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Why Do People Applaud When Planes Land?

A few years back, the comedian Chelsea Handler used to tell this joke on stage: “There are two types of people I don’t trust,” she’d say. “People who don’t drink while on medication and people who clap when the plane lands.” It’s funny...Show More Summary

Is a Cat a Liquid?

This story was originally published on the Conversation and was republished here with permission. A liquid is traditionally defined as a material that adapts its shape to fit a container. Yet under certain conditions, cats seem to fit...Show More Summary

Trump’s New NASA Chief Controls One of the Most Important Parts of Climate Science

President Donald Trump has made no effort to hide his vehement disbelief that climate change is real: He’s chosen to pull the country out of the 2016 Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and he’s found egregious ways to dismantle much of former President Barack Obama’s moves to combat it, too. Show More Summary

Why Isn’t the Bond Market More Worried About Climate Change?

Early this month, when the annual king tide swept ocean water into the streets of Miami, the city’s Republican mayor, Tomás Regalado, used the occasion to stump for a vote. He’d like Miami residents to pass the “Miami Forever” bond issue, a $400-million property tax increase to fund seawalls and drainage pumps (they’ll vote on it on Election Day). Show More Summary

Piles of Old Shells Are Important, Endangered History Lesson

"They were eating oysters like crazy," an archaeologist says of Native Americans who visited what is now the coast of Maine for thousands of years. And it's a good thing they did. The piles of discarded oyster shells created by hungry Native Americans over centuries are an irreplaceable source of...

The Trials of Amy Cuddy

The first big reveal in this week’s New York Times Magazine feature, “When the Revolution Came for Amy Cuddy,” is that the superstar of social psychology and inventor of the “power pose” has been reduced to hunching. She’s sitting in...Show More Summary

When Scientists Discovered Neutron Stars Colliding, How Did Artists Know What to Draw?

On Monday, scientists announced they had detected gravitational waves emitted by the violent collision of an ultra-dense pair of neutron stars 130 million light-years away, complemented by observations of the light emissions ejected by the incendiary event. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Should Stop Obsessing Over the Moon

Donald Trump wants to go to the moon. Since being elected president, both Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have offered vague but repeated hints that the administration was interested in sending American astronauts back to it, and finally, at the inaugural meeting of the newly resurrected National Space Council on Oct. Show More Summary

Perimeter Public Lecture: A new vision of how gravity might work

Scientists are questioning the very nature of space, time, and gravity—and you can get a front row seat for the debate, live on Oct. 4 at 7 PM ET The post Perimeter Public Lecture: A new vision of how gravity might work appeared first on

Like These Songs? You Might Be a Psychopath

In news certain to start a whole new round of arguments at record stores (were record stores still a thing), researchers at New York University say the songs you like could give you away as a psychopath, the Guardian reports. Researchers had 200 people already scored on the Levenson Self-Report...

The wrong first step to revive athletes in cardiac arrest

Philadelphia, PA, Sept. 19, 2017 - About three million people have viewed the YouTube video of the death of American collegiate basketball player Frank Gathers from cardiac arrest during a game in 1990. The sequence of the events clearly shows the that for two entire minutes following his collapse, he received no form of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

In Defense of the TV Reporter Standing Outside During a Hurricane

If you watched just about any TV news coverage of Hurricane Irma, you saw a familiar scene: the beleaguered on-air reporter standing outside, jaw set, eyes squinched, braving the buffeting rain and winds all in the name of bringing you...Show More Summary

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