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New genetic test detects manatees' recent presence in fresh or saltwater

U.S. Geological Survey scientists have developed the first laboratory test that can pick up traces of manatees' genetic material in the waterways where they live. Using a water sample collected in the field, the innovative environmental DNA test can reveal whether one or more of the elusive marine mammals has been in the area within the past month.

Working to safeguard the public against viruses and antibiotic resistant bacteria

Scientists working to reduce risk the risks to the public from exposure to viruses and antibiotic resistant bacteria in the water environment shared their research and discussed next steps at a recent meeting at the Royal Geographic Society, London (14.3.18).

Looking beyond genes to explain blood cells' fates

Scientists often talk about cell fate and commitment in terms of mechanisms that control gene expression (transcription factors, chromatin remodeling, etc.). But by studying Diamond-Blackfan anemia (DBA), rare genetic blood disorder,...Show More Summary

Sex, man flu and the water flea

Dr. Matt Hall is interested in the differences between males and females. Why are some males of a species larger and stronger, while females are more hardy and long-lived? Why do they experience illness differently?

Signaling pathways to the nucleus

A team of researchers from the University of Freiburg have discovered how the plant hormone auxin is transported within cells and how this signaling pathway helps to control gene expression in the nucleus. Auxin regulates many processes in plants, from embryonic development to the development of organs and responses to changes in the environment. Show More Summary

Biodiversity crisis summit kicks off in Colombia

A comprehensive, global appraisal of mass species extinction—and what can be done to reverse it—kicked off in Colombia's second-largest city Saturday, with more than 750 experts in attendance.

African leaders call on EU to shut ivory trade

Thirty-two African countries on Friday called on the European Union to stop its ivory trade at a conference in Botswana aimed at saving African elephants.

Entomologist confirms first Saharan farming 10,000 years ago

By analysing a prehistoric site in the Libyan desert, a team of researchers from the universities of Huddersfield, Rome and Modena & Reggio Emilia has been able to establish that people in Saharan Africa were cultivating and storing wild cereals 10,000 years ago. Show More Summary

Answering Questions About Diplodocus

Class 1 at Ysgol Bro Carmel Enquire About Diplodocus The children in class 1 at Ysgol Bro Carmel Nursery and Primary School in North Wales have been learning all about dinosaurs this term.  The class teacher, Mrs Metcalfe emailed Everything Dinosaur and explained that as part of the diverse and varied teaching programme, the eager,

A sea turtle paradise in the land of lakes and volcanoes

There is little reason to wonder why Nicaragua is known as the land of lakes and volcanoes when you witness its dramatic volcanic landscape filled with vast forests, lagoons, lakes and pristine beaches. Located in the middle of the Americas, Nicaragua is home to a rich variety of plants and animals, and its beaches provide important nesting habitat for sea turtles.

“Beast from the East” Does Not Stop Dedicated Fossil Hunters

Irregular Sea Urchins in Unseasonable Weather The area of the Dorset coast around Lyme Regis and Charmouth is often said by locals to experience its very own microclimate.  Everything Dinosaur team members have experienced this phenomenon for themselves, it can be raining very heavily inland at Axminster but on the coast, it can be a

Male squirrels kill offspring of rivals in years when food is plentiful, study shows

In years when food is abundant for squirrels, males kill the young of rival males, according to new research from University of Alberta biologists.

Plans Progressing for Palaeoloxodon

Everything Dinosaur Preparing for a Straight-tusked Elephant Everything Dinosaur team members have been busy preparing for the introduction of the Straight-tusked elephant figure from Eofauna Scientific Research.  This 1:35 scale replica of Palaeoloxodon antiquus is due to arrive in stock around late May/early June, that may be a few weeks away, but there is still plenty

Scientists researching how tree frogs climb have discovered that a unique combination of adhesion and grip gives th

Scientists researching how tree frogs climb have discovered that a unique combination of adhesion and grip gives them perfect technique.

Working to Honour Mary Anning and Mary Leakey

Everything Dinosaur Helping to Honour Female Scientists With International Women's Day having been very much in the news this week, Everything Dinosaur is taking this opportunity to honour two female pioneers in the Earth sciences, both called Mary.  Today, March 9th, is the anniversary of the death of Mary Anning, the famous amateur fossil collector

Researchers uncover framework for how stem cells determine where to form replacement structures

Researchers at Whitehead Institute have uncovered a framework for regeneration that may explain and predict how stem cells in adult, regenerating tissue determine where to form replacement structures.

Benefits of genetic testing far outweigh the costs | Observer letters

Even if we assess the value of treatment in monetary terms, the investment could be worth it Mary Warnock is right that consent has to be assumed from the child if genetic modification can avert a serious and often distressing condition (“We need to use gene editing wisely but also embrace its vast potential,”Comment, last week). Show More Summary

Scientists on brink of overcoming livestock diseases through gene editing

Breeders will soon be able to produce animals that are immune to disease, says UK’s top animal scientist Farming is poised for a gene editing revolution that could overcome some of the world’s most serious livestock diseases, the UK’s top animal scientist has said. Show More Summary

Stephen Hawking’s Hitchhiker’s legacy | Brief letters

Genetic determinism | Stephen Hawking | Mnemonics | Empty nesters Brian and Deborah Charlesworth, and Anthony Gordon (Letters, 12 March), correctly clarify that geneticists have for many years avoided the stronger claims of genetic determinism. Show More Summary

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