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Ocean acidification with (de)eutrophication will alter future phytoplankton growth and succession

Human activity causes ocean acidification (OA) though the dissolution of anthropogenically generated CO2 into seawater, and eutrophication through the addition of inorganic nutrients. Eutrophication increases the phytoplankton biomass...Show More Summary

This is Bob. Bob Says hi. Oh no, Bob Died...and we ate him!

For my daughter's birthday, we went to Ocean Beach in San Francisco. It was her request, actually, and we, of course! forgot the sun screen. We had a blast. However, it seems Poseidon() is pleased with my daughter and offered up a surprise for us: we were playing at the water's edge when my daughter spotted something in the surf. Show More Summary

New Research Demonstrates Link Between Greenhouse Gas Pollution and Global Warming

New Research on the Effects of CO2 Pollution A paper just published in Nature reports on the direct measurement of the effects of human greenhouse gas pollution on the heating of the Earth’s atmosphere. This is empirical verification of anthropogenic global warming. Since the Industrial Revolution, when humans started polluting the Earth’s atmosphere with copious…

The Next Downshift

We've reached the next step in the blog transition I started back in November. Originally, I was going to do this at the end of March. Time crunches have dictated I pull this forward. Posts will now be done every two hours (9,11,1, 3 & 5). Show More Summary

Horny-Arsed Trilobites

Reconstruction of Ceratopyge, from here. Just a short post for today. The Ceratopygidae are a family of trilobites known from the Late Cambrian and Early Ordovician. The name of the type genus, Ceratopyge, means 'horned rump', and one...Show More Summary

How to Allow Interaction With Reality While in Virtual Reality

Augmented reality provides a live view of the real world with computer generated elements superimposed. Pilots have long used head-up displays to access air speed data and other parameters while they fly. Some smartphone cameras can superimpose computer-generated characters on to the view of the real world. Show More Summary

Quantum Teleportation can Transfer two Properties With Fidelity

Suppose you see a beautiful table in a museum and you would like to have the same one at home. What could you do? One strategy is to accurately measure all its properties — its form (length, height and width) and its appearance (material and colour) — and then reproduce an identical copy for your living room. Show More Summary

Prototype Quantum Radar Built

A prototype quantum radar that has the potential to detect objects which are invisible to conventional systems has been developed by an international research team led by a quantum information scientist at the University of York.TheShow More Summary

Are China and America Destined for War?

There is no geo-strategic relationship of more importance than that of the U.S. and China. Yet, tensions between Washington and Beijing over the last few years have been building. Over the last few weeks I have been exploring on these pages some of the pathways the unthinkable could happen: a U.S.-China war. Show More Summary

Long Range Strike Bomber Vital for US Nuclear Deterrent

Completing development of the classified Long-Range Strike Bomber (LRS-B) programme is essential to the US nuclear deterrent because of the advanced age of the US Air Force's (USAF's) existing bomber fleets, the military official responsible...Show More Summary

Is US Navy Submarine Production Headed for a Bottleneck?

It’s a problem the US Navy wants to have, but it’s still a problem. If the service gets enough money both to build its top priority, the Ohio Replacement Program nuclear missile submarine, and to keep producing its vaunted Virginia-class...Show More Summary

Understanding a Campanian Cretaceous Rocky Shore Ecology From Sweden

Rocky shore taphonomy—A comparative study of modern and Late Cretaceous analoguesAuthors:Sørensen et alAbstract:Rocky shores are rare in the fossil record due to erosion under both sea-level rise and fall. In contrast, modern rocky shores...Show More Summary

Explaining the Plume Differences Between Europa and Enceladus

Linking Europa's plume activity to tides, tectonics, and liquid waterAuthors:Rhoden et alAbstract:Much of the geologic activity preserved on Europa's icy surface has been attributed to tidal deformation, mainly due to Europa's eccentric orbit. Show More Summary

Evidence of air Pollution From Spanish Conquest of the Inca Found in Glacier Ice Cores

In the 16th century, during its conquest of South America, the Spanish Empire forced countless Incas to work extracting silver from the mountaintop mines of Potosí, in what is now Bolivia--then the largest source of silver in the world. Show More Summary

Ichthyosaurus anningae: a new Fish Lizard From Hettangian/Sinemurian–Pliensbachian Jurassic England

A new species of Ichthyosaurus from the Lower Jurassic of West Dorset, England, U.K.Authors:Lomax et alAbstract:We describe a new species of Lower Jurassic (Hettangian/Sinemurian–Pliensbachian) ichthyosaur, Ichthyosaurus anningae, sp. Show More Summary

Totally Tubular! Ediaracan NeoProterozoic Sinotubulites Fossils in Detail

New material of the biomineralizing tubular fossil Sinotubulites from the late Ediacaran Dengying Formation, South ChinaAuthors:Cai et alAbstract:Sinotubulites is a late Ediacaran biomineralizing tubular fossil with a probable animal affinity. Show More Summary

Where are the “hotspots” for ocean acidification?

By now, coastal communities are asking: “Who’ll be hit next by ocean acidification? And what can people do?” Until now, we haven’t known where exactly in the United States ocean acidification is most likely to affect marine ecosystems, and where the effects on people could be greatest. (Fortunately, several forward-thinking states are already studying the […]

Spatial and temporal pCO2 marine monitoring near Panarea Island (Italy) using multiple low-cost GasPro sensors

The present paper describes the GasPro probe, a small, low-cost unit for in situ, continuous pCO2 monitoring. Laboratory tests defining its performance characteristics are reported, as are the results from a 60 h water-column deployment of 20 such units near a natural CO2 seep site off the coast of Panarea Island (Italy). The spatial-temporal evolution […]

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