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New Hotel on Steinwehr Avenue Opening this Spring

From left to right: In the background, the Taneytown Road entrance to the Soldiers National[...] The post New Hotel on Steinwehr Avenue Opening this Spring appeared first on Gettysburg Daily.

“Instructions for my Son George”

Among the documents made public in the Georgian Papers Programme is a little booklet, bound with red string, titled “Instructions for my Son George, drawn by my-Self, for His good, that of my Familys, and for that of His People, according...Show More Summary

Alternative History in Donald Trump’s America

This past week I published two essays at The Daily Beast. The first focused on President Trump’s confusing and self-serving address marking the beginning of Black History Month. “Donald Trump […]

“World Turned Upside Down” in Warwick, 5 Feb.

On Sunday, 5 February, the CaptainCon gathering in Warwick, Rhode Island, will host a playing of “The World Turned Upside Down: An American Revolution Megagame.” Okay, I just learned about this, so I’m relying on the game website for this information: The World Turned Upside Down is a new megagame about the American Revolution. Show More Summary

The Illness of George III

The Georgian Papers Programme is an international effort to study the papers of George III, his family, and his two immediate successors. In Britain the B.B.C. just ran a television show highlighting some of the early discoveries, and this article highlights a new theory about the nature of the king’s insanity aired on that show. Show More Summary

Frederick Douglass Really Did Do An “Amazing Job”

President Donald Trump kicked off Black History Month this morning with the following remarks: Well, the election, it came out really well. Next time we’ll triple the number or quadruple […]

Washington and the “Mahometan” World

A centerpiece of the Museum of the American Revolution opening in Philadelphia this April is Gen. George Washington’s second headquarters tent, purchased and used during the Revolutionary War. The museum staff spoke of the challenges of conserving and displaying the tent in this C-SPAN video. Show More Summary

My Brief Encounter With Elizabeth Brown Pryor

Today my review copy of Elizabeth Brown Pryor’s book, Six Encounters With Lincoln: A President Confronts Democracy and its Demons, arrived. The book will be officially released next week. I’ve […]

“The Road to Concord” Runs through Lancaster, 6 Feb.

Soon after the “Powder Alarm” of 2 September 1774, Massachusetts towns began to look into their military resources. Among those towns was Lancaster, in the center of the province. It might seem surprising that a farm town of only 328 families and 1,999 people (in 1765) would need military resources. Show More Summary

Red-Tailed Hawk along Emmitsburg Road

We noticed a hawk while driving north along the Emmitsburg Road (Business Route 15) on[...] The post Red-Tailed Hawk along Emmitsburg Road appeared first on Gettysburg Daily.

2017 American Revolution Master Teachers Seminar

The American Revolution Institute of the Society of the Cincinnati will host eleven secondary-level teachers at its sixth annual American Revolution Master Teachers Seminar, to be held June 26 to July 1 in Washington, D.C. The society’s...Show More Summary

Historic house in Virginia national park is under restoration

The roof, walls and door of the small 1830s Charles Sweeney house located within the Appomattox Court House National Historical Park are being restored. Like many others in the historic village, it has a family story to tell. In this case, it was the adult home of the famous minstrel show leader and banjo player […]

Tree Down near Virginia State Monument

A large tree fell across the paved walkway near the Virginia State monument along West[...] The post Tree Down near Virginia State Monument appeared first on Gettysburg Daily.

The Art and Poetry of Shooting Flying

In 1727 George Markland, formerly a fellow at Oxford, published Pteryplegia: or, The Art of Shooting-Flying in London. “Shooting flying” was the term for shooting birds as they flew, rather than bagging them when they were on the ground or in the water. Show More Summary

“In daily expectation of Colonel Knox’s arrivall”

Yesterday I quoted the Boston businessman and court official Ezekiel Price about Col. Henry Knox and the artillery he brought from Lake Champlain in January 1776.At that time Price was a war refugee living at Thomas Doty’s tavern in what was then Stoughton (shown here). Show More Summary

Why Did Knox Stop His Guns at Framingham?

In response to my Wednesday posting about Col. Henry Knox’s arrival in Cambridge on 18 Jan 1776 (a week or so earlier than the traditional date), Boston 1775 friend Charles Bahne commented: I still wonder how the town of Framingham fits into Knox’s route. Show More Summary

Robert E. Lee Just Lost a Decisive Vote in Charlottesville

In a stunning reversal Charlottesville City Councilor Bob Fenwick announced earlier today that at the next meeting council meeting he will vote to remove and relocate the Robert E. Lee […]

How Many Cannon Did Henry Knox Transport?

Another question about Col. Henry Knox’s mission to northern New York to collect artillery for the siege of Boston is how many pieces he brought. And how many did he leave behind?We have a couple of counts of artillery-pieces in the region from Gen. Show More Summary

Camp Slaves, Pensions and the Lost Cause

I am currently researching and outlining chapter 4 of my book on Confederate camp slaves and the myth of the black Confederate soldier. The focus is on pensions that were […]

Public Speaking in 2017

Just a quick reminder that I am available as a public speaker for a wide range of events, including teacher workshops and guided tours. My calendar is quickly filling up […]

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