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Teenagers can become disruptive if teachers use psychological pressure

A study by researchers at the University of Kent is expected to help teachers identify specific reasons for different types of pupil withdrawal in the classroom.

The MakeShift Challenge: Broken Arm in the Wilderness

The creator of MacGyver challenges you to get your friend medical help from a wilderness fishing stream using a car with only three tires. Read more on MAKE The post The MakeShift Challenge: Broken Arm in the Wilderness appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

Study finds political contributions can play an important role in a successful IPO

A firm's political donations can have a significant effect on initial public offering (IPO) underpricing, leading to immediate and measurable gains on issue day, according to new research from the University of Portsmouth.

Remembrance and the teaching of memory

In the midst of ANZAC Day commemorations, a timely paper explores the role of digital technologies in how we think about war and peace.

New study shows youth violence on decline

(Boston University) Contrary to popular perception, a new study by Boston University professor Christopher Salas- Wright finds that youth violence is declining -- and at noteworthy rates. Between 2002 and 2014, Salas-Wright and his colleagues...Show More Summary

Opinion: We need to break science out of its ivory tower – here's one way to do this

Without hardware, there is no science. From Hooke's microscope to the Hubble telescope, instruments are modern science's platforms for producing knowledge. But limited access to scientific tools impedes the progress and reach of science...Show More Summary

Defying dementia: It is not inevitable

Growing older doesn't necessarily mean you'll get dementia. Cases are rising as more of us live longer, but the reasons are debated and you can fight back

All mammals take ~12 seconds to poop.

If the above image disturbs you, move along; this post is not for you! In this study, published this week in the journal Soft Matter (yes, seriously), scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology report their detailed studies of the pooping habits of a wide variety of mammals. Show More Summary

These airlines, hotels and websites received the highest customer approval ratings

JetBlue, Priceline and Hilton are the most loved travel brands according to a new customer satisfaction report. 

Distant Dwarf Planet DeeDee Stirs Up the Pluto Planethood Debate

Recent observations that a tiny object in our solar system is a likely dwarf planet has some planetary scientists grumbling again about Pluto's demotion to that status.

High-Tech Crime Steals the Show in 'Outlaw Tech'

Modern-day outlaws are more likely to use a computer than a six-gun to get what they want.

'Dragonfly' Drone Could Explore Saturn Moon Titan

A relocatable lander could explore the hazy skies of Saturn's intriguing moon Titan, according a new mission proposal.

Eel patrol: Tracking down poachers with the wildlife police

Fishing for the endangered European eel is allowed only under strict rules. Clare Wilson joins the environmental officers patrolling the banks of the UK’s River Severn

'Anumeric' people: What happens when a language has no words for numbers?

Numbers do not exist in all cultures. There are numberless hunter-gatherers embedded deep in Amazonia, living along branches of the world's largest river tree. Instead of using words for precise quantities, these people rely exclusively on terms analogous to "a few" or "some."

Cities are complex systems – let's start looking at them that way

The way we design our cities needs a serious rethink. After thousands of years of progress in urban development, we plateaued some 60 years ago. Cities are not safer, healthier, more efficient, or more equitable. They are getting worse on these measures.

The financial cost of opportunity lost

When we make big financial decisions, such as buying or selling property or even deciding to accept a new job, we are willing to accept a lower price in the short term rather than 'spend' our time to search longer, new Australian research from Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) has found.

Researchers build a single-molecule diode

Researchers of the University of Barcelona have led a project to create a diode out of a 1 nm-sized single molecule with high rectification ratios. Diodes, commonly used in in everyday electronic devices, allow current to flow in one direction while blocking the current in the opposite direction.

Rod Dreher’s Monastic Vision

Rod Dreher was forty-four when his little sister died. At the time, he was living in Philadelphia with his wife and children. His sister, Ruthie, lived in their Louisiana home town, outside St. Francisville (pop. 1,712). Dreher’s family had been there for generations, but he had never fit in. Show More Summary

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