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NextGen Climate State Of The Union Ad

NextGen Climate is putting an ad up, in at least some markets, during the State of the Union Address. Not sure how that works exactly. During halftime? Anyway, here it is:

Early Tetrapods Lived in Shallow Tideless Lagoons in Eifelian Devonian Poland

Palaeonvironments of the Eifelian dolomites with earliest tetrapod trackways (Holy Cross Mountains, Poland)Authors:Narkiewicz et alAbstract:The Eifelian dolomites in the Zache?mie Quarry (Holy Cross Mountains, Poland) contain trackways and tracks of tetrapods 390-391 Ma old, and thus the oldest known so far. Show More Summary

Greenpeace names names

You’ll recall that a while back, Greenpeace activists entered a restricted zone in Peru, where the Nasca Lines are preserved, and messed with that important archaeological site. I wrote about it here. At the time, the individuals who had carried out this unthinkable act managed to drift off into obscurity, and Greenpeace seemed unwilling to…

1-19-15 It Was A Lucky Day

Monday, January 19th...a boat, not a fishing boat, not a familiar boat, I just happened to see a boat make an abrupt direction change....hum...were they seeing something?......with the sun out and the seas calm - after a couple daysShow More Summary

So, are we going to have an El Nino, or what?

Officially, 2014 closed without an official El Nino. Probably. If you went back in a time machine to the spring, and told El Nino watchers that, they would be a little surprised, but they would also say something like, “Yeah, well, you know, we keep saying this is hard to predict.” Despite the fact that…

UNFCCC COP20: Informal UK report with focus on ocean acidification and the involvement of the international OA research community

The 20th Conference of Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change was held in Lima, Peru from 1st to 12th December 2014. Between 15 and 20,000 governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental delegates from 195 countries attended. Show More Summary

As waters acidify, Maine looks to Pacific Northwest peers for help

WALPOLE, Maine In the icy waters of midcoast Maine, Bill Mook has his eyes on his oysters – and how the waters they need to survive are gradually, but clearly, changing. Down the coast near Portland, the issue is clams and the mud flats that have become inhospitable to their survival. Farther south still, near […]

Tasting ocean acidification

Pink shrimp raised in tanks that simulate the more acidic ocean expected in the future just don’t taste right, according to a recently published research paper from Sweden.  For the first time, a scientific study has looked at the effects of future ocean conditions on the taste of seafood. Teaming up with a professional chef, […]

Empty seas? Scientists warn of an industrialized ocean

This is obvious, but still important: humans are not a marine species. Even as we have colonized most of our planet’s terrestrial landscapes, we have not yet colonized the oceans. And for most of our history, we have impacted them only on the periphery. A new review in Science finds that this has saved marine […]

Ocean acidification cartooned in “Sherman’s Lagoon”

Sherman’s Lagoon is an imaginary lagoon somewhere in the tropics, inhabited by a cast of sea creatures whose lives are curiously similar to our own. Through his comic strip with a strong educational dimension, cartoonist Jim Toomey explores environmental themes in a light, apolitical way. And, he takes his characters on road trips, where they […]

A grim future for coral reefs—why it matters for New Zealand

The outlook for coral reefs around the world is bleak—predictions are that they could be completely gone in just a few decades. Coral reefs are a vital part of marine ecosystems but are being destroyed by global warming and ocean acidification, as well as more localised threats such as agricultural run-off, poor fishing practices (unbelievably, […]

Sea-ice melt CO2–carbonate chemistry in the western Arctic Ocean: meltwater contributions to air–sea CO2 gas exchange, mixed-layer properties and rates of net community production under sea ice (update)

The carbon dioxide (CO2)-carbonate chemistry of sea-ice melt and co-located, contemporaneous seawater has rarely been studied in sea-ice-covered oceans. Here, we describe the CO2–carbonate chemistry of sea-ice melt (both above sea-ice...Show More Summary

The nitrogen costs of photosynthesis in a diatom under current and future pCO(2)

With each cellular generation, oxygenic photoautotrophs must accumulate abundant protein complexes that mediate light capture, photosynthetic electron transport and carbon fixation. In addition to this net synthesis, oxygenic photoautotrophs...Show More Summary

Ocean acidification accelerates dissolution of experimental coral reef communities (update)

Ocean acidification (OA) poses a severe threat to tropical coral reefs, yet much of what is know about these effects comes from individual corals and algae incubated in isolation under high pCO2. Studies of similar effects on coral reef communities are scarce. To investigate the response of coral reef communities to OA, we used large […]

‘Sea butterflies’ are part of effort to better understand changing oceans

WOODS HOLE, Mass. — For Gareth Lawson, the tiny water creatures known as “sea butterflies” might offer insight into one of the biggest problems to confront the world’s oceans. Lawson is a biologist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, a private nonprofit across the water from Martha’s Vineyard. Sea butterflies – formally known as pteropods […]

The Awesome Evilness of Deep Sea Bacterial Viruses

Sulfur Oxidation Genes in Diverse Deep-Sea VirusesAuthors:Anantharaman et alAbstract:Viruses are the most abundant biological entities in the oceans and a pervasive cause of mortality of microorganisms that drive biogeochemical cycles. Show More Summary

Egypt may Procure Rafale Fighters

It seems Egypt and France signed an MOU for the procurement of 20 Rafale and two FREMM frigates. link.

US Navy Redesignating Upgraded LCS Corvette Ships as Frigates (FF)

The US Navy (USN) has decided to classify its upgraded fast, shallow-water Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) as a frigate (FF), Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced on 15 January at the Surface Navy Association national symposium nearShow More Summary

Declinate in Oceanic Sulfate During Calymmian MesoProterozoic

Decline in oceanic sulfate levels during the early MesoproterozoicAuthors:Luo et alAbstract:Multiple-sulfur isotope compositions (32S, 33S, 34S and 36S) were analyzed for paired carbonate-associated sulfate (CAS) and disseminated pyrite...Show More Summary

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