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“A person more suitable to your birth & rank”

Yesterday I quoted a letter that Gov. Thomas Hutchinson received from William Fitzwilliam on 6 Apr 1771, asking for his youngest daughter Peggy’s hand in marriage. As I said, Hutchinson knew that that young man was the son of a nobleman back in Britain. Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 10/09/15

2015.10.14: Pierre Briant, Darius in the Shadow of Alexander (translated by Jane Marie Todd… — BMCR (@BMCReview) October 9, 2015 Floor tiles in #Ephesus, It is located on the coast of Ionia.#Turkey. — MARTIN O. Show More Summary

NOVA’s version of the round ark documentary

The documentary on the reconstruction of the Atra-Hasis ark that aired on Channel 4 in the UK and NatGeo is now on PBS. It’s an episode of the long-running NOVA series entitled Secrets of Noah’s Ark. (I need to just take a moment to express how I have had it, OFFICIALLY, with purported documentaries entitled [...]

A Sailor's Annotated Map of the Pacific Illustrates a Tour of Duty During WWII 

This map, annotated by Navy signalman Homer Bluford Clonts, tracks the geographical trajectory of the sailor's service on the USS Sheridan, the SS Young America, and the USS Eldorado, from 1943 to 1945. Clonts kept notes on the backShow More Summary

“I have had the honor of seeing miss Hutchinson”

Among the creepier items in the Massachusetts Archives is this letter to Gov. Thomas Hutchinson from 1771:SirThe various methods there are of writing on the following subject, makes me rather at a loss which to take, as I am a stranger...Show More Summary

A Camp Servant at De Battle Uv De Crater

Here is a little gem that I somehow missed in my research on the battle of the Crater. I will, however, include a few stanzas…

This Day in Ancient History ~ ante diem vii idus octobres

ante diem vii idus octobres rites in honour of Genius Publicus rites in honour of Fausta Felicitas rites in honour of Venus Victrix ludi Augustales scaenici (day 5 — from 11-19 A.D. and post 23 A.D.) ludi Augustales scaenici (day 7 — from 19-23 A.D.) 28 B.C. — dedication of the Temple of Apollo on […]

Repititiationes ~ 10/08/15

Cronache dall`antichità: Il divo Augusto – Rai Storia — Jeffrey Becker (@servilius_ahala) October 8, 2015 2015.10.11: Anthony Kaldellis, The Byzantine Republic. People and Power in New Rome… — BMCR (@BMCReview) October 8, 2015 Traditionally, Roman hosts gave xenia presents to guests. Show More Summary

Spitfire excavation suspended when human remains found

An excavation to recover a Mark 1A Spitfire which crashed in the Cambridgeshire Fens during a training flight on November 22, 1940, was suspended when a fragment of human skeletal remains was found. The excavation began on Monday and was slated to last a week. Permission was only granted because the pilot’s remains were believed [...]

Timeline of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

A timeline of the trans-Atlantic slave trade from its origins to the final emancipation of slaves in the New World with explanations of key events in the trade.

The Choice between Ruggles and Otis

One of the first acts of the Stamp Act Congress when it convened in New York in October 1765 was to elect a chairman.Arguably, that was the first political office to derive its authority from the thirteen colonies that would form the U.S. Show More Summary

This Day in Ancient History ~ ante diem viii idus octobres

ante diem viii idus octobres 319/318 B.C. ~ Wikipedia’s date for the birth of Pyrrhus of Epirus (source?) ludi Augustales scaenici (day 4 — from 11-19 A.D. and post 23 A.D.) ludi Augustales scaenici (day 6 — from 19-23 A.D.)

Repititiationes ~ 10/7/15

If you read one thing today about conflict antiquities, Syria, and ISIL, read this PDF from the State Dept.: #proof — Andrew Reinhard (@adreinhard) October 6, 2015 #Latin verb conjugations chart by #LatinResources...Show More Summary

Another hoard whose owner’s name is known

Last month’s discovery of a hoard with a name scratched in the pot in Bulgaria was a first for me, but that’s just because I didn’t know about the hoard of Republican Roman silver denarii discovered in the 1960s in the archaeological site of Cosa, near modern-day Ansedonia in southern Tuscany. Cosa was a Latin [...]

Modernist Posters That Taught 1930s Kids How To Take Good Care of Books 

This group of five posters by graphic artist Arlington Gregg, commissioned during the latter half of the 1930s by the Illinois division of the Works Progress Administration's Federal Art Project, instruct young library patrons in good book hygiene. Show More Summary

When the Stamp Act Congress Convened

On 7 Oct 1765, the Stamp Act Congress convened at City Hall in New York (shown here). It was a week behind schedule.As proposed by the Massachusetts House of Representatives back in June, this was a convention of delegates from the colonial...Show More Summary

This Day in Ancient History ~

nonas octobres rites in honour of Jupiter Fulgur — the deity who was responsible for daytime lightning was worshipped at a shrine in the Campus Martius rites in honour of Juno Quiritis — a divinity possibly originally from Falerii and brought to Rome by evocatio in 241 B.C. was also worshipped at a shrine in […]

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