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The Latest Nadir of Sino-Vietnamese Relations

For now, however, neither side appears eager for a rapprochement. Both China’s insertion and its withdrawal of the oil rig were done on its terms. And as the stronger, richer and more economically diversified of the two countries, it can more easily absorb the shock of extended bad relations. Show More Summary

#Ebola: Second, possibly third outbreak, West African outbreak growing

The number of people known or suspected to be infected with Ebola in the West African outbreak is increasing, and the rate at which it is increasing is increasing. About 40 new cases are being reported per day on average, but the number of new cases has been going up by a few a day.…

Quantum Hacking: The Latest Concern in Cybersecurity

Quantum hacking is the latest fear in the world of information security. Not so long ago, physicists were claiming that they could send information with perfect security using a technique known as quantum key distribution.This uses the laws of quantum mechanics to guarantee perfectly secure communication. Show More Summary

Why There Ought to be a Bitcoin Central Bank

It is no secret that today, almost all modern banks operate on the basis of fractional reserves. To put in simpler terms: banks only has in their vaults a small percentage of the money that their customers gave them; if a large enough number of customers of a specific bank want to get their money back, the bank wouldn’t be able to meet the demand. Show More Summary

The Robopocalypse Coming for Cephalopods?

Adaptive optoelectronic camouflage systems with designs inspired by cephalopod skinsAuthors:Yu et alAbstract:Octopus, squid, cuttlefish, and other cephalopods exhibit exceptional capabilities for visually adapting to or differentiating...Show More Summary

Hypersonic Conventional Prompt Global Strike Prototype Explodes After Lift-off

A new hypersonic weapon developed by the U.S. military exploded shortly after lift-off from an Alaska test facility during a long-awaited flight test early Monday, the Pentagon said.No one was injured in the incident, which occurred shortly after 4 a.m. Show More Summary

Japan Wants Flat-top Amphibious Assault Ship for V-22s and F-35Bs by 2019

The Japanese defense ministry has brought forward a proposal to construct at least one large amphibious assault ship that will enlarge the country’s naval aviation capability. The program may also enhance sales prospects for the Bell...Show More Summary

The Record of Holocene Quaternary Tsunamis in Sri Lanka

Holocene Indian Ocean tsunami history in Sri LankaAuthors:Jackson et alAbstract:Sediment cores from Karagan Lagoon in southeastern Sri Lanka retrieved deposits from the A.D. 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and older similar deposits that provide evidence for a tsunami 2417 ± 152 cal. Show More Summary

Tracking Historical Water in the Melas Basin, on Mars

Reconstructing the aqueous history within the southwestern Melas basin, Mars: Clues from stratigraphic and morphometric analyses of fansAuthors:Williams et alAbstract:New details of the aqueous history in the southwestern Melas Chasma elevated basin have been revealed from analysis of high-resolution image, topographic and spectral datasets. Show More Summary

Oceana Magazine: Tuna in Trouble

A bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) in the Mediterranean. (Photo: Oceana / Keith Ellenbogen) The Atlantic bluefin tuna made an incredible recovery after decades of overfishing. Now, seismic airgun testing in the Mediterranean Sea threatens to unravel progress that was made for this super predator. Show More Summary

Leanna’s Release!

After just over two months in rehabilitation, Leanna, an adult Hawksbill was returned to the wild. She was originally found off of Pumpkin Key in early June, severely entangled in a rope attached to a heavy cement crab trap. Her flipper was so badly damaged that it needed to be amputated at The Turtle Hospital by Dr. Cathy of MVH. Her wound healed nicely and … Read More ?

Seaweed Spotlight: A Rare Glimpse into Beautiful Ocean Kelp Forests (Photos)

Kelp (Laminaria ochroleuca) in the Gorringe Bank in the Atlantic, pictured during an Oceana Ranger Transoceanic Expedition. (Photo: Oceana / Juan Carlos Calvin) Forest ecosystems are critical for the survival of terrestrial life, but did you know that such ecosystems exist in the oceans too? Kelp, a type of seaweed, can form dense forests underwater. Show More Summary

Janusaurus lundi: a new Ophthalmosaurid Ichthyosaur From Upper Jurassic Norway

A New Upper Jurassic Ophthalmosaurid Ichthyosaur from the Slottsmøya Member, Agardhfjellet Formation of Central Spitsbergen Authors:Roberts et alAbstract:Abundant new ichthyosaur material has recently been documented in the Slottsmøya Member of the Agardhfjellet Formation from the Svalbard archipelago of Norway. Show More Summary

Early Permian Continental Environment had a Greater Latitudal Temperature Gradient Than Marine

Global continental weathering trends across the Early Permian glacial to postglacial transition: Correlating high- and low-paleolatitude sedimentary recordsAuthors:Yang et alAbstract:Time-equivalent Early Permian sedimentary successions...Show More Summary

A little unexpected Monday Morning Zen with a Portuguese Man-of-War

It’s monday morning and I’m dragging a little. You might be too. But this gorgeous video of Portuguese Man-o-War by Aaron Ansarov (via National Geographic) reminded me of all the amazing things and processes that remain to be studied in the ocean. And that just perked me right up! Ansarov is a retired U.S. Navy combat photographer, who […]

Ocean Roundup: Methane Seeping from U.S. Atlantic Seafloor, Iceland’s Caught Scores of Endangered Fin Whales, and More

Methane rising from the seafloor off Virginia. (Photo: NOAA Photo Library / Flickr Creative Commons) - According to a new report by the Assembly Select Committee on Sea Level Rise and the California Economy, California is “woefully unprepared” for sea level rise. Show More Summary

Evidence From China PaleoProterozoic Plate Tectonics did NOT Shutdown

Early Paleoproterozoic (2.45–2.20 Ga) magmatic activity during the period of global magmatic shutdown: Implications for the crustal evolution of the southern North China CratonAuthors:Diwu et alAbstract:A global database of zircon ages from both granitoids and detrital sediments shows an exceptionally and robust ages gap between 2.45 and 2.20 Ga. Show More Summary

Ocean acidification and policy failure

The Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI) invites everyone to a free public lecture as part of the Sustainability in the Anthropocene series. Event date: Wednesday, 10 September 2014 Event time: 1-2pm Event location: Theatre...Show More Summary

Diverse coral communities in mangrove habitats suggest a novel refuge from climate change

Risk analyses indicate that more than 90% of the world’s reefs will be threatened by climate change and local anthropogenic impacts by the year 2030 under “business-as-usual” climate scenarios. Increasing temperatures and solar radiation cause coral bleaching that has resulted in extensive coral mortality. Show More Summary

Interactive comment on “Comparison of seven packages that compute ocean carbonate chemistry” by J. C. Orr et al.

Response to Referee, Richard Zeebe The comments from Drs. Zeebe and Wolf-Gladrow are repeated below in gray (here marked with “…”); our response follows in black. We thank them for the effort that they put into providing this comment. “Errors and typos in numerical routines that lead to differences in CO2 system calculations should of […]

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