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Commander of US Cyber Command Makes NOT so Veiled Threat to China

he head of US Cyber Command said China is as vulnerable to cyber attacks as any other nation, offering a veiled suggestion that further malicious hacks by the Chinese could result in reprisals in the cyber realm.Speaking Saturday at the Halifax Security Forum, National Security Agency Director Adm. Show More Summary

Britain to Close Last Coal Power Plant by 2025

The UK's remaining coal-fired power stations will be shut by 2025 with their use restricted by 2023, Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has proposed.Ms Rudd wants more gas-fired stations to be built since relying on "polluting" coal is "perverse".Only...Show More Summary

The New Arms Race in Space

A new arms race in our skies threatens the satellites that control everything from security to communications An unlikely memorial runs across the middle of the marketplace in Kettering — an otherwise unremarkable English market town. Show More Summary

The Water and Ice of Ceres

Ceres water regime: surface temperature, water sublimation and transient exo(atmo)sphereAuthors:Formisano et alAbstract:Recent observations of water emission around Ceres suggest the presence of an ice layer on or beneath the surface of this asteroid. Show More Summary

Antarctic Ice Sheet Deterioration Study Left Out Important Factors

A few days ago a team of climate scientists (Catherine Ritz, Tamsin Edwards, Gaël Durand, Antony Payne, Vincent Peyaud, and Richard Hindmarsh) published a study of “Potential sea-level rise from Antarctic ice-sheet instability constrained by observations.” The study asked how much Antarctic ice sheets might contribute to global sea level by 2100 and 2200 AD.…

Today’s Seaweed Sunday takes us to the surf-splashed rocks of...

Today’s Seaweed Sunday takes us to the surf-splashed rocks of the high intertidal zone. Critters here have to hold on tight and ride out the waves, but this black urban snail looks pretty cozy nestled in a bed of Mazzaella flaccida and Mazzaella affinis.

Iran Wants to Procure Russian Satellites

Iran intends to cooperate with Russia in the area of aerospace after economic sanctions are lifted, to include satellites, weather satellites, and remote sensing devices, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said Thursday."Iran...Show More Summary

11-22-15 The Hydrophones Are Great!

Sunday, November 22nd...looking from the west side...a humpback going up island, late morning, about 2 miles off shore......a private boater coming down island about a quarter mile from shore...they stopped...Dall's porpoise proceeded...Show More Summary

First Chinese Su-35s to be Delivered in 2016?

The first batch of Russia’s Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets will be supplied to China in 2016, a source in the system of military and technical cooperation told TASS on Friday."The first fighter jets will arrive for China in 2016," the source...Show More Summary

Y-20 Chief Designer and Engineer Resign Effective Immediately

In a regulatory filing with the stock exchange, Xi’an Aircraft International Corporation said chief designer Tang Changhong and chief engineer He Shengqiang have both tendered their job resignation letters on Nov. 16. link.

US Navy Considering Basing two Aircraft Carriers in Japan

With the US Navy stretched beyond its means to meet worldwide commitments, planners are looking at ways to get more operational time out of the ships, aircraft and sailors on hand. One solution, says an influential analyst, is to consider...Show More Summary

US Navy to Start Prototyping Virginia Payload Module

The Virginia-class submarine program is finalizing the Virginia Payload Module design and will start prototyping soon to reduce risk and cost as much as possible ahead of the 2019 construction start, according to a Navy report to Congress.According...Show More Summary

Coniacian Cretaceous Antarctic Flora Suggest a Warm Temperate to Tropical PaleoClimate

Late Cretaceous flora of the Hidden Lake Formation, James Ross Island (Antarctica), its biostratigraphy and palaeoecological implicationsAuthors:Kva?ek et alAbstract:Plant fossils from the volcano-clastic marine deposits of the Coniacian Hidden Lake Formation of James Ross Island in Antarctica are described based on their macromorphology. Show More Summary


PALAEOBLOG takes a break usual postings to present an excerpt from Stephen R. Bissette's Behind-the-Scenes Peek at a Magnificent New Book about the Prehistory of Prehistoric Pop Culture excerpted from the upcoming MONSTER! #24, available soon from CreateSpace and Show More Summary

Pre-Colvis Culture Monte Verde Archaelogical Site Yields Information on Earliest Known PaleoIndians

Stone tools, cooked animal and plant remains and fire pits found at the Monte Verde site in southern Chile provide greater interdisciplinary evidence that the earliest known Americans--a nomadic people adapted to a cold, ice-age environment--were established deep in South America more than 15,000 years ago. Show More Summary

All Bark

Obviously it has to be protected by Optimus Pine.

The Frasnian Devonian Tropical Forest Found in Svalbard, Norway

UK researchers have unearthed ancient fossil forests, thought to be partly responsible for one of the most dramatic shifts in the Earth's climate in the past 400 million years.The fossil forests, with tree stumps preserved in place, were found in Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago situated in the Arctic Ocean. Show More Summary

Born This Day: Steve Clemente

image Steve Clemente (born Esteban Clemento Morro Nov. 22, 1885—May 7, 1950) was a Mexican actor known for his many villainous roles. He began acting in his teens, signing up for his first movie, The Secret Man, in 1917. His later, numerous roles were usually bit parts and he was an expert knife thrower. Show More Summary

Prehistoric Times Issue 115 Reviewed

Prehistoric Times (Autumn 2015) Reviewed The weekend has arrived and a chance to catch up with our reading.  First on our list is to browse through the latest edition of Prehistoric Times, the magazine for fans of dinosaurs, artwork and prehistoric animal models and what a super edition issue 115 is.  The Autumn 2015 copy […]

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