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How humans evolved language, and who said what first

We are the only living ape with complex language, but why? What were the first words, and who spoke them? And did Neanderthals converse too?

Knauss Fellow to concentrate on ocean acidification with NOAA

With several academic publications about climate change in the Arctic under her belt, a completed thesis on Arctic food security, and international affairs experience, Knauss Fellow Monique Baskin is eager to begin as an ocean acidification...Show More Summary

The Atlantic Ocean is acidifying at a rapid rate

A new study finds the ocean is absorbing 50 percent more carbon than it was a decade ago, and that could have dire consequences for dolphins, whales, and other marine life. Over the past 10 years, the Atlantic Ocean has soaked up 50 percent more carbon dioxide than it did the decade before, measurably speeding […]

These Ants Must Be Crazy

Black or longhorn crazy ant Paratrechina longicornis, copyright Efram Goldberg. I have to admit that my ant-identifying skills are fairly rudimentary. I can recognise some of the more distinctive and/or common varieties—meat ants, bull ants, strobe ants, maybe even green-headed ants—but that's about as far as it goes. Show More Summary

Ukrainian War Update: ??????? ????? ?? ????? ??????????

I have not posted on the situation in Ukraine for a while. There are some personal reasons for this, but it should be strongly noted that the war has not stopped. My read that it would die down due to Russia's commitment to Syria has been erroneous. Show More Summary

Jellies are cnidarians—literally “stinging animals.” Using...

Jellies are cnidarians—literally “stinging animals.” Using nematocysts (Nuh-mah-toe-SIS-tss) tucked into cnidocytes (nye-doe-SIGHTs) triggered by cnidocils (nye-doe-SILLs), they’re equipped with specialized stingers that make quick work of their prey.

US NASEM Institute of Medicine Approves Go Ahead for Mitochondrial DNA Replacement Therapy on Male Embryos

An experimental assisted reproduction technique that could allow some families to avoid having children with certain types of heritable disease should be allowed to go forward in the United States, provided it proceeds slowly and cautiously. Show More Summary

kqedscience: Creatures of Light Tonight’s NOVA: Creatures of...

kqedscience: Creatures of Light Tonight’s NOVA: Creatures of Light. How can deep sea bioluminescence change the human world? Watch tonight on KQED 9 at 9pm for Northern California folks, or check your local PBS listings.

Brittle stars bury themselves in the sand for protection,...

Brittle stars bury themselves in the sand for protection, leaving an arm or two free to snag food. Sometimes this attracts a hungry fish, but fortunately a brittle star can’t be tugged out by the arm. The arm snaps off, and a new one grows from the stump!

Announcing Project “Red Alerta” – Isle of Youth, Cuba

We are pleased to announce Project “Red Alerta,” a unique partnership of Ocean Doctor’s Cuba Conservancy Program and the community of Cocodrilo, a small community on the southern shore of Cuba’s Isle of Youth. Through this project, a coral reef ecosystem monitoring network and education program will be established in the community. Participants will be […]

Fade Away

I lie there. In pain. Alone yet surrounded by my humans, my pack. The human puppies are stroking me and making whimpering sounds. They are expressing their love and pain and sadness over how sick I am. I am very sick. I can feel how wrong my body is. Show More Summary

Reception Childen Get Excited About Dinosaurs

Reception Classes Study Dinosaurs It has been a busy day at Mount Carmel RC Primary (Manchester, England) as the two classes of Reception children have been learning about dinosaurs and fossils with a special workshop conducted by an Everything Dinosaur team member.  The children in Foundation Stage Two, have been studying dinosaurs and life in […]

Mice live 25 per cent longer when worn-out cells are cleared

A drug that destroys old cells extends lifespan and health in mice. Now a company is being launched to try to do the same in humans

Baby giraffes steal milk, and adults let them do it

Giraffe mothers living in zoos seem happy to let baby giraffes of other mothers steal their milk, though it works best if the thieves conceal their identity

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #65

Much has happened. It appears the Assadites are winning. They have supposedly relieved the siege of the Shiite towns of Nubul and Zahraa, taken other towns and cut off the rebel supply lines from Aleppo. The only place where the rebels seem to be doing even ok is against IS/Daesh. Show More Summary

The Iowa Caucus Coin Toss: What happened and what it means

Was the Iowa Caucus outcome determined by a coin flip? We have seen several reports that Hillary Clinton won the Iowa Caucus by a coin toss, or by six coin tosses. Or some other number. We’ve also seen reports that six delegates were awarded to Clinton on the basis of coin tosses, implying that of…

NASA Global Hawk was Probably NOT Hacked

A group of hackers claims to have broken into the computer systems of NASA, stealing hours of on-board footage from the agency’s fleet of aircraft, hundreds of data logs from its weather and climate missions, as well as a list of names,...Show More Summary

Born This Day: Gideon Mantell

Mantell (Feb. 3, 1790 – Nov. 10, 1852), a physician of Lewes in Sussex in southern England, had for years been collecting fossils in the sandstone of Tilgate forest, and he had discovered bones belonging to three extinct species: a giant crocodile, a plesiosaur, and Buckland's Megalosaurus. Show More Summary

Physiological response of the cold-water coral Desmophyllum dianthus to thermal stress and ocean acidification

Rising temperatures and ocean acidification driven by anthropogenic carbon emissions threaten both tropical and temperate corals. However, the synergistic effect of these stressors on coral physiology is still poorly understood, in particular for cold-water corals. Show More Summary

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