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Veins of Minerals in Gale Crater on Mars Probably From Evaporating Lakes

Mineral veins found in Mars's Gale Crater were formed by the evaporation of ancient Martian lakes, a new study has shown.The research, by Mars Science Laboratory Participating Scientists at The Open University and the University of Leicester,...Show More Summary

NASA has Started Work on the Deep Space Habitation Module

As part of its comprehensive review to the NASA Advisory Council, the US space agency has presented its review of progress on the development of a Deep Space Habitat that will allow astronauts to perform multi-month and multi-year missions in deep space – all while guiding the agency towards its ambitious plan of landing humans on Mars by the end of the 2030s link.

Paleo-Creatures Coming to Everything Dinosaur

Paleo-Creatures Replicas Added to Everything Dinosaur’s Huge Model Range Everything Dinosaur is pleased to announce that the UK based prehistoric animal model supplier will be stocking the Paleo-Creatures range of prehistoric animal replicas. Show More Summary

Meet one of the sentinels of the Baja’s coral reefs. The...

Meet one of the sentinels of the Baja’s coral reefs. The longnose hawkfish perches on rocks and corals, watching, like a hawk, for prey to go by. See these eagle-eyed fish for yourself in our new special exhibition, ¡Viva Baja! Life on the Edge. 

Growing Comb Jellies in the Lab Like Sea-Monkeys

Growing Comb Jellies in the Lab Like Sea-Monkeys: Smells like ctenophore spirit—our comb jelly aquarists are in the news again!

some jackalope: "shark infested waters"

some jackalope: "shark infested waters" me cupping my hands around my mouth: THEY LIVE THERE

Greenland sharks may live 400 years, scientists say

Greenland sharks may live 400 years, scientists say: mindblowingscience: Step aside Galapagos tortoises, the Greenland shark may be the longest-living vertebrate on Earth with a 400-year lifespan, a new study suggests. The study published...Show More Summary

Terminator Times #17

Drones: Two global hawks were diverted to Japan due to bad weather in Guam. The USAF is adding electronic warfare to its drone pilots' training. The USMC is calling for optionally manned helicopters or other VTOLs from the FVL program. Show More Summary

One super-susceptible clone, a versatile fungus and failing fungicides – black Sigatoka and banana

Why do we accept just one banana variety in Western supermarkets? It’s unsustainable and threatens livelihoods and food security. By Gert HJ Kema, Professor of Tropical Phytopathology, Wageningen University and Research Center, Wageningen, the Netherlands.

Recovery From the Permian Extinction Delayed by Productivity Crises During Early Triassic

Early Triassic productivity crises delayed recovery from world's worst mass extinctionAuthors:Grasby et alAbstract:The recovery of life after the latest Permian extinction was protracted over Early Triassic time. Detailed geochemistry of marine sections along northwest Pangea indicates that upwelling ceased at the extinction event. Show More Summary

Echovenator sandersi: a Toothed Whale Fossil Shows High Frequency Echo Location Hunting Evolved 10 Million Years Earlier Than Previously Thought

A newly-named fossil whale species had superior high-frequency hearing ability, helped in part by the unique shape of inner ear features that have given scientists new clues about the evolution of this specialized sense.In a study published...Show More Summary

First wearable brain scanner to probe people with amazing gifts

From incredible memories, to exceptional mathematical or musical ability, a deep-brain scanner could reveal what’s going on inside savants’ heads

Evidence of Bacteria Producing Soil at the PaleoArchean/MesoArchean Boundary

Biogenic overgrowth on detrital pyrite in ca. 3.2 Ga Archean paleosols Authors: Sabhan et al Abstract: Regionally traceable paleosols in the lower Moodies Group of the Barberton greenstone belt (ca. 3.22 Ga, northeastern South Africa...Show More Summary

Killer fungi: The health threat that’s creeping up on us

They kill more people than malaria, and the death toll is set to rise. But we are only just starting to understand the devious ways fungi can infect us

Polio back in Nigeria two years after being wiped out in Africa

Just as Africa was due to celebrate the anniversary of its last polio infections, two new cases have set back global efforts to eradicate the virus by 2019

Progress on Chinese Aircraft Carriers

link.2nd link.Jane's suggests the 3rd carrier will be without the ski jump and use catapults.

Marconi forged today’s interconnected world of communication

He may not have had Einstein's orginality, but Marconi pioneered the modern communication systems that led to cellphones and the internet

8-9-16 Will They Stay or Go West Again?

Tuesday, August 9th...early afternoon the whales who had gone up the day before came back down along the west side of San Juan Island......the group who had stayed down island yesterday were still down island......the whales continue...Show More Summary

noaasanctuaries: This regal-looking floof is a white tern, or...

noaasanctuaries: This regal-looking floof is a white tern, or manu-o-k? in Hawaiian. This tiny tern was spotted on Kure Atoll in Papah?naumoku?kea Marine National Monument. White terns are found throughout the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands,...Show More Summary

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