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Doing the History of the Concord March with Liz Covart

This is the anniversary of the British army’s march to Concord in 1775, and Liz Covart of the Ben Franklin’s World podcast has recently shared three items related to that event.First, Liz interviewed me about The Road to Concord andShow More Summary

Sneak Peek: The Lost Tapes: LA Riots

On April 29, 1992, Los Angeles erupted into chaos after four white LAPD officers were acquitted for beating African-American motorist Rodney King

Americans’ Feelings About Paying Taxes Have Changed. Here’s How

History shows that Americans are generally more worried about the way the income tax is applied than whether or not it exists

Napoleon’s first love captured in a ring

Before he was General Bonaparte, before he was First Consul, before he was Emperor of the French, even before the French Revolution that made it possible for a Corsican nobody to reach such dizzying heights of power, Napoleon Bonaparte was a wet-behind-the-ears graduate from the École Militaire in Paris. The first Corsican to graduate from [...]

The Debate Over Executive Orders Began With Teddy Roosevelt's Mad Passion for Conservation

Teddy used nearly 10 times as many executive orders as his predecessor. The repercussions are still felt today

Samuel Haws on the Second Day of the War

Yesterday we left Samuel Haws and his fellow Wrentham minutemen at Nathaniel Richards’s tavern in west Roxbury on the evening of 19 Apr 1775. They had come across two men, one of them a neighbor from Wrentham named Ebenezer Aldis—who was from a family suspected of Loyalist sympathies. Show More Summary

Boy Scout Troop 105 Trail Maintenance in Rose’s Woods

Boy Scout Troop 105 from Hanover, Pennsylvania was hard at work Saturday morning in Gettysburg[...] The post Boy Scout Troop 105 Trail Maintenance in Rose’s Woods appeared first on Gettysburg Daily.

5 Archbishops of Canterbury found under a church floor

The mortal remains of five Archbishops of Canterbury have been discovered in a hidden chamber underneath the floor of the deconsecrated church of St Mary-at-Lambeth in London. The surprise find was made last year during renovations to the building, now the home of the Museum of Garden History, but was kept quiet to protect the [...]

“About one a clock the minute men were alarmed”

Samuel Haws of Wrentham, Massachusetts, was one of the militiamen called out on 19 Apr 1775 who left a journal of his experiences. Haws’s journal would be consulted even more if he’d seen actual fighting that day. But Wrentham is onShow More Summary

Saturday Night Live Interprets Civil War Soldier Morale

It’s been quite some time since SNL used the Civil War for one of their skits. This one, featuring Harry Styles, is pretty good. [Uploaded to YouTube on April 15, […]

Destination Gettysburg “Backpacks” at the Pennsylvania Memorial

The Pennsylvania Memorial in Gettysburg National Military Park.This view was taken facing east at approximately[...] The post Destination Gettysburg “Backpacks” at the Pennsylvania Memorial appeared first on Gettysburg Daily.

A Good Spartan - An Excerpt from "A Heroic King"

Spartan understanding of duty was far more complex than most modern literature portrays. As I pointed out at the start of the month, Spartans did not expect their soldiers to triumph or die, but rather to achieve strategic objectives — which sometimes entailed both retreat and even surrender. Show More Summary

You have 3 days to see Liverpool’s glorious Minton tile floor

St George’s Hall in downtown Liverpool is a grand Neoclassical building constructed between 1841 and 1854. Located across the street from the Lime Street railway station, St George’s Hall was designed first and foremost to host Liverpool’s triennial music festivals, plus concerts, dances and other cultural activities. The Liverpool Corporation raised funds for the new [...]

Conference on Bailyn’s Ideological Origins, 21 Apr.

On 20-21 April, Yale University’s Center for Historical Inquiry & the Social Sciences will host a conference, co-sponsored by the U.S.C.–Huntington Early Modern Studies Institute on “Ideological Origins at 50: Power, Rights, and the Rise and Fall of Free States.” In 1967 Bernard Bailyn published The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution. Show More Summary

Let’s Talk Confederate Monuments and Civil War Memory

Quick announcement to let people know in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area that I will be in town next Saturday to speak at the National Civil War Museum. As you can […]

Trees Planted at Ziegler’s Grove

Volunteers from the Gettysburg Foundation planted trees in Ziegler’s Grove this month. The orange flags[...] The post Trees Planted at Ziegler’s Grove appeared first on Gettysburg Daily.

“The Two Maidens” of Pompeii are men

An ongoing project to CT scan the plaster casts of the victims of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. has revealed that the cast of two embracing figures known as The Two Maidens are in fact men. The skeletal remains of the couple and the cavity in the volcanic rock left by the decay [...]

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