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Birds in New York State Have Altered Their Migration Timing and Are Experiencing Different Thermal Regimes While Breeding or on Stopover from 2010 to 2015

Migration represents a significant physiological challenge for birds, and increasing ambient temperatures due to global climate change may add to birds’ physiological burden during migration. We analyzed migration timing in a central...Show More Summary

The Fourth TetZooCon

It’s time once again for a unique conference experience, and it happens in London on October 21st… -- Read more on

Science after Brexit will be weaker all round

The UK government’s position paper is long on lofty ambitions for future collaboration, but the gory details suggest they will be extremely difficult to achieve

Jewels among Beetles

There are many contenders for the title of most stunning-looking insect but there is no question that the jewel beetles have a place among the line-up. Some of these brilliantly coloured insects look as if they could have been sculpted from gleaming metal: Buprestis niponica, copyright Kohichiro Yoshida. Show More Summary

What—If Anything—Is a Geoemydid?

Maybe you haven’t heard of them. They’re diverse, widespread, weird, sometimes colorful, and often critically endangered... -- Read more on

Hairy-Winged Barklice

Forewing and fore tibia of Siniamphipsocus fusconervosus, from Mockford (2003). Scale bar for the femur = 0.1 mm. For my next semi-random post, I drew Siniamphipsocus, a genus of more than twenty species of barklice known from eastern Asia. Show More Summary

What – If Anything – Is a Geoemydid?

Maybe you haven’t heard of them. They’re diverse, widespread, weird, sometimes colourful, and often critically endangered... -- Read more on

The sun just belched out the strongest solar flare in 12 years

If your GPS has been acting funny, take it up with the sun. Our star has released the most powerful solar flare since 2005

Sordariomycetidae: Soil Fungi A-Plenty

I'm pretty sure I've commented before that, although most of us tend to associate the word 'fungi' with mushrooms and other eye-catching fruiting bodies, the vast majority of fungal diversity is minute and tends to go unnoticed. Nevertheless, despite their obscurity, many of these microfungi are crucial to our own continued existence. Show More Summary

Feedback: Little green men? How we might improve human beings

We want your ideas for bettering the human race. Plus: the canine collar that rebalances their minerals, and why the Ford Focus is a hypocrite in France.

The Unique and Efficient 4-Flipper Locomotion of Plesiosaurs

Did a remarkable group of extinct reptiles have a remarkable means of propelling themselves through the water? -- Read more on

A Western Rockweed

Rockweed Silvetia compressa, from here. Silvetia compressa is a species of brown alga found on shorelines on the western coast of North America, from British Columbia to Baja California. It is a member of the wrack family Fucaceae that I covered in an earlier post. Show More Summary

North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan for first time

North Korea has succeeded in firing a ballistic missile over Japan into the Pacific Ocean, bringing it closer to a possible attack on the US

Low-ranked female monkeys band together against their leaders

Female rhesus macaques have a strict hierarchy, but the subordinates can buck authority and even climb the social ladder if they’re big enough and have enough friends

The Millenium Post

Apparently, this is the 1000 th post to appear at Catalogue of Organisms. When I first started this site, over ten years ago, I don't know if I had any idea when, if ever, I would reach this point and where I would be when it happened. Show More Summary

The Shrinking World of Bandicoots

A bandicoot is a very disagreeable animal to clean, therefore it should be done as soon after killing as possible, and then the flesh can be left in strong vinegar and water for a few hours before dressing. Sweet potatoes and onion make...Show More Summary

Male athletes with higher world rankings are better looking

Male biathletes who achieved a higher world ranking were rated as more attractive, suggesting women have evolved to prefer men with endurance and skill

Chris Hadfield: We should live on the moon before a trip to Mars

The next stage of our push into space should be setting up home on the moon, says astronaut Chris Hadfield, who warns a rush to Mars would be deadly

An Ode To Britains Toy Animals

Do we underestimate the power of toys in education, outreach and inspiration? -- Read more on

It could be snowing on Mars right now

The Red Planet may have had intense snowstorms long ago when it was wetter, but a model shows it could still have violent snowfall at night when the clouds cool

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