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Why the Brain-Body Connection Is More Important Than We Think

Our brains aren’t flying solo; our emotions also come into play when we’re interacting with the world, new research finds.

Why You Shouldn't Eat a Slug (In Case You Need Reasons)

Hint: A brain-infesting worm carried by gastropods is spreading around the world.

Do Big Cats Get Hairballs?

Domestic cats often hack up gooey mats of fur, but it's rare in their larger kin.

Ferocious Eagle Attack Captured in Slow Motion

The birds of prey get into frequent tussles that can lead to serious injury.

Five New Fossil Forests Found in Antarctica

Hundreds of millions of years ago, Antarctica was carpeted with prehistoric greenery. Now, scientists may have uncovered clues about what happened in the "Great Dying," or Permian extinction.

These Adorable Squirrels Are Also Baby-Killing Cannibals

Think squirrels are cute and cuddly? Think again. Scientists find evidence of infanticide and cannibalism in the Yukon.

Once Written Off for Dead, the Aral Sea Is Now Full of Life

Thanks to large-scale restoration efforts, the North Aral Sea has seen a resurgence of fish—a boon to the communities that rely on it.

Two-Headed Snake Has Extremely Rare Double Hearts

Vets say the boa constrictor is a Siamese twin contained in one outer skin.

'Feeling' Recreated in Amputees' Robotic Arms—Here's How

The discovery may help amputees feel more control over their artificial limbs.

No, Scott Kelly's Year in Space Didn't Mutate His DNA

Scores of stories reporting that Kelly’s DNA is substantially different now are missing some basic facts about how biology works.

Why Ravens and Crows Are Earth’s Smartest Birds

Their brains may be tiny, but birds have been known to outsmart children and apes.

Cat-Size Marsupials Reintroduced to Australia's Mainland for First Time

Eastern quolls, which were wiped out of mainland Australia decades ago, are being introduced to the remote Booderee National Park.

Can Dogs and Cats Be Vegan? Science Weighs In.

Treats and kibble made with fungus offer high protein from plant-based foods, but not all pets may be able to make the switch.

Dramatic Photos Show How Sand Mining Threatens a Way of Life in Southeast Asia

Vietnam is prime example of a little-known global threat: the mining of river sand to build the world’s booming cities.

Biggest Fake Native American Art Conspiracy Revealed

Jewelry dealer Nael Ali will be the first defendant sentenced in the most extensive federal investigation into Indian arts and crafts fraud.

Python Moms Care for Their Young, Surprising Experts

A new study from South Africa observed wild snake mothers protecting and warming their young for weeks after they emerged from eggs.

Stephen Hawking's Most Provocative Moments, From Evil Aliens to Black Hole Wagers

The famous physicist was fond of making scientific bets and predictions, from the nature of black holes to the end of humanity.

Meet ‘Steve,’ a Totally New Kind of Aurora

Canadian citizen scientist photographers spotted a fleeting type of aurora not seen before, dubbed “Steve,” and scientists have started working out what’s causing them.

These Neon Shrimp Are the Bees of the Sea—Here's Why

Egg-laying shrimp queens rule over complex colonies—and a new study reveals their intriguing evolution.

Giant Ancient Shark Tooth Mysteriously Stolen

Australian authorities say the tooth's monetary value "would not be very high," though it may be prized by collectors.

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