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Dawn on Jefferson, Chapter Eleven: The Breaking Shadstorm

CHAPTER ELEVEN: THE BREAKING SHADSTORM Most of the time, I despise the silly word play games corrupting our awesome town’s name ino words that are less than wholesome. It is a temptation the young boys who think they are funny and the less than happy cannot resist doing. Show More Summary

It's Utahraptor Week

We've talked about the Utahraptor Project a few times here at LITC, and three weeks ago we launched our latest art challenge to help promote it. To help combine efforts to spread the word about Jim Kirkland's crowdfunding effort to free...Show More Summary

Papo 2017 Models Arrive

First of the Papo 2017 Dinosaur Models are in Stock The first of the new for 2017 Papo dinosaur models are in stock at Everything Dinosaur.  We have just received our first shipment of the new Papo Polacanthus dinosaur model, along with new versions of the Papo Oviraptor and the Papo Velociraptor replica. In Stock

Increase in Fish Vision Preceded the Evolution of Tetrapods

Massive Increase in Visual Range Preceded the Origin of Terrestrial Vertebrates One of the most significant steps (no pun intended), in vertebrate evolution took place some 385 million-years-ago when some types of sarcopterygian fish evolved rudimentary limbs and started to clamber around on land.  These fish were the ancestors of all the Tetrapods (four-legged vertebrates),

Queensland Residents Asked to Stay “CrocWise”

One Fatality and Another Person Badly Wounded in Separate Crocodile Attacks The Estuarine crocodile that fatally attacked a spear fisherman in the far north of Queensland (Australia) has been caught and killed according to local officials.  Warren Hughes (35), was attacked at Palmer Point, near Innisfail, south of Cairns last Saturday.  His empty dinghy and

Dinosaur Egg Thief Suspect Arrested in China

Chinese Authorities Make Arrests in "Crack Down" on Dinosaur Egg Thieves Official Chinese State media has reported the arrest of a man accused of stealing dozens of fossilised dinosaur eggs.  A number of specimens have been recovered but many more are, as yet, unaccounted for.  China has some of the strictest regulations and laws in

2017 Survey of Paleoartists: One Week Left!

Just a quick note: there's one week left to respond to the 2017 Survey of Paleoartists. If you missed my earlier post on the survey, please read it to learn more. And head to to take it! It will only take a few minutes, and is relevant for hobbyist and professional alike. Show More Summary

Taking Uintatherium Out on a Date

When Did Uintatherium anceps Live? Everything Dinosaur is preparing for the imminent arrival of the new for 2017 CollectA "Prehistoric Life" models.  The first batch will be arriving at our warehouse very soon, but we are in the process of finalising the fact sheets prior to arrival of other new editions to the CollectA range,

Root and Branch Reform for the Dinosaur Family Tree

Dinosaur Family Tree Given a Hefty Shake So, the scientific paper is out, published in the journal Nature and with the snappy title "A New Hypothesis of Dinosaur Relationships and Early Dinosaur Evolution".  Just about everything that we thought we knew about when, where and how the dinosaurs evolved has been turned on its head.  In

Newly Described Silurian Fossil Honours Sir David Attenborough

Fossil Discovery Named in Honour of Sir David Attenborough's 90th Birthday Sir David Attenborough has been honoured by an international team of scientists who have named a newly described Silurian Arthropod after the veteran broadcaster and naturalist.  Sir David has had a number of new species named in his honour, this 430 million-year-old, distant relative

Defining Geologic Formations, Members and Horizons

What are Geologic Formations, Members and Horizons? In amongst all the emails we receive on a daily basis, our team members get asked lots of questions about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals.  However, at the start of the week, we received one intriguing email that did not ask about ancient animals, fossils or anything to do

Dinosaurs Learn to Stand on Their Two Feet

New Theory as to Why Bipedalism Evolved in the Dinosauria Iconic dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus rex, Velociraptor, Coelophysis and Carnotaurus were all bipeds.  That is, they evolved the ability to walk on their hind legs.  Bipedalism is a trait that seems to have evolved early in history of the Dinosauria and it is a characteristic

T. rex Has the Monopoly on Dinosaur Public Relations

T. rex Game Piece Destined for Monopoly The makers of the family favourite board game "Monopoly" have announced that a Tyrannosaurus rex playing piece will be added to the game later this year.  The game "Monopoly" first went on sale in 1935, by the mid 1930's, T. rex was already established as a "super star" amongst the

Primitive Neornithischian Dinosaurs and Seed Dispersal

Plant-Eating Dinosaurs Probably Played an Important Role in Seed Dispersal Time to catch up on our reading and first on the list of papers is this fascinating insight into the relationship between plant-eating dinosaurs and seed dispersal.  An international team of scientists from Portugal, Spain and Argentina have described a new species of primitive, bird-hipped

Terminator Times #29

Drones: DARPA seems to be revisiting the British Skyhook concept with an arrestor hook and catapult in its SideArm project.DARPA's OFFST program is going to explore drone swarm tactics. Australia has selected the CamCopter for its navy VTOl drone requiremen and unveiled its plans for a mix of manned and unmanned platforms. Show More Summary

Plesiosaurus Plush

Plesiosaurus Soft Toys Everything Dinosaur has added two Plesiosaurus soft toys to the company's extensive range of prehistoric animal plush.  The soft and cuddly marine reptiles join the likes of Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus rex in a move that we think famous fossil finders like Mary Anning and William Conybeare would have approved of. The

Pushing Back the Origins of Complex Life

Scientists Uncover Evidence of the Earliest Plants One of the most significant steps in the history of life on Earth may have occurred earlier than previously thought, according to a new study published by Scandinavian scientists in the on line academic journal "PLOS Biology".  The evolution of simple, non-nucleated cells (prokaryotes) to large, more complex

Canadian paleontologists tell their stories in "Dino Trails"

A great new series of short documentaries on Canadian paleontology was just released on YouTube by TELUS Optik. "Dino Trails," a project by filmmaker Brandy Yanchyk, kicks off with a profile of Phil Currie and Eva Koppelhaus. This episode also features our own Victoria Arbour, who talks a bit about our favorite clobberin' thyreophorans. Show More Summary

Not All Mesozoic Crocodiles Were Giants

Knoetschkesuchus - Living on an Island Last month, scientists published in the on line academic journal "PLOS ONE" a paper that provided details of the discovery of a new species of Late Jurassic terrestrial crocodile, but this animal was no ground-shaking giant, like most of its kind (atoposaurids), it probably had a maximum length of

Vintage Dinosaur Art: Private Lives of Animals: Prehistoric Animals - Part 1

It Came From the 1970s! Originally published in Italy in 1971, Prehistoric Animals is part of the Privates Lives of Animals series, which otherwise featured entirely extant wildlife. When I posted a little something from this book on...Show More Summary

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