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Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Fall For Stair Lift TV Commercials

Stair Lifts are extremely crucial for an elderly person who is suffering joint pains, is injured enough to climb up the stairs or is disabled. A stair lift is a…

Shark Night! featuring Dr. Demian Chapman

Science on Tap presents, Shark Night! featuring Dr. Demian Chapman from Alan Alda Center. Marine scientist, Dr. Demian Chapman, discusses how the illegal shark fin trade is harming sharks and the health of the oceans. He shares his experiences tagging … Continue reading ?

Silk Road Dark Web/Bitcoin Insanity Comes Full Circle With Charges Against DEA, Secret Service Agents

Some DEA and Secret Service Agents Helped Themselves to Silk Road Bitcoins: The federal government became owners of one of the biggest troves of Bitcoin, thanks to seizing millions of dollars in the digital currency from criminals associated...Show More Summary

The paleontology in Europe and the sports and recreation of ancient Europe

Paleontology in Europe Paleontology has developed a lot in the last few years and with the latest techniques like carbon dating and other radioactive methods, the process of paleontology has…

Even the people of former days were aware of the utilization of CafeSlim

Several documents are the witness that even the people of older times have been utilized the effectuality of green coffee to stay fit as well as slim. As previously good…

The Miocene Neogene Monsoonal Forests of Southwest China

Late Miocene vegetation dynamics under monsoonal climate in southwestern ChinaAuthors:Li et alAbstract:To better understand vegetation dynamics and the Asian monsoonal climate in the Neogene, we reconstructed the vegetational succession and climate of Wenshan basin in southwestern China during the late Miocene (11.62-5.33 Ma). Show More Summary

Wouldn’t you rather be here right now? You can...

Wouldn’t you rather be here right now? You can be—with our web cams! Find your favorite exhibit (Photo ©

Geological Eras First Proposed (1759)

Geological Time Scale In 1759, Italian geologist Giovanni Arduino (1714-1795) dated a letter to Professor A.Vallisneri the younger, in which Arduino proposed a classification of Earth's surface rocks according to four brackets of successively younger orders: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary. Show More Summary

Pine Beetle Caused Forest Death And Climate Change

There is some interesting new research on the relationship between the Mountain Pine Beetle, major die-offs of forests in North America, and climate change. The Mountain Pine Beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) is a kind of “bark beetle” (they don’t bark, they live in bark) native to western North America. They inhabit a very wide range of…

Archosauromorph Tanystropheids From Norian Triassic New Mexico

Late Triassic tanystropheids (Reptilia, Archosauromorpha) from northern New Mexico (Petrified Forest Member, Chinle Formation) and the biogeography, functional morphology, and evolution of TanystropheidaeAuthors:Pritchard et alAbstract:We...Show More Summary

3-30-15 Those Fish Sounds and Then...

first to recap: 3-27 J Pod was last seen heading out the Strait of Juan de Fuca... 3-28 I heard that J Pod had been spotted at Sombrio...that's almost to the outer coast... 3-28 I began hearing those burp sounds (fish sounds I've been told) starting in the afternoon and continuing into the evening. Show More Summary

Help a Mammoth, Win a Shirt!

Just about every crowdfunding campaign I've seen has included some form of this refrain: Even if you can't afford to donate, helping spread the word is a great form of support. It's true. You may have seen my post last week about my funding campaign to publish the children's book Mammoth is Mopey, a collaboration with my wife, Jennie. Show More Summary

The Plankton Chronicles

WARNING: Scrolling down might result in relinquishing a good portion of your Monday watching videos of squishy, wonderful plankton. If this is the kind of procrastination you are looking for, then by all means, enjoy. However, Deep Sea News, our partners, and affiliates are not responsible for your lack of productivity in watching said videos, only […]

OA-ICC bibliographic database updated

An updated version of the OA-ICC bibliographic database is now available online. The database contains nearly 2500 references and includes citations, abstracts and assigned keywords. Updates are made on a regular basis. Subscribe online...Show More Summary

New England states following a model set by Maine to reduce ocean acidity

A group of state legislators believe the acidity will endanger multimillion dollar fishing industries if left unchecked. A group of state legislators in New England wants to form a multistate pact to counter increasing ocean acidity along the East Coast, a problem they believe will endanger multimillion-dollar fishing industries if left unchecked. The legislators’ effort […]

Another Voice: Increase in carbon dioxide threatens health of oceans

Most of the current concern about the ever-increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has focused on global climate change. This is a serious problem, but carbon dioxide is also adversely affecting our oceans. Oceans cover 71 percent of the earth’s surface and, while they are unseen by most of us, they are critical […]

Senators: ocean acidification monitoring critical to nation’s $2.8B shellfish industry

In the letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee, Cantwell called for continued support of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Integrated Ocean Acidification Program and the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS). Show More Summary

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