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This Major Military Operation Ignited the Vietnam War

By 1965, the U.S. initiated a military deployment, Operation Rolling Thunder, to help South Vietnam defend its independence

“Composed, it is supposed, by General WARREN”

Yesterday I quoted a letter reportedly sent to the Virginia Argus in Richmond on 6 Nov 1804, referring to a “most excellent SONG composed, it is supposed, by General WARREN, who fell at the battle of Bunker’s Hill, in the year 1775.”The...Show More Summary

Catherine Templeton’s Civil War Memory on the Campaign Trail

This might be the clearest example of the distinction between history and memory that I have ever come across. It’s not unusual to employ memory of the Civil War to run for and maintain office in South Carolina. Not too long ago two Republican state legislators proposed erecting a monument to the state’s loyal black […]

Researchers Claim Their Evidence Exposes Winston Churchill’s Secret Affair

A new documentary puts forth an argument that the wartime Prime Minister had an affair during the 1930s with Cara Delevingne's great aunt

The Eerie Gravestone Where Frankenstein’s Story Began

Even in death, Mary Wollstonecraft played a central role in her daughter Mary Shelley's life

When Emancipation Finally Came, Slave Markets Took on a Redemptive Purpose

During the Civil War, the jails that held the enslaved imprisoned Confederate soldiers. After, they became rallying points for a newly empowered community

This Mysterious Event Led to the Spanish-American War

In early 1898, the USS Maine sailed into Havana harbor as a show of support for the Cuban revolutionaries

“The New Massachusetts Liberty Song” in the Early Republic

On 6 Nov 1804, more than a quarter-century after the previous newspaper publication of “The New Massachusetts Liberty Song” that I’ve found, a letter was addressed to the Virginia Argus in Richmond.It read:Mr. [Samuel] Pleasants,When...Show More Summary

St John the Baptist Church in Reedham may be Roman fortlet

A Norfolk church may have begun life as a Roman fortlet protecting supplies on their way to Hadrian’s Wall. Trevor Heaton hears how ‘keyhole archaeology’ is solving the riddle of Reedham. Sometimes things can hide in plain sight. But that doesn’t it make any easier to tell their story. For centuries, researchers and historians have […]

The 2018 Boston Massacre Reenactment, 3 Mar.

On Saturday, 3 March, the Old State House Museum and a large contingent of dedicated volunteer interpreters will reenact the Boston Massacre and events surrounding that historical milestone.There will be once-a-year events for the public all afternoon. Show More Summary

“Black Experience in Concord” panel, Lincoln, 25 Feb.

On Sunday, 25 February, as part of its “Winter Learning Series,” the Friends of Minute Man Park will sponsor a panel discussion on “The Past We Never Knew: New Research and Reflections on the Black Experience in Concord.” The event description...Show More Summary

Is It Time for a Reassessment of Malcolm X?

A new Smithsonian Channel film, "The Lost Tapes," challenges misconceptions about the charismatic leader

How Christian Slaveholders Used the Bible to Justify Slavery

Read an excerpt from 'The Great Stain: Witnessing American Slavery' by Noel Rae

White Settlers Buried the Truth About the Midwest’s Mysterious Mound Cities

Pioneers and early archaeologists credited distant civilizations, not Native Americans, with building these sophisticated complexes

Here’s What Happened When the Supreme Court Ruled on Whether Students Can Protest During School

As students plan protests across the U.S., the woman at the center of the case that solidified their right to do so recalls how it happened

The Further Evolution of “The New Massachusetts Liberty Song”

As I discussed back here, in April 1774 the New-York Journal published a new version of “The New Massachusetts Liberty Song” that was actually less strident about Britain than the original. It may have been revised to reflect Whig talking...Show More Summary

Former Confederate Searches For Long Lost Camp Slave

I really appreciate readers and friends who continue to send me references related to the myth of the black Confederate soldier and history of camp servants (slaves). This is the first piece of evidence, however, that I have seen of a Confederate veteran, who placed a newspaper ad looking for information about his former camp […]

There’s a True Story Behind Black Panther’s Strong Women. Here’s Why That Matters

It is clear that one of the Dora Milaje's main antecedents was the famous all-female African military corps of Dahomey

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