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Baby dinobird found trapped in amber

Researchers have discovered the remains of a baby avian dinosaur in a 99-million-year-old piece of Burmese amber. This is the most complete bird ever found trapped in amber, and it’s the most complete fossil of any kind found in Burmese amber. Its resinous coffin has preserved almost all of the skull and neck, a large […]

Thank You, Georgia Historical Society

Earlier this week I traveled to Savannah to take part in the Georgia Historical Society’s NEH Summer Institute, Recognizing an Imperfect Past: History, Memory, and the American Public. This was […]

Mildred G. Burrage’s ”Attack on Bunker Hill“

This map of the Charlestown peninsula in 1775 and the Battle of Bunker Hill comes from the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library, courtesy of the Digital Commonwealth. It is made of “Painted gesso plaster, with land features shown in relief.”The creator was Mildred G. Show More Summary

Woolly dog hair found in Coast Salish blanket

Researchers at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture in Seattle, Washington, have confirmed that a Coast Salish blanket in its collection was woven from the fur of the woolly dog. Woolly dogs were carefully bred and husbanded for centuries by the Coast Salish peoples of the Pacific Northwest, who sheared them like sheep […]

10 Nazi bunkers and subterranean bases

10 Nazi bunkers and subterranean bases built by the Third Reich during World War II The post 10 Nazi bunkers and subterranean bases appeared first on HeritageDaily - Heritage & Archaeology News.

Remembering the ‘Overshadowed’ Civil Rights Protest That Desegregated Gulf Coast Beaches

A project commemorating an often-overlooked civil-rights milestone is among the latest recipients of the Knight Cities Challenge prize

How Helmut Kohl Wanted to Be Remembered

In 1990, the German leader told TIME what he hoped would be remembered most when it came time to reflect on his career

How TIME Covered the Original Monterey Pop Festival

On the 50th anniversary of the Monterey International Pop Festival, here's a look at how TIME covered the original concert

How Whole Foods Got So Big

With Amazon buying Whole Foods in a deal valued at over $13 billion, here's how the chain grew out of a single Texas health-food market

Secrets of Gen. Clinton’s Map of Bunker Hill

Here’s an intriguing document from the maps collection at the Library of Congress.It’s Gen. Henry Clinton’s hand-drawn map of the Battle of Bunker Hill.One eye-catching detail is that Clinton sketched a small fortification on top of Bunker’s Hill, at the left of this image. Show More Summary

Remains of temple and Ball game court found in Mexico City

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of a major Aztec temple and ball game court in downtown Mexico City. The remains of the massive temple dedicated to Ehecatl-Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec god of benign rain-bringing winds, were discovered just to the north of the city’s main square, the Zocalo, behind the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral. A hotel […]

A New Face of the Forty-Eighth: Private James Dempsey, Co. F, 48th PA Infantry

It doesn't happen as often as one might think, considering all the many thousands of Civil War photographs that were taken, but I always, always enjoy seeing a "new" face of the Forty-Eighth, a photograph of a soldier I have never seen before. Show More Summary

EXTRA: Celebrating “Grand Union Flag” Day in Somerville

Somerville usually celebrates the flag-raising on Prospect Hill on the anniversary of that event. Unfortunately, that’s on 1 January—not always the most comfortable time to be outside on a New England hilltop. So this year the city is celebrating that event on the Saturday after Flag Day, or 17 June. Show More Summary

Why Sand Covers the Floor of One of the Western Hemisphere's Oldest Synagogues

Fleeing anti-Semitism in Europe, Jews found unexpected shelter on the island of Curaçao

Rachel Jackson, the Scandalous Divorcee Who Almost Became First Lady

Rachel Jackson ran away from her husband and got divorced to marry Andrew, an incident that haunted her for life

A Coffin at Bunker Hill

Nathaniel Coffin (1725-80) was a merchant in Boston who in November 1768 took the job of Deputy Cashier to the American Board of Customs.That shifted Coffin politically onto the side of the royal government. He would even report to his...Show More Summary

Buying Your Dad a Gift Is Why Father’s Day Exists

Buying a necktie for your dad is a stereotypical way to celebrate Father's Day, but it's in keeping with the holiday's history

The Forgotten Origins of Father’s Day

These days, father’s day seems like an inescapable part of American culture. But it didn’t become a national holiday until President Nixon signed a bill in 1972–almost 60 years after the U.S. recognized Mother’s Day. So, what drove the decision? Some historians credit the Vietnam War. The prolonged, increasingly divisive conflict had uprooted American fathers…

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