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Tuberculosis was in PreColumbian Americas

Grade school history lessons often have it that American Indians largely were wiped out by diseases such as whooping cough, chicken pox, influenza and tuberculosis brought to the New World by European explorers.One report says, while...Show More Summary

Crocodiles Colonized Marine Environments During Greenhouse Climates

The ancestors of today's crocodiles colonised the seas during warm phases and became extinct during cold phases, according to a new Anglo-French study which establishes a link between marine crocodilian diversity and the evolution of...Show More Summary

Conservation Groups Plan Lawsuit to Protect Sperm Whales

“Mother and baby sperm whale." (Photo: Gabriel Barathieu, Wikimedia Commons) Earlier this month, several conservation groups, including Oceana, announced plans to file a lawsuit against the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to protect sperm whales from deadly, mile-long drift gillnets used in the California drift gillnet fishery. read more

The official anthology of Rick Ross rapping about crustaceans

I generally bow to Dr. M and Alex when it comes to rap music knowledge, but I’m just going to add this little factlet to the DSN vaults. Rick Ross, raps about crustaceans. A LOT. And after reading all these lyrics, I’m positive there is a special place in his stomach for all arthropods. What does this dude do […]

Evidence of Rapid Sediment Recycling From PaleoProterozoic

Paleoproterozoic S-type granites in the Helanshan Complex, Khondalite Belt, North China Craton: Implications for rapid sediment recycling during slab break-offAuthors:Dan et alAbstract:S-type granites, typically derived from the rapid recycling of sedimentary rocks, are sometimes accompanied by contemporary mafic magmatism and granulite metamorphism. Show More Summary

Ocean Roundup: 20 Coral Species to Gain Federal Protection, Shell Files New Plan for Arctic Drilling, and More

Rough cactus coral, one of the new coral species to be listed as threatened. (Photo: FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute / Flickr Creative Commons) - The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced it will list 20 new species of coral as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, largely because of climate change. Show More Summary

Climate Change's Impacts on the Nunatsiavut Fjords of Labrador, Canada

Recent anthropogenic and climatic history of Nunatsiavut fjords (Labrador, Canada).Authors:Richerol et alAbstract:This study aimed at reconstructing past climatic and environmental conditions of a poorly known and documented subarctic region, the Nunatsiavut (northern Labrador). Show More Summary

Protect our oceans, urges Samoa minister

Small Island states need to do more to rehabilitate, protect and preserve their threatened marine environment. That advice came from Samoa’s Environment Minister Faamoetauloa-Lealaiauloto Taito Dr Faale Tumaalii when he opened a two-day workshop on ocean acidification in Apia today. Show More Summary

20 corals protected under Endangered Species Act because of global warming, ocean acidification

SAN FRANCISCO— The federal government announced today that 20 species of coral are now protected as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act because global warming, disease and ocean acidification are driving them toward extinction. Show More Summary

Russia may Ditch INF Treaty Over American Accusation of Treaty Breach

I have a brief column on Russia and the INF violation at the European Leadership Network - Don't help Russia destroy the INF Treaty. I don't think the main point I'm trying to make there is particularly controversial - while the United...Show More Summary

Ocean acidification impacts mussel control on biomineralisation

Ocean acidification is altering the oceanic carbonate saturation state and threatening the survival of marine calcifying organisms. Production of their calcium carbonate exoskeletons is dependent not only on the environmental seawater carbonate chemistry but also the ability to produce biominerals through proteins. Show More Summary

Size matters: plasticity in metabolic scaling shows body-size may modulate responses to climate change

Variability in metabolic scaling in animals, the relationship between metabolic rate (R) and body mass (M), has been a source of debate and controversy for decades. R is proportional to Mb, the precise value of b much debated, but historically considered equal in all organisms. Recent metabolic theory, however, predicts b to vary among species […]

An Argument for a Stronger Royal Navy

The 2010 British Strategic Security and Defence Review (SDSR) begun with an unambiguous statement of intent; ‘Our country has always had global responsibilities and global ambitions. We have a proud history of standing up for the values we believe in and we should have no less ambition for our country in the decades to come’. Show More Summary

8/23-24/14 Another Split In the Making

Saturday, August was J pod - inbound! - and it sounded as if all of them were together......out on Maya's Westside Charters, after seeing some Ts on an earlier trip, we headed for the Residents......that's DoubleStuf J-34......Granny...Show More Summary

Ukraine: Boiling the Frog

Map source. It has been a while since I posted an update for what is happening in Ukraine. I have been dealing with a lot in the rocket business, some zaniness with the day job and working on the evac of contacts out of Gorlovka. That said, in the time since I posted, a lot has happened. Show More Summary

Death Valley's 'Sailing Stones' Mystery Solved

The Racetrack Playa — a barren lakebed in Death Valley National Park — is home to one of the world’s natural wonders: “sailing stones” that mysteriously meander across the dried mud, leaving tracks in their wake. Since the 1940s, these rocks have fueled wonder and speculation because no one had seen them in action — until now.A team of U.S. Show More Summary

Bitcoin Oriented OpenBazaar Isn't for Drugs! Really! Trust Them!

When the recording industry smashed Napster with a $20 billion lawsuit more than a decade ago, filesharing morphed into Bittorrent, a fully peer-to-peer system with no central server for law enforcement to attack. Now the developersShow More Summary

Thinking about spinal cords

I’m scrambling to get everything done before I leave for England and SVPCA this weekend, so no time for a substantive post. Instead, some goodies from old papers I’ve been reading. Explanations will have to come in the comments, if at all. For more noodling about nerves, please see: The world’s longest cells? Speculations on […]

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