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The Tet Zoo Guide to Gazelle Camels

Some of you will know that I'm putting together a giant textbook on the vertebrate fossil record… and, oh god, it isn't easy. If you want sneak-peeks on how things are going, please consider... -- Read more on

Spots, Stripes and Spreading Hooves in the Horses of the Ice Age

During the upper Palaeolithic (that is, between 40,000 and 10,000 years ago), prehistoric people in Europe and Asia (and elsewhere) depicted the animals they saw in thousands of piece of cave art. -- Read more on ScientificAmerican....

Inside the Cassowary's Casque

I'm a big fan of palaeognaths - the terrestrial bird group that includes the mostly big, flightless ratites and the chicken-sized, flight-capable tinamous. -- Read more on

Brian J. Ford's Aquatic Dinosaurs Claim Holds No Water

Via bizarre and unexpected circumstances I recently found myself secretly and furtively attending a lecture by Brian J. Ford. Ford is a British author and researcher who dabbles widely in matters of... -- Read more on

New Books on Dinosaurs 1: Matthew P. Martyniuk's Beasts of Antiquity: Stem-Birds in the Solnhofen Limestone

Recent months have seen the publication of several new dinosaur-themed books, and in this and several future articles I want to share brief thoughts on them. -- Read more on

'Strange bedfellow frogs' (part II): pig-nosed or shovel-nosed frogs, or snout-burrowers

A few weeks back - during the Tet Zoo frog event - I wrote about the peculiar African brevicipitid frogs, variously termed short-headed frogs or rain frogs. -- Read more on

Today marks NINE YEARS of Tetrapod Zoology

Yet again, it's January 21st and, yet again, Tetrapod Zoology is another year old. As of today, Tet Zoo has been going for nine years. I've discovered that children (should you produce and raise... -- Read more on ScientificAmerican...

A Brief Introduction to Reed, Sedge and Lily Frogs

Here's a very brief article to a group of frogs. It's a slightly modified version of an article that initially appeared on Tet Zoo ver 2 during November 2007. -- Read more on

It's the Helmeted water toad… this time, with information!

Back in October 2007 (at Tet Zoo ver 2) I wrote a very brief article on a poorly known, gigantic, deeply weird South American frog: the Helmeted water toad, Chilean giant frog or Gay's frog... -- Read more on

Welcome Ekembo! Miocene Neogene Hominoid Proconsul Genus Revised, Split

A systematic revision of Proconsul with the description of a new genus of early Miocene hominoidAuthors:McNulty et alAbstract:For more than 80 years, Proconsul has held a pivotal position in interpretations of catarrhine evolution and hominoid diversification in East Africa. Show More Summary

Oldest broken bone reveals our ancestors' switch to life on land

The first known leg break could only have happened on land, pushing back the transition of our four-legged ancestors from water to land by 2 million years

These sparkly sea organisms are an eerie omen of climate change

A bloom of bioluminescent plankton has wowed crowds along a river in Southern Tasmania this week, but it could be a warning sign of climate change

Pseudoloris parvulus: a Eocene Paleogene Omomyid From Europe

New material of Pseudoloris parvulus (Microchoerinae, Omomyidae, Primates) from the Late Eocene of Sossís (northeastern Spain) and its implications for the evolution of PseudolorisAuthors:Minwer-Barakat et alAbstract:The species Pseudoloris...Show More Summary

Chatting with endangered possums may be the ticket to save them

How do you check how many of the critically endangered fairy possums are still around? Talk to them, of course

Unravelling capitalism's hidden networks of power

A new way to measure the complexity of banks and multinational firms shows that it is not just their size that is important in a financial crisis

Under the right light, these jellies radiate a bright green...

Under the right light, these jellies radiate a bright green glow. Scientists aren’t sure what makes them fluoresce in the wild–one guess is the light from a full moon! Learn more about elegant jellies

A Heterodox Position for Continent Atlantica During the Orosirian PaleoProterozoic

Paleomagnetic study on mid-Paleoproterozoic rocks from the Rio de la Plata craton: Implications for AtlanticaAuthors:Rapalini et alAbstract:The first successful paleomagnetic study on middle Paleoproterozoic rocks from the Rio de la Plata craton is reported. Show More Summary

5-18-15 They Made it Past the Lighthouse

Monday, May 18th...they stayed!...just like the day before, Shachi J-19 was in the lead with Eclipse J-41 and her baby, J-51, and they soon changed direction and headed back down...only today they came back up island and they actually made it to Lime Kiln Pt. Show More Summary

Help Brian Switek Tell the Stories of Fossil Hunters in the Field its core, fieldwork still relies on patience, luck, and a strong back to carry enough water to fight off lingering hangovers. - Brian Switek, from his "Have Allosaurus, Will Travel" Kickstarter campaign page. Brian Switek prepares to enter Natural Trap Cave. Show More Summary

Climate Change as a National Security Threat

The White House has issued a press release noting that President Obama will address climate change as a national security threat in a speech later today in Connecticut. Here is the press release. White House Report: The National Security Implications of a Changing Climate Today, President Obama will travel to New London, Connecticut to deliver…

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