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Just an hour of TV a day linked to unhealthy weight in kindergartners

Kindergartners and first-graders who watched as little as one hour of television a day were more likely to be overweight or obese compared to children who watched TV for less than 60 minutes each day, according to a new study.

One-Way Streets Can Actually Be More Dangerous

Turns out one-way streets may make neighborhoods more dangerous—and in some cases, it's not because of the traffic itself. Researchers who have studied cities across the country are pointing to a possible risk of higher crime on one-way streets with two lanes, as compared to two-way streets. For one...

An end to cancer pain?

A new study led by University of Toronto researcher Dr. David Lam has discovered the trigger behind the most severe forms of cancer pain. Released in top journal Pain this month, the study points to TMPRSS2 as the culprit: a gene that is also responsible for some of the most aggressive forms of androgen-fuelled cancers. read more

Stem-cell-based therapy promising for treatment of breast cancer metastases in the brain

Researchers have developed an imageable mouse model of brain-metastatic breast cancer and shown the potential of a stem-cell-based therapy to eliminate metastatic cells from the brain and prolong survival. read more

7 great achievements in child health research

Pediatric research discoveries over the past 40 years have led to prevention and treatment strategies that have saved millions of lives worldwide. Seven of the greatest research achievements will be presented on Sunday, April 26 at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting at the San Diego Convention Center. read more

Inquiry Launched Into Global Temperature Data Integrity

The International Temperature Data Review Project London, 26 April 2015 – The London-based think-tank the Global Warming Policy Foundation is today launching a major inquiry into the integrity of the official global surface temperature records. Show More Summary

Emoticons and Happy Meals of healthy foods may make students eat better

If it works so well for McDonald's that places like California have tried to ban them, why not make Happy Meals for broccoli? A paper at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting in San Diego says that poor food choices in...Show More Summary

Beyond genes: Are centrioles carriers of biological information?

Centrioles are barrel-shaped structures inside cells, made up of multiple proteins. They are currently the focus of much research, since mutations in the proteins that make them up can cause a broad range of diseases, including developmental abnormalities, respiratory conditions, male sterility and cancer. Show More Summary

Despite warnings, health food stores recommend OTC dietary supplements to minors

Fifteen year olds are not only able to buy over-the-counter dietary supplements from a sampling of health food stores across the country, the staff at those stores actually went so far as to recommend certain products, despite labels...Show More Summary

An hour of TV per day linked to unhealthy weight in kindergartners

Do overweight kids watch more television, or does television cause weight kids? That has long been the contention for people seeking a magic bullet in obesity: If we just reduce television time, kids won't be fat. read more

Sharing the Sea with Sharks

In the South African coastal city where I grew up, shark incidents were fairly common out on the reef where the surfers congregated. As a boy, my father lost a friend to a shark at our local beach. He remembers how the kid who pulled his friend out the water was sent to school the next morning and expected to get on with things.

Drinking just one or two alcoholic drinks a day linked to liver disease

According to the World Health Organization, excessive alcohol drinking is the most common cause of cirrhosis worldwide. A new worldwide study has shown the significant influence of daily drinking on this disease burden.

Crape mrytle care: Avoid ‘crape murder’ with limited pruning

Gardeners know what not to do when pruning crape myrtles, but the frequent reminders against crape murder can leave some gardeners wondering if it's possible to prune these plants at all.

Direct visualization of magnetoelectric domains

Using a novel microscopy technique, scientists revealed a major enhancement of coupling between electric and magnetic dipoles. The discovery could lead to devices for use in computer memory or magnetic sensors.

Geothermal energy, aluto volcano, and Ethiopia's rift valley

Scientists have new data on Ethiopia's Rift Valley and Aluto volcano, a major volcano in the region. Aluto is Ethiopia's main source of geothermal energy, a low-carbon resource that is expected to grow considerably in the near future. Show More Summary

Fast and accurate 3-D imaging technique to track optically-trapped particles

Researchers have published an article on the development of a novel technique to precisely track the 3-D positions of optically-trapped particles having complicated geometry in high speed.

Hypothermia treatment provides little benefit for pediatric cardiac arrest

A new, randomized clinical study co-authored by Cohen Children's Medical Center's chair of pediatrics says there is little neurological benefit to using therapeutic hypothermia to lower a child's core temperature after an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. read more

'Summer slide' reduced by letting kids pick their own summer reading

At the end of the school year, districts often send stacks of books home with their students in the hopes of combating the "summer slide," the literacy loss experienced during the long break that hits low-income students particularly...Show More Summary

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