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Cave in the Urals Reveals Haul of Cave Lion Bones

Imanai Cave – Strange Significance to Stone Age People A team of Russian archaeologists have been putting on display some of the huge collection of prehistoric cave lion bones and other artefacts recovered from a cave in the Russian republic of Bashkiria close to the Ural mountains.  The small cave has yielded some five hundred […]

Dainty step gives mosquito legs strength to walk on water

A mosquito can bear up to 23 times its total body weight on each leg, which is crucial for landing on water – the insect's secret is way it stands

Ukraine War Update: ??? ?????????? ? ????????? ? ?????????

In Makeevka, ten new Grad launchers were delivered today. Likewise, several fuel trucks showed up. Apparently, lots of tanks, artillery, etc. rolled up to the Auchen Supermarket in Makeevka. Note the locale vs the highways. In Krasnodon, mobile phones have been down since 5 PM Ukrainian time. Show More Summary

Sunday: Climate Change, Good Bye and Brunch

This Sunday, August 30th, at 9:00 AM, I’ll be on the radio with John Abraham, climate scientist. This will be an edition of Minnesota Atheist Talk Radio hosted by Mike Haubrich. The discussion of climate change will be interesting and important and you should listen live or listen to the podcast. But this is a…

Sea otters, kelp and ocean tipping points

In our latest installment of stories about the life of Monterey Bay, Kristen Weiss, from The Center for Ocean Solutions, talks about the health of the bay and how it’s deeply tied to sea otters, kelp and sea urchins.  All week we’llShow More Summary

Nuclear Fusion Startup Tri Alpha Energy Claims Plasma Containment, Sustainment Breakthrough

In a suburban industrial park south of Los Angeles, researchers have taken a significant step toward mastering nuclear fusion—a process that could provide abundant, cheap, and clean energy. A privately funded company called Tri Alpha...Show More Summary

Oshkosh Wins JLTV Contract for US Army, Marine Corps

The Army awarded Oshkosh Defense a $6.75 billion contract for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) today, covering 17,000 vehicles for the Army and for the Marine Corps.AM General, Lockheed Martin and Oshkosh have been competing for the contract for the largest recent ground vehicle program, which replaces the aging Humvee. Show More Summary

Yours, Mine and Moscow's: Russian Arctic Claims

On August 4th, the Russian Federation’s Foreign Ministry reported that it had resubmitted its claim to a vast swath (more than 1.2 million square kilometers, including the North Pole) of the rapidly changing and potentially lucrative Arctic to the United Nations. Show More Summary

Feeding time in the Open Sea!

Aquarium visitors and residents at the Open Sea exhibit Our Open Sea exhibit provides a window into the blue-water ecosystem of the Pacific Ocean. Apex predators like sharks and tuna glide past sea turtles, mackerel, and shimmering schools of sardines. Show More Summary

Scientific Consensus On Climate Change

A new paper examines what is behind the ~2% of climate change related peer reviewed research that run contrary to widely accepted scientific consensus on climate change to see why those papers are wrong. There is a scientific consensus that increasing greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere causes surface warming, and that CO2 is a…

Osama bin Laden 1; Railroads 0

The terrorists have defeated the railroads, and by extension, the people. Well, not totally defeated, but they won a small but important battle. We have a problem with the wholesale removal of petroleum from the Bakken oil fields, and the shipping of that relatively dangerous liquid mainly to the east coast on trains, with hundreds…

Impact of ocean acidification on thermal tolerance and acid–base regulation of Mytilus edulis (L.) from the North Sea

Anthropogenic climate change confronts marine organisms with rapid trends of concomitant warming and CO2 induced ocean acidification. The survival and distribution of species partly depend on their ability to exploit their physiological plasticity during acclimatization. Show More Summary

Combined effects of short-term ocean acidification and heat shock in a benthic copepod Tigriopus japonicus Mori

Warming of the world’s oceans is predicted to have many negative effects on organisms as they have optimal thermal windows. In coastal waters, however, both temperatures and pCO2 (pH) exhibit diel variations, and biological performances are likely to be modulated by physical and chemical environmental changes. To understand how coastal zooplankton respond to the combined […]

Dinosaur Britain Scheduled for Bank Holiday Monday

Dinosaurs Come to ITV – “Dinosaur Britain” When asked to think about dinosaurs, most people might imagine scientists searching for giant bones and teeth in the more remote parts of the world, places like the intriguingly named “Hell Creek” of Montana or the “Badlands” of South Dakota.  What might surprise most members of the public, […]


Helium is the second most abundant element in the Universe, but it's relatively rare on Earth – so much so that some have called for a ban on party balloons to ward off a worldwide shortage. However, a team of scientists led by Diveena...Show More Summary

Premiered This Day (1975): The People That Time Forgot

Directed by Kevin O’Connor, this 1977 film starring Doug McClure was a sequel to “The Land That Time Forgot” (1975).

Ukraine War Update: ????????? ?????? "? ???! ???????, ???!"

Less humorous side. A Russian magazine leaked the Russian government compensated families of armed service members in January 2015. Two THOUSAND were compensated for KIA. 3,200 for permanent disability.This predates Debaltseve.

California Levees In Trouble From Drought

What’s worse than months or years without rain? Rain, after months or years, at least under some circumstances. For instance … it gets try, plants become vulnerable to fire. Fires happen denuding the dry landscape. Then it rains, and you get more severe floods together with landslides. You know the story because for years this…

A kiss is not a kiss…

The authors of a new paper note that “one of the principal ways in which we interact using our faces is kissing.” This reminds me of an old National Lampoon joke on how the French were famous for inventing sex acts with the face. But I digress. This paper looks at neural imaging responses of…

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