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3-D-printing lab instruments 1 block at a time

RIVERSIDE, Calif. ( -- A team of researchers and students at the University of California, Riverside has created a Lego-like system of blocks that enables users to custom make chemical and biological research instruments quickly, easily and affordably. Show More Summary

What a Time to Be Alive

Figuring out if something is alive or not feels like it should be pretty cut and dry—does it consume energy? Does it reproduce? Does it respond to light, sound, or a poke with a sharp stick? If so, name it after David Attenborough and move on. Show More Summary

Explorers Find Schooner That Sank in 1868 in Lake Ontario

A retired engineer and two buddies took his boat out on Lake Ontario a few weeks ago, with a high-res side-scan sonar to see if they could find any shipwrecks. What they stumbled across, 400 feet below the surface: the remains of the Royal Albert schooner, which sank nearly 150...

Leaping fish injuries and the trauma center [podcast 79]

Fish (specifically sturgeon) leaping into the air and colliding with young human boaters are biggest stars in this week’s Improbable Research podcast. SUBSCRIBE on, iTunes, or Spotify to get a new episode every week, free. This...Show More Summary

How Zoos Lost Their Bars

In the weeks after Harambe, the lowland gorilla, was shot when a 3-year-old boy fell into his enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo, I began to notice peculiar news stories that otherwise wouldn’t have attracted my attention. A leopard inShow More Summary

A song for the peoples of Britain, in their hour of dismay

This song, called “Harmonious Misunderstanding”, is the thrilling conclusion to “The Jargon Opera“. The mini-opera premiered as part of the 2002 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, at Harvard University. That first performance starred singers Margot...Show More Summary

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