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An open letter from DSN to our fellow scientists

The recent string of violent tragedies, both in the USA and abroad, have wrenched our hearts and left our minds baffled. Minnesota, Dallas, Baton Rouge, Orlando. This list continues. Some may view these tragedies as separated from science. We disagree, science does not happen in a vacuum. Science happens in the daily interactions of curious […]

skunkbear: Since the frigatebird spends most of its life at sea...

Photo Credit: benketaro/Flickr Photo Credit: Harvey Barrison/Flickr Photo Credit: Lucy Rickards/Flickr Photo Credit: David Surtees Photo Credit: Hans Scholte/Flickr skunkbear: Since the frigatebird spends most of its life at sea its habits aren’t well-known. Show More Summary

The Genetics of Nose-Picking

I’ve been bombarded lately with news releases reporting links between behavior and DNA. In simpler times, genes encoded proteins, and the actions or absence of those proteins caused the trait or disease. But today, investigations

The Ocean Cleanup deployed a prototype and I honestly have A LOT of questions

Judging from the number of emails Miriam and I received from reporters today, the general public wants to hear what we have to say about the project a lot more than the Ocean Cleanup does. But with the new media blitz that is going on, I admit I checked out the prototype that the Ocean […]

amnhnyc: It’s our favorite time of year—Cephalopod Week!—the...

amnhnyc: It’s our favorite time of year—Cephalopod Week!—the annual celebration of all things tentacled. We’re teaming up with @sciencefriday to talk about cephalopods, and celebrate these amazing, adaptive, and sometimes creepy creatures. Today’s Fossil Friday is a look at the diversity of some extinct cephalopods, ammonites. Show More Summary

seafolklore: Flamboyant Cuttlefish by  Beyond The Water...

seafolklore: Flamboyant Cuttlefish by  Beyond The Water Surface Some reasons to appreciate the flamboyant cuttlefish: - It can walk along the seafloor on arms and fins—a rarer mode of transit for this otherwise adept swimmer. - It varies...Show More Summary

Eliza Gets Her Gene Therapy

Keeping a little girl at home for 722 days may seem cruel, but for the O’Neill family, it was a demonstration of astonishing bravery and love. Glenn and Cara O’Neill had isolated their daughter Eliza

Stealth Saga #39

KUS-X (South Korean UCAV): The South Koreans are working on a stealthy UCAV of their own. TFX: Turkey's TFX program is a very tough one to complete successfully. TR-X: Lockheed has scrubbed the optionally planned version of the proposed U-2 replacement TR-X. Show More Summary

3-31-16 A West Side Day With Orcas

Thursday, March 31st...if you want whales on the west side in the morning, make a dentist every time!...I located the whales when they had already gone down island and were off South Beach......the same two family groups...Show More Summary

3-26-16 T137s in San Juan Channel

Saturday, March whales had been reported in the morning...late morning some whales were seen coming out of Puget Sound...Ivan of the Western Prince heads down that way and comes upon some other whales ! was the T137s and...Show More Summary

Video! The sea slug that looks and swims like a fish

Out there in the open ocean is a nudibranch sea slug that looks like a fish, and for the last five months I’ve been obsessed with it. I wrote an article about this fishy slug, called Phylliroe, back in November (link to original article here, which is also posted below). But despite all my best efforts […]

3-12-16 J Pod - Here Again Today

Saturday, March 12th...I think a better title would be "Every Way I Went Was the Wrong Way Today!"...J pod whales were seen yesterday, way to the west heading west...also L Pod whales were seen way to the west but not with J Pod......this morning 7 a.m. Show More Summary

Save my bacon...

Drugmonkey didn't tag me in his meme challenge but fucke it, why not? Here's my list of characters to get me out of a jam. 1&2. Damien Scott and Michael Stonebridge 3.      Carrie Mathison 4.      Mr. Rogers 5.      Jack Bauer

Access to research: Nobody in the history of the world has ever liked raisins. NOBODY!!

THE STORY SO FAR: Erin McKiernan can’t get access to the research she needs in Mexico, Mohammad M.M.H can’t get it in Jordan, and Nora Turoman can’t get it in Serbia. Meanwhile, Christy Collins is in America, but can’t get the research...Show More Summary

Bringing Genomics to High School Students: A Survival Guide

(This week DNA Science has a guest post from Sergio Pistoi, a science writer and molecular biologist from Italy.) When I gave my first conference about genomics in a high school, I thought of what

Do West African Chimpanzees Have a Culture With Rituals?

Chimp stone throwing compilation from laura kehoe on Vimeo. Chimpanzee accumulative stone throwingAuthors:Kühl et alAbstract:The study of the archaeological remains of fossil hominins must rely on reconstructions to elucidate the behaviour that may have resulted in particular stone tools and their accumulation. Show More Summary

Pondering the Precambrian #3

Proterozoic: NeoProterozoic:The Royal Tyrrell Museum has a lecture on the Ediacaran. There is stronger evidence for the biomarkers for sponges being present starting in the Cryogenian.MesoProterozoic:The shallow seawaters of the Calymmian...Show More Summary

Giant Oklahoma Apatosaurus mount, from above

Here’s the “Clash of the Titans” exhibit at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, featuring the reconstructed skeletons of the giant Oklahoma Apatosaurus – which I guess should now be called the giant Oklahoma apatosaurine until someone sorts out its phylogenetic position – and the darn-near-T. rex-sized Saurophaganax maximus, which may be Allosaurus […]

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