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NASA Seeking Ways to Avoid Using SLS for Europa Mission(s)

Faced with a congressional mandate to add a lander to a planned mission to Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, NASA is considering launching the lander separately from the main mission.In discussions Feb. 1 at a meeting of NASA’s Outer Planets...Show More Summary

It’s the “Google of the Deep!” Check out the new...

WHAT IS THAT?! Explore the deep sea... ... and the amazing life therein! It’s the “Google of the Deep!” Check out the new online guide to deep-sea life from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI).  Now you can search for the wonderfully weird wildlife of the deep sea—and discover amazing animals like the vampire squid!

Robopocalypse Report #73

Drones: Most consumer drones are of the quadcopter or other related types. Now there is a 3d printable blimp drone.Why the crowd funded Zano drone failed. The Loon drone can fly, float and swim underwater.The micro drone 3.0 is one of the smallest drones out there. Show More Summary

7 ways the war on Zika mosquitoes could be won

From the sensible to the ambitious, New Scientist rates the weapons available to combat the explosive Zika virus

Ravens’ fear of unseen snoopers hints they have theory of mind

The cunning birds hide their food more quickly if they think they are being watched, suggesting they can attribute mental states to others

Was NASA's Global Hawk Drone Hacked?

Hackers from the AnonSec group who spent several months hacking Nasa have released a huge data dump and revealed they tried to bring down a $222m Global Hawk Drone into the Pacific Ocean. The hack included employee personal details,Show More Summary

Staring into the heart of an artificial tree

This hollow sculpture – evidently natural, yet glaringly artificial – might have been dragged fresh out of the uncanny valley

Lessons from the Iowa Caucus

Increasingly, I feel the need to declare my position on the candidates before commenting on the process, because, increasingly, the conversation has become one of comparative litmus tests. So, here’s the deal on that: I like Clinton and Sanders both, and I like each of them for both overlapping and different reasons. As a life…

Metazoans (Animals) Really do Need Oxygen

n 2010, a research team garnered attention when it published evidence of finding the first animals living in permanently anoxic conditions at the bottom of the sea. But a new study, led by scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution...Show More Summary

Internship opportunity with NOAA: “Ocean Acidification Vulnerability State by State (MD)”

Summary / Description The NOAA Ocean Acidification Program is interested in bringing on up to two college interns to assist us with research into how current and future impacts of ocean acidification may affect coastal states in an effort to support the development of a targeted outreach strategy. The intern will do research on the economic […]

Scientists seek ways to treat acidified ocean, keep shellfish hatcheries open (text & audio)

New technology allows monitoriing of ocean acidification as it occurs. Alaska’s Shellfish hatcheries are worried that they may have to shut down their operations like hatcheries further south did when waters got too acidic to grow healthy shellfish. Willey Evans, a researcher with the Hakai Institute in British Columbia is working with Aleutic Pride shellfish […]


So, Cruz (7), Trump (6) and Rubio (!!) (6). With Carson (2) and Paul (1). Well now. I was thinking Rubes was toast. As toasty as Bush the Least.

Happy Marine Mammal Monday! The gray whale migration is in full...

Happy Marine Mammal Monday! The gray whale migration is in full swing off our back decks. We were even treated this morning to a curious calf exploring the kelp (and scaring some surf scoters) on its coastal cruise to Baja Californi...

A Particular Set of Skills

Novmeldt slowly opened the door. He was sneaking in. Quietly. It was his daughter's birthday and despite his career choices he'd always been one of those Dads. The ones who were always there on the kid's birthdays. Always doting on the kids. Show More Summary

What’s kraken, baby octopus?

A juvenile two-spot octopus plays with pebbles in our Egg Lab Have you checked out the Egg Lab in our Tentacles exhibition lately? That’s where you can spot cephalopod eggs and recent hatchlings. Hatchlings like this itty bitty two-spot octopus! At just three-and-a-half-months old, it’s currently about the size of a walnut. Show More Summary (Barracuda) is shutting down

Suddenly my computer tells me that is shutting down as a cloud storage service. That sucks, since I had a few terabytes of free storage with them. I will now have to seek an alternative. What are your experiences with cloud storage, free or otherwise?

Trump is going to lose the Iowa Caucus, and here’s why

I’m privileged to live in Minnesota, which is Iowa’s neighbor and thus not so different from Iowa, except our college football teams are better. And it isn’t just the corn, but also, the caucus. We do that here too. Our caucus system is similar enough to Iowa that one can have a sense of what…

A Sneaky Peek of the Schleich Dunkleosteus

Schleich Dunkleosteus –   A Sneaky Peek Team members at Everything Dinosaur got the chance to get up close to a number of the new for 2016 Schleich prehistoric animal models the other day.  Feedback from our customers, those had already viewed the pictures on this blog in previous articles, has been positive, but we […]

Vogworks: Click on Through the Vog

A friend of mine, Cary, has his own blog called Vogworks. I have known Cary for 15 years now, ever since I took that crazy job at LBNL/NERSC. I wanted to get the word out about his blog. His is devoted to his passion for photography and he's quite good. I thought I'd try to help boost his readership and so, click on through!

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