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Modelling large-scale CO2 leakages in the North Sea

A three dimensional hydrodynamic model with a coupled carbonate speciation sub-model is used to simulate large additions of CO2 into the North Sea, representing leakages at potential carbon sequestration sites. A range of leakage scenarios are conducted at two distinct release sites, allowing an analysis of the seasonal, inter-annual and spatial variability of impacts to […]

Response of the ammonia oxidation activity of microorganisms in surface sediment to a controlled sub-seabed release of CO2

The impact of a sub-seabed CO2 leak from geological sequestration on the microbial process of ammonia oxidation was investigated in the field. Sediment samples were taken before, during and after a controlled sub-seabed CO2 leak at four zones differing in proximity to the CO2 source (epicentre, and 25 m, 75 m, and 450 m distant). The impact of […]

Dissolution, ocean acidification and biotic extinctions prior to the Cretaceous / Paleogene (K/PG) boundary in the tropical Pacific

The several million years preceding the Cretaceous/Paleogene (K/Pg) boundary has been the focus of many studies. Changes in ocean circulation and sea level, extinctions, and major volcanic events have all been documented for this interval. Important research questions these changes raise include the climate dynamics during the warm, but not hot, time after the decay […]

MBARI team earns XPRIZE to measure ocean acidity (text & audio)

Burning fossil fuels dumps excess carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, causing global warming and increasing acid levels in the ocean. Scientists call ocean acidification “the other CO2 problem.” Teams from around the world competed for the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE to build the best sensor to measure acid levels, also known as pH. On […]

A Better Understanding Gomphodont Cynodont Middle Ear Structure

The Stapes of Gomphodont Cynodonts: Insights into the Middle Ear Structure of Non-Mammaliaform CynodontsAuthors:Gaetano et alAbstract:The stapes is known in several non-mammaliaform cynodonts, although it has only been cursorily studied. Show More Summary

7-27-25 Call To Action

Your phone calls to Obama are needed to let him know people care and support this effort. Call now. Tell everyone you know to call!

Russian Navy Missile Launch Failure

We all have heard about the USS Sullivans missile launch failure by now. While scary and embarrassing, little damage was actually done. The Russophonic internet has been snarking about it. They should not: If that was an intentional test, the commanding officers should be shot. Show More Summary

How virtual reality will take us deeper into the real world

From an immersion in the cosmos to browsing genomes, virtual reality is set to change everything – but not in the ways you might think

Killers, kicks and cures: Our complex relationship with plants

A compendium of the homicidal, hallucinogenic and healthy, new book Phytomedicines, Herbal Drugs, and Poisons tracks plant power from ancient times to now

Intraspecies Combat Probably Practiced by Roadian Permian Anomodonts Tiarajudens & Anomocephalus

Tiarajudens eccentricus and Anomocephalus africanus, two bizarre anomodonts (Synapsida, Therapsida) with dental occlusion from the Permian of GondwanaAuthors:Cisneros et alAbstract:Anomodontia was a highly successful tetrapod clade during the Permian and the Triassic. Show More Summary

The West Coast Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Science Panel, Public workshop, Sacramento, 29 July 2015

Date & time: Wednesday, 29 July 2015, 10:00 to 11:30 AM Location: Environmental Protection Agency, Klamath Training Room, 1001 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95812 Ocean acidification and hypoxia, often coupled due to biological and oceanographic processes, have the potential for profound impacts to marine and coastal environments. Show More Summary

Missoula’s Sunburst sensors wins XPRIZE for ocean device

MISSOULA, Montana – Sunburst Sensors LLC, a company resulting from University of Montana research, won $1.5 million in XPRIZE funding on July 20 for producing the best device to affordably, accurately and efficiently measure ocean chemistry. The Missoula team won two $750,000 grand prizes – one for affordability and one for accuracy – during the […]

Salmond Says Second Scottish Independence Referendum Inevitable

Former Scottish nationalist leader Alex Salmond said Sunday that another referendum on independence from the United Kingdom was "inevitable" because of policies pursued by Prime Minister David Cameron's government in London."I thinkShow More Summary

Ever wonder what the world looks like from the kelp forest? See...

Ever wonder what the world looks like from the kelp forest? See for yourself this #SeaweedSunday! Staffer Patrick Webster captured this spectacular shot of giant kelp and the Aquarium at sunset.

Alternate History: Irene Doesn't Cancel Rotrude and Constanstine's Engagement

One of the things I really enjoy is history. Its something a story, a story of us all, with path ways none of us have explored, or if we have, there's always another point of view to take. One of the tools for examining history which has appealed to my world building imagination is that of alternate history. Show More Summary

Habitat Preferences of Polar Dinosaurs in Maastrichtian Cretaceous Alaska

A Multi-disciplinary Perspective on Habitat Preferences among Dinosaurs in a Cretaceous Arctic Greenhouse World, North Slope, Alaska (Prince Creek Formation: Upper Maastrichtian)Authors:Fiorillo et alAbstract:The Prince Creek Formation...Show More Summary

The Role of Continental Drift & Glaciations on Carbonifierous PaleoClimates

Impact of continental motion and dynamic glaciations on low-latitude climate during the Carboniferous: The record of the Wyoming Shelf (Western United States)Authors:Blanchard et alAbstract:The dynamic character of the Late Paleozoic Ice Age is evident from glacial deposits, but its impact on tropical climate is not well constrained. Show More Summary

Take Care When Fossil Hunting on the “Jurassic Coast”

Warning Issued to Holiday Makers Dorset is one of the prettiest and most majestic of all the English counties.  This summer, there are going to huge numbers of holidaymakers heading down to England’s “Jurassic Coast” and we expect there are going to be great many visitors to picturesque Lyme Regis.  However, as the school holidays […]

New Ediacaran NeoProterozoic "Shelly"/Biomineralizer Fossils Found in Spain

Late Ediacaran skeletal body fossil assemblage from the Navalpino anticline, central SpainAuthors:Cortijo et alAbstract:Mineralized fossils have been described from late Ediacaran rocks all over the world, and have been interpreted as the first metazoans capable of secreting a mineralized skeleton. Show More Summary

A Review of Prehistoric Times (Issue 114)

Prehistoric Times (Issue 114 Summer 2015) Reviewed An opportunity to unwind from our busy Summer Term schedule of dinosaur workshops, writing lesson plans for schools and so forth with the latest edition of the quarterly magazine Prehistoric Times, that dropped through our office letterbox earlier this week. The timing of this super magazine’s arrival could […]

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