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A Different Kind of "Snow" in California, and a Coming World of Hurt

There is a different kind of snow falling in California right now. It might look vaguely like that cold stuff that has been falling back east, but the resemblance stops at "white". The almond orchards of the Great Valley have been blooming...Show More Summary

Index of Arizona geologic maps published for 1925-2015

The Arizona Geological Survey just released a geologic map index by staff geologists Jon Spencer and Steve Richard comprising maps that are available from the AZGS’ online Document Repository. The index includes the citation, location...Show More Summary

Defining Irony: Welcome to One of the Few Parts of California Not Suffering Extreme Drought

The bottom of Death Valley is the driest place in North America, and the hottest place in the world. It might stand to reason that it is a place that withstands the effects of California's horrific four-year drought, which is true, but it's not necessary this year. Show More Summary

Are There No More Sacred Places? Desecration at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon of the Colorado River, close to the proposed site of a desecration. I encourage you to read a story in Smithsonian, found here: Show More Summary

Basement geologic map of conterminous US from USGS for mineral resource assessments

The USGS has issued a new geologic map of basement terrains for the conterminous US and Alaska, intended to help national mineral resource assessments. Three different domains intersect in Arizona - Mazatzal, Great Plains, and Mojave. Show More Summary

4,000 posts on Arizona Geology blog

This week marked 4,000 posts on this blog since it was launched on January 1, 2007. We've seen over 1.7 million page views since we started tracking that in mid-2009, but a surprisingly small 2,090 published comments.What's been heartening...Show More Summary

New earth fissure activity documented

Joe Cook, who runs the AZGS Earth Fissure Mapping Program met with Scott Neely with Terracon in the Luke earth fissure study area this past week to view some trenches Terracon is digging across mapped fissures/fissure trends in preparation for the Northern Parkway construction. Show More Summary

You Think Some Fish You Caught Was Tough? How Does it Stack Up Against This One?

What kinds of fish are tough? Some Marlin that you spent a couple of hours trying to reel in one time in Mexico? A nice two pound Rainbow Trout that fought hard against your fishing skills in a mountain lake in the Sierra? Some Small-mouth Bass in a reservoir somewhere? I doubt any of them can stack up to this little fish. Show More Summary

Huge collection of ore deposit samples gathering dust

In January 2002, the University of Arizona’s Dept. of Geosciences (UA) acquired the Waldemar Lindgren Ore Collection from Harvard University. The Arizona Geological Society (not the Survey) and the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society played a pivotal role by jointly providing ~$25,000 for curating and transport of the collection to Tucson. Show More Summary

A peek inside the Fan on Piedmont Avenue

Construction is going on at the lot formerly occupied by a well-behaved motorcycle club, at 4225 Piedmont Avenue by the Kona Club. What caught my eye is that it offered a clean cut into the stuff that constitutes lobe 2 of the Fan. I’ve referred to the Fan often over the years, but I haven’t […]

Museum bill advances in state Senate

Senate Bill 1200, which would transfer the former Mining & Mineral Museum from the Arizona Historical Society (AHS) to the Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS), passed 5-0 in the Arizona Senate Rural Affairs and Environment Committee yesterday.The...Show More Summary

A Little Mystery to Accompany the Moving Stones of the Basin and Range

I'm back from an intense journey through Death Valley National Park and surrounding regions. Much photography and commentary can be expected in the next few weeks, but for today, I'll just lay out a bit of a mystery. The sliding stones...Show More Summary

Things You Find in the Field: Old Sedan

I found this old sedan a few years back while out doing a tiny bit of off-roading south of Railroad Pass (one of at least five Railroad Passes in Nevada) along S.R. 722, formerly known as S.R. 2, formerly commissioned as U.S. Highway...Show More Summary

Trilobites featured in new UA Mineral Museum exhibit

The University of Arizona Mineral Museum previewed its new exhibit on trilobites last week. The delicacy of some of the specimens legs and antennas is astonishing, especially if you are used to seeing the fossils mostly as flattened bodies embedded in the rock. To my knowledge, this is the first time the museum has had a fossil exhibit, focusing instead on minerals.

Bill would task AZGS with re-opening Mining & Mineral Museum with '5C's' theme

Legislation was introduced late on Friday afternoon that would transfer the former Mining & Mineral Museum building in Phoenix [right] and all of its assets from the Arizona Historical Society to the Arizona Geological Survey to re-open it as the Arizona Mining, Mineral, and Natural Resources Education Museum. Show More Summary

Seminary Creek at Mills College

The third creek running through Mills College is Seminary Creek. It gets its name not just from Mills, but from the Beulah Heights district that forms its headwaters. On the 1897 USGS topo map it’s the dashed blue line, signifying an intermittent stream, running due south to East Creek (now named Lion Creek). Nowadays it’s […]

Why it's Nice to Teach in California: It's Field Season All Year!

I'm not sure when or why being in California became a "negative" thing. Sure, we have our urban areas and horrible traffic and air pollution, wildfires, and long droughts. But on the other hand, we have the most diverse set of geological landscapes to be found anywhere on the planet. Show More Summary

Tenure-track Instructor of Chemistry position at Modesto Junior College

It's not geology, but if there are any great chemistry professors out there who've been impressed with what I've been writing about our incredible Science Community Center, we might have a place for you here. The college will be hiring for a tenure-track position at Modesto Junior College in California's Great Valley. Show More Summary

The Sierra Beyond Yosemite: Another Caldera near Mammoth Lakes? Don't Worry About This One...

In the 1980s and unfortunate series of events led to conflict in Mammoth Lakes between geologists concerned about a possible volcanic eruption, and civic leaders and business people worried about their economy and profits. The conflict was exacerbated by irresponsible reporting in the national media. Show More Summary

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