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Every Victory is Fragile, Every Loss is Catastrophic: Bear's Ears National Monument and the Valley of the Gods

Bear's Ears National Monument is a magical place. It is a place of mystery and vast vistas, a place of sacredness to many people. It is one of our country's most precious treasures. When President Obama accepted years of negotiation and work by "stakeholders" in the region and established the monument in 2016, I rejoiced. Show More Summary

The St. James Drive roadcut

Recent work in far east Piedmont has exposed some excellent bedrock worth a close inspection. Because the town government won’t put an interpretive sign there, this post will have to do. To my knowledge, there are only two sites of powerline towers in Piedmont, one at the mouth of Estates Drive and the other at […]

Every Victory is Fragile, Every Loss is Catastrophic: Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

There are times when I hate perspective. I really do. I came of age in the 1970s during that turbulent time when we as a society realized that we were poisoning ourselves to death, that our air was putrid, that our water was contaminated, and that our lands were not infinite. Show More Summary

Arizona Geology e-Magazine touts new earth fissure maps

For our most recent blog, which showcases our Fall-Winter Arizona Geology e-Magazine article, "Arizona Geology e-Magazine touts new earth fissure maps", visit our new digital site: (/ 29 November 2017 /). Show More Summary

Meteorite analysis shows reduced salt is key in Earth’s new recipe

Scientists have found the halogen levels in the meteorites that formed the Earth billions of years ago are much lower than previously thought. The post Meteorite analysis shows reduced salt is key in Earth’s new recipe appeared first on HeritageDaily - Heritage & Archaeology News.

Geologizing on the 33 bus line

My geologizing habits are unusual: being self-employed and semiretired, I go out on weekdays, when everyone else is busy and I have the landscape to myself. Moreover, most of my outings around Oakland are on foot, with the help of the Citymapper phone app and all manner of public transit, which I’ve praised before. In […]

The GOP's War on Public Lands

It's a grim week for our nation's cultural, scientific, and wilderness treasures. Learn how you can help protect them. -- Read more on

Lava versus GoPro--Fight!

You may or may not believe what happens when a GoPro camera is pitted against pahoehoe -- Read more on

Our Children Will Say "Why Didn't You Tell Us?", and We'll Say We Tried: The Government Isn't Just Denying Climate Change.

I'm reposting my blog from January 27 of this year. It is a story that needs to be told again. At the time I wrote it shortly after the inauguration, it could have been described as alarmist...that I wasn't giving the new president a chance. Show More Summary

A Flat Earther's Steamy Attempt at Proof

Plus, why some flat Earth enthusiasts claim forests aren't real. Seriously -- Read more on

Disaster Geology: 2017's Most Deadly Earthquake

The geologic story behind the Iran–Iraq earthquake -- Read more on

Eerie, Outrageous and Astonishing Geology

The supernatural ain't got nothing on our own Planet Earth -- Read more on

The Trump Administration's Effect on National Parks

It's been a hard summer for our public lands -- Read more on

Disasters Abound--but You Can Make a Difference

South Asia, Sierra Leone and southern Texas are experiencing catastrophic flooding and landslides. Here's how to help -- Read more on

Sweeping Sands

Let's visit some dunes I have known—including some frozen in time -- Read more on

Born in Catastrophe: Silver Lake

A serene little Pacific Northwest lake has a violent origin -- Read more on

Liesegang Banding: Automatic Art

Nature is a marvelous painter --

The True Story of the Mar-a-Lago "Sinkhole"

What really happened at Mar-a-Lago on Monday—and what to do if it happens to you -- Read more on

The Inside Scoop on the Chilean Earthquake Swarm

According to locals, Valparaiso's 6.9 isn't worthy of being called an earthquake -- Read more on

One Simple but Effective Action You Can Take for American Science--Today

The March for Science is over, but the fight for science is just getting started -- Read more on

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