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JurassicCollectables Reviews the Papo Polacanthus

Papo Polacanthus Video Review (JurassicCollectables) JurassicCollectables have produced another very informative video of a Papo, new for 2017, prehistoric animal figure.  This time, the armoured Polacanthus takes centre stage and in...Show More Summary

The Curious World of Pliosauridae Research

Bucking the Trend - Luskhan itilensis Writing in the academic journal "Current Biology", a team of international scientists which includes Roger Benson and Valentin Fischer (Department of Earth Sciences, Oxford University), have published details of a new species of ancient marine reptile, a short-necked Plesiosaur that bucks the trend for the Pliosauridae.  Instead of being an

Stealth Saga #62

6th Generation Fighters:Japan has teamed with Britain to study its next generation fighter.The penetrating counter air system may be fast tracked and only a small number bought. The PCA program under the Trump budget was $143 million. Show More Summary

Dinosaurs of China Coming to Nottingham

Major Feathered Dinosaur Exhibition Coming to Nottingham The idea that dinosaurs are not extinct might ruffle a few feathers.  However, the Dinosauria essentially consists of two parts, avian dinosaurs (birds) and non-avian dinosaurs, iconic prehistoric animals such as Tyrannosaurus rex, Stegosaurus and Triceratops. It is the bird lineage, that is very much still with us today.

Hell Beast

Ichor dripped from its teeth. Poisonous and deadly, the slime pooled on the floor before us. It's malleable covering for its consumptive orifice was pulled back and a terrifying noise emanated deep from within the beast. We were doomed. Show More Summary

Ceratopsid Tooth Paper Published (Part 2)

Owl Creek Ceratopsid Tooth and Palaeoenvironment Implications Yesterday, team members at Everything Dinosaur published an article on the discovery of a single fossil tooth from a Late Cretaceous horned dinosaur that had been found in Union County (Mississippi).  This discovery, the first evidence of a dinosaur from the Owl Creek Formation, has implications for the

Dawn on Jefferson, Chapter 19: No Haven From Maven

Coming out of class was disconcerting. There was nothing different. There was nothing that stood out as different. There was nothing to make me uncomfortable. There was nothing different from any other day I had left American History class. Show More Summary

Ceratopsid Tooth Paper Published (Part 1)

Paper on the First Reported Horned Dinosaur Tooth from Eastern North America Published In July 2016, Everything Dinosaur team members reported the discovery of a single tooth from a horned dinosaur in North America.  Given the dental batteries that these herbivorous dinosaurs possessed, that teeth, being extremely hard, stand up well to the fossilisation process

Dawn on Jefferson, Chapter 18: Lessons Learned Before Maven

The bell rang at that point and we all ran off to our respective classrooms. We knew we would have to continue the discussion as to what we were going to do and how when lunch came. That was the next time all five of we, the Merry Pranksters, would be together. Show More Summary

Dawn on Jefferson, Chapter 17: The Healing Power of Popcorn

Popcorn! Who'd have thought it had magical properties to save the universe!?! Or at least slay an argument...Tom was either a genius or an absolutely evil deviant who had laced his popcorn with happy sauce. The stuff we swear the school nurse keeps above her desk and eats for lunch. Show More Summary

Dawn on Jefferson, Chapter 16: WAITAMINUTE!

Just when you think you're about to go do something amazing and wild and crazy and fun, that's when you get into a fight. Every time. I swear. Unfortunately, it was with my friends, my Merry Pranksters. Veena, Rosa, Tom, Jackie and I all blew up at each other and it became a serious huff between us. Show More Summary

Megazostrodontidae and Molars

Wareolestes rex - Uniting English Teeth with a Scottish Jawbone This month has seen the publication of a scientific paper on one of the lesser known animals of the Middle Jurassic, a very distant ancestor of us and one that roamed the land that we now know as the United Kingdom.  The fossil collection attributed

The Latest Everything Dinosaur Customer Newsletter

Rebor, Battat Terra and Bullyland - Everything Dinosaur Newsletter Subscribers to Everything Dinosaur's news feed received this week an email newsletter giving them notification of the arrival of the limited edition Rebor hatchling Stegosaurus "Clover" and the repainted "Fallen Queen" Triceratops horridus dinosaur model. Show More Summary

Paleolithic Papers #14

Genus Homo: During the Middle Pleistocene, the Luonan Basin in central China appears to be a refugium for hominids.How the human pelvis evolved.Modern Humans (H. sapiens):It appears modern humans may have arrived in North America far, far earlier than previously thought, back 130,000 years ago. Show More Summary

Say it with Flowers from the Danian to be Exact

Flowering After a Disaster - Oldest Buckthorn Fossilised Flowers Next week sees the start of the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show.  The great and the good will be attending this Royal Horticultural Society event, regarded by many gardeners and growers as the highlight of the year.  Today, Everything Dinosaur turns its attention to a paper published

Last Vista

I strapped myself in. Checking and rechecking all the links and connectors. I placed the mask over my face. I verified it was in place and properly seated as it melted and molded over my ugly mug. I had to be careful. I had to be prepared. Show More Summary

Time to Question Where Life on Earth Started

Earliest Evidence for Microbial Life on Land Fossils which reputedly show evidence of microbial life in hot springs have been found in Australian rocks that date from 3.48 billion years ago.  The hot spring deposits found in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, have pushed back by some 580 million years, the earliest known existence

Dawn on Jefferson, Chapter 15: Uncomfortable Revelations

Jackie steered us quickly to a quiet room. Of course! It was a music practice room! Joy! Wonders! happiness! My parents were going to be after me to practice more on my violin once this had settled down. I was lucky Mom didn't make me despite everything. Show More Summary

Time flies: Insect fossils in amber shed light on India’s geological history

A new species of fungus gnat in Indian amber closely resembles its fossil relatives from Europe, disproving the concept of a strongly isolated Indian subcontinent.

Dawn on Jefferson, Chapter 14: The Game is a Foot

Mom was suspicious. She knew I liked my friends but to be willing to go to school right after dealing with so many crazy questions roused her into wondering what was going on. It was NOT a good wondering. I had a feeling she would drop a tracer on my booster to keep track of me. Show More Summary

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