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Humpback whales have arrived in Monterey Bay–and we have the...

Humpback whales have arrived in Monterey Bay–and we have the best seats in the house. These graceful giants have been breaching, spouting and feeding just off our decks!  These massive mammals use air bubbles to herd and corral schools...Show More Summary

Well, Crap. The Goblins-Kickstarter Scam & Resulting Conflict

It seems someone started a kickstarter campaign in the name of the Goblins webcomic. The person was NOT affiliated with author of the webcomic and ended up bilking the backers out of lot of money. The author warned kickstarter, which ignored him and then later told the author to talk to the person running the KS. Show More Summary

Born This Day: Noble Johnson

image “Meanwhile, the light-skinned Noble Johnson (April 18, 1881 – Jan. 9, 1978) was heavily made up for his role as the village chief [in 1933's, KING KONG] —he was a leading black actor of the era (known as “America’s premiere Afro-American screen star” in the black press) and therefore worth the extra consideration. Show More Summary

Ten Simple Rules for Effective Online Outreach

Exciting news for the DSN team! What we do here on this site — our mission and core values — have now been immortalized in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. Yeah, baby! It’s been a long time in the making, but we’re so happy to announce the publication of “Ten Simple Rules for Effective Online Outreach”, a new […]

Disney Research & Carengie Mellon Invent Fabric 3d Printer

A team from Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon University have devised a 3-D printer that layers together laser-cut sheets of fabric to form soft, squeezable objects such as bunnies, doll clothing and phone cases. These objects canShow More Summary

Comparing Topographic Signatures of Martian and Terrestrial Arroyos

The comparison of topographic long profiles of gullies on Earth to gullies on Mars: A signal of water on MarsAuthors:Conway et alAbstract:The topographic signature of a landform can give important clues as to its formation process. Here, we have used topographic long profiles to study the process of gully formation on Mars. Show More Summary

Strong Martian Atmospheric Water Isotopic Anomalies

Strong water isotopic anomalies in the martian atmosphere: Probing current and ancient reservoirsAuthors:Villanueva et alAbstract:We measured maps of atmospheric water (H2O) and its deuterated form (HDO) across the martian globe, showing...Show More Summary

Extensive Deforestation Around Big Bone Lick, Kentucky 5,000 Years ago by PreColumbian Native Americans

"The answers to extinction, survival and evolution are right here in the dirt," says University of Cincinnati Quaternary science researcher Ken Tankersley, associate professor of anthropology and geology. "And we are continually surprised...Show More Summary

Which way does an octopus crawl? Anyway it wants.

Let’s face it, octopuses are just going to be our cephalopod overlords. They have 8 arms, 3 hearts, Moms eat their own babies so the others can survive and they put Houdini to shame with their escape artistry. And now let’s just add to the list that they are way better at crawling than we will ever […]

Lotheridium mengi: a new Deltatheroidan Metatherian Mammal From Upper Cretaceous China

A new Cretaceous Metatherian mammal from Henan, ChinaAuthors:Bi et alAbstract:We report a new deltatheroidan mammal from the Upper Cretaceous of Henna, China. The new taxon, Lotheridium mengi, is based on a nearly complete skull and associated lower jaws with full adult dentition. Show More Summary

After the spill: Mystery of the vanishing Gulf of Mexico turtles

Five years on from the worst oil spill in US history, turtle populations are struggling, dolphins are in ill health and whales have lost habitat

The perennially popular penguinThere are few things in life...

The perennially popular penguin There are few things in life cuter than a penguin. OK, maybe when a penguin waddles, especially if there are more than one and it’s actually a parade! The colony of African blackfooted penguins (Spheniscus demersus) in our Splash Zone family gallery is a must-see on any visit. Show More Summary

4-16-15 J Pod One Day Transients the Next

Wednesday, April 15th...J pod came down the west side and reached the park at about 9:30 a.m.a few were somewhat close in......but most were spread out a half mile to two or three miles off shore......they continued down island, butShow More Summary

Marine Algae Fossils Found From Cryogenian NeoProterozoic Mongolia

FOSSILS OF PUTATIVE MARINE ALGAE FROM THE CRYOGENIAN GLACIAL INTERLUDE OF MONGOLIAAuthors:Cohen et alAbstract:Neoproterozoic carbonate successions provide a new taphonomic window into the diversification of eukaryotes. We report recently discovered macroscopic organic warty sheets (MOWS) in macerates of limestone from the ca. Show More Summary

Wild chimps look both ways before crossing roads

A busy highway in Uganda is a potential death trap, but chimps have learned to look before running across, and they even wait for those less able to cross

Feedback from Everything Dinosaur Customers

Feedback from our Customers People who purchase dinosaur toys and games from Everything Dinosaur provide feedback on their purchasing experience, teachers who invite our experts into schools give us their views on our dinosaur workshops, all of our customers are encouraged to provide Everything Dinosaur with feedback.  Team members from the Cheshire based dinosaur company […]

Zombie Worms and Plesiosaurs

Bone-Eating Worms Consumed Marine Reptile Carcases A type of bone-eating marine worm that had been thought to have evolved to exploit the food potential of cetacean carcases lying on the seabed also fed on the remains of giant marine reptiles, according to new research published in the academic journal “Biology Letters”.  The worm, the genus […]

Premiered This Day (1981): Caveman

image Directed by Carl Gottlieb and starring Ringo Starr, this film is probably best known for introducing Starr to his future wife, Barbara Bach. Famed Animator Jim Danforth oversaw the creation of the dinosaurs. A more interesting film with overtones of The Creature From The Black Lagoon (0:57) is Island of the Fish Men, also starring Bach.

The Southern Ocean ecosystem under multiple climate change stresses – an integrated circumpolar assessment

A quantitative assessment of observed and projected environmental changes in the Southern Ocean (SO) with a potential impact on the marine ecosystem shows: (i) large proportions of the SO are and will be affected by one or more climate change processes; areas projected to be affected in the future are larger than areas that are […]

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