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Trace Hydrocarbons in Archean Rocks are NOT Reliable Biomarkers

Reappraisal of hydrocarbon biomarkers in Archean rocksAuthors:French et alAbstract:Hopanes and steranes found in Archean rocks have been presented as key evidence supporting the early rise of oxygenic photosynthesis and eukaryotes, but the syngeneity of these hydrocarbon biomarkers is controversial. Show More Summary

Zoologger: Musical spider purrs like a cat to attract mates

Male "purring" wolf spiders are virtuosos when it comes to leaf tapping – making sounds that travels through air to another leaf where a female picks it up

The risk of hot and cold weather

A new paper is just out in The Lancet that examines the mortality risk of high and low ambient temperatures. The basic idea is that if it is either two hot or too cold, mortality may increase, possibly with the weather being a factor to augment the effects of other health problems, or as a…

Octopus has automatic camouflage thanks to its light-sensing skin

Octopuses are good at changing colour, but for the first time it's been shown that one species' skin reacts directly to light to cover it in camouflage

Why is FOX News Anti-American?

It is a fiction that the right wing, and the Republican party, and their primary philosophical guru (Rush Limbaugh) and mouthpiece (FOX News) are more American, more security-savvy, and more patriotic than Liberals, Progressives, and Democrats. This fiction is part of a common bully tactic you already know about because you were either bothered by…

OA-ICC updates in the SOLAS Newsletter

Since its establishment under the auspices of the International Atomic Energy Agency in 2012, the OA-ICC has been communicating, promoting and facilitating a series of global activities on ocean acidification. With regards to science,...Show More Summary

Would a Dinosaur Make a Good Pet?

Year 2 at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Consider a Pet Dinosaur Children in Year 2 at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School (Matlock, Derbyshire), have been tackling the tricky question of would dinosaurs make good pets?  This poser is one of the questions being explored as part of a series of themes for the summer […]

Conversation with ocean leaders: Prince Albert II of Monaco

Prince Albert II of Monaco was Recently Awarded the Peter Benchley Award for Ocean Stewardship. 1. What lessons did you learn through the “Monaco Declaration” and how can we best transfer the concern of ocean acidification into action? How do you think Americans can become more engaged on this topic? The “Monaco declaration” of October […]

Fighting to keep an oyster ghost town alive

Chris Quartuccio and his team must deal with ocean acidification—and plenty of naysayers—to try to ensure that Long Island remains an important point for oyster harvesting. The man at the helm of Blue Island Shellfish, Chris Quartuccio, wants to make sure I see Blue Point, home of the most famous oysters in the world. At […]

5/19-20/15 The Whales Keep Us Guessing

Tuesday/Wednesday, May 19/20th Tuesday, May 19th...out on a late afternoon trip on Peregrine, we headed north to meet up with J pod as they were coming down Boundary Pass......what they did over the last 24 hours is more like what they...Show More Summary

Effect of low pH on early life stages of the decapod crustacean, Dungeness crab (Cancer magister)

Dungeness crab (Cancer magister) eggs and larvae were exposed to laboratorycontrolled, low-pH seawater in an effort to assess current and predicted-future impacts of Ocean Acidification (OA) on hatching success, survival and growth.Show More Summary

Release the Glaucus!

Aliens? Squishies? Deformed Plastic? Jellyfish? Many descriptors have accompanied the emails, texts, and Facebook messages that have recently flooded my cellular device, all describing one unique ocean beastie… Exhibit A.   With Spring...Show More Summary

The Ukrainian Nephews

Vsevolod and Alexander (Sasha), ages 10 and 2.

Tiny Frogs and Giant Spiders: Best of Friends

You might be surprised to learn that microhylid frogs in Peru, India, Sri Lanka and perhaps elsewhere have developed close relationships with large spiders... -- Read more on

Domestic Horses of Africa

I've said on several previous occasions that domestic animals are far from outside the Tet Zoo remit. On the contrary, I find them to be of great interest, and I think that their diversity, evolution... -- Read more on

Yi qi Is Neat But Might Not Have Been the Black Screaming Dino-Dragon of Death

A couple of weeks ago I hatched a plan to write about all the neat new dinosaur-themed studies that had just appeared in print; I began by penning my thoughts on the Brontosaurus issue. -- Read more on

World Tapir Day, 2015

I’ve just learnt (thanks, Marko Bosscher) that today (April 27th) is World Tapir Day, an annual event in which the world unites in celebration of our plucky, trunk-nosed perissodactyl pals and... -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.c...

That Brontosaurus Thing

So, the name Brontosaurus is back in business. After comparing, analysing, measuring and coding an extraordinary amount of anatomical detail pertaining to diplodocid sauropods, Emanuel Tschopp and... -- Read more on

Some of The Things I Have Gotten Wrong

As a regular reader, you might know that Tet Zoo has been going for over nine years now. I've written about a lot of stuff, I’ve been intrigued and enthused by a substantial number of animals... -- Read more on

People Are Modifying Monitors to Make Gargantuan Geckos

Over the last several days a consortium of people interested in herpetology, weird animals, animal lore, and special effects have worked together to help resolve an incredible and bizarre `mystery'. -- Read more on

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