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Science + Storytelling + Good (Food & Drink) = The Monti at ScienceOnline2012 Banquet

Originally posted by Karyn Traphagen at the official ScienceOnline2012 blog Now, that’s an equation for an awesome evening. Do you love to hear a good story? Love to tell a good story? Folks, have we got a night for you. On Fri., Jan. 20, 2012, during the ScienceOnline2012 banquet you will be treated to a [...]

Clever Test Shows Meerkat Voices Are Personal

By using audio trickery to present meerkats with a puzzling situation, biologists have demonstrated that the adorable African critters recognize each other by voice. The implications go beyond meerkats: It's been suprisingly difficult to design empirical studies for truly wild animals other than primates, leaving an important aspect of animal social life in shadow.

Listen: Hemingway’s Short, Moving Nobel Prize Speech

Yesterday, a few hours after the Nobel Prize for Literature has been awarded to Tomas Transtromer, I received from former Nobel staffer Simon Frantz an audio clip that seized my heart. It is a 1954 recording of Ernest Hemingway reading his acceptance speech for the prize that year. (Hemingway did not attend the banquet, but had [...]

Audio Excerpt: The Secret Lives of The Brain

Find out what your brain is up to behind your back in this exclusive audio excerpt from the new book Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain and learn more in an interview with author, neuroscientist David Eagleman.

Tweetlinks, 10-24-09

Follow me on Twitter to get these, and more, in something closer to Real Time (all my tweets are also imported into FriendFeed where they are much more easy to search and comment on, as well as into my Facebook wall where they are seen...Show More Summary

Tweetlinks, 10-08-09

Follow me on Twitter to get these, and more, in something closer to Real Time: Geobloggers - who is coming to #scio10? There is a session proposed that you may want to join in How @TomLevenson rakes Megan McArdle over hot coals on disingenuous...Show More Summary

Monkeys Don’t Go For Music — Unless It’s Made for Them

Monkeys don’t care much for human music, but apparently they will groove to their own beat. Previous experiments have shown that tamarin monkeys prefer silence to Mozart, and they don’t respond emotionally to human music the way people do. But when a psychologist and a musician collaborated to compose music based on the pitch, tone [...]

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