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Forest Service says no revision needed to Rosemont Copper FEIS

Coronado National Forest Acting Forest Supervisor Jamie Kingsbury issued a determination opn Friday that the Rosemont copper mine Supplemental Information Report "did not result in major changes to any of the impacts disclosed in the...Show More Summary

Hitting the Trail for a Few Days

After a flurry of posts this week, I got kind of close to finishing my series on the most dangerous plate boundary, but school is out, and I've got a brief window of opportunity. The open road calls, and I'll be out in the middle of nowhere for a while. Show More Summary

Driving Through the Most Dangerous Plate Boundary in the World: In the Pleistocene, a Different Kind of Danger

The Great Valley began as a shallow sea (a forearc basin) between the Mesozoic subduction zone and the Ancestral Sierra Nevada volcanic arc. As noted in the previous post, the sea filled with thousands of feet of sediments, and as the...Show More Summary

Proposal to re-open Kirkland tuff quarry to supply concrete additive stirs up local community

A plan to re-open the old Skull Valley tuff quarry near Kirkland in northern Arizona has galvanized the local community. [Right, AZGS geologist Brian Gootee provided these photos of the quarry area] The Kirkland Mine Forum reports that...Show More Summary

Passing of Willlard Cox, long-time Arizona geologist

It is with great sadness that we learned of the recent death of well-known Arizona geologist, Willard Cox. A message from James Adu, Secretary of the Arizona Section of AIPG, noted that Will contributed greatly to that organization as well as the geologic community. Show More Summary

Driving Through the Most Dangerous Plate Boundary in the World: The Sea Floor that Became the Greatest Agricultural Region on Earth

Welcome to one of the strangest places on the planet! It's the size of West Virginia, but flatter than the Mississippi River Valley. It was once America's Serengeti, but 95% of the original landscape has been altered. It originated as...Show More Summary

The fossil treasury of UCMP

Last month, as part of Cal Day, they were giving backstage tours at the UC Museum of Paleontology. The day is a mob scene, but on the last tour of the afternoon I had a fine time being shown around by two of the museum’s scientists. The collection is vast, the world’s largest university collection. […]

Driving Through the Most Dangerous Plate Boundary in the World: Into the Realm of the Drowning Dinosaurs

The sediments of the Great Valley Group form the parallel ridges trending diagonally across the photograph. California has a lot of potential for geological mayhem, with the San Andreas and many other faults, mountain-building, and volcanoes of many kinds. Show More Summary

Driving Through the Most Dangerous Plate Boundary in the World: Exploring the Oceanic Crust Without Unobtainium

2 months agoAcademics / Geology : Geotripper

One of the movies I most love to hate is "The Core". There are plenty of ridiculous parts, there are several earnest geologist characters, there are the many gory deaths while the heroes save planet Earth from being severely microwaved...Show More Summary

Tis-sa-ack (Half Dome) From Some Different Angles

2 months agoAcademics / Geology : Geotripper

Tis-sa-ack (Half Dome) from Glacier Point Tis-sa-ack is, along with Yosemite Falls and El Capitan, Yosemite Valley. The iconic rock stands high above the east end of the valley, rising to 8,839 feet (2,694 meters), just short of a vertical mile above the valley floor. Show More Summary

Is This the Best View from a Tunnel Anywhere? And Other Slightly Unfamiliar Views of Yosemite (and Gratuitous Bear Cub)

2 months agoAcademics / Geology : Geotripper

I did something a little different this last weekend for Mother's Day. I found there was a single campsite available in Yosemite Valley on Sunday night, so we headed there for a little explore. I also did something just a little bitShow More Summary

Mineral recovery from geothermal fluids

The US Dept. of Energy is seeking input on technological approaches to recovering minerals from geothermal fluids. The Request for Information: Geothermal Approaches to Validate Mineral Recovery is posted below: Geothermal fluids may...Show More Summary

An Invasion of Ents? No, Just the Biggest Living Things on the Planet

2 months agoAcademics / Geology : Geotripper

Giant Ent toes. Or Imperial Walkers. Run for your lives! There are things in Yosemite National Park other than Yosemite Valley. One of the gems (out of a great many) is the Mariposa Grove, a forest of about 500 gigantic Sequoia Trees near the south entrance of the park. Show More Summary

Siberian Haze in North-Central Nevada

It is often — more commonly than in the past, IMO — hazy or dusty in north-central Nevada where I routinely work and often travel, here and there across basins and over ranges. And in summer and fall (and probably much earlier this year...Show More Summary

Butters Canyon serpentinite

I will continue to focus on serpentine rock—serpentinite—for a while longer because I’ve been visiting it a lot lately in Oakland. This post shows some exposures in the lobe of serpentinite mapped just south of Joaquin Miller Road. This bit of the geologic map shows where we are, and the five numbers are where I […]

Copper price rebound aids Arizona companies, mines

After copper dropped to its lowest price in five years at the end of 2014, it's not only less volatile, but even rising. Copper inventories do not look to be excessive which bodes well for copper producers. [Photo credit, Freeport McMoRan] Prices of copper miners have also rebounded. Show More Summary

Field trip guide to Oak Creek - Mormon Lake graben now online

The geologic field trip guide for the "Oak Creek-Mormon Lake Graben, North-Central Arizona by Paul Lindberg, 12 p. (May 2015)" is now posted online by the Arizona Geological Society More Summary

Driving Through the Most Dangerous Plate Boundary in the World: At the Portal of Hell in the Diablo Range

2 months agoAcademics / Geology : Geotripper

At the portal of hell? For the miners who once worked these tunnels, it was... I miss the tabloids sometimes. Sure, there's the Onion, which gets mistaken for real news sometimes. But there was nothing like standing in the grocery store...Show More Summary

Minerals on eBay not from museum collection

A pallet of minerals for sale on eBay last fall was listed by the seller "This wonderful collection of minerals is the display from the Arizona Mineral Museum from Curator Lee Hammon," who it turns out was a curator at the Arizona Mining...Show More Summary

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