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Tastes like Trombones

“Our results raise important questions about our representation of tastes and flavors and could also lead to applications in the marketing of food products.” - say a research team who have been investigating possible associations between flavors and various musical instruments. The Crossmodal Research Lab at Oxford University in the UK are presenting their new [...]

Space Telescope Listens in on Stellar Symphony

The Kepler Space Telescope doesn’t just look for planets. By listening to subtle vibrations of the stars in its field of view, the telescope is recording a stellar symphony that gives an unprecedentedly accurate view of the inner lives of stars. “We can say Kepler is listening to thousands of musicians in the sky,” said Daniel [...]


Image: Nagoya Congress Center plus Millenium Falcon reworked from original photo by Paula Pedrosa. link. Originally made for a series of Nagoya COP10 primers at Boing Boing (1 | 2 | SB | 3 | 4) I: SORTING OUT THE VERNACULAR So what is...Show More Summary

The Benefits and Burdens of Genetic Testing

New podcast and forums at World Science: The Benefits and Burdens of Genetic Testing: Listen to a story by reporter Marina Giovannelli, followed by our interview with Mayana Zatz. Download MP3 Our guest in the Science Forum is geneticist and genetic counselor Mayana Zatz. Show More Summary

Scott Huler - 'On The Grid' at Quail Ridge Books

As I alerted you before, last night Scott Huler (blog, Twitter, SIT interview) did a reading from his latest book On The Grid ( at the Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh. The store was packed. The store sold out all the books before Scott was even done talking. Show More Summary

The International Year of Biodiversity needs a theme song! I've written one, but I challenge you to write a better one.

O.K. Sorry this took a while, but you know, things are busy, having just finally launching the Phylo game website. A while back, I mentioned getting an acoustic bass, and wanting to work on yet another science-geekery song. This one with a biodiversity theme and the inclusion of reader supplied latin names as well. Show More Summary

How the Hidden Brain Controls Our Lives - new PRI The World Science Forum

Listen to the podcast, post comments, ask questions - the new forum is now live and will go on for the next week: How the Hidden Brain Controls Our Lives We like to think of ourselves as conscious, rational beings. But human behavior...Show More Summary

Creation: A Conversation with Darwin's Descendant

This week on PRI/BBC World Science: This month, the movie Creation opened in theaters across the United States. The film chronicles the life and work of Charles Darwin. The movie is directed by Jon Amiel. Paul Bettany stars as Darwin. Show More Summary

Collar Tech Tracks Wolf’s North Pole Treks

In the 24-hour darkness of the arctic winter, a wolf pack’s tough life continues. Battling temperatures that reach 70 degrees below zero, the pack has been traveling hundreds of miles across the landscape as a collar affixed to a wolf named Brutus beams back their coordinates to U.S. Geological Survey researchers. It would be impossible for [...]

Forum: Preventing Future Bhopals

It was 25 years ago yesterday that thousands dies in the Bhopal disaster. Yesterday, Rhitu Chatterjee did the story about it (listen or read the transcript) on PRI The World. Also yesterday, Rhittu and Elsa Youngsteadt interviewed Henrik...Show More Summary

Genomics of Emerging Infectious Disease PLoS Collection

If you follow me on Twitter or peruse the links in my daily Tweetlinks summaries, you may have noticed I posted several links to a new Collection at PLoS. This one is not just a PLoS ONE Collection, but a PLoS-wide one, spanning all of the journals in the house. The Collection Genomics of Emerging Infectious Disease, was compiled by Jonathan A. Show More Summary

ScienceOnline2010 On Duke Radio

A couple of weeks ago, Chritsopher Perrien invited Anton Zuiker and me to Duke Radio for an hour-long interview about science and medical blogging, science communication and education, about the ScienceOnline2010 conference (and theShow More Summary

Tweetlinks, 10-24-09

Follow me on Twitter to get these, and more, in something closer to Real Time (all my tweets are also imported into FriendFeed where they are much more easy to search and comment on, as well as into my Facebook wall where they are seen...Show More Summary

Tweetlinks, 10-08-09

Follow me on Twitter to get these, and more, in something closer to Real Time: Geobloggers - who is coming to #scio10? There is a session proposed that you may want to join in How @TomLevenson rakes Megan McArdle over hot coals on disingenuous...Show More Summary

Monkeys Don’t Go For Music — Unless It’s Made for Them

Monkeys don’t care much for human music, but apparently they will groove to their own beat. Previous experiments have shown that tamarin monkeys prefer silence to Mozart, and they don’t respond emotionally to human music the way people do. But when a psychologist and a musician collaborated to compose music based on the pitch, tone [...]

Making the perfect music mix: My song #3 is the free promo track for a remarkably good CD.

Song 1 | 2 | 3 1. Waterfall - James 2. Wake Up - Arcade Fire 3. Never Had Nobody Like You - M Ward Very nice - and a free download since this was the promo track released for his CD (which is very good by the way). Stereogum says itShow More Summary

Quite possibly the only song dedicated to mitochondria, ever!

Science Scout twitter feed Continuing on with my promise to play around with this science songwriting thing (1, 2), here is the third song in my World's Fair repertoire. This one on the awesome mitochondrion! Here is the demo mp3 for...Show More Summary

Friday Sprog Blogging: small, bigger, better, sproggier.

As captured in SprogCast #7, the Free-Ride offspring consider Mike Dunford's Earth Day resolutions meme. We discover that a kid's sense of scale is kind of different from a grown-up's. You can grab the mp3 here. The approximate transcript of the conversation follows. Read the rest of this post... | Read the comments on this post...

Friday Sprog Blogging: the environment.

This morning, over breakfast, the Free-Ride offspring and I discussed the environment. You can hear the conversation (that crunching is from English muffins). The transcript is below. Read the rest of this post... | Read the comments on this post...

He Said She Said Journalism Dissected

He Said, She Said Journalism: Lame Formula in the Land of the Active User by Jay Rosen. And his new podcast with Dave Winer, mostly about the AP fiasco, has been posted here. Worth a read and a listen. Read the comments on this pos...

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