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Properties, morphogenesis, and effect of acidification on spines of the cidaroid sea urchin Phyllacanthus imperialis

Cidaroid sea urchins are the sister clade to all other extant echinoids and have numerous unique features, including unusual primary spines. These lack an epidermis when mature, exposing their high-magnesium calcite skeleton to seawater and allowing the settlement of numerous epibionts. Cidaroid spines are made of an inner core of classical monocrystalline skeleton and an […]

Signals of resilience to ocean change: high thermal tolerance of early stage Antarctic sea urchins (Sterechinus neumayeri) reared under present-day and future pCO2 and temperature

We tested the hypothesis that development of the Antarctic urchin Sterechinus neumayeri under future ocean conditions of warming and acidification would incur physiological costs, reducing the tolerance of a secondary stressor. The aim of this study is twofold: (1) quantify current austral spring temperature and pH near sea urchin habitat at Cape Evans in McMurdo […]

CO2-induced fertilization impairment in Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis collected in the Arctic

Fertilization depends on distribution and aggregation patterns of sea urchins which influence gamete contact time and may potentially enhance their vulnerability to ocean acidification. In this study, we conducted fertilization experiments...Show More Summary

PaleoProterozoic & Mesoproterozoic Continental Configurations

Mesoproterozoic paleogeography: Supercontinent and beyondAuthors:Pisarevsky et alAbstract:A set of global paleogeographic reconstructions for the 1770–1270 Ma time interval is presented here through a compilation of reliable paleomagnetic data (at the 2009 Nordic Paleomagnetic Workshop in Luleå, Sweden) and geological constraints. Show More Summary

Forecast of sea surface acidification in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea

Observation data from DYFAMED site, in Northwestern Mediterranean Sea between 1995 and 2011 are used to study mathematical forecasts of sea water surface pH evolution over the next century. In a preliminary study, daily and monthly data have been used to compute dissolved inorganic carbon (CT ) and total alkalinity (AT ) concentrations. Due to […]

Impacts of ocean acidification on sediment processes in shallow waters of the Arctic Ocean

Despite the important roles of shallow-water sediments in global biogeochemical cycling, the effects of ocean acidification on sedimentary processes have received relatively little attention. As high-latitude cold waters can absorb more...Show More Summary

On the response of pH to inorganic nutrient enrichment in well-mixed coastal marine waters

Recent concerns about declining pH in the surface ocean in response to anthropogenic increases of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere have raised the question of how this declining baseline of oceanic pH might interact with the much larger diel and seasonal variations of pH in coastal marine ecosystems. Nutrient enrichment, which can amplify both […]

The dynamic controls on carbonate mineral saturation states and ocean acidification in a glacially dominated estuary

Recently, a number of studies have shown that the intrusion of anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) into the ocean has created an acidification effect leading to the reduction in carbonate mineral saturation states (?). However, the uptake of atmospheric CO2 is not the only climate-induced phenomenon that leads to a reduction of ? in marine environments. […]

Taking a Break

My father would have been 66 today. He died on September 1st, 2013.I expected him to be around for another 20 years at least. My family is normally long lived, at least for the men. I expected him to be a participant in my son's life.My grandfather, his father, beat three different cancers. Show More Summary

4-8-14 A Day Full of Whales!

Tuesday, April was a busy day with whales...first there was a report of 20+ whales inbound in the Strait of Juan de Fuca...being Ts, they would most likely disperse once they got closer...they did......out on Maya's Westside...Show More Summary

Tupolev Finalizes Russia's Next Gen Bomber (PAK-DA)

Tupolev have completed the design of Russia's PAK-DA next-generation bomber aircraft, according to the head of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), Mikhail Pogosyan.Pogosyan made the remarks during a briefing with the Russian aerospace press, according to individuals familiar with the presentation who briefed IHS Jane's on the details. Show More Summary

Stephan Lewandowsky AMA on Reddit

Stephan is a cognitive scientist who has done a lot of important work related to climate change. He’s doing a reddit “Ask Me Anything” on Monday, April 14th from 7:30AM EST onwards. Which, conveniently for him, is 7:30PM in Australia, if I have my time zones right. There are two topics he mentioned to me…

Bitcoin Companies are Hiring Lobbyists

Bitcoin companies are hiring lobbyists, visiting lawmakers on Capitol Hill and writing to agencies about how they should write rules that will determine the future of the fast-growing virtual currency. It's all part of a push to shape...Show More Summary

A Busy Week So Far!

This week has welcomed two new patients making our grand turtle total at 45 patients here at the Turtle Hospital.  On Monday, Mocho, a post hatchling Hawksbill was rescued in Stock Island.  Mocho is missing his left front flipper already even though he is only a few months old.  Most likely a bigger fish or bird got a quick bite of him as he was … Read More ?

US Navy now Able to Produce Jet Fuel From Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Sea Water

Navy researchers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Materials Science and Technology Division, demonstrated proof-of-concept of novel NRL technologies developed for the recovery of carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen (H2) from...Show More Summary

Mann’s False Hope Graphic Presentified

I needed a copy of the “False Hope Graph” that Michael Mann painstakingly created for his Scientific American piece “Earth Will Cross the Climate Danger Threshold by 2036” for a presentation I’m doing, but it had to be simpler, leave some stuff off, and be readable across the room on a screen. The original graphic…

Modern Reef Fish Fauna Come From Two Pre and Post K-T Extinction (K-Pg) Colonizations

Two waves of colonization straddling the K–Pg boundary formed the modern reef fish faunaAuthors:Price et alAbstract:Living reef fishes are one of the most diverse vertebrate assemblages on Earth. Despite its prominence and ecological importance, the origins and assembly of the reef fish fauna is poorly described. Show More Summary

Coast Guard Report Raises More Questions for Shell and Government

After grounding on New Year’s Eve 2012, Shell’s drill rig, the Kulluk, was towed by the Aiviq and monitored by escort tugs as it made its way to Dutch Harbor, AK to be loaded on a heavy-lift vessel for final transport to Asia for repairs. Show More Summary

Björn Brembs Resigns Editorship At Frontiers Journal Over Recursive Fury Fiasco

Yesterday, Ugo Bardi resigned his editorship at Frontiers Journal over the Recursive Fury Fiasco. Today, a second editor has done so as well. You should go read the original post, but here’s a key part of it: Frontiers retracted a perfectly fine (according to their own investigation) psychology paper due to financial risks for themselves.…

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