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Geologic data program preserves mining files in Arizona

Congress is considering reauthorization of the National Geological & Geophysical Data Preservation Program, first passed in 2005. The program, based in the USGS, puts up small matching funds to help state geological surveys to catalog and digitize our vast archives. Show More Summary

Civilization Exists By Geological Consent...So does life in the Great Valley

Sandhill Cranes at the San Luis NWR The Sandhill Cranes are returning to their winter home in the Great Valley of California! In the next few weeks there will be 20,000 of them arriving at the Merced National Wildlife Refuge a few tens of miles south of Modesto. Show More Summary

Science: Alive and Well in the Great Valley, Against the Odds

No, no enthusiasm here for science. None at all. We are close to or on the bottom of every list there is: worst place to live, most polluted air, highest crime rate, highest unemployment. To listen to the people who write the articles, living in California's Great Valley is just one step away from living in hell itself. Show More Summary

New role with National Data Repositories

Since the recession hit, the Arizona Geological Survey has relied on external grants to replace state appropriations so that 80-90% of our budget now comes these sources. Fortunately, our expertise in open data and data integration has...Show More Summary

Geosciences is top UA program in Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities

The University of Arizona scored high in the 2014 Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities, with the Geosciences Department achieving the highest ranking of any program in the university. More Summary

Updated subsidence maps released with standardized legends

Arizona Dept. of Water Resources has updated all the land subsidence maps on ADWR’s website so that they are all using the same color scale. Project manager Brian Conway expects this will help eliminate any confusion that people are having when comparing maps for one or more area and when looking at different periods of time. Show More Summary

Rockfall on Arizona route 77

A large rockfall occurred on AZ Route 77, north of Carrizo Junction in east-central Arizona on Sunday, Sept 28. AZGS's Steve Rauzi happened to be there and captured this picture. The rock in the road appears to be about 4 ft X 4 ft X 4 ft. Show More Summary

San Gabriel Mountains National Monument Established Today! A Wonderful Moment

Looking west from Cow Canyon Saddle into San Gabriel Canyon, the heart of the new monument. This is a big day for me, in the personal sense. The mountains I explored in my youth, the mountains where I learned to love the outdoors, are today being declared a National Monument. Show More Summary

Chicxulub didn't do it all by itself

Geoscientists now overwhelmingly agree that a single large asteroid or comet impact, such as Chicxulub in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, could not have been the sole cause of the end-Cretaceous mass extinction. Instead, new research...Show More Summary


The little town of Emeryville has almost no geology that passers-by would recognize. On the geologic map it’s displayed as largely artificial land and coastal alluvium. The only people who see these things are builders and the geological professionals who advise them with their foundations. The point was made from scratch—the original shore was a […]

Modesto Area Friends: Wild Planet Day at West Campus, MJC on October 11!

What a great way to end Earth Science Week! For those of you within driving distance of Modesto Junior College, may I encourage you to check out our celebration of science this coming weekend! The event is a fundraiser for our soon-to-open...Show More Summary

First Trip into the Ruby Mountains of Nevada

Would you believe...a geologist living mostly in Nevada since 1975, who had never been into the Ruby Mountains until two weeks ago? One who had been over Secret Pass several times and down Ruby Valley once, but never into the mountains?One reason to go to Lamoille Canyon, if you've never been there, is the excellent scenery. Show More Summary

Team advances understanding of the Greenland Ice Sheet's meltwater channels

A paper in Nature this week notes that observations of moulins (vertical conduits connecting water on top of the glacier down to the bed of the ice sheet) and boreholes in Greenland show that subglacial channels ameliorate the speedup caused by water delivery to the base of the ice sheet in the short term. Show More Summary

Northern Convergence: Athabasca Glacier, at the Front Line of Climate Change

Athabasca Glacier and Sunwapta Lake in July 2014 Athabasca Glacier in Jasper National Park is one of the few places in the world where one can drive to a glacier. It is also one of the most vivid places to see the global warming in action.We...Show More Summary

Debris basins and signals in sedimentary landscapes

I recently submitted a review paper along with four co-authors on the topic of signal propagation in sedimentary systems across timescales. The idea that landscapes contain within them information about controls such as tectonics and climate has been a part of our science for a very long time. But, recent advances in the measurement/calculation of rates […]

Lunar Eclipse of October 8: The "Blood Moon"

Somehow I woke up, managed to remember that a lunar eclipse was happening, and staggered outside to snap a large number of badly focused pictures, and caught just a few of this morning's lunar eclipse. This eclipse is described as a "Blood Moon" because a bit of the red from sunrises around the Earth are refracting onto the Moon's surface. Show More Summary

Geologists: The Cowboys of Science

A colleague of my former (deceased) husband once said, "Archaeologists are the Cowboys of Science." (I don't know if he actually said it in Capital Letters like that, but that's how it came across to me.) DH disagreed and said, "No, Geologists are the Cowboys of Science. Show More Summary

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