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App can tell you if a mosquito is about to give you malaria

AI trained to differentiate the whines of 3500 species of mosquitoes can use your cheap smartphone to tell you if that nearby mosquito will put you at risk of Zika, malaria and dengue fever  

Strong bones may be vital for maintaining memory in old age

A hormone secreted by bone reverses age-related memory loss in mice, hinting that strengthening your bones may protect you from some of the ravages of old age

Soft robot that squeezes your heart keeps damaged organs pumping

Putting a squishy robot around the diseased chamber of a heart helps it pump while you wait for a new one - and could even rehabilitate it so you don't need one

Russia confirms ‘extremely high’ radiation levels in toxic cloud

Earlier this month, France's nuclear safety agency said it had recorded radioactivity in the area near the Ural Mountains - and Russia has now verified the readings

Mind menders: how psychedelic drugs rebuild broken brains

The healing powers of illegal drugs like MDMA and psilocybin are finally living up to the hype – and they are already transforming our view of mental illness

Uber had a massive data hack – here’s how worried you should be

Uber's customer and driver data has been compromised for a year - but Uber has only just revealed details.

Keystone XL oil pipeline will go ahead despite last week’s spill

Last week the Keystone pipeline spilled 5,000 barrels of oil. This week Nebraska decided to allow the Keystone XL extension to be built right through the state

An Argentinian submarine has vanished – here’s how to find it

All signs of it have been dead ends, but now the hunt is on – but the crew's oxygen supplies will only stretch to the end of this week

The Tiger Subspecies Revised, 2017

So, how many different tiger subspecies are there. 8? 7? 6? Err...... 2? -- Read more on

The exquisite marble that sculptor Michelangelo couldn’t use

Workers at the Cervaiole quarry have supplied marble to Auguste Rodin and Henry Moore. But the beautiful rock was discovered 500 years ago by Michelangelo

We got a good look at the interstellar asteroid and it’s weird

Our first detailed glimpse at ‘Oumuamua, the interstellar asteroid that recently flew by Earth, shows it’s one of the weirdest asteroids we’ve ever seen

Nothing you can do stops this code from watching you online

Code originally written to optimise websites bypasses https and incognito browsing to harvest and share everything you type online, from passwords to sensitive medical data

Weak links in US power grid vulnerable in event of catastrophe

Largest study of 'cascading failures' finds that only a small subset of North America's power grid is at risk from domino-like electrical failure

Trump to let Americans import ivory and hunting trophies again

Donald Trump's administration is reversing a ban on the imports of elephant trophies—including ivory—from Zimbabwe and Zambia

Relationships among Tomistoma schlegelii in Malaysia Based on Cyt b-Control Region Gene Analysis

Tomistoma schlegelii is a slender snout crocodile, secretive in nature which is currently under Appendix I of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES). Limited information is currently available on its wild population, especially in Malaysia. Show More Summary

The "Birds Are Not Dinosaurs" Movement

Birds are dinosaurs. But some scientists argue that this just can’t be so because... because... well, it just can’t. What, specifically, are their arguments? -- Read more on

If we only ate organic it would be an environmental disaster

Organic food production requires more land, but a study claims cutting meat eating and food waste will solve this problem. It won’t

Prairie vole partners split up if one drinks more than the other

Prairie voles mate for life, but the bond is likely to break down if one partner drinks more alcohol than the other

Camera spots hidden oil spills and may find missing planes

For the first time, a polarising infrared camera – never before used on Earth – has been made small and light enough to detect concealed oil spills

Five death rituals to give you a new view on funerals

Every culture has a different death ritual – some involving levels of intimacy that would be unthinkable to people in the West. Here are just five of them

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