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Birthplaces of the Bill of Rights

Where was the Bill of Rights born? In Parliament in 1689, as a codification of the Glorious Revolution that deposed King James II and brought his daughter Mary and her husband, Prince William of Orange, to the throne of England, Wales, and Scotland.Here’s the text of that bill from the Avalon Project at Yale Law School. Show More Summary

CFP: UWO Classics Graduate Conference ~ Voyages and Journeys in Antiquity

UWO Classics Graduate Conference 2016: Voyages and Journeys in Antiquity Department of Classics University of Western Ontario March 18-19, 2016 The communities of the ancient Mediterranean may seem, in comparison with our modern, globalized society, somewhat less reliant on the close cultural and economic ties that we take for granted. Yet, from Homer to Virgil, […]

This Day in Ancient History

ante diem xii kalendas februarias ludi palatini (day 1/4) 63 A.D. — birth of Claudia (daughter of Nero and Poppaea) 1609 — death of Joseph Justus Scaliger 1921 — birth of Marija Gimbutas (Indo-europeanist) 1924 — birth of Margaret Roxan (Roman Military Diplomas)

Repititiationes ~ 01/20/16

The abduction of Persephone via @metmuseum — Ancient Greek Hero (@AncGreekHero) January 20, 2016 This Roman sculpture depicts the goddess Athena as a beautiful young woman. More Summary

17th c. Indian textile 30 feet long goes on display

A 17th century devotional textile 30 feet long is going on display at the British Museum as the centerpiece of an exhibition about cultural history of the northeastern Indian state of Assam where it was made. Made around 1680, it’s a type of devotional textile known as the Vrindavani Vastra. This is example is the [...]

Inaugurate when convenient.

A year from today, the US will inaugurate a new president. But inauguration day has not always been thus fixed. In the early years of the Republic, habit (rather than statute) placed the date of inauguration at March 4—though even that convention was not quite firm. In 1821, with the incumbent President James Monroe about […]

Amelia Earhart's Cautiously Optimistic 1933 Advice to an Aspiring Female Pilot 

In this 1933 letter, Amelia Earhart took time to advise 13-year-old aviation enthusiast June Pierson, of Detroit, on strategies for successes in the nascent industry. The letter, which has been in a private collection since it was sent,...Show More Summary

Preserving the Truth about the James Bell Tavern

I’ve seen a lot of news stories about the interrupted demolition of a stone building on the Harrisburg Pike in Silver Spring Township, Pennsylvania. Most recently this building was Stone House Autos, and before that it was Stone House...Show More Summary

How “Finding Your Roots” Manipulates the Past

Last night I caught part of Season 3 of Finding Your Roots, which included an episode about Keenen Ivory Wayans. The recent controversy involving Henry Louis Gates and Ben Affleck left me wondering if any substantial changes would be made to the show. It didn’t take long to answer. FYR is pretty good at “finding” […]

This Day in Ancient History ~ ante diem xiii kalendas februarias

ante diem xiii kalendas februarias ludi palatini (??) 175 A.D. — Commodus is enrolled in all the priestly colleges 225 A.D. (or 226) — birth of the future emperor Gordian III c. 250 A.D. — martyrdom of Pope Fabian at Rome as the Decian persecutions begin (maybe) c. 288 A.D. — martyrdom of Sebastian at Rome […]

Repititiationes ~ 01/19/16

Some new cards for the upcoming Latinitas Recens expansion for VERBA — Kevin Ballestrini (@kballestrini) January 19, 2016 Courtesans associated with music, dancing. #2P61 — Alison...Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 01/18/16

Zeus Lykaios w/ muscular Pan (not Herakles), Arkadian league, Megalopolis (363/2 BC) numismatic art at its finest – — Edward Zarrow (@drzarrow) January 18, 2016 The eruption of Mount Vesuvius, 1944. More Summary

New technology finds York gladiators’ homelands

The latest and greatest DNA technology has revealed the origins of some of the 80 men buried in a Roman-era cemetery in York. The burials have intrigued and mystified archaeologists since they were first discovered under the garden of an 18th century mansion on Driffield Terrace in 2004. Of the 80 individuals, 48 of them, [...]

A wreck by any other name: on the inadequacy of “Great Recession”

I dislike the term “Great Recession” to describe our times, for technical and political reasons alike. Technically, the severe recession ended in June 2009. But, as the NBER says there, In determining that a trough occurred in June 2009, the committee did not conclude that economic conditions since that month have been favorable or that […]

“What have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”

Yesterday I had a Twitter discussion about a well-known anecdote about the Constitution—whether it was equally well-founded in documents, less well-founded in reminiscences, or most likely myth.In this, case, the story falls into the first category. Show More Summary

1910 slaughter of African Americans gets historical marker

The village of Slocum in Anderson County, east Texas, was a relatively well-off farming community founded by emancipated slaves after the Civil War. It was small but well-appointed, with a school, two churches, a store and a post office, all black owned and operated. On July 29th, 1910, that all came to an end when [...]

Burkina Faso

Map of Burkina Faso. African History. Page 5.

Republic of Burundi

Map of Republic of Burundi (Republique du Burundi/Republika y'u Burundi). Page 6.

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