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What Happens When Henry Louis Gates Censors the Past?

A report that has now gone viral, based on a recent Wikileaks dump, reveals that Ben Affleck requested that the PBS show “Finding Your Roots”…

Reuben Brown, the Link Between Lexington and Concord

Reuben Brown was born in Sudbury in 1748. In 1770, soon after coming of age, he moved to Concord and established himself as a saddler. Three years later, on 12 May 1773, he married a girl from his old town, Mary (Polly) How. Their daughter...Show More Summary

Jeremiah Lee’s Very Bad Night

Jeremiah Lee was a non-battlefield casualty of the fight on 18-19 Apr 1775. On the one hand, that’s appropriate because he was central to the Massachusetts Provincial Congress’s effort to build up an artillery force, which prompted the British army march tp Concord. Show More Summary

Are Texas Confederates Heroes?

This week the Texas House Committee on Culture, Tourism and Recreation held a public forum on legislation that would remove “Confederate Heroes Day” and create…

Events Larger Than One Person: The Surrenders at Bennett Place, Durham, North Carolina

Part 1 of a two-part series. Cross-posted at Emerging Civil War. Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman Gen. Joseph E. Johnston learned of the surrender of Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia in Wilmer McLean’s parlor in the hamlet of Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865 several days later. Show More Summary

A Midcentury Map of American Wildflowers

The Vault is Slate's history blog. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @slatevault, and find us on Tumblr. Find out more about what this space is all about here. This 1955 map of "The Wild Flowers of Spring," a collaboration between a botanist and an abstract expressionist painter, locates early-blooming American wildflowers geographically. Show More Summary

John Goddard Carts Supplies to Concord

On 24 Febr 1775, the Massachusetts Provincial Congress’s Committee of Safety and Committee on Supplies voted to procure these items and store them in Concord: 1000 candles; 100 hhds. [hogsheads] salt; a suitable supply of wooden spoons;...Show More Summary

The 48th/150th: Beginning the Journey Home and the Dead of Fort Mahone

Luminaries On The Graves of U.S. Soldiers at the Poplar Grove National CemeterySeveral Soldiers of the 48th Pennsylvania Are Buried Here[] 150 years ago...the soldiers of the 48th Pennsylvania were encamped at Farmville,...Show More Summary

Celebrate Grant’s birthday in New York and Ohio

The 193rd anniversary of the birth of President Ulysses S. Grant’s is April 27 and public, free celebrations are planned at his birthplace at Point Pleasant, Ohio and in New York City at his tomb.Two days early, on April 25, Grant’sShow More Summary

Malcolm Guthrie

A biography of the historical linguist Malcolm Guthrie, professor of Bantu languages and head of the African Department (1952-1970) at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London. Part 2: Marking his Mark

“A humorous story told about town of one of the deserters”

On 20 Aug 1774, the young lawyer John Trumbull sent the following to his legal mentor John Adams, then on his way to the First Continental Congress:There is a humorous story told about town of one of the deserters, though I cannot say...Show More Summary

The Death Knell of Confederate Heritage

Despite Politico’s recent claim that “the Confederacy Still Lives” it is, in fact, in full retreat. Confederate flags are being removed from public places and…

Will the Real Appomattox Commemoration Please Stand Up

This morning I set out to write a post in response to Jamelle Bouie’s column at Slate which details his assessment of a commemoration of…

A Book of Eyewitness Testimony Taken Right After the Lincoln Assassination

The Vault is Slate's history blog. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @slatevault, and find us on Tumblr. Find out more about what this space is all about here. This unusual book of testimony from the Lincoln assassination isShow More Summary

Paul Revere House during School Vacation Week

With Patriots Day and Massachusetts school vacation coming up, the Paul Revere House in Boston’s North End has a slate of activities for families and younger kids. Unless otherwise noted, these events are free with museum admission, which is $3.50 for adults, $3.00 for seniors and college students, $1.00 for children ages 5–17. Show More Summary

Did Jamelle Bouie Even Attend the Appomattox Commemoration?

Jamelle Bouie is right about one thing. The recent commemoration at Appomattox Court House was almost entirely devoid of African Americans. More specifically, from what…

7:22 a.m., April 15… what range of emotions followed?

At 7:22:10 a.m., there will be reflection by many on the meaning of the day and hour. Sadly… most others, I suspect, will remain indifferent, except for the instance in which they might happen to run across a newspaper article or something on the internet or t.v., and have that “Ah, that happened today” moment. Others […]

Famous Writers and their Helpful Writing Tips...

Whether you're looking to finally start that vampire novel you've been hashing out in your head or simply want to start your term paper on the changes Napoleon brought to France, chances are you've run into some trouble focusing, being...Show More Summary

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