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The doctor who took on big pharma to stem the US opioid epidemic

When Andrew Kolodny raised the alarm over the dangerously addictive properties of prescribed opioids, he became both a hero and a figure of hate

Copycat justice has turned US counties into execution hotspots

Criminals assigned the death penalty are five times more likely to be executed in some US counties than in others – a trend that some argue is unconstitutional

Science helped cause the opioid crisis – now it must make amends

A US commission recommending how to solve the painkiller addiction killing 175 Americans a day also shows how opinion got in the way of fact to help cause the problem

Doe, it's Deer

Marsh deer Blastocerus dichotomus, copyright Jonathan Wilkins. An animal that just screams out, "Am I wearing the Chanel boots? Yes, I am." I hardly need to explain what deer are, do I? Deers (Cervidae) are generally recognised as the second most diverse family of hoofed mammals (after bovids) in the modern fauna. Show More Summary

When people sleep more they also eat less sugar and carbs

When people are given advice on how to get more sleep, not only do they get more slumber than they used to, they also start eating more healthily

People with diabetes seem to be protected against migraine

Doctors' hunches that people with diabetes get fewer migraines have finally been backed up by good evidence and it could help us treat migraines

Conus jaspideus or Conasprella jaspidea, Take Your Pick

Live Conasprella jaspidea, copyright Anne DuPont. Cone shells are one of the classic varieties of tropical sea shells, perhaps only rivalled in their familiarity with the general public by cowries and conches. Over 800 species of the family Conidae have been described from around the world. Show More Summary

We should teach kids how to use social media, not scare them off

A report into the social media habits of under 12s seems worrying, but children are unlikely to switch off, so they should learn how to safely navigate the online world

Raptor Raptor Raptor, Part 1

A quick look at the history and diversity of the birds of prey... -- Read more on

Darklings, Tok Toks and Pie-dishes

False wireworm beetle Gonocephalum sp., copyright EBKauai. It has been noted to the point of cliché that the Creator has an inordinate fondness of beetles. Even within the massive range of beetle diversity, though, certain families stand out as particularly diverse. Show More Summary

How to protect yourself from the Meltdown and Spectre bugs

After initial rumours of an Intel bug, a massive security flaw has been revealed in most computer processors leaving personal data and passwords vulnerable

Tackle UK’s killer toxic air before waging war on ocean plastic

If only environment secretary Michael Gove's enthusiasm to curb plastic pollution extended to more pressing environmental issues, says Olive Heffernan

Waiting for the big one: A new flu pandemic is a matter of time

At least two flu strains are only a few mutations away from developing deadly human-to-human transmission. So how do we minimise the impact?

SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket test is the start of a race to Mars

The imminent first flight of Elon Musk's giant new rocket could mark a spectacular start to a new era in space flight, says Paul Marks

Cosmic couture: The urgent quest to redesign the spacesuit

Astronauts venture into space wearing 35-year-old, sweat-stained relics. The $200 million, high-tech replacement togs are anything but down to Earth

Incidence of a New Pest, the Cotton Mealybug Phenacoccus solenopsis Tinsley, on Sesame in North Ethiopia

Sesame (Sesamum indicum) is one of the most important cash crops grown extensively for its seeds in Ethiopia. Production of sesame in the country is very crucial in many aspects, but the invasion of the cotton mealybug, Phenacoccus solenopsis Tinsley, is becoming a big deal in its production. Show More Summary


The world is home to a wide variety of leafhoppers, both in terms of number of species and range of morphological disparity. One of the more diverse leafhopper families is the Delphacidae, including over two thousand species from around the globe. Show More Summary

Closing Down for Christmas

Best festive wishes... --

Zoology Books of 2017

From Does It Fart? to the Loch Ness Monster Reloaded, Evolution In Minutes and Dinosaur Art II… -- Read more on

Amphibian and Reptile Biology and Conservation, the 2017 Joint Scientific Meeting

Conference news from the world of frogs, salamanders, lizards and snakes... -- Read more on

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