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A Video Review of the Paleo-Creatures Eotyrannus

Paleo-Creatures Eotyrannus lengi – A Video Review Those talented people from Paleo-Creatures have put down their modelling tools for a few minutes, just long enough so that they can produce some short videos showcasing the prehistoric animal replicas that make up the Paleo-Creatures range of scale models.  The principal person behind this exciting range is Jesús […]

Scuffle in the South China Sea #69

China has urged Australia to be cautious with the South China Sea dispute. There have been hints China might give Philippines access to the Scarborough Shoal again, one of the disputed isles. this may be a carrot to pull Duterte into China's orbit. Show More Summary

Humanity Lectures

Humanity. We curse them. We worship them. We are in of them. We despise them. They have shaped the Galaxy and the know Universe like no other species before or since. Humanity. The Children of Man. The Children of Earth. The Spawn of Gaia. Show More Summary

Fossil Hunting Event at Biddulph Grange Garden

Budding Palaeontologists Wanted at Biddulph Grange Garden – Sunday 30th October On the cusp of “Dinovember” already and Sunday 30th October will see team members from Everything Dinosaur visiting the prestigious Biddulph Grange Garden (Staffordshire), to set up a fossil finding activity in support of the fund to help restore and refurbish the amazing Geological […]

The First Fossil Parrot from Siberia

Prehistoric “Polly” Challenges View on Ancient Parrot Radiation and Dispersal A partial tarsometatarsus bone from Siberia proves that ancient parrots lived much further north in the past.  This fragment of bone, dating from around 18-16 million years ago was discovered in the Lake Baikal region of Siberia.  This is the first time parrot fossils have been found […]

Visit to the Senckenberg Natural History Museum

The Senckenberg Natural History Museum (Naturmuseum Senckenberg) When in Frankfurt, take the opportunity to visit one of the largest natural history museums in Germany, the Naturmuseum Senckenberg (Senckenberg Natural History Museum). Show More Summary

Russia Conducted a Hypersonic Weapons Test

On October 25 2016 the Strategic Rocket Forces carried out a successful test launch of an UR-100NUTTH/SS-19 missile from the Dombarovskiy basing area. The missile was launched at 11:58 MSK (08:58 UTC). According to a ministry of defense...Show More Summary

The Skin of a Spanish Titanosaur

Titanosaur Trace Fossils Excite Palaeontologists Now that team members have published an article on Australia’s newest titanosaurid (Savannasaurus elliottorum), we can turn our attention to another scientific paper, actually published...Show More Summary

From ancient fossils to future cars

Researchers at the University of California, Riverside's Bourns College of Engineering have developed an inexpensive, energy-efficient way to create silicon-based anodes for lithium-ion batteries from the fossilized remains of single-celled algae called diatoms.

Early fossil fish from China shows where our jaws came from

Where did our jaws come from? The question is more complicated than it seems, because not all jaws are the same.

Wacky Hole

Imagine you've acquired a long-standing scenic tourist attraction, consisting of a series of impressive show caves at the end of a lush limestone valley with a gentle river running through it, the water feeding a Victorian paper mill. Show More Summary

Carcharodontosaurus – A Very Popular Dinosaur

Carcharodontosaurus – An Enormous Carnivorous Dinosaur Paleo Paul has been busy with his camera again as this week, team members at Everything Dinosaur were emailed some photographs of the latest addition to his fossil collection, a magnificent broken tooth from a very large Theropod dinosaur.  In his email, Paleo Paul explained that the tooth was […]

Generation of Highly Inclined Trans-Neptunian Objects by Planet Nine

Generation of Highly Inclined Trans-Neptunian Objects by Planet Nine Authors: Batygin et al Abstract: The trans-Neptunian region of the solar system exhibits an intricate dynamical structure, much of which can be explained by an instability-driven orbital history of the giant planets. Show More Summary

Doubts About Planet Nine?

Consequences of a Distant Massive Planet on the Large Semi-major Axis Trans-Neptunian ObjectsAuthors:Shankman et alAbstract:We explore the distant giant planet hypothesis by integrating the large semi-major axis, large pericenter Trans-Neptunian...Show More Summary

Shaping of the inner Oort cloud by Planet Nine

Shaping of the inner Oort cloud by Planet Nine Authors: Michaely et al Abstract: We present a numerical calculation of the dynamical interaction between the proposed Planet Nine and an initially thin circular debris disk around the Sun for 4Gyr, accounting the secular perturbation of the four giant planets. Show More Summary

Explaining the Short Rotation Period of Hi'iaka, Haumea's Largest Satellite

The Short Rotation Period of Hi'iaka, Haumea's Largest Satellite Authors: Hastings et al Abstract: Hi'iaka is the larger outer satellite of the dwarf planet Haumea. Using relative photometry from the Hubble Space Telescope and Magellan...Show More Summary

News From Pluto: Clouds on Pluto, Landslides on Charon

By the end of this week, all the data gathered by the New Horizons spacecraft during its July 2015 flyby of the Pluto system will have finished downloading to Earth and be in the hands of the science team. Bonnie Buratti, a science team...Show More Summary

ESA's Exomars Schiaparelli Lander Lost

Essential data from the ExoMars Schiaparelli lander sent to its mothership Trace Gas Orbiter during the module’s descent to the Red Planet’s surface yesterday has been downlinked to Earth and is currently being analysed by experts.Early...Show More Summary

Boeing CST-100/Starliner First Flight Delayed 6 Months

Boeing is delaying a series of test flights of its CST-100 Starliner commercial crew vehicle by up to six months, pushing back the first operational mission of the capsule until the end of 2018.Boeing spokesman William Barksdale said Oct. Show More Summary

China Launched Shenzhou-11 Carrying two Taikonauts, Docks With Chinese Space Station Tiangong-2

The Chinese spacecraft Shenzhou-11 – and its crew of two taikonauts – has successfully docked with the Tiangong-2 space module at 19:24 UTC. The docking begins a month long mission in which the crew will conduct a series of experiments aimed at progressing China’s ambitions in space. link.

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