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Climate Or Bust: Sanders and Clinton Should Step Up Now

This is a guest posts by Claire Cohen Cortright. Claire Cohen Cortright is a mother, climate activist, and biology teacher living in upstate New York. She is an active member of Citizens Climate Lobby and moderator at Global Warming Fact of the Day. ______________________________________________ It is time, now, for climate activists to get vocal. As…

Studying the Evolution of the Horse's Spine

Modern horses are expert runners. They reach top speeds using a special running gait in which they hold their back stiff as they move. A new study published today reveals that tiny fossil ancestors of modern horses may have moved quite...Show More Summary

Pssst. Did you know there’s a sea star  stuck to your screen?...

Pssst. Did you know there’s a sea star  stuck to your screen? It’ll probably go away if you keep scrolling, but if you download our newest wallpaper, you can enjoy this totally tubular visitor for as long as you want!

popsci: Gorgeous, Weird Jellyfish Found 12,000 feet Below the...

popsci: Gorgeous, Weird Jellyfish Found 12,000 feet Below the Surface Near Mariana Trench The jellyfish in question was filmed earlier this week near the Mariana Trench during a submersible dive to explore an area called the Enigma Seamount. Show More Summary

Weasel halts LHC experiments after chewing on a power cable

The Large Hadron Collider has suffered a power outage after the unfortunate critter chewed on a 66 kilovolt electrical transformer

Predatory Ribbons

Some of you may have seen something like this doing the rounds:The animal in the clip is called a nemertean. The Nemertea, commonly known as ribbon worms, are a group of more than 1200 known species of mostly predatory worm-like animals. Show More Summary

Japanese satellite’s death spiral linked to software malfunction

The Hitomi X-ray space telescope has failed just months after its launch, leaving astronomers hoping to glimpse black holes devastated

Lyme Regis Fossil Festival in Full Swing

Lyme Regis Fossil Festival 2016 The 2016 Lyme Regis Fossil Festival is in full swing.  After a successful day yesterday with around two dozen primary schools attending, Friday is dedicated to supporting secondary schools, those pupils at Key Stages 3 and 4 of the English national curriculum.  Local fossil expert Brandon Lennon reports that there […]

neaq: If flying underwater counts, then yes, penguins can...

neaq: If flying underwater counts, then yes, penguins can fly. #penguins #swim #birds #ocean #animals #birdsofinstagram Counts in our book! ?????????

The Icy Moons of the Solar System may NOT be Friendly to Life Forming

Physicochemical Requirements Inferred for Chemical Self-Organization Hardly Support an Emergence of Life in the Deep Oceans of Icy Moons Author:PascalAbstract:An approach to the origin of life, focused on the property of entities capable of reproducing themselves far from equilibrium, has been developed recently. Show More Summary

Discovery of a Makemakean Moon

Discovery of a Makemakean MoonAuthors:Parker et alAbstract:We describe the discovery of a satellite in orbit about the dwarf planet (136472) Makemake. This satellite, provisionally designated S/2015 (136472) 1, was detected in imaging...Show More Summary

Are the Dorsa Argentea on Mars eskers?

Are the Dorsa Argentea on Mars eskers?Authors:Butcher et alAbstract:The Dorsa Argentea are an extensive assemblage of ridges in the southern high latitudes of Mars. They have previously been interpreted as eskers formed by deposition of sediment in subglacial meltwater conduits, implying a formerly more extensive south polar ice sheet. Show More Summary

China's Human Spaceflight Plans for this Year

China will end a three-year hiatus in human spaceflight late this year with the launch of the two-person Shenzhou-11 spacecraft to the new Tiangong-2 space station, Chinese officials say. The crew will carry out a 30-day mission aboard...Show More Summary

Is the US Navy Serious About Buying the V-22s for Shipboard Logistics?

After years of hesitation, the Navy finally decided last year to buy 44 CMV-22B variant Ospreys to replace its C-2A Greyhound airplanes in Carrier Onboard Delivery (COD) missions. But the way the Navy handled the V-22 in this year’s budget calls into question how firm its commitment to buying that many Ospreys really is. Show More Summary

“Ocean in trouble? There’s an app for that.”Have you ever been...

“Ocean in trouble? There’s an app for that.” Have you ever been sitting in your Uber, scrolling through the day’s Snapchat filters while dismissing your GrubHub notifications and thought: “Hmm, I wonder if there are any apps that overcome...Show More Summary

heycalacademy: Next-level parenting skills, as demonstrated by...

heycalacademy: Next-level parenting skills, as demonstrated by ocellaris clownfish. “Mouthing” the eggs keeps them free of fungus and debris. (Video by biologist Tim Wong.)

The origin of ripples and other fantastic fluid experiments by Hertha Marks Ayrton

To any one who, for the first time, sees a great stretch of sandy shore covered with innumerable ridges and furrows, as if combed with a giant comb, a dozen questions must immediately present themselves. How do these ripples form? Are they made and wiped out with every tide, or do they take a long […]

Helms Deep for Metazoan Reef Builders Found From Permian Extinction era Slovenia?

Equatorial Palaeotethys as the last sanctuary for late Permian metazoan reef-builders: New evidence from the Bellerophon Formation of SloveniaAuthors:Sremac et alAbstract:The rise and demise of warm-temperate Permian reefs and biostromes reflect the complex geologic history of this dynamic period. Show More Summary

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