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RepiTitiationes ~ 01.15.15

The Humanities ? "Still in Touch with the Times", @McGillU News: — Guy Chamberland (@GuyChamberland) January 15, 2015 OK, I did something in Minecraft. It's not much, but it's a start. Assuming my students will be much better. Show More Summary

RepTitiationes ~ 01.12.15

Bestiaria Latina Blog: Latin Proverbs and Fables Round-Up: January 12 — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) January 12, 2015 Amphipolis may reveal Alexander the Great's DNA | Neos Kosmos —...Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 01.14.15

Bye bye, #STLAIA. — Douglas Boin (@douglasboin) January 14, 2015 Remove board 27. Keep board 30. Abstentions 4. #STLAIA — Douglas Boin (@douglasboin) January 14, 2015 Thanks to @douglasboin for live-tweeting St. Louis AIA chapter mtg tonight. Chapter voted not to remove board. #aiascs #STLAIA — Classics Librarian (@classicslib) January 14, 2015 One of Salvator […]

RepiTitiationes ~ 01.08 – 10.15

The Last Days of Troy (Simon Armitage's dramatisation of the Iliad): the Radio 4 Afternoon Play this Sunday at 3pm — Andy Keen (@keenerclassics) January 8, 2015 kenodoxia: Impact (literally) More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 01.13.15

Ceiling tile portrait from Dura-Europas, ????????? ????????? (Heliodorus the Actuary), 3rd c.AD via @YaleArtGallery — Edward Zarrow (@drzarrow) January 13, 2015 Mary Beard explains the ground-breaking workShow More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 01.05 – 07.15

@CarolineLawrenc @ApollineProject @greg_jenner @metmuseum @pompei79 @stephenjenkin cf — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) January 5, 2015 AWOL – The Ancient World Online: 2015 AIA/SCS Annual Meeting App More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 01.04.15

Plenty of catching up to do … not sure if this works so far back: Author Says a Whole Culture—Not a Single 'Homer'—Wrote 'Iliad,' 'Odyssey' — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) January 4, 2015 Ovid, Heroides 8.105-116...Show More Summary

St James Church in Jacobstowe, Devon

Historic Devon church find ‘as rare as hens’ teeth’ The remains of an ancient structure described as being “as rare as hens’ teeth” has been uncovered under the floor of a Devon church. Excavations at St James Church in Jacobstowe have unearthed the ruins of what is believed to be the building’s original foundations, complete with […]

Bedlam burial ground dig to unearth 3,000 bodies

The construction of the high-speed Crossrail train line in London has generated the UK’s largest archaeological project. So far more than 10,000 artifacts spanning 55 million years of history have been unearthed at more than 40 worksites over 100 kilometers (62 miles) of the city. This week, archaeologists from the Museum of London Archeaology (MOLA) [...]

Unique Olmec jadeite corncob found in Mexico

Underwater archaeologists exploring a stream in the Arroyo Pesquero site in southern Veracruz, Mexico, have discovered a unique Olmec artifact carved out of jadeite that appears to be a stylized corncob. The small object is 8.7 centimeters high by 2.5 centimeters wide (3.4 inches by 1 inch) and is made of mottled orangey brown and [...]

Dürer’s Arch of Maximilian I restored, on display

The Arch of Honour of Maximilian I was created in 1515 by master printmaker Albrecht Dürer. It was one of three monumental works inspired by Roman imperial triumphs commissioned by the emperor to emphasize his family’s illustrious lineage, his political and military victories, his piety, strength and overall greatness. Two of them, the Arch and [...]

25th anniversary Gardner Museum theft virtual tour

March 18th marks the 25th anniversary of the theft of 13 artworks from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. In the early morning hours of March 18th, 1990, two men dressed as police officers entered the museum on the pretext that they were responding to a call. It was against protocol for the museum’s guard to [...]

Agate tool found under ash layer 15,800 years old in Oregon

Archaeologists excavating the pre-historic Rimrock Draw Rockshelter outside Riley, eastern Oregon, have discovered a stone scraper underneath a 15,800-year-old layer of ash from an eruption of Mount St. Helens. If the layer can be shown to have been unbroken and that the tool didn’t work its way down through a natural process, the scraper would [...]

Princely tomb from 5th c. B.C. found in France

Not content with digging up mass graves under Paris supermarkets, France’s National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (INRAP) announced Wednesday that archaeologists have unearthed a large princely tomb from the early 5th century B.C. in the Champagne region town of Lavau. Excavations on the site began in October 2014 in advance of construction of a [...]

25 tons of pigeon poop cleaned out of 14th c. tower

In the Middle Ages, Rye was one of the towns of the Cinque Ports Confederation providing ships to the crown for coastal defense. Located at the tip of an embayment of the English Channel, Rye was an important shipping center for the iron bloomeries (smelting furnaces) of the Weald and other trade goods. Its tactical [...]

Dallas Museum of Art acquires Mayan effigy vase sold by St. Louis Society

One of the artifacts that was controversially put up for auction by the St. Louis Society of the American Institute for Archaeology last year has been acquired by the Dallas Museum of Art. It’s the effigy vase from the Late Classic Era (700-900 A.D.) excavated at Quiriguá, Guatemala, in 1911. According to a December press [...]

Review: Defender of Rome by Douglas Jackson

A historical fiction review by Mary Harrsch © 2015 Gaius Valerius Verrens has returned to Rome after surviving the brutal Boudiccan Revolt in Britain. Although his emperor, Nero, has bestowed upon him the corona aurea, pronouncing him...Show More Summary

Lead coffin inside stone coffin from Richard III dig opened

When the skeletal remains of King Richard III were found under a Leicester parking lot in two magical weeks September of 2012, the excavation team encountered another four graves in Trench 3 (Richard was found in Trench 1, see map here) on the site of what had once been the Grey Friars’ church. One of [...]

200 bodies found in mass graves under Paris supermarket

Archaeologists from France’s National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (INRAP) have discovered the skeletal remains of more than 200 individuals buried in eight mass graves under the basement of the Monoprix Réaumur-Sébastopol supermarket in Paris. Show More Summary

Bronze Age hair ring, ingots found in Anglesey

Four Bronze Age artifacts discovered in Wales by a metal detectorist were declared treasure trove at a coroner’s inquest on Wednesday. A gold and silver ring and three fragments of copper ingots were found on farmland in Cwm Cadnant, on the North Wales island of Anglesey, by Philip Cooper in May and June of 2013. [...]

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