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Feedback: Witch offers hex appeal for financial wizards

Plus: the popular exercise that puts you at risk of demonic possession, shirts to make you attractive, tessellation troubles of safety flapjacks, and more

Successful Russian launch re-paves the way to space station

Russia's Soyuz rocket - currently the only way to get to the International Space Station - has had its first successful trip since a failed launch in December, restoring astronauts' ability to get to space

Pluto is still an ex-planet, no matter what its fans think

A fresh attempt to revive full planet status for Pluto is a non-starter. Astronomer Michael Brown explains why hopes of a comeback are futile

Worst-ever coral bleaching event continues into fourth year

NOAA’s Coral Reef Watch is predicting that many reefs will bleach in the next three months as sea temperatures remain high despite the recent El Niño coming to an end

Bird flu strain hitting China may be getting more dangerous

Already this winter H7N9 has caused 424 known cases in humans, and it seems to be acquiring a deadly mutation that will make it spread more quickly

New species of bushbaby found in disappearing forests of Angola

The Angolan dwarf galago is the fifth new primate species found in mainland Africa since 2000, but its habitat is under threat

The Litiopids: Small Sea-Snails among the Weeds

I may have commented before that biodiversity tends to increase as one moves to a smaller scale. If I haven't, I certainly should have. The number of small representatives of a group will almost always be greater than the number of large ones. Show More Summary

Exercise reduces death from breast cancer relapse by 40 per cent

A quarter of women with breast cancer will die from cancer spreading around the body – exercise is the most important lifestyle factor in preventing this

Mind-reading typing tool for paralysed people is fastest yet

Three people with paralysis have learned to type by thought alone using a brain implant – at almost half the speed at which people with no motor disability can text

Robot companion’s can-do attitude rubs off on children

Children using a companion robot to help solve puzzles or listen to them tell stories tried harder when it was programmed to have a can-do attitude

Mystery eye disease is latest blow for Australia’s sick turtles

Green turtles on the Great Barrier Reef have developed a strange eye disease, which could be a result of a recent herpes outbreak or high levels of cobalt

Sperm whale’s skin comes off during mass ‘scratchathon’

A transparent chunk of skin got rubbed off during a short period when dozens of the animals gathered, apparently to socialise and groom each other

‘Meditating mice’ reveal secrets of mindfulness training

Mice are less on edge if their brainwaves are coaxed to resemble those patterns that meditation boosts in humans

Teacher body cams are not the answer to bad classroom behaviour

There is precious little evidence that equipping school staff with body-mounted video kit will help tackle disruptive students, says teacher Tom Bennett

The Arms of an Ammonite

The ammonoids are one of the most characteristic animal groups of the late Palaeozoic and Mesozoic. During their time on this earth, they were one of the most diverse and abundant groups of mollusks around. But as with other mollusks,...Show More Summary

Antarctic sea ice is very low – but don’t jump to conclusions

Drawing premature conclusions about global warming’s role in Antarctic sea ice loss is unjustified whether positive or negative. The evidence must speak for itself

Slaughter of an American icon: The Yellowstone buffalo cull

Caught in a battle between ranchers, campaigners and park officials, hundreds of bison are culled each year. Photographer Michelle McCarron bears witness

A new formula reveals the most rocking science star of all

Discover what connects Paul Erdös to Colin Firth and Black Sabbath to Condoleezza Rice. Plus pH-proof water, periodic profanity, medieval sports and more.

I can control a computer with my mind – from inside a dream

People who have lucid dreams could control a computer while sleeping. Remington Mallett gave it a go

Spotless Ladybirds

Ladybirds are one of the first types of insect most children learn to recognise. Most people recognise these beetles straight away with their bright, contrasting colour patterns and shiny elytra. Many people are also aware of the beneficial...Show More Summary

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