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Risk for developing HPV-related throat cancer low

The prevalence of throat (oropharyngeal) cancers caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) has increased in recent decades, and some groups are much more likely than others to have the oral HPV infections that can cause these cancers. Show More Summary

Curve-eye-ture: How to grow artificial corneas

Scientists at Newcastle University, UK, and the University of California have developed a new method to grow curved human corneas improving the quality and transparency - solely by controlling the behaviour of cells in a dish. The research...Show More Summary

Logged tropical rainforests still support biodiversity even when the heat is on

New study shows logged rainforests shouldn't be written off as they have long-term conservation value Logged areas found to have the same temperature as pristine forests Study shows animals like the Bornean horned frog, Bornean keeled...Show More Summary

Expert: Be concerned about how apps collect, share health data

As of 2016 there were more than 165,000 health and wellness apps available though the Apple App Store alone. According to Rice University medical media expert Kirsten Ostherr, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates only a fraction of those. Americans should be concerned about how these apps collect, save and share their personal health data, she said.

Eye-catching labels stigmatize many healthy foods

When customers walk down aisles of grocery stores, they are inundated with labels such as organic, fair-trade and cage free, just to name a few. Labels such as these may be eye-catching but are often free of any scientific basis andShow More Summary

A liberal is a conservative whose house just flooded

Some Trump voters, after their towns were flooded by Hurricane Harvey, are beginning to reconsider their conviction that climate change has no scientific basis.

White supremacist shouted down at Florida college speech

Hundreds of protesters shouted down white supremacist leader Richard Spencer Thursday at a university in Florida, forcing him to leave the stage without delivering his speech. Spencer, a leader of the so-called alt-right movement that...Show More Summary

George W. Bush Condemns Trumpism, But Skips His Role In Its Rise

Former President George W. Bush critiqued President Donald Trump’s worldview in a speech Thursday, but failed to acknowledge his own part in creating conditions that powered Trump’s rise.

What 'Me Too' Can Teach Men Who Are Willing to Listen

Harvard University social scientist Mario L. Small on what men can learn from the 'Me too' phenomenon

NOAA Predicts Warmer Winter for Most Americans

People in the Northwest, northern Plains, and parts of Alaska are going to have a colder winter than usual this year, while most other Americans can expect a milder-than-average winter, according to the NOAA 's latest forecast. Mike Halpert of the Climate Prediction Center says there will likely be a...

World's Deepest Lake Is in Deep Trouble

One-fifth of all non-frozen fresh water in the world is located in a single Russian lake, and experts say that lake is in crisis, AFP reports. Siberia's Lake Baikal—the world's deepest lake at more than 5,500 feet—is a UNESCO world heritage site, home to more than 3,...

Calif.'s Other Big Problem Amid Blazes: 'Fire Devils'

Like earthquakes can unleash tsunamis, strong winds and the California wildfires apparently set loose another type of natural disaster: fire tornadoes. And the San Francisco Chronicle says the fire-filled tornadoes that hit Santa Rosa last week, driven by nearly 80mph winds, wreaked major havoc, tossing cars, pulling trees out of...

Researchers See 'Horrific Decline' in Insect Numbers

If it seems like there are fewer squished bugs on your windshield after long journeys than in years past, you're not imagining things: Researchers say there appears to have been a steep and extremely worrying decline in insect populations in recent decades. In a study published in the journal Plos...

Six degrees of separation: Why it is a small world after all

(University of Leicester) This study examines how small-world networks occur within bigger and more complex structures.

Pricey New Cancer Therapy Could Save Thousands

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a second "living drug" to fight cancer—a personalized treatment that alters a patient's own cells to turn them into cancer-killers. The new "CAR T-cell therapy" has been approved for non-Hodkins lymphoma patients with few other treatment options, a group that could number...

Curve-eye-ture: How to grow artificial corneas

(Newcastle University) Research reveals corneal cells grown on curved surfaces arrange themselves in a regular lattice structure giving the artificial cornea strength and transparency like that normally found in the human eye.

Chaos reigns even in simple electronics

(The Henryk Niewodniczanski Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences) It's really surprising: it turns out that among simple electronic circuits, built of just a few components, many of them behave chaotically, in an extremely complicated, practically unpredictable manner. Show More Summary

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