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TGIF: Subway Car Artificial Reefs!

A sunken city of NYC subway cars lives off the coast of Delaware – yep, you read that right. They were sunk there on purpose, to serve as artificial reefs that attract fish. And, er, we’ve apparently been throwing a lot of things down there to see what happens – think “Will it Reef?” (a deep-sea version […]

Rerun: Dan Brown’s “Inferno”: Good Plot, Bad Science

I’m thrilled that DNA Science made the top 15 PLOS blog posts of 2015, but a little surprised that the entry was for analysis of the genetic accuracy of the TV series Wayward Pines. Then

Discovered This Day (1938): First Living Coelacanth

Internal anatomy of the coelacanth, Latimeria chalumnae. From Today In Science History:In 1938, a coelacanth, a primitive fish thought extinct, was discovered. Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer was curator of the museum in the port town of East London, northeast of Cape Town, South Africa, and always interested in seeing unusual specimens. Show More Summary


The 'lock was blown. It had all the evidence of being blown in, a ring of shape charges meant to blow the doors in, but the debris was blown out with the escaped air. The escaped life. He peered through the blasted airlock, rifle holstered over his back. Show More Summary

Premiered This Day (1955): Journey To The Beginning of Time

On this day in 1955 the Czech film, Cesta do praveku, by Karl Zeman debuted in East Germany. It was laters redubbed and shown with additional footage as Journey to the Beginning of Time in the USA.

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #50

The Russians conducted 204 airstrikes in the last 24 hours. The US says only 30% of the airstrikes conducted by Russian aircraft have been hitting IS/Daesh. Assadite forces are advancing on Aleppo. The rebels have evacuated Homs. The US has stated the attack on the Syrian army base was by a Russian Tu-22, a medium bomber. Show More Summary

An animated GIF guide to the indoor oceans

THE PERFECT INDOOR STORM Before setting any vessel or offshore structure into the sea, you need to figure out whether it will survive the ocean’s wrath. Meet the University of Maine’s new W2 Ocean Engineering lab. Scale winds of 200 mph. Scale waves 100 m tall. Fans that rotate 360 degrees around the tank to make winds […]

Died This Day: Karl Ernst von Baer

Von Baer (Feb 29, 1792 - Nov 28, 1876) was a Prussian-Estonian embryologist who discovered the mammalian egg (1827) and the notochord. He established the new science of comparative embryology alongside comparative anatomy with the publication...Show More Summary

#OpenCon 2015: absolutely, indisputably, the best conference ever

I got back on Tuesday from OpenCon 2015 — the most astonishing conference on open scholarship. Logistically, it works very different from most conferences: students have their expenses paid, but established scholars have to pay a registration fee and cover their own expenses. That inversion of how things are usually done captures much of what’s […]

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #34

The Tu-160 went through a baptism of fire in Syria: it has never been used in combat before. Latakia province, not Raqa. I'm going to be sick: Obama is calling Putin a most constructive partner in Syria. Putin has ordered the Russian cruiser Moskva to coordinate with the French aircraft carrier De Gaulle. Show More Summary

Born This Day: Helen Mack

Nov 13, 1913 – August 13, 1986 Helen starred as Helene Peterson in “Son of Kong”, the quickie follow up to “King Kong”. Once again Carl Denham leads a beautiful girl into danger on Skull Island.

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #29a

An airstrike in Daraya. Unclear whether its Assad or Putin. I didn't get everything in that I wanted. Sorry. Numerous sources have reported the Russians are now convinced the airliner was taken down by a bomb. However, the Russian media states the USA was complicit in the airliner bombing. Show More Summary

I Pity the Species That Doesn’t Decorate

Mr. T made mohawks and fool pitying a life goal for many.   Another life goal for many, thanks to first name Mr, middle name period, last name T, was decorating themselves with enough gold chains to crash a third-world economy.   Although humans are the only species where decoration functions strongly in social interactions (see Beyonce), […]

Volunteers Needed to Explore the Triassic

Volunteers Needed to Explore the Triassic Yesterday, may have been “Back to the Future Day”, but here at Everything Dinosaur the emphasis is very much on the past, approximately 220 million years in the past, the Norian faunal stage of the Triassic to be precise.  We have been contacted by a student at Huddersfield University (England), who […]

Stealth Saga #9

China is poised to start exporting the J-31/FC-31 Gyrfalcon. Japan will decide whether or not to go ahead with its indigenous stealth fighter program by FY2018. Flight Global has an analysis of the troubled South Korean KF-X program....Show More Summary

Malacology Monthly: Inside-Out

This Open-House Special brings you inside the modern homes of today’s most popular marine mollusks Are you old enough to remember the show MTV Cribs, where a camera crew invades the home of a filthy-rich celebrity and takes annoyingly jumpy quick-shots of how awesomely decked-out and unnecessarily opulent their ‘crib’ is? Think about that approach, but […]

Say hello to International Octopus Day!

Well hello indeed! Check your eight watches: it’s time for International Octopus Day!  To celebrate this 8th of Octo-ber, take a look at some of the amazing animals we’ve been lucky to work with, at the Aquarium and in the deep-sea of...Show More Summary

Robopocalypse #24: Shivers, Shuttles and Sneaks

Shark feeding/gathering outside Destin East Pass. from Cory on Vimeo. Drones:A drone filmed a very large shiver (aka school) of sharks (see video above). The FAA is under pressure to increase enforcement of regulation of consumer drones. Show More Summary

Fighting apatosaur art #4: #MikeTaylorAwesomeDinoArt

I mentioned last time that, as I sat next to Bob Nicholls in an SVPCA session, I started sketching an apatosaur combat in the hope that my horrible drawing would provoke Bob to do a good one. That worked admirably, which means there is no good reason for me to subject you to my own sketch. […]

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