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The significance of the new East Asian fossil human Penghu 1

A new early human fossil has been reported, recovered from the seabed near Taiwan. We are calling it Penghu 1. Simply put, it is the lower right jaw of a hominid (hominine) that most resembles either a form of Homo erectus or Archaic Homo sapiens (kin to, but not, Neanderthal). Teeth are fairly useful for…

New Kannemeyeriiforme Dicynodonts From Middle Triassic China

New discoveries from the Sinokannemeyeria-Shansisuchus Assemblage Zone: 1. Kannemeyeriiformes from Shanxi, ChinaAuthor:JunAbstract:Recently, some new tetrapod fossils were collected along the Yellow River in Shanxi Province. From the...Show More Summary

More on the Great Blizzard of 2015

The Blizzard continues. The center of the low pressure system moved to the northeast more than expected, so the maximum snowfall amounts have also moved deeper into New England, and it the storm may end up dropping the largest amounts Downeast, in Maine, rather than around New York and southern New England. Nonetheless maximum snow…

Glacial melt could change chemistry and food web in world’s oceans

Along with increasing sea levels, melting glaciers are putting something else into the world’s oceans — a huge load of organic carbon that has the potential to change marine chemistry and ecosystems, says a newly published study by a team of mostly Alaska scientists. (…) The accelerated melt of glaciers gets attention because of its […]

Oceans face higher acidity levels as more man-made CO2 gets absorbed

Just about 5 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) is dumped into the atmosphere every hour from the burning of fossil fuels mostly for transportation, electrical generation, industry and heating. This is the fastest rate of CO2 generation that the earth has experienced in millions of years. It’s been estimated that about a quarter of […]

The Robopocalypse Comes for the Shopping Cart

(they seriously need a marketing person to help here) At the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, 5 Elements Robotics demonstrated a robot assistant called Budgee Bot designed to help with one specific task: carrying stuff.Budgee uses a combination of wireless Zigbee and sonic technologies to track its owner and follow him or her around. Show More Summary

Another Sign North Korea is Trying to Develop a Nuclear Missile Submarine

North Korea is attempting to put nuclear weapons to sea, according to a longtime regime watcher.Joseph Bermudez—an expert on North Korean weapons—believes the evidence is commercial satellite imagery showing a submarine with possibly two vertical launch tubes. The regime also appears to have constructed a test stand for launching sea-based ballistic missiles. link.

Littoral Combat Ships' Survivability Questioned Again

Less than a month after U.S. Navy leaders announced modified versions of both variants of the Littoral Combat Ship would be the Navy’s pick for its for a more lethal and survivable small surface combatant, one of the chief LCS critics...Show More Summary

Marine Productivity and Redox Conditions During Ordovician Hirnantian Glaciation

Changes in marine productivity and redox conditions during the Late Ordovician Hirnantian glaciationAuthors:Zhou et alAbstract:Changes in marine productivity and redox conditions during the end-Ordovician (Hirnantian) glaciation andShow More Summary

3d Modeling of Pluto's Atmosphere

An Atmospheric General Circulation Model for Pluto with Predictions for New HorizonsAuthor:Zalucha Abstract:Results are presented from a 3-D Pluto general circulation model (PGCM) that includes a subsurface model and volatile cycle.Show More Summary

The Impact of Climate on Language

Climate, vocal folds, and tonal languages: Connecting the physiological and geographic dotsAuthors:Everett et alAbstract:We summarize a number of findings in laryngology demonstrating that perturbations of phonation, including increased jitter and shimmer, are associated with desiccated ambient air. Show More Summary

New Valentine Design!

Well, Cupid is getting ready to step up to the plate, so best to start thinking about how you're going to tell twelve people - or any other multiple of twelve - how much they mean to you. To that end I've drawn a valentine with a dinosaur...Show More Summary

DNA of Extinct Pleistocene Quaternary Macropod (kangaroos, wallabies) Studied

Late Pleistocene Australian Marsupial DNA Clarifies the Affinities of Extinct Megafaunal Kangaroos and WallabiesAuthors:Llamas et alAbstract:Understanding the evolution of Australia’s extinct marsupial megafauna has been hindered byShow More Summary

The Great Blizzard of 2015: Fair to say it is AGW enhanced.

About 20 million people are currently under a blizzard warning, and double that under a winter weather advisory, for a storm moving into the Northeast today and tomorrow, with snow falling though Wednesday. Thousands of flights have been cancelled. Wind will be at tropical storm force, and occasionally, hurricane force, and coastal flooding is expected…

NOAA Paraguay Data Accusation

A video by Kevin Cowtan about Christopher Booker‘s accusations of data tampering. A quick response to an article by Christopher Booker in the Telegraph. The video features a prototype tool for investigating the global temperature record. This tool will be made available with the upcoming MOOC, Making Sense of Climate Science Denial (, where we…

Dongusuchus efremovi: an Archosauriform Reevaluated From Anisian Triassic Russia

The osteology and systematic position of Dongusuchus efremovi Sennikov, 1988 from the Anisian (Middle Triassic) of RussiaAuthors:Nied?wiedzki et alAbstract:European Russia has yielded several fragmentary but potentially important archosauriform specimens from the Middle Triassic, but these have been only briefly described in the literature. Show More Summary

Experts: include ocean acidification in climate change negotiations

Monaco – Actions to mitigate and adapt to ocean acidification in a future global climate deal could make the agreement stronger and facilitate its implementation. That was one of the conclusions from last week’s international workshop on ocean acidification organised by the IAEA in Monaco. Scientists aren’t alone in raising the threat from ocean acidification; […]

Acid in seas and mudflats threatens to wipe out local shellfish populations

56 million years ago, a massive release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and oceans caused a monumental shift in the climate, increasing the earth’s surface temperature by 11 degrees. Meanwhile, a rapid chemical change in the ocean occurred as the gas and water formed carbonic acid, eventually causing the extinction of all of the […]

Born This Day: Roya Chapman Andrews

Photo from Parade of Life Through The Ages, by Charles Knight, Nat. Geo., Feb. 1942. From the American Museum of Natural History web site:Adventurer, administrator, and Museum promoter — Andrews (Jan. 26, 1884 – March 11, 1960) spent...Show More Summary

Seasonality of sea ice controls interannual variability of summertime ?A at the ice shelf in the Eastern Weddell Sea – an ocean acidification sensitivity study

Increasing anthropogenic CO2 is decreasing surface water aragonite saturation state (?A), a growing concern for calcifying Euthecosome pteropods and its wider impact on Antarctic ecosystems. However, our understanding of the seasonal cycle and interannual variability of this vulnerable ecosystem remains limited. Show More Summary

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