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UA and ASU geology and earth science programs top ranked

The earth sciences program at the University of Arizona (Geosciences Dept.) was ranked #7 in the U.S. by US News & World Report in new rankings. ASU ranked #16 (School of Earth & Space Exploration).UA Geosciences' Geology program ranked #3 and was #8 in Geophysics and Seismology.

Is There a Deserted Corner of Death Valley? Ubehebe Country

Is there an empty quarter of Death Valley National Park? An area so isolated that tourists are almost never found there? The short answer is: of course. Much of the park is near-primeval wilderness, roadless and untrammeled, and largely devoid of humans. Show More Summary

Calling for support to reauthorize the National Geological & Geophysical Data Preservation Program

Reauthorization of the USGS National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program (NGGDPP) is coming up in Congress and the State Geological Surveys are lining up support from geoscience data users. We are asking our data users to add their names to a letter to Congress supporting reauthorization. Show More Summary

Federal fracking rules: nothing to see in Arizona

The Bureau of Land Management issued rules last week for hydraulic fracturing on Federal and Indian lands. This is mainly aimed at all the wells being drilled into shales for oil and gas. There is no shale oil or shale gas development in Arizona, and the potential has been generally viewed as minor. Show More Summary

Work to Begin on the Ferguson Slide on Yosemite Highway 140

The problem with a lot of beautiful national parks in mountain landscapes is that they lie in mountain landscapes. The rugged terrain is subject to landslides, and my favorite nearby park, Yosemite, is no exception. The park has four...Show More Summary

The Incredible Dunes of Namibia: Geotripper becomes an Armchair Geologist for a day

Here at Geotripper I usually write about my travels, geological and otherwise. I feel inordinately lucky to have a job that allows me to travel a lot, introducing my students to the incredible world that lies beyond the borders of their town. Show More Summary

Postcard from the field - Artillery Mountains

Christy Caudill, Deputy Chief in the AZGS Geoinformatics Section was showcased in the February 2 issue of Eos, the weekly news magazine from the American Geophysical Union, in a full page "postcard from the field."Christy's caption is,...Show More Summary

Another Cool California Roadcut: Dike and Sill on Highway 190 near Panamint Springs

Dike (vertical brown rock) and sill (horizontal brown rock) along Highway 190 near Panamint Springs I've been working through my memories of beautifully instructive roadcuts in California. Some, like the Big Pumice Cut and the Charlie Brown Outcrop, are quite famous to geologists and generations of field studies students. Show More Summary

Triple creek junction

A while ago I featured the casting ponds at McCrea Memorial Park, in the valley of upper Lion Creek. I didn’t poke further downstream at the time, but since then I have. The creek runs alongside a pair of small concrete “trout ponds,” cunningly made with cobble-lined runnels that would send a lifegiving trickle through […]

The Community Hates Science SO MUCH (not). A Weekend at the Mineral Show

As we all know, science has no hold on the imagination of the young and old in our society, nobody cares about rocks, minerals, fossils, and all that stuff. I mean, one could offer a show with that stuff, and we simply realize that no one would show up.Or maybe not. Show More Summary

Museum transfer bill passed by Arizona House committee

The Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Committee passed the museum transfer bill, SB1200, by 9-0 on Monday. It now goes to the full House for approval and then on the to Governor for signature.SB1200 transfers the building that...Show More Summary

Geo-beers: Volcanic Double IPA

Don't Panic! Have A Volcanic!! (beer coaster created by unknown artist; photo by LFD) Volcanic Double IPA is a quintessential geo-beer, being all about volcanic eruptions and such. Possibly — given the location of Lassen Ale Works in...Show More Summary

What are the Most Important Geologic Roadcuts in California? A Candidate in Coulterville

In a recent post, I explored the geology of the Charlie Brown outcrop. It included excellent examples of normal faults, welded tuff, and airfall tuff, features that served as a microcosm of the geology of the entire province. I was on a field trip this weekend and saw another famous roadcut that encapsulates the geology of a different region. Show More Summary

A Brief Season of Hope, But Dashed Hopes for a Better Year. Some Thoughts on the California Drought

It's such a beautiful moment in time, being able to travel through the Sierra Nevada foothills, and seeing the glorious splash of color across the hillsides. The flower show was among the best I've seen in years. It wasn't necessarily good that we were seeing such a show. Show More Summary

Podcast on Resolution Copper land exchange

Al Jazeera's online podcast, "The Stream" webcast a show recently on the land exchange approved to allow the Resolution Copper mine in Superior, Arizona, to develop one of largest underground copper mines in the world.The episode isShow More Summary

A Roadcut as a Microcosm of a Province - The Charlie Brown Outcrop

A lot of geologic knowledge is gleaned from roadcuts. In less arid regions, vegetation and soil cover is so thick that roadcuts provide essentially the only information about the underlying geology. That isn't as much of a problem in the Basin and Range Province of Nevada, eastern California, and western Utah. Show More Summary

25% discount for UA Press books

The University of Arizona Press is offering 25% discount on publications featured at the Tucson Festival of Books. One of their books may be of interest to readers of this blog - David Lowell's "Intrepid Explorer: The Autobiography of the World's Best Mine Finder." David will be autographing copies on Sunday, March 15, from 10:30 - 11 a.m. Show More Summary

Grand Canyon geology murder mystery to launch at Tucson book festival

Our friend and colleague, Tucson-based geologist cum author, Susan Cummings Miller, will launch her sixth Frankie MacFarlane murder mystery, Chasm, at the Tucson Festival of Books on Saturday. Susan will be talking about Frankie’s latest...Show More Summary

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