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Hannah Has Her Gene Therapy for GAN: When Science Becomes Medicine

Today, 8 years and $8 million fund-raised dollars after the Sames family of Rexford, NY, began their battle against giant axonal neuropathy (GAN), their daughter Hannah is finally receiving gene therapy. JUST IN TIME About

Would the Presence of Planet Nine Explain the Solar Rotation/ Plane of the Ecliptic Misalignment?

Solar Obliquity Induced by Planet NineAuthors:Bailey et alAbstract:The six-degree obliquity of the sun suggests that either an asymmetry was present in the solar system's formation environment, or an external torque has misaligned the angular momentum vectors of the sun and the planets. Show More Summary

NASA Issued RFI for Using Docking Port on International Space Station

As two companies move forward with plans to develop commercial modules for use on the International Space Station as precursors to independent space stations, NASA is soliciting concepts for use of a space station docking port.NASA issued...Show More Summary

New Nuclear Cruise Missiles are Supported by Former Defense Officials

The U.S. and Russia can easily tell the difference between a conventionally armed cruise missile en route to a target and a nuclear armed one, former senior defense officials told a Senate panel on Wednesday.John Hamre, deputy secretary...Show More Summary

Don’t short change sand dollars—life in the sand bank is...

Don’t short change sand dollars—life in the sand bank is bustling with activity!

Stealth Saga #50

MQ-25 Stingray: The USN has made it official that the new tanker drone will be the MQ-25a Stingray instead of CBARS. Fifth Generation Fighters: Why the 5th gen is so critical to aerial combat these days.TFX:Pakistan may be interested in buying the Turkish TFX fighter. Show More Summary

Climate had a big Impact on the Maya

An extended and higher-resolution record of climate and land use from stalagmite MC01 from Macal Chasm, Belize, revealing connections between major dry events, overall climate variability, and Maya sociopolitical changes Authors: Akers...Show More Summary

The Mexican government has permanently banned the use of...

The Mexican government has permanently banned the use of gillnets in the vaquitas’ range! Thank you to everyone who added their voice to support this important step toward protecting the world’s most endangered marine mammal. How members of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums worked together to help protect vaquitas 

Thylacoleo carnifex (Marsupial Lion) Appears to Have had a Semi Opposable Claw-Thumb

Ecomorphological determinations in the absence of living analogues: the predatory behavior of the marsupial lion (Thylacoleo carnifex) as revealed by elbow joint morphologyAuthors:Figueirido et alAbstract:Thylacoleo carnifex, or theShow More Summary

The Different Paleoenvironments of the Vellberg's Middle Triassic Lagerstätten

A Middle Triassic palaeontological gold mine: The vertebrate deposits of Vellberg (Germany) Authors: Schoch et al Abstract: The lacustrine deposits of Vellberg, southern Germany, rank among the richest vertebrate fossil-lagerstätten of the Triassic worldwide. Show More Summary

Brain training game for troops tackles effects of combat trauma

The Israeli army has announced that by the end of the year its soldiers will play a game designed to prevent PTSD as part of their combat training

A new way of Determining Paleoatmospheric Oxygen Content

Paradigm shift in determining Neoproterozoic atmospheric oxygen Authors: Blamey et al Abstract: We present a new and innovative way of determining the oxygen level of Earth's past atmosphere by directly measuring inclusion gases trapped in halite. Show More Summary

Russia Will Continue to Support Development of the SR-10/CP-10 Trainer

The Russian Ministry of Defense had a meeting last month to discuss the future of the SR-10 forward-swept-wing jet trainer and it was decided that the state will continue to provide scientific and technical support. link.

Dark matter no-show puts favoured particles on death row

The LUX experiment has seen no sign of WIMPs, the leading candidate for dark matter. That means the elusive particles are running out of hiding places

Flight Deck is Nearly Complete on China's First Indigenous Aircraft Carrier

Satellite imagery captured on 10 July reveals that most of the flight deck has been installed on China's first indigenous aircraft carrier (CV), the Type 001A, which is under construction at Dalian shipyard.The Airbus Defence and Space...Show More Summary

The long scientific voyage of Tudor warship the Mary Rose

Henry VIII’s favourite warship is on view again, and it’s been a long battle to get to a point where people can breathe the same air as the ship’s ancient timbers

An Argument Against Universal Basic Income

At first blush, universal basic income (UBI) seems a very attractive idea, especially to a progressive. Yet it suffers from two serious problems. First, the odds are very high that an effort to secure UBI would prove quixotic. Second,...Show More Summary

A new astrobiological model of the atmosphere of Titan

A new astrobiological model of the atmosphere of Titan Authors: Willacy et al Abstract: We present results of an investigation into the formation of nitrogen-bearing molecules in the atmosphere of Titan. We extend a previous model (Li et al. Show More Summary

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