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A line of people snakes through the north entryway, populated mostly by locals taking advantage of a promotion offering free entry for state residents. From the middle of a group of twentysomethings, I hear a man's voice express mild disappointment as he peers past the ticket counters at the famous tyrant dinosaur beyond. Show More Summary

Spiny, Armoured Slug Provides Best Evidence for the Ancestry of Molluscs

Spiny but Slimy and with a Radula – Calvapilosa kroegeri Scientists from the University of Bristol have uncovered a 480-million-year-old slug-like fossil in Morocco which sheds new light on the evolution of molluscs, a diverse group of invertebrates that includes clams, snails and cephalopods like squid and cuttlefish. Show More Summary

Clay Dinosaurs

Clay Dinosaurs Team members from Everything Dinosaur at a trade fair in Germany met up with some very talented model makers and artists.  A company called “Clay Works”, which is based in Singpore, were promoting their brand of very malleable clay, that once air dried sets solid.  In order to demonstrate what the clay could […]

Yehuecauhceratops – A New Dinosaur from Mexico

Yehuecauhceratops mudei – Mexican Relative of Nasutoceratops Last week, a new species of North American horned dinosaur was announced.  Named Yehuecauhceratops (Y. mudei), at three metres long, it was little more than a third the size of Triceratops, but its discovery, after a ten-year-long exploration of Upper Cretaceous strata of the State of Coahuila (northern […]

A Review of “Giants of the Lost World”

“Giants of the Lost World” Reviewed The fauna and flora of South America has always fascinated scientists and academics.  Animals that are around today, such as the giant otter, the bizarre peccary, anacondas and the jaguar, which pound for pound has the strongest bite of any living big cat, are mere shadows of what was once […]

Late Permian Therapsid was Probably Venomous

Euchambersia mirabilis was Probably Venomous Detailed scans of the skull of the stem-mammal Euchambersia supports a theory first proposed by the enigmatic Baron Franz Nopcsa ninety years ago, that this Late Permian creature was venomous. Show More Summary

Valentines Day and Dinosaurs

Valentine’s Day and Dinosaurs Romance may not be something readily associated with the Dinosauria.  However, to reflect this special day, Everything Dinosaur team members have reviewed some of the blog articles posted on this site that look at research into dinosaur behaviour and potential courtship displays. Show More Summary

An Unexpected Early Triassic Marine Ecosystem

American Fossil Site Shows Diverse Range of Marine Fauna Post Permian Extinction Event A team of international scientists writing in the on line academic journal “Science Advances” have published details of a complex and diverse Early Triassic marine ecosystem that contradicts the commonly held view that life on Earth was slow to recover from the catastrophic […]

Preparations for Everything Dinosaur’s New Website

Everything Dinosaur’s New Website The countdown has begun to the launch of Everything Dinosaur’s new website.  There is less than two weeks to go, customers and visitors will still be directed to the same website address Everything Dinosaur but the site they visit will have been completely revamped. There will be greater numbers of dinosaur models […]

Papo Prehistoric Mammals New for 2017

Papo Prehistoric Mammals 2017 Amongst the dinosaur (and one pterosaur), models being introduced by Papo this year, there are two prehistoric mammals, both members of the Order Carnivora.  The Acrocanthosaurus, Ceratosaurus and the Cryolophosaurus might be getting all the attention, but we thought we would shed some light on the intriguing Papo Sabre-Tooth Cat and […]

Stealth Saga #61

KF-X:Indonesia's participation in the South Korean KF-X program has hit a snag over licensing issues for American technologies: they have not been approved to be licensed to Indonesia. PAK-FA: The PAK-FA's engine has been delayed toShow More Summary

Guest Post: The Music of Walking with Dinosaurs

Once again, we welcome Rohan Long to the blog for a guest post. Rohan is a zoology teaching guy at University of Melbourne. You can find him on Twitter @zoologyrohan and listen to his new musical project, Bronzewing, at Show More Summary

Helping to Organise a School Trip to Wren’s Nest

Wren’s Nest and School Trips Everything Dinosaur has been contacted by a school based in the West Midlands, seeking advice about a trip to the famous Wren’s Nest National Nature Reserve, a place we know very well indeed!  This location is a popular destination for local schools which are studying fossils and rocks as part […]

First Live Birth Evidence in Ancient Dinosaur Relative

Dinocephalosaurus – The Only Known Viviparous Archosauromorph The first ever evidence of live birth in an animal group previously thought to lay eggs exclusively has been discovered by an international team of scientists, including a palaeontologist from the University of Bristol. Show More Summary

Vintage Dinosaur Art: Dinosaurs (Herbert S Zim) - Part 2

As you'll no doubt recall, the last time I posted on LITC, it was to share my #cleaneating cooking tips and various photographs of myself flashing my pristinely white teeth while preparing cabbage-based dishes in a mysteriously desaturated, blandly rustic-looking netherworld. Show More Summary

Significant Rock Fall at Stonebarrow Hill

Rock Fall Highlights the Dangers of Dorset Cliffs Everything Dinosaur team members have received reports about a large rock fall in the area of Stonebarrow Hill, east of the popular tourist destination – Charmouth (Dorset).  With many schools due to have their half-term break in the next couple of weeks or so, the beaches in […]

Foundation Children and Year 2 Study Dinosaurs

January – A Month of Studying Dinosaurs Children in the Foundation Stage and Year 2 at Our Lady & St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, (Rotherham, South Yorkshire), spent last month learning all about dinosaurs and fossils.  The dedicated and enthusiastic teaching staff had put together an exciting and challenging scheme of work and as part of […]

CRISPR COWS! CRISPR Used to Create Bovine Tuberculosis Resistant Cows

CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing technology has been used for the first time to successfully produce live cows with increased resistance to bovine tuberculosis, reports new research published in the open access journal Genome Biology.The researchers,...Show More Summary

Modeling the Mantles of Icy Moons

Heat transport in the high-pressure ice mantle of large icy moonsAuthors:Choblet et alAbstract:While the existence of a buried ocean sandwiched between surface ice and high-pressure (HP) polymorphs of ice emerges as the most plausible...Show More Summary

Primordial Martian Atmosphere had Little Carbon Dioxide?

The CO2 level in Mars' primitive atmosphere 3.5 billion years ago was too low for sediments, such as those found by NASA's Curiosity exploration vehicle in areas like the Gale Crater on the planet's equator, to be deposited. This and...Show More Summary

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