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Taco Bell is Adding 300 New Locations

The Tex-Mex Brand is expanding with over 300 new locations in urban areas by 2022.

Biggest and smallest creatures at top risk of extinction: study

Animals on both the large and small side of the spectrum face the most risk of extinction -- but for very different reasons, each with vast consequences for the planet, researchers said Monday. For big creatures -- including whale sharks,...Show More Summary

Pulling, not pushing, silk could revolutionize how greener materials are manufactured

New insights into how animals spin silk could lead to new, greener ways of producing synthetic fibres, according to academics at the University of Sheffield. Researchers from the University of Sheffield's Department of Material Science and Engineering have shown that animals spin silk by pulling rather than pushing it out of their bodies. Show More Summary

BU: HPV vaccine associated with improved fertility in some women

More than 40 percent of American teens are now getting vaccinated against human papillomavirus (HPV). But, despite HPV infection being associated with reduced semen quality and lower pregnancy rates, there is still public concern about...Show More Summary

End-of-summer Arctic sea ice extent is eighth lowest on record

Arctic sea ice appeared to have reached its yearly lowest extent on Sept. 13, NASA and the NASA-supported National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) at the University of Colorado Boulder have reported. Analysis of satellite data by NSIDC...Show More Summary

PET imaging tracks Zika virus infection, disease progression in mouse model

For the first time, scientists have used Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging to study brain inflammation following Zika virus infection in mice, according to a study recently published online in the journal Molecular Imaging and Biology. The technology has the added benefit of allowing investigators to study the progression of the disease over time.

There Was Another Earthquake in Mexico. Is the World Ending?

The past month has been a mind-bending litany of natural disasters. First, Hurricane Harvey swamped Houston. Then Mexico experienced a massive earthquake, an 8.2 magnitude shock to the southern state of Chiapas (the quake primarily happened in the Pacific, which limited damage). Show More Summary

Adultery, Burglary Could Have Derailed a Brilliant Scientist

It's a story of devastating loss followed by one of incredible kindness, and it's a story that belongs to Dr. Mary-Claire King. Part of The Moth's latest book, it's reprinted by the HuffPost UK and takes place in April 1981, just days before King was scheduled to fly to Washington,...

Clear tactics, but few easy solutions, for hospitals combating ransomware

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] -- Especially cruel hackers know that lives are on the line when they hold a hospital's computer systems hostage, as they did in the May 12 attack dubbed WannaCry, which locked down many overseas hospitals with the demand for a ransom. Show More Summary

Landmark study suggests risks vary widely in drone-human impacts

New Virginia Tech research suggests there's wide variation in the risk that unmanned aircraft pose to people on the ground. Many of the most promising applications for these aircraft -- including package delivery, public safety, and traffic management -- entail flights over people and raise the possibility, however unlikely, of an impact between the aircraft and a human.

Security cameras are vulnerable to attacks using infrared light -- Ben Gurion U. study

BEER-SHEVA, Israel...Sept. 19, 2017 - Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers have demonstrated that security cameras infected with malware can receive covert signals and leak sensitive information from the very same surveillance...Show More Summary

Tiny lasers from a gallery of whispers

WASHINGTON, D.C., Sept. 19, 2017 -- Whispering gallery mode (WGM) resonators are used to make tiny micro-lasers, sensors, switches, routers and other devices. These tiny structures rely on a phenomenon similar to an effect observed in...Show More Summary

Making Your Own Solar Cells from Powdered Donuts?

Make a photovoltaic solar cell using common household items... and donuts! Read more on MAKE The post Making Your Own Solar Cells from Powdered Donuts? appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

Buildings sway, collapse as powerful earthquake hits Mexico City

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit Mexico City. Stunning videos posted on Twitter showed buildings swaying and in some cases collapsing, as people streamed into the streets.

Trump campaign adviser was wiretapped under secret court orders: CNN

U.S. investigators wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort under secret court orders before and after the 2016 election, CNN reported on Monday. The New York Times, citing two people close to the case, also reported that prosecutors told Manafort they planned to indict him. Federal agents had raided Manafort's Virginia house in July.

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