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Jane's Profiles "Russia's Armour Revolution" Inclusive of the T-14, T-15, Kurganets, Boomerang & Koalitsaya

Paraded uncovered for the first time on 9 May in Moscow, Russia's new range of armoured vehicles represent not only the biggest change in the country's armoured vehicle families since the 1970s but also a new design ethos.While the vehicles'...Show More Summary

Ukraine Captures two Russian GRU Soldiers

Ukrainian troops have arrested two Russian servicemen in the country's separatist eastern territories, a Ukrainian military spokesman said on Sunday, reporting further casualties in rebel attacks despite a three-month-old ceasefire deal.Ukraine...Show More Summary

Scopes Monkey Trail Law Repealed

On this day in 1967, the governor of Tennessee signed into law the repeal of the 1925 state law prohibiting the teaching of evolution. The original law had made it "unlawful for any teacher in any of the Universities, Normals and all...Show More Summary

Born This Day: Thomas Davison

May 17, 1817 – Oct. 14, 1885 Davison was a Scottish naturalist and paleontologist who became known as an authority on brachiopods. His major work, Monograph of British Fossil Brachiopoda, was published by the Palaeontographical Society. Show More Summary

Kronosaurus – Down on the Farm

Queensland Farmer Discovers Kronosaurus Jaw Fossil A Queensland farmer, out spraying weeds on his farm near Nelia in the north-western part of the State, has unearthed the fossilised remains of the lower jaw of a huge marine reptile known as a Kronosaurus.  Although the jaw measures 1.6 metres long, it came from a sub-adult, most […]

NASA Selects Honeybee Robotics for Self Refueling Prospector Spacecraft

NASA has selected Honeybee Robotics for four Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and one Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR) Phase I contracts, including one that would help develop a resource prospecting spacecraft capable...Show More Summary

Life before death: How dying affects living minds

Death shapes everything from individual lives to whole cultures, argue books by three social psychologists and an undertaker

5-16-15 Two Unusual Encounters

On May 14th, within a quarter mile off the west side of San Juan Island just down from Lime Kiln Pt. State Park, I was watching some Dall's porpoise (black with white dorsal fins). There was a group of them who appeared to be feeding. Show More Summary

5-15-15 Part 2-Just Who Else Was Here?

Part 2 from Friday, May 15th...after leaving the T65As we headed up to see Chainsaw T63, T65, and T65B and her offspring T65B1......and then, during one surfacing there were more whales than we had thought...oh, the excitement set More Summary

France Offers 785 Euro to Russia for Mistral Contract Cancellation

France has offered Russia its terms to scrap a contentious contract to supply two warships that was suspended due to the Ukraine crisis, but Moscow judged the sum as unacceptable, a report said Friday.Russian defense sources told Kommersant...Show More Summary

BioConcrete: Self Healing Concrete Invented (or rather bacterially healed)

It's the world's most popular building material, and ever since the Romans built the pantheon from it some 2,000 years ago, we've been trying to find ways to make concrete more durable.No matter how carefully it is mixed or reinforced,...Show More Summary

5-15-15 Part 1 - The T65As and A New Boat Driver

Friday, May 15th 6:00 a.m. "are those whales?"...what was coming over the Lime Kiln hydrophones was extremely faint...and then...yes! was transients...the calls lasted only a few minutes and that was it......out for an afternoon trip with Capt. Show More Summary

Did you hear the good news? Last week we welcomed two new chicks...

Did you hear the good news? Last week we welcomed two new chicks to our African blackfooted penguin exhibit! Chick One hatched on May 7 to parents Karoo and Messina. Chick Two hatched the following day, on May 8, and is in a nest with experienced surrogate parents Boulders and Walvis. Show More Summary

The Prehistoric Animals of Jurassic World – Indominus rex

The Making of Indominus rex – “Fierce or Untameable King” The back story to the forthcoming film “Jurassic World” goes something like this.  With the death of Dr. John Hammond the founder of InGen in 1997, (according to the film franchise timeline), the corporate giant Masrani began negotiations to acquire the company and within twelve […]

Sparks Flew Over Asteroid Mining and Space Property Bill

In a contentious hearing on Wednesday, the Republican controlled House Science Committee approved a measure that would give companies rights to materials they mine from asteroids over complaints from Democrats that the measure was unconstitutional...Show More Summary

5-12-15 Welcome to Friday Harbor- We Love It!

Tuesday, May 12th...J Pod has been gone a while but Transients keep showing up......word was that T93 and T97 were in the area...but they were just about as far away from the Snug Harbor side of the island as you can get......out with Capt. Show More Summary

One of These Won't be Built: Russia Unveils two Warship Projects

This is Project 23000E or Shtorm. Its a 90k to 100k ton aircraft carrier. Note the inclusion of a bow ramp. This would imply there are no catapults. Note: Russia does not have a shipyard which can produce such a large ship. Ukraine has all of the yards which could during the Soviet Union. Show More Summary

B-2 Bomber Gets Upgrades, Planned to Have Hypersonic Missile

The Air Force is making upgrades to the communications and weapons systems carried by the B-2 bomber by accelerating development of an air-launched, guided nuclear cruise missile and preparing to produce modifications to the existing...Show More Summary

Senate Armed Services Committee Funds Deep Strike UCLASS Prototypes, Further X-47b Testing

The Senate Armed Services Committee — concerned with the Navy’s direction for its planned unmanned carrier aircraft program — wants the Pentagon to oversee development of two new carrier capable prototype unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)...Show More Summary

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