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Police Have New Tool to Find Mom of Baby Left in Dumpster

On Christmas Eve, a newborn girl was found dead in a dumpster in a Calgary parking lot. Police are still looking for her mother, and now they have a sketch of the woman or girl, thanks to a process known as DNA phenotyping, the CBC reports. The Canadian authorities hired...

What is the Billy Graham rule?

Reverend Billy Graham, the influential evangelical preacher who counselled presidents and held sermons across the globe, has died aged 99. Beside his ministry, he became famous for the so-called “Billy Graham rule” that governed his private conduct. Rev Graham famously did not dine alone, or travel or meet alone, with women who were not his wife.

Ancient Cave Drawings and Early Human Language Linked in New Study

Sound echoing within caves may have also influenced what early humans put on rock walls.

Crisis actors, deep state, false flag: the rise of conspiracy theory code words

David Hogg, a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school, speaks at a rally calling for more gun control three days after the shooting at his school. On Tuesday on CNN, Parkland survivor David Hogg was asked by Anderson Cooper about the plethora of right wing websites and social media accounts spreading conspiracy theories about him. Show More Summary

Billy Graham, preacher to millions, adviser to presidents, dies at 99

U.S. evangelist Billy Graham, who counseled presidents and preached to millions across the world, died at his North Carolina home on Tuesday. The cause of death was not given. Nathan Frandino has more.

Factbox: Reactions to the death of U.S. evangelist Billy Graham

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Billy Graham became the best known preacher in the United States during 70 years in the pulpit. Following are reactions to his death on Wednesday.

Tom Fitton and Sebastian Gorka on the real Russian collusion

On 'Hannity,' Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, and Fox News national security strategist Sebastian Gorka discuss the Mueller indictments and the potential legal ramifications for Hillary Clinton.

Genetic study paves way for new neuropathic pain treatments

A pioneering international study, carried out by the University of Granada, Harvard University, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), the University of Florida, Laval University and the Jackson Laboratory has conducted an in-depth analysis of the molecular differences between the most common symptoms associated with neuropathic pain. Show More Summary

Film Memento helped uncover how the brain remembers and interprets events from clues

Key repeating moments in the film give viewers the information they need to understand the storyline. The scenes cause identical reactions in the viewer's brain. The results deepen our understanding of how the brain functions, how narratives work in film, and memory mechanisms impaired by conditions such as Alzheimer's disease.

Minimising risks of transplants

A bone marrow transplant is often the only therapy available to save leukaemia patients, but the risk of complications is high. In spite of devoting considerable time and effort to finding a suitable donor, nearly half of all patients experience an unwanted reaction of their immune system, which often attacks their skin and liver and in up to 50% of cases the intestines.

Fertility study finds hormone that could support early pregnancy

The hormone helps prime cells for implantation, a vital stage in early pregnancy when a fertilised egg attaches to the womb lining, the study suggests. The discovery - made by testing tissue from women aged in their forties - could help...Show More Summary

15-year-old shot 5 times protecting classmates from gunfire

PARKLAND, Fla. (AP) — A 15-year-old student who was shot five times during last week's massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is credited with saving the lives of at least 20 other students.

A winning personality might play a major role in China's apparel industry

In the United States, business relationships are formal and typically based on contractual agreements. In China, business relationships rely more on the long-lasting culture of guanxi, a mixture of personal and public relationships that affect all individuals and organizations. Show More Summary

Reinventing the inductor

A basic building block of modern technology, inductors are everywhere: cellphones, laptops, radios, televisions, cars. And surprisingly, they are essentially the same today as in 1831, when they were first created by English scientist Michael Faraday.

'Memtransistor' brings world closer to brain-like computing

Computer algorithms might be performing brain-like functions, such as facial recognition and language translation, but the computers themselves have yet to operate like brains.

Ocean Refuge the Size of Great Britain Announced

The new conservation measure will protect Seychelles from illegal fishing for generations to come.

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