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The Hazards of Thomas Hazard

Thomas Hazard was born 22 Feb 1727 on the west side of Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay. He was the descendant of a man of the same name who had come to Boston in the 1630s Puritan migration, then helped to found Newport in 1639. Hazard...Show More Summary

How Racial Categories Were Recorded in...

An explanation of how the Apartheid Era Identity Number recorded racial categories in South Africa.

The Basic Facts You Should Know About South...

What was Apartheid? Find the answers to your questions in this FAQ.

Skeleton may be ancient Greek human sacrifice

The skeleton of a teenager unearthed on Mount Lykaion in the central Peloponnese region of Arcadia may be evidence that repeated references to human sacrifice in Greek mythology, literature and philosophy may have some truth to them. According to local legend, Zeus was born and raised on Mount Lykaion (Mount Ida in Crete is more [...]

Vanderbilt to Remove “Confederate” Inscription

The announcement came earlier today that Vanderbilt University’s Confederate Memorial Hall will be re-named. Click here for the history of this particular campus building.

When Civil War Reenactors Legitimize Racism

Last week I shared a segment of Vice Does America that focused on the interaction between a young black man and a Confederate reenactor in Jacksonville, Alabama. The reenactor questioned Wilbert Cooper as to why he chose not to suit up and join a Confederate unit based on his belief that blacks fought in integrated […]

Alternative Views of Spartan Sexuality - Excerpts from "A Peerless Peer"

Welcome to the Rave Reviews Book Club 2016 Book and Blog Party. Helena P. Schrader is delighted to participate in this an event featur in g a wide-range of talent from all genres f rom Addis Ababa, E thiopia. If you leave a com mentShow More Summary

Lost Dürer engraving found in French flea market

An 500-year-old engraving by Albrecht Dürer lost since World War II turned up in flea market in France. A retired archaeologist and art collector found copperplate engraving entitled Mary Crowned by an Angel at a stall of assorted tchotchkes in Sarrebourg in northeastern France close to the German border. Priced to move at just a [...]

Rhode Island Furniture in Connecticut, Opening 19 Aug.

On Friday, 19 August, The Yale University Art Gallery will open a new exhibit titled “Art and Industry in Early America: Rhode Island Furniture, 1650-1830.” The exhibit’s website says: “Drawing together more than 130 exceptional objects...Show More Summary

But Enough about Me—Let’s Talk about My Book

Laura Beach of Antiques and the Arts recently interviewed me about how I got into researching and writing history and then creating this blog. Here’s a taste of that exchange:How broad is public interest in American history? American history at this level is a niche interest, but, like any niche, it has fervent followers. Show More Summary

Roman phallus pendant found in Horncastle

A metal detectorist has discovered a Roman phallus charm in a field near Horncastle, Lincolnshire. Made of copper-alloy, the phallus weighs 11.6 grams and is 45.41 mm (1.8 inches) long. It’s curved in profile, with two spheres at one end representing testicles and two thin grooves run down the length of the underside with notched [...]

A Split in the Merchants’ Club in 1771

On Tuesday, 13 Aug 1771, John Adams went into Boston for a weekly meeting of one of his gentlemen’s clubs and discovered that most of the club wasn’t there. He wrote in his diary:Spent the Evening at [Hannah] Cordis’s, the British Coffee house.—In the front Room, towards the long Wharfe, where the Merchants Clubb has met this twenty Years. Show More Summary

“75,000 Confederates of Color?” on a Billboard

This is one of two billboards sponsored by the Missouri Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans that have recently been placed along Missouri highways, one near Kansas City and the other outside of St. Louis. There is something desperate about placing such an advertisement on a large billboard, but it does serve as a wonderful example […]

Mexican sword tip from 1830s found at Alamo

The excavation at the Alamo has unearthed an intriguing fragment from the same period of the doomed defense of the fort that has been immortalized in film, literature and legend. It’s the broken tip of a sword, a piece about six inches long from a type of sabre known as a briquet which was manufactured [...]

Do You Know What Events Led Up to the Suez...

Unclear on what happened with the Suez Canal Crisis? Here is a complete timeline of events leading up to the Tripartite Invasion.

How One 19th-Century Scientist Recorded the Diversity of Enslaved Africans in Rio

The day after Thanksgiving in 1838, a group of American scientists and sailors docked in the port of Rio de Janeiro. They were the members of the United States Exploring Expedition, and thanks to the detailed notes of one of its members,...Show More Summary

The Fights After the Fight off Fairhaven

Yesterday I started describing the 14 May 1775 fight outside Buzzard’s Bay between the newly-armed whaler Success from the village of Fairhaven and two trading sloops that the Royal Navy had recently captured.When I broke off, provincial...Show More Summary

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