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The balsawood boulders of the Kaiser Roof Garden

Ever since 1960 when the rooftop garden on the Kaiser Center’s garage, largest in the world at the time, was built, it’s been heralded by American landscaping pros, Kaiser Center employees and appreciative residents. After the garden’s recent rehabbing, now (specifically, any weekday) is a good time to visit. Putting a garden on a roof, […]

What the Frack is Going On?

Is there any truth to the claim that fracking causes earthquakes? Answers are within! -- Read more on

The Lake at the End of the World: Tule Lake in Northern California

Tule Lake is situated at the end of the world. It's not that it's so big that the world seems to end beyond its margins, but something more like how it is the place that worlds ended. The lake is located in Northern California near the Oregon Border south of Klamath Falls. Show More Summary

Mud Mountain Dam: Good Clean Fun!

Mud Mountain Dam is a fascinating, record-breaking earthen dam—and right on the way to one of our favorite volcanoes! -- Read more on

Tectonic Tragedy in Italy

The 2016 central Italy earthquake has claimed hundreds of lives and destroyed cities -- Read more on

Rio 2016: Olympic Geology

If geology was an Olympic sport, Rio de Janeiro would probably take the gold -- Read more on

Cascades, Volcanoes and Fantastic Fossils! Seattle's Burke Museum, Part 2

Welcome to the second leg of our Burke Museum visit! In this one we get to meet a very awesome sabre kitty, enjoy some of the prettiest rocks and fossils ever, and lie in the center of a volcano -- Read more on

Gemstones and Dinosaurs--Oh My! Seattle's Burke Museum, Part 1

Visiting Seattle with kids? Want geology? In this installment of our occasional series on the subject, we're visiting Burke Museum, which has got plenty of hands-on geology and paleontology for the... -- Read more on

6 Reasons New Horizons Rocks

Join me for some icy-sweet geology in the outer solar system, and learn why New Horizons is a great way to spend just under a stadium's worth of money -- Read more on

What Kind of Rock Would You Be?

A bit ago, I had my En Tequila Es Verdad readers ask some simple geology questions, and they delivered! This is the first in a long series of reader-inspired posts exploring the lighter side of... -- Read more on ScientificAmerican....

June Best o' the Geoblogosphere

June was a great month on the geoblogs. Come check out the best—and see how your favorite geoblog post can be featured here! -- Read more on

Magnificent Mount Saint Helens Photos, Part 4

Ready for a trio of gorgeous Mount Saint Helens photos? Of course you are! -- Read more on

Help Save the Arizona Geological Survey

The Arizona Geological Survey's budget has been slashed by the state's short-sighted government. There are as many reasons to save the agency as there are geologic wonders, riches and hazards in... -- Read more on ScientificAmerican...

Dealing with Volcanoes in 6 Easy Steps

A quick and simple guide to dealing with the potentially dangerous mountains in your vicinity -- Read more on

In the Path of Destruction XII: From a Distance

I'm blogging Richard Waitt's excellent book about the May 18, 1980, eruption as I read it. Join me for more In the Path of Destruction goodness! And pick up your own copy at the link below -- Read more on

May's Readers' Choice o' the Geoblogosphere!

Come see which geoblogosphere discoveries readers chose to share! Much delicious geology within -- Read more on

Magnificent Mount Saint Helens Eruption Photos, Part 3

Welcome to the third edition of our trek through the USGS photographic database! I'm serving up yet more delectable photos of Mount Saint Helens's spectacular 1980 awakening. Enjoy! -- Read more on

36 Years Ago Today: Mount Saint Helens

It's the 36th anniversary of the eruption of Mount Saint Helens. Please take a moment to remember those who died that beautiful May morning, and to appreciate the power of a volcano to change... -- Read more on

Mount Saint Helens Is Recharging!

Recent seismic swarms under Mount Saint Helens show she's recharging her magma chamber. So why am I disappointed? -- Read more on

Where No Maps Have Gone Before!

There's something wonderfully thrilling about geologic maps of places we've never mapped that way before! Scientists recently mapped a brand-new island and produced a beautifully detailed map of... -- Read more on ScientificAmerican...

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