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A Brief History of Eritrea Part 2: Independence...

A brief introduction to the history of Eritrea from the time of early humans to the present day. Part 2: Independence to Present Day

Quotes About Helen Suzman

A Selection of Quotes About Anti-Apartheid Activist Helen Suzman

How to wash a 17th c. tapestry

I’ve found a whole new subset of tapestry porn courtesy of the consistently entertaining Historic Royal Palaces YouTube channel: tapestry washing! The tapestry in question is February, one of a series depicting the 12 months that was commissioned by the future Charles I (then Prince of Wales) from the Mortlake Tapestry Works in 1623. At [...]

A Lovely 19th-Century Illustrated Book of Japanese Falconry

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, has digitized the pages of this 1860s book of falconry in Japan, which is titled Ehon taka kagami, or An Illustrated Mirror of Falconry. The woodcuts by Kawanabe Kyôsai (or Gyôsai) depict equipment and...Show More Summary

The Challenge of Contextualizing Confederate Monuments

Calls for the removal of Confederate monuments from public spaces continues at a steady clip. Yesterday, the president of the University of Texas at Austin…

Bonus “Ben Franklin’s World” Episode

A couple of weeks ago Liz Covart interviewed me about the Stamp Act conflict for her history podcast, Ben Franklin’s World. You can download and listen from iTunes or this page.

“A Stampman hanging on a Tree”

This is the 250th anniversary of Boston’s first public demonstration against the Stamp Act, which set off a wave of similar protests in the other ports of British North America. One of the best sources on that event is a letter from Boston merchant John Avery (1739-1806) to his brother-in-law John Collins (1717-1795) of Newport, Rhode Island. Show More Summary

Jefferson Davis Goes, While Robert E. Lee and Albert Sidney Johnston Stay

The debate at the University of Texas at Austin over the presence on campus of monuments to Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Albert Sidney…

New to the Civil War Memory Library, 08/13

All of these books – except the new biography of Dana, which is quite good – are connected to my ongoing research project on Silas…

15th c. monster raised from Baltic Sea

Sweden sees your 17th century gun carriage, England, and raises you a 15th century sea monster. On Tuesday before a crowd of fascinated thousands, divers lifted the wooden figurehead of a late 15th century Danish warship from the Baltic Sea off the coast of Ronneby in southeastern Sweden. The figurehead weighs 300 kilos (661 pounds) [...]

The Flight of the Stampmen in the Boston Gazette

In preparation for the next two days of Stamp Act sestercentennial events in Boston, I looked up the issue of the Boston Gazette for Monday, 12 Aug 1765.That was the last issue published before effigies appeared on the big South End elm. Show More Summary

THE SHADOW OF CREUSA: Negotiating Fictionality in Late Antique Latin Literature

Originally posted on Classics for All Reviews:By Anders Cullhed (tr. by Michael Knight) De Gruyter (2015) h/b 703pp £97.99 (ISBN 9783110310863) Imagine that you are a writer and your aim is to set up a school to promote the teaching of Christian religion; that you live in the Roman Empire at some point between…


Originally posted on Classics for All Reviews:By Richard Sorabji OUP (2014) h/b 265pp £22.50 (ISBN 9780199685547) S. provides a wide-ranging survey of moral conscience throughout the whole Western tradition right up to the present day, beginning with the Greeks. He explains that the word conscience itself comes from a Latin translation of the Greek…


Originally posted on Classics for All Reviews:By Catherine Keane OUP (2015) h/b 251pp £47.99 (ISBN 9780199981892) In the very first sentence of the first satire (semper ego auditor tantum?), Juvenal uses a rhetorical question with exaggeration and ellipse to establish the immediate impression of an angry author. This well-known and much discussed angry persona…

Intact gun carriage raised from 17th c. shipwreck

Archaeologists have successfully recovered an intact wooden gun carriage in excellent condition from the wreck of the 17th century warship the London in the Thames estuary. The gun carriage, sized to hold a cannon nine feet long, is the only complete one of its kind from this period known to survive. Alison James, a Historic [...]

How to Hide Well: WWII-Era Advice From the British Special Operations Executive Guide

This candid guide to hiding in plain sight is drawn from the official training booklet of the British Special Operations Executive (SOE). Following the fall of France to Hitler’s invading forces in the summer of 1940, British Minister...Show More Summary

Walter Johnson Offers ‘A Better Way to Think About Slavery’

For the past few days I’ve been reading about the expansion of slavery into the southwestern states during the 1830s and 40s. Silas Chandler was…

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