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As the Soberanes Fire continues to burn, our thoughts are with...

As the Soberanes Fire continues to burn, our thoughts are with our staff, volunteers and community members affected by the blaze. You can help those displaced by the fire thanks to the Community Foundation for Monterey County. Thanks everyone, and godspeed to the incredible fire crews in the air and on the ground. Photo by local photographer Justin Hofman.

Missing craters on Ceres may have been smoothed by a mud facial

Ceres has surprisingly few large craters for a dwarf planet located in an asteroid belt, but its muddy composition could have wiped away the biggest impacts

Dolly the sheep’s poor health may not have been due to cloning

Four sheep cloned from the same animal as Dolly are all in good health at the age of 9, suggesting Dolly’s osteoarthritis may not have been caused by cloning

Whooping crane recovery puts human chick ‘parents’ out of a job

Humans in costume reared captive chicks and flew in light aircraft to guide the cranes' migration, but now the population has grown it's back to nature's way

I was there at Ebola’s bloody beginning

Forty years ago, Peter Piot raced to the scene of an outbreak of an unknown deadly disease. What he discovered gave him his life's purpose

A Miami Judge Ruled Bitcoin is NOT Money

A Miami-Dade judge ruled Monday that Bitcoin is not actually money, a decision hailed by proponents of the virtual currency that has become popular across the world.In a case closely watched in financial and tech circles, the judge threw...Show More Summary

zerostatereflex: Ever wondered what a developing #cuttlefish...

zerostatereflex: Ever wondered what a developing #cuttlefish embryo looks like? Here is one at 21 days old by: Alix Harvey

The pajama cardinalfish is what you get when a fish gets dressed...

The pajama cardinalfish is what you get when a fish gets dressed in the dark. Or when you’re the last fish to pick a pattern. Or when your natural habitat is the fabric store scraps bin.

What if Ukraine was Fighting a ?????? ????? and nobody noticed?

Ukraine’s top military commander promised an “adequate response” after seven Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 14 injured in the past 24 hours in fighting with Russian-backed separatists controlling the country’s breakaway far Report July 19, July 20, July 22 & July 24.

Pacific seahorses are the only seahorse species found in...

Pacific seahorses are the only seahorse species found in California. These neigh-borly fishes are also some of the largest of their kind—fully grown, Pacific seahorses can be over a foot (30.5 cm) long! You can find these seahorses in our latest special exhibition ¡Viva Baja! Life on the Edge!

Six science fiction novels you should be reading

This year's crop of Arthur C. Clarke award hopefuls will grip you and not let go

The Deccan Traps and the Extraterrestrial Impact Responsible for Dinosaur Demise

Temperature Spikes Point to Two Events Causing End Cretaceous Mass Extinction A study of the fossilised shells of several species of bivalves that existed towards the end of the Cretaceous suggests two distinct phases of global warming occurred that instigated mass extinctions.  Scientists have debated how much of an impact the eruption of the Deccan […]

We took his-and-hers fertility tests – this is what it was like

Should couples curious to know the implications of postponing parenthood take a fertility test? Jessica Hamzelou and her boyfriend tried one to find out

Pokémon GO players, please don’t take drifters from the ocean. THEY ARE NOT POKÉBALLS.

Love it or hate it, Pokémon Go is undeniably a phenomenon. Although we here at DSN previously warned of the perils of Poké hunting in the ocean, some Pokémon trainers have not heeded our warning. According to scientists at UCSB, some rather enthusiastic players spotted what they thought was a Pokéball floating in the ocean near Isla Vista, […]

Giant kelp blades go with the flow: in our exhibit,...

Giant kelp blades go with the flow: in our exhibit, they’re ruffled and rugged to renew the water slowly pulsing over them. But in places with strong currents, these ridges are removed in favor of a sleek and slippery blade to weather the storms. Happy Seaweed Sunday!

God vs the multiverse: The 2500-year war

An infinite universe and many worlds leave no room for a creator. Time to rethink what’s sacred, says philosopher of religion Mary-Jane Rubenstein

Back to School with Everything Dinosaur

Fantastic Dinosaur Themed Back to School Items from Everything Dinosaur No sooner do the schools break up then our thoughts are turning to the Autumn Term.  The teaching team at Everything Dinosaur are already booked up quite a lot for both next term and into the Spring but there are still some dates available for […]

Reconstructing the Brains of Ancient Lungfish

Comparing the Brains of Extant Lungfish to their Ancient Relatives The lungfish might be regarded by some as a “living fossil”, a term that we at Everything Dinosaur prefer not to use, as it implies that a species has remained present in the fossil record for a very long time.  However, the six species of […]

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