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Everything Dinosaur Newsletter July 2017

Everything Dinosaur Newsletter July 2017 A great way to keep up to date with all the developments at Everything Dinosaur is to subscribe to the company's newsletter.  The July issue introduced new CollectA models as well as the latest Schleich "Conquering the Earth" dinosaurs.  The new CollectA Deluxe 1:20 scale Uintatherium is one of the

A Guide to the CollectA Mini Prehistoric Marine Animals Set

A Guide to the CollectA Mini Prehistoric Marine Animals Set With CollectA having introduced another set of miniature figures into their "Prehistoric Life" model series, team members at Everything Dinosaur thought it would prove helpful to model makers if they listed the twelve replicas within the new CollectA mini prehistoric marine animals set.  This information

Unravelling the Mysteries of Complex Life

First Non-Destructive Internal Images of Rangea Travel back in time far enough and the distinction between what is a plant and what is an animal becomes blurred.  For a palaeontologist, unravelling the mysteries of the origins of multi-cellular life is daunting.  Firstly, when examining the few fossils of multi-cellular organisms known from rocks laid down

Eureka! We Have a Fossil Spider

Maevia eureka - Miocene Spider Researchers have described a new fossil species of jumping spider found embedded in a piece of amber that dates from the early-mid Miocene.  The beautifully preserved specimen was collected from lignite-sandstone sediments that date from between 23 and 15 million years ago.  The little spider has been assigned to the

New CollectA Models in Stock

Dimorphodon, Uintatherium, Basilosaurus and Mini Prehistoric Marine Animals Arrive The final batch of new for 2017, CollectA prehistoric animal models has arrived and what a splendid collection they are!  CollectA had introduced their new dinosaurs earlier in the year, so this final set of 2017 models does not contain any "terrible lizards", just a group

Painting Backgrounds for Dinosaur Dioramas

Jurassic Park III Backdrop Completed Talented model maker and dinosaur model enthusiast Robert Townsend has completed the backgrounds to his huge prehistoric animal diorama that he has been building.  The project entitled "Jurassic Park III", has been meticulously planned and Robert's care and attention to detail is reflected in the skilfully painted backdrop that he

The US Navy is Getting Much Closer to an Operational Railgun

The Navy’s futuristic electromagnetic railgun is set to take a major developmental step forward this summer as developers work to increase the number of shots it can fire per minute and the power behind the system. The railgun has been...Show More Summary

Following the Footsteps of Chinese Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Tracksites Identified in Guizhou Province Everything Dinosaur has received media reports from several Chinese news agencies reporting the discovery of extensive dinosaur tracks in Guizhou Province (south-western China).  A total of sixty-eight tracks have been identified from sediments exposed in a river valley close to Tongmin Town. Show More Summary

Turkey Moved More Troops Into Qatar

The slow build-up of Turkish soldiers in Qatar has continued, despite their withdrawal being one of the demands that Saudi Arabia and its allies have insisted Doha complies with before they lift their blockade of the emirate. The Qatari...Show More Summary

Paleolithic Papers #15

Genus Homo: Long endurance in modern Humans seems to have arisen in the genus Homo around 1 million years ago.Humans lost strength relative to chimpanzees due to a need for low energetic cost, repetitive motions.Different times whenShow More Summary

Prehistoric Times Issue 122 Reviewed

Prehistoric Times (Summer 2017) Reviewed Time for another "Prehistoric Times" magazine review and this issue (summer 2017), is as packed as a palaeontologist's rucksack after a successful day of fossil hunting!  The front cover features a rearing Sauropod image, one of the amazing prehistoric scenes created by the remarkable John Gurche, a paleoartist, whose work

Fly Over Pluto

Video is based on data and images from New Horizons.

Albertavenator – Something to Get Your Teeth Into

Albertavenator curriei - Implications for the North American Troodontids World-famous Canadian palaeontologist Phil Currie has been honoured by having a new species of North American troodontid Albertavenator curriei, named after him.  Phil Currie has been at the forefront of vertebrate palaeontology for a long time now and it is great to see that his fellow scientists

Vintage Dinosaur Art: Tyrannosaurus Sex: A Love Tail (Omni magazine, Feb 1988)

Beverly Halstead accomplished rather a lot in his life; geologist, palaeontologist, holder of professorships at universities around the world, author and science populariser, and more besides. Halstead (full name Lambert Beverly Halstead)...Show More Summary

Why Tyrannosaurus was a slow runner

No other animal on land is larger than an elephant - but the fastest runner is the medium-sized cheetah. The post Why Tyrannosaurus was a slow runner appeared first on HeritageDaily - Heritage & Archaeology News.

T. rex Not a Fast Runner!

T. rex Slow Coach Once Again Palaeontologists have long debated the potential running speeds of big, Theropod dinosaurs.  Indeed, the question as to whether bipedal giants like Tyrannosaurus rex, Giganotosaurus, Mapusaurus and Carcharodontosaurus could run at all has been muted. Show More Summary

Dinosaurs of China Exhibition Reviewed

A Review of the Dinosaurs of China Exhibition by Thomas Clarke-Williams Budding young palaeontologist and all-round dinosaur enthusiast Thomas, very kindly sent in a review with photographs of The Dinosaurs of China exhibition to Everything Dinosaur. Thomas Outside the Splendid Wollaton Hall Thomas, all ready to explore the Dinosaurs of China exhibition. Picture Credit:

Tupuxuara Illustration

Flying Reptile Fan Asks for a Tupuxuara Drawing In our bulging email inbox this week, we received a request from an avid fan of prehistoric animals for some more information about the large Early Cretaceous Pterosaur called Tupuxuara.  We don't get too many requests related to this, one of the more bizarre members of the

Chinese Troops are now Based in Djibouti

China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has despatched its first troop contingent to Djibouti ahead of the official establishment of the East Asian country’s first military support base in a foreign country.

Stealth Saga #64

Sixth Generation Fighters:The USAF Sixth Gen Fighter is likely to be a rather different aircraft than the 5th generation, potentially not even being a traditional fighter at all.Is America facing an air superiority crisis?The designer...Show More Summary

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