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Do the wave! Jeweled top snails walk left and right with...

Do the wave! Jeweled top snails walk left and right with alternating waves of their creeping foot!

Dead whales beached in Chile, climate change suspected

Several huge whales have washed up dead over recent months on beaches in northern Chile, where scientists suspect they are moving in increasing numbers due to climate change.

The Rabbs' Tree Frog Just Went Extinct

The last known member of his species has died at Atlanta Botanical Garden -- Read more on

Budgies reveal the rule that means birds never collide in flight

Birds have a trick for avoiding head-on collisions – now we know what it is, we could teach autonomous drones to do the same

Bouncy bone can be 3D-printed to become a universal repair kit

Cheap and easy to make into any shape, "hyperelastic bone" could repair any kind of bone, from fractures to facial reconstruction

Ancient bee fossil reveals secrets of human ancestor’s habitat

A fossilised bee’s nest found near a revolutionary early human fossil can tell us more about the habitat the hominin lived in and how it got preserved

Our home spiral arm in the Milky Way is less wimpy than thought

A new map of the spirals that make up our home galaxy shows that rather than being a dim backwater, the arm that hosts the solar system is just as spectacular as the others

Uber and Google race against car firms to map the world's cities

Big tech firms are competing with traditional car companies like Ford to map our world in the detail required to get driverless cars on the road

Camera spots your hidden prejudices from your body language

A computer scrutinised people's behaviour for signs of hidden biases and may help psychologists study interactions between people

Cave fires and rhino skull used in Neanderthal burial rituals

The remains of fires encircling the grave of a Neanderthal toddler contain animal horns and a rhino skull that seem to have been placed there in a funerary ritual

The truth about porn: why masturbation won't kill your sex life

Has online pornography created a generation of impotent young men with a dangerous addiction to extreme images? Clare Wilson investigates

‘I felt like such a slave’: Why one man gave up porn for good

Anti-pornography campaigner Alexander Rhodes, founder of "porn addiction" site NoFap, says "we want people to make educated decisions about how to use their genitals"

Soil isn’t sexy but we need to dig in and help conserve it

The dirt beneath our feet, vital to food production and biodiversity, is under threat like never before. We need new laws to save it, says Molly Scott Cato

Everything you wanted to know about ‘3-parent’ babies

Why is it such a big deal? How controversial is the technique? Is it safe? We have all your questions answered

Nature or nurture: is violence in our genes?

Nature or nurture? The quest to understand why humans kill one another has occupied the minds of philosophers, sociologists and psychologists for centuries.

Is a peek at our Penguin Cam what your Wednesday morning...

Is a peek at our Penguin Cam what your Wednesday morning needs? Watch carefully and you might even see them communicating with each other. When penguins flap their wings or bow their heads, they’re telling each other how they feel. Throwing their heads back and wings out means “I’m happy.” Leaning forward and opening their beaks means “Go away.”

Natural born killers: humans predisposed to murder, study suggests

Although it’s unclear whether genetics or other factors are responsible, new study suggests that lethal violence is part of our evolutionary history Humans are predisposed to murder each other, new research suggests, although it remains unclear if it’s down to genetics or other factors. Show More Summary

Birth weight influenced by genes linked to disease risk, study reveals

Birth weight partly shaped by genes which are also implicated in risk of later-life diseases, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes, findings show Birth weight of babies is influenced by genes that are also linked to the risk of developing a range of diseases later in life, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes, research has revealed. Show More Summary

Internal 'clock' makes some people age faster and die younger – regardless of lifestyle

Study could explain why even with healthy lifestyles some people die younger than others, and raises future possibility of extending the human lifespan Scientists have found the most definitive evidence yet that some people are destined to age quicker and die younger than others - regardless of their lifestyle. Show More Summary

New study shows vitamin D could help control TB in animals

A study published in Research in Veterinary Science demonstrates that vitamin D supplementation can reduce the severity of tuberculosis (TB) in wild boar and red deer

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