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Ami-, Ami-termes

Soldier of Amitermes, copyright Alexander Yelich. I've referred before to my enthusiasm for termites, those wonderfully weird sociable scions of the cockroach clan. For today's post, I'm looking at one of the larger and most widespread...Show More Summary

An abalone can be pretty hard to pry off a rock. Just ask a sea otter! But if there’s a handy...

An abalone can be pretty hard to pry off a rock. Just ask a sea otter! But if there’s a handy rock nearby? Good luck abalone! Tip: If you find an abalone shell with a big hole in it washed up on the beach in Monterey Bay, there’s good...Show More Summary

Our first (second) Atlantic Tropical Storm?

Thursday, May 26, mid day: Last year’s Atlantic Hurricane season was a bit odd, and produced a storm that happened days after the technical end of that year’s season. So, they put it in this year’s season. That was Hurricane Alex. Yesterday, the first important looking disturbance in the 2016 Hurricane season, which technically starts…

Atlantic Hurricane Names: 2016

With Hurricane Season starting in a few days, I thought I’d post a list of the names that will be used this year. Alex Bonnie Colin Danielle Earl Fiona Gaston Hermine Ian Julia Karl Lisa Matthew Nicole Otto Paula Richard Shary Tobias Virginie Walter Alex, of course, was already used as a name, since a…

The Grand Canyon: Monument To An Ancient Earth. Great new book.

I want to tell you about a great new book that has one forgivable flaw, which I’ll mention at the end. But first, a word from Bizarro Land. This is about the Grand Canyon. I would think that the Grand Canyon would be the last thing that creationists would point to as proof of a…

A Look at the Assselian Permian fluvial deposits of West Virginia Suggests More Humid Climate

A paleopedological and ichnological approach to interpreting spatial and temporal variability in Early Permian fluvial deposits of the lower Dunkard Group, West Virginia, U.S.A.Authors:Hembree et alAbstract:Lower Permian (Asselian) deposits...Show More Summary

The pipes powering the internet are nearly full – what do we do?

There's only so much data you can cram down an optical fibre – unless you get rid of its insides. We need maverick solutions to save the internet

Guest Post: The Pocket-Sized Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

Today we welcome back guest blogger Rohan Long of the University of Melbourne, who joined us in February for a look back at Crichton's The Lost World novel. This time, he shares some cool relics from paleontology in the Victorian era. Show More Summary

Rastodon procurvidens: a new Guadalupian/Lopingian Permian Dicynodont From Brazil

A New Dicynodont (Therapsida: Anomodontia) from the Permian of Southern Brazil and Its Implications for Bidentalian OriginsAuthors:Boos et alAbstract:Dicynodonts were a highly successful group of herbivorous therapsids that inhabited terrestrial ecosystems from the Middle Permian through the end of the Triassic periods. Show More Summary

A cure is found for CCDD

It involves a Q-tip. You use it to clean the shit out of your ears.

Why is the government slow, inefficient, and stupid?

I’m not anti-government. I’m pro civilization. But I’m also an anarchist, of a sort. I think institutions should be dissolved and reformed regularly. What really happens is that institutions add bits and pieces over time, in response to things that happen, as solutions to interim problems, until finally the bits and pieces take over and…

Evidence of the Wilson Cycle From PaleoProterozoic on the Canadian Shield

Variations in zircon Hf isotopes support earliest Proterozoic Wilson cycle tectonics on the Canadian ShieldAuthors:Partin et alAbstract:Sedimentary basins provide an archive of magmatic and tectonic events in their detrital zircon record,...Show More Summary

China Alarmed by Idea of Giving Japan Tomahawk Missiles

Chinese researchers have rebutted an oped piece on USNI News that suggests supplying Tomahawk cruise missiles to Japan. Chinese experts said that the AGM-109 would pose a threat to other countries in East Asia. link.

Sleep better to be better. It’s a no-brainer for doctors

Doctors routinely encourage us to eat better and exercise more - they could do just as much good by advising us on the right amount of sleep

Explore a map of London’s extraordinary archaeological finds

From the grisly aftermath of a distant volcanic eruption, to the huge amphitheatre where criminals met their deaths, dig into one of the world's greatest cities

Titan's Kraken Mare Should NOT be There

The influence of subsurface flow on lake formation and north polar lake distribution on TitanAuthors:Horvath et alAbstract:Observations of lakes, fluvial dissection of the surface, rapid variations in cloud cover, and lake shorelineShow More Summary

A Ninth Planet Would Produce a Distinctly Different Distant Kuiper Belt

A Ninth Planet Would Produce a Distinctly Different Distant Kuiper Belt Authors: Lawler et al Abstract: The orbital element distribution of trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs) with large pericenters has been suggested to be influenced by the presence of an undetected, large planet at 200 or more AU from the Sun. Show More Summary

Save Our Sharks

Our long awaited Save Our Sharks white shark t-shirts are now available at: for this week only. Help us stay afloat and get yours today! 100% goes toward the MarineBio Conservation Society.

Why is NASA Signing up for the SpaceX Red Dragon Mission?

When NASA and SpaceX announced April 27 that they had modified an existing unfunded Space Act Agreement that involves the company’s “Red Dragon” Mars lander concept, it was, unsurprisingly, SpaceX that got all the attention. No company has ever flown a private Mars lander, and not even NASA has landed a spacecraft as large as SpaceX’s Dragon. Show More Summary

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