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Sea Level Fluctuation Ceased Globally 6k Years Ago, Resumed Rising 100 to 150 Years Ago

Sea level and global ice volumes from the Last Glacial Maximum to the HoloceneAuthors:Lambeck et alAbstract:The major cause of sea-level change during ice ages is the exchange of water between ice and ocean and the planet’s dynamic response to the changing surface load. Show More Summary

Saab, Brazil FInalize Gripen Purchase

Saab and industrial partners including Embraer are to start work on 36 Gripen NG fighters formally ordered by Brazil with the signing on 27 October of a SKr39.3 billion ($5.8 billion) contract for delivery over five years, starting in...Show More Summary

CC-By documents cannot be re-enclosed if their publisher is acquired

Just a quick post today, to refute an incorrect idea about open access that has unfortunately been propagated from time to time. That is the idea that if (say) PLOS were acquired by a barrier-based publisher such as Taylor and Francis, then its papers could be hidden behind paywalls and effectively lost to the world. For example, […]

Bits of Cucumber in the Fossil Record

Aggregation of Eocaudina septaforminalis sclerites from Boczarowski (2001). Scale bar = 200 µm. Echinoderms are a dream group of animals for invertebrate palaeontologists (that's palaeontologists who study invertebrates, not palaeontologists who are invertebrates). Show More Summary

Indian Prime Minister Modi's Enablers

NOT since Indira Gandhi has a prime minister of India been as dominant as Narendra Modi. His clout comes from the big electoral victory in May of his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) after a remarkably personalised campaign; from a hyperactive...Show More Summary

Tracking a Bitcoin Thief

For the last two years the crypto currency scene had exploded in size as people began learning about and participating in Bitcoin and its alternate currencies. Altcoins as people call them are smaller projects that can be mined and often traded directly for Bitcoin by miners who can not afford to mine Bitcoin directly. Show More Summary

Charlie Stross Called and Wants his Singularity Sky Concept Back

One possible future for communication is to create a quantum version of the internet that will have the ability, among other things, to send information with perfect security. This network will use entangled photons to transmit information...Show More Summary

OSHBots: Robopocalypse Coming to Orchard Supply Hardware

The robots are coming. Lowe's is testing whether new bots on wheels can improve its customer service, like helping a shopper find a match for something as simple as a nail.Four robots are being tested an Orchard Supply Hardware store owned by Lowe's Companies Inc. Show More Summary

These are a few of my favorite species: Anything with an instrument on it

As a physical oceanographer I have a love-hate relationship with sea life. Ocean biology is totally cool….until it interferes with my measurements. I’m looking at you barnacles on my ADCP. But swimming animals that can measure where oceanographers fear to tread, I am ALL OVER THAT. So here’s my favorite species…the ones I can stick instruments/tracking devices […]

Pentagon Strikes Deal With Lockheed for $4.3 Billion F-35 LRIP-8: 29 American F-35s, 4 British, 4 Japanese, 2 Italian, 2 Israeli & 2 Norweigan

The US Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin have agreed in principle to the next yearly production contract for 43 F-35s worth $4.3 billion that lowers average unit costs by 3.6%.The announcement is expected to be followed by aShow More Summary

Cenomanian Cretaceous Paleobotany Fossils From Italy

Cretaceous conifers and angiosperms from the Bonarelli Level; Reassessment of Massalongo's plant fossil collections of “Monte Colle”, Lessini Mountains, northern ItalyAuthors:Gomez et alAbstract:The lost plant fossil and fish locality...Show More Summary

Simulating Titan’s paleoclimate

Simulations of Titan’s paleoclimateAuthors:Lora et alAbstract:We investigate the effects of varying Saturn’s orbit on the atmospheric circulation and surface methane distribution of Titan. Using a new general circulation model of Titan’s...Show More Summary

Europeans Remained Lactose Intolerant for 5,000 Years After Adopting Agriculture

By analysing DNA extracted from the petrous bones of skulls of ancient Europeans, scientists have identified that these peoples remained intolerant to lactose (natural sugar in the milk of mammals) for 5,000 years after they adoptedShow More Summary

Eopengornis martini: a new Enantiornithine From China's Hauterivian Cretaceous Jehol Biota

Insights into the evolution of rachis dominated tail feathers from a new basal enantiornithine (Aves: Ornithothoraces)Authors:Wang et alAbstract:We report on a new enantiornithine Eopengornis martini gen. et sp. nov. from the lowestShow More Summary

An Interview on Climate Change for Mobile Journalism 4 on Sound Cloud

This was technically difficult owing to internet conditions but interviewer Vijay Kishore Vaidyanathan did a great job with what he had. In particular he did a great job editing out the constant explosions in the background!

Abyssomedon williamsi: the First Known nyctiphruretid parareptile From Sakmarian Permian Oklahoma

The first record of a nyctiphruretid parareptile from the Early Permian of North America, with a discussion of parareptilian temporal fenestrationAuthors:MacDougall et alAbstract:The Richards Spur Locality of Oklahoma, USA, long known...Show More Summary

Ocean Roundup: Penguin Chick Survivorship Influenced by Weather, Norway Cuts Seal Hunting Subsidies, and More

Adélie penguin chick (L) and parent (R) in Antarctica. (Photo: Liam Quinn / Flickr Creative Commons) - New research shows that weather and climate patterns play a big role in influencing the weight of Adélie penguin chicks, native to the West Antarctic Peninsula. Show More Summary

Was the Mitochondrial Ancestor a Parasite?

Phylogenomic Reconstruction Indicates Mitochondrial Ancestor Was an Energy Parasite Authors:Wang et alAbstract:Reconstruction of mitochondrial ancestor has great impact on our understanding of the origin of mitochondria. Previous studies...Show More Summary

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