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Atomic Clock Could Stay on Time for 15B Years

That incredibly accurate atomic clock we heard about last year just upped its game. The JILA timepiece, created in a joint venture between the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the University of Colorado Boulder, received upgrades that now have it (in theory, at least) faithfully ticking away for...

Disney's New 3D Printer Churns Out Soft Bunnies

If anyone were going to create a 3D printer that would create cuddly objects made out of felt, it would be Disney. And that's exactly what's happened, in conjunction with Cornell and Carnegie Mellon universities. The printer "slices" a 3D model of an object into layers, then laser-cuts those layers...

The Power of Touch

When Nicolae Ceau?escu came to power, in the mid-nineteen-sixties, Romania saw the proliferation of leag?ne—literally, “cradles,” otherwise known as institutional homes for the very young. Ceau?escu wanted to increase Romania’s industrial output, and he thought that that required a larger population. Show More Summary

Chewing Like a Girl

“You throw like a girl” remains a common, if now generally frowned upon, playground insult. It is also, according to the German-American scientist Erwin Straus, an observable phenomenon. Writing in the Psychiatric Quarterly in 1952,Show More Summary

A simple bounce test for lively versus dying batteries

This video shows how a mechanical “bounce test” can reveal how much electrical charge remains in an ordinary alkaline AA battery: Chemistry World magazine explains: “Inspired by a YouTube video, scientists in the US have confirmed that a simple bounce test can be used as a technique to indicate charge in a battery… A team led by Daniel […]

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