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#OpenCon 2015: absolutely, indisputably, the best conference ever

I got back on Tuesday from OpenCon 2015 — the most astonishing conference on open scholarship. Logistically, it works very different from most conferences: students have their expenses paid, but established scholars have to pay a registration fee and cover their own expenses. That inversion of how things are usually done captures much of what’s […]

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #34

The Tu-160 went through a baptism of fire in Syria: it has never been used in combat before. Latakia province, not Raqa. I'm going to be sick: Obama is calling Putin a most constructive partner in Syria. Putin has ordered the Russian cruiser Moskva to coordinate with the French aircraft carrier De Gaulle. Show More Summary

Born This Day: Helen Mack

Nov 13, 1913 – August 13, 1986 Helen starred as Helene Peterson in “Son of Kong”, the quickie follow up to “King Kong”. Once again Carl Denham leads a beautiful girl into danger on Skull Island.

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #29a

An airstrike in Daraya. Unclear whether its Assad or Putin. I didn't get everything in that I wanted. Sorry. Numerous sources have reported the Russians are now convinced the airliner was taken down by a bomb. However, the Russian media states the USA was complicit in the airliner bombing. Show More Summary

I Pity the Species That Doesn’t Decorate

Mr. T made mohawks and fool pitying a life goal for many.   Another life goal for many, thanks to first name Mr, middle name period, last name T, was decorating themselves with enough gold chains to crash a third-world economy.   Although humans are the only species where decoration functions strongly in social interactions (see Beyonce), […]

Volunteers Needed to Explore the Triassic

Volunteers Needed to Explore the Triassic Yesterday, may have been “Back to the Future Day”, but here at Everything Dinosaur the emphasis is very much on the past, approximately 220 million years in the past, the Norian faunal stage of the Triassic to be precise.  We have been contacted by a student at Huddersfield University (England), who […]

Stealth Saga #9

China is poised to start exporting the J-31/FC-31 Gyrfalcon. Japan will decide whether or not to go ahead with its indigenous stealth fighter program by FY2018. Flight Global has an analysis of the troubled South Korean KF-X program....Show More Summary

Malacology Monthly: Inside-Out

This Open-House Special brings you inside the modern homes of today’s most popular marine mollusks Are you old enough to remember the show MTV Cribs, where a camera crew invades the home of a filthy-rich celebrity and takes annoyingly jumpy quick-shots of how awesomely decked-out and unnecessarily opulent their ‘crib’ is? Think about that approach, but […]

Say hello to International Octopus Day!

Well hello indeed! Check your eight watches: it’s time for International Octopus Day!  To celebrate this 8th of Octo-ber, take a look at some of the amazing animals we’ve been lucky to work with, at the Aquarium and in the deep-sea of...Show More Summary

Robopocalypse #24: Shivers, Shuttles and Sneaks

Shark feeding/gathering outside Destin East Pass. from Cory on Vimeo. Drones:A drone filmed a very large shiver (aka school) of sharks (see video above). The FAA is under pressure to increase enforcement of regulation of consumer drones. Show More Summary

Fighting apatosaur art #4: #MikeTaylorAwesomeDinoArt

I mentioned last time that, as I sat next to Bob Nicholls in an SVPCA session, I started sketching an apatosaur combat in the hope that my horrible drawing would provoke Bob to do a good one. That worked admirably, which means there is no good reason for me to subject you to my own sketch. […]

Born This Day (~1889): Winsor McCay

Sept. 26, 1887 – July 26, 1934 McCay was one of the great American artists of the last century. He is best known for his newspaper comic strip Little Nemo in Slumberland that ran from 1905 to 1914, and the animated cartoon creation Gertie the Dinosaur (1914). Show More Summary

Born This Day (1944): Victoria Vetri

Victoria turns 65 today. She had a career doing bit parts in 1960’s TV including Batman and Star Trek (Isis the cat), before becoming playmate of the year (1968) for Playboy magazine. This lead to her starring role in When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth.She also had a small role in Rosemary’s Baby under her stage name of Andrea Dorian taken from the ill-fated ship, Andrea Doria.

Born This Day (1922): Bert I. Gordon

Gordon was a movie producer of low, low budget films known for having great posters that sold the film. These films were fodder for many episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000. He takes a bow here for “King Dinosaur” /object>

Robopocalypse #23: If Drones Built a Bridge, Would you Walk Over it?

Drones: Drones build a rope bridge (see above for video). Albania has requested its fans NOT fly drones at Oct. 8 European Championship qualifier against Serbia. Last year a fan fly in a drone with an Albanian flag and caused a stink.The potential for armed consumer drones is the industry's latest headache. Show More Summary

US Air Force Special Operations Wants Tube Launched, Expendable Drone for AC-130s Targeting

US Air Force Special Operations Command wants an expendable, tube-launched small unmanned aerial vehicle for its AC-130 “battleplane” for peering beneath cloud cover to direct gunfire and precision-guided munitions.The special forces...Show More Summary

Robopocalypse #22: No One Says the Robopocalypse Can't be CUTE!

a drone fly over of Apple's new campus in Cupertino. Drones:In this day and age of the drone, I am surprised anyone takes UFO's seriously. In Russia, they do. oy.Keystone Agricultural Producers, in Canada, doesn't want the new droneShow More Summary

Happy 101st Birthday to Gertie the Dinosaur!

One hundred and one years ago today, Winsor McCay's animated film, Gertie the Dinosaur, premiered. Gertie is considered by many as the first true animated character to be featured in a film. For this cartoon, McCay (Sept. 26, 1987 – July 26, 1934) hand drew each frame of film. Show More Summary

Robopocalypse Report #19: Mail Delivering Drones! Starfish Killing Robots!?! And Machine Learning to Pick Fashion Models?!?!?!

With a drone, a Brit reinvents the time lapse videos.In Spain, they used drones to monitor tree plantations.And it had to happen, someone went fishing with a drone...and he actually caught something.Drone startup Measure has gotten permission...Show More Summary

I Don't Think You're Ready for These Jellies

I Don't Think You're Ready for These Jellies: Did you know jellyfish don’t have bones, brains, teeth or blood?  Get ready for more fun with Joe! 

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