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The Battle of Morton’s Ford, February 6, 1864

Yesterday was the 152nd anniversary of the Battle of Morton’s Ford, fought on February 6, 1864. I had wanted to get something posted yesterday, but I was presenting at a symposium and then had a 7.5 hour drive today to get home. So, unfortunately, this is a day late. Show More Summary

Matthias Buchinger’s Micrography at the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is featuring a small exhibit about a small eighteenth-century celebrity, Matthias Buchinger (1674-1739). Buchinger was from the German margraviate of Brandenburg-Ansbach. He was only twenty-nine inches tall. Show More Summary

“Buy Confederate Flags From a Black Guy”

I posted this on the Civil War Memory Facebook page a few months ago, but it just came across my feed again so I thought I would share it here. It’s quite clever. Enjoy. And yes, there really is a website. [Uploaded to YouTube on August 31, 2015.]

No mammoth at the 1951 Explorers Club dinner

Founded in 1904 by a group of explorers, naturalists and journalists including Adolphus Greely and Frank Chapman, The Explorers Club held annual black tie banquets in New York where members supped on exotic foods while speakers regaled them with tales of that year’s adventures. The 47th Explorers Club Annual Dinner (ECAD) held on January 13th, [...]

Judith Sargent Murray’s “Love Notes” in Salem, Feb. 6

Tonight the Bridge at 211 Bridge Street in Salem is presenting an evening of words and music recalling a love story from the early years of the U.S. of A.“Love Notes” features the letters from Judith Sargent Murray to the Rev. John Murray, her friend for fourteen years and then her husband for twenty-seven, set to music on the organ and harp. Show More Summary

Researchers to seek DNA in USS Houston trumpet

The USS Houston, a heavy cruiser that was President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s favorite ship, was the flagship of the U.S. Navy’s Asiatic Fleet not once but twice. FDR visited it no fewer than four times, logging thousands of miles of travel on board. It was even retrofitted with special elevators and handrails for the President’s [...]

CFP: «Cupis volitare per auras» Books, libraries and textual transmission from the Ancient to the Medieval World (Graduate conference)

PROLEPSIS First International Postgraduate Conference «Cupis volitare per auras» Books, libraries and textual transmission from the Ancient to the Medieval World University of Bari (Italy), 27th – 28th October 2016. Confirmed keynote speaker: Stephen J. Show More Summary

Joanna Cleveland’s “Leap in the Dark”

Over the past two days I quoted dueling advertisements from issues of the New-London Gazette in January 1766, documenting the failed marriage of Robert and Joanna Hebbard.I learned about those notices from the Twitter feed of Carl Robert Keyes and his Adverts 250 Project. Show More Summary

The Problems African Countries faced at...

When African states gained their independence from Europe's colonial empires, they faced numerous challenges starting with their lack of infrastructure

Confederate Heritage Groups Reveal True Meaning of Their Flag

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating that Confederate heritage groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans are their own worst enemies when it comes to promoting their preferred interpretation of the battle flag. News that three such organizations intend to erect a 50-foot flagpole off of I-85 and […]

UK wants to keep Lawrence of Arabia’s robes and dagger

A magnificent presentation dagger and set of silk robes that belonged to T.E. Lawrence, also known as Lawrence of Arabia, have been placed under a temporary export bar by UK Culture Minister Ed Vaizey. The silver-gilt dagger was a gift from Sherif Nasir, cousin of Emir Faisal, given to T.E. Lawrence in 1917 after the [...]

Thursday marks birth of the Confederate States of America

Montgomery, Ala., was a crowded place on Feb. 4, 1861, as delegates to the Confederate Provisional Congress met for the first time. There were also military officers, local and out-of-state politicians, socially prominent plantation owners and anyone else with a stake in the organizing of a new nation. Every hotel and boarding room was taken, […]

“To make a just return to his injurious Advertisement”

Yesterday I quoted Robert Hebbard’s advertisement from the 17 Jan 1766 New-London Gazette. That same ad appeared last month at Prof. Carl Robert Keyes’s new Adverts 250 Project, which runs one advertisement from a 250-year-old American newspaper every day. Show More Summary

Van Gogh Museum’s exceptional French print collection online

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam first got into the French turn-of-the-century prints when it bought 800 exceptional examples from a German private collection in 2000. Since then the museum has made a point of acquiring more outstanding pieces. There are just under 1,800 French prints from 1890-1905 in the Van Gogh Museum now, but [...]

How Documents Buried by Jewish Guards at Auschwitz Tell the Story of Genocide

The Scrolls of Auschwitz comprise a variety of documents written by members of the Sonderkommando or Special Squad, a group of predominantly Jewish prisoners who were forced to work in the crematoria at Auschwitz-Birkenau. (Son of Saul,...Show More Summary

A Reconstruction Reading List

Ask for a book recommendation on Reconstruction and you are likely to get Eric Foner’s masterful synthesis, Reconstruction: America’s Unfinished Revolution, 1863-1877. It’s still a great place to start, but there has been a good deal published about the period over the past few years and much of it takes […]

“Joanna Hebbard, hath for some time past Eloped from me”

As the new Adverts 250 blog featured last month, on 17 Jan 1766 the New-London Gazette published this advertisement:Amenia, in Dutches County, in the Province of New-York, December 4th, 1765.WHEREAS my Wife Joanna Hebbard, hath for some...Show More Summary

Current UN Peacekeeping Missions in Africa

Background and mandates of the current United Nations peacekeeping operations in Africa.

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