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Who thinks what about climate change and science?

Two items of interest. 1) A new poll looks at conservative and liberal views of science. The findings are not especially unexpected, but the details are interesting. The image above is from this infographic, and the details are given here. Yes, the detail are quite interesting. 2) If you care, there is some information on…

Climate Change Viewed From Alaska

Alaska is being called the poster child (state?) for climate change because things have been so strange there lately. One reason for this is the extreme warm conditions in the North Pacific and associated (probably) changes in the jet stream, as well as overall warming, which has caused coastal Alaska to become a warm place,…

September is National Preparedness Month (USGS)

Be prepared! Did you now that September is, in the US, National Preparedness Month? The idea is to pay attention to natural threats and how to deal with them. This is a project of the USGS. Good idea to give it some thought on this tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The USGS recommends a scientific…

Vultures are new target for African bushmeat and medicine trade

Africa's raptor birds, especially vultures, are experiencing drastic declines as more are being hunted for meat and use in traditional cures

Synthetic biology needs a grand design vision

We can design a better future using biology, but we must consider the big questions first, says Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

The Man Who Wasn’t There: Exploring the science of the self

We're learning a lot about being human from people with a fragmented or distorted sense of self, finds a new book

Anthropogenic Global Warming Causes Significant Changes in Climate Zones

Human caused climate change is changing the size and location of major climate zones, according to a new study. Climate is complex, and a classic, widely used effort to wrangle that complexity into a sensible form is the Köppen classification system (and variants). We need not speak of the details here, but within this scheme…

Ocean acidification threatening many species (text & video)

A few decades ago, dozens of species in Monterey Bay were on the verge of extinction. Today, many of those species are now thriving. This success story is the subject of “Big Blue Live,” a three-night television special that begins on Monday. PBS and the BBC are producing the show, which airs from 8 to […]

Marine and Terrestrial Permian Extinctions Aren't Geochronologically Synchronous?

Is the vertebrate-defined Permian-Triassic boundary in the Karoo Basin, South Africa, the terrestrial expression of the end-Permian marine event? Authors:Gastaldo et alAbstract:The end-Permian extinction records the greatest ecological catastrophe in Earth history. Show More Summary

Ocean acidification threatens Florida’s economy

I’m an angler and surfer. I spend every moment I can spare on the water with my two sons, who fish and surf with me in Florida’s beautiful offshore waters. They’re developing a strong love for the ocean, which makes me proud and allows me to share a culture with them that ties us closely […]

IAEA Training Course on Marine Ecosystems and Industries at Risk: Impact of Multiple Stressors, 9–27 November 2015, Monaco

Deadline for nominations through competent official authorities: 20 September 2015. Organizers The training course is organized by the Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). It will be hosted by IAEA Environment Laboratories in Monaco on 9-27 November 2015. Show More Summary

Post-doctoral research associate position in ocean modeling

Position Overview Organization: College of the Environment, Oceanography Title : Research Associate Search Number : NN13328 Position Details Coastal Ocean Modeling Postdoc A Post-doctoral research position in ocean modeling is available in the School of Oceanography at the University of Washington. Show More Summary

Robopocalypse Report #18: Paper Drones Act as Cheerleaders as the 3d Printed Self Driving Cars Drive to the First Robopocalyptical Football Game

(source) Drones and data could significantly help oil fields in the US with the lower oil prices these days. In the interim, there is a new market hunting for for pilots...flying drones. Drones are becoming a problem for those seeking quiet on their vacations. Show More Summary

Ukraine War Update: ??? ???? ?????????

video of the grenade blast outside of the Rada The only place that suffered through fighting today appears to have been Avdeevka and that was restricted to RPGs and infantry weapons, no mortars, tanks or artillery support. There has been LOTS of movement in the occupied Donbas. Show More Summary

Another Explosion in Shandong, Felt 50 km Away

An explosion shook a chemical plant in an industrial zone in China's Dongying, in Shandong province, shortly before midnight on Monday, according to state media.There were no immediate reports of casualties. One person died last month after a blast hit a chemical plant in a different part of Shandong last month. link. A private message indicates this happens on a regular basis.

SASC Hammers US Air Force Over Long Range Strike Bomber, Tanker Problems

In a sign that this town is slowly coming back to life after a laconic August, the Senate Armed Services Committee has written Defense Secretary Ash Carter about mistakes made about the price of the Long Range Strike Bomber (LRSB) in two reports to Congress and raised questions about the latest delays to Boeing’s problem-plagued KC-46 tanker. link.

Dinosaur Britain – Part 1

Dinosaur Britain – Part 1 – Quick Review The Oxford University Museum of Natural History might not be the same again after one of its most famous items in the collection, the Megalosaurus bucklandii came to life and pursued a cyclist down the high street.  Just one of the scenarios acted out tonight in the very […]

The Chinese Dragon Awakens

This week will be a big one for China watchers as the People’s Liberation Army holds a massive parade on Thursday in Beijing to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Japanese surrender during World War II.The parade comes the sameShow More Summary

Ukraine War Update: ? ???! ?????????, ???!

As the Rada was voting on a law allowing for the special status of the Donbas, a protest broke out in front. The protest turned violent: a grenade was thrown into the police by a member of the Sich Battalion and also a member of Svoboda. Show More Summary

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