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US Navy Studying Placing Laser Weapons on Burke Flight III Destroyers

The officer in charge of the US Navy's (USN's) DDG 51 Arleigh Burke-class destroyer restart programme said on 17 May that the navy is examining directed energy weapons for possible inclusion on future ships."I can tell you we're looking...Show More Summary

Dave Hone's The Tyrannosaur Chronicles: at last, a review

A mere several weeks behind everyone else's, here it is - my review of The Tyrannosaur Chronicles, a book dedicated to the lives and times of the tyrannosauroids, as written by Dave Hone (for it is he). As a rare addition to the canon...Show More Summary

5-16-16 They Were So Busy Socializing

Monday, May 16th...the day began with a tooth...needed to get to the dentist...probably no boat trip today...and then I hear there are orcas spotted in Swanson Channel - no direction, no number of individuals......just as I was about...Show More Summary

The Glaciers Will Melt, The Sea Will Rise Up

Sea levels are going to rise The amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere directly and indirectly determines the sea level. The more CO2 the higher the sea level. The details matter, the mechanism is complex, and as CO2 levels change, it takes an unknown amount of time for the sea level to catch…

UK’s harbour porpoise strandings linked to rising starvation

More and more porpoises are stranding around the UK because of starvation. Paradoxically, this may be down to better fishing practices

#TBT to 2003 when this newly hatched snowy plover chick was...

#TBT to 2003 when this newly hatched snowy plover chick was rescued as an egg and brought to the Aquarium. Did you know we’re one of the main rehabilitation sites for shorebirds in northern California?  See how we’re helping save these threatened birds

Machairoceratops cronusi: a new Ornate Centrosaurine Ceratopsid From Campanian Cretaceous Utah

A New Centrosaurine Ceratopsid, Machairoceratops cronusi gen et sp. nov., from the Upper Sand Member of the Wahweap Formation (Middle Campanian), Southern UtahAuthors:Lund et alAbstract:The Upper Cretaceous (middle-late Campanian) Wahweap...Show More Summary

Gigantopithecus: The story of the greatest of the great apes

Millions of years ago, the jungles of Southeast Asia were home to a veritable King Kong. Yet all we have left of it are a whole load of teeth

Spiclypeus shipporum: a new Ornate Chasmosaurine Ceratopsid From Campanian Cretaceous Montana

Spiclypeus shipporum gen. et sp. nov., a Boldly Audacious New Chasmosaurine Ceratopsid (Dinosauria: Ornithischia) from the Judith River Formation (Upper Cretaceous: Campanian) of Montana, USAAuthors:Mallon et alAbstract:This study reports on a new ceratopsid, Spiclypeus shipporum gen et sp. Show More Summary

Evidence of Predation (!!) From the Tonian NeoProterozoic

Tiny vampires in ancient seas: evidence for predation via perforation in fossils from the 780–740 million-year-old Chuar Group, Grand Canyon, USAAuthor:PorterAbstract:One explanation for the Early Neoproterozoic expansion of eukaryotes is the appearance of eukaryovorous predators—i.e. Show More Summary

Israel Claims to Have Successfully Tested Iron Dome From a Ship

Israel claimed Wednesday that it successfully intercepted a test salvo of shore-launched short-range rockets with a new sea-based version of the Iron Dome.Col. Ariel Shir, the Israel Navy’s head of combat systems development, said the...Show More Summary

Pictures: Hyperloop gets a test run as first pod is unveiled

The first basic test of Elon Musk’s ambitious high-speed transport system for California has taken place – and it was over in an instant

Eliza Gets Her Gene Therapy

Keeping a little girl at home for 722 days may seem cruel, but for the O’Neill family, it was a demonstration of astonishing bravery and love. Glenn and Cara O’Neill had isolated their daughter Eliza

Scuffle in the South China Sea #45

China has vowed to increase its military operations in the South China Sea in response to American moves there.Beijing has called the US the greatest threat in the region.China flew H-6k bombers over one of the artificial islands. China...Show More Summary

Dinosaur Drawings from St David’s Day

Children from St Thomas More School Send in Dinosaur Drawings Tuesday, 1st of March saw a team member of Everything Dinosaur visiting the Key Stage 1 classes at St Thomas More Catholic First School (Redditch), to deliver some dinosaur and fossil themed workshops to support the spring term topic.  Amongst the many extension activities we […]

First Supporter!

To be continued... A big thank you to Paul Selden, who just became my first Patreon supporter! Remember, if you want to support Catalogue of Organisms, you can do so by signing up to my Patreon. Alternatively, because I've been asked about the possibility of one-off donations, I've added a Paypal donate button in the panel to the right. Show More Summary

Iron Fertilization Will NOT Work in the Pacific

Over the past half-million years, the equatorial Pacific Ocean has seen five spikes in the amount of iron-laden dust blown in from the continents. In theory, those bursts should have turbo-charged the growth of the ocean's carbon-capturing...Show More Summary

The SpaceX Red Dragon Mission Will Cost NASA $30 Million

NASA expects to spend “on the order of $30 million” helping SpaceX send a modified Dragon vehicle to the surface of Mars in the 2018 planetary launch window, but the entry, descent and landing (EDL) data alone it may obtain in return would be a bargain at 10 times the price. link.

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