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Fake News and Fervent Nationalism Got a Senator Tarred as a Traitor During WWI

The fiery progressive Robert La Follette responded with a classic defense of free speech in wartime

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A Senator Speaks Out Against Confederate Monuments… in 1910

Alone in his stand, Weldon Heyburn despised that Robert E. Lee would be memorialized with a statue in the U.S. Capitol

“Marks of respect paid to the memory of our deceased Governour”

Here are some additional details from Gov. John Hancock’s funeral on 14 Oct 1793. First, the 21 October Columbian Gazetteer of New York reported on the response of the new acting governor:A correspondent who cast his eye at the present Commander in Chief, the venerable SAMUEL ADAMS, was sensibly affected with the appearance of this hoary Patriot. Show More Summary

John McPhee on Writing, Reading and How Working in Magazines Has Changed

"What my work has in common is that all of it is about real people in real places"

Palazzo Venezia: a hidden gem in plain sight

The only reason I even darkened the doorway of the 15th century Palazzo Venezia, most recognizable today from old newsreel footage of Benito Mussolini addressing the multitudes in the Piazza Venezia from the balcony, was to see if the Duce’s last secret bunker rediscovered in 2011 after decades hidden under the floor of a junk […]

Volcanic eruptions linked to social unrest in Ancient Egypt

Around 245 BCE Ptolemy III, ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom in Egypt, made a decision that still puzzles many historians: After pursuing a successful military campaign against the kingdom's nemesis, the Seleucid Empire, centred mainly...Show More Summary

The Minister Who Invented Camping in America

How William H.H. Murray accidental bestseller launched the country's first outdoor craze

Gov. Hancock’s Funeral Procession

At sunrise on Monday, 14 Oct 1793, all the church bells in Boston began to ring. They tolled for an hour in tribute to Gov. John Hancock, who had died the previous Tuesday and was being buried that day. All the flags “in town, at the Castle, and on the masts of the shipping in the harbour, were half hoisted.” At one o’clock, all the shops closed. Show More Summary

The Fight Against Term Paper

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Bronze Age burials found at British Army base

Quick non-Roman one today because I’ve been having upload issues with the large images and I feel a pressing need to collapse in happy exhaustion. Thankfully I planned for just this eventuality and had some backup stories lined up. A team from Wessex Archaeology, contractors who have been surveying the site of a new soccer […]

Top Africa Adventures Choices

Top Africa Adventures Choices Africa Adventures – Dead or Alive? Fly Kulula can be a name one of the cost airlines in South Africa. Romania is a destination for most tourists that might help encourage its market. Additionally it is among the very honeymoon destinations. Sand nearby Siwa, Egypt’s Great Sea, is thought to become [...]

Reactions to Gov. John Hancock’s Death

The 14 Oct 1793 Boston Gazette reported this response to Gov. John Hancock’s unexpected death on the 8th:Tuesday last, agreeably to previous orders, the several Independent Companies and the several Companies of Militia in this Town, paraded early in the Morning, in complete Uniform, in order for Inspection, &c. Show More Summary

Unusual Article Uncovers the Deceptive Practices of England Tour of South Africa

Unusual Article Uncovers the Deceptive Practices of England Tour of South Africa Meeting a group of locals is practically inevitable. Choosing the travel business that is correct is important since you’ll be contingent on the organization and its own own staff that will help you make to ensuring that a booming Xmas. The owner can [...]

How California Changed the Way the World Fights Fires

Most of California is built to burn: it has fires to match its mountains

Baby Jessica’s Rescue from a Well Capped Off a Terrifying Week in U.S. History

"The image endures: a grimy paramedic emerging from the rescue shaft cradling a bundle in his arms"

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