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Deborah Franklin’s Other Man, Benjamin Franklin’s Other Woman

For the Smithsonian, Stephen Coss, author of The Fever of 1721, explores the ups and downs of Benjamin Franklin’s relationship to Deborah Read: As every reader of Franklin’s Autobiography knows, Deborah Read first laid eyes on Benjamin...Show More Summary

The Daily Show’s Solution to the Confederate Monument Debate

I finally got around to watching The Daily Show’s recent segment on the Confederate monument debate. I particularly appreciate the suggestions from Trevor Noah and Roy Wood, Jr. on ways […]

Casanova seduces at the Kimbell

The Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, has invited the roguiest of the rogues to use his legendary powers of seduction on its visitors. Casanova: The Seduction of Europe uses the life of Giacomo Casanova, adventurer, memoirist and lover extraordinaire, as the backbone of an exhibition on 18 century European fine and decorative arts. […]

Exploring Fault Lines in the Constitution

In the coming weeks, Cynthia and Sanford Levinson will speak in various Massachusetts venues about their new book, Fault Lines in the Constitution: The Framers, Their Fights, and the Flaws that Affect Us Today.This book is an exploration of the U.S. Show More Summary

Howto Write An Ongoing Function Article

Composition creating is frequently a daunting employment to several folks 1 way of looking at authorship might be to think about your creating as someone. Writing great compositions is critical within the Englishlanguage within the sense that it enables the pupil absolutely help express what’s in her or his head regarding a certain problem. Many [...]

Extraordinary mosaic found in ordinary Roman villa

Archaeologists and community volunteers have unearthed an extraordinary Roman mosaic floor in the remains of an otherwise modest Roman villa in Boxford, West Berkshire. The mosaic dates to the late 4th century, about 380 A.D., when incursions from Saxons, Picts and Irish were on the rise and the usurper Western Roman Emperor Magnus Maximus (r. […]

Forty Years Later, the Voyager Spacecraft Remain Beacons of Human Imagination

Remembering the mission that opened Earth’s eyes to the vastness and wonder of space

Election Anyway; an Essay on Voting & the Electoral Process

The amazing assortment of article topics for college students is truly huge everything that you have to realize will be to pick out the greatest one for you personally. It’s possible to purchase parts of papers you’re given to compose too. We must acknowledge that it takes lots of time, as an educational document is [...]

Writing Prompts To Inspire You

Profiles aren’t written merely for resumes. If you’re a pupil who’s creating a profile article subsequently you. If you’re a student who’s creating a profile article afterward you.A profile composition is whatever provides the reader advice which will be objective in addition to opinionated. Account essay on someone. The last item of the homework is [...]

Ruth Odom Bonner, Who Rang the Freedom Bell with President Obama, Passes Away at 100

Looking back on the redoubtable woman who helped inaugurate the African American History Museum

When Back-to-School Season Became a Fight for Equality

In 1956, LIFE Magazine visited a town in Tennessee where the national battle over school integration had hit close to home

Why Congress Made Labor Day a National Holiday

"Nothing is more important to the public weal than that the nobility of labor be maintained," a Congressional committee reported

Striking Union Workers Turned the First Labor Day into a Networking Event

The end-of-summer holiday was designed to spur overworked Americans to meet up, picnic and call for fairer labor laws

Eleanor Roosevelt's Surprising Connection to a Dire Town

When first lady Eleanor Roosevelt first visited the mining town of Scotts Run, she was stunned by the poverty she encountered

Solomon Davis and the Fatal Plum Cake

John and Dolly Hancock were known for hosting dinner parties in their mansion on Beacon Hill (shown here shortly before it was torn down).According to James Spear Loring’s Hundred Boston Orators (which cribbed freely from older sources),...Show More Summary

How to Create an Expository Article

For a grader to make it by your composition within this quick time period, it will have to be somewhat understandable. Like a hangman’s guitar, the last word of your own article should state the whole thing in one stroke. This guides in yielding a suitable conclusion to the article. An organization of the connection [...]

Museum acquires rare sufragette banner found in Leeds charity shop

The People’s History Museum (PHM) has acquired a very rare suffragette banner that was made in Manchester in the early 1900s and will now return to its native city again more than 80 years of exile in Leeds. Created by premiere Manchester banner maker Thomas Brown & Sons, the banner celebrates the founding of the […]

How-to Annotate Articles

The homework might perhaps not expressly state you want a thesis statement since your instructor may presume you might comprise one. An excellent method to make a strong thesis is actually to demonstrate the matter is controversial. There’s a variety of kinds of powerful thesis statements. That is what building a solid thesis statement is [...]

A City Like No Other - Sparta's Unique Architecture

Acropolis of Athens, 2012, Photo by author. The ancient Athenian historian Thucydides made a prediction in his History of the Peloponnesian War that has come true with a vengeance. He wrote that “…[if] Sparta were to become desertedShow More Summary

The Surprising Link Between World War II and Frozen Orange Juice

Scientists had long tried to find a way to freeze O.J. without losing the flavor, and it was a wartime demand that finally led to a solution

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