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A guide to why your world is a hallucination

Explore a controversial, tricky theory about how our brains predict and shape reality, by leading researchers in an open online publication

Three-atom molecule cooled to near absolute zero for first time

Physicists have extended a classic cooling technique to a triatomic molecule, perhaps opening a door to future molecular quantum computers

A Review of Neandertal: the Strange Saga of the Minnesota Iceman, Part 1

A book on a perennially popular and notorious mystery animal case has finally been translated into English... -- Read more on

AI learns to play video game from instructions in plain English

Taking advice from humans helped an AI beat tough Atari game Montezuma’s Revenge. The approach shows how anyone could help teach AI new real-world skills

Icy Enceladus’s tiger stripes are a window on its watery depths

The moon of Saturn is best known for its watery plumes, which make it a good place to seek life – and the cracks that release the plumes may tell us more

Your true self: When the self breaks

That seamless sense of who you are can be disturbed by many things, including illness, injury or drugs, explain Anil Ananthaswamy and Graham Lawton

Talk of a ‘localised nuclear conflict’ is ignorant and dangerous

Any nuclear war, no matter how small, would result in a nuclear famine. We should all work to dispel the notion that regional conflicts would have only regional effects

A Parasitic Eel?

The following post was inspired by an e-mail that I was sent recently by Sebastian Marquez. He told me about a friend of his catching a trevally when fishing, then cutting it open to find a snake eel inside the body cavity (but outside the stomach), wrapped around the trevally's internal organs. Show More Summary

On the ground in Washington at the March for Science

Thousands rallied and marched in the rain in the US capital to stand up for science and its place in politics

Arkansas should halt execution spree and let its drugs expire

Regardless of your view on the death penalty, there's scant evidence to back the idea that the use of lethal injection is humane, says Anna Nowogrodzki

Ancient carvings show comet hit Earth and triggered mini ice age

Headless human and animal symbols carved into stone in Turkey tell the story of a devastating comet impact that triggered a mini ice age more than 13,000 years ago

Earth’s greatest hits: Six of the biggest meteorites in history

From the mysterious Tunguska event to the fossilised Morokweng space rock, when whopper meteorites come along they make a big impact

Feedback: Why the colour of #TheDress depends on your bedtime

Think that dress is blue? You might be a night owl. Plus: the wrong Sydney, the key to clean drinking, and the odd connection between jeeps and MCs

Why a neonicotinoid ban isn’t enough to protect the environment

Neurotoxic pesticides hurt more than just bees, and they have spread throughout the environment. A ban is a good thing, but it could create another problem

Blood from human babies make brains of elderly mice young again

Young blood can rejuvenate the mind. Now a study has identified a protein in umbilical cord blood that can boost memory and brain function in aged mice

The five best exoplanets in the galaxy to check for alien life

The announcement of a new habitable, “Earth-like” planet made us wonder – where should we look first?

Marchers, raise your banners for the tortoise pace of progress

The March for Science reflects the growing gap between slow, steady, vital scientific gains and quick-fire, opportunist US politics, says Dave Levitan

Male robins can guess and satisfy their partner’s food cravings

Female birds incubating eggs get an itch for specific foods, and their male partners somehow know what they want and deliver it to them

Your true self: How your personality changes throughout life

You are not the person you were as a child, or even last year. The discovery that our characters change is unnerving, but embrace it and it can be empowering

Psychedelic drugs push the brain to a state never seen before

Brain measurements have revealed that LSD, ketamine and psilocybin cause patterns of brain activity that are far more diverse than normal consciousness

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