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Cambaytherium thewissi: a Basal Perissodactyl From Ypresian Eocene Paleogene India

Working at the edge of a coal mine in India, a team of Johns Hopkins researchers and colleagues have filled in a major gap in science's understanding of the evolution of a group of animals that includes horses and rhinos. That groupShow More Summary

Zoologger: tickly kiss turns on hairy-mouthed spiders

The males of this spider species evolved a trick to make females more likely to let them father their offspring – tickling them with hairy mouthparts

Zoologger: Stingless suicidal bees bite until they die

Who needs a sting when you can sink your insect teeth into the body of your enemy, choosing death over ever letting go?

When Turtles Learned to Breathe Their Way

Through the careful study of modern and early fossil tortoise, researchers now have a better understanding of how tortoises breathe and the evolutionary processes that helped shape their unique breathing apparatus and tortoise shell....Show More Summary

On World Fisheries Day, A Look at Oceana’s Work to Create Sustainable Fisheries (Photos)

Splendid Perch (Callanthias platei) with Pampanito (Scorpis chilensis), pictured off the Desventuradas Islands off Chile. (Photo: Oceana) Every day, commercial and artisanal fishermen set out across the world’s oceans in search of their daily catch. Show More Summary

Trackway From Ediacaran NeoProterozoic Newfoundland Confirmed as Metazoan (Animal)

CONFIRMING THE METAZOAN CHARACTER OF A 565 MA TRACE-FOSSIL ASSEMBLAGE FROM MISTAKEN POINT, NEWFOUNDLANDAuthors:Liu et alAbstract:Surface locomotory trace fossils from the Mistaken Point Formation of Newfoundland, dated at ? 565 Ma, suggest...Show More Summary

Ocean Roundup: Seals Can Pick up Pings from Acoustic Tags on Fish, Climate Change Making Crabs “Sluggish,” and More

Grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) in Santander bay, Cantabria, Spain. New research shows grey seals may be able to pick up pings from acoustic tags on fish. (Photo: Oceana / Enrique Talledo) - New research shows that seals are picking up on the pings from acoustic tags on fish. Show More Summary

Sudbury Crater in Canada Confirmed to be Orosirian/Statherian Paleoproterozoic Cometary Impact

On the track of the elusive sudbury impact: geochemical evidence for a chondrite or comet bolideAuthors:Petrus et alAbstract:Siderophile and lithophile trace element data for 69 samples from the Sudbury impact crater fill (Onaping Formation)...Show More Summary

Life on the edge: Is ocean acidification a threat to deep-sea life? (text & video)

Even animals living in the deep ocean are affected by the increasing emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The ocean naturally absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, resulting in a more acidic habitat for ocean life. Researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute use a series of specially designed chambers to study how […]

Basin-scale estimates of pelagic and coral reef calcification in the Red Sea and Western Indian Ocean

Basin-scale calcification rates are highly important in assessments of the global oceanic carbon cycle. Traditionally, such estimates were based on rates of sedimentation measured with sediment traps or in deep sea cores. Here we estimated CaCO3 precipitation rates in the surface water of the Red Sea from total alkalinity depletion along their axial flow using […]

NOAA, partners provide real-time ocean acidification data to Pacific coast shellfish growers

New portal builds on NOAA’s commitment to provide public access to data from observational network. Shellfish farms and hatcheries along the Pacific U.S. coast  can now get real-time, online ocean acidification data through the Integrated...Show More Summary

40 years of scratching reveals ocean acidification data

As carbon dioxide levels increase due largely to human emissions, the world’s oceans are becoming highly corrosive to a number of organisms that call it home. But the rate of acidification and related changes are anything but uniform. That’s why a new study aims to set a baseline for nearly every patch of saltwater from […]

Quantifying the relative importance of transcellular and paracellular ion transports to coral polyp calcification

Ocean acidification due to rising atmospheric pCO2 slows down coral calcification and impedes reef formation, with deleterious consequences for the diversity of reef ecosystems. Such effects contrast with the capacity of corals to actively regulate the chemical composition of the calcifying fluid where calcification occurs. Show More Summary

The most important essay on scholarly publication this week

…is not actually about scholarly publication. It’s Steve Albini’s keynote address at Melbourne’s Face the Music conference. It’s about the music industry, and how the internet transformed it from a restrictive, top-down oligarchy that mostly benefited middlemen into a more open, level, vibrant ecosystem where artists can get worldwide exposure for free, and yet are […]

Shawn Otto Sunday Morning Interview: You are invited!

Shawn otto Shawn is the screenwriter and coproducer of the Oscar-nominated film House of Sand and Fog starring Ben Kingsley and Jennifer Connelly. He has also written for several of film and TV’s top studios. A few years back he started Science Debate 08, an effort to get a real debate over science policy issues…

Do genes make you gay?

Of course they do. To the extent that genes make you anything in particular, though the role of genetics in human behavior is pretty limited. You’ve probably heard about the newly reported research in which a genetic link was found to homosexuality in a study of gay brothers. Kelly Servick has a good writeup on…

Trumpeter Swans At Risk

Please don’t shoot the swans. My new post at 10,000 birds is here.

The Polar Vortex Is Dead. But that does not mean it isn’t cold out

The term “Polar Vortex” was thrown around a lot last year, in reference to the persistent mass of very cold air that enveloped much of southern Canada and the US. As you will remember, Rush Limbaugh accused climate scientists and librul meteorologists of making up the polar vortex to scare everyone into thinking climate change…

Publishers Remove Climate Change Denialism From Texas Schoolbooks

I just got this press release for the Texas Freedom Nettwork, passing the good news on to you: PUBLISHERS REMOVE CLIMATE CHANGE DENIALISM FROM TEXAS TEXTBOOKS; PUT EDUCATION AHEAD OF POLITICS Texas State Board of Education must still vote on adopting the revised textbooks FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 17, 2014 Publishers have agreed to correct…

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