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Krapina Neandertals Could Hear as Well as Modern Humans

Cochlear labyrinth volume in Krapina NeandertalsAuthors:Beals et alAbstract:Research with extant primate taxa suggests that cochlear labyrinth volume is functionally related to the range of audible frequencies. Specifically, cochlear...Show More Summary

Books On Fossils and Evolution

Over the last several months, a lot of great books on fossils and evolution (as in paleontology) have come out. I’ve selected the best for your consideration. These are great gifts for your favorite science-loving nephew, life science teaching cousin, or local school library. Actually, you might like some of these yourself. Let’s start off…

Robot language tutors to get kids up to speed before school

It's hard enough coping in a new country, let alone a new language. So robots are set to help immigrant children gain the skills they need to start school

This Thanksgiving, meet the turkey of the sea!

On Thanksgiving Day, you may relate to the appropriately-named turkeyfish, a voracious predator that eats just about anything that fits in its mouth. Unlike you (hopefully!), the turkeyfish packs serious venom in its 18 spines, which requires our husbandry teams to take extra precautions around them. Show More Summary

Flood Basalts Don't Cause Mass Extinctions Through Sulphuric Acid

Selective environmental stress from sulphur emitted by continental flood basalt eruptionsAuthors:Schmidt et alAbstract:Several biotic crises during the past 300 million years have been linked to episodes of continental flood basalt volcanism, and in particular to the release of massive quantities of magmatic sulphur gas species. Show More Summary

Whales make mysterious visits to underwater mountains

New Caledonian humpback whales stop for days on end at underwater mountains when they migrate between breeding and feeding grounds. Why do they do this?

Dinosaurs, Rocks and Fossils

Dinosaurs, Rocks and Fossils with Year 3 (Broadway Primary School) A busy morning spent working with the enthusiastic pupils in Year 3 at Broadway Primary as the children have been learning about life in the past and exploring dinosaurs as their topic for the second part of the autumn term.  This subject area links nicely […]

Books on Climate Change

It is time to update the list of recommended books on climate change and global warming. I assume that with the holidays coming, you will want to give some people some science books, and climate change related books should be near the top of the list for you. I’m doing a separate post on evolution…

Beautiful Allosaurus skeleton auctioned with £500,000 price tag

A complete skeleton of a ferocious juvenile dinosaur went under the hammer today in England

Anonymous Declared War on Daesh/IS. Has it Helped?

Last week, a new cyber front emerged in the war against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Anonymous, the hacker collective principally known for its website defacements and account takedowns for political causes, initiated #OpParis, aimed at defeating ISIL online. Show More Summary

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #40

The fallout from yesterday's shoot down continues. The Russian Defense Ministry threatened Turkey over the shoot down. However, today Russia has stated they will not be going to war with Turkey over the shoot down. All Russian airstrikes will have a fighter escort from now on. Show More Summary

WMO: 2011-2015 is the warmest five year period on record

The World Meteorological Organization has announced that they expect 2015 to be the warmest year on record, and that we are in the warmest five year period on record. We are speaking here of global surface temperatures, though similar descriptions probably apply to the upper 2000 meters or so of the ocean as well. The…

Some EoArchean Zircons' Oxygen Isotopes may Have Been Modified by Metamorphism

Can oxygen isotopes in magmatic zircon be modified by metamorphism? - a case study from the Eoarchean Dniester-Bug Series, Ukrainian ShieldAuthors:Claesson et alAbstract:Zircon occurs as a minor constituent in most differentiated magmatic rocks. Show More Summary

Follow ocean acidification at COP21

The following organizations and individuals will be tweeting and/or blogging on the ocean during COP21 starting next week in Paris. Look out for the hashtag #OceanCOP21! Jean-Pierre Gattuso, CNRS/UPMC/IDDRI: @jpGattuso Scripps Institution of Oceanography:  @scripps_ocean AND @ucrevelle Plymouth Marine Laboratory: @plymouthmarine LemonSea: @lemonseatron  Filed under: Meetings

Practical Training Course on Ocean Acidification: “How to set up relevant ocean acidification experiments with limited resources”, Mozambique, 8-12 February 2016

Deadline for applications: 21 December 2015! Host institute: Inhaca Marine Biology Research Station, Inhaca Island, Mozambique Dates: 8–12 February 2016 Organizers: The University of Gothenburg, Sweden; The Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (GOA-ON). Show More Summary

Sensitivity of Mediterranean bivalve mollusc aquaculture to climate change and ocean acidification: results from a producers’ survey

Human-induced climate change and ocean acidification are global environmental phenomena with a common driver: anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide. Both processes potentially threaten the Mediterranean bivalve mollusc aquaculture sector, which is economically relevant to several regions and countries. Show More Summary

Those Darn Pterosaurs!

Concept art for Creation (unproduced) by Willis O'Brien Concept art for King Kong By Byron Crabbe Concept Art for One Million Years B.C. by Ray Harryhausen From HERE

Ukraine War Update: ??? ?? ???, ??? ??? ??????, ???????.

The fighting has further intensified. 11 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed or wounded in the last 48 hours. Fighting remains mostly concentrated around Donetsk and Gorlovka, but stretches down to the Sea of Azov and sputters in the Lugansk Oblast. Show More Summary

Quantum Memristors

Quantum MemristorsAuthors:Pfeiffer et alAbstract:Technology based on memristors, resistors with memory whose resistance depends on the history of the crossing charges, has lately enhanced the classical paradigm of computation with neuromorphic architectures. Show More Summary

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