Read more on

Shiny, Metallic Snake Is a Critically Endangered New Species

The Conception Bank silver boa is the first snake discovered in the Caribbean since the 1940s -- Read more on

What Do Elephants and Cocaine Have in Common?

Wildlife products and drugs both fuel massive levels of international crime, according to a new United Nations report -- Read more on

Illegal Pet Trade Threatens 13 Indonesian Birds with Extinction

A new study finds that five bird subspecies may already be extinct -- Read more on

Here's a List of Every at-Risk Bird Species in North America (All 432 of Them)

The 2016 State of North America’s Birds report finds that at least 37 percent of species are at risk -- Read more on

The Amazing Biodiversity within an Elephant's Footprint

Our understanding of the elephant’s role as an ecosystem engineer continues to evolve -- Read more on

Is There a 5th Nuclear Force?

In a new paper, University of California, Riverside theoretical physicist Flip Tanedo and his collaborators have made new progress towards unravelling a mystery in the beryllium nucleus that may be evidence for a fifth force of nature.Earlier this year, an experiment in Hungary reported very unusual behavior in the decays of beryllium-8 nuclei. Show More Summary

A Classification of Martian Gullies

A Classification of Martian Gullies from HiRISE Imagery Authors: Auld et al Abstract: Due to the large and varied population of gullies observed in Mars High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) imagery that exhibit diverse characteristics, this paper develops a classification of martian gullies based on their morphological characteristics. Show More Summary

The Dinosaurs of Crystal Palace: Among the Most Accurate Renditions of Prehistoric Life Ever Made

Often derided, and today somewhat neglected and forlorn, the famous prehistoric animal models of Crystal Palace in London have a lot to teach us... -- Read more on

thelovelyseas: Humpback whales, Megaptera novaeangliae |...

helovelyseas: Humpback whales, Megaptera novaeangliae | Dominican Republic | 2010 by Todd Bretl

Russia Reducing its Crew on the International Space Station From 3 to 2

Roscosmos is looking to reduce the size of Russian crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS) from three to two, Izvestiya reports.“We sent a letter to the participants of the ISS program – we want to hear their views on how we...Show More Summary

TBT to 1994 and this wild sea nettle doing its best sun...

TBT to 1994 and this wild sea nettle doing its best sun impression. These jellies hunt small drifting animals by trailing their long tentacles and frilly oral arms. When the tentacles touch a tasty treat, they fire off stinging cells...Show More Summary

The US Navy Wants a Very Long Range Torpedo

The attack submarine is one of the dangerous naval combatants in the world owing to its stealth and ship-killing torpedoes. But limited range has long been the torpedo’s major drawback. Unlike a missile which travels through the thin...Show More Summary

dailyotter: Another Adorable Shot of Selka See our post from...

dailyotter: Another Adorable Shot of Selka See our post from earlier this week about Selka’s dramatic story! Photo by Pinnipedlab/Mariah Tengler Welcome, Selka!

Where's the only place you can deposit your sand dollars? A sand bank!

Sand dollars—flattened urchins adapted to life over shifting ground—use thousands of spines to crawl about and to burrow into the seafloor.  (Timelapse alert! Every second of the video represents about two minutes in the life of these animals.)

Ghost galaxy is 99.99 per cent dark matter with almost no stars

We've spotted a galaxy that weighs almost as much as the Milky Way yet has 1 per cent the number of stars, suggesting it’s chock-full of dark matter

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