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Hubble gazes into a black hole of puzzling lightness

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) The beautiful spiral galaxy visible in the center of the image is known as RX J1140.1+0307, a galaxy in the Virgo constellation imaged by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, and it presents an interesting puzzle. At first glance, this galaxy appears to be a normal spiral galaxy, much like the Milky Way.

Deep mantle chemistry surprise: Carbon content not uniform

(Carnegie Institution for Science) Even though carbon is one of the most-abundant elements on Earth, it is actually very difficult to determine how much of it exists below the surface in Earth's interior. Analysis by Carnegie's Marion...Show More Summary

Multiregional brain on a chip

(Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences) Harvard University researchers have developed a multiregional brain-on-a-chip that models the connectivity between three distinct regions of the brain. The in vitro...Show More Summary

MIA transport protein no longer missing in action

(John Innes Centre) John Innes Centre scientists have made a breakthrough in understanding how valuable anti-cancer compounds are produced in the Madagascar Periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus)

Researchers achieve major breakthrough in flexible electronics

Semiconductors, which are the very basic components of electronic devices, have improved our lives in many ways. They can be found in lighting, displays, solar modules and microprocessors that are installed in almost all modern day devices, from mobile phones, washing machines, and cars, to the emerging Internet of Things. Show More Summary

What makes erionite carcinogenic?

The mineral erionite is considered to be highly carcinogenic and is on the World Health Organisation's list of substances that cause cancer. A few years ago, an entire village in Turkey actually had to be moved, because the substance was very common in the surrounding area and every second inhabitant died of a particular type of cancer caused by breathing in erionite particles.

Composite material for water purification

(Wiley) Fresh, clean water coming directly from the tap is a true luxury. In developing countries, people often have no choice but to use a contaminated river for drinking water. Water filters can help by quickly converting polluted surface or ground water into safe drinking water. Show More Summary

NUS researchers achieve major breakthrough in flexible electronics

(National University of Singapore) A team of scientists from the National University of Singapore has successfully developed conducting polymer films that can provide unprecedented ohmic contacts to give superior performance in plastic electronics, including organic light-emitting diodes, solar cells and transistors.

What makes erionite carcinogenic?

(Friedrich-Schiller-Universitaet Jena) The mineral erionite is considered to be highly carcinogenic. Up to now it has been thought that iron as a constituent element of the mineral erionite is the reason for the carcinogenic effect.Show More Summary

Kazan University research may help speed up express testing

(Kazan Federal University) The compound created during the research can selectively detect nitrated derivatives in three hours, which is approximately eight imes faster in comparison with existing methods. Such derivatives are used in dyes, plastics, pesticides, petroleum chemistry, and paper production. Show More Summary

CO2, the philosopher's stone to obtain valuable pharmaceuticals

(Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ)) Starting from readily available materials and CO2, ICIQ researchers prepare useful building blocks named 'cyclic carbonates' that can be converted into valuable pharmaceuticals like Tamiflu®.

High-resolution pH imaging elucidates energy mechanisms in creating bacterial flagella

(Osaka University) Osaka University researchers established a state-of-the-art high-resolution imaging systems to measure pH-related variations in signal intensities of fluorescent pH probe pHluorin in live bacteria. Flagellar type III export proteins power the efficient translocation of flagellar constituents, instrumental for bacterial movement. Show More Summary

Probing the function of key proteins

"Kinase inhibitor" drugs, which target a class of enzymes that are crucial to keep cells running, make up one of the great success stories of modern medicine.

Removal of multiple contaminants from water by supported ionic liquid phases

Fresh, clean water coming directly from the tap is a true luxury. In developing countries, people often have no choice but to use a contaminated river for drinking water. Water filters can help by quickly converting polluted surface or ground water into safe drinking water. Show More Summary

New insights include possible path to improved catalyst efficiency (Update)

They have been a fundamental part of modern industry for more than a century, but the development of new catalysts to speed chemical processes has remained frustratingly hit-or-miss.

Technique enables adaptable 3-D printing

Three-dimensional printing technology makes it possible to rapidly manufacture objects by depositing layer upon layer of polymers in a precisely determined pattern. Once these objects are completed, the polymers that form the material are "dead"—that is, they cannot be extended to form new polymer chains.

Chemist develops new theory for explaining the function of proteins

A University of Arkansas chemist and his collaborator at North Carolina State University have developed a new theory for explaining how proteins and other biomolecules function based on movement and change of shape and structure rather than content.   

Researchers quantify in high speed a viper's strike in nature for the first time

(University of California - Riverside) The antagonistic predator-prey relationship is of interest to evolutionary biologists because it often leads to extreme adaptations in both the predator and prey. One such relationship is seen in the rattlesnake-kangaroo rat system. Show More Summary

Air Products Confirms Interest in Yingde

Air Products made a bid to acquire all outstanding shares of Chinese Yingde Gases Group

China develops world's brightest VUV free electron laser research facility

(Chinese Academy of Sciences Headquarters) A team of Chinese scientists announced on Jan. 13 that they have developed a new bright VUV FEL light source, the Dalian Coherent Light Source (DCLS), which can deliver world's brightest FEL light in an energy range from 8 to 24 eV, making it unique of the same kind that only operates in the VUV region.

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