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9 New Books to Read for a Historical Halloween

New books offer stories about the undead, the Salem Witch Trials and Jack the Ripper

Extremely rare British coin found in boy’s toy box

A gold coin in a toy box that figured in the pirate games of two generations of young boys turns out to be one of the rarest British coins, a bona fide treasure. The owner, who chooses to remain anonymous because he basically hit the lottery, was given the coin by his grandfather. “My Grandad [...]

Shenandoah Valley men on the Mexican border

This is outside my normal “field of operations”, but… putting my stories of the antebellum Shenandoah, and news reports of those buried alive in the same period, on the side for today… I want to share a reminder that we’re just about to enter the WWI Centennial (the US version… Europe has been at it a while, already). Of […]

The story of how livestock made its way to southern Africa

Much of South Africa has good grazing for livestock. And sheep, goats and cattle have played an important role in the history of the region’s diverse cultures. But how did these animals get here?

Teaching the Civil War in4

I really love the Civil War Trust’s in4 video series. They offer concise overviews of a wide range of topics and they are perfect for the classroom. Back in 2014…

The Chicago Cubs Won the World Series in 1908. Here’s What Else Happened

Appropriately enough, "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" was copyrighted that year

See How the New York Female Giants Made Baseball History

The 1913 all-female team was perhaps a novelty to some, but—as these photos show—the players took the game seriously

Call for Papers on “The Adams Family and the American Revolution”

The Sons of the American Revolution has announced that its 2017 Annual Conference on the American Revolution will take place in Quincy. In honor of the 250th anniversary of the birth of John Quincy Adams, the theme will be “The Adams Family and the American Revolution.” The gathering will also honor Lyman H. Show More Summary

This Is How Early Voting Became a Thing

Some people who couldn't vote on Election Day were lying in order to get absentee ballots

Lee’s Headquarters: Civil War Trust Restoration Part 2

This map shows the location of the 1863 structures at the Thompson property, acquired and[...] The post Lee’s Headquarters: Civil War Trust Restoration Part 2 appeared first on Gettysburg Daily.

40+ ancient shipwrecks found in Black Sea

The Black Sea Maritime Archeology Project wasn’t looking for shipwrecks. Its brief is to survey the Bulgarian coast of the Black Sea for data about the rise water levels after the last Ice Age 20,000 years ago. To accomplish this aim, marine archaeologists have been scanning the seabed using cutting edge Remotely Operated Vehicles that [...]

Seeking the Humanity of Al Capone

Through interviews with his descendants, one biographer sees the family man behind the infamous gangster

Susanna Rowson’s Birthday Song for Washington

February 1798 was the U.S. of A.’s first February for eight years without George Washington as head of state. As described in recent postings, his birthday the previous year, coming near the end of his second term as President, served as a national send-off. Show More Summary

Gun Verlaine used to shoot Rimbaud for sale

The gun used by Symbolist poet Paul Verlaine to shoot his young lover and fellow poet Arthur Rimbaud will be sold at auction next month in Paris. This weapon featured in one of the great scandals of 19th century French literature, which, given the amount of drinking, drugging and sexing going on in that bohemian [...]

“Yasser Boss”: Old Jeff Mabry Attends a Reunion

Here is some incredible footage of a Confederate veterans reunion in Jacksonville, Florida in May 1914. Like most other reunions it included former camp servants or camp slaves. They were…

President Adams’s Birthday Celebrated—in Lisbon

Though there was no public observation of President John Adams’s birthday in Philadelphia in 1797, one branch of the small U.S. government definitely celebrated it. William Loughton Smith was a fervent Federalist from Charleston, South Carolina. Show More Summary

Ancient Samaritan 10 Commandments for sale

A marble tablet inscribed with the Ten Commandments in Samaritan will be sold at auction next month at at Heritage Auctions in Dallas. The Yavneh 10 Commandments Stone is roughly two-by-two feet, weighs 115 pounds and was carved probably between 4th and 8th centuries A.D. in the Samaritan variant of Paleo-Hebrew script. It is one [...]

Ribbon-cutting for Lee’s Gettysburg headquarters is set for Oct. 28

On Friday in Gettysburg, a brightly colored ribbon will be cut, signifying the completion of the Civil War Trust’s $6 million project to purchase four acres of the battlefield and restore a house located there that had been Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee’s headquarters during the historic battle. This deal was a particularly expensive one […]

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