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Eight Places to Celebrate the Accomplishments of Great American Women

Women are grossly under-represented when it comes to recognition in public places, but here are a few places that pay tribute to their contributions

A century on: the mysterious cause and tragic legacy of London’s biggest explosion

It was the most destructive explosion ever to blast London. A century ago, Silvertown, a small community in east London, was devastated by an explosion at a TNT factory so big that is was heard in north Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

What to Know About the First Lawmakers to Boycott a Presidential Inauguration

With the inauguration of President Donald Trump just one day away, the list of lawmakers who have announced that they will not attend Friday’s events has surpassed 50. But, while those boycotts have drawn controversy, and the ire of Trump himself, they are not the first such protests. The honor—or infamy—of being the first to…

What People Get Wrong About the Nazi Conference to Plan the ‘Final Solution’

The role of the Wannsee Conference in formalizing the Nazi genocide plan is still sometimes misunderstood

When Was the First Inaugural Ball?

Nothing says there’s a new president in town more than the dance party they throw

This Interactive Maps Out the Lives of Former Presidents

From Washington to Obama, how ex-commanders-in-chief bided their time after leaving office

“I hope he will pass muster”

As John Quincy Adams planned his return to Massachusetts from Europe in 1785, with the hope of attending Harvard College, his father John wrote to one of the professors there, Benjamin Waterhouse (1754-1846). Waterhouse had lived with the Adams family while studying medicine in Holland in the early 1780s. Show More Summary

Medieval horse skull found at Colosseum

The Colosseum is in the middle of an extensive 25-million-euro restoration project financed by Tod’s shoe and bag empire. The first phase of the restoration, a thorough cleaning of the exterior, took three years and was completed last summer. The next phases will focus on shoring up the underground vaults, passages and drainage system and [...]

An Odd and Obsolete 19th-Century Nickname Map of the American States

This nickname map, printed as a promotional item by the livestock supply company H.W. Hill & Co. in 1884, is a wildly haphazard representation of the variety of American state nicknames in the late 19 th century. Some of the sobriquets illustrated here are still very familiar: Ohio's buckeye, New York State's knickerbocker, North Carolina's tar heel. Show More Summary

New to the Civil War Memory Library, 01/18

Daina R. Berry, The Price For Their Pound of Flesh: The Value of the Enslaved, from Womb to Grave, in the Building of a Nation (Beacon Press, 2017). Bradley R. […]

The One Reason We Can’t Assess President Obama’s Place in History

Historians say there's a missing ingredient in any attempt to place Barack Obama on a ranked list of presidents

10 Historians on What Will Be Said About President Obama’s Legacy

As the 44th President of the United States prepares to leave office, 10 experts imagine how future historians will judge his legacy

“The Child whom you used to lead out into the common”

In April 1785, seventeen-year-old John Quincy Adams had finished his first job, as secretary and translator for American minister Francis Dana in the court of Catherine the Great. Young J. Q. Adams returned to France, where his family was living during another diplomatic mission. Show More Summary

From the annals of there’s no accounting for taste

The Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford, Connecticut, reopened in September of 2015 after a five-year renovation that fixed structural issues, redesigned all the galleries and storage facilities, updated the climate control systems and technology. The refurbished museum was a huge hit with critics and visitors alike, but people who visited before last October [...]

When Extortionists Targeted Hollywood’s Art Linkletter

The post When Extortionists Targeted Hollywood’s Art Linkletter appeared first on Wonders & Marvels.

Thanks a million to my readers

This morning the one millionth visitor accessed my site, marking an exciting milestone.I'd like to take a moment to thank all my readers for their interest, comments, and suggestions. The popularity of the site tells me people like the...Show More Summary

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