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Evidence of Wild Fires From Barremian Cretaceous Jordan

Fire in a Weichselia-dominated coastal ecosystem from the Lower Cretaceous (Barremian) of the Kurnub Group in NW JordanAuthors:Abu Hamad et alAbstract:Large intervals of the Cretaceous are considered as a ‘high-fire’ period in Earth's history. Show More Summary

NATO says the internet is now a war zone – what does that mean?

The military alliance has designated cyberspace as an operational domain for war alongside land, sea and air – here's how states are defending themselves

cephalopodweek: smithsonianlibraries: Many cephalopods have...

cephalopodweek: smithsonianlibraries: Many cephalopods have the unique ability to change color and pattern. If you’ve ever been curious as to how they do it, the Smithsonian’s Ocean Portal has you covered. The source of this octopus image is The Cephalopoda by Carl Chun, which was translated from the German by Albert Mercado in 1975. Show More Summary

Can an extract from hops flowers reduce breast cancer risk?

Some sort of Hops Flowers Substance is a common dietary supplement used by post-menopausal women. A recent study looks at one molecule extracted from hops to see if it could help reduce the chance of getting breast cancer. The paper is in the journal Chemical Research in Toxicology, and is called Hop (Humulus lupulus L.)…

Pixar draws inspiration from California's Monterey Bay Aquarium for new movie "Finding Dory"

Pixar draws inspiration from California's Monterey Bay Aquarium for new movie "Finding Dory": Fintastic!

16 common grammatical mistakes or problems

Certain things that come across one’s desktop, on the internet, are hard to turn away from. Train wrecks, for example. For me, this list includes commentary about grammatical errors and proper language use. I find this sort of discussion interesting because I’m an anthropologist, and probably also because I’ve spend a lot of time 100%…

Pluto must have liquid ocean or it’d look like an overripe peach

If Pluto’s inner sea froze recently, we should see ridges popping up in the dwarf planet's outer shell. Since we don’t, it's probably still liquid

Mercury Increased in Three Different Spikes From Deccan Traps Across the K-T/K-Pg Boundary

Mercury enrichment and Hg isotopes in Cretaceous–Paleogene boundary successions: Links to volcanism and palaeoenvironmental impactsAuthors:Sial et alAbstract:We investigate the use of Hg as a proxy for volcanism by studying four distal...Show More Summary

Forget killer robots: This is the future of supersmart machines

Scare stories about artificial intelligence are missing the point: a world with superintelligent machines in it will be far stranger than that

Evidence of Ectasian/Stenian MesoProterozoic River Morphology

Deeply channelled Precambrian rivers: Remote sensing and outcrop evidence from the 1.2 Ga Stoer Group of NW ScotlandAuthors:Ielpi et alAbstract:The current paradigm on Precambrian fluvial sedimentology assumes that pre-vegetation environments did not allow for the establishment of deep, stable channels. Show More Summary

Were the Very First Snakes Marine Animals?

New Research on Ancestral Snake Suggests Marine Origins Scientists from the University of Alberta (Canada), in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Toronto Mississauga, as well as with researchers from a number of academic...Show More Summary

Don’t give up the day job: Why going to work is good for you

An always-on working culture can be oppressive, but it's also true that a meaningful job has surprisingly positive consequences for health

Taiwan Wants "Jeep" Aircraft Carrier, Aegis Destroyers

link. Taiwan’s Deputy Defense Minister Pai Hunghui brief[ed] legislators on the Republic of China Navy’s ship building plans for the long-term on Jun. 20. He was questioned by lawmakers in the morning after the local media reported in advance the previous day on what the Navy plans to reveal at a press event later that afternoon. link.

Beware the Brexit bots: The Twitter spam out to swing your vote

Bots are flooding Twitter with messages promoting both camps in the EU referendum. But their potential to influence the way we vote reaches far beyond social media

Is Cancer an Evolutionary Mechanism to Prevent Faulty Genes From Being Passed on?

Two scientists have come up with a depressing new hypothesis that attempts to explain why cancer is so hard to stop.Maybe, they suggest, cancer's not working against us. Maybe the disease is actually an evolutionary 'final checkpoint' that stops faulty DNA from being passed down to the next generation. link.

Detection of CO and HCN in Pluto's atmosphere with ALMA

Detection of CO and HCN in Pluto's atmosphere with ALMA Authors: Lellouch et al Abstract: Observations of the Pluto-Charon system, acquired with the ALMA interferometer on June 12-13, 2015, have yielded a detection of the CO(3-2) and...Show More Summary

allcreatures: A photographer has captured a rare glimpse of a...

allcreatures: A photographer has captured a rare glimpse of a Bryde’s whale breaching the water’s surface and soaring through the air. Photographer Andy Murch was on a boat in the Sea of Cortez off the coast of La Paz, Mexico, when the whale breached the surface.

The Shorelines & Drainage Systems of Mars

Waterfront on the Martian Planitia: Algorithmic emergent catchments on disordered terrainAuthors:Handmer et alAbstract:Under a terraforming scenario, a reactivated hydrological cycle on Mars will result in upwards movement of water due to evaporation and precipitation. Show More Summary

US Navy Christens 2nd Zumwalt USS Monsoor

The Navy on Saturday christened the guided missile destroyer USS Michael Monsoor (DDG-1001), named in honor of a Navy SEAL who was awarded the Medal of Honor for heroism in Iraq.Monsoor recognizes the service and sacrifice of Petty Officer 2nd Class (SEAL) Michael A. Show More Summary

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