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The Case of the Stolen Tylosaurus

Do the words "giant Antarctic mosasaur" get your attention? Sure they do. Why wouldn't they? Meet Kaikaifilu hervei. Everything Dinosaur has the story, or read the Rodrigo Otero et al's original paper for the princely sum of $37.95 at ScienceDirect. Show More Summary

Packing Orders for Christmas in Full Swing

Saturday – Preparing and Packing Orders Armed with some hot tea and warm mince pies, team members at Everything Dinosaur have spent most of today (Saturday), sorting out orders ready for a prompt despatch on Monday.  At this time, it is “all hands on deck” as the company enters into its busiest time of the […]

Fossilised Bacteria Shed Light on Life Before Oxygen

Ancient African Rocks Provide Evidence of Life Before Oxygen The fossils of ancient bacteria that existed in deep water environments during the Neoarchean Era some 2.52 billion years ago, have been identified by an international team of researchers.  They don’t represent the oldest known life on our planet, recently, Everything Dinosaur published an article on […]

Asimov's Nuclear Batteries?

New technology has been developed that uses nuclear waste to generate electricity in a nuclear-powered battery. A team of physicists and chemists from the University of Bristol have grown a man-made diamond that, when placed in a radioactive field, is able to generate a small electrical current. Show More Summary

Scale Model of Titan Maritime Explorer (TiME) Tested in Chile

Onboard Science Insights and Vehicle Dynamics from Scale-Model Trials of the Titan Mare Explorer (TiME) Capsule at Laguna Negra, Chile Author: Lorenz Abstract: A scale model of the proposed Titan Mare Explorer capsule was deployed at the Planetary Lake Lander field site at Laguna Negra, Chile. Show More Summary

Hunting for Planet Nine With Wise & NEOWise

Searching for Planet Nine with Coadded WISE and NEOWISE-Reactivation ImagesAuthors:Meisner et alAbstract: A distant, as yet unseen ninth planet has been invoked to explain various observations of the outer solar system. While such aShow More Summary

Martian Lakes Forming Climates Were Caused by Methane Outbursts and Short Term

Duration and rapid shutdown of Mars lake-forming climates explained by methane bursts Authors: Kite et al Abstract: Build-up of relatively young ( 3 Kyr (assuming dilute flow), but the watersheds' little-weathered soils indicate a climate history that was >99% dry. Show More Summary

NASA Seeking Long Term Stability and Sustainability of the SLS & Orion

The early missions of Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and the Orion spacecraft will be the first of several missions that travel more than 40,000 miles beyond the moon to demonstrate capabilities in deep space farther than humans have ever traveled, but close enough to return home in days or weeks if needed. Show More Summary

Stealth Saga #57

Avenger: General Atomics did its first flight of the extended range Avenger UCAV. ATD-X/X-2/F-3: Japan's X-2 proof of concept stealth fighter is being readied for MoD tests. Some are suggesting Japan step up defense cooperation with Taiwan, including in the X-2 aircraft. Show More Summary

Terminator Times #23

Drones: DARPA has ordered a second TERN prototype and Northrop passed two milestones in the program. The USAF has begun training enlisted personnel to be Global Hawk pilots. Hundreds of US air force enlisted signed p to become drone pilots. Show More Summary

Germany's new Laser Weapon Demonstrator Makes Progress

MBDA Germany has edged closer to fielding a new deployable laser weapon system (LWS) following a series of day/night all-weather trials.Conducted at the Bundeswehr's military training ground at Putlos on the Baltic Sea from 4-14 October,...Show More Summary

No Apparent Spike of Carbon dioxide Across Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary

Global trends of pCO2 across the Cretaceous–Paleogene boundary supported by the first Southern Hemisphere stomatal proxy-based pCO2 reconstruction Authors: Steinthorsdottir et al Abstract: Reliable reconstructions of atmospheric carbon...Show More Summary

Coprolites Give Evidence of Early Triassic Polar Predators

An Early Triassic polar predator ecosystem revealed by vertebrate coprolites from the Bulgo Sandstone (Sydney Basin) of southeastern AustraliaAuthors:Nied?wiedzki et alAbstract:Vertebrate trace fossils often provide a measure of cryptic biodiversity, and are especially pertinent when skeletal remnants are exceptionally rare. Show More Summary

Ozimek volans: a Carnian Triassic Gliding Protorosaur

An early Late Triassic long-necked reptile with a bony pectoral shield and gracile appendages Authors: Dzik et al Abstract: Several partially articulated specimens and numerous isolated bones of Ozimek volans gen. et sp. nov., from the...Show More Summary

Evidence of Simple Multicellarity in Tonian NeoProterozoic Fossils From China

Electron microscopy reveals evidence for simple multicellularity in the Proterozoic fossil Chuaria Authors: Tang et al Abstract: Multicellularity arose multiple times in the evolutionary history of eukaryotes, and simple multicellularity may have a deep history tracing back to the Paleoproterozoic. Show More Summary

Russian Naval Aircraft now Operating From Airbase, not Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier

Many of the fast jets that were embarked on the Russia aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov have been flown to the main Russian air base in Syria, Airbus Defence and Space satellite imagery obtained by IHS Jane's shows.The imagery shows...Show More Summary

Stylish Styracosaurus

Styracosaurus albertensis With the introduction of the Deluxe Styracosaurus replica by our chums at CollectA, (due out in early 2017), Everything Dinosaur has taken this opportunity to commission a new Styracosaurus illustration to be used on the company’s Styracosaurus fact sheet. Show More Summary

Year 2/3 Send in Thank You Letters

Year 2/3AP Say Thank You Back on the 18th November, one of our team members visited Pebble Brook Primary in Cheshire to undertake a series of dinosaur and fossil themed workshops with three classes.  We challenged Miss Pestell’s class to write to our offices and send us thank you letters. We wanted to see lots […]

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