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Robinson Requests: LOOK at ceratopsians!

Mark Robinson is a long-standing reader of the blog who has contributed a great many very...amusing comments over the years. In his latest, he noted his disappointment that I failed to include any ceratopsians from the so-so '60s children's book LOOK at Dinosaurs in my VDA post. Show More Summary

Miocene Neogene Peruvian Amazon had Seven Different Crocodile Species

Thirteen million years ago, as many as seven different species of crocodiles hunted in the swampy waters of what is now northeastern Peru, new research shows. This hyperdiverse assemblage, revealed through more than a decade of workShow More Summary

Changing Marine Oxygen Levels Controlled Late Ediacaran NeoProterozoic Ecosystems

Dynamic redox conditions control late Ediacaran metazoan ecosystems in the Nama Group, NamibiaAuthors:Wood et alAbstract:The first appearance of skeletal metazoans in the late Ediacaran (?550 million years ago; Ma) has been linked to...Show More Summary

The Minsk Accord, One Week Later

I guest blog over at Noel Maurer's The Power and the Money about the progress or lack thereof on Minsk II. To say things are not going well is to use British understatement.

Quantum Speed Limit Found

University of California, Berkeley, scientists have proved a fundamental relationship between energy and time that sets a "quantum speed limit" on processes ranging from quantum computing and tunneling to optical switching.The energy-time...Show More Summary

Scientists Produce Germ-line Cells From Human Skin

Researchers from Cambridge University and Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science are claiming a stem cell research breakthrough that would allow a baby to be created from the skin cells from two adults, no matter their gender. This potentially...Show More Summary

The Future is NOW: Using DNA to Generate Face Shots

While still somewhat primitive, this is something out of a science fiction book and, of course (!), already controversial. link.

Rheinmetall's 10 Kilowatt High Energy Laser System Displayed Integrated With ARTEC Boxer 8x8 Armoured Vehicle

Rheinmetall has invested considerable funding in the design and development of high-energy lasers (HEL) for battlefield applications. Here at IDEX the company is showing a system integrated onto the ARTEC Boxer (8x8) multi-role armoured...Show More Summary

India Seeks to Fast Track Building Second Indinenous Aircraft Carrier

The Indian Navy (IN) is fast-tracking plans to build its second, 65,000-tonne aircraft carrier at Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) in southern India.Designated the Indigenous Aircraft Carrier-II (IAC-II) and likely to be named INS Vishal,...Show More Summary

Yes, Virginia: We Really DO Need to Modernize the Entirety of the Nuclear Triad

Nuclear modernization will receive at least $1.2 billion more this year than last year’s $23.5 billion if the president’s Defense Department budget request is approved. Modernization funding for nuclear weapons and their delivery systems comprise 4 percent of the defense budget and 0.6 percent of the Federal budget. Show More Summary

Evidence Barremanian/Aptian Cretaceous Global Warming Tied to ‘Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a’

The Barremian and Aptian stepwise development of the ‘Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a’ (OAE 1a) crisis: integrated benthic and planktic high-resolution palaeoecology along the Gorgo a Cerbara stratotype section (Umbria-Marche Basin, Italy)Authors:Patruno...Show More Summary

Nitrogen and Volatiles in Titan's Atmosphere Come From Deep Interior

Noble gases, nitrogen, and methane from the deep interior to the atmosphere of Titan Author:GleinAbstract:Titan’s thick N2–CH4 atmosphere is unlike any in the Solar System, and its origin has been shrouded in mystery for over half a century. Show More Summary

15 Sites are Considered Undisputed Examples of Clovis Era Human Predation of Megafauna

Revisiting Paleoindian Exploitation of Extinct North American MammalsAuthors:Grayson et alAbstract:In 2002, we assessed all sites known to us that had been suggested to provide evidence for the association of Clovis-era archaeological material with the remains of extinct Pleistocene mammals in North America. Show More Summary

Hilarcotherium castanedaii: a new Miocene Neogene Astrapotherian Meridiungulatan From Colombia

Hilarcotherium castanedaii, gen. et sp. nov., a new Miocene astrapothere (Mammalia, Astrapotheriidae) from the Upper Magdalena Valley, ColombiaAuthors:Vallejo-Pareja et alAbstract:Astrapotheria is an order of extinct South American herbivores recorded throughout the continent, from the late Paleocene to middle Miocene. Show More Summary

Cyanobacteria: The Great Hub of Anaerobe and Obligate Aerobe Genomes

Deciphering Primordial Cyanobacterial Genome Functions from Protein Network AnalysisAuthors:Harel et alAbstract:The Great Oxidation Event (GOE) ?2.4 billion years ago resulted from the accumulation of oxygen by the ancestors of cyanobacteria. Show More Summary

Published This Day (1871): Darwin's, The Descent of Man

On this day in 1871, Charles Darwin's book "Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex" was published in London.

Extraordinary Claim With a Dash of Hype: The Quantum Experiment That Simulates A Time Machine

Physicists have simulated a photon interacting with an older version of itself in an experiment that could help reconcile quantum mechanics and relativityOne of the curiosities of general relativity is that it seems to allow time travel. Show More Summary

Freakin Awesome Department: Amazonian Bird Chick (Cinereous Mourner) Mimics Poisonous Catepillar

In a study published in the January 2015 issue of The American Naturalist, Gustavo A. Londoño, Duván Garcia, and Manuel Sánchez Martínez report a novel nesting strategy observed in a tropical lowland bird that inhabits an area with very...Show More Summary

Will 3D Printing Cause a Spike in Counterfeiting?

If you’re looking for a way to gauge how the 3D printing market will evolve, look no further than the dawn of two other revolutionizing technologies – the desktop printing market and the VHS standard. And be prepared for a decidedlyShow More Summary

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