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Matt Baker gets suckered by an octopus - Big Blue Live: Episode 2 Preview - BBC One

Matt Baker gets suckered by an octopus - Big Blue Live: Episode 2 Preview - BBC One: We brought in a new enrichment for our Giant Pacific Octopuses: a @BBCOne presenter! :D Matt Baker earns his octopus hickeys while exploring behind the scenes for #BigBlueLive, which premiers on @PBS Monday, August 31.

Premiered This Day (1978): Planet of The Dinosaurs

Directed by James Shea in 1978, this film featured some nicely animated dinosaurs.

Premiered This Day (1975): The People That Time Forgot

Directed by Kevin O’Connor, this 1977 film starring Doug McClure was a sequel to “The Land That Time Forgot” (1975).

Robopocalypse Report #15: 3d Printing the drones to scout for the self driving cars

Welcome to the latest Robopocalypse Report! News has been light this past week and change, so this report has been compiled over time and once it reaches a threshold, will get published. As with most times, we lead with the drones! Duke Energy has started using drones for power line and other inspections. Show More Summary

Dolphins and Drugs – The Shocking Connections

Is Flipper a junkie? Deep Sea News has always provided the fair and balanced approach to dolphins, recognizing their essential role in the oceans’ ecosystems, yet bringing to light their darker side. Of all the heinous acts dolphinsShow More Summary

Car-sized ball of squid eggs filmed off the coast of Turkey

Oh July 9th, 2015 a group of lucky divers happened upon something truly remarkable–A 4-meter-wide clear sphere floating off the coast of a small town in Turkey. The sphere was 22 meters below the sea surface, and even up close, it appears almost invisible. But what exactly is it? The divers didn’t know. Lutfu Tanriover, the videographer, […]

Robopocalypse Report #8: This one Came so Quick!

This is my summation of the news about the robopocalypse: the machines coming to change our lives and radically alter our societies in the same way manufacturing did over the last century and a half in the West. Except, much faster.Show More Summary

Future Military March #1: of Lasers, Pain Rays and Railguns

I had started out writing about military lasers and how they were virtually here and some of the history and implications. Its only about a third done. However, the blogosphere exploded with tons of news on lasers and their status and whatnot. Show More Summary

Robopocalypse Report #6

Let us return to the signs of the impending Robopocalypse, when the bots will take a jobs and change our world. That gun toting drone which stirred up so much controversy has provoked the ire of the FAA. The local cops where it was done...Show More Summary

Parasols of the seaThis beautiful small jelly looks like a...

Parasols of the sea This beautiful small jelly looks like a miniature umbrella. Barely one inch in diameter, its tiny size and transparent body make it nearly invisible in the ocean. The most conspicuous parts of this jelly are its four radial canals. Show More Summary

Robopocalypse Report #5

Robotic surgery has been linked to 144 deaths since 2000. Interestingly, perhaps better said as 'frighteningly' the rate of death has dramatically increased. The Brits have released the rules for testing driverless cars on public roads. Show More Summary

This squid won’t stop staring at you

Stop it. Stop staring at me Taonius sp. All the other squids that MBARI featured during Cephalopod week are either cute, athletic, or named after breakfast foods. But you, you just can’t stop staring can you? I know you are just floating there below 300 m with your arms up in the air water like you […]

Robopocalypse Report #3

I will probably not do this more than one per week in the future; however, we have a spate of interesting news this week. So join me as we run through the heralds of the coming Robopocalypse and A guy mounted a handgun on a little quadcopter and took it into the woods to shoot. Show More Summary

The Deep-Sea Coral That Is Older and More Awesome Than David Caruso

From the deep flanks of the atolls and islands of the tropical Pacific, live corals as old as Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza. At 4,000 years old, the Leiopathes sp. black corals beat the quahog clams, which live to be 400, and the tortoise Jonathon, who’s 176. Of course, these deep-sea black corals are colonial creatures, a little […]

“Saving Eliza” Campaign Helps Another Child

Valerie Byers had long suspected that her son Will’s diagnosis of autism was wrong. So when she saw a clip on the homepage of the Today Show about a little girl named Eliza, in late February, she knew instantly that 5-year-old … Continue reading » The post “Saving Eliza” Campaign Helps Another Child appeared first on DNA Science Blog.

Ukraine War Update: ??????? ? ??????

VERY strange things are happening in the Russo-Ukrainian War. I cannot even interpret what is going on at the moment. Some would be tempting to interpret in an optimistic fashion. Others remain the same. Some continue to deteriorate....Show More Summary

Ukraine War Update: ?????? ?????????, ?????????

There have been a few big events in Ukraine this day. However, since I start with pictures and regard everything the Donnie Rebs do as being suspect, let's start with something very, very scary. The tanks in the DNR and LNR have been showing up with IFF symbols as of late. Show More Summary

#CephalopodWeek is ending today, but it’s always a...

#CephalopodWeek is ending today, but it’s always a cephalo-bration in our Tentacles special exhibition! Have you seen it yet? Go behind the scenes of Tentacles in this short video

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