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Karakoram Glaciers are Stable, may Even Grow Under Climate Change

Researchers from Princeton University and other institutions may have hit upon an answer to a climate-change puzzle that has eluded scientists for years, and that could help understand the future availability of water for hundreds of...Show More Summary

10-20-14 An Unexpected October Day

Monday, October morning-warning sky this morning...too much fog to even see it......but by the time we left the dock on Maya's Westside Charters the fog had of the young passengers was keeping out a 'fog watch'...and...Show More Summary

10-19-14 The Morning Warning Sky

Sunday, October 19, 2014...the sky was 'full of warning' this morning......this boat seemed to be full of warning too...luckily it was just blowing a lot of stopped within was a busy Haro looked...Show More Summary

A Bold Statement on India's Urban Development

link.Someone really ought to take a picture of India from orbit during Diwali though.

Zoologger: Shy lemurs communicate using toilet trees

White-footed sportive lemurs are lazy, nocturnal and avoid family life, but by visiting the same toilet, manage to keep in touch with each other

Dragon Tongues

I recently had the pleasure of being commissioned to create a new logo for the Dragon Tongues podcast, and since I'll take any opportunity to share relevant work from my livelihood at LITC, here it is. Dragon Tongues is the creation of Sean Willett, and it's highly recommended if you haven't had the chance to hear it. Show More Summary

10-18-14 The Calm After the Storm

Saturday, October began - 04:47 a.m....calls on the Port Townsend hydrophones...I was so surprised they woke me up because their calls were very faint...but there were a lot of them...J pod calls mainly, a few K pod calls and...Show More Summary

Shark vs. CTD. Shark 1, CTD 0.

There is a common saying amongst oceanographers, “if you put something in the water, there is no guarantee you will get it back.” I’ve been in that situation before and it sucks. Unlike these guys, I’ve never had to actively fight the ocean to get an instrument back. What appears to be just ordinary shark fishing is actually an […]

Heno Hoverboard: do you actually believe this?

Its a slick video, but IDK.... Oh and Marty and Doc Brown want royalties.

Interview with Open Access Nigeria

Last night, I did a Twitter interview with Open Access Nigeria (@OpenAccessNG). To make it easy to follow in real time, I created a list whose only members were me and OA Nigeria. But because Twitter lists posts in reverse order, and because each individual tweet is encumbered with so much chrome, it’s rather an […]

Mesozoic Miscellany 66

In the News Venezuela has gained another non-avian dinosaur taxon, making 2014 something of a boom year for the early Jurassic La Quinta Formation. Following the publication of Laquintasaura venezuelae in August, we now welcome Tachiraptor admirabilis to the fold. Show More Summary

10/14-17/14 They Sure Do Get Around!

Tuesday, October 14th...what would today bring in the way of whales?......well, it began at about 4:15 this morning, when extremely faint calls came over the Lime Kiln hydrophones...they were so faint I couldn't determine if Transients...Show More Summary

These are a Few of My Favorite Species: Pistol Shrimp

My dream day includes Clint Eastwood and I drinking bourbon, smoking cigars, and watching The Outlaw Josey Wales. At one of the most memorable moments in the film, Clint as Josey Wales states “Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?” Shortly after projectile shenanigans ensue. Like Josey, Pistol Shrimp (Family Alpheidae), are entering guns […]

Lockheed Behind on F-35 Deliveries, in Danger of not Meeting Delivery of 36 Jets in 2014

Lockheed Martin Corp on Monday confirmed that it had delivered just 22 of 36 F-35 fighter jets promised to the U.S. government this year, but had a plan to complete work on the remaining 14 warplanes over the next two months."We areShow More Summary

Tutorial 29, Appendix A: good, bad and ugly titles of Mike’s papers

In light of yesterday’s tutorial on choosing titles, here are the titles of all my own published papers (including co-authored ones), in chronological order, with my own sense of whether I’m happy with them now I look back. All the full references are on my publications page (along with the PDFs). I’ll mark the good ones […]

10-13-14 There Was Only One Way Out

Monday, October 13th...a beautiful, calm morning...a few clouds in the distance...a day to be on the water......I planned to go on the Western Prince...the boat I saw my first ever whales I couldn't end the year without atShow More Summary

These are a few of my favorite species: Pig Butt Worm

This species bring a whole new meaning to butt face. It’s Latin name even means butt face.  I jest… it actually means resembling a pig’s rump. Chaetopterus pugaporcinus is a polychaete and like other worms it has segments.  Some of the segments are just a little bit inflated, i.e. this worm is all about the […]

OCTOBER SURPRISE! Revealed Chinese JF-17 Pictures Show With HYPERSONIC Anti Ship Missiles

Recent images of two China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) CM-400AKG high-speed air-to-surface missiles fitted to an airborne Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC) FC-1/JF-17 fighter suggest that China continues to develop the missile.[...]Show More Summary

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