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William Boyd Dawkins & the Victorian Science of Cave Hunting

Three Men in a Cavern William Boyd Dawkins is an immensely fascinating character, who dominated British geology during his time, and yet is mostly forgotten today. He received a professorship and a knighthood, along with […]...

3-years after Oso Landslide: US Senate & House introduce National Landslide Preparedness Bill

Washington National Guard at Oso on 26 March 2014 The Oso Landslide of March 2014 killed 43 people, destroyed 49 homes, caused millions of dollars in damage, and dammed the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River. When a second fatal landslide...Show More Summary

Fossils on the Floor

Fossils on the Floor: Mosaics in the Rotunda of the Nebraska State Capitol and Fossils on the Floor in the Nebraska State Capitol: A Coloring and Activities Book by Robert F Diffendal Jr As you […]...

A Guide to Fossil Collecting in England and Wales

This is a guide to the collection, preservation and display of fossils from more than 50 locations in the UK, with a forward by ichthyosaur expert, and sometime Deposits contributor and TV star, Dean Lomax. […]...

Suffolk Coralline Crag bryozoans

Britain is not richly endowed with fossiliferous Pliocene localities. However, the Red and Coralline Crags of East Anglia make up for this deficiency in the sheer abundance and quality of their fossils. Whereas the Red […]...

Fossil sea urchins from the Middle Eocene of Barton

the spectacular fossil gastropods and the teeth of sharks – found at the type locality of the Middle Eocene Bartonian in Christchurch Bay (Hampshire and Dorset) – overshadow the other fauna and flora found there. […]...

From the Road: The Book Cliffs in Western Colorado (Mount Garfield)

Earlier that day (the same day I stopped in Parachute and Rulison, resulting in three posts about the Roan Cliffs), I had pulled over at the convenient viewing pullout on I-70, which is east of Grand Junction and a bit west of Palisade. Show More Summary

Sands of Gobi Desert yield new species of nut-cracking dinosaur

Plants or meat – that’s about all that fossils ever tell palaeontologists about a dinosaur’s diet. However, the skull characteristics of a new species of parrot-beaked dinosaur and its associated gizzard stones indicate that the […]

The Way it Was Today: There's Nowhere on Earth Like the Ahwahnee

2 months agoAcademics / Geology : Geotripper

Yes it is true that I am privileged. I live just ninety beautiful miles from this place, Yosemite Valley in the middle of Yosemite National Park in the Sierra Nevada of California. Everyone should be this lucky. It is a treasure beyond the dreams of avarice because its value doesn't lie in money. Show More Summary

The Bradshaw Foundation: rock art

For one of the oldest forms of human expression, there is still much uncertainty regarding rock art. What is it? Where is it? How old is it? And what purpose did it serve? The last […]...

Lee Allison honored by Arizona Senate

M. Lee Allison Today, 12 April 2017, Sen. Gail Griffin read before the Arizona Senate a 'Death Resolution' honoring Lee Allison, former director of AZGS and Arizona State Geologist, for his service to Arizona. Lee joined AZGS in 2006 and remained there till his untimely death on 16 Aug. Show More Summary

Bite marks in Jurassic and Cretaceous ammonites: what did it?

Ammonites are among some of the best fossils to collect. They are relatively easy to find, for example, in the Lower Jurassic Posidonia Shale in Germany and the Jurassic sediments of Dorset in the south […]...

The secret life of starfish

In every sea, in every ocean, Beasts of freakish locomotion Prowl the substrate, seeking prey To feast on in a monstrous way. Dinner is served. On a plate before you, there is a delicious roast […]...

DroughtView - A tool for scientists, ranchers & land managers

Twenty years of drought in the Southwestern US has resulted in mega-forest fires and depleted reservoirs, and challenged decision makers to find new approaches to managing a growing population facing a dwindling water supply. And then...Show More Summary

Dinosaur mines of the Kem Kem

The great transgressions that occurred in the mid part of the Cretaceous have had a profound influence on the geology of many parts of the world. In North America, the seas flooded the central part […]...

Amber – Frozen Moments in Time

Amber has a deep fascination for people, both as a gem and as a chance to look back into the past with a remarkable clarity. Its warm, lustrous touch beguiles us and the remarkable inclusions […]...

An Exceptional Mammoth Discovery from the North Sea

If we consider the huge number of fossil remains of ice age mammals dredged up from the floor of the North Sea, we can only conclude that the Pleistocene era must have resembled a paradise […]...

Arthropleura – a prehistoric bug hunt

Picture yourself strolling through lush, green woodland, on an Earth unspoiled by man and yet to witness the rise of the dinosaurs. You’d be forgiven for feeling at peace with the world, even slightly euphoric […]...

A Laurentian record of the earliest fossil eukaryotes

The oldest evidence of eukaryotes in the fossil record comes from a recurrent assemblage of morphologically differentiated late Paleoproterozoic to early Mesoproterozoic microfossils. Although widely distributed, the principal constituents of this Tappania - Dictyosphaera - Valeria assemblage have not hitherto been recognized on Laurentia. Show More Summary

The basement revealed: Tectonic insight from a digital elevation model of the Great Unconformity, USA cratonic platform

Across much of North America, the contact between Precambrian basement and Paleozoic strata is the Great Unconformity, a surface that represents a >0.4 b.y.-long hiatus. A digital elevation model (DEM) of this surface visually highlights regional-scale variability in the character of basement topography across the United States cratonic platform. Show More Summary

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