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Pliocene Neogene Chameleon Fossils Found in South Africa

Morphometric analysis of chameleon fossil fragments from the Early Pliocene of South Africa: a new piece of the chamaeleonid historyAuthors:Dollion et alAbstract:The evolutionary history of chameleons has been predominantly studied through phylogenetic approaches as the fossil register of chameleons is limited and fragmented. Show More Summary

A Fight for Survival

A Fight for Survival from Lee Burghard. Interested in seeing more of my work? Visit me at:, and

Simulating the Zanclean Pliocene Neogene Flood of the Mediterranean Sea

Computational fluid dynamics simulations of the Zanclean catastrophic flood of the Mediterranean (5.33 Ma)Authors:Periáñez et alAbstract:Numerical simulations of the Mediterranean Sea filling after the Messinian salinity crisis have been carried out with a two-dimensional non-linear depth-averaged hydrodynamic model. Show More Summary

Don’t pine for me – some parts are not edible

On pinene and inhibiting enzymes. People of a certain age may remember a series of really funny commercials featuring Euell Gibbons and his famous question about whether you’ve ever eaten a pine tree.  “Some parts are edible??? said Euell. Show More Summary

2-19-15 They Found More Salmon and Followed It

Wednesday/Thursday, February 18/19th Wednesday...knowing that J pod was north (in my mind anyway) it was now a matter of waiting for them to come back down...but when?...which way - Rosario Strait? San Juan Channel? or Haro Strait?...would...Show More Summary

The Kids Were Scarier: Cranial Ornamentation DECREASE With age in Early Triassic Trematosauroid Temnospondyl Benthosuchus?

On the development of surface ornamentation of skull bones in the ontogeny of Early Triassic benthosuchids (Amphibia, Temnospondyli)Author:MorkovinAbstract:The rate of developmental changes in ornamentation of the dermal skull observed...Show More Summary

Rolling in the Deep – Papua New Guinea

Rolling in the Deep – Papua New Guinea from Dustin Adamson. presents The Rolling in the Deep series this time taking us into Papua New Guinean waters, one of the last unspoiled diving destinations left on earth. Watch in HD … Continue reading ?

Brian Angliss takes on Tom Harris

Regular readers of this blog will know Tom Harris, as he is an occasional commenter here. Tom is a climate science denier who wears an Invisibility Cloak of Concern. However, this particular Invisibilty Cloak was never worn by Ignotus Peverell; you can see right though it. Brian Angliss, a journalist and engineer, is the science…

And the plant goes “moo” ? – a bioinformatics case study with insulin

Sometimes when you go digging through the databases, you find unexpected things. When I was researching the previous posts on insulin structure and insulin evolution, I found something curious indeed.                     I wanted to find out how many different organisms made insulin, so I used a database…

CO2 and inorganic nutrient enrichment affect the performance of a calcifying green alga and its noncalcifying epiphyte

Ocean acidification studies in the past decade have greatly improved our knowledge of how calcifying organisms respond to increased surface ocean CO2 levels. It has become evident that, for many organisms, nutrient availability is an important factor that influences their physiological responses and competitive interactions with other species. Show More Summary

Ocean acidification induces biochemical and morphological changes in the calcification process of large benthic foraminifera

Large benthic foraminifera are significant contributors to sediment formation on coral reefs, yet they are vulnerable to ocean acidification. Here, we assessed the biochemical and morphological impacts of acidification on the calcification of Amphistegina lessonii and Marginopora vertebralis exposed to different pH conditions. Show More Summary

New book Creatures of the Deep takes readers on an extraordinary visual and literary journey

Creatures of the Deep, has just been published in a new edition — with all new photos and twice the size of the award-winning 1st edition. Erich Hoyt, MarineBio’s Director of Marine Mammals, takes readers on a journey to the deep that is … Continue reading ?

Using a rainbow to show how proteins fold

Pull a spaghetti noodle out of a box of pasta and take a look.  It’s long and stiff.  Try to bend it and it breaks.  But fresh pasta is pliable.  It can fold just like cooked noodles. When students first look at an amino acid sequence, a long string of confusing letters, they often think those letters are…

Anilao Critters 2015

Anilao Critters 2015 from Robert Suntay. “Here’s a little something to start off your year underwater: frogfish, cuttlefish, pipe horse, spider crab, mantis shrimp and more! The water is sooooo coooooold! But that’s what these critters seem to like! Special thanks … Continue reading ?

Bio Databases 2015

Something interesting happened in 2014. The total number of databases that Nucleic Acids Research (NAR) tracks dropped by three databases! What happened?  Did people quit making databases?  No.  This year, the “dead” databases (links no longer valid) outnumber the new ones. Show More Summary

Forests of the Sea: Plankton

Ocean Drifters from Plymouth University. “Ocean Drifters, a secret world beneath the waves” is a short film about plankton written, produced and directed by Dr Richard Kirby (Marine Institute Research Fellow, Plymouth University) with a narration by Sir David Attenborough and … Continue reading ?

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is Back

Infectious disease watchers are again wondering what is going on in Saudi Arabia. Since the beginning of February the Saudis have reported 52 cases of Middle East respiratory syndrome—better known as MERS; 40 have come to light in the past week or so alone. Show More Summary

FedCoin: Should There be a Federal Reserve Backed Cryptocurrency?

The idea of a government-sponsored digital currency has been around for quite some time. See, for example, the unconfirmed rumors reported in a March, 2013 discussion on the Bitcointalk forum titled “Fedcoin: A centrally-issued alternative to peer-to-peer currencies.”Now U.S. Show More Summary

Introducing Darkleaks: a Bitcoin Block Chain Derived Distributed Market for Secrets

Whistleblowers and those individuals that are simply out to make a buck out of any confidential and valuable information, can now offer it for sale on Darkleaks, a decentralized, anonymous black market on the Internet.The Darkleaks project...Show More Summary

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