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Beelzebufo ampinga- Consumer of Dinosaurs

Giant Prehistoric Frog Capable of Tackling Small Dinosaurs Ever since it was formally named and described back in 2008, the beach-ball-sized Late Cretaceous frog Beelzebufo (B. ampinga) has fascinated scientists.  The fossil record of frogs (Order Anura), is very poor, although these small, usually unobtrusive creatures have a long evolutionary history.  Imagine the surprise of

Vintage Dinosaur Art: How Tough was a Tyrannosaurus?

The Q&A format is a very popular one for children's dinosaur books, and indeed I've covered a few during my invaluably spent time writing for LITC. However, this one's a little special, and that's because it was sent to me by long-time reader Herman Diaz via airmail, all the way from the US. Show More Summary

New Papo and Prehistoric Animal Model Retirements

Papo New Releases and Retirements (Les Dinosaures) Just arrived at Everything Dinosaur, a limited edition Papo gift box dinosaur model set.  The Papo special edition gift box features two dinosaurs, a Papo juvenile Spinosaurus and a Papo Ceratosaurus.  The Papo Juvenile Spinosaurus is a new figure, Everything Dinosaur team members saw this model around twelve

Mysterious Dickinsonia Definitely an Animal

Soft-bodied Dickinsonia - An Animal The Late Proterozoic saw the evolution of a variety of bizarre, multi-cellular organisms, fossils of which, are extremely rare and what evidence we have, does little to shed light on where on the tree of life these organisms would sit.  Food chains existed but the organisms that made up the

Transforming Brains Require a Transforming Skull

Bigger Brains of Birds Require Skull Modification Most scientists agree that a group of dinosaurs, members of the Maniraptora clade, evolved into Aves.  We now have two distinct parts to the Order Dinosauria, the extinct non-avian dinosaurs and their closely related, extant kin, the avian dinosaurs (birds).  A lot of research has been undertaken in

Highly Respected Palaeontologist Dies at Dig Site

Palaeontologist Mike Getty Dies Unexpectedly Celebrated fossil hunter and chief fossil preparator at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Mike Getty, has died unexpectedly whilst working on a Triceratops excavation north of Denver (Colorado).  A Triceratops fossil, most probably a young adult, was discovered by chance as a construction crew was removing top soil

Deltasuchus – Dinosaur Crunching Crocodile

Deltasuchus motherali - Unlocking the Fauna of Appalachia A team of researchers based in the United States have uncovered the remains of an early Late Cretaceous crocodile that is distantly related to modern-day crocodiles.   The discovery comes from the Arlington Archosaur Site, this location is rapidly proving to be one of the best sites

Everything Dinosaur Adds PNSO Family Zoo

PNSO Family Zoo Models Added to Everything Dinosaur's Range Everything Dinosaur has added the PNSO Family Zoo range of animal models to its product portfolio.  The Family Zoo range currently consists of twenty animal models, representing extant creatures as diverse as tigers, pandas, hippos, horses and dogs. Each model is hand-painted and presented in its

The Lewes Dinosaur Project

Town Aims to Honour Gideon Mantell with a Life-size Dinosaur Monument An ambitious project to install a life-size iguanodontid in the town of Lewes (East Sussex, England), to commemorate the work of one of the most important contributors to the early study of dinosaurs, is gathering pace.  The dinosaur-themed monument would act as a fitting

Birds’ unique skulls linked to young dinosaur brains

Bird skulls and brains look like those of young dinosaurs, providing clues to their unique evolution and modern success. The post Birds’ unique skulls linked to young dinosaur brains appeared first on HeritageDaily - Heritage & Archaeology News.

Europe’s Newest Brachiosaur

Soriatitan golmayensis of the Lower Cretaceous of Spain Say hello to Europe's newest member of the Brachiosauridae family - Soriatitan golmayensis, a Sauropod estimated to have been longer than a badminton court!  This new species of herbivorous dinosaur has been described in a scientific paper published in the journal "Cretaceous Research". Show More Summary

Half-a-billion-year-old fossils shed light animal evolution on earth

Scientists have discovered traces of life more than half-a-billion years old that could change the way we think about how all animals evolved on earth. The post Half-a-billion-year-old fossils shed light animal evolution on earth appeared first on HeritageDaily - Heritage & Archaeology News.

500 Million-Year-Old Trace Fossils Shed Light on Animal Evolution

Tracing the Traces of Early Animal Life Darwin was aware of the problem, Huxley and Owen had considered it too.  The American Charles Walcott, in 1909, literally stumbled across evidence to support the idea of a bizarre array of early animal forms, but the fossil evidence that helps to pinpoint and then map the evolution

A Review of the PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Triceratops Model

PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Triceratops Model Reviewed Everything Dinosaur has recently added the PNSO range of prehistoric animals and the PNSO "Family Zoo" replicas to its already extensive range of figures.  This series is not that well-known outside of China, but these models are rapidly gaining favour with serious collectors.  Take for example, the PNSO

Has Human Evolution Tripped Us Up?

5.7 Million-year-old Hominin Footprints on Crete The chance discovery of hominin fossilised footprints on the Mediterranean island of Crete, has challenged the accepted theory of human evolution.  The footprints, which have been dated to around 5.7 million years ago, were formed when all other hominins known to science were restricted to Africa and they had

Devonian Fish Sidesteps Current Evolutionary Theory

Hongyu chowi - Convergent Evolution Or Did We Get It All Wrong? The invasion of the land by vertebrates, the evolution of the first four-legged land animals (Tetrapods), in the Late Devonian is regarded as one of the most significant periods in the history of the Chordates.  Palaeontologists think that the first land animals with

How to Set Up an Account at Everything Dinosaur

How to Set Up an Account at Everything Dinosaur With the launch of Everything Dinosaur's updated website this year, lots of new customer friendly features have been added.  Creating an account is very easy and intuitive, but we do appreciate the way opening accounts has changed, so here is a helpful guide to setting up

National Thylacine Day

National Thylacine Day Today, marks the 81st anniversary of the death of the last known Thylacine.  The animal, nick-named Benjamin, died this day (7th September 1936), at Beaumaris Zoo (Hobart, Tasmania).  The Thylacine (sometimes referred to as the Tasmanian Tiger, probably due to its prominent stripes), was the largest carnivorous marsupial of the Holocene Epoch.

Vintage Dinosaur Art: Paper Dinosaurs

Hello faithful LITC readers! I'm back from 5 weeks in the wilderness and SVP, and have a pretty cute piece of vintage dinosaur art to share with you. Today we're looking at Paper Dinosaurs: 20 Model Monsters to Cut and Fold, by David Hawcock and published in 1988 by Marshall Cavendish Books. Show More Summary

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