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How race consciousness influences your likelihood of getting a flu shot

A new study is the first to explore racial factors and how they may influence attitudes and behaviors towards the flu vaccine.

New PET imaging technique may help monitor neurological disease progression

(JCI Journals) In Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease, loss of the sense of smell often precedes classical symptoms of cognitive or motor dysfunction. In work published this week in the JCI, a team led by Jacob Hooker at Harvard...Show More Summary

Hidden Heart Risks? Masked Hypertension May Affect 17 Million

Nearly one in eight Americans who think that they have normal blood pressure may have a type of high blood pressure that doesn't show up at the doctor's office, a new study finds.

Scientists find advanced geometry no secret to prehistoric architects in US Southwest

Imagine you are about to plan and construct a building that involves several complicated geometrical shapes, but you aren't allowed to write down any numbers or notes as you do it. For most of us, this would be impossible.

Archaeologists uncover new clues to Maya collapse

Using the largest set of radiocarbon dates ever obtained from a single Maya site, archaeologists have developed a high-precision chronology that sheds new light on patterns leading up to the two major collapses of the ancient civilization.

Synthetic nanoparticles achieve the complexity of protein molecules

Chemists at Carnegie Mellon University have demonstrated that synthetic nanoparticles can achieve the same level of structural complexity, hierarchy and accuracy as their natural counterparts - biomolecules. The study, published in Science, also reveals the atomic-level mechanisms behind nanoparticle self-assembly.

Beer Recall: Sierra Nevada Pulls Bottles Due to Chipped Glass Risk

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is recalling some of its bottled beer sold in 36 states due to a potential risk of injury from the bottles.

80-million-year-old dinosaur collagen confirmed

Utilizing the most rigorous testing methods to date, researchers from North Carolina State University have isolated additional collagen peptides from an 80-million-year-old Brachylophosaurus. The work lends further support to the idea...Show More Summary

Injections of sex-related hormone increase arousal in the brain

A small study has found that injections of a hormone called kisspeptin can enhance the response of young men’s brains to sexual or romantic pictures of couples

Accio Crab! Newfound Crab Honors Harry Potter and Professor Snape

A newfound crab named after "Harry Potter" wizards may not be magical, but its discovery is certainly enchanting.

Blacks experience more family member deaths than whites, on average: study

African-Americans are more likely than whites to experience the loss of a parent during childhood and more likely to be exposed to multiple family member deaths by mid-life, according to a study by the Population Research Center at The University of Texas at Austin.

Astronomers to Search for Alien Life at Nearby 'Habitable' Exoplanet

The Wolf 1061 star system is only 14 light-years away and a team of astronomers are doing the groundwork to begin looking for signs of extraterrestrial biology in one of its planet's atmospheres.

Earth from Space: New 'Blue Marble' Photo Is Jaw-Dropping

A new weather satellite is sharing high-definition images from the heavens.

Huge Under-Ice Valleys Are Melting Antarctic Glaciers from Below

The so-called oceanic troughs expose the glaciers to warm water from the surrounding oceans.

Using simulation tools to optimize soft robotic systems

(Mary Ann Liebert, Inc./Genetic Engineering News) Simulation is a valuable tool to improve the energy efficiency of machines and it is now being used to analyze and optimize soft robotic systems to increase their utility, as described in an article published in Soft Robotics.

Medical assistance in dying will not increase health care costs in Canada

Providing medical assistance in dying to people in Canada will not increase health care costs, and could reduce spending by between $34.7 and $138.8 million, according to a new research paper. The savings exceed the $1.5 million to $14.8 million in direct costs associated with implementing medical assistance in dying.

Cervical cancer mortality rates underestimated?

Cervical cancer is considered to be rather treatable, and somewhat uncommon, but a new analysis believes the risk of dying from cervical cancer is higher than previously thought. Less surprisingly, there are still racial differences in mortality. read more

Not just funny: Satirical news has serious political effects

Satirical news programs, often dismissed as mere entertainment, have real political effects on the people who watch them, new research suggests. A study found that people chose satirical news that matched their pre-existing attitudes -- liberal or conservative -- and that watching satirical news reinforced those attitudes as much as watching serious news.

Virtual out-of-body experience reduces your fear of death

After a near-death experience, people often describe floating out of their bodies. Recreating the sensation with VR can make people less anxious about dying

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