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Lucky Dinosaur Fossil Egg Find in China

Five Dinosaur Fossil Eggs Found by Chance Construction workers have unearthed five dinosaur eggs in the city of Foshan (Guangdong Province, south-eastern China).  The eggs, preserved in red sandstone, were laid by a herbivore, but scientists are unable to identify the genera.  The eggs are quite rounded in shape and measure approximately 13-14 centimetres in

Happy St George’s Day

Dinosaur Names Related to Dragons - St George's Day Today, April 23rd, is St George's Day, the national day for England (St George is the patron saint of England, a saint incidentally celebrated and revered by a number of other countries too).  The story about brave St George slaying a dragon might be a myth,

The Tactile Nature of a Schleich Brachiosaurus

The Schleich Brachiosaurus and Creative Play The recently introduced Schleich Brachiosaurus dinosaur model is proving to be a big hit amongst teachers and teaching assistants who work with Foundation Stage children and those children in Year 1.  The model, which measures around thirty-two centimetres in length and stands a fraction under twenty centimetres high is

New Species of Hyaenodont from Egypt Described

Masrasector nananubis - From the Late Eocene of Egypt If people are asked to name a meat-eating mammal, you can expect to get answers such as tiger, bear or lion.  Those of us with more of a domestic outlook on life might mention cats and dogs, but for a significant portion of the Cenozoic, sometimes

Trace Fossils Discovered of an Unknown Reptile Species Existing 247 Million Years Ago

The several excavation campaigns conducted in 2012 by geologists, biologists and palaeontologists of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and the Institut Català de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont (ICP), together with local geologists...Show More Summary

Genetic evidence points to nocturnal early mammals

Our earliest mammalian ancestors likely skulked through the dark, using their powerful night-time vision to find food and avoid reptilian predators that hunted by day. This conclusion, published by Stanford researchers April 21 in Scientific Reports, used genetic data to support existing fossil evidence suggesting that our distant relatives may have adapted to life in the dark.

Utahraptor competition: the winner!

After consulting with the Chasmo-team, and taking into account the feedback from our readers (i.e. that one comment from Emily Willoughby - thanks, Emily!), I'm happy to present the winner of our Utahraptor competition: Castles MadeShow More Summary

SpinoDude Reviews Polacanthus

Papo Polacanthus Video Review SpinoDude has produced a very informative review of the new for 2017 Papo Polacanthus dinosaur model.  Papo's promotional images of this plant-eating dinosaur did not do it justice and SpinoDude addresses this by showcasing some of the exquisite details that can be found on this replica, one of six dinosaur figures

Prehistoric Seagull from the Outback

Nanantius eos and the Eromanga Sea The Queensland town of Richmond may be several hundred miles from the Coral Sea that laps against the coast of north-eastern Australia, but back in the Cretaceous this part of world, famous for its droughts and arid outback, was covered for millions of years by a shallow, tropical sea

Sea scorpions: The original sea monster

Four hundred and thirty million years ago, long before the evolution of barracudas or sharks, a different kind of predator stalked the primordial seas. The original sea monsters were eurypterids--better known as sea scorpions.

New Species of Arowana Fish from the Eocene of China

The Origins of the Dragon Fish (Scleropages) Scientists from the Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology (IVPP) have published details of the discovery of beautifully preserved fish fossils from China that have helped map the origins of one of the most valuable and sought after aquarium fishes in the world. Show More Summary

Prehistoric Times Magazine (Spring 2017) Reviewed

A Review of Prehistoric Times Magazine (Spring 2017) Issue 121 (Spring 2017), of the quarterly magazine "Prehistoric Times" has just arrived and this edition of the popular journal for dinosaur fans and prehistoric animal model enthusiasts has a distinctly "English" feel to it.  Yes, we know the front cover features the amazing artwork of the

Elk Hunter Stumbles Across Elasmosaurid

Nakonanectes bradti - Shortest Neck and Youngest Elasmosaur from the Western Interior Seaway A new genus of elasmosaurid has been added to the list of marine reptiles associated with the Western Interior Seaway.  Named Nakonanectes bradti, this fish-eating monster lived around 70 million-years ago.  A paper detailing the discovery has been published this week in

New Tiny Dromaeosaurid from the Jehol Biota

Zhongjianosaurus yangi from the Early Cretaceous of China Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have published information on-line about the discovery of another dromaeosaurid from the Lower Cretaceous Yixian Formation of Liaoning Province (north-eastern China). Show More Summary

Moabosaurus of the Aptian of North America

Moabosaurus utahensis - Adding to the Early Cretaceous Dinosaur Fauna of North America Researchers from Brigham Young University writing in the University of Michigan’s Contributions from the Museum of Palaeontology, have published details...Show More Summary

The Dinosaurian Body Plan Alan Charig Remembered

Teleocrater rhadinus and Dr Alan Charig There's a book on our office shelves, its dust jacket is faded and torn and the pages are yellowed with age, not surprising really as it was printed in 1973.  Although many of the passages, diagrams and ideas contained within it, have long since been superseded, it is treated

Utahraptor competition: the contenders

Just over a month ago, I launched our latest art competition in the name of drawing attention to the Utahraptor Project. The aim was to humorously illustrate how all those dinosaurs ended up caught in quicksand together - disregarding...Show More Summary

Jurassic Park III Diorama Completed

Jurassic Park III Diorama Completed Time for an update on the super-sized dinosaur diorama being built by enthusiastic model fan Robert Townsend.  The project has now been completed and "Jurassic Park III" as the prehistoric landscape has been called, is nearly ready to be populated with dinosaurs.  Robert explains that the name for his project

Chinese Fossil Sites Under Threat

Mining Operations Damage Famous Fossil Site An article in the South China Morning Post highlights the growing concern expressed by the scientific community over damage to a globally important fossil site in Guizhou Province (south-western China).  Phosphorous mining operations are wiping away fossil evidence of some of the earliest organisms classified as animals known to

Getting our Heads Around Edmontosaurus Skulls

New Paper Published on Edmontosaurus Scientists from the Canadian Museum of Nature in collaboration with colleagues from the Beijing Museum of Natural History have published a paper in the on-line academic journal PLOS One that provides a fresh analysis of the iconic North American dinosaur Edmontosaurus.  The researchers effectively develop the ideas put forward when

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