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New to the Civil War Memory Library, 09/18

My book, Remembering the Battle of the Crater: War as Murder, will be out in paperback next year and is now available for pre-order. Secure your copy NOW. Sven Beckert and Seth Rockman eds., Slavery’s Capitalism: A New History of American Economic Development (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016). Charles Dew, The Making of a Racist: […]

Oldest known indigo dyed textile found in Peru

In 2009, archaeologists found textile fragments at the Preceramic settlement of Huaca Prieta in the Chicama Valley on the northern coast of Peru. The desert climate preserves organic materials and a great many early textiles made from wild cotton indigenous to the area have been unearthed there. What makes these fragments so significant is the [...]

American Apotheoses

I do like me some political apotheosis art. As discussed at the Unemployed Philosophers Guild and Princeton’s Graphic Arts Collection, these were prints that honored a dead political figure by showing him ascending to heaven.After George...Show More Summary

3,000-year-old pot contains burned cheese residue

A clay pot discovered during an archaeological excavation near Silkeborg in central Jutland, Denmark, in 2012 has the residue of 3,000-year-old burned cheese coating the interior. The pot was found upside down in a garbage pit. Museum Silkeborg archaeologists were excited by the find because the pot was intact and in near mint condition, a [...]

Elizabeth Chapman’s Revolution

This afternoon I’m leading my new “Children of the Revolution: Boys & Girls in Cambridge During the Siege of Boston” walking tour for Cambridge Discovery Day, as described here. One of the young people I’ll speak about is Elizabeth Chapman, born in Charlestown in March 1758 and thus seventeen years old when the war broke out. Show More Summary

Stark, Spare, Beautiful Midcentury British Safety Posters

This solemn group of posters teaching safety to British citizens comes from the archive of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. The images are from the Wellcome Library's website; I first saw them on the blog The Passion...Show More Summary

Colin Kaepernick, the Integrated NFL and When Protest Works

The decision by some football players to kneel during the National Anthem recalls a long history of social activism in professional football

Black Panther Party Co-Founder Talks Body Cams, Barack Obama and Donald Trump

The Black Panther Party co-founder talks about his new book, the Party’s birthday and his own. Your new book with photographer Stephen Shames, Power to the People, is full of pictures of the early days of the Black Panther Party. How does it feel to look back at that time? It feels like yesterday. Because…

A Firsthand View of the Rise of the Black Panther Party

Stephen Shames' photographs offer an intimate look at the workings of the Black Panther Party

America Has Always Seen Ambitious Women as Unhealthy

The cover of this week’s National Enquirer features a wan, gray Hillary Clinton, looking like she has been drained of all her vital fluids. The photograph, if you can call it that, is a perfect visual artifact of the recent storm ofShow More Summary

We Interviewed ‘James Madison’ on Constitution Day and Here’s What He Said

TIME spoke with the father of the Constitution—O.K., not really—to celebrate the 229th birthday of the document

Researcher Identifies Oldest Textile Dyed Indigo

The indigo-blue cloth found in Peru was determined to be 6,200 years old.

Unique figurine of woman found at Çatalhöyük

Archaeologists excavating the Neolithic urban settlement of Çatalhöyük in central Turkey have unearthed the figurine of a voluptuous woman in excellent condition. More than 2,000 figurines have been found at Çatalhöyük, but very few of them intact like this one. Several of them were also Mother figures; this is the first one to be found [...]

World’s oldest snowshoe found in Italian Dolomites

On August 5th, 2003, Simone Bartolini, cartographer and head of the State Borders division of Italy’s Military Geographical Institute, was in the Pfossental Valley in the Italian Dolomites doing a topographical survey of the border with Austria when he came across an old snowshoe made by hand out of birch and twine. A birch stick [...]

Guns from Governor’s Island and the Old Gunhouse

On the morning of 15 Sept 1774, Bostonians were buzzing about the action inside their North Battery the night before.As I described yesterday, British soldiers and sailors had entered that harborside fortification and spiked all the cannon inside. Show More Summary

This Music Was Inspired by John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address

A new album sets history—famous speeches read by famous people—to music

5 Essential Occupy Wall Street Stories

The populist movement first made news on Sept. 17, 2011

What You Need to Know About the History of America’s Prisoners of War

This is how the treatment of POWs has changed over the course of American history

Kevin Collier’s Lost Cause

It’s nice to see that Robert Moore has had some time to publish a few blog posts in the midst of his pursuit of an advanced degree in digital history. As always, he is thoughtful and offers an important perspective that is worth considering. Yesterday he offered a few words about Kevin Collier, who refuses […]

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