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Optimism over cancer treatments should always be cautious

Efforts to turn everyday drugs into cancer treatments bring a glimmer of hope, but dangers of hype too

Vintage Dinosaur Art: Predatory Dinosaurs of the World - Part 3

Who asked for one more round of Predatory Dinosaurs of the World? No? Well you're getting it anyway. If it's any consolation, you might not have expected to see Dimetrodon and Eryops showing up in a book with such a title, and yet here they are. Show More Summary

The exotic animals that bankrolled the forgotten evolutionist

A Sulawesi hornbill is just one of 100,000 myriad animals that Alfred Russell Wallace collected to fund his research into the origin of species

nubbsgalore: photos by octavio aburto off the coast of mexico....

banco chinchorro biosphere reserve off quintana roo san benito islands la encrucijada biosphere reserve off chiapas holbox san benito islands cocos island (costa rica) cabo pulmo san benito islands cabo pulmo san benito islands nubbsgalore: photos by octavio aburto off the coast of mexico. (click pic for specifics)

7-14-16 Lime Kiln Shoreline and the Orcas!

Thursday, July 14th...L pod whales had come in the night was mid afternoon before some of them came north......the J11s-Blackberry J-27, Tsuchi J-31, and Mako J-39 were reported to be present! (They had not returned with...Show More Summary

Why Your Research Matters!

0000-0002-8996-1849The landscape of science is always shifting and in the last ten years we’ve seen a significant change brought by revolutionary discoveries like the powerful induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) and CRISPR/Cas9 technologies. Since then

What’s the strongest rock in the ocean? The one with all...

What’s the strongest rock in the ocean? The one with all the mussels on it! But you know what’s stronger? Sea otter jaws! Sea otters in California have been known to eat over 100 species of marine invertebrate—animals without backbones like mussels, crabs and octopuses. Show More Summary

Hummingbirds’ unique way of seeing prevents them from crashing

  Dare-devil fliers that can hover, fly backwards and go at more than 50 kilometres per hour rarely crash – here’s why  

How to expose a fake nuke without revealing what’s inside

Nuclear arms inspectors want to know that nations are dismantling real nuclear weapons, not decoys. Now there's a new way to verify that without revealing state secrets

TAGC Automated Tracking for Quantitative Phenotyping Workshop: Summary and Themes

The workshop presenters, in order of appearance: Harold Burgess, NIH Megan Carey, Champalimaud Gordon Berman, Emory Ben de Bivort,...Show More Summary

László Moholy-Nagy: Transmuting technology into art

Hungary’s László Moholy-Nagy pioneered the use of cutting-edge materials and technology in art. But what really mattered to him was investigation

Tasty fish beware: The puffin’s heavy bones allow it to dive...

Tasty fish beware: The puffin’s heavy bones allow it to dive deep in search of food. While a typical dives lasts 20-30 seconds, puffins can stay underwater for up to a minute!

How to become a citizen archaeologist tracking Stone Age Britons

On England’s cold shores, citizen archaeologists spot artefacts before tides sweep them away forever. Join in and you might change history, finds Joshua Howgego

heycalacademy: Corals are animals. Timelapse via our new...

heycalacademy: Corals are animals. Timelapse via our new publication, bioGraphic. 

My What A Big Claw You Have! All the Better to Love You With.

  For fiddler crab males, size is everything.  Well over 60 different species of fiddler crabs, genus Uca, exist across the globe.  You are probably familiar with the crabs.  The males have one ridiculously large claw.  You might think I’m being unfair to fiddler crabs, but the claw of male fiddler crabs is one of […]

Republican National Convention: Info, Live Blog, Open Thread

I have no idea if this will be of interest to this community of science oriented and smart readers, but a group called The Republicans is having a big convention this week. Here’s the basic schedule: Mon 18 July 1:00 PM EST: Convention Opens Tue 19 July 5:30 PM EST: Resume convention Wed 20 July…

Oceans may become too acidic for animals to smell their way around

Oceans may become too acidic for animals to smell their way around: mindblowingscience: The oceans are becoming ever more acidic as humans pump increasing amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. These acidic oceans will change...Show More Summary

7-13-16 J Pod Whales Left the Humans Speechless

Wednesday, July 13th...speechless but not wordless......'Oh, my"...that's for starters! about noon some of the J17s and some of the J22s came up island and past the lighthouse...they turned and went back down island...... 1 1/2Show More Summary

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