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The Smithsonian celebrates the Panama Canal expansion

The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) celebrated with Panama the completion of the Panama Canal expansion project on June 26, 2016. The $5.6 billion engineering effort allows ships with triple the carrying-capacity of current vessels to transit the canal. Show More Summary

Scientists Find Amphibious Centipede—and It's Horrible

It's eight inches long with a painful bite, long legs, and "a horrible dark, greenish-black color." It's also bound to make you avoid all lakes and streams for the near future. Gregory Edgecombe of London's Natural History Museum says he's discovered a new species of centipede belonging to the giant...

Total face transplant in patient with severe burns: Team outlines surgical approach

Last year, the most extensive clinical face transplant to date was successfully carried out. A complete report on this procedure -- including the extensive organizational and training program created to prepare for it -- has just been published.

Research reveals widespread herbicide use on North American wildlands

Researchers are giving the public its first look at the widespread use of herbicides on federal and tribal land in North America, and they urge land managers to better document it.

Some surfaces are wetted by water, others are water-repellent: A new material can be both

Scientists have discovered a robust surface whose adhesive and wetting properties can be switched using electricity.

Plate tectonics without jerking: Detailed recordings of earthquakes on ultraslow mid-ocean ridges

The earthquake distribution on ultra-slow mid-ocean ridges differs fundamentally from other spreading zones. Water circulating at a depth of up to 15 kilometers leads to the formation of rock that resembles soft soap. This is how the...Show More Summary

Make no mistake, revenge is (bitter) sweet

Deep, dark and sometimes overwhelming, the human compulsion to seek revenge is a complex emotion that science has found incredibly hard to explain. Despite popular consensus that "revenge is sweet," years of experimental research have...Show More Summary

Everolimus R-CHOP combination safe for treating diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

The targeted therapy everolimus may be safely combined with R-CHOP for new, untreated diffuse large B-cell lymphoma according to the results of a pilot study. R-CHOP is a combination of drugs used to treat lymphoma. The combination includes rituximab, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine and prednisone.

Researchers identify the molecular roots of lung damage in preemies with GI disease

Scientists have figured out a root cause of the lung damage that occurs in up to 10 percent of premature infants who develop necrotizing enterocolitis, a disorder that damages and kills the lining of the intestine.

Saved by the sun: Solar-powered oxygen delivery system helps save lives in Uganda

A new twist on the use of renewable energy is saving children's lives in Africa. The innovation -- a solar-powered oxygen delivery system -- is providing concentrated oxygen in hospital for children suffering from severe pneumonia.

Allergy-causing 'bad guy' cells unexpectedly prove life-saving in C. difficile

Researchers have identified immune cells vital for protecting us from potentially deadly C. difficile. Surprisingly, those cells are often vilified for their role in causing asthma and allergies. But when it comes to C. difficile, they could be the difference in life and death.

Key power-splitting component for terahertz waves

One of the most basic components of any communications network is a power splitter that allows a signal to be sent to multiple users and devices. Researchers have now developed just such a device for terahertz radiation -- a range of frequencies that may one day enable data transfer up to 100 times faster than current cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

Northern bird found to be more resilient to winter weather

Northern wrens are larger and more resilient to winter weather than those living in the south, new research reveals. The research means that populations inhabiting regions where winters are more severe show some form of adaptation. The...Show More Summary

Surprising qualities of insulator ring surfaces

Topological insulators behave like insulators at their core and allow good conductivity on their surface. They owe their characteristics to a new quantum state within the material discovered in 2007 and 2009 for 2-D and 3-D materials, respectively. Show More Summary

Ovarian cancer study uncovers new biology

In what is believed to be the largest study of its kind, scientists led a study that examined the proteomes of 169 ovarian cancer patients to identify critical proteins expressed by their tumors.

E-cigarette use among college students: Helpful aid or risky enabler?

Electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) use continues to rise, and current data regarding use of e-cigarettes among college students are needed. The study connects e-cigarette use in colleges to high rates of alcohol consumption and other factors such as: gender, race/ethnicity and traditional cigarettes. Show More Summary

Analysis of 1976 Ebola outbreak holds lessons relevant today

With the recent Ebola epidemic in West Africa reviving interest in the first outbreak of the deadly hemorrhagic fever 40 years ago, scientists have published a new report that highlights lessons learned from the smaller, more quickly contained 1976 outbreak.

Protein associated with improved survival in some breast cancer patients

A family of proteins that help cancer cells survive and spread around the body may be associated with improved prognosis for some women receiving treatment for breast cancer, research has shown.

Truth to age-old maxim 'work hard, play hard'

A biology professor has published a study that, for the first time, provides strong empirical support for a correlation between a motivation to seek accomplishment and an attraction to leisure.

Blue-collar training in high school leaves women behind

What's the best way to prepare high schoolers for jobs in the 21st century? Education leaders and the general public have been debating this question with more heat in recent years, clashing over whether to focus on college preparation or vocational training, especially training linked to blue-collar jobs.

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