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Roman water law inscription found in Laodicea

A marble slab inscribed with Roman-era water laws has been unearthed in the ancient city of Laodicea in western Turkey. The highly detailed law law was written by the Laodicea Assembly in 114 A.D. and approved by Aulus Vicirius Martialis, proconsul of the Roman Asia province, in the provincial capital at Ephesus. It was carved [...]

“The usual Notice of their intention to plunder & pull down an House”

Eleven days after Andrew Oliver resigned as Massachusetts’s collector of the stamp tax on 15 Aug 1765, the Boston crowd mobilized again. It looks like the Stamp Act was no longer the main grievance on people’s minds on 26 August. Instead, Bostonians were out to chastise other royal officials for holding back the town’s economy. Show More Summary

Heads roll in Slovakia over sale of Bernini bust

The bust of Pope Paul V by Gian Lorenzo Bernini that was acquired by the Getty Museum in Los Angeles earlier this year has left a trail of criminal investigations and fired civil servants in its wake. When the museum announced the rediscovery and acquisition of the long-lost sculpture this June, the only details released [...]

Trump, populism, Hofstadter, Heer.

In The New Republic, Jeet Heer says that Donald Trump is not a populist, he’s “the voice of aggrieved privilege—of those who already are doing well but feel threatened by social change from below, whether in the form of Hispanic immigrants or uppity women.” Or the voice of the white American man enraged at the […]

Mixed response to campaign to remove Confederate battle flag

Within days of the killings  of nine African Americans in a Charleston church, allegedly by a white man who liked to pose for photographs with the Confederate battle flag, there was a national uproar about the prominent display of that flag at numerous locations across the South. A campaign was quickly mounted to remove not […]

AUGUSTUS: The Biography

Originally posted on Classics for All Reviews:By Jochen Bleicken (tr. Anthea Bell) Allen Lane (2015) h/b 771pp £30.00 (ISBN 9780713994773) In this work de longue haleine, first published in Germany in 1998, and now admirably (one confidently hazards) translated by Anthea Bell, B. gives a very detailed account of how the 18 year-old Gaius…


Originally posted on Classics for All Reviews:Ed. by Henry Stead & Edith Hall Bloomsbury (2015) h/b 368pp £80 (ISBN 9781472584267) This is the first substantial published product of the pioneering Arts and Humanities Research Council ‘Classics and Class in Britain 1789-1939’ project, to which Dr Stead, the author of A Cockney Catullus (OUP, 2015),…


Originally posted on Classics for All Reviews:Ed. by Mark Walker Pineapple Publications (2015) p/b 195pp £4.99 (ISBN 978095474343) In 1850 the editors of Sabrinae Corolla gloomily observed, of verse composition, that these were studia quae veremur ne in dies obsolescant. They were premature, and 50 or more years later no less a scholar than…

Why was Africa called the Dark Continent?

Europeans did not call Africa the Dark Continent simply because they didn't know much about it. Slavery, missionaries, racism, and savagery were all part of this myth.

Absolute Monarchy

What is an Absolute Monarchy? African History.

Andrew Oliver’s August Resignation

The anti-Stamp Act protest in Boston on 14 Aug 1765, followed that evening by the destruction of Andrew Oliver’s new building and other property, had a quick result: Oliver resigned as stamp agent for Massachusetts. Oliver told his Connecticut...Show More Summary

End of the Line

A couple of months after Hurricane Katrina, as public officials debated whether and how to rebuild heavily damaged sections of New Orleans, Michelle Longino and Tamara Jackson planned a parade. The event, a local tradition called a second...Show More Summary

Discussing Confederate Iconography at Annual Meeting of AASLH

Although it was organized last minute, I thought some of you would like to know that I will be co-moderating a discussion on the ongoing…

Aztec skull rack found in Mexico City’s Templo Mayor

Archaeologists from Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) have unearthed part of a large rack of human skulls in the Templo Mayor complex in Mexico City. The Aztecs would pierce the heads of the sacrificed, string them together on wooden stakes and mount them on a vertical posts. This structure, called a tzompantli, [...]

A Comprehensive 1943 Infographic of American Booms and Busts 

In 1943, as American businesses tried to guess whether wartime relief from the Depression would translate into postwar prosperity, the Tension Envelope Corporation printed this chart for customers. The infographic folded into a pamphlet, and could be displayed on the wall when opened. Show More Summary

Details of the First Stamp Act Protest

The anonymous account of Boston’s 14 Aug 1765 Stamp Act protest I quoted yesterday also includes a passage that’s prompted a lot of questions about who was behind the event: …thus Hung the Image thro all the Day tho Three Guineas [£3.3s.] was offerd to any one that should take it down and no one dared to make the Tryall. Show More Summary

Do the Archives Matter in the Digital Age?

I am in the process of finalizing my syllabus for the research seminar that I will be teaching his fall at the American Antiquarian Society.…

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