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Hoards of Cheshire go on display in Liverpool

Two hoards of Iron Age and Roman coins and jewelry discovered in 2012 and 2014 have gone on display for the first time at the Museum of Liverpool. The Museum of Liverpool and the Congleton Museum secured a £65,400 ($93,400) grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to acquire both hoards and create an exhibition that [...]

Martha Brown, the real Tess of the D’Urbevilles

Saturday, August 9th, 1856, Elizabeth Martha Brown was hanged in front of Dorchester Gaol. A month earlier she had killed her husband John with multiple hatchet blows to the head. The marriage, needless to say, had not been a happy one. She was a housekeeper, he a servant at Blackmanston Farm. She was said to [...]

Tarkhan Dress confirmed as world’s oldest woven garment

The Tarkhan Dress isn’t really a dress. It’s a linen chemise nowadays, although when it was new it may have been longer. The hem is gone so there’s no way of knowing. The garment was discovered during Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie’s 1913 excavation of a 1st Dynasty tomb in a 5,000-year-old cemetery at Tarkhan, [...]

7,000-year-old upright burial found in Germany

In 1962, construction workers in Groß Fredenwalde in Brandenburg, northeastern Germany, accidentally discovered human bones. An excavation unearthed the skeletal remains of six people dating to around 6,000 B.C. when the area was populated by the hunter-fisher-gatherers of the Mesolithic period. Show More Summary

French police tackle 103-year-old cold case

In December of 1913, workers looking to dig a cellar under a sharecropper’s house adjoining the Château of Montcigoux in the town of Saint-Pierre-de-Frugie in Dordogne, southwestern France, made a grisly discovery: human skeletal remains. The bones were buried in a shallow grave — the skull was just 10 inches beneath the surface — under [...]

Lost cantata by Mozart and Salieri found in Prague

A long-lost composition co-written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri has been rediscovered in the Czech National Museum in Prague. German musicologist and composer Timo Jouko Herrmann found the piece last month while doing research on Antonio Salieri in the collection of the Czech Museum of Music. It’s a libretto written by Lorenzo Da [...]

Repititiationes ~ 02/15/16

These might be a bit out of order.. Buonarroti Leda e il cigno@tinockha1 @overjas @nuddart @Papryka5 @lamb041 @cobixreyes @Amyperuana @ipe_rosa1 — kalika 6 7 (@SusanScCastaldi) February 15, 2016 Old photo from...Show More Summary

Astronaut graffiti found in Apollo 11 command module

Smithsonian staff have discovered graffiti written on the inside walls of the Apollo 11 Command Module Columbia. The command module, the only part of the Apollo 11 spacecraft to return to Earth after Neil Armstrong took that giant step for mankind on July 20th, 1969, was transferred to the National Air and Space Museum in [...]

ICYMI ~ The Classical World in the News: February 1-February 14, 2016

Excerpted from my Explorator Newsletter: Evidence of silver mining near the Mycenean acropolis at Thorikos, some 5000 years b.p.: More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 02/14/16

Can someone tell the ancient history bulletin people that their domain is being used for dental hygiene spam purposes? — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) February 14, 2016 Explorator 18.41-42 ~ February 14, 2016 | Explorator More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 02/13/16 (part two)

"The Trojan Women" highlights tragedies that are still prevalent today – — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) February 13, 2016 The greatest Ukrainian archeologist | The DayShow More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 02/13/16 (part one)

I flash my cash at Topping's Aladdin's Cave of a bookshop in St Andrews… @douglasboin — Tom Holland (@holland_tom) February 12, 2016 Latest addition to my #Minotaur reading list. More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 02/12/16

The Flavians. — Cranky Roman Guy (@querulus) February 12, 2016 Cupid fail. — The Classics Library (@stephenjenkin) February 12, 2016 Terracotta funerary vase from site of Centuripe, Sicily. Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 02/11/16

Roman Love Deities to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day: Salvete Omnes, Well for many of you know that Valentine’s… — Latin Language (@latinlanguage) February 11, 2016 Made my 1st carrot (from Gr. ???????) bday cake. Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 02/10/16

If anyone wants to take a final look at the new Latinitas Recens xpac for VERBA b4 print: #latinteach — Kevin Ballestrini (@kballestrini) February 10, 2016 Canopus & Serapeum at Hadrian's Villa in Tivoli#archaeology...Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 02/09/16

Looking for a summer course in Classics in the States? This site aims to list them… — The Classics Library (@stephenjenkin) February 8, 2016 A closer look at the Corinthian helmet we're going to 3D-scan today — RAMM Exeter (@RAMMuseum) February 8, 2016 Happy 1896th Birthday to Vettius Valens, author of the Anthology on […]

Repititiationes ~ 02/08/16

Oudna (Uthina) — S.J.A.Turney (@SJATurney) February 7, 2016 It was Pliny who claimed that hedgehogs roll on apples in the autumn, so as to store them up for the winter… More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 02/07/16

#History #Humour #Mythology — Ancient History (@ahencyclopedia) February 7, 2016 Camels resting in front of the Treasury, known locally as Al Khazneh in Amman, Jordan #ttot #travel — Yishai Mullins (@YishaiMullins) February 6, 2016 @YishaiMullins @DorothyKing Same place, different camels. Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 02/06/16

Dating early Christian papyri: old and new methods | Faces&Voices — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) February 6, 2016 What the L? Super Bowl simply isn’t the same without Roman numerals | More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 02/04/16

#2P61 On Friday we will discuss Eleusinian Mysteries: a cult of Demeter & Persephone (who was Queen of underworld). — Nadine Brundrett (@BrundrettNadine) February 4, 2016 Gustave Moreau (1826-1898) Cleopatra 1887. Show More Summary

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