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NeoArchean Canadian Deposits are Similar to Those on Mars

Iron-rich alkaline magmatism in the Archean Wawa greenstone belts (Ontario, Canada)Authors:Kitayama et alAbstract:The finding of Fe-rich picritic basalts on Mars has stimulated interest in Fe-rich magmatism on the early Earth. Rare vestiges...Show More Summary

Maine’s Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences will open up to the public on Aug. 1.

EAST BOOTHBAY, Maine — Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences will open up to the public on Friday to allow science-minded residents a chance to tour the facility, meet experts and participate in hands-on activities. The free event at the Maine laboratory will last from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.. Dr. Graham Shimmield, executive director of […]

More Mysterious Giant Holes Have Appeared in Siberian Russia

Two more craters of unknown origin have been spotted in Russia's Siberia region, weeks after a similar-looking hole was found in the isolated northernmost area, a local paper reported.The Siberian Times, an English-language newspaper,...Show More Summary

Decline in coccolithophore diversity and impact on coccolith morphogenesis along a natural CO2 gradient

A natural pH gradient caused by marine CO2 seeps off Vulcano Island (Italy) was used to assess the effects of ocean acidification on coccolithophores, which are abundant planktonic unicellular calcifiers. Such seeps are used as natural laboratories to study the effects of ocean acidification on marine ecosystems, since they cause long-term changes in seawater carbonate […]

Effects of increased CO2 and temperature on the growth of four diatom species (Chaetoceros debilis, Chaetoceros didymus, Skeletonema costatum and Thalassiosira nordenskioeldii) in laboratory experiments

We examined the combined impacts of future increases of CO2 and temperature on the growth of four marine diatoms (Skeletonema costatum, Chaetoceros debilis, Chaetoceros didymus, Thalassiosira nordenskioeldii). The four strains were incubated...Show More Summary

Use of a Free Ocean CO2 Enrichment (FOCE) system to evaluate the effects of ocean acidification on the foraging behavior of a deep-sea urchin

The influence of ocean acidification in deep-sea ecosystems is poorly understood, but is expected to be large owing to the presumed low tolerance of deep-sea taxa to environmental change. We used a newly developed deep-sea Free Ocean CO2 Enrichment (dp-FOCE) system1 to evaluate the potential consequences of future ocean acidification on the feeding behavior of […]

Pacific-wide contrast highlights resistance of reef calcifiers to ocean acidification

Ocean acidification (OA) and its associated decline in calcium carbonate saturation states is one of the major threats that tropical coral reefs face this century. Previous studies of the effect of OA on coral reef calcifiers have described a wide variety of outcomes for studies using comparable partial pressure of CO2 (pCO2) ranges, suggesting that […]

Chinese Police Shoot Dozens in Clashes in Xinjiang

Chinese police shot dead dozens of knife-wielding attackers on Monday morning after they staged assaults on two towns in the western region of Xinjiang, the official Xinhua news agency said on Tuesday.A gang armed with knives had first...Show More Summary

Ukraine: Patterns of Advancement and Anxiety

Today was both frustrating and hopeful. 17 hostages in Gorlovka were freed. OTOH, the huge chemical factory in Gorlovka was set on fire. The Ukrainians took the town of Stepanivka. The Russians captured a Ukrainian border patrol which was on the Ukrainian side of the line. Show More Summary

Forces Which Effect Very Flexible Solar Sails

Dynamics of highly-flexible solar sail subjected to various forcesAuthors:Liu et alAbstract:Solar sail is a novel spacecraft and has the potential applications in the near future. The large amplitude vibration should be considered because it is characterized by its huge and lightweight structure. Show More Summary

Proposed NY State Regulations for Bitcoin Have Caused a Bitcoin Community Rift

A new front has opened in the battle over Bitcoin.Since New York became the first state to propose virtual currency regulations two weeks ago, Bitcoin enthusiasts have had a mixed reaction on whether the new rules will help legitimize...Show More Summary

Whither the KMAX Unmanned Helicopter?

A robot helicopter that can carry three tons of cargo, the Marine Corps K-MAX certainly has the cool factor. But does it have a future?After a six-month pilot project in Afghanistan got extended into a 33-month deployment that made 2,250 tons of deliveries, the two experimental aircraft have come home. Show More Summary

Fourth J-20 Chinese Stealth Fighter Prototype Flew on July 26th

The fourth known prototype of the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC) J-20 fifth-generation fighter made its first flight on the morning of 26 July, according to Chinese aviation websites.According to online postings by local spotters, the prototype flew for nearly two hours after having undertaken taxi tests since early July. Show More Summary

The Arctic Formed Black Shale During Cenomanian-Turonian Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Event (OAE 2)

Arctic black shale formation during Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Event 2Authors:Lenninger et alAbstract:The Late Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 (OAE2) represents a major perturbation of the global carbon cycle caused by the widespread deposition of organic-rich black shales. Show More Summary

Evidence of Subsurface Hydrothermal Activity From a Martian Meteorite?

A Conspicuous Clay Ovoid in Nakhla: Evidence for Subsurface Hydrothermal Alteration on Mars with Implications for Astrobiology Authors:Chatzitheodoridis et alAbstract:A conspicuous biomorphic ovoid structure has been discovered in the Nakhla martian meteorite, made of nanocrystalline iron-rich saponitic clay and amorphous material. Show More Summary

Impacts of Climate Change on Highly Migratory Species Prioritized in NMFS Management Plan

A bluefin tuna, a migratory species affected by climate change. (Photo: Oceana / Keith Ellenbogen) Many marine species face endless obstacles: Overfishing, pollution, and habitat destruction are large threats, as well as climate change and its associated negative impacts. Show More Summary

Stone Tools From Ionian Pleistocene Quaternary South Africa Found

Excavations at an archaeological site at Kathu in the Northern Cape province of South Africa have produced tens of thousands of Earlier Stone Age artifacts, including hand axes and other tools. These discoveries were made by archaeologists...Show More Summary

Dirk Passes Her First Exam

“Dirk” passed her first exam! Today, Dr. Mader of Marathon Veterinary Hospital performed an endoscope on our newest patient “Dirk” who passed with flying colors! Staff learned that Dirk is a female and fortunately does not have internal growth of Fibropapilloma tumors! If the turtle is found to have internal growth, they are humanely euthanized. Show More Summary

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