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Leonidas I: Childhood and Youth

Although Leonidas’ stand at Thermopylae is widely viewed as the epitome of “Spartan” behavior, it was in fact unique in Spartan history. No king had ever died in battle before Thermopylae, and famously, less than hundred years later in 425 BC, several hundred Spartans trapped on the island of Sphacteria surrendered rather than die to the last man. Show More Summary

16th c. murals, burials found in Cuzco church

During the restoration of the 16th century Church of Saint Francis of Assisi in the Peruvian town of Maras, 25 miles northwest of Cuzco, researchers discovered a crypt with skeletal remains and the original murals that had been covered with more fashionable artworks by a famous native son in the 17th century. Experts from the [...]

Chauvet Cave replica opens in France

The walls of the Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc Cave in the Ardèche region of southern France are decorated with the earliest known pictorial drawings made during the Aurignacian period, between 30,000 and 32,000 years ago. More than 1,000 drawings of animals — including horses, bison, lions, cave bears, panthers, eagle owls, woolly mammoths and rhinoceroses — hand prints [...]

RepiTitiationes ~ 04.27.15

The Butterfly / John Atkinson Grimshaw — REST (@moonlightsunju) April 19, 2015 The peristyle is the heart of Emperor #Diocletian's Palace (Split, #Croatia, 4th century CE). Photo by: @carolemadge More Summary

Mystery basilica under Porta Maggiore opens to the public

In April of 1917, construction of the Rome-Cassino railroad line just outside the gates of the Porta Maggiore on the Via Praenestina in Rome was halted by a cave-in. The cause turned out to be the collapse of an ancient roof of a building nobody knew was under their feet. As it happens, most ancient [...]

RepiTitiationes ~ 04.26.15

… Archaeologists to Excavate Early Christian Basilica, Roman Forum …Heraclea Sintica | Archaeology in Bulgaria — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) April 26, 2015 [classical WTf…ht(I think)to]...Show More Summary

Goya’s witches back together again at long last

In November of 1792, the great Spanish artist Francisco de Goya, then 46 years old, was afflicted with a severe illness that almost claimed his sanity if not his life. Symptoms included deafness, dizziness to the point of being unable to stand and vision loss. He spent six months, the first half of 1793, convalescing [...]

RepiTitiationes ~ 04.25.15

25 April 1872 – Volcano Vesuvius erupts. — Retrospective (@RetroPhotoPics) April 24, 2015 Classicist friends, is there a consensus on the meaning of the name...Show More Summary

Viking blacksmith grave even greater than expected

Last fall, farmer Leif Arne Nordheim borrowed his neighbor’s backhoe to remove some pesky flagstones from his garden in Sogndalsdalen on the southwestern coast of Norway. Lifting the last flagstone revealed tools — a hammer and tongs — which Nordheim first assumed were of relatively recent manufacture. When he found a bent blade, he realized [...]

RepiTitiationes ~ 04.24.15

… and we’re caught up! @SaveRome @AIRomanCulture need a vespa! — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) April 24, 2015 Gladiator in miniature: bronze statuette of a Hoplomachus (?????????), ca. 2nd c. AD, Neues Museum, Berlin More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 04.23.15

this should fix the script issues … Theme 2015 — Amphora Issue (@AmphoraIssue) April 23, 2015 RT @HistoryTime_: Digital reconstruction of a Roman kitchen. Source: — (@ArtemissionArt) April 22, 2015 Caesarea maritima, roman theatre in Israel – 25–13 BC. Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 04.22.15

more script issues … Happy hug a consenting classicist boxing day… The day when the philologist among us argue about what it means! — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) April 22, 2015 NOW: Brian Rose on archaeology under threat around...Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 04.21.15

Happy dies natalis Romae! — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) April 21, 2015 Happy hug a consenting classicist day! Show the folks who keep the Ancient World alive that it's appreciated! — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) April 21,...Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 04.20.15

Pleased to be invited to talk on @paphostheatre for National @archaeologyweek in May at @CCANESA: will be great day — Dr Craig Barker (@DrCraig_B) April 20, 2015 @CarolineLawrenc @PaulaLock5 Funnily enough I took this photo of it last week when there for lecture. One of my faves — Helen A. (@Helenus_) April 19, […]

RepiTitiationes ~ 04.19.15

… another one where the script messed up: Explorator 17.52 | Explorator — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) April 19, 2015 Athens Gave us Everything!? (Lucretius, De Rerum Natura, 6.1-11) | Sententiae Antiquae More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 04.18.15

@roughtradeX @rogueclassicist Yes, she was holding a sistrum, like in this statue from Hadrian's Villa… — Following Hadrian (@carolemadge) April 18, 2015 @roughtradeX @rogueclassicist She was holding a sistrum in her right hand and key of the Ankh in her left. Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 04.17.15

some of these might be out of order … script messed up Holding seminar "Did Greek women hear myths differently from men?" with Dio Chrysostom oration 61 Hunter College 1700 — Edith Hall (@edithmayhall) April 16, 2015 Fresh from his defeat at Bedriacum, #OnThisDay in 69, Otho commits suicide even though his forces remained […]

RepiTitiationes ~ 04.16.16

Themis and Aegeus. Attic red-figure kylix, 440–430 BCE. (Altes Museum, Berlin, Germany) #History #AncientGreece — Ancient History (@ahencyclopedia) April 16, 2015 Pantheon light. Sunlight passing through the...Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 04.15.15

Terracotta relief of a warrior dragging a captive, c. 540-520 B.C. Archaic Greek (Cretan), Metropolitan Museum — MARTIN O. ROCCA (@M65SANCHEZ) April 15, 2015 More on tonight's @ROMtoronto #ROMSpeaks discussion:...Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 04.14.15

The Socratic Method: — Existential Comics (@existentialcoms) April 13, 2015 In Victorian London, intellectuals looked for love in the British Museum’s reading room… — Arts & Letters Daily (@aldaily) April 14, 2015 OED Word of the Day: subrident, adj. Show More Summary

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