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For Alt-Right Trolls, “Star Trek: Discovery” Is an Unsafe Space

This being the United States in 2017, Internet trolls are accusing “Star Trek: Discovery,” the newest incarnation of the sci-fi franchise, due to début on television in the fall, of white genocide. The commotion began last week, when the show’s trailer first appeared on YouTube. Show More Summary

“What Do We Want? Evidence-Based Science!”

A protest on behalf of something as nebulous as “science” could mean anything, really. But when thousands of men, women, and children arrived in Washington, D.C., last month for a “March for Science,” their prime concern appeared to be that objective, scientific facts were losing ground in government. Show More Summary

Bones Found in 2nd Chamber of Cave Spur Huge Questions

In 2015 it was a discovery described as "unlike anything we have seen." Now even more so. A second chamber in a South African cave system has produced bones belonging to Homo naledi, a species scientists now believe may have existed around the same time as Homo sapiens and that...

Science Is Broken. How Much Should We Fix It?

Richard Harris has an elephant’s memory for busted scientific claims. In his new book on the replication crisis, Rigor Mortis: How Sloppy Science Creates Worthless Cures, Crushes Hope, and Wastes Billions, the veteran NPR reporter serves as a tour guide to a crushing series of dead ends. Show More Summary

Is Bill Nye a science guy—or is he wearing a science guise?

Maybe he won't save the world. But with a new doc and Netflix show, the Science Guy is, at the very least, saving his career The post Is Bill Nye a science guy—or is he wearing a science guise? appeared first on

Perimeter Public Lecture live: The blues of black holes

In this month’s Perimeter Public Lecture, Janna Levin discusses finding music in science, on May 3 at 7 PM ET The post Perimeter Public Lecture live: The blues of black holes appeared first on

New Model 3 photos give us our best look yet at Tesla’s $35,000 EV

Over the past few weeks, we've seen an increasing number of Model 3 spy shots make their way online. And whereas many of the earlier Model 3 sightings were either blurry or taken on a backlot near Tesla headquarters, more recent sightings...Show More Summary

Talking Without Talking

Last Tuesday morning, in a tiny, crowded courtroom in New Brunswick, New Jersey, a panel of appellate judges heard arguments in the case of convicted rapist Marjorie Anna Stubblefield. In the fall of 2015, Stubblefield, the 47-year-old...Show More Summary

Perimeter Public Lecture, live: Bring math to the masses with pie and pi

This month's Perimeter Public Lecture tackles complex math with tasty treats—and we're live-streaming it on April 5 at 7 pm ET The post Perimeter Public Lecture, live: Bring math to the masses with pie and pi appeared first on

Dramatic Rescue, With Surprise Help From Muddy Elephants

Teamwork both human and animal is what saved the lives of nearly a dozen Asian elephants in a Cambodian wildlife preserve after local farmers there stumbled upon a distressing sight: 11 of the endangered animals stuck in a mud-filled crater formed nearly a half-century ago by a Vietnam War bomb,...

How much training does it actually take to beat the Karate Kid?

First comes the YouTube video,  then comes the science! Martial arts: time needed for training. "PURPOSE: To measure the time needed to teach a series of martial arts techniques to proficiency. METHODS: Fifteen volunteer subjects without any prior martial arts or self-defense experience were recruited. Show More Summary

“Ecco il fico” — Barbarossa, the fig, the bite, the thumb, and the mule

The phrase “Ecco il fico” has a particularly ripe meaning, writes Rob Chirico in the Strong Language blog: The year was 1162 when he returned and easily subdued the revolt. According to the chronicler Giambattista Gelli, Frederick [Frederick the First, Holy Roman emperor, also known as “Barbarossa”] got them back for the mule debacle, and then […]

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