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The Secret Power of the Cell’s Waste Bin

Trash collectors in the cell moonlight at the controls of the genetic machinery.

Researchers make tool for understanding cellular processes more useful

Understanding how proteins and other molecules move around inside cells is important for understanding how cells function. Scientists use an experiment called Fluorescence Recovery after Photobleaching, or FRAP, to investigate this molecular motion, and now Brown University researchers have developed a mathematical modeling technique that makes FRAP much more useful.

Researchers make tool for understanding cellular processes more useful

(Brown University) Brown University researchers have developed methods to use data from FRAP, an experiment used to study how molecules move inside cells, in ways it's never been used before.

Researchers map the evolution of dog breeds

When people migrate, Canis familiaris travels with them. Piecing together the details of those migrations has proved difficult because the clues are scattered across the genomes of hundreds of dog breeds. However, in a study published...Show More Summary

Bow wow: scientists create definitive canine family tree

Study sheds light on breed evolution and why certain types of dog are prone to the same diseases despite appearing to be very different It sounds like the ultimate shaggy dog story, but scientists say they have created the definitive canine family tree. Show More Summary

Novel phage therapy saves patient with multidrug-resistant bacterial infection

(University of California - San Diego) Scientists and physicians at University of California San Diego School of Medicine, working with colleagues at the US Navy Medical Research Center -- Biological Defense Research Directorate (NMRC-BDRD),...Show More Summary

ASHG announces 2017 winners of National DNA Day essay contest

(American Society of Human Genetics) In commemoration of National DNA Day, ASHG hosted the DNA Day Essay Contest to encourage high school students to learn about human genetics concepts beyond the standard curriculum. This year, ASHG...Show More Summary

Environmental enrichment triggers mouse wound repair response

Living in a stimulating environment has a wide range of health benefits in humans and has even been shown to fight cancer in mice, but the underlying mechanisms have been unclear. A study published April 25 in Cell Reports reveals that...Show More Summary

World's last male rhino getting help from Tinder dating app

The world's last male northern white rhino has joined the Tinder dating app as wildlife experts make a last-chance breeding effort to keep his species alive.

Ammonium nitrogen input increases the synthesis of anticarcinogenic compounds in broccoli

Plants need nitrogen to grow, and intensive agriculture requires the input of nitrogen compounds. However, classical, nitrate-based fertilization is responsible for considerable environmental problems, such as the contamination of surface...Show More Summary

Artificial womb for premature babies successful in animal trials

Lambs born at equivalent of 23 weeks human gestation kept alive and developing in advance could transform outlook for very premature babies An artificial womb designed to support critically premature babies has been demonstrated successfully in animals for the first time, in an advance that could transform the lives of the most fragile newborns. Show More Summary

Ocean Signs at the #MarchForScience

One of the beauties of the various marches for science around the world was scientists and science lovers really letting their inner science-punner out. Signs ran from the serious to the silly, but all carried a message of love for the oceans. I’m trying to collect as many as I can – so, please, post […]

Venus' hair found growing on the surface of underwater volcano after eruption

(—A team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in Spain and Italy studying the aftermath of the eruption of the Tagoro underwater volcano in 2011 and 2012 has found that colonies of bacteria living in filaments...Show More Summary

Understanding the correct architectures of IMM proteins

(Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology(UNIST)) A new study, affiliated with South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), developed a new technique to understand the correct architectures of IMM proteins, using special chemical tools.

UVA finds way to speed search for cancer cures dramatically

(University of Virginia Health System) A new technique will let a single cancer research lab do the work of dozens, dramatically accelerating the search for new treatments and cures. And the technique will benefit not just cancer research but research into every disease driven by gene mutations, from cystic fibrosis to Alzheimer's disease.

What do electrolytes actually do? (video)

(American Chemical Society) Sports drink commercials love talking about them, but what are electrolytes and what happens if we don't have enough? Electrolytes are salts that we need in our body. They help control the movement of water in our cells along with vital nerve pulses. Show More Summary

Insecticide-induced leg loss does not eliminate biting in mosquitoes

(Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine) Researchers at LSTM have found that mosquitoes that lose multiple legs after contact with insecticide may still be able to spread malaria and lay eggs.

80-year-old 'viable' anthrax strain debunked using advanced genomic sequencing

A team of international researchers has found that a strain of anthrax-causing bacterium thought to have been viable 80 years after a thwarted World War I espionage attack, was, in reality, a much younger standard laboratory strain. The team speculates that the mix-up was due to commonplace laboratory contamination.

The Republican Trump Health Insurance Plan Is Not Well Supported

In a current poll, 61% of Americans want to retain Obamacare, and improve this already implemented and existing program. A mere 37% want to “repeal and replace” it. About 69% of American want the Republicans, including the Republican President, to to do some combination of working with Congressional Democrats or a combination of Democrats and…

Some cows may be predisposed to subacute ruminal acidosis

Cattle with subacute ruminal acidosis suffer from a number of low-level ailments that affect productivity. A research team led by University of Illinois scientists has documented changes in pH, microbiome, and rumen epithelial cells in SARA-affected cows. Results indicate that some animals may be predisposed to SARA because of an overabundance of certain bacteria.

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