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Animating Science at PlayPart 1Last September the Museum at CHF...

Animating Science at Play Part 1 Last September the Museum at CHF opened a new exhibit about the history of chemistry sets and other science toys called Science at Play. To make the chemistry sets come alive visually, CHF hired us, the...Show More Summary

Science Matters for Research Papers

Creating gift wrap can be done in the home. Promoting giftwrap may be more challenging. To be a full-time developer of gift-wrap takes a business approach along with the assurance to produce your personal enterprise. Using the appropriate models and perseverance, you can find your cover into outlets. Instructions Find a niche. Review giftwrap bought … Continue reading »

Americans Do Not Speak English

The flow has certainly troubled countless millions of people who’ve made use of the internet cheater website. The stress can be a potential two fold pain not merely are customers troubled within the exploitation of misappropriated bank...Show More Summary

npr: Last week’s announcement of the direct detection of...

Albert Einstein (left) and French philosopher and writer Henri Bergson. npr: Last week’s announcement of the direct detection of gravitational waves proved, once again, the enduring power of Albert Einstein’s scientific vision. OnceShow More Summary

CHF’s Marketing Specialist Monica Fonorow recently spoke...

Brigitte Van Tiggelen at the KULeuven archives, Leuven, Belgium Intimate collaboration in a lab notebook with both handwritings. (Courtesy of the Universiteitsarchief Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven, Noddack-Tacke, 209) CHF’s Marketing...Show More Summary

When Is the Singularity? Probably Not in Your Lifetime

When Is the Singularity? Probably Not in Your Lifetime: When was the last time you had a...

historicaltimes: A demonstration shows how a metal aircraft...

historicaltimes: A demonstration shows how a metal aircraft sheds lightning, 1950; USAF, published by National Geographic via reddit Nikola Telsa explored wireless telegraphy and produced artificial lightning. Ben Gross writes: Tesla...Show More Summary

Kuhn, Galison and Dyson: Tool-driven and idea-driven revolutions in chemistry and biology

Peter Galison Are scientific revolutions made from new ideas or new instruments? For most of the history of science we have exalted ideas over 'mere' tools: relativity and quantum mechanics command a kind of rarefied respect which magnetic resonance and gene sequencing don't. Show More Summary

Reactions: Marshall Brennan

Marshall Brennan is an Associate Editor for Nature Chemistry. He blogs at Colorblind Chemistry and goes on Twitter by @Organometallica.  Read more

On AlphaGo, chemical synthesis and the rise of the intuition machines

There is a very interesting article by quantum computing and collaborative science pioneer Michael Nielsen in Quanta Magazine on the recent victory of Google’s program AlphaGo over the world’s reigning Go champion, Lee Sedol. In the article Nielsen tries to explain what makes this victory so special. Show More Summary

sciencefriday: No, these aren’t photographs. These are actually...

sciencefriday: No, these aren’t photographs. These are actually a hand-drawn illustrations by biologist and illustrator Joseph Tomelleri. Tomelleri draws fish for scientific research. His models are specimens that he receives from researchers or that he collects himself. Show More Summary

What makes me human? On personhood and levels of emergence

Ce n'est pas une machine There is a wonderful episode of Star Trek (The Next Generation) titled “ The Measure of a Man ” which tackles an issue that all of us take for granted. The episode asks if Data – the highly intelligent and indispensable android on the USS Enterprise – has self-determination. Show More Summary

Nimbus Therapeutics and computational drug discovery: A promising start with much data to plumb

Nimbus Therapeutics, which as far as I know is the only drug company based on a purely computational model of drug discovery (with all experiments outsourced), just handed over one of their key programs to Gilead for a good sum of money. Show More Summary

The Mystery of Matter

The Mystery of Matter: Here’s a mystery: what highly acclaimed television program has been turned...

NSA, data uncertainty, and the problem of separating bad ideas from good ones

‘Citizenfour” is a movie about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden made by journalist Laura Poitras, one of the two journalists Snowden contacted. It’s a gripping, professional, thought-provoking movie that everyone should consider watching. Show More Summary

Hollywood ChemistryCareers in chemistry, much like the practice...

Hollywood Chemistry Careers in chemistry, much like the practice of mixing chemicals, can sometimes be unpredictable. They can include opportunities that may not immediately come to mind when one thinks of life as a scientist. Such is the case with Donna J. Show More Summary

The only equation that you should know

As I mentioned in my last post, “Chemistry”, declared Roger Kornberg in an interview, “is the queen of all sciences. Our best hope of applying physical principles to the world around us is at the level of chemistry. In fact if thereShow More Summary

thingsorganizedneatly: How Popcorn Pops for Reader’s...

hingsorganizedneatly: How Popcorn Pops for Reader’s Digest editor’s note: Photo duo The Voorhes are featured in my new book! — available for pre-order

Another four bricks in the wall (part II)

Editor’s note: this post written by Shawn Burdette and Brett Thornton is a companion piece to the Commentary article ‘Another four bricks in the wall‘ published in the April 2016 issue of Nature Chemistry.  Read more

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